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"[AUDIO/LYRICS] BEAST releases new track "Midnight"" plus 24 more

"[AUDIO/LYRICS] BEAST releases new track "Midnight"" plus 24 more

[AUDIO/LYRICS] BEAST releases new track "Midnight"

Posted: 14 Jul 2012 08:50 AM PDT

The first track from BEAST's new album "Midnight Sun" has been released!
You can listen to the track and buy through music portals like Melon

"Midnight" is a soft song accompanied with piano, guitar and emotional vocals from the boys.
The 5th mini album from BEAST will be released on July 22.

Listen to the track below: (don't forget to purchase the song legally)

LYRICS (Romanization/English)

geudaeneun eotteongayo gakkeum-eun nareul saenggakhan jeok ittnayo
I gin bam-e dashi nuneul gamgo
geudael saenggakhago jamdeulji mothago geuraeyo

jogeum yunanhi gineyo geudae eobtneun bam-i
aswiweojineyo geuddae bonaen geu nal-i deo
gyesok mudyeojigettjo jeomjeom ijhyeojigettjo
eonjenganeun geudaega

jam-i oji anheun bam so sad tonight
geudaega eobshi dashi matneun i bam
in the midnight a a a midnight a
ni saenggak-e jam mot deuneun

dashi chaja on i bam so sad tonight
geudaega eobshi dashi matneun i bam
in the midnight a a a midnight a
niga eobshi jam mot deuneun Midnight

nun gamattda ddeuneun saiboda deo bbareuge nal chajawattda
ddeonaga beorin sarang dangshin you can't do this to me
chung bunhada chungbunhae geuman jom haera nal apeuge
naege milyeoniran ireum-e bameun kkeutnaji anha

da jinan yaegi dashi hago shipjin anhjiman
naega geudael manhi choha hagin haettna bwayo
gyesok saenggaknagettjo deo geuriwojigettjo
shigan-I jinalsurok

jam-i oji anhneun bam so sad tonight
geudae wa hamkke halsu eobtneun i bam
in the midnight a a a midnight
ni saenggak-e jam mot deuneun Midnight

dashi chaja on i bam so sad tonight
geudaega eobshi dashi matneun i bam
in the midnight a a a midnight a
niga eobshi jam mot deuneun Midnight

jeogi banjjak i neun Little star nal wiro haejura
gidael got hana eobshi sseurojineun oneul bam
jeogi banjjak i neun Little star nal wiro haejura
gidael got hana eobshi sseurojineun

byeol hyeneun bam gyejeol-i jina jogeumsshik dallajyeoganeun i bam
hajiman nan yeojeonhi nan jam mot ireun bam

dashi chaja on i bam so sad tonight
geudaega eobshi dashi matneun i bam
in the midnight a a a midnight a
niga eobshi jam mot deuneun Midnight

English Translation

How are you? Do you think of me from time to time?

In this long night, I close my eyes again

I think of you, I can't sleep, this is how I'm doing

The night is especially longer tonight, this night without you

I'm regretting that day I let you go

Continuously muted and slowly forgotten

That is how you will be one day

This night I can't fall asleep in So sad tonight

This night I can't spend with you

In the midnight a a a midnight

This Midnight I can't sleep from my thoughts of you

This night that found me again So sad tonight

This night I greet again without you

In the midnight a a a midnight a

This midnight I can't fall asleep without you

You found me faster than the time I take to blink

The love that left me, dear you can't do this to me

Enough, it's enough, stop hurting me

This night I call pathetic never seems to end

Even though I don't want to bring up past stories

But I must have really liked you

Continuously remembered and slowly yearning

As more time elapses

This night I can't fall asleep in So sad tonight
This night I can't spend with you
In the midnight a a a midnight
This Midnight I can't sleep from my thoughts of you

This night that found me again So sad tonight

This night I greet again without you

In the midnight a a a midnight a

This midnight I can't fall asleep without you

That little star twinkling above, comfort me

Tonight is the night where everything collapses with no where else to rest

That little star twinkling above, comfort me

Collapsing without anywhere to rest

The night I count the stars, the night that slowly transforms because of the changing seasons

However, this night is still the night I still can't seem to fall asleep in

This night that found me again So sad tonight

This night I greet again without you

In the midnight a a a midnight a

This midnight I can't fall asleep without you


[NEWS] Kara, BEAST, & MBLAQ to Decorate the Finale Stage of Sapporo’s Summer Festival

Posted: 14 Jul 2012 08:30 AM PDT

[Billboard Korea] Top Six K-Pop Representatives To Conquer Sapporo, Japan.

Sapporo Dome, located in the city of Sapporo, Hokkaido Japan is a familiar place for Koreans as the Korea vs. Japan soccer tournament was held there in 2002. Sapporo Dome is a historic stage as world-renowned artists including Bon Jovi, Eagles, Aerosmith, Rolling Stones, Bill Joel, and Simon and Garfunkel have performed there as well as top Japanese artists SMAP, GLAY, KinKi Kids, and Arashi.Top six Korean artists Kara, BEAST, MBLAQ, 4Minute, Rainbow, and BTOB will dazzle the stage of Sapporo Dome on August 1st for the event titled, "K-Pop Nonstop Live 2012 In Sapporo."

The concert, which is an extension to a large festival in Sapporo, came together with the support of Hokkaido Shimbun Press, the leading newspaper publication in Hokkaido, and local promoters. The concert is expected to be the grand finale of Sapporo's annual festival, "YOSAKOI."

The local staff member stated, "We hope the 'K-Pop Nonstop Live concert' receives a great response so it can grow as a festival that could contribute to the cultural development between Korea and Japan. We are highly anticipating the passionate and superb performances of the K-Pop stars."

"K-Pop Nonstop Live 2012 In Sapporo" will kick off at the Sapporo Dome on August 1st, at 630PM. The advertising company Mediacom is hosting the show with the support of Doshin Play Guide (Doshin Newspaper), which is an affiliated company of Hokkaido newspaper. For further details, please visit and tickets are available for purchase on

Source: Billboard

[NEWS] Guitar prodigy Sungha Jung meets 2NE1

Posted: 14 Jul 2012 07:40 AM PDT

Dara inform through her me2day account that 2NE1 met guitar prodigy Sungha Jung.

Last notice~!!! 2NE1! Met with guitar prodigy Sungha Jung!!! Last year, when I saw his Lonely guitar video, it was already crazy(good)~ but to see it live!!! It was even better seeing it live!ㅠ.ㅠ Touched~ What else are we going to show you this time around…!?! Sungha Jung + 2NE1.. will be released soon^___^ Please anticipate it!

TAGS: Please note that I did not play the guitar.. I'll work '90 000 000 000 010 000′ times harder keke

Source: Dara's me2day
Translated by

Here are some of his covers

[NEWS] Super Junior members together with their parents appear on Star Life Theater

Posted: 14 Jul 2012 09:26 AM PDT

Because of his hard work as Super Junior member, Eunhyuk was able to provide new house for his parents. The housewarming party will be broadcast on KBS 2's Star Life Theater wherein members invited their parents to join the gathering.

Mothers of Leeteuk, Kyuhyun, Donghae are present along with Eunhyuk's pretty sister. Aside from them, parents of Yesung, Ryeowook and Sungmin also came. All showing same genes to their sons. Who looks like who the most?

Not only the members but their parents are showing close relationship as well. The parents who meet regularly to show their support to the group. After releasing the 6th album, concerned parents are happy and proud but still worried about their sons' health since they have to consistently practice for music shows during this summer.

When Eunhyuk's mother saw Super Junior members appearing in their new house, the proud mother can't help it but to cry. You can watch the whole episode on July 16-20 at 8:20PM on KBS 2's Star Life Theater.

Source: TV Report
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[PICTURE] Cutie Pie Dara Poses with a Kiiroitori and Uploads Photo of Sleeping Dadoong

Posted: 14 Jul 2012 06:00 AM PDT

리다쿠마가 찍어준 사진! 나랑 외모도 성격도 완전 비슷한 삐약이와 함께!^_^ 알러뷰 뮤비 연꽃장면에 나온 비녀다라가 궁금훼?!? 그럼 담주 목욜 엠카보세용~ 한국의 미를 보여주겟엉!+.+ (19일날 폭풍떡밥 투척예정!!!)

Here is a photo taken by Leaderkuma! I am with a baby chick that has similar appearances and personalities as mine!^_^ Curious about the lotus scene from the "I Love You" M/V?Then check out M! Countdown next Thursday!Will show you Korean beauty!+.+

These kiiroitoris were seen being brought by CL and a manager after Inkigayo! ^^


OMG So cute! Dadoong sleeping inside Dara's bag? Keke! Lazy lazy cat! He's always sleeping. XD

Source: Dara's me2day
Translated by: @GlobalBlackjack

[NEWS] Capillaries in Rain's legs burst after he passed 9G test

Posted: 14 Jul 2012 05:30 AM PDT

[My Daily]Capillaries in Rain's legs burst after he passed 9G test during the 'R2B : Return To Base' shoot.

It became known that world star Rain suffered from aftereffects following filming movie
R2B (R2B : Return To Base) - capillaries in his legs burst.

A showcase for movie 'R2B : Return To Base' was held at N Seoul Tower in Seoul's Y
ongsan-gu on the afternoon of the 9th.

Actor 'Yu Joon Sang', actress 'Shin Se Kyung', 'Lee Ha Na', actor 'Kim Sung Soo',
'Lee Jong Seok', 'Jung Suk Won', etc. graced the occasion with their presence,
but regrettably, Rain serving in the army couldn't attend.

On the day, Rain's fellow actors shared behind-the-scene stories during the movie
shoot, on behalf of him who is serving in the army.

'Kim Sung Soo' said, "In gravity tests needed to see if he is good enough to be a fighter pilot, Rain had only to pass 6G test, but he challenged himself to succeed in passing 9G test and finally made it.

Rain succeeded both of 6G and 9G, which is an event unprecedented in the history of
the air force. He also passed 9G at once at a situation where the test has a success rate of only one percent. But, the morning after the test, he couldn't spread out his toes and capillaries in his legs burst."

Hollywood's aircraft experts' participation in the process of film production with the full support of South Korea's Air Force, has caused a sensation.

Aerial action scenes that are first-class over Seoul, which have never been tried before in Korea, will be shown in the film.

'Jung Ji Hoon' (Rain), 'Shin Se Kyung', 'Yu Joon Sang', 'Kim Sung Soo', 'Lee Ha Na',
'Lee Jong Suk', 'Jung Suk Won', etc. appear in the film.
The film will be released in August.

Credit to My Daily
English translation by 화니@rainlegend

[INTERVIEW] 2NE1 on their ‘Love Ban’, comeback schedules & more!

Posted: 14 Jul 2012 05:28 AM PDT

2NE1 makes their comeback. "We've always kept the idea of wanting to show Korea to the world in our minds. Therefore this idea has also been applied to our music, such as doing trot this time around," they said. From left to right: Sandara Park, Gong Minji, CL, Park Bom Photo courtesy of YG Entertainment

2NE1 has made their comeback. They, who have always had unconventional music, performances etc, did not disappoint.They are the first group who has attempted to combine trot with electronic hip-hop with their title song, 'I Love You' and Sandara Park even tried 'bansak' (T/N: bansak = the undercut hairstyle).

▶ Sandara Park, "The love ban has ended but…"

The unnies (T/N: unnies = older sisters) of the team, Sandara Park and Park Bom heard some good news this year. The head of YG Entertainment, Yang Hyun Suk, is finally lifting their 'Love Ban'.Sandara Park says, "The 'Love Ban' for Park Bom and I have been pulled. However, for the sake of self-management, we're refraining from dating." " I don't know if the men would approach me now that I've shaved half of my hair though.." she continues with a frown.

It must not have been an easy decision to make for a girl group member to attempt the unconventional 'bansak' hairstyle as it could cause damage to her love life. "It was CL's recommendation and I shaved it during practice in the company. When the shaver first shaved my hair, I began to cry. I then understood how the men must feel when they go to the army," she explains. It makes you wonder, why did CL suggest this to Dara?

"It was a style that I wanted (to do) but it was too strong. The prettiest member ought to do it; if it was me (who did it) it would have looked too strong," CL explained with a laugh.

▶ The reason why they are only going on broadcasts once a week
2NE1 has continuously ran into troubles with a particular broadcasting company this promotion cycle. They will only be appearing on music programs once a week, which will be on SBS Inkigayo due to the issue of stage decorations. CEO Yang Hyun Suk explains, "Our artists need a lot of time to prepare the set-up for each stage that they do." However it is a pity for the fans that would like to see more of the girls.

CL expressed her thoughts on this: "Truthfully, each time we prepare for one stage, because we try to ensure the highest quality in everything from choreography to costumes, we are unable to do that 3~4 times (T/N: as it would simply be too draining on them)," she explains.

▶ CL, "When we're bored, end!"
Last year, with "Lonely", "I Am the Best" etc, 2NE1 had 5 hits in a row with their title songs. 2NE1′s new song "I Love You" too has achieved #1 in various music charts and is extremely popular at the moment. Furthermore, starting with concerts on 28-29 July at the Seoul Olympic Gymnastics Stadium, they will be embarking on their world tour "New Evolution" that will stop by 7 countries and 10 cities. Some of the best staffs of this age such as Michael Jackson's choreographer Travis Payne, Beyonce's band leader Divinity Roxx will also be participating in this tour.

Such is the worldwide popularity of the 'attention-grabbing' 2NE1. However, until when can they stay together?
CL says, "When 2NE1′s music and style are not fresh anymore and when it makes you feel bored.. before that happens.. we'd like to leave (the music scene). When we no longer excite* people, I would not want to do music anymore."

(T/N: *excite – also means something like 'thought-provoking', stimulate, challenge.)

Source: Sports Chosun via Nate
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[PICTURE] Sexy pretty boy Jungshin is nervous

Posted: 14 Jul 2012 05:00 AM PDT

I'm Nervous!


八月のRock festival?!楽しみです!!
Looking forward on Rock Festival? in August!!

久しぶりのRock festivalですから
It's been awhile Rock Festival so

I'm nervous????

皆さんもRock festivalに来て楽しんでください!!!
Everyone too please come and enjoy the Rock Festival!!!

すぐ いくから!!!待っててください!
Will go there soon!!! Please wait!

Source: CNBLUE's oricon blog
Translated by cnbluefanfun@tumblr
Posted by AJ@cnbluestorm

[INFO] SM’s lawyers applied for arbitration on July 11!

Posted: 14 Jul 2012 04:52 AM PDT

*Arbitration in Korea may defer to your own country's law system, so it'd be great if you could  accept as it says and try not to compare/adjust with your law system.

Arbitration refers : In order to solve an argument, the court intervenes in the parties involved by drawing agreements with mutual concessions so that the court can build bridges to the both parties.
- When one party applies for arbitration, the court can accept if it's decided to be necessary, or reject it.
- If both parties have successful agreements by arbitration, the case can be concluded as a mutual
- If agreements are failed, hearings/trial begins again in order to make the judge's ruling.

1. There were 4 times of arbitration by SM's request in 2011. Jaejoong/Yuchun/Junsu have not applied for change of dates or arbitration. [Well SM had constantly requested changes of hearing dates before these arbitration.  You may know the reason already – all SM wants is 'not having the case concluded].
2. The arbitration failed to reach a mutual agreement, so hearings re-started in Jan 2012. [SM even applied for delay of hearing preparation date during this period too.]

Anyway, all hearings completed on June 19, 2012, and July 19, 2012 is announced for the date of the final ruling(rendition of judgement) of 1st trial.

3. Today (July 11), 8 days before the ruling, SM's lawyers have submitted an application for arbitration. It can be accepted or rejected by the court's decision.
Certainly HoTels are getting crazier than ever as the July 19 is coming, saying such things like JYJ is dragging the lawsuit or some kind of other rubbish. I can confirm that JYJ's lawyers have never applied for any changes of dates or arbitration while SM is still doing so. Why would they? It's SM who does not want this lawsuit finished, not JYJ. The members' lawyers are the one who complained SM's such behaviours (changing hearing dates, not bringing the witness in time so that the hearing was delayed) to delay the lawsuit in the court.

Anyway, it's 8 days (soon to be 7 days in KST) before the ruling date, and just ask yourself this question. 'If you were the one who was highly expected to win a lawsuit, would you apply for arbitration which took months, a week before final ruling date?' SM's intention seems so transparent that does not worth speaking of, but I just wanted to explain as OT5s/HoTels say some ridiculous things to defend SM.

Well as July 19 is coming forward, there will be anything about accepting or rejecting this soon so let's wait couple of days more.

[NEWS] T-ara reveals they do not wish to promote in sub units

Posted: 14 Jul 2012 04:30 AM PDT

The members of T-ara recently revealed that they have no desire to promote in separate sub units. On the 14th of July they attended a press conference at the Seoul Kyung Hee University and on the press conference they were asked if there are plans for sub-units in the group.

T-ara member Soyeon shared, "For now we have no plans to have sub-units and different sub-unit promotions. For our group we think it's best if we promote together and engage in different activities as a whole group before we can promote in sub units. We have new members and It's best if we show ourselves as part of one group." Meanwhile, T-ara just released their new song "Day by Day".

Source: Nate
Written by: blueprincess824 @

[INFO] Big Bang’s Limited Edition Alive 2012 Making Collection!

Posted: 14 Jul 2012 04:22 AM PDT

  • Contain: 3DVD (140x190x16) + Photo Book (190x290) + Poster
  • Price: KRW 38,600
  • Release date: August 9, 2012
BIGBANG's Alive Stage: YG On Air (Band version, Dance version, Making video)

BIGBANG's Alive Music Video (Music Videos & Music Videos Making)

BIGBANG's Alive Behind The Scenes (Behind Story of the Album)

Source: leesmusic via bigbangforlife@tumblr

[NEWS] f(x)'s Victoria is encouraging you to eat vegetables and fruits

Posted: 14 Jul 2012 04:00 AM PDT

Victoria of f(x) encourages her fans to eat more fruits and vegetable.s On the 13th of July, she updated her me2day account and shared, "Let's eat healthy food this summer, eat lots of fruits and vegetables" and shared a selca.

On her selca you can see her eating with a plate filled with a variety of vegetables and fruits. Her meal is packed with nutrients and vitamins and is a certified healthy diet. Netizens commented, "I dont like eating those but she makes it look delicious", "She's so beautiful", "Maybe thats her secret to her figure and beauty".

Source: Newsen
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[INFO] Seungri's Diary in Josei Seven Magazine!

Posted: 14 Jul 2012 03:49 AM PDT

Recently, Big Bang Seungri's appeared on a Japanese TV Show all by himself. This time, his diary can be seen in Josei Seven, a Japanese magazine. 

Check out his diary below.

Hello! I'm Seungri from BIGBANG.

Honestly, I think BIGBANG has this cool image,to make us to be more familiar with, I'm going to work hard to do PR(public relations). But the members in Korea are really worried bout me (laugh). GD said many times 'are you really going to be alright?' 

Oh, I rented a room to live alone yesterday. Went to real estate agents with my manager to look around. I thought… it's going to be at Setagaya (residential area), but manager said 'at least choose the city center!' so that it's going to be easy to pick me up by car.

So, the places to play/enjoy are quite near too. SOL also said this to me, 'You want to stay in Japan coz you want to play right?'. yeah.. I got that feeling(to play around) 

To make sure I'm not playing around, manager made me do so many works. So I really don't have free time. As for today, I had to do 9 works (interviews/photo shoots). Isn't that terrible?

I can't even do housewarming! And from my room window, I can't see Tokyo Tower and Skytree.. Will tell more bout my room next time. please look forward!

Source: marthapido@tumblr

[NEWS] Goo Hye Sun reveals her report card showing straight A's in all her subjects

Posted: 14 Jul 2012 03:30 AM PDT

Multi Talented actress and director Goo Hye Sun shares to her fans the fruit of her hard work and diligence. On the 14th of July, she updated her twitter and shared, "this are my grades for my 7 majors this semester" and shared a photo of her grades.

On her report card you can see all A's, with 6 "A+" and one "A" which is impressive. No doubt Goo Hye Sun will graduate with honors if she keeps this up until she graduates. Not only is she talented but she is also smart and has a beautiful personality. Netizens commented, "She has everything", "She's so proud, she deserves it", "She must have been studying so hard, she earned it". Meanwhile, Goo Hye Sun is studying at Sungkyunkwan University under the Department of Arts and Imaging.

Source: Nate
Written by: Blueprincess824 @

[NEWS] EXO-K Dazzling Performance!

Posted: 14 Jul 2012 03:24 AM PDT

Korean idol group EXO-K showed a dazzling performance.

EXO-K was one of the idol groups who attended and performed for EXPO POP Festival Concert on the 12th of June at Yeosu Expo. Many fans attended the said event and witnessed the amazing performance of the group. EXO-K amazed their fans with their fantastic dance moves along with their music.

Source: Nate
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[NEWS] After School shares their selca's while preparing for Show Champion

Posted: 14 Jul 2012 03:00 AM PDT

The girls of After School takes the liberty of capturing selca's and sharing them to their fans. Recently, After School was a guest and performed at Music Champion and before their charismatic and sexy performance on stage, the girls took a moment to goof off while in the waiting room and had some fun with their camera.

The girls shared a couple of lovely selca's they took while at the waiting room also promoting the show "Music Champion", check out the rest of the photo's below:

Source: Nate
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Posted: 14 Jul 2012 02:50 AM PDT

Vol.3 Reliable person Jinyoung's muscles are amazing!?
Starting from the third part onwards, we will be doing closeup on the individual members. First off, it will be leader Jinyoung!
Jinyoung: Please take care of me. I'm nervous. (laugh)
Baro: I will introduce to you what kind of person Jinyoung hyung is.

― Yes please~
Baro: Jinyoung hyung is B1A4′s leader and father! He is usually very gentle, warm and takes good care of us. But despite this soft impression, there are times where he scolds us. It is afterall for the good of B1A4, so he is strict and accurately points out the wrong.

― It actually takes a lot of courage to be angry.
Jinyoung: Initially I thought that if I did so, what if my relationship with the members soured. But as the leader, if I didn't get angry, we will never be able to imrpove.
All: Leader, sorry.
Jinyoung: It's alright. (loud laugh) Whenever I get angry, all of you listen and reflect anyway. Recently everyone has been very aware of themselves and their actions so I don't have much to be angry about. Honestly, I don't think that being a leader is that much of a special thing.
Sandeul: Leader!!! *pretends to cry*
Jinyoung: Everyone trusts and follows me, and whenever there is a problem we talk and consult each other about it without just passing it by. We settle them as five.

― That's a nice story~ (touched)
Baro: One more thing about Jinyoung hyung. Shall I say that I misunderstood him? When I first saw Jinyoung hyung, he had a very weak image so I thought he was also very weak inside. But I will take this opportunity to apologize. Sorry, Jinyoung hyung.
Jinyoung: It's alright, it's alright~
Baro: He became very different! As a man, I think Jinyoung hyung is very cool and in reality he is very strong!
Sandeul: On my end, I only had a good image of Jinyoung hyung from the start.

― What kind of image was it?
Sandeul: Before I came up to Seoul, I had the chance to speak to Jinyoung hyung over videocall when I was still in my hometown. That time I felt that he is a really cool person, and I really wanted to meet him in real life.
Jinyoung: (smile)

― How was it when you met him in real life?
Sandeul: When I met Jinyoung hyung for the first time, I thought that he was also very cool in real life. (laugh) Before him, there was no one around me who was so cool. (laugh). "So there are cool people like him after all". Alongside my surprise, I also felt that I was really lucky. There was something about Jinyoung hyung I was jealous about.
Jinyoung: What is it? (laugh)
Sandeul: That is Jinyoung hyung's right arm.

― His right arm??
Sandeul: People who have never touched it before probably won't work but Jinyoung hyung's right arm is overflowing with masculinity! His muscles when he just lifts up his sleeves are really cool! Rather than the sculpted muscles, it is a slim kind! You don't know if it exists or not; that subtle line between yes and no.

― By the way, Sandeul, what do you think about your own muscles?
Sandeul: …No way. (sad laugh) I don't really exercise, or train my body.
Gongchan: When I see Sandeul hyung, he has pretty muscles.
Sandeul: Gongchan ah~ *reaching for his hand* But even so, it cannot be compared to Jinyoung hyung. (laugh)
Baro: I think no one can beat Jinyoung hyung if we arm-wrestled.
All: *Everyone agrees*
Jinyoung: That is an exaggeration!
Sandeul: No, it's not. I did it with both arms before but I still lost to Jinyoung hyung. Ah everyone, since I'm saying it like this, you want to touch Jinyoung hyung's right arm, right?

― Yes, I want to do that. (laugh) So if it's not your right arm, you can't do it?
Sandeul: Yes. Only his right arm! Even though I think his left arm is also charming, but you feel the charm of his muscles from his right arm than his left arm. (laugh)
Jinyoung: So my image ends off with the muscles of my right arm? (laugh)
Baro: (Imitating Sugi-chan) Wild~ [T/N: Sugi-chan is a Japanese comedian whose main gag is to continously say "Isn't it wild?", "Aren't I wild?" using a funny tone after doing something that's probably not wild at all.]
All: (burst out in laughter)
Gongchan: He is the best leader to us. Because of the existence of Jinyoung hyung, we've managed to overcome the hardest things… Now I only have countless grateful hearts for me.
Jinyoung: As expected of Gongchannie…. The person who understands me the most! (laugh)
Baro: Jinyoung hyung is also good at fixing machines. Ladies, a man who is good at fixing machines is cool right?

―― If he can fix something with easy fingers without looking at the manual, he is cool and reliable.
CNU: Jinyoung can even fix laptops, he's amazing.

―― If he can fix computers, then he's really amazing.
Baro: That is why everyone should think of Jinyoung hyung as your future husband and give him all your love! *high five between Jinyoung and Baro!*
Jinyoung: (smile)

―― And so, B1A4′s mother. Who is Jinyoung's wife at the moment? (laugh)
Jinyoung: It's CNU.

―― Both of you, nice couple?
Jinyoung & CNU: (Glancing at each other) Yes~!

Translation Credits: skipfire @

[INTERVIEW] B1A4☆STYLE – Volume 2!

Posted: 14 Jul 2012 02:20 AM PDT

Vol.2 We have finally debuted

― Congratulations on your Japanese debut!
All: Thank you~! (Claps)

― Your first single Beautiful Target is an energetic pop song. Please tell us about the main points we should listen for in this song~
Jinyoung: Beautiful Target makes uses of many sound effects like female voices, and rocket sounds hence making a very differently new sound.
Sandeul: If you listen to it when you are not feeling very happy, your mood goes up. If you listen to it when you're feeling happy, you feel even better.
All: Oh yeah!
Jinyoung: The lyrics however, speak about a guy's ardent feelings for a girl he has fallen for at first sight.
Baro: The difference is exactly the charm of this song. You can feel the charms of B1A4 through it.
All: Oh yeah!

― It's nice that everyone is excited again!
CNU: Please also pay attention to the dance performance of this song! I feel that it is a stage that can only be brought to you by B1A4.

― The second song Chu Chu Chu is very different from Beautiful Target, with a piano intro that turns into a melody in the middle.
Sandeul: Please listen to this song with your eyes closed. You will lose yourself to the soft melody. (laugh)

― The falsettos, though well hidden, are very memorable. It's a feeling I get from B1A4 despite being quite young.
Sandeul: (smile) I'm glad you feel that way.

― This song does much justice to your superb vocal abilities.
CNU: The point of this song is definitely the flasettos.
All: We really like it~
CNU: The song is about giving strength to a girlfriend. Please listen to it as you think about being our girlfriends.
Baro: Ah, that's only applicable for females! (laugh)
Jinyoung: For the men, please listen to it thinking about your precious girlfriend or a female opposite you like.
Gongchan: We always sing thinking about the fans cheering us on.

― This is your first time singing in Japanese, how did the recording go?
Baro: To us, it was a new challenge. It was a very fresh experience.
Gongchan: It was hard because the moment you get a pronounciation incorrect, the entire meaning changes.
Baro: For me, matching the rythmns was the hardest. In terms of pronounciations, I had difficulty with つ. [T/N: Pronounced tsu.]

― So was where you met a dead end.
Sandeul: It was totally alright for me! (huge smile) But honestly, the pronounciation of Japanese is so hard so we took more time than expected to record (laugh).

― In the limited edition version B, Bling Girl was also included.
CNU: This song is written by Jinyoung!

― Composer Jinyoung, please tell us a story about how this song came about.
Jinyoung: This was the first song I made even before debut. I made it thinking about what were the things I could do for B1A4.
All: Jinyoung hyung's songs are really amazing~!
Jinyoung: (smile) No no, it's not just my effort. There were many things that I didn't know in the beginning, and there were many things that happened till the completion of the song. The song could have not been made if not for the encouragement from the members.

― That means to say if that the members were not around, the song would not even have been made then.
Jinyoung: Yes!
All: (smile) No, it's Jinyoung's talent~!

― When does Jinyoung make many songs?
Jinyoung: These songs are made through my experience and imagination. I record them down immediately if something comes to mind during the day.

― Have the other members seen the contents of Jinyoung's recorder?
All: We see it often~ (laugh)
Gongchan: He sometimes becomes a suspicious person. (laugh)

― We'll look forward to Jinyoung's song being revealed in Japan too.
Jinyoung: Yes, please look forward to it~! Other than me, CNU writes lyrics and Baro makes raps too.
Baro: For raps, I write what I want to convey down honestly. It's not a one-sided opinion, but I write making sure that the person listening will be able to receive those emotions well and be able to agree with it.
CNU: As for me, I copy down words as and when they come to mind. Then as I start writing the actual lyrics, I refer to these notes.

― B1A4 is really made up of very versatile members.
Gongchan: I am also working hard to be able to participate in all of these.
CNU: Ah, can I talk about Bling Girl?

― Ah I'm sorry for changing the topic. (laugh)
CNU: It's enjoyable to dance to this song, so it'll be nice if the fans could memorize the dance and do it with us.
Sandeul: A song that we enjoy very much while singing on stage! As CNU hyung said, it'll be nice if you watched our stage performance. It will really be enjoyable!

― We got it. In the normal version of the album, Ready to Go is also included.
CNU: This song is an original Japanese song, so I think it is very special. It is a song that holds our hopes and dreams. I hope many people listen to it.
Sandeul: To be able to finally debut in Japan, I now feel very happy, excited yet worried. My many emotions are all mixed up, but we will work hard and gather the strength of all 5 of us to become B1A4 that receive love from many people in Japan. So everyone,
All: Please cheer for us~!

Translation Credits: skipfire @

[VIDEO] Teaser for Sooyoung’s drama ‘The 3rd Hospital’ released

Posted: 14 Jul 2012 02:05 AM PDT

tvN, the Korean television channel which will air "The 3rd Hospital", has just opened an official website for the upcoming medical drama. The website currently features photos of the male leads, Kim Seungwoo and Oh Jiho, as well as a video teaser that briefly shows Sooyoung.

The drama will center on the neurosurgery department of an alternative hospital and will portray the conflict between western and eastern medicinal practices. Sooyoung plays Euijin, a viola player, and will be involved in a romantic storyline with the characters played by Kim Minjung, Kim Seungwoo, and Oh Jiho.

"The 3rd Hospital" is set to begin airing August 22nd at 11 PM KST.

Check out the first teaser for "The 3rd Hospital" below.

Written by: bhost909@soshified
Contributor: MoonSoshi9@soshified

[NEWS] Teen Top Ricky, sends a video message & love call to Uee “I want to go on a trip with her”!

Posted: 14 Jul 2012 01:54 AM PDT

Teen Top's Ricky sent a surprise love call to After School's Uee as he would like to go on a MT (Membership Training) with her.

On the recent SBS MTV 'Teen Top Rising 100% - War against Issue' recording, Teen Top and 100% left for a MT to Gyeonggido, Gapyung.

On the recording that day, MC Kim Taehyun asked "Is there any girl group member you would like to go for a MT with" and Ricky replied with a shy smile, specifying After School's Uee. Following which, Ricky sent a video message to Uee, "When you're free let's go on a trip together".

On the other hand, in this broadcast, Teen Top and 100% will be challenging a feat by Big Bang's G Dragon. They will be creating an issue in hoping to top the survey "The in-trend guy you want to go on a summer holiday with". In the original survey, it included Big Bang's G Dragon, actors Gong Yoo, Joo Won, So Ji Sub, Kim Soohyun and other popular male stars.

There'll be 3 missions for Teen Top and 100% to become the in-trend guy that people want to go on a summer holiday with. 'Smart guy' – quiz channel; 'Sports guy' – dribbling game, penalty shootout, water games and 'Perfect guy' – the game of luck cooking competition.

In particular, Teen Top's Chunji made everyone on set burst out into laughter with his peculiar body gag that has never been seen among idols. Also, in response to Teen Top leader C.A.P's first ever solo dance to be revealed on air, the members were amazed and claimed that "It is the first I've ever seen anything like this"
You can check out the Teen Top and 100%'s intense battle to become the best in-trend guy in SBS MTV 'Teen Top Rising 100% - War against Issue' that will air on the 14th at 9PM KST.

eng trans: @oursupaluv

[VIDEO] TAHITI releases first MV teaser for “Tonight”

Posted: 14 Jul 2012 01:35 AM PDT

With their debut inching closer, upcoming girl group TAHITI unveiled the music video teaser for their debut track, "Tonight".

The six-member TAHITI is currently starring in their own reality show, SBS-MTV's 'Ta-dah! It's TAHITI' which started airing on April and will end on the 16th. The new season of the show features the whole process of the group's debut, where they've captured the audience with their fresh visuals and talents.

TAHITI will make their official debut on July 24th. In the meantime, check out their teaser featuring the first two members Ye-Eun and E.J.

[NEWS] T-ara's Hwayoung, “I want to be the queen of romantic comedies like Kim Suna”!

Posted: 14 Jul 2012 01:22 AM PDT

As water flows from a faucet, idols have been 'flowing' from the TV whenever it's turned on. Lately, having more than five members in a group is the majority, just as much as remembering every idol's names is a given. In the idol world, member changes are as frequent as the total number of the many idols.

T-ARA has recently been receiving a lot of attention after announcing that they will be adding two new members to the group. Lately, there have been much controversy surrounding the new members', who have not debuted yet, ability to adjust. bntnews was able to meet the latest addition to T-ARA: 'Hwayoung'. 

I want to be a warm/kind older sister to the younger ones~

I asked her if there was a way to adjust well as T-ARA as a new member. "Actually, T-ARA has been recreating existing styles, so it can be a bit hard. The public seems to be worried about adjusting and getting along with the members, but I am not worried about that. They treat me really well, like a biological older sister would. And that's why I was able to adjust well. When the new younger sisters come, I want to hold their hands warmly and support them. That's why I am constantly keeping in touch with them – we are in the process of growing closer." 

Hwayoung wants to be a warm and caring older sister to the newest members. Is it because she'll soon give up her maknae (T/N: in the case of being the newest member, not the youngest) position to them? You can see a more mature girl in her than when she first debuted. I asked if there is an area/field she wants to take challenge in. "I want to act. Especially in a comedy! I really want to try taking on a character like sunbae Hwang Jungeum's in Highkick through the Roof. I have a unique and unpredictable side to me more than you think, so I think I can act that part naturally well. And like sunbae Kim Sunha, I want to take on a romantic comedy part. There are some roles only sunbae Kim Suna can pull off. I want to become someone like that."

Are you curious about Hwayoung?

She who dreams of becoming a multi-talented entertainer. I asked her about her favorite genre as a singer. "I like hip-hop. I actually didn't really know much about hip-hop; but after debuting and learning about it, I started to love it. I especially like 'Nicki Minaj''s music." Can we expect to hear some hip-hop music from T-ARA? "Hip-hop music is my own personal taste, so I'm not sure if it'll match T-ARA's style and color. We usually make exciting music like retro style and club music. But I do want to take on hip-hop music one day."

Unlike the other T-ARA members, who come out in entertainment shows and dramas, Hwayoung is rarely seen in the media. I was curious about Hwayoung as an individual, not as a member of T-ARA. What is her ideal type? "Rather than the typical handsome guy, I like a warm-hearted guy with no double eyelids. Rather than a pin-up (good looking) guy, I prefer a guy with a personality. And I like a guy who works diligently and knows how to keep one's private and public life separate."

For someone whose ideal is a person who knows how to keep his private and personal life separate, I asked what Hwayoung thought of having a celebrity boyfriend. "Honestly, I'm curious. I think I'll like having a celebrity boyfriend because since we are both celebrities and have similar lifestyles, I think we'll be able to understand each other well. I wonder how it'll be."

She boasts a milky complexion without a single blemish. What are her skincare secrets? "I don't take time out to get pampered at a skincare shop. My mom personally makes my own natural skincare products that matches specifically to my skin. And I put on the necessary skin lotion according to my skin condition each day."

T-ARA no longer live in dorms together. Hwayoung brought her parents to live with her in Seoul. Thankfully, she's been able to eat her 'mom's homemade health foods', so she's really happy. "When I lived in dorms, it was really hard to resist the temptations of late-night snacking every night. In the end, giving up to these temptations became frequent. But since I live at home (with my parents) now, I have better control over them. More than anything, I'm the type to gain weight easily so late-night snacking is forbidden." For a girl who says she gains weight easily, it seemed like she didn't need to diet at all. I wondered whether she had her own secrets to maintaining her body, so I asked. "I really gain weight easily. So I eat between noon and 6 PM, then stay away from food after 6. I always eat half a bowl of rice at a time, too."

I will try harder to become a hallyu-idol~

T-ARA recently released their first Japanese album 'Jewelry Box' and are promoting their Japan Tour Concert right now. Jewelry Box reached #2 on the Oricon Chart the day it was released, which shows how popular the album currently is. "I'm so surprised and thankful for all the love and support we've been receiving. I didn't expect this at all. I will not lose sight of my original resolutions and work even harder. And that's also our share of duty, right?"

Lastly, I also requested a message for the fans in Korea waiting eagerly for T-ARA's comeback. "I still have many faults and a long way to go before reaching perfection, but I'm really thankful for all the love I've received because I'm part of T-ARA. I will work even harder to show my very best. It's the least I can do to reciprocate the love I've received." She was especially bright and cheerful when talking about the fans. She knows how to love as much as she's been loved. With that, there is no doubt she will become a warm-hearted older sister to the new members. Look forward to T-ARA Hwayoung's future.

Source: http://bntnews.hanky...4&mode=sub_view
Translated by: x은영이 @ Diadem 

120714 MBC’s ‘Music Core’ Performances

Posted: 14 Jul 2012 01:12 AM PDT

MBC's "Show! Music Core" is back this week full of amazing performances!

This week's episode features several comebacks including, N-Train, NU'EST, A-JAX, She'z and Boom. 2PM's Jang Wooyoung kicked off his solo debut as well as Brave Entertainment's new group Big Star.

Other great performances from artists including Super Junior, T-ara, SISTAR, After School, f(x), Jo Kwon, ZE:A, A Pink, Dal Shabet, LEDApple, Juniel and Masterpiece.

Check out the performances below!

Super Junior



After School

f(x) (Goodbye Stage)

Jo Kwon (Goodbye Stage)




Dal Shabet


She'z (Comeback Stage)


Watch today's debut and comeback performances below!

Wooyoung - "2NITE" + "Sexy Lady"
Boom - "Let Me Play"
A-JAX - "Hot Game"
NU'EST - "Action"
N-Train - "I'll Forget You"
Big Star - "Hot Boy"

[VIDEO] Wooyoung makes solo debut with “Sexy Lady” on ‘Music Core’

Posted: 14 Jul 2012 01:01 AM PDT

After presenting his first stage through his recent solo showcase, 2PM's Wooyoung is now taking over music programs with his solo debut performance on this week's episode of MBC 'Music Core'.

Officially kickstarting his promotions as a solo artist, not of a member of 2PM, Wooyoung showed off his dandy transformation with his title track, "Sexy Lady". He showcased a more edgier look, donning platinum blonde hair and stylish sleek outfits, and captured the whole stage with his overflowing charisma.

Check out his performance below!

[VIDEO] Boom says “Let Me Play” on ‘Music Core’

Posted: 14 Jul 2012 12:54 AM PDT

Entertainer Boom is returning to his musical roots by releasing his new single "Let Me Play". After having his debut stage on SBS "Strong Heart", Boom officially kickstarted his promotions with his comeback stage on MBC's 'Music Core'.

"Let Me Play" is an addictive beat-heavy electronic dance track and was produced by Gaeko of Dynamic Duo. Yoo Hyun Sang, the godfather of Korean Rock, played the guitar for this song.

Check out his performance below!