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"CNBLUE members transform into Bartenders & Waiters for T.G.I. Friday’s" plus 19 more

"CNBLUE members transform into Bartenders & Waiters for T.G.I. Friday’s" plus 19 more

CNBLUE members transform into Bartenders & Waiters for T.G.I. Friday’s

Posted: 20 Jul 2012 08:49 AM PDT

After being named as the endorsement models for T.G.I. Friday’s, a preview for CNBLUE‘s upcoming appearance on cooking channel O’live‘s ’Eat City – CNBLUE’s Love on Party‘ has been revealed.

In the preview, the boys can be seen bartending and waiting for patrons at an actual T.G.I. Friday’s restaurant in Seoul.

Eat City – CNBLUE’s Love on Party‘ will air on O’live on the 28th at 11PM KST.

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INFINITE reveals teaser for upcoming Japanese single “She’s Back”

Posted: 20 Jul 2012 08:15 AM PDT

INFINITE has revealed the teaser video for their upcoming third Japanese single, ‘She’s Back‘!

The single went for pre-sale on July 17th and both the limited and standard editions have managed to take first and second in ranking on Tower Records‘ pre-sales.

‘She’s Back’ will be released in Japan on August 29th, check out the teaser below!

Hyoyeon puts on her final performance on ‘Dancing With The Stars 2′

Posted: 20 Jul 2012 07:47 AM PDT

Girls’ Generation‘s Hyoyeon and her partner Kim Hyung Suk put on their final ‘Dancing With The Stars 2‘ performance.

On the July 20th broadcast, Hyoyeon and Hyung Suk put on their ‘paso-doble’ stage for the judges.

Kim Joo Won had previously remarked that Hyoyeon truly shines when it comes to fast-tempoed dance, saying that her “moves are on point, she knows how to flow with the tempo, and she can express herself well. I gave her a high score when it came to her Latin dance performance. She has this lovely charm that makes it hard for people to take their eyes off of her.”

Alex Kim had also said, “She was born a dancer. I become captivated by the overall feel when she dances a fast-tempo Latin dance. Her moves are solid and has perfect balance, and her amazing chemistry with her partner makes the dance feel modern.”

Fellow Judge Song Seung Hwan did not hold back his praises as well. “She has this charm that puts people in a good mood when they watch her dance. Not only is she a good dancer, but you can feel her youthful energy, and she just lights up the stage. She was born with this talent.”

Stepping on stage in a deep crimson-colored dress, Hyoyeon danced to the fierce beat of the dance music of Spain. Swapping her classic lovely charm for sensuous dance moves, Hyoyeon once again captivated the audience who responded with explosive cheers.

Judge Song Seung Hwan who gave her a 10 said, “You were relaxed and adequately nervous in the midst of the speed. You displayed masterful techniques,” while Alex Kim added, “Your stage was remarkable,” giving her a 9, and Kim Joo Won gave her a 10 saying, “Your stage exceeded my expectations. You’ve gone from Girls’ Generation’s dancing fairy to a Dancing Queen.”

Despite once again impressing the judges, Hyoyeon and her partner came second in the competition, and first place went to Choi Yeo Jin and Park Ji Woo.

Source & Image: Newsen via Nate

Super Junior’s Eunhyuk and Yesung tweet SM family photos from ‘S.M.ART EXHIBITION’ set

Posted: 20 Jul 2012 07:27 AM PDT

SM Entertainment labelmates recently visited the scene of the ‘S.M.ART EXHIBITION‘ and tweeted photos live from the event.

The IT content exhibition will be hosted by SM Entertainment next month and will feature the best that the company has to offer in the realm of digital entertainment content.

Super Junior‘s Eunhyuk kicked off with the round of tweets with a humorous post parodying ‘Gentlemen’s Class‘: writing, “Anchovy’s Class!!! I’m not trying to promote, but SMTOWN will be on tomorrow’s ‘Entertainment Relay‘!! And the SM exhibition will be held on 8/10~8/19 at COEX!!”

Surrounded by fellow member Kyuhyun, TVXQ‘s Yunho, and Girls’ Generation‘s YoonA and Sooyoung, Eunhyuk and his SM labelmates pose alongside original ‘Gentlemen’s Class’ star Kim Min Jong for a snapshot.

Yesung tweeted two more family photos: “At the set filming for SMTOWN’s exhibition~~^^ Look forward to it~~~!!” The pictures included Girls’ Generation’s Jessica, Krystal of f(x), BoA, Lee Soo Man himself, and more.

20120720_sm_smartexhibition 20120720_sm_smartexhibition_2 20120720_sm_smartexhibition_3

Source + Photos: Eunhyuk + Yesung‘s Official Twitters

G-Dragon is in love with Anne Hathaway as Catwoman?

Posted: 20 Jul 2012 06:59 AM PDT

Big Bang‘s G-Dragon tweeted a hilarious picture after watching the newly released movie ‘The Dark Knight Rises‘.

On July 20th, G-Dragon tweeted, “I’m fallin’ in love with her. Dark Knight daebak,” along with a photo of himself kissing a poster of Anne Hathaway, who plays the role of Catwoman in the third and last installment of Christopher Nolan‘s Batman series. Fans also noticed that G-Dragon has changed his hair color once again.

They commented, “I wonder if he enjoyed ‘The Dark Knight Rises’,”Anyone would fall in love with Anne Hathaway,” and “I like his hair color!

In related news, G-Dragon opened up his official Twitter (@IBGDRGN) on July 16th and has already attracted more than 300,000 followers.

Source: G-Dragon’s Twitter

JYJ’s Jaejoong to hold fan meet on ‘Time Slip Dr. Jin’ set with 1,500 Japanese fans

Posted: 20 Jul 2012 06:35 AM PDT

On July 22nd, JYJ‘s Jaejoong will be hosting a fan meet for 1,500 lucky Japanese fans on the set of his MBC drama, ‘Time Slip Dr. Jin‘.

It hasn’t even been a month since JYJ made history by recording the largest number of foreign visits made to Korea for their ‘membership week’ event, and Jaejoong is once again proving the group’s popularity with the upcoming fan meeting.

He’ll be spending quality time with his fans and creating memories with them on the drama set, which is a point of interest in itself since the drama was originally a Japanese comic series.

Playing the role of Kim Kyung Tak, Jaejoong has been earning praise left and right for his stable acting skills and charisma in his first historical drama project.

C-JeS Entertainment commented, “Popularity can drop no matter how high it is if one falls into a state of contentment because of it or uses their artists’ popularity for commercial reasons. This is the reason why the members are encouraged to grow and mature through activities like dramas, musicals, and more importantly, their world tour. I believe that JYJ’s evolution is making a positive influence on Hallyu, and that JYJ is becoming a cultural representative of Korea.”

Source + Photos: Herald M News via Naver

Jay Park’s mixtape ‘FRESH A!R:BREATHE !T’ gets 100,000 downloads on DatPiff

Posted: 20 Jul 2012 06:00 AM PDT

Jay Park‘s mixtape albumFRESH A!R:BREATHE !Thas recently passed the 100,000 download mark, achieving “gold” status on popular, free mixtape website DatPiff.

‘FRESH A!R:BREATHE !T’ consists of a number of remixed melodies and sounds that would appeal to fans of hip hop especialy. With the inclusion of the title singleBody2Body, the album consists of six songs in total. In order to express his gratitude towards his fans, Jay Park not only directly produced this album, but also made it available for free download back in May.

Jay Park is the first Asian artist to acquire the “gold” title on DatPiff. Without any album promotions, Jay Park was able to achieve this result by music alone. The fact that the mixtape was able to score a high ranking among worldwide, influential stars such as Kanye West and 50 Cent has especially drawn people’s attention.

Netizens commented, “[The fact that he achieved this] victory with music alone makes it more amazing,” “I took a listen to the mixtape and it’s good,” and “Jay Park, your music is good.

In other news, Jay Park will be launching hisNew Breed Asia Tour on August 18th, starting with a concert at the Olympic Stadium in Seoul.

Source: My Daily via Nate

J.Y. Park announces he will no longer be reprimanding 2PM

Posted: 20 Jul 2012 05:31 AM PDT

J.Y. Park may have given a reason as to why 2PM member Wooyoung was the first of the group to release a solo album.

The July 19th ‘5 Million Dollar Man‘ special of KBS2‘s ‘Happy Together 3‘ featured singer and producer J.Y. Park as well as actress Min Hyo Rin and 2PM’s Nichkhun.

J.Y. Park announced that he would no longer discipline the 2PM members. Now that 2PM is a top idol group, J.Y. Park is determined to approach them as fellow artists, instead of his students.

Nichkhun responded, “We were really upset when he told us that. We feel like we still need his complaints.”

J.Y. Park added, “After I told them that, the 2PM members came to see me individually one after the other, and I was really touched.” The MCs then jokingly asked, “Did you give the members the opportunity to release solo albums based on the order they came to see you?”

Giving it some thought, J.Y. Park then remarked, “Come to think of it, Wooyoung was the first to come see me,” causing the guests to laugh.

Also on the episode, Nichkhun revealed his own methods to receive less reprimand from J.Y. Park.

Source & Image : TVDaily via Nate

Ga In shows off Brown Eyed Girls’ hat

Posted: 20 Jul 2012 05:05 AM PDT

Ga In showed off a Brown Eyed Girls‘ hat recently on the group’s official Twitter.

On July 19th, the Brown Eyed Girls tweeted, “It’s been a while since posting a photo of Ga In.” They added, “Brown Eyed Girls hat that Ga-In is wearing, NOW ON SALE,” along with the picture above. Ga In can be seen coyly modeling the hat.

Fans commented, “She looks sexy when she [sticks her tongue out],” “I think her face is smaller than the hat,” and “The hat is being taken advantage of.

Source & Photo: Brown Eyed Girls’ Twitter

T-ara to conclude Japanese tour at Budokan

Posted: 20 Jul 2012 04:35 AM PDT

T-ara has announced that they’ll be wrapping up their Japanese tour with a grand finale at the Budokan!

The girls will be performing on July 25-26, 6:30PM at Tokyo’s Budokan. TVXQ, Lee Seung Gi, 2PM, and F.T. Island have performed on the “dream stage” in the past.

Despite the concert taking place on a weekday instead of the weekend, all 20,000 seats have been sold out.

The T-ara members expressed, “We’re the first Korean [girl group] to perform at the Budokan. We will work hard to show the power of Korean girl groups before our return. Please look forward to it, as we’ve prepared a lot of new stages along with performances of our hit Japanese singles.”

The group started their Japanese tour this past June.

Source + Photos: TV Report via Naver

Seohyun gives Jinwoon a thoughtful gift before his ‘Laws of the Jungle 2′ trip to Madagascar

Posted: 20 Jul 2012 04:10 AM PDT

Before heading off to Madagascar to film SBS‘ ‘Laws of the Jungle 2‘, 2AM‘s Jinwoon shared a photo of the small, heartwarming gift given to him by Girls’ Generation‘s youngest member Seohyun.

On July 19th, the 2AM maknae snapped a photo of the present and tweeted, “Ah. Indeed, friends are the best! T.T

Seohyun gifted Jinwoon with vitamins and a card that read, “My precious friend, Jinwoon! Take care of your health! I hope you return safely from the jungle. I applaud you on your venture. Jung Jinwoon, fighting~!

Fans commented, “I wish I had a friend like her,” “Her handwriting is so pretty, and she’s even good at drawing,” “I want to be friends with Seohyun,” “I hope he returns safely,” “Good luck, Jinwoon,” and more.

Jinwoon and the ‘Laws of the Jungle 2′ crew left for their next journey to Madagascar on July 19th.

Source: Jinwoon’s Twitter

Super Junior wins ‘Music Bank’ K-Chart + Performances from July 20th!

Posted: 20 Jul 2012 03:45 AM PDT

KBS' 'Music Bank' is back with another fun and exciting show that was chock-full of amazing performances!

The MCs for tonight's episode were After School's UEE and actor Lee Jang Woo.

Aside from the usual stages, GLAM, C-Clown, NS Yoon-G, and B.A.P all made their respective comeback/debut.

As for the winners, T-ara faced off against Super Junior for this week's 'K-Chart', but in the end, it was Super Junior who clinched the 'K-Chart' win with "Sexy, Free & Single".

Congratulations to Super Junior and all E.L.F!


[ Next Week's Teasers ]

< B2ST >


[ Backstage Interviews ]

< Super Junior + T-ara >

< B.A.P + NS Yoon-G >


Others who performed tonight include Super Junior, T-ara, SISTAR, After School, Wooyoung, ZE:A, BOB4, N-Train, Jung Ha Yoon, F.I.X, A-JAX, 2BiC, Gang Kiz, Big Star, Dalmatian, NU’EST, December, Dal Shabet, Gilme, and A Pink!

Check out the performances below:


< BOB4 >

*Video coming soon*


< N-Train >


< Jung Ha Yoon >


< A-JAX >


< F.I.X >


< 2BiC >


< Gang Kiz >


< Big Star >


< Dalmatian >


< NU’EST >


< December >


< Dal Shabet >


< Gilme >


< ZE:A >


< A Pink >


< After School >


< Wooyoung >




< T-ara >


< Super Junior >


NS Yoon-G says “I Got You” on ‘Music Bank’!

Posted: 20 Jul 2012 03:08 AM PDT

After shocking fans with a suprise comeback, NS Yoon-G has officially begun live promotions for "I Got You".

The music video, which was recently released, showcases NS Yoon-G's chic 'femme fatale' style and her seductive dance moves. The sound featured on her new mini-album 'Skinship' is described as "rocking-tronic" which is a mix of electronic music and rock.

Check out the sexy diva's comeback stage below, and be sure to check out the rest of today's performances here.


B.A.P tears up the stage with “No Mercy” on ‘Music Bank’!

Posted: 20 Jul 2012 03:03 AM PDT

B.A.P has been dominating with the recent release of "No Mercy"!

According to TS Entertainment, the concept for "No Mercy" focuses on a 'pop boy' theme to show that the members will lead in style and fashion among their peers.

Utilizing their popular whistles, the boys hype up fans with a powerful comeback song and concept that are more playful and colorful than their previous hits.

The boys once again took the stage on 'Music Bank' to deliver an amazing performance of "No Mercy". Check it out below, and view the rest of today's performances here.


Girl group GLAM makes “Party (XXO)” debut on ‘Music Bank’!

Posted: 20 Jul 2012 02:58 AM PDT

The highly anticipated girl group from Big Hit Entertainment, GLAM, has finally released their debut track, "Party (XXO)".

GLAM previously released a music video teaser and a making-of for their music video, and revealed the full music video for "Party (XXO)" yesterday.

The girls pulled through and truly delivered with their debut performance on tonight's episode of 'Music Bank'.

Check out their performance below, and be sure to view the rest of today's clips here.


C-CLOWN makes a hot debut with “SOLO” on ‘Music Bank’!

Posted: 20 Jul 2012 02:44 AM PDT

After teasing us all last week, rising rookie idol group C-CLOWN has finally released the music video for "SOLO".

Short for 'Crown Clown', the six members of C-Clown are ready to impress with their top-notch music and performances. Like their name suggests, the group is determined to become 'king' of the K-pop scene and achieve their 'crown'.

The group is under Yedang Entertainment and consists of members: leader Barom (Rome), Kim Taemin (Siwoo), Kim Hyunil (Ray), Kangjun (JunK), Lee Minwoo (TK), and Jaejun (Mau).

Their title track is "SOLO", the second track off their debut album.

Check out C-CLOWN's debut stage on 'Music Bank' below, and be sure to check out the rest of today's performances here.


J.Y. Park explains why he never opted for cosmetic surgery on ‘Happy Together 3′

Posted: 20 Jul 2012 02:30 AM PDT

Singer and producer J.Y. Park explained the reason why he never opted for cosmetic surgery on KBS 2TV‘s ’Happy Together 3‘.

On the July 19th broadcast, comedian Park Mi Sun brought up the topic by complimenting actress Min Hyo Rin‘s beautiful features. She remarked, “She has such a masterpiece of a nose. This isn’t a nose that was worked on.

Not too long ago, many were speculating whether the actress had gotten a nose job. She denied the rumors on a recent broadcast and even had X-rays to prove it. Park Mi Sun then asked J.Y. Park whether he was ever tempted by cosmetic surgery.

J.Y. Park smiled and answered, “I don’t invest my money in things that have a low probability of success,” causing everyone in the studio to burst into laughter.

2PM‘s Nichkhun also guested on the same episode.

Source & Image: Financial News via Nate

miss A’s Suzy receives attention for her headbands on ‘Big’

Posted: 20 Jul 2012 02:05 AM PDT

miss A Suzy‘s 25 different “headband looks” on the KBS2 drama ‘Big‘ have been receiving quite the attention.

Suzy’s character Jang Mari, who’s obsessed with Lady Gaga, has been completing her outfits with different styles of headbands, from large ribbon headbands to small hat accessories.

Other than the fact that the headband style suits the character of Mari, fans also praised that it suits Suzy’s innocent and girlish image.

Suzy herself revealed that she personally likes Mari’s headband style during a recent chat with viewers of the show.

Source + Image: Review Star via Naver

Orange Caramel to perform at ‘a-nation’ music festival

Posted: 20 Jul 2012 01:40 AM PDT

According to Pledis EntertainmentAfter School‘s global unit group Orange Caramel will be performing at Japan’s largest music festival ‘a-nation‘.

On July 20th, a-nation’s official website released the lineup for ‘a-nation Music Week Asia Progress F‘, which is being held on August 10th. The news that Japan’s most popular girl group AKB48 and Orange Caramel will be standing on the same stage has been drawing attention ever since.

Orange Caramel had their first performance in Japan at After School’s first Japanese live tour concert ‘Playgirlz‘ on April 6th, and their second official performance will be at the a-nation festival. The trio has been receiving attention even before their official Japanese debut.

After hearing the news that Orange Caramel will be performing at a-nation, netizens commented, “They must really be successful to stand on the same stage as AKB48,”Orange Caramel is kind of the best,”I’m looking forward to this,” and “Oh~ they’re going to perform at a-nation!

'a-nation Music Week Asia Progress F' will be held on August 10th at Yoyogi National Gymnasium.

4minute and G.NA take a trip to Busan on ’4minute’s Travel Maker’

Posted: 20 Jul 2012 01:15 AM PDT

Photos from 4minute and G.NA‘s trip to Busan on QTV‘s ’4minute’s Travel Maker‘ have been revealed.

The selcas capture the members of 4minute and label mate G.NA enjoying their trip on 4minute’s reality program.

During their recent episode, the girls took a ‘city tour bus’, the first open bus with two levels of its kind in South Korea, in Busan and even went on a ‘luxury yacht tour’, taking a break from their usual busy schedules.

HyunA happily exclaimed, “We lived busily everyday, and now that I come out to an open area, I realize why people go to the beach for summer vacation.

Source & Photo: Review Star via Nate