Thursday, July 12, 2012

"Lena Park releases MV for “I Am Sorry”" plus 19 more

"Lena Park releases MV for “I Am Sorry”" plus 19 more

Lena Park releases MV for “I Am Sorry”

Posted: 12 Jul 2012 09:01 AM PDT

Last month Korean American R&B singer Park Jung Hyun (Lena Park) released her eighth album, ‘Parallax‘ and now the MV for her title track, “I Am Sorry” has been released.

The album’s title song “I Am Sorry” is a meaningful track. It sings of the mixed emotions that are felt at the end of a relationship- sadness and despair that come with being unable to trust the person you love, as well as regret, and sorrow. The song which contains a lyrical melody which is a remake of “Mientes” by famous Mexican group ‘Camila‘. The original song was released in 2009 and rose to the top of the Latin pop chart on Billboard, earning an explosive response from North America.

T-ara’s Hyomin utilizes an exercise ball to tone up for the summer

Posted: 12 Jul 2012 08:33 AM PDT

T-ara‘s Hyomin is working hard to tone up for the summer.

On July 12th, Hyomin shared the series of photos above via her official Twitter page and wrote, “This summer, I will do some exercise ball workouts.”

Fans were immediately drawn to how small Hyomin’s petite frame looked next to her exercise ball, and how fashionable she managed to be during her workouts.

She looks so pretty, even when working out,” they wrote, in addition to, “No wonder she’s in such good shape,” and more.

In related news, Hyomin and the rest of her T-ara members are actively promoting their new song “Day By Day“.

Source & Image : TVReport via Nate, Hyomin‘s Twitter page

Gilme releases MV for “Me First” featuring Eun Ji Won

Posted: 12 Jul 2012 08:09 AM PDT

Clover's Gilme has released the music video for her digital single "Me First" featuring Eun Ji Won.

The trio group Clover was formed last year and left an impression with their song "An Oppa I Know", rocking the stage dressed like heroes out of a Western movie, all while delivering powerful vocals and sizzling raps.

Gilme's digital single is totally different style with its R&B sound paired with Eun Ji Won’s smooth rapping.

Check out the music video for “Me First” below!

T-ara’s Eunjung admits she was initially against the addition of new members

Posted: 12 Jul 2012 07:34 AM PDT

T-ara‘s Eunjung admitted she was initially against the idea of recruiting new members to the team.

On the July 12th broadcast of KBS 2TV‘s ‘Star Life Theater‘, Eunjung remarked, “Honestly at first I said, ‘Why? Are we not good enough?’.”

If we weren’t good enough, I figured we could just practice some more,” she continued. “I was worried that one or two more members would disrupt our rhythm and create an unsettled atmosphere.”

She explained, “But those sorts of thoughts vanished a couple of days after I met them. I realized that they would actually be of help to the group.

Eunjung also confessed she was really into the new drama series, ‘Bridal Mask‘.

I don’t know what’s wrong with me,” she said with a laugh. “I’m like an ajumma. Even though I’m tired, I feel good when I watch dramas.”

In related news, T-ara is currently promoting their new song, “Day By Day“.

Source & Image: OSEN via Nate

Wonder Girls’ Japanese “Nobody” PV revealed

Posted: 12 Jul 2012 07:08 AM PDT

After the release of Wonder Girls' concept photos for their newest version of "Nobody", fans had been eager to see how the classic song would be remade for this PV. The wait is finally over.

Wonder Girls are in the familiar gold scheme as well as bright neon colored dresses.

Check it out below!

N-Train makes a comeback with “I’ll Forget You” on ‘M! Countdown’!

Posted: 12 Jul 2012 06:43 AM PDT

Boy group N-Train made their debut last year with "One Last Cry" and have finally made their way back into the music scene with a new track.

Titled “I’ll Forget You“, the song seem to be uptempo which is a huge step from the ballad they last promoted.

Check out the boys perform their comeback stage below, and be sure to check out the rest of today’s performances here.


EvoL releases first audio teaser!

Posted: 12 Jul 2012 06:40 AM PDT

BrandNew Stardom Entertainment, led by Cho PD and home to hip hop boy group Block B, has released the first audio teaser for their upcoming hip hop girl group, EvoL.

From our sources, the group consists of 4 members, Kwon So Hee, Kim Junhee, Kristine Yoon and Kim Yeonjoo. Their leader is So Hee(19) and their maknae is Yeonjoo(age 18).

Not much else is known about the upcoming girl group but by listening to their teaser we can say it will not dissapppoint.

Check out the teaser for “Magnet” below and you can bet we will hold a special EvoL debut event, only on allkpop!

miss A’s Suzy reveals her ideal type

Posted: 12 Jul 2012 06:24 AM PDT

On the June 11th episode of SBS‘ ‘One Night of TV Entertainment‘, miss A‘s Suzy grabbed the hearts of fanboys by revealing her ideal type.

When asked what is the ideal type of man she would like to marry, Suzy replied, “I wish he has a warm smile. I also like guys with uneven double eyelids. I like a guy that matches with me well”, revealing the unique traits she finds attractive.

She also revealed that among celebrities, her ideal type is someone like Kim Soo Hyun, Kang Dong Won, and 2PM‘s Wooyoung.

Viewers commented, “My double eyelids are uneven!”, “She is very detailed. Does that mean she has a boyfriend?”, and “I wonder how a guy should look to match with her.”


Source + image(s): Naver



GLAM reveals making of MV for “Party (XXO)”

Posted: 12 Jul 2012 05:01 AM PDT

After revealing various teaser images for members MisoTrinityZinniDahee, and Park Jiyeon, the making of  GLAM's music video "Party (XXO)"  has been revealed!

Don’t forget to check out the music video teaser here.

GLAM will officially debut on July 16th, in the mean time check out the making of music video for "Party (XXO)".

Thanks to Wade who sent this in.

4minute’s ‘Travel Maker’ photos revealed!

Posted: 12 Jul 2012 04:34 AM PDT

We recently reported girl group 4minute will be greeting fans via their new TV show, '4minute's Travel Maker'!

The program will follow 4minute as they travel to places such as the South Korean city of Busan and Singapore. Furthermore, 4minute's honest thoughts and feelings as straightforward girls in their 20s will be revealed.

Individual photos has been revealed so check them out below!

In other news, viewers will have a chance to travel with 4minute on one of their trips by entering a drawing at the '4minute's Travel Maker' website.

20120712_4minute_travelmakers 20120712_4minute_travelmakers1 20120712_4minute_travelmakers2 20120712_4minute_travelmakers3 20120712_4minute_travelmakers4

Thanks to SeventyFourCuxy who sent this in.

2NE1 releases making of “I Love You” MV

Posted: 12 Jul 2012 04:03 AM PDT

The beautiful ladies of 2NE1 have revealed the making of “I Love You” music video.

The girls shows their moods, thoughts and experiences during the making of “I Love You”.

In other news, 2NE1 will be embarking on their global tour 'NEW EVOLUTION' at the end of the month.

Super Junior wins #1 + performances from July 12th’s ‘M! Countdown’!

Posted: 12 Jul 2012 03:41 AM PDT

Mnet's "M! Countdown" is back with another spectacular episode chock-full of exciting performances!

Aside from the usual stages on tonight's episode, N-Train, Wooyoung, Big Star, NU’EST, Boom, and A-JAX all made their respective debut/comeback on tonight’s episode.

Competing for the #1 spot, it was a hot battle between Super Junior, SISTAR, and 2NE1, but in the end, it was Super Junior who clinched the win tonight with "Sexy, Free & Single“!

Congratulations to Super Junior for their 'M! Countdown' trophy!


[Next Week's Teasers]

< B.A.P >


Performers tonight included f(x), M.I.B, Gang Kiz, Rhythm Power, Lena Park, Boyfriend, Super Junior, SISTAR, After School, ZE:A, and Juniel!

Check out the performances below:


< f(x) > *Special Stage*


< Gang Kiz >

*Video coming soon*


< M.I.B >


< Boyfriend >


< Lena Park >

*Video coming soon*


< ZE:A >


< Juniel >


< After School >


< Super Junior >




Wooyoung makes his solo debut on ‘M! Countdown’ with “Sexy Lady”!

Posted: 12 Jul 2012 03:30 AM PDT

The wait is finally over, Wooyoung has released his solo debut album '23, Male Single' along with the music video for his lead single, "Sexy Lady"!

Without his fellow 2PM members, the spotlight is solely focused on Wooyoung and he delivers with an awesome song along with unique choreography.

Check out Wooyoung’s stunning debut stage below of “Sexy Lady” and “2NITE“, as well as the rest of today’s performances here.


A-JAX brings their “Hot Game” to ‘M! Countdown’!

Posted: 12 Jul 2012 02:52 AM PDT

Idol group A-JAX (formerly known by the temporary name DSP Boyz) has returned with their 2nd digital single titled "Hot Game"

The music video, which was also recently released, features fellow DSP Media member Nicole of KARA. In the music video Nicole is in a 'hot game' of love situation with all 7 members of the group.

The boys have been steadily building up fans worldwide, and have brought their talent to the stage as they perform “Hot Game”.

Check it out below, and the rest of today’s performances here!


NU’EST brings “Action” to ‘M! Countdown’!

Posted: 12 Jul 2012 02:50 AM PDT

NU'EST has finally returned with their latest single "Action"!

Fans have been anticipating NU'EST's comeback ever since a teaser photo was released at the end of June.

The wait is finally over now for fans and NU'EST definitely did not let anyone down. They came back with fierce dance moves and the title of the song says it all, it's filled with action.

Check out the boys dominate the stage below, and be sure to catch the rest of today’s performances here!


Boom hits the stage with “Let Me Play” on ‘M! Countdown’!

Posted: 12 Jul 2012 02:41 AM PDT

Earlier, entertainer Boom announced his return to the music industry on 'Strong Heart', and with the release of his new single, he has been garnering much attention from fans and strangers alike.

Baekdoosan's Yoo Hyun Sang lent his guitar skills to the energetic and powerful, rock-infused electronic dance track to help support Boom's return.

Check out Boom’s comeback stage below with “Let Me Play“, and check out the rest of today’s clips here.


Big Star makes a fierce debut with “Hot Boy” on ‘M! Countdown’!

Posted: 12 Jul 2012 02:25 AM PDT

Brave Entertainment's upcoming rookie group, Big Star, has just released their their title track "Hot Boy"

Much like the concept photos that have been released earlier on, the boys look fierce and ready to impress with their powerful choreography, and the same goes with their first round of live performances!

Check out Big Star’s debut stage below, and the rest of today’s live performances here.


allkpop is now hiring

Posted: 12 Jul 2012 01:52 AM PDT

Are you highly passionate about K-Pop and think you have what it takes to be a part of the allkpop team?

If you do, it's time to put your skills to the test and apply for our new job openings!

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Brown Eyed Girls’ JeA shows off her beauty through recent selca

Posted: 12 Jul 2012 01:44 AM PDT

Brown Eyed Girls‘ leader JeA has proven that age is just a number through a recent selca.

On July 10th, the singer shared the photo above and wrote, “Have you all tuned into ‘Come to Play‘? Please anticipate our upcoming music as well!

The photo shows JeA sporting a short haircut and wearing a comfortable striped knit top. Her small face, flawless skin, and petite figure has drawn widespread envy.

Fans commented, “How can a 32 year old be so cute?“, “I’d have no other wish if I met you in person“, “You look great with short hair“, and more.

Brown Eyed Girls’ recently concluded holding a performance at the 2012 Expo Pop Festival in Yeosu. The four ladies will be making their comeback on July 17th with their digital single’The Original‘.

Source: JeA’s Twitter

Past photo of SISTAR’s Hyorin as a high school student attracts attention

Posted: 12 Jul 2012 01:07 AM PDT

A past photo of SISTAR‘s Hyorin has recently become a hot topic.

The photos was uploaded on an online community site titled, “SISTAR’s Hyorin, her past before she became a legend! Hyorin shows her innocent beauty as a high school student.”

Hyorin is seen taking a cute selca with her school uniform on, posing with a cute expression and showing off her infamous bangs.

Fans commented, “Is this really Hyorin?”, “She grew up well”, and “Looking at her cute expressions, I guess she was overflowing with talent even back then.”