Monday, July 16, 2012

"MBLAQ releases “Phantom (We Were Both In Love)” for ‘Phantom’ OST" plus 19 more

"MBLAQ releases “Phantom (We Were Both In Love)” for ‘Phantom’ OST" plus 19 more

MBLAQ releases “Phantom (We Were Both In Love)” for ‘Phantom’ OST

Posted: 16 Jul 2012 08:31 AM PDT

Every OST track released from SBS drama series ‘Phantom‘ has consistently swept the charts, and the formal OST album has officially been released.

Idol group MBLAQ lent their voice to sing the title song “Phantom (We Were Both In Love)“, a medium-tempo track with a concise and appealing orchestra-led melody. The song is a project by Kim Ji Soo, the producer of Busker Busker and Ulala Session‘s new albums.

This song is stirring much interest, as it showcases the wide musical range of idol group MBLAQ who until now has chosen to perform strong electronic dance hits.

Check out the track below!

Brown Eyed Girls release digital single ‘The Original’

Posted: 16 Jul 2012 08:05 AM PDT

The Brown Eyed Girls are preparing to seize the charts with their new digital single!

After having fans hyped up with individual member teaser photos as well as an MV teaser, Nega Network has finally dropped Brown Eyed Girls’ new single, ‘The Original‘.

Consisting of two tracks (“A Midsummer Night’s Dream” and “Come With Me“), the single was produced by none other than leader JeA. The smooth, refreshing ballad title track brings out the vocal talent of each member and sings of two lovers madly in love in the middle of a summer night.

Check out their tracks below.

Stay tuned for the MV release of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”.

Title Track: “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”

Come With Me

Check out CL & Lee Dong Wook’s CF for “Cass Light”

Posted: 16 Jul 2012 07:46 AM PDT

Last month, we reported that actor Lee Dong Wook would be pairing up with 2NE1‘s CL for Korean Beer ‘Cass Light‘.

Now, the CF has been revealed. Gotta love Lee Dong Wook and his awkward moves, check it out below.

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in.]

Kyuhyun shares his thoughts on the large number of members within Super Junior

Posted: 16 Jul 2012 07:29 AM PDT

Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun shared his honest thoughts on the large number of members in his group.

On the July 16th episode of KBS 2TV‘s ‘Star Life Theater‘, Kyuhyun remarked, “I didn’t like it when I was a rookie. Because there were so many [members], there was so much competition within the team.

Because I’m not really the ‘go-getter’ type, I would always just be an on-looker from the back,” he explained. “But now, I like that there are a lot of members. Spending a lot of time with them, I now know their strengths and weaknesses.

Source & Image: Newsen via Nate

HaHa happily contemplates dating YoonA or Son Ye Jin

Posted: 16 Jul 2012 03:07 AM PDT

HaHa was happily contemplating dating either Girls Generation‘s YoonA or actress Son Ye Jin.

On the 16th, HaHa shared the above photo and tweeted, “Ah. Who should I date from the two. Going crazy. Can’t Nate do a voting.

The picture showed HaHa happily smiling between Son Ye Jin and YoonA. Although HaHa is contemplating on whom he should date from the two, it seemed to be all in his head since Son Ye Jin was not even looking at the camera.

Despite having almost no make-up on, Son Ye Jin and YoonA showed off their spectacular beauty. One of HaHa’s friends caused some laughter by commenting, “You’re just an ordinary person.”

The revealed picture seems to be from the after party of Leessang‘s concert held last week. In addition to Son Ye Jin and YoonA, various stars such as Uhm Jung Hwa and Gong Hyo Jin attended the concert.

After seeing the picture, fans commented, “Son Ye Jin and YoonA, I’m envious of HaHa“, “What filming did he do with YoonA?“, “A real happy contemplation“, and “I would go crazy too.”


Source+Picture: HaHa‘s Twitter

4Minute’s Nam Jihyun posts a sexy off-the-shoulder shirt look

Posted: 16 Jul 2012 03:03 AM PDT

4Minute‘s Nam Jihyun showed off her sexy style by wearing an off-the-shoulder tee.

On July 15th, Jihyun attached the above photo and wrote on her Twitter, “Finished getting ready for our Singapore performance“.

Followers who saw the photo commented, “She just showed off one of her shoulders but her sexiness is exploding“, “She keeps getting prettier“, and “Even Singaporeans will fall in love with her looks“.


Source & Image: Jihyun’s Twitter

U-KISS Dong Ho snaps a series of selcas at a baseball game

Posted: 16 Jul 2012 02:53 AM PDT

U-KISS member Dong Ho recently uploaded a set of selcas he took during a baseball game.

He posted the above photos to Twitter along with, “Ready to cheer” and “Anyway! I was really excited to go to a baseball game for the first time in a while! Let’s gain strength, fighting!

Fans commented with, “He looks like a playful teen” and ”Even with a hat on he looks cute“.

Doesn’t he look so young and adorable in the first photo?


Source + image via Dong Ho’s Twitter

IU successfully finishes her first concert tour with 20,000 fans

Posted: 16 Jul 2012 02:04 AM PDT

IU successfully finished her first concert tour, crossing over between ‘REAL’ and ‘FANTASY.’

IU kicked off her tour in June with the first concert in Seoul and finished the two month tour, with her last concert in Daegu just yesterday on the 15th.

The performance industry was surprised to find IU, as a 20′s solo female artist, recording a 90% average ticket sales rate for her 11 concerts. She brought in a total audience of 20,000.

In preparation for this tour, IU prepared a diverse repertoire to make the performance enjoyable for all generations. Together with the music director G.Gorilla, she chose songs of various genres including dance, ballad, acoustic, and trot, and greeted the fans with a powerful sound produced by a large orchestra.

The concerts were enjoyable not only for the main audience of male fans but also for the parents who came to the concerts with their children. IU grabbed the hearts of fans by showcasing her outstanding vocals, unshaken by the three hour long performance.

IU’s concerts also boasted an amazing guest line-up. IU showed off her personal connections by having guests such as, Lee Juk, Lee Seung Gi, 2AM, Sung Si Kyung, K.Will, Kim Tae Woo, Leessang, ZIA, Sunny Hill, Ra.D, HaHa, Noh Hong Chul, Norazo, Sweet Sorrow, Baechigi, Mighty Mouth, Huh Gak, and Two Months. Also, her concerts became a hot issue for having soccer player Park Ji Sung, her best friend Yoo In Na and her boyfriend Ji Hyun Woo visit.

After successfully finishing her tour, IU commented, “When I first started the concerts, I felt very nervous and uneasy. But thanks to my fans and the audience members who came to the concerts, I was able to finish the tour. I felt like I grew more from the tour, and from now on, I will try hard to become a singer that shines the most on stage.”

Meanwhile, IU will release her second Japanese single ‘You&I‘ on the 18th and will focus on her promotions abroad.

20120715_iu_concert3 20120715_iu_concert 20120715_iu_concert2 20120715_iu_concert4

2NE1′s Dara shaves her hair for the fourth time for their comeback

Posted: 16 Jul 2012 01:41 AM PDT

2ne1‘s Dara recently uploaded a photo of her fourth head shaving for 2ne1′s “I Love You” comeback.

She uploaded the photo on her me2day with the post, “Good morning! I shaved my hair again for ‘Inkigayo’! It had grown a lot! Why does it grow back so quickly? It is now the fourth time [shaving my hair]! Watch today’s ‘Ingigayo’! See you later!

Fans commented on the photo with, “Fourth time? She must hate shaving her hair“, “Wow, it’s already the fourth time“, and “Only Dara can pull off the half shaved head look.


Source + image via Dara’s me2day

Big Bang grabs 4 spots on Youtube’s Top 10 most viewed KPOP music videos in 2012

Posted: 16 Jul 2012 01:20 AM PDT

On the 16th, Youtube released a Top 10 list of the most viewed KPOP MV’s around the world so far in 2012.

Big Bang took 4 out of the 10 spots on this years most viewed music videos list, including the first two spots with “Fantastic Baby” and “Blue“, showing their immense popularity worldwide.

Other artists that made the Top 10 include, TaeTiSeo, f(x), SISTAR, SHINee, Wonder Girls and 4Minute. Check out the full list below and congrats to the artists that made it to the Top 10!

Fans compliment 2NE1 member Sandara’s purple hair

Posted: 16 Jul 2012 01:00 AM PDT

2NE1‘s Sandara Park has been attracting attention with her purple hair.

On the July 15th broadcast of SBS‘s ‘Inkigayo‘, Sandara revealed her newly dyed purple hair while donning a fashionable outfit by wearing a vibrant jacket with a white shirt and pants.

Fans who saw their performance commented, “Sandara Park’s purple hair is pretty“, “Wow, Sandara Park’s hair is purple? It’s so unique“, and “Sandara’s half-shaved head is pretty and her purple hair is also pretty“.


Source & Image: TVReport via Naver

f(x) member Sulli’s ‘quirky’ eating habit is too cute

Posted: 16 Jul 2012 12:38 AM PDT

f(x) member Sulli‘s weird/cute habit has become a hot topic among netizens.

Recently, the pictures above surfaced on an online bulletin board with the title, “Sulli’s weird habit“. In the photos, Sulli is seen sticking her tongue all the way out as she eats spicy rice cake and ice cream.

Netizens who saw the photos commented, “It’s only cute because it’s Sully, but not everyone should do this“, “She eats like a little kid“, and “She looks cute when she’s eating“.

In related news, Sulli will star alongside SHINee‘s Minho in SBS‘s ‘To The Beautiful You‘, a remake of Japanese drama Hana Kimi, which is set to begin airing in August.


Source & Image: Financial News via Naver

Jay Park to start “Jay Park TV” Youtube webisodes

Posted: 16 Jul 2012 12:19 AM PDT

Jay Park recently uploaded a teaser video for “Jay Park TV”, where he plans to upload lots of webisodes, revealing his “daily life, kickin’ it with friends, acting stupid, and all that sh*t.”

Check out the trailer for Jay Park TV below and make sure to subscribe to his Youtube channel.


Solbi reveals she was battling depression during her 2 year hiatus

Posted: 16 Jul 2012 12:02 AM PDT

Solbi shockingly confessed that she has been receiving psychiatric treatment during her 2 year hiatus.

On the July 16th broadcast of KBS 2TV‘s ‘Free Confidence‘, Solbi stated, “While I was resting, I received psychological treatment and read many books. A lot of people were surprised when I told them I was going to a psychologist, but I went confidently. I received treatment for my depression.

Furthermore, Solbi stated that when her psychologist asked her, “How do you relieve stress?“, she answered, “I chat with my friends and drink. However, I worry that I will gain weight so I can’t relieve my stress.

Solbi continued, “My psychologist told me to do something I have never done before and told me to read books.” Solbi revealed she has been immersed in reading books ever since and is always emotionally moved by the saying “Love like you have never loved before.

Finally, Solbi stated, “I used to go shopping a lot, but now I don’t even have the money or desire to do so.

Source & Image: Newsen via Nate

Boom releases full MV for “Let Me Play” featuring Gaeko

Posted: 15 Jul 2012 11:55 PM PDT

After having made his music show comebacks this weekend, entertainer Boom has released the full version of his music video for "Let Me Play" (featuring Dynamic Duo's Gaeko)!

Baekdoosan's Yoo Hyun Sang lent his guitar skills to the energetic and powerful, rock-infused electronic dance track to help support Boom's return. The song is an electro dance song with powerful beats and rock sounds with BOOM’s overflowing energy, produced by Gaeko and Bart of Planet Shiver.

Check it out below!

‘SBS K-Pop Festival in LA’ on August 10th, 2012 at the Home Depot Center

Posted: 15 Jul 2012 11:21 PM PDT

Last month it was revealed that the west coast was in for another treat, as the '2012 SBS K-Pop Festival in LA' will soon be taking place.

But after the announcement, the event Facebook page as well as Twitter accounts were deactivated and deleted. Many allkpop readers were discouraged and upset due to the possibility of a cancellation of the event.

We therefore contacted our sources and received confirmation that the event is not cancelled, but postposed to a later date, August 10th, 2012.

The confirmed line up includes top stars like Girls' GenerationSHINee2PM, 2AM, CNBLUEKARA, SISTARSECRET, and MBLAQ.

Stay tuned to allkpop as we will provide more updates!

Check out the Facebook for more information.

Wooyoung releases episode 2 of “Sexy Lady” making film

Posted: 15 Jul 2012 10:49 PM PDT

After making an impressive solo debut with the title track "Sexy Lady", last week  2PM's Wooyoung, shared the first episode of the music video making film.  Now the dynamic new soloist has released episode 2, which further chronicles the filming of “Sexy Lady”.

In addition to more footage of all the wire work being used to float him in the air, fans get a chance to see him interact more with other 2PM members.

Check out the clip below:

Hot new stills of Lee Min Ho in “Faith” released

Posted: 15 Jul 2012 10:23 PM PDT

Hot new stills of Lee Min Ho on the filming set of "Faith" have been released.

“Faith” is a time-warp, historial fusion drama where a strange man dressed as a warrior from the Koryo Dynasty, played by Lee Min Ho, claims that he is ‘here’ to take back a plastic surgeon, played by Kim Hee Sun. Lee Min Ho’s character, Choi Young, is a skilled and loyal warrior and a man of his word. He does not care for politics and does not fear death.

As seen in the photos, despite wearing heavily layered armor in sweltering temperatures over 30 degrees Celsius, it is said that Lee Min Ho created a cheerful atmosphere throughout the entire shoot. A representative of the production team stated, "Although he was probably tired from the busy shooting schedule and the hot weather, Lee Min Ho never showed signs of fatigue and was completely focused on the shoot, which allowed others to continue working in high spirits."

“Faith” marks Lee Min Ho's first historical drama since his debut and Kim Hee Sun's return to the small screen in six years. The pilot episode will air on August 13th at 9:55PM KST on SBS.

Check out the photos from the set, as well as the trailer below!


FNC’s new girl group, AOA, reveals first member Seolhyunari

Posted: 15 Jul 2012 10:23 PM PDT

FNC Entertainment, the home to talented artists like F.T. Island, CNBLUE, and Juniel, has recently opened up the teaser site for their upcoming girl group, AOA!

The site's main page shows a book with more "pages" that will be revealed at a later date.

The first teaser image revealed shows the first page of the book with the title, "Angel's Story", and also reveals that the name AOA stands for "Ace of Angels".

First angel we are introduced to is Seolhyunari [Brain Among the Angels].

Stay tuned as they reveal the story of more angels to come!

Source + Image: AOA's Teaser Site

Tiger JK talks about his son’s rapid growth spurt

Posted: 15 Jul 2012 10:01 PM PDT

Hip-hop legend Tiger JK briefly discussed his five-year old son, Jordan, on the latest broadcast of SBS‘s ‘You & I‘.

On the July 15th episode, the rapper was asked how his son was doing, to which he replied, “He’s as big as a middle school student. He’s almost the same height as Yoon Mi Rae (Tasha),” surprising the hosts.

Whenever he sees me on television, he immediately turns it off saying that he doesn’t want to see me on TV. I think it’s because he realizes that I’m not able to be with him due to my work.

He then shared a bit of Jordan’s personality saying, “Jordan is egoistic so he loves being on TV and loves anything that has a picture of himself,” causing the audience to laugh.

Meanwhile, Wonder GirlsYubin also participated in this episode and performed a collaboration stage performance with Tiger JK.


Source & Image: TVReport via Nate