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"[NEWS] Even an American man falls for Yoseob's cuteness!" plus 24 more

"[NEWS] Even an American man falls for Yoseob's cuteness!" plus 24 more

[NEWS] Even an American man falls for Yoseob's cuteness!

Posted: 20 Jul 2012 08:42 AM PDT

The American man smiling at Yang Yoseob gathers attention.

In the picture, the American man is a internationally famous choreographer, Robert Steinbacher, who came to the Korean studios to film 'BEAST bodyART".

The filming went on until very late at night, causing the BEAST members to get very tired. By looking at their expressions, Robert shouted encouragements to them, and helped Yang Yoseob stretch his arms.

The fatherly smile that Robert gives Yang Yoseob is recieving many attention from B2UTIES.

Fans replied with: "Even an American ajusshi fell for Yoseob's 100% cuteness! I want to see it~ I hope the comeback date comes soon!" , "The bodyART filming studio is very friendly~ I wonder how the other members are like", "Yoseob is an obstacle! If you fall into his charismatic side, you can't come back out!" , "By looking at Robert's fatherly smile, us fans are making motherly smiles!"

'BEAST bodyART' DVD will be on sale in September, and their 5th mini album will be relased on July 22nd.

Trans: crazybunny123 @ B2STRISING

[NEWS] Seo In Guk possible to have feelings for A Pink’s Eunji?

Posted: 20 Jul 2012 08:29 AM PDT

Singer Seo In Guk confessed that he might have feelings for A Pink's Eunji who is also cast on Respond 1997.

Seo In Guk appeared on tvN's 'Taxi'. Eun Ji Won, one of the casts of Respond 1997, shared that "There is something with Seo In Guk and Eunji, I saw that when he grabbed Eunji's hand, his face turned red"

In reply to what Eun Ji Won said, Seo In Guk responded "At first, I didn't have special feelings for Eunji but when I started working with her, I think I might have feelings for her."

Source + Photos: Naver
Written by:

[NEWS] 4minute welcomes K-Pop hopefuls to participate in the second season of tvN K-Pop Star Hunt!

Posted: 20 Jul 2012 08:18 AM PDT

Singapore, 17th July 2012- Charismatic girl group 4minute has set foot on Singapore once more, and they took the fans by storm with their long awaited mall appearance as they were welcomed by roaring cheers from the fans that filled every possible level in Plaza Singapore last night. An estimated arrival of 3500 fans congested the mall to secure a good spot, with some arriving as early as 8 in the morning. The organizers tvN, CJ Entertainment & Media as well as CUBE Entertainment has invited 4minute to promote an ongoing talent seeking competition across Asia, also known as the renowned tvN K-Pop Star Hunt 2, which is the season in continuation from the prevalent success of Season 1 . The invitation of 4minute to promote the event was definitely a wise decision, as many fans were hyped up by their inspirational advice and encouragement to the many hopefuls that desires an opportunity to be the next K-Pop idol!

The love for 4minute is apparent, as many fans came prepared with their personally crafted placards and banners, and one even drew caricatures of the members to express his love for the group through his artistic hands! However, before their appearance, DJ Ken from Radio 100.3 heated the atmosphere to maximum point by prepping the fans to welcome 4minute with the chorus of their catchy tune "Mirror Mirror", followed by welcoming one of two finalists from the previous tvN K-Pop Star Hunt, Jasmine Tan, to come on stage and share her invaluable and resonant experience with regards to the time spent under the professional training from CUBE Entertainment last year.

Not forgetting the point of this talent-seeking event, DJ Ken proceeded to invite 3 fans on stage to compete in a dance-off of the popular song "Heart to Heart". Three brave gentlemen ecstatically volunteered, and the dance-off brought lots of joy to the crowd, as well as uncovering a hidden talent which could dance to the song in perfect sync. Their efforts were rewarded with a tvN K-Pop Star Hunt poster, with the deserving winner walking away with the autographed rendition of the poster.

Next up,Park Chong Min,Executive Supervisor of CUBE was warmly welcomed by the fans as he walked into the venue, as he expressed positive views on the audition applications sent in by hopefuls from Singapore.

Next up,Park Chong Min,Executive Supervisor of CUBE was warmly welcomed by the fans as he walked into the venue, as he expressed positive views on the audition applications sent in by hopefuls from Singapore.

Contrary to their Baroque styled outfit they were dressed in during their concert on Sunday, they were dressed in very simple and colourful getups, with their personal traits enhancing the elegance of the overall impression, which gained unanimous approval from the crowd. They proceeded to greet the fans with their signature demeanour before sitting down for the Question and Answer Session hosted by DJ Ken.

Similarly to Mr. Park Chong Min, they shared their opinions on Singaporean contestants, mainly from the first season. When asked about food, Sohyun was seen to be extremely excited, and fans were in a treat as they saw the maknae (youngest) of the group accidentally displaying her aegyo (cuteness) with her eager response to Ken's question. Unsurprisingly, the crowd felt that it was necessary to acknowledge her cuteness by shouting her name out loud.
4minute then shared some values that one must have in the process of evolving to be a star, and indicated that perseverance and hard-work is the essential mindset to success. They inspired the many hopefuls to participate in tvN K-Pop Star Hunt 2, whereby the winner is entitled to professional training and grooming by the esteemed entertainment company they debuted from, CUBE Entertainment.

Six lucky winners that won through the mediums of tvN Asia, Starhub Entertainment and Radio 100.3 were also present to receive a premium goodie bag which mainly consisted of an autographed album as well as the tvN K-Pop Star Hunt 2 poster, alongside several other goodies. They also had the honour to take a photo with the girls themselves, and they were the envy of the entire crowd.

Roaring fans happily acting as the background for the successful mall appearance!

The event then came to a conclusion with a group photo taken with 4minute and the organizers, with the fans as the deserving background of the picture.
This mall appearance have definitely ignited the passion of many fans present yesterday, and if YOU wish to take a chance at stardom, don't miss this extremely rare opportunity graced upon you by CUBE Entertainment, join the tvN K-Pop Star Hunt 2 right now! Full details of the audition are present at the bottom of the page.

tvN K-Pop Star Hunt 2 Official Website:

Pre-audition Roadshow

Location: Plaza Singapura Main Atrium
Date: Saturday 28 July 2012
Time: 12pm-6pm*

*Professional equipment provided by organizers will be present for the Roadshow, and your audition will be recorded and submitted on the spot.

Participants may also upload their videos personally.
Registration deadline: Sunday, 26 August 2012
How: Upload your video and fill in your particulars @ http://www.tvnstarhu...m/starhuntentry

SourcestvN, SSF_Lavablade
CR: Maverick. @, 4M_SG 

[NEWS] “I Do, I Do” ends bitterly with a single digit

Posted: 20 Jul 2012 07:56 AM PDT

MBC drama "I Do, I Do" ended in a single digit percentage.

According to AGB Nielsen Media Research on July 20th, "I Do, I Do" which aired on the 19th, rated with disappointing 9.1 percent. Nonetheless, this is 0.1 percent higher than the previous episode.

In the episode, Jian (Kim Sun Ah) became CEO of the company thanks to Nari's (Lim Soo Hyang) recommendation. However, she thinks it's impossible as her stomach grows and she hands down the position to Nari again. Jian gave birth to a healthy baby in the hands of Eun Seong (Park Geon Hyeong).

"I Do, I Do" couldn't help but be beaten by KBS 2 "Bridal Mask" and SBS "Ghost". Meanwhile, "Bridal Mask" rated 16.8 percent and "Ghost" rated 13.9 percent.

Source: hancinema

[PICTURE] Juniel shows innocent charms for ‘CeCi’

Posted: 20 Jul 2012 07:41 AM PDT

Rookie singer Juniel, who captured hearts with her sweet and melodious voice, has blossomed into a beautiful young lady through her latest pictorial for 'CeCi' magazine.

Revealed through FNC Entertainment's official KakaoTalk, Juniel displays her everlasting innocent charms wearing pastel colored and lace ensembles and flower accessories. The fresh young girl captivates everyone with her mysterious yet sweet gaze.

[NEWS] JYP Entertainment to hold ‘Fan’s Day’ event

Posted: 20 Jul 2012 07:27 AM PDT

JYP Entertainment and its artists will be holding a special 'Fan's Day' event to show their appreciation for their fans.

Launching for the first time this year, the company aims to hold it annually in the beginning of August. This year, the special event will be held at Seoul's Platoons Kunsthalle from August 3 to 5 and fans will be able to attend the event for free.

'Fan's Day' will feature various attractions including fan art, exhibitions on the artists' outfits, dance cover contests and more surprise events.

In regards to the upcoming event, a JYP Entertainment official stated, "We decided to host this event to draw closer to our fans who alsways give so much love to JYP Entertainment. We hope many fans will take part and have an intimate time with the artists."

The free tickets for the event will become available on July 25.

[NEWS] Kim Hyun Joong, the next Lee Byung Hun on ‘City Conquest’?

Posted: 20 Jul 2012 06:56 AM PDT

Hallyu star Kim Hyun Joong is currently filming the drama 'City Conquest' in Japan. The fancy action, intense bike chase and car blow-up's are done by the special effects team from the drama 'IRIS'. These scenes have been planned and calculated days before the actual taking to prevent accidents.

According to the reports, Kim Hyun Joong jumped onto a bike the moment he saw one on the set and drove it around without difficulty.

However, as the shooting started, the set was filled with tense and silence. The director Yang Yoon Ho shouted, "Action!" and the shooting started with monstrous roar from the motorcycles.

The professional crew members, who were in charge of special effects in 'IRIS', exploded two cars. With a huge blast and flames, pieces of shrapnel flew everywhere, realistically creating the thrilling car explosion scene.

Apparently, 'City Conquest' is being dramatized so the security is tight. The cars and the bikes are just the beginning.

'City Conquest' is produced by Yang Yoon Ho from 'IRIS' and is being expected as the second 'IRIS'. The background is going to take place in America, China, Singapore, Myanmar, the Switzerland and more.

Source: hancinema

[NEWS] Lee Min Jung’s fanclub treats ‘Big’ staff to lunch

Posted: 20 Jul 2012 06:41 AM PDT

Actress Lee Min Jung's fan club, 'Yewon' recently sent some gifts to the cast and staff of 'Big' to show their support and love for the actress.

On July 4, Yewon visited the set of KBS drama 'Big' in Jinchun and brought lunch boxes, beverages, desserts, as well as various health products for the entire staff and cast to encourage them to keep up the hard work until the end.

Lee Min Jung gratefully expressed, "I was touched by the members of 'Yewon' for coming this far in this rain. We never have an appropriate place to eat because of the busy film schedule so the staff were able to eat comfortably. I'll find strength with all of the care given to us by my fans."

Source: Nate

[NEWS] Chinese media blasts Jang Dong Gun

Posted: 20 Jul 2012 06:26 AM PDT

Jang Dong Gun was one of the most-searched keywords in China yesterday, following reports of the plummeting value of property the actor purchased last year.

Portal Web sites like Baidu featured keywords such as "Jang Dong Gun" and "real estate investment" side-by-side after news broke last week of Jang's property decreasing in value.

On July 13, Korean conglomerate research firm listed the value of properties owned by well-known public figures.

The Web site said the building Jang purchased in June 2011 for 12.6 billion won ($11 million) had depreciated to just 3.4 billion won. Chinese media called Jang a "rookie" investor, telling readers that entertainers often make similar mistakes.

Meanwhile, Jang is in the spotlight in Korea because of his starring role in the hit drama "A Gentleman's Dignity."

Last year, the Hallyu actor starred in the blockbuster movie "My Way," directed by Kang Je-gyu.

Source: JoongAng Daily

[NEWS] After School stays positive even after Kahi’s graduation

Posted: 20 Jul 2012 06:11 AM PDT

Girl group After School members expressed their thoughts regarding on their graduation system.

After School participated in a photo shoot for fashion magazine 'Cosmopolitan'. The members flaunted their flawless, long legs and sexy figures as they donned in bright and vibrant dresses.

In the brief interview with the magazine, After School members stated, "After Kahi's graduation, each member felt more responsible for the group's success and ended up trying even harder."

"It is sad to have graduation system. But since another member enters in the group, it allows us to gain interest once again with a different color", the members added.

[NEWS] Jang Dong Gun shows off drum skills on ‘A Gentleman’s Dignity’

Posted: 20 Jul 2012 05:56 AM PDT

Actor Jang Dong Gun rocks out on the drums in the SBS drama, 'A Gentleman's Dignity'!

On the 17th episode of the drama 'A Gentleman's Dignity' which will be aired on the 21st, Jang Dong Gun will put on a show for the woman he loves.

With tie loose and sleeves up, Jang Dong Gun plays the drums like a pro drummer as he twirls his drumstick around with one hand before engaging in an energetic performance.

According to the production team, Jang Dong Gun's serenade scene was taken on the 18th in Seoul. He held the sticks in both hands with a look of coolness and heated up the atmosphere. The actor learned how to drum for a fan meeting in the past and has continued learning it until now.

The production claim, "Everyone was surprised at his amazing performance. He was almost professional."

Source: hancinema

[NEWS] Super Junior’s Kangin confirmed for Japanese musical ‘Goong’

Posted: 20 Jul 2012 05:41 AM PDT

Back in June, we reported that Super Junior's Kangin was tapped to play the lead role in a Japanese musical 'Goong'. This time, Kangin has finally been confirmed for the role.

A representative from SM Entertainment stated, "Kangin will be in a musical 'Goong' this upcoming September in Japan. He has done couple of practices and he is very excited."

The musical is about the Republic of Korea as a constitutional monarchy. It is a romantic comedy between the crown prince and an ordinary high school girl after their arranged marriage.

Meanwhile, the Japanese version of the musical will start its production at the U-Port Hall in Tokyo from September 1st through 13th.

Source: TV Report

[NEWS] Psy to parody SISTAR’s “Alone” at upcoming concert

Posted: 20 Jul 2012 05:26 AM PDT

Psy, who recently made a comeback, has announced that he will be performing SISTAR's "Alone" at his upcoming concert.

The singer is known for his hilarious parodies of female stars such as Lee Hyori, BoA, Park Ji Yoon, Beyonce, Lady Gaga and Girls' Generation. This time, Psy will be treating fans with a parody performance of SISTAR's hit song "Alone".

Psy stated, "To satisfy everyone's expectations, I'll be wearing a skin-tight dress and perform SISTAR's 'Alone'."

Psy's upcoming summer concert 'Summer Stand the Drenched Show' will be held on August 11th at the Jamsil Indoors Stadium in Seoul.

Source: Nate

[NEWS] After School, NU’EST & Hello Venus leaders exchange albums

Posted: 20 Jul 2012 05:11 AM PDT

The Pledis Entertainment group leaders caught the eyes of netizens.

In the July 17 episode of MBC's Show Champion, After School, NU'EST and Hello Venus made their appearance to promote their latest tracks Flashback", "Action" and "Like a Wave" respectively.

Following their performances, the group leaders JungAh, JR and Yooara have gotten together in the waiting room and took a group photo as well as exchanged albums.

After School's JungAh posted on Google+, " meeting of the Pledis leaders~^^ Displaying our 'Leader's Class' as we exchange albums! Please listen a lot to all three group's music", and attached couple of photos of the labelmates.

[NEWS] Supernova’s Sungje injures his ankle during practice

Posted: 20 Jul 2012 04:56 AM PDT

Supernova's Sungje has suffered an injury to his ankle.

According to Supernova's agency, Sungje began feeling pain in his left foot during their rehearsal for a new song of the group on July 18th. Upon being examined at a hospital, it turned out to be a rupture of the ankle's ligament and will take up to 4 weeks to heal.

Aiming to repay the fans' support, the members have been practicing excessively for the upcoming concerts in Japan and their scheduled Korean comeback in August. Unfortunately, Sungje suffered an injury and is currently wearing a cast.

Sungje expressed his regret saying, "I am sorry for causing the fans to worry because of my carelessness. I will keep my promise with fans and stick with my original schedules."

Meanwhile, Supernova's Korean activities planned for the middle of August will inevitably be altered due to the injury. the agency is contemplating whether to push back Supernova's comeback or the choreography will be simplified for the member.

Source: Newsen +

[PICTURE] Jang Nara releases teaser images for Chinese album

Posted: 20 Jul 2012 04:41 AM PDT

To stir up the hearts of her fans, Jang Nara has uploaded three teaser images on her official blog, just one month before her album is due to be released in China.

The pictures are said to be included in the album jacket and are a special treat from Jang to fans. The concept of Jang's new Chinese album is "Love Journey," and in the shots of Jang, taken early this month in Chuncheon, Gangwon, the singer-turned-actress depicts the various stages of being in love.

Netizens who stumbled upon the photos praised the 31-year-old for her acting skills as well as her beauty. Many Korean fans also expressed their sadness at the fact that the album will only be sold in China. "Why won't you release an official album in Korea?" vented one fan.

Source: JoongAng Daily + StarN News

[NEWS] Jung sisters amaze with their exceptional beauty

Posted: 20 Jul 2012 04:26 AM PDT

Girls' Generation's Jessica and her younger sister f(x)'s Krystal are the representative of beautiful-looking sisters in the Korean world of entertainment. Jessica's Korean name is Jung SooYeon while Krystal's is Jung SooJung and they are both known as the 'Jung Sisters' in the entertainment industry.

Being in the same agency but different groups, Jessica and Krystal receive lots of love from fans particularly for their exceptional beauty and talents. Besides that, the sisters have very unique sense of fashion, which garners a lot of attention among female fans. Everything about the Jung sisters, whose beauty are not bound by time and place, is being examined closely.

1. The resemblance of Jung sisters
At the start of her debut, in the eyes of many, Krystal seemed to resemble Yuri more than Jessica. However, if we examine closely, the sisters share many similar features. Their eyes may be different but the profile of their nose and lips tells us that they are indeed sisters. Also, the shape of their faces are also similar to each other.

Recently, Jessica and Krystal were involved in the photoshoot of the fashion magazine, Marie Claire. Dressed in the same outfits with the same hair styles, the two sisters look very much alike. With no bangs on their oval-shaped faces and styled long hair, as well as slim figures, the sisters would shine in any dress.

2. They even have similar body figures
The Jung sisters are known for their feminine 'S' curves. Similarly, with their slender legs, the sisters look stunning in skinny jeans. Also, we have also seen how well they have matched black skinny jeans and colored pants stylishly. Particularly, Jessica who is known for her fashionable airport attires, has attracted attention with her neat appearance as she appeared at an airport wearing a pair of oxford shoes to match her blue-colored pants.

In addition to that, the Jung sisters who have both appeared in baseball stadiums to make the opening pitches also wore matching skinny jeans and sport shoes, giving out the 'sporty' feel about them. However, wearing the sneakers, Krystal gave out and emphasized a somewhat casual feel but Jessica's pink-colored sport shoes added more cuteness to her appearance instead.

Jung sisters' unmissable feminine beauty is being highlighted whenever they put on dresses. At the 2012 Mnet '20′s Choice' Blue Carpet, Krystal was seen in a white mini-dress that flaunted her beautiful slim figure, much to the desire of every women. On the other hand, at the launching party of a certain brand, Jessica boasted both her feminine and sexy look at the same time with her see-through blouse and white skirt. Particularly, the see-through blouse has a crop top design, exposing part of her abs.


How to Guarantee Tickets to the BIGBANG Alive Galaxy Tour 2012 Malaysia

Posted: 20 Jul 2012 04:19 AM PDT

19 July 2012 (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) – Since the announcement of ticket prices to the BIGBANG Alive Galaxy Tour 2012 Malaysia concert, fans have been anxious to find the best way to get hold of the coveted concert tickets when they are slated to launch for sale on 28 Jul 2012. To ensure ticket availability for fans in Malaysia, concert organizer Running Into The Sun has specially arranged eight ticketing counters at fahrenheit88 on 28 Jul 2012, 1030hrs to 1800hrs to cope with the high demand of tickets.

Online and hotline bookings will now be made available only on 28 Jul 2012 from 1200hrs onwards to help ease the expected rush for tickets when tickets are made available.

Fans who attend the ticket launch event can also guarantee themselves a ticket to the concert, as long as they are able to enter the ticketing queue between 1030hrs to 1800hrs at fahrenheit88. In addition, all VIP tickets (RM 688) and 300 priority premiere rock pit tickets (RM 588) will be available only at fahrenheit88. These 300 priority premiere rock pit tickets consist of 150 premiere rock pit A tickets and 150 premiere rock pit B tickets, the only priority tickets to the premiere rock pits. Priority rock pit tickets allow entry to the rock pits before everyone else on concert day, easing the pressure of having to queue early to get the best views.  

BIGBANG Alive Galaxy Tour 2012 Malaysia is set to be the concert of the year with a massive RM 4 million production show, in a one-night only concert at Stadium Merdeka on 27 Oct 2012. BIGBANG, consisting of five K-pop heroes G-Dragon, Taeyang, TOP, Seungri and Daesung, will perform the Malaysia leg of the BIGBANG Alive Galaxy Tour 2012 in their very first concert in Malaysia.

BIGBANG Alive Galaxy Tour 2012 Malaysia will be the first outdoor concert across Asia; a sky-high experience perfect for a night of high-energy partying, characteristic of global superstars BIGBANG's unique hip-hop and freestyle dance moves and famous party tunes such as "Fantastic Baby" and "Tonight". 

BIGBANG is known for their unique urban-originated music and fashion style, often credited to have shaped the hip-hop, R&B and electronic music scene across Asia and now strongly influencing the world.  

BIGBANG Alive Galaxy Tour 2012involves thepowerful influence of internationally renowned creative director Laurieann Gibson, who has worked with a stellar list of artistes including Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Janet Jackson and Katy Perry. BIGBANG Alive Galaxy Tour 2012 will also include a leading production team; including stage and lighting designer Leroy Bennett (Madonna, Paul McCartney, Eagles) and sound engineer Ken Van Druten (Eminem, Jay-Z, Linkin Park).

BIGBANG Alive Galaxy Tour 2012 Malaysia is sponsored by Samsung Galaxy and presented by YG Entertainment and Live Nation Entertainment, and organized by Running Into The Sun.
Tickets are available at RM 688, RM 588, RM 488, RM 388, RM 288, RM 198, RM 188 and RM 98 with only 12,000 tickets available.

BIGBANG's Official Facebook Page:

For more information, fans can contact concert organizer Running Into The Sun:
Twitter: @RITSmy
Weibo: @RITSconcerts

Appendix: Ticketing Details

A. How to Purchase:
Outlet: fahrenheit88 Concourse, Ground Floor, 179 Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Time: 1030hrs to 1800hrs
Payment: Payment can be made via credit card (Visa, Mastercard), debit card and cash
Concierge: +60 3 2148 5488

Hotline: +60 3 8775 4666
Outlets: For list of Red Tix outlets, please refer to the Red Tix website
Payment: Payment can be made via credit card (Visa, Mastercard), debit card and cash at all outlets

Hotline: +60 3 9222 8811
Outlets: For list of Ticketcharge outlets, please refer to the Ticketcharge website
Payment: Payment can be made via credit card (Visa, Mastercard), debit card and cash at all outlets

B. Ticketing Notes:
- For the category of tickets available via Ticketcharge and Red Tix, please refer to their respective websites.
Ticketing booths willopen at fahrenheit88 from 1030hrs to 1800hrs. Fans are advised not to queue overnight for safety reasons.
- Ticketing booths at Ticketcharge and Red Tix outlets will open at their listed operating hours from 1030hrs onwards.
- Overseas fans can purchase tickets online via Ticketcharge and Redtix via crédit card  (Visa and Mastercard)
- For safety reasons, the age limit for tickets are 6 years old for all seated tickets, and 12 years old for rock pit tickets.
- Each transaction is capped at a maximum of 10 tickets to prevent any black market reselling of tickets and to ensure availability of tickets.

[PICTURE] SECRET releases individual concept photos for ‘Welcome To SECRET Time’

Posted: 20 Jul 2012 04:11 AM PDT

Girl group SECRET, who has been taking Japan by storm with several single releases, will be releasing their very first full-length album 'Welcome To SECRET Time' in the country this coming August. After unveiling the full PV for title track "Love is Move", the concept photos for the album have now been revealed.

In the photos, SECRET ladies donned lighter hair color and lace dresses to not only portray a feminine look, but give off a more mature image.

'Welcome to SECRET Time' is slated for release on August 22nd. It will include their Korean releases "Madonna" and "Shy Boy", Japanese versions of "Ai wa Move" and "Starlight Moonlight", and their Japanese original singles "Korekurai no Sayonara" and "TWINKLE TWINKLE".

Check out the photos below!

[VIDEO] C-CLOWN unveils full MV for “SOLO”

Posted: 20 Jul 2012 03:48 AM PDT

Having already released their debut single 'Not Alone' and performed debut performances on music programs, Yedang Entertainment's new boy group, C-CLOWN finally unleashed the full music video for title track, "SOLO"!

Check out the MV below!

120720 Super Junior wins Music Bank’s ‘K-Chart’ + Other Performances

Posted: 20 Jul 2012 03:37 AM PDT

KBS "Music Bank" is back this week full of amazing performances!

For this week's episode, new groups C-CLOWN and GLAM kicked off their debut with "SOLO" and "Party (XXO)" respectively. On the other hand, B.A.P, NS Yoonji, A-Pink, A-JAX and N-Train made their comeback performances.

Other great performances from artists including Super Junior, T-ara, SISTAR, After School, Wooyoung, ZE:A, Gilme, Dal Shabet, December, NU'EST, Dalmatian, Gang Kiz, 2BiC, FIX, Big Star, Chung Ha Yoon and BOB4.

And for the highlight of the show, Super Junior won against T-ara on this week's 'Music Bank's 'K-Chart' with their latest track "Sexy, Free & Single".

Congratulations Super Junior!

Check out the performances below!

Super Junior



After School




Dal Shabet




Gang Kiz



Big Star

Jung Ha Yoon



Watch today's debut and comeback performances below!

A-JAX - "Hot Game"
B.A.P - "No Mercy"
GLAM - "Party (XXO)"
N-Train - "I'll Forget You"
NS Yoonji - "I Got You"
A Pink - "Bubibu"

[VIDEO] A Pink makes “Bubibu” comeback on ‘Music Bank’

Posted: 20 Jul 2012 03:19 AM PDT

Having concluded their "Hush" promotions, the seven fairies of A Pink are back with their follow-up title track, "Bubibu"!

A Pink recently asked fans to choose their favorite song on the new album 'Une Annee' for the group to perform. Through a poll, "Bubibu" received a lot of love from fans winning with 87.88 percent of the votes.

"Bubibu" is a song that portrays A Pink's known concept of pure and cute image. The group released a remix version of the song that gives a faster beat, perfectly fitting as the cool sound of summer.

Check out their performance below!

[VIDEO] NS Yoonji says “I Got You” on ‘Music Bank’

Posted: 20 Jul 2012 03:06 AM PDT

Making a surprise comeback since her last single "The Reason I Became a Witch" early this year, solo singer NS Yoonji returned with a new album and title track, "I Got You".

NS Yoonji showcases her chic 'femme fatale' transformation and seductive dance moves through her new exciting 'rock-tronic' track, "I Got You". The song perfectly blends the sounds of electro and rock music along with NS Yoonji's strong vocals.

Check out her comeback performance on this week's KBS 'Music Bank'!

[VIDEO] N-Train is back with “I’ll Forget You” on ‘Music Bank’

Posted: 20 Jul 2012 03:01 AM PDT

After having debuted with their ballad "One Last Cry" last year, N-Train returns to showcase yet another side of themselves with their new upbeat track, "I'll Forget You".

Taking a huge step in terms of music genre, the five guys of N-Train, Sangwoo, Seunghyun, Jungkyun, SOUL J and Yujin, showcased their upgraded and more polished image and music capabilities.

Check out their comeback performance on 'Music Bank'!

[VIDEO] GLAM makes a debut with “Party (XXO)” on ‘Music Bank’

Posted: 20 Jul 2012 02:58 AM PDT

The highly anticipated girl group from Big Hit Entertainment, GLAM, has finally kicked off their official debut promotions! After releasing their title track "Party (XXO)", the girls are now ready to start their music journey with a live stage on tonight's 'Music Bank'.

GLAM will be comprised of five members (Miso, Zinni, Trinity, Dahee and Park Jiyeon) who are skilled in dancing, singing and playing instruments. The name 'GLAM' means 'Girls Be Ambitious', in hopes of producing ambitious and bright music.

Check out their performance below!