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"[NEWS] Hyorin's informal speech garners much attention!" plus 24 more

"[NEWS] Hyorin's informal speech garners much attention!" plus 24 more

[NEWS] Hyorin's informal speech garners much attention!

Posted: 17 Jul 2012 08:58 AM PDT

Sistar's leader Hyorin friendly speech has been misunderstood.

Sistar and T-ara were guests in KBS2's show 'Entertainment Relay' on the 14th. Both of the groups shared the things they are jealous of each other. 

T-ara's current leader Soyeon started by saying "I envy Sistar's skin tone, their tans are truly attractive." which Hyorin responded "You can also tan". Viewers misunderstood Hyorin's answer and causes dispute.

Korean citizens are well known by their respect and formal speech which made Hyorin's response to be impolite.

Hyorin defended herself and explained "I was talking to myself and the reason of this misunderstanding."

However, netizens didn't take it seriously as they replied "I think they are close to each other" " I also envy their skin tones" and many more.

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[NEWS] What is Dasom's real weight?

Posted: 17 Jul 2012 08:45 AM PDT

Sistar maknae Dasom revealed her true weight. Wonder what is it?

She told Sports Chosun "My current weight is 97 pounds" which is equivalent to 44kg. She continued " Actually, I was 103 pounds (47kg) during the promotion of Alone, but I lost some weight. I didn't intend to lose weight though"

Dasom is 5'6' tall and weighing 44kg, this made fans worry about her health.

However, Sistar is now busy promoting their new song titled 'Loving U'.

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Posted: 17 Jul 2012 08:27 AM PDT


"I made the accompaniment song Bling Girl with the mindset of a child." 

Leader Jinyoung gives off the feel of a white kitten. When the other members are speaking, there are continuous laughters from him. Bling Girl, included only in the limited edition version B of their first Japanese single is written, penned and arranged by Jinyoung, and is a song popular even amongst the fans.

"I studied composition even before I entered the company. Staffs who knew, and the members all cheered me on. It was my first actual production, so I faced it with a mindset of a child and an upbeat melody came out." The affectionate and new arrangement was refined, and with its highly praised musical quality, it became B1A4′s representative song.

To be attracted to a talented man are natural for all women in the world; and Jinyoung's fans are no different. What kind of person is Jinyoung the boyfriend? "To be cherished by my girlfriend alone gives me confidence. In any chance she wants to become my wife, I hope she respects my work. I will in turn understand the work of my girlfriend. Someday I wish to create a family that is happy that way." The reasons why Jinyoung needs a wife will be revealed in Gongchan and Baro's interviews!

"Surprisingly I am the type who thinks a lot. I have many troubles."

On the day of the shoot, CNU came wearing blue framed glasses. Recently he showed everyone the side to him without his glasses, and letting go of the hair he always tied up since debut. "Is it that overboard? There is an effect of it being neat and groomed. (laugh) I have various types of glasses, but there are times that I wear them and times that I do not." He reassures us, and subsides the tension. The smile behind the glasses is the soft and gentle one that is in everyone's mind.

How does he think of himself? "Um~ I may be the type who thinks a lot. I fret over things a lot and I may be sensitive. Is that a little too feminine? I have an elder sister of 5 years, and she is always very considerate to me so I think I am the innocent and obdient younger brother."
He has also mentioned that his ideal type is someone like a mother. "That means for someone who has a wide mind, is warm and is able to accept me for who I am. My mother is quite different from what is commonly termed 'mother'. She watches my performances very calmly, and comments a lot. (laugh)"

As B1A4, their goal is to have a solo concert. His expression is masculine just like the elite idols, and his charismatic appearance looms.

The determination to enjoy while on stage no matter what!

"Sorry, but there is a pose I wanted to try. Um.. Is it okay if I tried it?" He softly asks the photographer during the shoot, and immediately strikes a pose. Even though it is not the picture on his page, Sandeul's expressions were plentiful and showed his true side as an artiste. "I am Sandeul, the one who gets tastier the more you chew. Just like an octopus.. You ask where? If I had to choose, it will be the deep flavours to my vocals. It'll be nice if you experienced it for yourself."

No matter where B1A4 goes, this main vocalist does not fall behind. His vocal skills are amazing and the charm of the voice of his potential singer is his slightly husky voice. "Singing has always been with me. No matter where am I, even when I am standing in one spot, I've never forgotten about singing." The appearance of him singing happy is memorable. "I have a goal to always enjoy being on stage no matter what, and I focus on being able to show my best."

His energy source is food. "I eat my breakfast, then I eat my lunch. I keep eating; if food comes, I'll eat it.. I'm eating all day long." Someday he wishes to be able to sing a ballad solo live.

"A ball of energy like a new-born baby! Just like Sandeul."

He is in charge of the sexy low rap in the group, despite a cute face that one would like to tackle. His talents adds on an extra appeal to the world of B1A4, with the rap lyrics that he has written and practiced since his high schools.

We were shocked to hear that Baro wrote the rap lyrics to their first debut Japanese single. "Because it was our first challenge, I worked hard searching through the dictionary and consulting our Japanese language teacher. I wanted to keep the meaning from the Korean lyrics, and also match the pronounciations." Normally if I did it in Korean, I may take several days after writing the first line but once the feel hits me I finish it in a couple of years.

Because he is the only one with blood type B in the group, he is in charge of deciding for food from the menu. "Today I decided in an instant that we would have spam (laugh)!" He is also famous for being like this to the fans. "It was my hobby since young to be neat and tidy. Even the things I bring around are the things I would need. Ah, and Jinyoung hyung's bag is amazing. He has biscuits from 2 months ago, and gum just put inside. Even if I tidy it up for him, it reverts back to its original state so I've given up now. (laugh)"

Baro says that B1A4 right now are as if they had just come out from their mother's womb. "You know how babies cry really loudly like a ball of energy? I think that is very much like the way we work hard at our activities. It is really the start right now."

"I feel happy that others feel happy about me working on things that the members cannot do."

Gongchan gives off the feel of a pretty young actor getting taller everyone, to whom you want to ask if he is on his way back after a drama filming. A cute smile from the beginning till the end, he is one of the most special maknaes amongst Korean groups at the moment. "Even though I am the youngest amongst the members, I am eldest son in the family. When I see my younger brother, I becomes a charismatic hyung? Something like that. (laugh) Even though the side to me on television is one he has never seen, I hope my younger brother thinks of me as a cool elder brother."

He definitely has a reputation for being a very consideration maknae. "Because of that, Jinyoung hyung is always looking for me. The frequency of him losing his things is no joke. Even when I pick something up, I don't return it to him immediately. In the car he would realize that he lost something. So I will hold it up and ask him if it's what he is looking for. We both then feel good (laugh)."

No matter how you see it, Gongchan is an angel. Since he seemed to like helping people, we asked him about other stories. He got embarrassed while asking if he had to say it himself. "I like to help the members with some things they don't know how to do on the computer. I memorized how the professionals fixed the computer when it was spoilt in the past, and the next time I fixed it…" Gongchan also treats all the fans who come up on stage for a special event with respect. He is one who is impossible to not have fans.

Source: beautifulday.kr

Translation Credits: skipfire @ FLIGHTB1A4.com

[NEWS] T-ara's Day by Day and SHINee's Sherlock the same MV Set?

Posted: 17 Jul 2012 08:14 AM PDT

T-ara's Day by Day and SHINee's Sherlock are speculated to be filmed in the same location.

T-ara came back with their new song Day by Day which garners lots of attentions because of their new member Ahreum. However, another topic has been opened since the release of their Day by Day music video as the MV set looks like SHINee's Sherlock shooting location.

If you will look closely at the pictures above, the MV set really looks the same, the windows, the stairs and even SHINee's Onew chair and Hyomin's chair in the music videos.

Written by: angelclowie18@dkpopnews.net

[NEWS] JYJ’s Junsu heads to Los Angeles to film new MV

Posted: 17 Jul 2012 07:56 AM PDT

JYJ's Junsu heads off to Los Angeles!

As previously reported, Junsu will release a repackaged version of his hit album 'Tarantallegra' and embark on an world tour, covering Asia, North America, South America, and Europe.

On July 17th, JYJ's official Facebook page posted new photo of Junsu with the captions, "XIA (Junsu) is flying to LA for recording new song and MV shooting! He will have a great time in LA with the best staffs! Please give a lot of support!!"

In the photo, Junsu is dressed in white outfit and a pair of sunglasses. The JYJ member gives off bright smile while waving towards the camera.

[PICTURE] BoA cheers for Kim Min Jong

Posted: 17 Jul 2012 07:41 AM PDT

BoA snapped a photo with actor Kim Min Jong.

On July 16th, BoA posted a photo on her Twitter with the caption, "Our handsome Choi Yoon~ It was so good seeing him after such a long time~ His clean skin that arouses jealousy from the twenties! Fighting for the remaining two weeks!"

In the photo, BoA and Kim Min Jong strike a friendly pose, making v-signs. The two stars belong to the same agency, SM Entertainment.

Kim Min Jong is currently receiving love for his role as lawyer Choi Yoon in SBS 'A Gentleman's Dignity' while BoA is gearing up for her comeback.

[NEWS] Lee Min Jung touches hearts with sophisticated acting

Posted: 17 Jul 2012 07:26 AM PDT

Actress Lee Min Jung became the 'Queen of Tears' with her sophisticated and emotional acting in the KBS 2TV drama 'Big'.

Lee Min Jung takes on the role of Gil Da Ran who is in love with Kang Kyung Joon a 19-year-old soul in a thirty-one year old's body. She is putting on a heart breaking show of crying at the rocky road of romance she has with Gong Yoo.

In the 4th episode, Gil Da Ran found out that Seo Yoon Jae(Gong Yoo) had a secret lover, and fell in despair. In the 10th episode, as Kyung Joon's soul left and Gong Yoo's soul came back, she realized that she was in love with Kyung Joon, and shed her tears again.

The sorrowful and painful emotions that are seen in Lee Min Jung's crying act is earning her some favorable reviews. Viewers made comments, such as "She makes me cry", "She cries in every episodes, and the feelings are all different", and "She's the best Drama Queen ever!"

Source: StarN News

[PICTURE] Seo In Guk comfortably puts legs over INFINITE Hoya’s shoulder

Posted: 17 Jul 2012 07:11 AM PDT

Seo In Guk recently attracted netizens' attention for acting mischievously toward INFINITE's Hoya with his legs.

On July 16, tvN's 'Respond 1997' revealed a picture of the cast reading the script on a couch while getting ready for the next scene. What draws the most attention is Seo In Guk's legs, which are resting on Hoya's shoulders

The two are getting closer to each other through the program and fooling around with each other. According to the staff on site, "From Eun Ji Won (1987) to Jung Eunji (1993), everyone is of the same age and they never stop jittering and chattering as if this was really their school."

Netizens commented, "Bad legs! But Seo and Hoya seem to be comfortable sharing physical contact. I suppose they have become close friends", "Those legs are indeed 'bad' but they don't look that bad" and "Bad boy In Guk oppa! Lol."

Source: TV Report

[VIDEO] VIXX releases ‘VIXX TV’ Episode 5

Posted: 17 Jul 2012 06:56 AM PDT

Rookie idol group VIXX has launched their very own TV channel through YouTube. Titled 'VIXX TV', the new show aims to show their new fans some of members' hidden talents and charms.

On July 17th, VIXX released the Episode 5 of their new 'VIXX TV' broadcast. MC N and Ravi announced the latest VIXX news from the group's backstage and mini fan meeting scene.

[NEWS] f(x) reveals that farting made the members closer

Posted: 17 Jul 2012 06:41 AM PDT

f(x) members revealed their unique way of quickly getting comfortable with one another.

On July 16th, f(x) members Luna, Amber and Krystal guest starred on SBS Power FM 'Park So Hyun's Love Game'. During the show, DJ Park So Hyun asked the f(x) members when they started openly passing gas in front of each other.

Luna answered, "Because our choreography instructor so freely farts and burps, we just went with the flow really quickly. I think things naturally progressed like that as we wanted to become closer with each other. We got closer all thanks to farting."

Park So Hyun then asked who was the first to openly pass gas, Krystal responded, "No one was really first, we all just began to openly doing it", evoking laughter in the studio.

Source: Nate

[NEWS] MYNAME members involved in a car accident

Posted: 17 Jul 2012 06:26 AM PDT

MYNAME members have reportedly been involved in a car accident.

According to the group's agency H2 Media, "On July 17th at 2:30PM, MYNAME's car was at the entry to Gyeongbu Expressway to change the lanes when another car hit them from behind."

Though the members were shocked by the sudden accident, fortunately, nobody seemed to have sustain serious injuries.

A representative stated, "We were going to take them to the hospital right away, but the members insisted that we complete the promotions in the schedule. We're going to keep our eyes on them until tomorrow and see if we're going to have to see a doctor."

Source: 1, 2

[PICTURE] 4Minute in Singapore!

Posted: 17 Jul 2012 06:17 AM PDT

4Minute's maknae Kwon Sohyun updated her Twitter with new group photos of 4Minute in Singapore.

She added,"4Minute in Singapore,Travel Maker will be aired on QTV at 11PM tomorrow.Everyone must watch its premiere!It would be meaningful!Happy in Singapore"!

The girls are in Singapore to film for Travel Maker,it seems that the girls enjoyed their moment in Singapore,Singaporean fans,did you meet the girls somewhere around your place?

[NEWS] Kim Ah Joong’s thesis featured in academic journal

Posted: 17 Jul 2012 05:58 AM PDT

Kim Ah Joong's thesis has been published in a Korean scholarly journal published by Economy Culture Institute.

The academic work titled "The influence of emotional and human desires on emotional strength and satisfaction: A study on the audience of thriller movies" written by the movie star has been published in the April edition of the economy journal.

Kim Ah Joong used her Twitter on July 15 to say thanks to her professor at Korea University for the inclusion of the thesis.

"It was so hard getting back to filming after a year off, but it seems I've been rewarded with an unexpected present. Thank you Prof. Kim Sung-chul," Kim said.

Kim undertook her master's in journalism last year at Korea University, and as part of her studies, co-wrote the thesis with the academic.

Meanwhile, Kim recently wrapped up filming her first movie in six years, "My P.S Partner," which is set to be released late this year.

Source: JoongAng Daily

[VIDEO] Wonder Girls releases MV for “Nobody for Everybody”

Posted: 17 Jul 2012 05:46 AM PDT

Currently receiving much attention with "Like This" and "Like Money" featuring Akon, the Wonder Girls will be making their Japanese advancement this summer. Ahead of their official debut, the girls released the full music video for "Nobody for Everybody".

Wonder Girls will release a Japanese version of "Nobody", the title track of their Japanese debut album "Nobody For Everybody" which will be released on July 25th.

[NEWS] Jaurim to attend Summer Sonic 2012

Posted: 17 Jul 2012 05:41 AM PDT

Korean rock band Jaurim will take center stage as a headline act during the Summer Sonic music festival August 18 in Tokyo.

By performing on the Rainbow Stage at Makuhari Messe in Chiba Prefecture, the group will become the first Korean band to headline at Asia's biggest music festival. The events takes place over two days simultaneously in Tokyo and Osaka.

"Since making its debut in Japan, Jaurim has become well known for its mix of pop and rock. The group's music blends well with the festival and thus we asked them to perform," said a festival spokesperson.

Apparently, the group was promoted by personnel from Summer Sonic's Korean counterpart, Super Sonic. The Korean leg of the newly launched music festival will be Aug. 14 and 15.

Meanwhile, the group hopes that performing at the Japanese event will help boost its career internationally. Other well-known Korean bands to perform include Infinite and Guckkasten.

Source: JoongAng Daily

[NEWS] Chinese group accused of copying B1A4

Posted: 17 Jul 2012 05:26 AM PDT

A Chinese boy group is being accused of copying group B1A4.

Recently, a post titled, "B1A4 and 决胜团 (Fighters)," was posted on an online community forum, becoming one of the most trending topics in Korea.

The post features a compilation of photos, comparing the two groups. The photos include the group's costumes, accessories, album covers and hompage images, showing remarkable similarities.

Especially, the hot pink shirts, polka dot pants and paper crown seem strikingly similar, drawing speculation that the Chinese group may have followed B1A4's every concept.

Netizens commented, "They look exactly the same", "Even looking at the outfit it's undeniable" and "It's great Korean singers are gaining popularity but they shouldn't straight up copy everything!"


[NEWS] D-Unit to star in reality show ‘Welcome to D-Unit’

Posted: 17 Jul 2012 05:11 AM PDT

Ahead of their officia debut, D-Business Entertainment's upcoming girl group, D-Unit, will be starring in MBC Music's new reality program, 'Welcome to D-Unit'.

To be aired every Wednesday starting July 18th, 'Welcome to D-Unit' will track the debut process of D-Unit. The show will focus on the girls completing missions given to them by senior hip hop musicians and work towards better perfecting themselves as a hip hop girl group.

The first episode will feature Leessang and Psy, who will not only gave advices to the girls, but also praised them for their talents, telling them that great things will come with their debut.

Source: Nate

[NEWS] B.A.P tops Malaysia’s K-Pop chart

Posted: 17 Jul 2012 04:56 AM PDT

After selling out tickets for its Taiwanese show in mere minutes two weeks ago, B.A.P has also conquered the Malaysian K-pop chart.

TS Entertainment announced on July 16 that the group had risen to the No. 1 spot with its song "Power." The group's feat was on a K-pop chart show on the weekly program "Nite Live" on Malaysian terrestrial network channel 8TV.

The rookie group overtook JYJ's Kim Junsu and INFINITE to take the coveted spot.

Earlier, on July 4, B.A.P also appeared on an audition program "Showdown" on the same channel as a guest artist. The group also performed at Kuala Lumpur on July 6.

"8TV thinks that B.A.P is a group like no other in K-pop and will continue to work closely with the band in the future," said a spokesperson from the television network.

Source: JoongAng Daily

[NEWS] Tiger JK reveals that Lee Hyori rejected the song that he wrote

Posted: 17 Jul 2012 04:41 AM PDT

Hip hop artist Tiger JK expressed his disappointment at Lee Hyori's rejection of a song he once offered to her on 'You and I'.

On July 15th episode of SBS 'You and I', Tiger JK revealed, "I gave a song to Lee Hyori, and she refused it."

Lee Hyori said, "I not a hip-hop artist so I had a hard time asking Tiger JK for a song. However, he gave me one with Yoon Mirae singing as a guide."

Regarding why she refused to take it, Lee Hyori explained, "I wasn't sure if I could sing it better than Yoon Mirae, so that's why I declined."

Tiger JK then replied, "My pride was hurt. I spent the whole night working on the song and I even woke up my tired wife from her sleep to do the guide recording."

The other MC Jung Jae Hyung then asked Tiger JK, "Weren't you a fan of Lee Hyori?," to which the hip hop artist answered jokingly, "A long time ago."

Source: StarN News

[VIDEO] Rainbow's Jisook thanked fans with a video message!

Posted: 17 Jul 2012 04:31 AM PDT

Rainbow's Jisook celebrates her birthday today.

She received a lot of gifts and wishes from her fans on this meaningful day,to show her appreciation,she recorded a short video message to thanks her fans,check out the video below.

She snapped a photo of herself posing with a unique cake as shown in the photo above,such a cute cake right?

[NEWS] MBLAQ’s G.O and Mir to perform as sub-unit at Seoul’s concert

Posted: 17 Jul 2012 04:29 AM PDT

MBLAQ's G.O and Mir will be performing as a duo unit for the first time in Korea at their upcoming concert in Seoul.

Part of their ongoing concert tour, "THE BLAQ% TOUR", MBLAQ will hold a live concert at the Seoul's Olympic Hall on July 21 and 22. At the concert, G.O and Mir will perform as a duo and Thunder will perform as a solo.

A representative from the group's agency, J.Tune Camp stated, "We have received favorable responses toward first unit group performances. We hope that the local fans will enjoy them as well."

G.O and Mir released their duet single "Wild" and performed it for the first on the Indonesia leg of "THE BLAQ% TOUR" which took place on June 30th.

Meanwhile, after wrapping up the run in Seoul, MBLAQ is set to open four sets of "THE BLAQ% TOUR" in Japan.

Source: Star News

[NEWS] MBLAQ’s Thunder, “My noona Sandara called me before shaving her head”

Posted: 17 Jul 2012 04:11 AM PDT

MBLAQ known as "chic-dol" member Thunder, was interviewed. Thunder and his older sister, Sandara Park, have been often referred to as "Idol siblings with best genes."

Throughout the course of the interview, Thunder always had a smile on his face every time we talked about his sister. It came to a point that I thought, "I wish I had a brother like him." It is impossible to search for Thunder's name online without Sandara Park cropping up in the related keywords search. When YG Entertainment casted Sandara Park, her brother, Thunder, as well as the rest of the family, came along with her to Korea. Thunder says that his eldest sister, Sandara Park, is a caring mentor and a thoughtful senior.

"My eldest sister is sometimes very sweet and caring, but sometimes she's serious and strict. It depends on the moment, haha!" he also says that the new song of 2NE1, the group where Sandara Park belongs to, is on repeat.

Recently, Thunder released a solo song, "Don't Go." The fact that he wrote the lyrics of the song himself has garnered a lot of attention. But what was his sister's reaction to the song? "Noona always wants to listen to any composition or song that I have, she said, 'I'd really love to see this come out in your album,' so when my solo single came out, she said that she was really proud," he said.

During 2NE1's comeback, Sandara Park amazed and shocked everyone when she revealed her bansak hairstyle (shaved head hairstyle). Thunder revealed that, "Before she decided on doing the hairstyle, she gave me a phone call and kept asking, 'Should I do this? Should I do it?' she asked continously," he said. When asked why she hesitated on doing the bansak hairstyle, he said that it was because she was worried that the cat that she and Thunder were raising, wouldn't be able to recognize her. Thunder confessed that he really laughed out loud when he heard his sister's silly reasoning.

"When I write a better song, it may be included in an MBLAQ Album. It's something that I want to offer to Sandara-noona, as well as to Bi-hyung," he said shyly. His recently released solo single, "Don't Go" gathered a lot of attention, as it was revealed that it was composed by Thunder personally. Although it wasn't included in their last album, fans can still catch Thunder performing his song live, for MBLAQ Asian Tour, "THE BLAQ% TOUR" which he performs for his solo stage.

Source: Nate
Translation: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

[NEWS] So Ji Sub flavors to hit the town

Posted: 17 Jul 2012 03:56 AM PDT

To mark the one year anniversary of his café franchise, A Twosome Place, actor So Ji-sub developed and released two non-coffee beverages to be sold during summer at his 51K store in Apgujeong, southern Seoul.

Following the success of the drinks, CJ Foodville Corporation announced on July 16th that the two drinks: Green Tea Lemonade and Citron Gingerade, will be sold across some 250 of Twosome outlets nation wide.

"Both the drinks were So Ji-sub's idea; he just wanted to come up with new offerings to show thanks to the patrons," said CJ Foodville.

The 34-year-old entertainer, who is currently starring in the TV drama "Ghost," stumbled upon the idea of green tea lemonade while traveling abroad.

"He worked on the recipe development from spring and took part in all stages of taste testing to get it right." It was also the actor-turned-businessman's idea to launch the lemonade in large-size cups "to cure the heat of summer."

So Ji Sub has always been a big dessert and coffee enthusiast, and as well as being the official model for the coffee franchise, when he opened his own store he took the time to personally design the interior as well as take part in recipe developments.

Source: JoongAng Daily

[NEWS] 2PM wins double crown in Tower Records Awards

Posted: 17 Jul 2012 03:41 AM PDT

2PM has been crowned "Best Artist" as well as the artist with the "Best Single" by Tower Records.

The Japanese music retailer released the results of the "K-Pop Lovers! Awards" on July 14 and awarded various K-pop acts by tallying up sales figures and votes from netizens. As well as the official sales records, netizens were able to vote via blogs, Facebook and other social networking Web sites.

Tower Records deemed 2PM's single "Beautiful" as the best K-pop song from the early half of the year. SHINee's "Sherlock" grabbed the second spot while Kim Hyun Joong's "KISS KISS/ Lucky Guy" claimed third.

2PM especially displayed their overwhelming popularity grabbing the number one spot on the artist category as well. Meanwhile, Super Junior and SHINee were voted second and third most popular K-pop artists.

Source: JoongAng Daily

[PICTURE] BoA unveils poster for ‘BoA 4354’

Posted: 17 Jul 2012 03:26 AM PDT

Singer BoA has unveiled the official poster for her upcoming comeback show, 'BoA 4354'.

On July 17th, BoA posted on her Twitter, "Filming on the 23rd!! Hope a lot of people come visit ^^", and attached the poster for the 'BoA 4354'.

'BoA 4354' is a special show on SBS which will features the singer's everyday life, behind-the-stage footages and interviews. In the show, BoA will also be showcasing her comeback self-composed title song "Only One" for the very first time.

'BoA 4354' will be aired on SBS on July 28th at 12:05PM KST.