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"[NEWS] A Hypothesis on the U-Kiss Conundrum and the “Nugu” Idol!" plus 24 more

"[NEWS] A Hypothesis on the U-Kiss Conundrum and the “Nugu” Idol!" plus 24 more

[NEWS] A Hypothesis on the U-Kiss Conundrum and the “Nugu” Idol!

Posted: 02 Jul 2012 08:56 AM PDT

With a debut date harkening back to 2008, U-Kiss' comparative lack of commercial success for the past four years finally has people asking questions. With 2008-debut boy groups like SHINee, 2AM, and 2PM so far ahead in the K-pop idol race, U-Kiss' stagnation in popularity and influence is puzzling. 

Earlier this year I wrote a piece arguing in favor of giving U-Kiss a second chance, noting the group's rise in quality with Bran New Kiss and the potential for greater improvement in the future. U-Kiss has released two full-length albums and two-mini albums since Bran New Kiss, boasting music that should have been good enough to make a significant dent on the K-pop scene. The effort to grow U-Kiss into a respectable, high-quality group has been obvious, time and time again. 

But despite these efforts, U-Kiss hasn't moved much further from where they were several years ago. Sure, U-Kiss has since begun and upheld a stable career in the Japanese market, and they have a few international performance credits to their name — the group traveled to Colombia and Cambodia recently, making them some of the first Korean artists to hold events in either of those countries. But it hasn't been enough to propel U-Kiss to the upper tiers of K-pop where their same-aged peers reside

Don't get me wrong, it's great that U-Kiss has been able to meet with their fans in Colombia and Cambodia, but holding a fanmeeting in Phnom Penh just doesn't have the same star-studded quality or pizzazz that comes with holding a showcase in London's Abbey Road Studios (a la SHINee) or filming official Korea tourism campaigns broadcasted on television stations throughout Asia (a la 2PM). In addition, the U-Kiss members haven't had enough network television airtime on big-name variety shows, and the cable television programs they've hosted (Chef Kiss, U-Kiss Vampire) haven't picked up much of a following outside of the U-Kiss fandom. Indeed, it seems as if the main thing keeping U-Kiss afloat is their small but passionate fanbase. But besides that (and their consistently good music and music videos and, to some extent, live performances), U-Kiss has not maintained enough of a presence in the industry to keep themselves relevant. 

By all logic, U-Kiss shouldn't have survived for this long. Out of all the boy groups that debuted in 2008 under an "unknown" company, U-Kiss is the only survivor. Groups debuting under unknown companies in 2009 and 2010 also seemed to disappear within a year or two. With the exception of U-Kiss, there hasn't been another group under the management of a small, unknown company who has managed to exist along the mainstream K-pop fold for so long. Nearly all of the current sunbae groups hail from larger entertainment companies, whereas most of the rookie groups are from small companies with odious sounding two-initial names. 

U-Kiss is the only active group currently under NH Media (since it seems NH is intent on using Paran as a resource for spare parts) , and it would be safe to assume that the vast majority of resources has gone towards funding U-Kiss. This explains the consistent high quality of U-Kiss' material in the past two years, as well as U-Kiss' numerous cable television appearances, sporadically planned overseas visits, and a surprising hookup deal with Avex in Japan. But as a small company, NH Media lacks the amount of industry influence that SM, JYP, and YG have. Granted, a lot of this probably has to do with the fact that the Big Three have been around for a lot longer than NH Media, and have had a lot more time to network and build up good relationships throughout the broadcast and creative media spheres. And having heavy influence over an entire industry is, obviously, a very big deal — it affects the shows your idols go on, the amount of camera time your idols get, the PDs your idols work with, the products your idols endorse. This invariably translates into the amount of fans in your idols' fanbase, the amount and spread of public recognition your idols receive, the amount of international recognition your idols have, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. 

U-Kiss is branded as the same type of idol group as their counterparts signed to the Big Three, and U-Kiss often produces higher quality material than that of these bigger-name idol groups. In other words, U-Kiss is playing the exact same game as SHINee, 2PM, and any other group with four candles on its anniversary cake. In fact, there are plenty of times where U-Kiss is playing the game better, especially when it comes to the quality of their material. But the only thing that separates U-Kiss from these big-name idols is the fact that they're signed to a company with limited industry influence and a comparatively teensy reputation. 

This is relevant in light of the recent surge of rookie groups — or more specifically, the recent surge of rookie groups debuting under unknown companies. These "nugu" (literally, "who" in Korean) groups range from the noteworthy (e.g. Sistar) to the barely relevant (e.g. Nine Muses). But while groups like Sistar, Teen Top, Secret, and ZE:A seem to be some of the biggest K-pop groups of the moment, they've also only been around for less than two years, and the relative newness of these groups makes it very difficult to predict their future success. 

Of course, one can't ignore the fact that there are some extraordinarily talented people nested in these "nugu" groups, and it just doesn't make any logical sense to say that Hyorin of Sistar is almost guaranteed a shorter career than Sohee of Wonder Girls just because Sohee is signed to JYP Entertainment and Hyorin is signed to Starship Entertainment. But this just goes to show how important a company's industry influence is in order for the artists under their label (and, at times, the company itself) to survive. In the end, the mystery behind U-Kiss' lack of success boils down to the simple equation of power, wealth, and influence. 

As the K-pop phenomenon reaches an increasingly global audience and becomes faster paced with the widespread integration of social media and the Internet, the word "K-pop" itself has begun to develop a separate definition, deviating from its original meaning as an abbreviated form of the term "Korean pop [culture]." The word "K-pop" as it currently stands seems to place more of an emphasis on the fast-paced consumption of "idols" and and less on the musical and cultural legacy of "Korean pop artists" (when "idols" and "Korean pop artists" are, in fact, one and the same).This can easily be personified by the increasing popularity of the mini-album format and the scarcity of the full-album. In a way, this captures the essence of pop music: fast, easily digestible fluff in a pretty packaging with an expiration date two years from now. It makes sense that smaller companies with limited access to resources and connections would be more inclined to create a product that fits the definition of "K-pop" as it currently stands — a group with pretty faces, appealing personalities, catchy songs, and a high potential of making fast cash. 

It has become the unspoken expectation for groups like F.Cuz, Dal Shabet, Boyfriend, and Girl's Day to patter out into irrelevancy within a few years, because let's be honest: is there anyone who seriously sees Boyfriend selling out concert arenas throughout Asia and winning all-kills on music shows three years from now? The U-Kiss of 2008 is very similar to the "nugu" idol groups of 2012, and one wonders exactly which of these groups will disappear from the scene within a few years. At the same time, it's also interesting to think about which groups will manage to stick around for a few more years and, like U-Kiss, take on that horribly awkward role of "underappreciated sunbae" while all the rookies from the Big Three are sprinting ahead. 

Despite their comparative lack in popularity and commercial success, U-Kiss has put out a lot of good music and has earned a loyal fan following. But despite this, it's a little hard to look at U-Kiss and not see a group that's fighting a losing battle against the system. U-Kiss has released some of the best material to come out of K-pop this year; I haven't met a single person who's listened to U-Kiss' recent music and disliked it. But the real problem rests with the gap between those who have made an effort to listen to U-Kiss' music and those who haven't. Unlike big entertainment companies, U-Kiss' management isn't strong enough to shove U-Kiss' music into every nook and cranny of the Korean entertainment scene in order to give it the amount of public exposure needed to propel U-Kiss into the higher echelons of the Korean pop scene. Many of these smaller entertainment companies are now struggling with the same problem, which might offer an explanation as to why so many of the latest K-pop singles sound like poor attempts at being catchy earworms. Of course, the constant influx of new rookie groups with catchy material helps to keep the K-pop scene fresh and fun. But at the same time, it reminds us of the inherently time-restricted and dog-eat-dog nature of K-pop. 

source: seoulbeats

[VIDEO] SISTAR unveiled practice video for Loving U!

Posted: 02 Jul 2012 08:54 AM PDT

Check out the practice video of SISTAR's new song Loving U!

Impressed with their dancing ability,the girls dance wearing high heels,impressive!

[VIDEO] 2PM released 2nd teaser of Jang Woo Young!

Posted: 02 Jul 2012 08:51 AM PDT

Wooyoung will released his debut MV on 8th July,check out the 2nd MV teaser of his new song here!

[NEWS] Chairman Bang Sang-hoon of Chosun Ilbo, to stand witness for the late Jang Ja-hyeon trial!

Posted: 02 Jul 2012 08:44 AM PDT

Bang Sang-hoon, the chairman of Chosun Ilbo is being brought forward to the trial as he is one of many on the 'Jang Ja-yeon list' of people who received sexual favors from the late Jang Ja-yeon.

Bang has been summoned as a witness to the trial of Lee Jong-gul of the United Democratic Party who has been charged with defamation for claiming that Bang Sang-hoon received sexual favors from Jang.

The court decided Bang step forward to speak the truth and accepted the favors of the defendant. The court will summon the witness in August or September for open trial.

Previously, MP Lee Jong-hul mentioned that Bang was involved in the 'Jang Ja-yeon list'. He was also charged with releasing a video of this statement online.

Sources & Cr : TV Daily , Hancinema

[NEWS] Philippine Media Makes a Huge Fuss Over Dara's Shaved Head!

Posted: 02 Jul 2012 08:31 AM PDT

Sandara Park shaves head for new album

She may no longer be based in the Philippines, but former Philippine television host Sandara Park still shows her krung-krung (crazy and funny) side.

Park, now known as Park Dara, revealed a startling hairdo to promote a new album by her hip-hop-pop girl group 2NE1, Korean news site Chosun reported.

Chosun cited a photo posted on YG Entertainment's blog showing Park with the new hairdo and the caption "2012 0705," a reference to the July 5 launch date of the album.

"The photo shows Park in a leopard-print dress and flashy accessories, but the hairdo was her most remarkable attribute, with one side featuring long, wavy locks and the other side completely shaved," Chosun said.

It added Park has attracted attention before for her bold hairstyles.

Chosun said 2NE1 is scheduled to play in Seoul on July 28 and 29, and will go to six other countries for their "New Evolution" tour.

Park was born in Busan, South Korea, but her family moved to the Philippines when she was 10.

She started her showbiz career in the Philippines and gained popularity.

Park returned to South Korea with her family in 2007, after no more projects were offered to her.

YG Entertainment then announced Park signed a contract with them. 2NE1 debuted in May 2009.

Source: GMA Network News

[NEWS] "I Do, I Do" Kim Seon-ah, 'style queen' from head to toe!

Posted: 02 Jul 2012 08:12 AM PDT

Actress Kim Seon-ah has become the style queen.

Taking on the role of Hwang Ji-an in the MBC drama "I Do, I Do", Kim Seon-ah is displaying various and sorts of style from head to toe.

She wears wine colored skirts, unique jewelry, sophisticated high heels that represent her and just covers herself from head to toe with hot fashion items. She cut her hair short to create the snobbish character of Hwang Ji-an and as extreme as this was, everyone is crazy for her.

She puts on a different look from other actresses, matching unique jewelry to match her hair along with sophisticated outfits and putting on a whole new trend. Always having been interested in fashion, Kim Seon-ah picked out the accessories herself and matched them to her outfits. Several women asked about the necklaces and earrings she wore in the drama and Kim Seon-ah created a sales boom in various shops where they even sell out and customers have to make orders.

High-heels are what represent Kim Seo-ah. She pulls off any kinds of heels in various ways and shows off the bold and confident career woman that she is, making her all women's 'wannabe'.

Sources & Cr : Newsen & Hancinema

[NEWS] Park Hyo Shin ordered to pay 1.5 billion won

Posted: 02 Jul 2012 08:05 AM PDT

Singer Park Hyo Shin was ordered by the Supreme Court on Friday to pay his former agency Interstage 1.5 billion won ($1.3 million) in damages for violating an exclusive representation agreement.

All the while, Park had been defending his move to another agency before his contract with Interstage was expired by saying, "The agency wasn't representing me and, therefore, I don't own them anything."

The court's decision affirmed its earlier ruling in favor of the agency.

"A talent and its agency must respect one another and the contract it enters into; a contract cannot be nullified just because the entertainer thought that the agency was not doing its job," said the court.

The legal battle between Park and Interstage has been going on for about four years. Initially, Interstage claimed it had incurred losses of 3 billion won.

In 2008, the agency filed a lawsuit against its former talent seeking 1.5 billion won. The court ruled in favor of the agency in both the first and second trial.

Source: JoongAng Daily

[NEWS] Jin Ji Hee and Choi Woo Sik chosen as the SIYFF promotion ambassadors

Posted: 02 Jul 2012 07:52 AM PDT

Actress Jin Ji Hee and actor Choi Woo Sik have been chosen as the promotion ambassadors of te 14th Seoul International Youth Film Festival (SIYFF).

SYIFF revealed, "Jin Ji Hee and Choi Woo Sik have proven themselves no lesser than grown up actresses and actors and therefore we have chosen them as the leading faces of SYIFF. With the start of the press conference at the end of July, they will become active as the faces of the SYIFF."

Jin Ji Hee said, "I am so happy to be chosen as the face of SYIFF. I hope everyone who attends this event has a good time and remember it forever." Choi Woo Sik said, "I am excited to be able to work with youths and I am going to become a good example for teenagers and give them hope and dreams."

The 14th SYIFF will be held from the 23rd of August to the 29th at Arirang Cine and Media Center and the CGV at Sungshin Women's University.

Source: hancinema

[NEWS] Ulala Session’s Lim Yoon Taek has a wedding and a baby on the way

Posted: 02 Jul 2012 07:39 AM PDT

Lim Yoon Taek of the K-pop band Ulala Session spoke out against rumors about his sickness, and about his soon-to-be-born baby.

On the July 2 episode of SBS' "Good Morning," Lim, who is currently battling stomach cancer, was spotted lecturing at a hospital in Seoul.

On the malicious gossip that Lim's cancer was a lie, Lim said, "I usually don't pay attention to those comments. I'm still receiving chemotherapy, unlike the rumors."

At the interview, Lim thanked his family and fellow Ulala Session members for their support. Lim also addressed his excitement for the upcoming wedding and his wife's pregnancy, referring to his baby as "the proof that he lived."

Source: JoongAng Daily

[NEWS] Kim Jae Won to hold fan meeting in Japan

Posted: 02 Jul 2012 07:26 AM PDT

Actor Kim Jae Won will hold a fan meet in Japan on July 14 after the event was postponed in March.

A spokesperson for Kim's agency announced yesterday that "Kim is in rehearsal in order to sing at the fan meet. He is in top form, thanks to the treatment he's been receiving and in no time he'll be back on top," his agency said.

The 31-year-old entertainer hurt his shoulders last October while filming the first episode of a drama. He fell off a motorbike when it accelerated without warning on the set of MBC's "I am a Flower Too."

The accident led to the star pulling out of the drama; Kim has been inactive since late last year.

Earlier this year, Kim again hurt himself while practicing dance moves for a performance at fan meets in Korea and Japan. His agency postponed the events.

Meanwhile, Kim is considering whether to take part in the upcoming MBC weekend drama "May Queen," which is scheduled to begin in August.

Source: JoongAng Daily

[NEWS] Yang Hyun Suk, “2NE1 will never have member changes”

Posted: 02 Jul 2012 07:13 AM PDT

Recently, YG Enterainment uploaded a clip of four trainees with the title "Future 2NE1 (4 Years later)" that cause quite a stir among 2ne1 fans.

Star News spoke directly with Yang Hyun Suk who responded to the brewing rumors that there would be member replacements within 2ne1. The YG head stated, "The video was called future 2NE1 because they are working hard to be a great girl group like their 2NE1 unnies. 2NE1 will always consist of CL, Dara, Bom, and Minji. There will be no member changes, so fans should not misunderstand or worry."

Ealier today, YG Entertainment released a new clip via official Youtube page, featuring four trainees between the ages of 12 and 13, dancing to Usher's "OMG" as well as singing to "I'm Dat Chick" by Kelly Rowland.

Source: Naver

[NEWS] SHINee successfully wraps up Japanese tour

Posted: 02 Jul 2012 07:00 AM PDT

SHINee has successfully wrapped up its "SHINee World 2012" tour in Japan on July 1, having performed for 200,000 fans in total.

The final leg of the Japanese tour, which kicked off in April, was in Hiroshima. The group performed at the Hiroshima Green Arena for two nights from June 30 to the following day and the fans were treated to two-and-a-half hours of dynamic performance.

As well as singing its previous hits and new single "Sherlock" released in Japan back in May, the band members took to the stage individually as well as in unison, singing a total of 29 songs.

The tour kicked off in Japan on April 25 in Fukuoka and made its way around six other cities: Hokkaido, Nagoya, Osaka, Kobe, Tokyo and Hiroshima, consisting of 20 concerts in all. SHINee's first solo concert in Japan set a new record for the highest number of audience for a K-pop band.

Source: JoongAng Daily

[NEWS] Rainbow’s Jaekyung wins suit against plastic surgeon

Posted: 02 Jul 2012 06:48 AM PDT

Girl group Rainbow's leader Kim Jaekyung won a defamation case against an online marketing company and a cosmetic surgery clinic which took photos of the singer to use in a "before and after" advertisement.

The Seoul Central District Court ruled in favor of DSP Media, representing Kim, to say that the defendants owed Kim compensation for unlawfully using pictures of the star to use in their advertisement. Two pictures from Kim's high school days and 25 pictures of the star after her debut in 2009 were highlighted for comparison in the ads back in 2010.

"The defendants used pictures of Kim without her permission and also damaged her reputation as an entertainer, and so, the court rules in favor of DSP Media," a judge from the court said on July 2.

The court added that the advertisers had a duty to seek permission from the singer before they decided to use the pictures in an ad.

The defendants – two proprietors of the marketing agency and the owner of the surgery clinic – will have to pay 20 million won ($17,494) in damages.

Source: JoongAng Daily

[NEWS] Supernova to release new Japanese single on August + hold anniversary event

Posted: 02 Jul 2012 06:33 AM PDT

Following the success of 14th Japanese single "Stupid Love / Come Back to Me", Supernova (Cho Shin Sung) is expected to make another comeback in Japan to continue their dynamic performance paired with sharp dance tunes to thrill everyone.

This coming August 29th, Supernova will be releasing their new single titled, "She's gone" along with b-side track "Super☆Love". "She's gone" expresses someone's feelings towards separating from a person that is dear to him while "Super☆Love" is an upbeat summer song and was written by Mohombi Moupondo who previously worked with some of Big Bang's Japanese release.

"She's Gone" will be released in four different versions; a Limited Edition A (CD+DVD), Limited Edition B, a regular CD version and a special Universal Music Store Ultra Limited edition.

To celebrate their third anniversary on September, Supernova plans to hold special event titled 'Choshinsei ☆ Haku 3' to be held on mid-October. Everyone who would purchase "She's Gone" single are entitled for an application and will be able to bring along 2 persons if chosen. 1500 lucky pairs will be chosen for a total of 4500 persons.

Source: StarlightCSS

[NEWS] Davichi’s Minkyung throws opening pitch for Doosan Bears

Posted: 02 Jul 2012 06:18 AM PDT

Davichi's Kang Minkyung made her appearance at the Jamsil Baseball Stadium on July 1st, and threw the opening pitch for the baseball game between Doosan Bears and Lotte Giants.

Ahead of the game, Minkyung tweeted, "I came to play baseball. I have to throw better than Sica unnie ehehe", and uploaded a selca.

In the attached photo, Minkyung can be seen wearing a navy blue jersey and a cap that represents the Doosan Bears. Her flawless and milky white skin, and sweet smiles captured the hearts of the male fans.

Netizens commented, "Good luck on the pitch!", "Fighting!", "Her selca is pretty" and more.

Source: Nate

[NEWS] Who is the handsome guy next to Wonder Girls’ Yenny?

Posted: 02 Jul 2012 06:03 AM PDT

After introducing her newly-wed sister, Wonder Girls member Yenny has revealed his younger brother.

On June 30th, Yenny tweeted, "Selca taken to celebrate my sister's marriage and to show suddenly grown up Yo Seop", and attached a photo with her younger brother.

In the photo, Yenny is smiling brightly in her black one piece dress. Standing next to her was her younger brother who looked handsome in a black suit.

Netizens commented, "He's so handsome", "A family with superior genes", and "He could become an idol star."

Source: TV Report

[NEWS] Lee Jong Seok apologizes to Goo Hara for his mistake on ‘Inkigayo’

Posted: 02 Jul 2012 05:48 AM PDT

Lee Jong Seok apologized for his mistake during the most recent episode of SBS 'Inkigayo' and explained why KARA's Goo Hara had a stern look.

On July 2nd, Lee Jong Seok posted on his me2day, "Emceeing a live show is too difficult. Hara was just trying to help because I made a mistake on live TV. I feel bad because she's taking all the blame for me. I'm sorry, Hara. Everybody, this stupid beginner emcee, will pay more attention and will try not to make mistakes", asking everyone not to blame Goo Hara.

On the July 1st episode of 'Inkigayo', MC Goo Hara has caused controversy for having a dark expressions on her face supposedly after fellow MC Lee Jong Seok made a mistake during the broadcast.

Source: 1, 2

[NEWS] Super Junior to appear on R-rated ‘SNL Korea Season 2’

Posted: 02 Jul 2012 05:33 AM PDT

Super Junior, who recently released their sixth full-length album "Sexy, Free & Single" online on July 1st, is getting ready to captivate the audience through tvN's 'Saturday Night Live-Season 2'.

On July 2nd, the production crew for the show announced, Super Junior will appear on 'SNL Korea Season 2' on July 14. We haven't thought about the concept for the show yet but since the group is cast, we will do our best."

Super Junior will be the first idol stars to lead the show following the recent appearances by actor Yang Dong Gun, emcee Shin Dong Yup and singer and producer Park Jin Young.

The recent episode, which features Park Jin Young and Min Hyorin, received 1.427% of the average audience rating and 1.984% of the highest audience rating.(AGB Nielsen Media Research based)

Source: TV Report

[NEWS] Wonder Girls’ Sunye wins MVP on ‘100 Million Quiz Show’

Posted: 02 Jul 2012 05:18 AM PDT

Wonder Girls leader Sunye has emerged the MVP on the June 29th episode of SBS' '100 Million Quiz Show'.

Sunye got a perfect score and put herself in the level of "elite idol", second to Girls' Generation's Seohyun who had previously achieve a perfect score on the quiz show.

In the episode, Sunye calmly solved the questions and explained the reasons behind each of her answers. The Wonder Girls member also impressed the audience as she sang some songs by the 70s and 80s groups, Pearl Sisters and Lily Sisters.

Meanwhile, the 130 million won winning pool was carried over to the next show.

Source: Star News

[NEWS] Jo Kwon’s solo album tops Tower Records Daily Chart

Posted: 02 Jul 2012 05:05 AM PDT

2AM member Jo Kwon's debut solo album is receiving much love in Japan as well.

On July 2nd, Jo Kwon posted on his Twitter, "My album is number 1 on Tower Records Japan!!(^∇^) Thank you very much!I'm so happy right now!(^-^)/" and attached a proof shot of the rankings.

In the photo, Jo Kwon's first solo album ranked first on the June 30th rankings of the Japan's Tower Records' Daily Album Chart. In addition, fellow K-pop groups INFINITE and Girls' Generation ranked on the same chart with "INFINITIZE" at 3rd place and "PAPARAZZI" in the 4th place.

[VIDEO] JYJ Yoochun’s BTS photoshoot for ELLE released

Posted: 02 Jul 2012 04:50 AM PDT

JYJ member Park Yoochun recently carried out a photoshoot for the July issue of fashion magazine, 'Elle'. This time, the making film of the photoshoot has been unveiled.

On July 2nd, JYJ's official Youtube page posted the making-of film from Yoochun's recent pictorial in Bali. The clip features behind-the-scene footage of Yoochun, enjoying the great vacation in the lovely sea-side paradise.

[PICTURE] miss A’s Suzy shows her new nail art

Posted: 02 Jul 2012 04:35 AM PDT

miss A member Suzy has revealed her unique, yet "delicious" nail art!

On July 2nd, the maknae posted on her Twitter, "I got new nail art done" and attached the photo above which gave some laughs to her followers.

In the photo, Suzy showed her greenish fingers with rather a very unique nails. Instead of manicure, Suzy humored the fans by displaying her "claws", a cone-shaped green corn chip snack put on each of her fingers.

Netizens commented, "She's so adorable", "Those are very different nails", "How cute" and more.

[NEWS] T-ara’s Hyomin shows the cool way to sign autographs

Posted: 02 Jul 2012 04:20 AM PDT

T-ara member Hyomin has shown the fans how to sign autograph in the most charismatic way!

On July 2nd, Hyomin posted on her Twitter, "Autographs done coolly", and attached the photo above. The fantaken photo, which was taken from T-ara's previous concert at the Bangkok International Exhibit Center on June 3rd, shows Hyomin giving an autograph in a very cool way.

In the photo, Hyomin is posing confidently with her one hand on her hips and signing a T-shirt while fellow member Hwayoung generously acted as Hyomin's table.

[PICTURE] f(x)’s Krystal was a hip hop baby!

Posted: 02 Jul 2012 04:05 AM PDT

f(x) member Krystal recently shared a swag-filled childhood photo.

On July 2nd, Krystal posted on her me2day, "Hip hop baby yo", and attached a childhood photo of herself. In the photo, the young f(x) member is wearing yellow shirt, overall jeans and cap, while crossing her arms. She gives a confident look with her big round eyes and uniquely Krystal expression.

Netizens commented, "Her eyes are so big", "She's so adorable", "Wow! So so cute!" and more.

[NEWS] 2NE1 announces Global Tour dates & venues in Japan + Trailer

Posted: 02 Jul 2012 03:50 AM PDT

Having scheduled to make their much-awaited comeback, 2NE1 will also embark a world concert tour titled, 'New Evolution'. After announcing their tour in Seoul and United States, the dates and venues for Japan tour has been unveiled.

According to 2NE1's official Facebook page, 2NE1 will be meeting the Black Jacks at the Osaka Castle Hall, in Osaka on September 1 and 2, at the Gaishi Hall in Nagoya on September 7th and 8th, and at the Yokohama Arena in Yokohama on September 11th and 12th.

In addition, 2NE1 unveiled the official international trailer for 'New Evolution'. The clip shows the concert schedules as well as the group's past concerts highlights.