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"[NEWS] No-go for Eric to join ‘Law of the Jungle 2′!" plus 24 more

"[NEWS] No-go for Eric to join ‘Law of the Jungle 2′!" plus 24 more

[NEWS] No-go for Eric to join ‘Law of the Jungle 2′!

Posted: 11 Jul 2012 08:57 AM PDT

Singer/actor Eric will not be joining SBS variety show 'Law of the Jungle 2′ after all.

According to a rep from Shinhwa Company, "In the midst of Shinhwa's Asia tour, we received a proposal for Eric to join 'Law of the Jungle 2′. After sharing views and going through the schedule with the producers, we mulled over this but after considering possible obstacles such as the filming schedule for Shinhwa Broadcast, commercials and other unavoidable circumstances, we decided against it."

"Eric, who was unable to conceal his excitement at the possibility of joining the 'Byung-man Tribe', is the most disappointed about this. Eric is very grateful and sorry to SBS for giving him the opportunity to join the most popular program right now, and though he's unable to participate due to scheduling conflicts, if the opportunity comes along, he would like to join the 'Byung-man Tribe' to form the great dream team."

Eric has just ended Shinhwa's Asia tour and comeback activities on 7 July. At the moment, he is now considering various drama and film proposals, and also taking a well-deserved rest.

Credits: OSEN + Absolut Shinhwa

[NEWS] BEAST New Jacket Cover – MV Shoot Completed, “No Unexpected Delays to Comeback”!

Posted: 11 Jul 2012 08:56 AM PDT

Idol group BEAST are boosting their speed in their last practice before making a comeback which had been for 1 Year and 2 months.

Their agency, Cube Entertainment, spoke through the phone with us, stating that, "BEAST's jacket cover, MV shooting and recordings has ended, now they're entering to their official dance practice."

He followed by, "It is confirmed that they will be making their comeback end of this month, so members are doing their best in practicing for their dance. Choreographer Haw WooShin will be participating in the choreograph of this latest title track. He hinted that the dance will be different than the others, so everyone please give much anticipation and attention."

BEAST had returned to Korea on the 7th after shooting their MV in New York, America, and are currently preparing for their dance practice.

Meanwhile, BEAST member, Jang Hyunseung, will be challenging in his very first musical act "Mozart!" at Sejong Cultural Center (name may differ) from 10th July till August 4th. Fans are asked to anticipate.

credits : Herald,
kor – chi trans by 100度BEAST吧,
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[NEWS] Music Bank in Hong Kong, BEAST’s “Paradise” Received Explosive Reactions!

Posted: 11 Jul 2012 08:42 AM PDT

Group BEAST have been boiling the night of Hong Kong.

During the broadcast of KBS2′s Music Bank in Hong Kong on the 6th, Beast has performed Shock, Beautiful, Korean drama 's OST "Paradise.

That dat, BEAST wore contrasting black and white costumers, it was feel with charms, firing up the passion of Hong Kong fans, "Shock" was a powerful song, filled with energy, "Beautiful" is rather a cute and fresh song. Through these 2 songs of different styles, BEAST showed different charms on the stage.

Especially on that day too, BEAST sang for KBS2′s drama 's OST "Paradise", showing a totally different charm.

Music Bank in Hong Kong special episode was held last month at Hong Kong Asia Exhibition Center (Name may differ). On that day, other than BEAST, MBLAQ, f(x), Infinite, CNBlue, Wonder Girls, TVXQ and other stars attended too.

credits : E Today, 
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[NEWS] Cho PD to be hospitalized after car crash!

Posted: 11 Jul 2012 08:27 AM PDT

Artist Cho PD has complaints of pain after being involved in a car accident on the 7th, and is foreseen to inevitably be admitted to the hospital.

A representative explained to OSEN on the 9th that, "On the 7th, Cho PD dropped by Hapchun in Kyungsangnam province to show support for new girl group EvoL's music video shoot when he met an accident along the northbound lane of a central express way on his way back to Seoul." and that, "his waist, neck, shoulders, and back are in severe pain and immediate hospitalization might be needed."

Also, the representative said, "We are still unaware of the details regarding the accident, though there was a collision with another vehicle it was the Porsche Cho PD had been riding that was smashed. He has been busy preparing for the new girl group and thus couldn't be hospitalized right away, but it seems that hospitalization is inevitable."
On the other hand Cho PD is planning to debut his new girl group this coming August 9th.

Source: OSEN
Translated By: kroongho @ BLOCKBINTL

[INFO] 2NE1, “the masters of girl group fashion” in Elle Korea!

Posted: 11 Jul 2012 08:15 AM PDT

2NE1 – Masters of girl group fashion

In this album, the girls aspires to represent women in love, and with the selection of the keyword "sexy", they attempt an exceptional transformation with striking charisma. 2NE1 are ardent fans of Jeremy Scott's work and likewise through the unique outfits worn on the album jacket, they offer a glimpse of stylish and modern kitsch fashion. What's unexpected is that we never thought they'd go as far as shaving their hair! They're certainly the masters of boldness.

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[NEWS] So Ji Sub takes a nap on ‘Ghost’ set

Posted: 11 Jul 2012 07:57 AM PDT

A still cut of the actor So Ji Sub, who's starring in the current SBS TV drama 'Ghost', dozing off during breaks has been revealed.

In the picture revealed on the 11th, So Ji Sub is sleeping in between breaks to not waste time sleeping for a better quality of the drama.

While he is carrying out murderous filming schedules, in contrast to the energetic and passionate character seen in the drama, So Ji Sub is actually fighting with sleep on set.

Laid back on chairs and hunched over tables, the actor can be seen making the most of any opportune moment in between shooting to catch some Zs.

Meanwhile, at the end of the 12th episode, Jae Hee (Jung Moon Seong) who was abandoned by Hyun Min (Uhm Gi Joon) was threatened of his life by someone while being questioned by the police. Ki Young (So Ji Sub), Hyuk Joo (Kwak Byung Gyoo) and Kang Mi (Lee Yeon Hee) ran over to save him but he was already dead. While the key witness out of all powers behind the dark has been killed, what will Ki Young do to get through this?

Source: TV Report

[NEWS] FT Island sucessfully wraps up Japanese tour

Posted: 11 Jul 2012 07:43 AM PDT

FT Island successfully finished their Japanese summer tour.

The group kicked off their 'FTISLAND Summer Tour 2012~RUN! RUN! RUN!' at Fukui on June 24th and went around different cities including Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya. FT Island wrapped up the tour with a final performance at Saitama Super Arena on July 8th.

The boys performed 5 shows in total, meeting a total audience of 60,000 Japanese fans. They performed a parade of their hit songs and tracks from their 7th single 'Neverland' along with the songs from their latest album 'STAY', and even made special performances for the fans.

During their last show at Saitama Arena, FT Island members remarked, "It's been 5 years since we debuted in Korea, and we spent 4 amazing years with Japanese fans as well. We were only able to come this far because of all of you."

Meanwhile, FT Island will be releasing their new Japanese single album 'TOP SECRET' on August 8th.

Source: StarN News

[NEWS] Lee Chae Young decides to shut down Twitter

Posted: 11 Jul 2012 07:28 AM PDT

Actress Lee Chae Young's last tweet on July 10, just before she shut down her account for good was "I shouldn't tweet. I don't know why everything I say gets blown out of proportion…how annoying."

Lee, who had been a fervent Twitter user, has decided to tweet no more following an overreaction from netizens the day before when she made the comment, "I will turn off my heart."
Many speculated that the 26-year-actress was contemplating suicide and it was the main topic of gossip online for many hours.

Later on Lee justified her post by saying that it was a metaphorical statement and that she was shocked at how her fans and sticky-beaked netizens came to the conclusion that she meant to harm herself.

Despite the fact that the SNS had often been her main tool for communicating with fans, Lee thought it was a good idea to deactivate.

Source: JoongAng Daily

[NEWS] Ulala Session to open for Psy’s concert

Posted: 11 Jul 2012 07:13 AM PDT

Ulala Session has been confirmed as the opening act for Psy's upcoming summer concert, 'Summer Stand the Drenched Show', which will be held on August 11th at the Jamsil Indoors Stadium in Seoul.

Psy has shown his interest to Ulala Session after watching the group on Mnet's audition program, Superstar K3. Not only did Psy wrote and composed Ulala Session's title song, "Beautiful Night", he also agreed to become one of the judges for Superstar K4 because of the group.

Meanwhile, PsY will release his 6th album 'Psy's Best Sixth' on July 15. As soon as his new tracklist was released online on July 9th, Psy received a fervent support from the public.

Source: Nate

[VIDEO] Crayon Pop releases MV teaser for “Saturday Night”

Posted: 11 Jul 2012 06:58 AM PDT

After releasing their debut MV "Bing Bing" last month, five-member rookie group Crayon Pop has just unveiled the music video teaser for their next track, "Saturday Night".

Comprised by Gum Mi, So Yul, Cho A, Ellin and Way, Crayon Pop not just focus into Korea market, but also try to catch the heart of Japan music market with their funky cute concept.

Meanwhile, check out the MV teaser below!

[VIDEO] SECRET releases full PV for Japanese “Love is Move”

Posted: 11 Jul 2012 06:43 AM PDT

After the release of the preview earlier today, the full PV for SECRET's Japanese version "Love is Move" has been finally unveiled.

SECRET, who has been taking Japan by storm with several single releases, will be releasing their very first full-length album 'Welcome to SECRET Time' in the country this coming August 22.

Check out the MV below!

[VIDEO] ‘Respond 1997’ making-of videos released

Posted: 11 Jul 2012 06:28 AM PDT

Cable channel tvN's upcoming sitcom, 'Respond 1997' treated the fans with an early glimpse of the series through making-of videos. The clips feature the show's highlights as well as behind-the-scene footage of the cast members during their filming.

'Respond 1997', starring rapper Eun Ji Won, singer Seo In Guk, K-pop idols INFINITE's Hoya and A Pink's Eunji, will make its premiere on July 24th. The sitcom is about the story of a group of six high school students that are huge fans of the first generation of Korean idol groups in the 1990s, such as Seotaiji, H.O.T, S.E.S. and Sechs Kies.

[NEWS] ‘2012 JYP Nation in Korea’ to kick off next month

Posted: 11 Jul 2012 06:13 AM PDT

JYP Entertainment's family concert 'JYP Nation' has been confirmed for next month!

Online ticketing website Interpark and Yes24 announced the ticket opening release date for the '2012 JYP Nation in Korea' concert. According to the announcement, '2012 JYP Nation in Korea' will be held at the Olympic Park Gymnasium in Seoul on August 4th 2012 at 6PM.

The concert line-up boasts the top JYP Entertainment's artists including J.Y. Park, Wonder Girls, JOO, 2AM, 2PM, miss A, San E, and the rooke JJ Project.

Tickets will go on sale starting on July 13th through Yes24 and on July 16, 2012 on Interpark. More detailed announcement for the ticket reservation will be re-announced by JYP Entertainment on July 12th 2012.

[NEWS] Actor Kim Ji Hoon To Be Released From The Military

Posted: 11 Jul 2012 05:58 AM PDT

After 21 months, actor Kim Ji Hoon will finally be finishing his mandatory military duties as a Korean male.

According to High Star Entertainment on July 10th, Kim Ji Hoon, who entered the military on October 2010, will be released on the morning of July 12th in Yongsan of Seoul.

After debuting through the drama "Loving You" in 2002, the star has been slowly making a name for himself through other steady projects like "Why Did You Come To My House?", "Dating Marriage", "Pick A Star For Me", etc.

Source: KBS World

[NEWS] T-ara Jiyeon’s Lego-making skill impresses netizens

Posted: 11 Jul 2012 05:43 AM PDT

T-ara member Jiyeon is making headlines for her superior lego-making skills.

On July 10th, pictures featuring T-ara Jiyeon's Lego masterpieces were posted on online community under the title, "Jiyeon's crazy Lego-making skills".

The pictures were captured images from KBS 'Star Life Theater' aired on July 9. The episode which highlighted the daily life of T-ara, features Jiyeon's obsession with Legos.

The pictures also included Jiyeon's finished lego masterpieces, which have been gifted to the other members.

Netizens commented, "Jiyeon is amazing," "Daebak!" "Make me one too" and "Really remarkable skill."

Source: Nate

[NEWS] Yoo In Young heads to U.S. for All-Star game

Posted: 11 Jul 2012 05:28 AM PDT

Actress Yoo In Young left for the United States yesterday to accompany some lucky Korean children to the 2012 Major League Baseball All-Star Game in Kansas City today.

Yoo will join Dynamic Duo's Choiza and Supreme Team's Simon D in representing MLB Korea along with former pro-baseball player Yang Jun-hyuk.

"Yoo is best known for the combination of exotic Asian looks and a Westernized body. As a representative actress of Korea, Yoo was picked to attend the event," a spokesperson from MLB Korea said.

Yoo's passion for baseball and her regular community service work are also thought to have led to her selection as a chaperone.

The American League will face the National League players at the 83rd All-Star Game, which will be televised nationally by Fox Sports.

Photos of the event, as well as promotional merchandise featuring Yoo and the other Korean entertainers, will be put on sale in Korea after the game. Proceeds will benefit Yang's charity.

Source: JoongAng Daily

[VIDEO] Girls’ Generation’s making-of video for ‘Baby-G’ released

Posted: 11 Jul 2012 05:15 AM PDT

We reported earlier that Girls' Generation has signed with Casio and became the new face of the 'Baby-G' watch collection advertising campaign. The girls recently participated in a pictorial, where they embodies "tough, cute, cool and colorful" concept.

This time, the making-of video of the photo shoot has been unveiled, providing the behind the scene footage of Girls' Generation's pictorial.

[NEWS] Kim Moo Yul kicked off movie set

Posted: 11 Jul 2012 04:58 AM PDT

Actor Kim Moo Yul has been asked to leave his leading role in the movie "AM 11:00" as controversy grows over his exemption from mandatory military service.

"Up until a few days ago, Kim was at costume fittings as well as script readings. He wanted to see the project through," a spokesperson for the movie's producers said. "But at the advice of the production company, he decided to call it quits."

Though the Military Manpower Association did grant a valid exemption in 2010, according to the Board of Audit and Inspection, it has launched a reinvestigation into the case given the publicity.

In 2010, Kim told the conscription agency that he had a minor illness, but when he failed to receive a medical exemption, he filed another request stating that he was the sole financial provider for his family. That request was eventually granted.

And from 2007 to 2009, Kim told the Military Manpower Administration that he sat for the civil service examination more than five times, which can postpone conscription.

Source: JoongAng Daily

[NEWS] Jo Kwon breaks into tears at Jinwoon’s surprise visit

Posted: 11 Jul 2012 04:43 AM PDT

2AM's Jo Kwon bursted into tears when his fellow member Jinwoon made a surprise appearance on SBS 'Strong Heart'.

In the July 10 episode of 'Strong Heart', Jo Kwon remarked, "I've spent four years with the 2AM members but I've never once fought with them." He added, "However, I have been very disappointed in them before", poking at the viewers' curiosity.

He explained, "I worked on filming the music video overnight for almost 3 days but the members didn't come over at all. Wooyoung shot a music video too so I asked him and he said all the 2PM members came over. It hurt even more to know that."

Jo Kwon continued, "I even sent a text message to them but no one came."

At this, MC Boom announced that he had a surprise for the singer. He asked Jo Kwon who he wanted to see the most, to which Jo Kwon answered, "I wish I could see the 2AM members."

Suddenly fellow 2AM member Jinwoon made a surprise appearance with flowers in his hands and Jo Kwon immediately broke down into tears.

Jo Kwon said, "It was so difficult preparing for my solo album but I'm so thankful Jinwoon came."

Source: Nate

[NEWS] IU and B2ST’s Lee Gikwang record for “Sammy’s Adventure 2”

Posted: 11 Jul 2012 04:28 AM PDT

As previously reported, idol stars IU and B2ST's Lee Gikwang got casted to become voice actress/actor for animated movie, "Sammy's Adventure 2".

On July 11th, the movie distribution company CJ E&M released photos of IU, Lee Kikwang and comedian Kim Won Hyo in the recording booth as they recorded their lines for the movie.

During the recording, IU surprised everyone by perfectly portraying the cute character Ella while GiKwang also expressed his excitement about the dubbing as he thought his character Ricky was a lot like him.

GiKwang commented, "I think this animated movie can be enjoyed by all family members during the summer. I hope many people watch it."

"Sammy's Adventure 2" will be about Ella and Ricky going to an aquarium in Dubai to rescue their grandfather, Sammy and Ray, after getting captured by a poacher. It will premiere this August.

Source: Star News

[NEWS] Lee Min Ho & Kim Hee Sun pray for the success of ‘Faith’

Posted: 11 Jul 2012 04:13 AM PDT

SBS upcoming historical fantasy drama 'Faith' held its prayer ceremony. Main leads Lee Min Ho, Kim Hee Sun, Lee Philips, director Kim Jong Hak as well as crew members gathered together at the Jang Heung open studio on July 10 and prayed for the success of the series.

During the ceremony, director Kim Jong Hak stated, "Let's do our utmost to make a good drama series. Go, Faith!" Lee Min Ho shouted, "I'll do my best to create a drama series that touches the viewers."

His co-star Kim Hee Sun added, "I'm so happy to be working with such a great cast and crew, and I'm filming with a grateful heart. I hope we can shoot all episodes without any troubles."

'Faith' is a fantasy action melodrama about a romance between warrior Choi Young (played by Lee Min Ho) from the Koryo Dynasty and doctor Eun Su (played by Kim Hee Sun) from the modern times. It will start airing on August 13th.

Source: TV Report

[NEWS] JYJ’s Junsu triumps in Germany

Posted: 11 Jul 2012 03:58 AM PDT

JYJ's Kim Junsu's song "Tarantallegra" has taken the No. 1 spot on the monthly Asian Music Chart in Germany.

C-JeS Entertainment announced on July 10 that the title track from Kim's solo album landed first, while second place went to Big Bang and third to B.A.P. "JYJ performed in Berlin last year, becoming the first Korean band to do so. No doubt, this has been crucial to Kim's fame over there," said a spokesperson from his agency.

Last month was also a triumphant month for Kim, who topped Japanese iTunes and came in 10th on the Billboard World Album Chart. He also placed first on a Chinese Web site with his music video.

Kim is currently on his first tour of Asia, which kicked off in May in Seoul. The tour will make its way to Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan and mainland China, catering to some 30,000 fans.

Source: JoongAng Daily

[NEWS] 4men’s Shin Yong Jae releases more details for solo album

Posted: 11 Jul 2012 03:43 AM PDT

As reported earlier, talented vocalist Shin Yong Jae from the group 4men will be going solo. He recently revealed more details regarding his upcoming solo album.

According to reports, Shin Yong Jae's solo album will be titled '24' and released on July 27th. The album '24' will consist of six new songs which were produced by Shin Yong Jae himself. Similar to 4men, which is a group known for their heart-wrenching ballads, Shin Yong Jae's new album will contain high quality ballads.

The album will also be released on the day when the London 2012 Olympics commence. A representative from 4Men's label stated, "We are worried about the nation's great interest in the Olympics, but rather than avoid it, we have decided to stick to our schedule and progress with promotions."

Source: Naver

[VIDEO] Teaser for 4minute’s reality show ‘Travel Maker’ released

Posted: 11 Jul 2012 03:28 AM PDT

As reported earlier, 4minute will be launching its own reality series 'Travel Maker' through cable channel QTV. The show is a reality program, in which 4minute members, who made people around the world join the Hallyu craze, go on a trip and show their everyday lives.

'Travel Maker' will not only be limited to domestic travels but international ones as well. 4minute will be bringing the hot wind of the Hallyu with them, leaving behind their busy schedule. Fans will be able to see their everyday lives piece by piece on the reality show.

Ahead of its premiere on July 18th, the teaser for the 'Travel Maker' has been unveiled. Check out the clip below!

[PICTURE] INFINITE’s Hoya poses like ’90s idol star

Posted: 11 Jul 2012 03:13 AM PDT

INFINITE member Hoya brings fans back to the '90s as he poses like an idol star from the old days!

In the photos released online, Hoya can be seen giving different poses, each reminiscent of '90s idol star. He is wearing a school uniform with his arms stretched apart, acting cool and tough.

The photo were from tvN's upcoming drama, 'Respond 1997' where Hoya will appear as an actor for the first. He will play the role of a mysterious character named Kang Jun Hee, who captures women with his gentle personality and handsome appearance. He is also the best dancer in Busan.

'Respond 1997' is the first project produced by 'Qualifications of a Man' PD Shin Won Ho since he transferred over to CJ E&M from KBS. It is about the story of a group of six high school students that are huge fans of the first generation of Korean idol groups in the 1990s, such as Seotaiji, H.O.T, S.E.S. and Sechs Kies.

Source: TV Report