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"[NEWS] Shinhwa are provoking their fans? “We can’t even talk about marriage”!" plus 24 more

"[NEWS] Shinhwa are provoking their fans? “We can’t even talk about marriage”!" plus 24 more

[NEWS] Shinhwa are provoking their fans? “We can’t even talk about marriage”!

Posted: 09 Jul 2012 08:56 AM PDT

Shinhwa members have caught attention for their cute complaints regarding the topic of marriage.

At the press conference held on 6 July for their Beijing concert, Shinhwa drew laughter for their aegyo-laced complaints about broaching the topic of marriage. "Our fans have already gotten married and have gone on to have children, why do they tell us not to talk about marriage?"

Eric said, "We're a male group, and many of our female fans have gotten married. The memories are even more precious with more and more of them doing so. During this round of promotions, some fans brought along their children to support us, and at the concert we also saw them with their husbands and children, so we feel really good about that. I think there aren't any singers in Korea who have encountered this."

But he went on to grumble adorably, "Our fans have gotten married and have gone on to have children, but they tell us not to talk about marriage. does that even make sense?"

He added, "If Shinhwa didn't become successful in the industry, the fans who support and love us wouldn't have confidence, and they'd find it difficult to tell people that they're Shinhwa fans. So in order to not become has-beens, we pay a lot of attention to current trends. Thankfully this round of activities has been reasonably successful, so we haven't become singers whom fans can only secretly reminisce about when there's no one around. I think for us it's a case where fans hear our music in the record store and they can say 'that's the group I like'."

Credits: JoyNews24 + Absolut Shinhwa

[NEWS] Grooming newcomers, solo activities, acting – the blueprint for 14-year Shinhwa!

Posted: 09 Jul 2012 08:41 AM PDT

Shinhwa has shared their plans for individual activities at a press conference held on 6 July, ahead of their concert in Beijing.The concert also marked a successful conclusion to Shinhwa's comeback activities after 4 years and their Asia tour.

The group members will now embark on individual activities while concurrently continuing with their team activities, which can be considered the first ever to occur. They will further strengthen Shinhwa's name with their solo projects, including solo albums and acting projects. How will they be meeting the public in future?

Group leader Eric said, "First of all, nothing has been confirmed (for next year) but in terms of the period and the duration, it will be similar to this year. Before that, the members will be releasing solo albums or embarking on our individual projects. The individual activities can be of help to Shinhwa as well."

Kim Dongwan added, "Our target is to release one (group) album a year. We want to release an album and have promotional activities every year."

Then what about their individual activities? Andy said, "We'll continue with our work as MCs. I'll also be introducing a new 7-member group in August, as well as showing different sides through various activities. I'll be actively involved in the preparation for Shinhwa's activities next year too.", sharing his plans to groom another successful idol group after Teen Top.

Kim Dongwan also shared his desire for acting, "I'll continue to appear on Shinhwa Broadcast every week, and also work on either movies or dramas in Korea. The second half of the year for me will consist mainly of acting activities. But if the fans don't want that I'll just concentrate on working out."

Lee Minwoo said, "Shinhwa activities will continue with Shinhwa Broadcast. For me, I think I have to do a lot of work and studying for Shinhwa's concept and stage performances next year, and also be involved in work as a producer. I want to release a solo album, but the plans are for a digital single or single. I'm also planning for a solo concert starting from Korea, then to Japan or China."

Shin Hyesung said, "There are no exact dates yet but I should be releasing an album in the fall or during winter, and there are also plans for a solo concert. I'll have activities not just in Korea but overseas as well, and I'll actively support the members in their individual activities."

Junjin, "I will focus on recovery first. No matter what, Shinhwa Broadcast is the most important thing right now, isn't it? I haven't worked on acting projects for a long time and I'm looking through some drama scripts, but there are plans to start with acting projects in China first. I'm also planning for concerts and fanmeetings."

The Beijing concert is the 7th and final stop of Shinhwa's Asia tour, which started on 30 April in Shanghai and traveled to Taiwan, Japan and Singapore. As the longest-running group in Korea, Shinhwa have successfully ended their comeback activities which commenced on 4 March, and also proved to their fans in Asia that they're still very much going strong.

Credits: TVDaily + Asia Today + Absolut Shinhwa

[INTERVIEW] 2NE1 “We will quit when our music loses its freshness”!

Posted: 09 Jul 2012 08:28 AM PDT

Always evolving, shocking, chart toppers, individuality, always pushing the boundaries. These are all adjectives that follow 2NE1 around. And their new digital single, released a year since [their last work] demonstrates that again.

2NE1 released their digital single, 'I Love You' on the 5th [of July] and made their comeback to the public just a year after the release of their second mini album. As expected being the 'Mistresses of Transformation' that they are, 2NE1 have once again pushed the boundaries with their trot-infused number. What's more, they have inserted just a touch of 'sexy' to their usually charismatic and powerful image, adding to their appeal.

These girls have captured the public's eyes and ears through this song with its enchanting melody that grabs a listener's attention and their eye-catching image. Especially Sandara, who experimented with a hairstyle – shaving part of her head – that would be hard for most girls to carry off and all of them who look absolutely cool in their tiger-, leopard- and zebra-print outfits in the teaser pictures for their new song. It looks like they didn't disappoint people's expectations this time round too.

2NE1 met with reporters in the YG Entertainment Building located at Hapjeong on the 6th [of July] and talked about their new single and their recent activities. The girls were dressed comfortably and casually in place of heavy make up. Leader CL spoke first about her feelings of making their comeback a year later.

"It's been a long time, but we're back with a single and this time, as always, we experimented and tried many new things. We added in a little trot but did it in our own style; it seems many people like it. We also did our pre-recording for SBS's 'Inkigayo' yesterday; I think we're off to a good start." (CL)

That's right. The most eye-catching point about 2NE1's new song is that a twist of trot has been added to it. Maknae Minzy has said in many broadcasts that she always enjoyed singing trot since she was young. And so she has played a more active part in this song.

"When I was young, I really liked singing trot songs with my mum and dad. And my grandmother loves old songs so I naturally grew up listening to trot. You usually express trot songs better when you've had some life experiences [T/N: Literally, experienced the joys and sorrows of life] but as I learned [how to sing trot] since I was young, it was not that difficult. Because of that, I was given more parts in this song. My favorite [trot] song is 'Lady Camellia'. I would definitely sing this song whenever I went to the noraebang with my mum in the past. (laughs)" (Minzy)

It's a very interesting and unique experiment for a song by an idol group to contain a trot melody. We are curious about the story behind the birth of 'I Love You'.

"Actually, 'I Love You' was a song that was composed just for fun. The producer, Teddy Oppa composed it for fun last winter. In his search for something new for us, and while looking for something more impactful, he arrived at trot. After listening to what he composed, it was like, 'gosh?' this is really fresh and good. And I felt like because it's a trot melody, more people would like it and be able to identify with it. Won't our fans be all over this song; they'll be sucked into it. Please tell us that. Haha." (Sandara Park)

2NE1 has always expressed itself through its songs as strong women, such as in 'I Am The Best' or identified with the hurts women go through in songs like 'Ugly' and 'Pain'. But 'I Love You' is not a typical love song.

"This song is a love song with a slightly different take. It's, should I say, kind of scary? And a bit stalker-ish. I think this is what makes the song strong. It's new and carries a flavour that is unique to us." (CL)

Together with trot, there is something else 2NE1 has tried this time. It's none other than 'sexy'. This is charismatic 2NE1's first experiment [with the sexy concept] and the part that the public was also most eagerly anticipating. But amidst the anticipation, there was also worry that this will take away from the style that is unique to 2NE1.

"Sexy… Haha. To call ourselves sexy is a little uncomfortable [for us]. Actually, the choreography this time was done by one of Beyonce's dancers; this person's style is sexy. So the choreography is a little more feminine. And our costumes were also designed to match the choreography. But this is not standard sexy. We kept the vibe unique to 2NE1 so I don't think it takes away from our style." (CL)

YG Entertainment has announced that 2NE1 will promote 'I Love You' for 3 weeks, after which a new song will be released. We are curious to know, what then is the reason for not releasing a mini or full album.

"We were supposed to release our album earlier, but as we usually put a lot of work into each song, it got delayed. And because we felt it would take too long to release an album; and we were eager to meet our fans again, we decided to comeback with a digital single first. The song to be released after 'I Love You' is more 2NE1's usual style. But as we usually try many unusual (?) things, do look forward to it." (CL)

2NE1 hopes that through the single, 'I Love You', Korea's traditional pop songs, trot, will be widely known throughout the world. And this has been achieved.

"I experienced this while working with Beyonce's dancer. The concept of trot does not exist in other countries so it is very fresh and new to them. I think it helps them to understand Korean culture better. As a Korean singer, I'm happy that my overseas fans can learn more about Koreans. Actually, before this, we also tried to do this many times. In music videos or on stage, we would use traditional Korean instruments sometimes." (Sandara Park)

Finally, leader CL gave a shocking answer about the future 2NE1. It showed the tenacity and strong will of leader CL and also created bigger expectations for the future 2NE1.

"The future 2NE1? To be honest, there could be none. Nobody knows the future. But personally for me, when 2NE1's music loses its freshness and becomes old, this may be bold [of me to say], but I think we will stop our activities as 2NE1. Because I think that a 2NE1 that is no longer fresh is no longer 2NE1. Having said that, this means that we are all the more determined to develop and express our own individuality. Haha. There is no deeper meaning to what I said [T/N: In other words, don't read too much into what I said] (laughs)." (CL)

Note: Translator's notes and expansions have been added in square brackets [ ] to aid the flow and understanding of the article. Items in round brackets ( ) are from the original article.

Source: OSEN
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[NEWS] INFINITE,SUPERNOVA,BOYFRIEND,NU'EST and BTOB to perform On Tokyo Dome Stage For "K-Dream Live Volume 1" Concert!

Posted: 09 Jul 2012 08:18 AM PDT

Popular idol groups in Korea arises in Japan by performing on the stage of Tokyo Dome.

In an article released on July 4th, the "K-Dream Live Volume 1" will be held on July 27th at Tokyo Dome in Japan.

The popular idol groups in Korea like INFINITE,SUPERNOVA,BOYFRIEND,NU'EST and BTOB will be performing at the concert.

Tokyo Dome is the dream stage for Japanese celebrities,since it is a very large venue which can hold up to 55,000 people.

For groups such as Boyfriend, NU'EST and BTOB, this will be their first time performing on this stage. The power of Kpop can be seen through this as the opportunity is given to the rookie groups from Korea to perform on this prestigious stage.

NU'EST who debuted on last March is chosen on an international side as '2012 Best Rookies" and is gaining extraordinary attention from the local fans.

An official stated, "NU'EST is popular in Korea,and although they have not debuted in Japan, they are still very popular here" and "This stage will most likely be the stepping stone for these idols to be known by the fans all around the world."

Source: Nate
Translation: AzianHana @CBZ

[VIDEO] B.A.P released Goodbye MV teaser featuring MATOKI!

Posted: 09 Jul 2012 08:10 AM PDT

Rookie group B.A.P released the MV teaser of their new song Goodbye featuring their official mascot Matoki,check out the teaser here!

[VIDEO] Wonder Girls released Like Money MV!

Posted: 09 Jul 2012 08:05 AM PDT

Wonder Girls released the full MV of their new English song titled "Like Money",check out their new MV here!

[PICTURE] Hyoyeon & Son Jinju snapped a friendly selca!

Posted: 09 Jul 2012 07:45 AM PDT

SNSD's Hyoyeon snapped a lovely selca at the backstage of Dancing With The Stars 2,she is seen taking a lovely photo with Son Jinju in the photo above.

Like their new photo?

[PICTURE] Secret's Hyosung unveiled adorable selca on Twitter!

Posted: 09 Jul 2012 07:10 AM PDT

Secret's leader Hyosung unveiled a new selca on her Twitte on 9th July.

She wrote,"Many thanks for those who are with us for 7 years.Make a promise to be together in the next million years,if we can keep our promise after 10 years we will be together.I can't describe my feelings now".

The photo above is for the 7th Anniversary of fancafe,she revealed her pretty V-line face and sweet smile,like her new selca?

[PICTURE] T-ara's Eunjung for Running Man!

Posted: 09 Jul 2012 06:31 AM PDT

 It has been confirmed that Eunjung will replace her teammate Jiyeon for the upcoming episode of Running Man.

She was spotted filming the latest episode of Running Man,here are some photos taken by fans at the filming scene.

Anticipate the airing of this episode?

Photos Source:Tarafan and the original owners

[VIDEO] SNSD performed Paparazzi on Hey! Hey! Hey!

Posted: 09 Jul 2012 06:25 AM PDT

SNSD performed their latest Japanese single Paparazzi on Japanese Music Show Hey! Hey! Hey!.

Check out their flawless performance here!

[VIDEO] EXO-K performed on Open Concert!

Posted: 09 Jul 2012 05:20 AM PDT

EXO-K performed their hit song MAMA on Open Concert,check out their amazing performance here!

[NEWS] SM Entertainment's ‘I AM.’ movie to show in Los Angeles for one week, beginning July 13th!

Posted: 09 Jul 2012 04:52 AM PDT

We have some big news for fans in the US. The movie 'I AM – SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR in Madison Square Garden' will be shown in Los Angeles for a one-week only EXCLUSIVE engagement from July 13 to July 19 at CGV Cinemas!

For more information and breaking updates for "I AM" in North America, go to http://www.facebook....sianmoviesnmore and LIKE the page!

The documentary movie will be shown with English subtitles. Are you excited for the premiere of this movie?

Source/Credit: SMTOWN FacebookCGV Cinemas

[NEWS] ‘Dr.Jin’ Kim Jaejoong, heart-warming officer who is willing to lay down for the love of a woman!

Posted: 09 Jul 2012 04:29 AM PDT

Singer, actor Kim Jaejoong has become the magnanimous man.

In episode 14 of MBC's weekend drama 'Dr.Jin', we can see the 'magnanimous love' that Kim Kyungtak has for Youngrae.

Kyung invited Jin Hyuk and other doctors of the clinic to his wedding ceremony. He wanted to make Youngrae, who was in pain of her brother's death and of her broken medicine dream, feel happy.

But then, aware that Youngrae possibly had breast cancer, he told Youngrae, "To me, your life is more important than this marriage," and urged her to see Jin Hyuk, his love rival, showing his magnanimous side.

After watching, netizens commented "I knew that Kyungtak was tender but his determination is also strong." "I also cried with him as his eyes were filled with tears." "Heart-warming officer who is willing to lay down for the love of a woman."

Regarding this, Kim Jaejoong said, "Nowadays, I'm so immersed into Kim Kyungtak role that I myself even thought, 'Right, as long as Youngrae is safe'. As Younghui who was known to be dead is still alive and comeback, interesting stories will unfold. Please look forward to it."

Source: AsiaToday
Translated by: The_little_pear of JYJ3

[VIDEO] SHINee & Dara promote Pink Concert!

Posted: 09 Jul 2012 03:50 AM PDT

Check out the promotional video of SHINee and Sandara Park for Pink Concert!

The details is in the description of this video,like the collaboration between SHINee and Sandara?

[PICTURE] Charming Seohyun and Krystal's black & white photo!

Posted: 09 Jul 2012 03:20 AM PDT

Photographer Woo Jung Seok unveiled a black and white photo of SNSD's Seohyun and f(x)'s Krystal on Twitter with a caption,"discovered a very beautiful photo,Soojung,Seohyun".

The maknaes display their charm and beauty that capture the hearts of many.

Like this photo?

[NEWS] Boyfriend's practice video garners a lot of attention!

Posted: 09 Jul 2012 02:57 AM PDT

Boyfriend, Superior plain clothes & sincerity + the noonas "surprise"

Boyfriend's Love Style's choreography version MV has become a hot topic. On 4th July, Boyfriend's entertainment agency, Starship Entertainment, uploaded Love Style's choreography version on YouTube. The video is different from the recently trendy "exquisite clothing, fashionable style", as Boyfriend was donned in plain clothes and performing their dance.
Netizens who watched the clip commented that "Boyfriend's choreography MV has an added style to it", "This choreography is really unforgettable", "Our Boyfriend has performed their love style", and more comments, showing an explosive reaction.

Love Style's dance was choreographed by singer Britney Spears and Japanese idol Sakurai Takahiro, who choreographed the nation's best dances like MBLAQ and 4minute's dances, which successfully captured people's hearts.

Also, before their debut in Japan, Boyfriend took #1 on Oricon's Korean chart, also releasing an album, and successfully holding 4 showcases in the Nippon Budokan, continuing both Korean and Japanese activities.

source: STARDAILY via BFTW
translations: candyco (Kor-Chi)
honeyrinayu | (Chi-Eng)

[NEWS] Boyfriend To Visit Philippines For Korean Cultural Center’s 1st Anniversary!

Posted: 09 Jul 2012 02:42 AM PDT

Korean boy band Boyfriend will visit Manila this month as part of the first-year anniversary celebration of the Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines.

The center has lined up five events until August to mark the event.

Boyfriend will be the special guest on July 28 when the center holds the Hallyu Fest at 6 p.m. at the SM Mall of Asia Centerstage. The center says the day is dedicated to all Hallyu, or Korean Wave, fans in the Philippines.

The fest will showcase the K-pop Cover Dance Group Contest, which is being held in the Philippines and other countries to celebrate the Visit Korea Year campaign. The winning group will represent the Philippines in the K-pop Dance Cover Festival that will be held in Gyeongju, Korea during the Hallyu Dream Festival in September.

In addition, the Hallyu Fest will also feature a Drama Cosplay Competition, photo contest, raffles and games.

Boyfriend debuted in Korea last year and is composed of twins Youngmin and Kwangmin, Donghyun, Hyunseong, Jeongmin and Minwoo.

The group won the best new artist awards in the 26th Golden Disk Awards and 21st Seoul Music Awards this year.

KCC Philippines will also hold other events.

On July 10, the center will visit Pasig to show its Korean Culture Caravan, which aims to promote Korean culture through specially designed short lectures, performances and interactions. It will also showcase Korea's traditional games, traditional music and basic language instruction.

The center, together with the Embassy of the Republic of Korea and the Korea Ceramic Foundation (KOCEF), will launch "Living Ceramics: The Modern Touch of Korean Heritage" on July 13 with 15 Korean artists participating. The exhibit will showcase the celebrated Korean ceramic tradition, which has been infused with modern touches and techniques throughout the history of Korea's heritage and ceramic culture.

In addition, the 2012 Pinoy K-pop Star will be held on July 21 at the center in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. The winner will represent the Philippines in the K-pop World Festival in Korea in October and compete with winners from other countries.

The inaugural K-pop World Festival in Korea last year saw the Philippines' entry, Karla Carreon, winning the grand prize in the vocal division.

As a finale to the anniversary celebration, the center will hold the Philippine-Korea Exchange Day on August 10. The event will allow participants from Korea and the Philippines to interact with each other to learn about their respective cultures.

It will include seminars on living in Korea and the Philippines, as well as culture and language classes for both nationalities.

The Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines opened in July 2011, the 20th center around the world. It is headed by Director Seong Un Hwang, who is also the Counsellor for Culture and Public Relations of the Korean Embassy in the Philippines.

Source: Manila Bulletin & BoyfriendPhilippines (FB)

[NEWS] "2NE1 releases photo movie, "I Take The Best Pictures with 2NE1", on 5 July"

Posted: 09 Jul 2012 02:20 AM PDT

The photo movie that Nikon and girl group 2NE1 shot together, "I Take the Best Photos with 2NE1", has been released.

For this photo movie, the 4 members of 2NE1, who take good pictures but are less familiar with the proper techniques of using a camera, will be learning to use the entry-level Nikon DSLR D3200 with the natural beauty of Jeju Island in the background. They will do so through performing missions in the span of 1 night and 2 days. (in reference to the popular Korean variety show, 1 Night 2 Days)

Also, in this photo movie, amateur photographers that are well-known for their work in various pictorials, posters, and even shot CFs and who are also members of the Nikon Imaging Leaders Club, will be acting as mentors. They will be performing the mission along the would-be-photographers, 2NE1.

A total of 10 episodes of photo movies have been made and will be released twice a week starting from 5 July, every Tuesday and Thursday. They will be released at the same time on the Nikon Imaging website and also through Nikon's various SNS channels such as Youtube and Facebook.

In addition, all the photo movies will be in Full HD quality taken using the Nikon DSLR camera D4 & D800. NIKKOR lenses were also used.

Nikon Imaging Korea's marketing team leader Kim Dong Guk said "The main focus of shooting this photo movie with 2NE1 is to show that everyone can use a DSLR and the learning experience can be fun and easy, that's why it was produced like a variety show. DSLR cameras are able to take good pictures in a variety of situations and it's easy to learn the know-hows of operating these cameras"

Source: wstarnews
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[NEWS] 2NE1 Members Show a Variety of Classy & Chic Hairstyles in new MV!

Posted: 09 Jul 2012 02:12 AM PDT

2NE1's new music video for their new single "I Love You" has become a hot issue due to their "hairstyle makeover".

Through YG's official blog "YG-Life", they announced that they would release "I Love You" MV on 7-7-12, without an exact time making many anticipate the release. With the release, fans have been going crazy over their new look, which impressed many as well.

The members showcased their "sexy side" which was quite a success as it was actually quite new for the ladies. Each member stood out the most with their variety of hairstyles.

CL appeared in the music video first as she gave off a "retro" feel with her big volumized blonde-ish hair, which caught many eyes. Along with a gold belt, rings, jewelry and sunglasses, CL completed the stunning "retro" look.

A few days ago, CL answered in an interview that ''Trot is quite popular, but amongst idols it's rarely seen. We decided to try out something new and different, mixing trot with electronic sounds. With this new sound, we decided to go for "new fashion" too which is seen in the MV with our eye-catching accesoiries and hairstyles."

The youngest of the group Minzy managed to steal the spotlight too, as she's seen wearing a black "Cleopatra Bob" wig showcasing an intense look. With her bangs in a "arrow" shape. Many could see that the maknae of the group was defenitly covered with a strong personality filled with charisma. Her tidy bob hairstyle gave off a alluring feel many approved of.

The biggest transformation was member Dara's, as she shaved half of her head. Quite dramatic, but either way she's rocking it. In the teaser, her hair is styled stylishly with her long waves dropped to one side as she's seen sitting on a sofa, which is was a pretty sight. In the MV she's also seen wearing a bright pink wig along with blue/green ends creating a sort of "ombre" effect which also is quite feminine.

Member Park Bom showed a sexy side yet again as her hair was slightly curled with her brown fading to pink hairstyle. Her "ombre" hair fitted her perfectly, which isn't suprising as she rocked many different hair colors in the past. Park Bom also showed a feminine appeal as her hair was wrapped in a scarf while sitting alone in the train animating a "retro" feel.

In this new song, 2NE1 went under a complete transformation captivating public's eyes and ears. "We always try to bring something new and fresh, which includes a new look so our song sounds even more refreshing." the members commented in a interview showing their bold and strong commitment to the transformation they rocked either way.

Meanwhile on the 8th, 2NE1 is set for a SBS "Inkigayo" comeback as they will be performing "I Love You" for the first time live. That's not all, this coming 28th and 29th, 2NE1 is set to start of their "New Evolution'' tour starting in Seoul at the Olympic Gymnastics Stadium in Korea. They're set for a worldwide tour in 7 countries and 10 cities.

Source: Nate
Translated By: Yasmine@WeLoveBom

[INTERVIEW] T.O.P in S Cawaii Magazine!

Posted: 09 Jul 2012 01:52 AM PDT

Q1. Use 1 sentence to conclude your personality. 
TOP: Along the flooding of time, my personality is changing too. In conclusion, I have double personality.

Q2. The earliest memory that you have?
TOP: I have been addicted to music since I was small. Since I was too absorbed in it, I only remember things related to music. (I always write lyrics when listening to music), that was around when I was in grade 5. 

Q3. Your dream when small?
TOP: Nothing particular. I fell in love with music when I was about 10, then I have been working hard for being a singer 

Q4. TOP san gave us a cool and handsome impression but the reality is?
TOP: I have different sides, some are known and some are not. Basically, I will not expose my secrets. 

Q5. Clothes that enables you to express yourself?
TOP: I like vintage and high-class fashion.

Q6. What is your fashion today?
TOP: It is the collaboration between MCM and PHENOMEMON and the jacket is designed specially by designer. 

Q7. The most satisfactory part of yourself? 
TOP: Eyes. 

Q8. How much time do you spend on dressing yourself in the morning?
TOP: 3 hours. I prepare while exercising these days and arrange clothes. Therefore, loads of time has to be spent. 

Q9. The item which must carry in ur bag?
TOP: Eh... (In japanese) it is secret!

Q10. Before your concerts, what do you do for sure?
TOP: I would rehearse the rundown in my mind because it is very important to devote all myself to the performance.I also drink plain coffee.

Q11. What kind of cheering from the fans make you happiest (in Japanese)
TOP: I am the happiest if you shout my name in Japanese.

Q12. Which place do you think you are the most relaxing when you are there?

TOP: At home. Since I have collected some sofa at home, I am the most relaxing when I am sitting there.

Q13. What thing do you most frequently buy at convenience store?

TOP: Drinks. I don't pick, just cold drinks is okay.

Q14. If you have to go to somewhere with members, where will it be?

TOP: We are now discussing it. Go to the seaside, we want to go to the seaside.

Q15. What is your own treasure?

TOP: My sentimental self.

Q16. If you were a girl, which member do you wanna date?

TOP: None. (laugh)        

Q17. If there were a button that you can press then you can go back to 10 years ago, would you press it?

TOP: I would. Because I have already known how these 10 years would be. And if I went back, then I could follow the path and challenge some new things.

Q18. About other members, do you have anything that you wanna know about them?

TOP: As the oldest member, I wanna know whether they have worked seriously.

Q19. What do you feel when you are doing live?

TOP: When I am performing on the stage because I have to devote all of myself to it, I will become more sensitive and emotional.

Q20. Looking back,what have you done to achieve success?

TOP: Being health is the basics. Keep both mind and body healthy is the most important.        

Source: TOP bar @baidu// RiceKwon@twitter

[VIDEO] A Pink released practice video for BUBIBU!

Posted: 09 Jul 2012 01:46 AM PDT

A Pink unveiled the practice video of their lovely follow-up song titled "BUBIBU".

The girls dance to the song in a very happy mood in the video below,check out their adorable performance here!

The girls have started the promotional activities for BUBIBU since last week!

[INFO] “PlayGirlz Japan” FAN MEETING 2012 -AFTERSCHOOL Japan Debut 1st Anniversary!

Posted: 09 Jul 2012 01:31 AM PDT

Date: 19th August 2012

Venue: New Pier Hall Takeshiba Tokyo

Time: 1st Session: Doors open 14.00 / Starts 14.30, 2nd Session:Doors open 18.00 / Starts 18.30

Ticket Price: ¥5,500 (for PlayGirlz Japan members), ¥6,500 (for non-members), Tickets go on sale on 14th July (midnight) – 18th July (23.59)

There will be talk & game segments as well as a mini live showcase.

Cr: fyafterschool

[NEWS] Jiyeon will film for "Running Man" with six male idols!

Posted: 09 Jul 2012 01:15 AM PDT

Popular idol group members will be the guests on SBS variety show "Running Man".

On the 9th, according to the broadcaster, Super Junior's Eunhyuk, 2PM's Nickhun, ZE:A's Siwan, MBLAQ's Joon, CN BLUE's Yonghwa and BEAST's Doojoon all confirmed their guest spot for "Running Man". T-ara's Jiyeon will make an appearance as the only female idol group member and will show off her charms.

The concept will be about the London 2012 Olympic Games.

A broadcaster said to Star News today, "Amongst fans, early rumors began circulating about if some members would be appearing. The most popular idol group members at the center of the Hallyu Wave will appear and there are a lot of expectations for the episode."

The broadcast will be on the 16th.

Credit: Nathaniel @ Diadem 

[VIDEO] Miss A's interview for 2012 Yeosu Expo!

Posted: 09 Jul 2012 12:39 AM PDT

Check out the interview of Miss A for Yeosu Expo 2012!

[NEWS] Lee Si Young wins boxing match

Posted: 09 Jul 2012 12:00 AM PDT

Actress Lee Si Young has won a preliminary boxing match for the 93rd National Sports Festival.

Lee knocked down her opponent in the women's 48-kilogram (105-pound) segment at the Seoul City Amateur Boxing Competition, which was held at Korea National Sport University in Songpa District, eastern Seoul on July 6th.

Lee claimed a win of 20-0, proving that she is more than just a pretty face.

As one of the four women who moved to the next round, Lee will face another match today.

If she wins the match, the 30-year-old actress will take the title as the Seoul representative and enter the ring at the National Sports Festival, which will take place in Daegu from Oct. 11 to 17.

While filming the KBS dramas "Poseidon" (2011) and "Wild Romance," Lee was professionally trained for boxing and has since pursued the sport wholeheartedly.

After first coming across boxing in her drama, Lee entered and won the Seventh Annual Women's Amateur Boxing Competition in 2010.

Source: JoongAng Daily