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"Second MV Teaser for Kim Hyung Jun’s “Sorry I’m Sorry” revealed" plus 19 more

"Second MV Teaser for Kim Hyung Jun’s “Sorry I’m Sorry” revealed" plus 19 more

Second MV Teaser for Kim Hyung Jun’s “Sorry I’m Sorry” revealed

Posted: 05 Jul 2012 08:53 AM PDT

After revealing the drama teaser, and a music video teaser, the second MV teaser for SS501 Kim Hyung Jun‘s “Sorry I’m Sorry” has been revealed.

This teaser reveals more of the song along with the choreography, the chorus hook also sounds pretty catchy.

Kim Hyung Jun’s second mini-album, ‘ESCAPE’ is slated for release on July 10th.

Check out the second teaser below.

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A Pink releases “Bubibu” Remix Version

Posted: 05 Jul 2012 08:26 AM PDT

To kick off their follow-up promotions, A Pink has released the remixed version of “Bubibu“.

The song received a lot of love from fans during their brief performances of “Bubibu” and after holding a fan poll, it was decided that “Bubibu” would be used as the follow up track.

Check out the remix version below.

Lee Juk and Yoo Jae Suk (Sagging Snail) release MV for “Punk in the Corner”

Posted: 05 Jul 2012 08:16 AM PDT

Last summer Lee Juk and nation MC Yoo Jae Suk combined to form Sagging Snail and received a great response with their songs “Apgujeong Player” and “As You Say.” Now, they’ve released their latest track “Punk in the Corner” along with the music video.

The song has the sounds of the Glam / New Wave rock from the 1980′s. Comedian Park Myung Soo makes an appearance parodying G-Dragon, Taeyang, and more. Comedian / MC Kim Jae Dong also makes an appearance.

Check out the MV below!

3rd Teaser for Wooyoung’s solo debut revealed

Posted: 05 Jul 2012 08:06 AM PDT

JYP Entertainment has just revealed the third video teaser for Wooyoung‘s solo debut!

This third teaser reveals a good portion of the music video along with the music for his title track “Sexy Lady“.

Wooyoung’s solo debut ‘23, Male, Single‘ will drop on July 8th.

Wonder Girls release second MV teaser for “Like Money”

Posted: 05 Jul 2012 07:51 AM PDT

After releasing their first teaser, the second teaser for the Wonder Girls upcoming digital single, ‘Like Money‘ has been revealed!

Fort those of you that are curious, the teaser still doesn’t reveal who is the special artist with over 40 million likes on Facebook. However, it does give you a further glimpse of the hot beat and their “futuristic warrior” concept.

Check out the teaser below.

ZE:A members bungee jump for comeback

Posted: 05 Jul 2012 07:29 AM PDT

Members of ZE:A have bungee jumped 223 meters (732 feet) for their comeback with ‘Spectacular‘.

Agency Star Empire posted footage of Junyoung, Kevin, and Hyunsik on their official website on July 5th KST. They’re reported to have gone through the challenge of jumping from China’s ‘Macau Tower’ during album productions.

Star Empire stated, “This Macau Tower is similar in height to the 63 building, and this is the world’s highest bungee jumping point. The members all jumped in order to resolve themselves to a successful comeback. On the other hand, all the managers who went with them for the challenge failed.”

Watch the clip of the spectacular jumps below, and check out their comeback performance on ‘M! Countdown’ here!

Source: Osen

Kim Hyung Jun teases fans with ‘Escape’ mini-album

Posted: 05 Jul 2012 07:01 AM PDT

Kim Hyung Jun has been keeping fans updated on his upcoming ‘Escape‘ mini-album, but previous teaser photos have kept the exact release date undisclosed.

Though various online stores have the “expected release date” marked as July 18th, it seems that ‘Escape’ may be coming out a lot sooner than expected.

Kim Hyung Jun tweeted on July 5th KST, “Oh? What in the world is this… T.T I’m touched… Kim Hyung Jun 2012 mini-album ESCAPE .. D-4,” along with the photo of the album cover above.

Fans commented, “I want this album,” and “I’m so excited for your comeback! Hyung Jun fighting!”

Source: Kim Hyung Jun’s Twitter

LEDApple’s KeonU no longer member of group

Posted: 05 Jul 2012 06:30 AM PDT

LEDApple‘s KeonU is no longer a member of the group. Due to health issues, he’s discontinuing activities as a LEDApple member and focusing on music composition.

The following message was posted on LEDApple’s official fan cafe earlier today:

“Hello. This is LEDApple’s manager. I regret to inform you of this disappointing news. First of all, I’d like to send my apologies for having to give you this news during their official promotions as well as thank those of you who have loved LEDApple. Due to health issues, KeonU has not been able to participate in promotions, and after a thorough consultation with the company, it’s been decided that he will discontinue LEDApple activities to focus on music composition. We ask that you encourage and cheer on LEDApple and KeonU who are working hard to show a more developed side of themselves during this chaotic time. Thank you.”

The group had their comeback performance of “Run to You on today’s ‘M! Countdown‘ with member KeonU absent.

Source: LEDApple fan cafe
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Wooyoung snaps photos next to his solo promotional posters

Posted: 05 Jul 2012 06:00 AM PDT

With promotional posters of Wooyoung‘s solo debut being decorated throughout the streets of Seoul, it seems as though the idol star wanted to see them for himself.

In the afternoon of July 4th, Wooyoung tweeted, “Riding the bus for the first time in a while,” and attached the photo above. He later posted, “And riding the subway…” as well as, “Arrived at the company ^^,” along with photos of each location.

Fans commented, “I wish I was there,” “Highly anticipating your solo debut,” and “Where are you going?

Wooyoung's solo debut album '23, Male, Single' will drop on July 8th.

20120704_wooyoung1 20120705_wooyoung_poster_jyparrive 20120705_wooyoung_poster_subway

Source: Wooyoung’s Twitter

Kim Kyu Jong to release 2nd mini-album ‘Meet Me Again’

Posted: 05 Jul 2012 05:31 AM PDT

Kim Kyu Jong will be releasing an album before he enters mandatory military service on July 23rd.

His agency, B2M Entertainment, tweeted the album cover above as well as the message: “Meet Me Again 2012.07.13 Release”.

Meet Me Again‘ is Kim Kyu Jong’s second mini-album and is being released as a final gift to fans before he enlists. One of the tracks in ‘Meet Me Again’ is “Thank You“, which he wrote the lyrics to personally.

Only 3,000 copies of the limited edition album will be sold, so fans should watch out for its release on July 13th KST.

Source: B2M Twitter
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T-ara’s Eunjung to be first idol guest on ‘SNL Korea 2′

Posted: 05 Jul 2012 04:58 AM PDT

T-ara‘s Eunjung will be the first idol star to feature as a guest on tvN‘s ’SNL Korea 2‘.

Eunjung will be hosting alongside sunbae singers Bada of first generation idol group S.E.S. and Horan of Clazziquai for the July 6th live broadcast of the comedy program. The three are appearing on the ‘Single Ladies’ special.

To check out how Eunjung, Bada, and Horan will fare on the live show, watch the July 6, 11PM KST broadcast on tvN.

In the meantime, watch the trailer below.

Source: Edaily
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Sunday Brunch revealed to be the lyricist behind CHI CHI’s “Love Is Energy”

Posted: 05 Jul 2012 04:25 AM PDT

The lyricist behind CHI CHI‘s comeback track, “Love Is Energy“, has been revealed to be singer-songwriter Sunday Brunch.

Sunday Brunch made her switch from singing to penning lyrics and has written a number of popular hits to date, like miss A‘s “Dazed“, f(x)‘s “Sorry“, and recently Wax‘s “I Love You“.

A representative explained, “CHI-CHI and Sunday Brunch are actually company labelmates, and she’s been responsible for a lot of the group’s musical growth. She not only writes their lyrics, but gives them unending support by acting as their vocal trainer and director.”

Sunday Brunch made her debut in 2008 with “200km/h” and earned attention for songs like “10 Cents” and “Don’t Leave“.

Source + Photos: Star Today via Nate

f(x) wins #1 + performances from July 5th’s ‘M! Countdown’!

Posted: 05 Jul 2012 03:51 AM PDT

Mnet's ‘M! Countdown‘ is back with another spectacular episode full of exciting performances!

Aside from the usual stages on tonight's episode, Super Junior, ZE:A, CHI CHI, Hello Venus, and LEDApple made a comeback.

Competing for the #1 spot, it was a hot battle among f(x), SISTAR, and After School, but in the end, it was f(x) who clinched the win tonight with "Electric Shock"!

Congratulations to f(x) on the 'M! Countdown' trophy and triple crown!


[Next Week's Teasers]

< Wooyoung >

< 2NE1 >


Apart from the comeback stages, After School, f(x), SISTAR, Dal Shabet, Boyfriend, JJ Project, VIXX, Juniel, Cross Gene, SangMin Lee, and Rhythm Power also performed.

Check out the performances below:


< Cross Gene >


< Juniel >


< JJ Project >


< f(x) >


< VIXX >


< Boyfriend >




< Dal Shabet >


< After School >

ZE:A comes back with “Aftermath” on ‘M! Countdown’

Posted: 05 Jul 2012 03:37 AM PDT

After touring six cities for their 'Fighting Project!', the boys of ZE:A have finally returned with “Aftermath” from their second album, 'Spectacular'!

Stepping up from their bright and energetic 'Exciting' release last summer, the boys have made their comeback with a brand new image combining smooth, modern charismas that only the nine members of ZE:A can pull together.

Check out ZE:A’s comeback stage of "Aftermath" as well as "Body to Body" below, and be sure to catch the rest of today's performances here.

Super Junior makes a comeback on ‘M! Countdown’ with “Sexy, Free and Single”!

Posted: 05 Jul 2012 03:28 AM PDT

For all the ELFs out there, the wait is finally over because Super Junior has made the group’s highly anticipated comeback on ‘M! Countdown‘ with "Sexy, Free & Single"!

"Sexy, Free & Single" is a song that incorporates R&B along with soulful House music that makes for an easy and addicting song. The fun lyrics tell the success stories of sexy, free, and single men.

Check out their comeback stage of “Sexy, Free & Single” as well as “From U” below, and be sure to catch the rest of today's performances here.

CHI CHI says “Love is Energy” on ‘M! Countdown’!

Posted: 05 Jul 2012 03:07 AM PDT

CHI CHI has finally returned with their third and newest digital single titled "Love is Energy"!

The 5-member group, including new member Shine, recently wrapped up promotions in Japan. They'll be continuing with promotions for "Love is Energy", which was released on June 29th KST.

The girls have been receiving a wide array of positive feedback, and they've been garnering much attention for their catchy 'hand blender' move in the choreography for "Love is Energy".

Check out the girls' comeback stage below, and be sure to catch the rest of today's performances here.

[Note: Member Boreum was not feeling well and was unable to perform on tonight's show.]

Hello Venus comes back “Like a Wave” on ‘M! Countdown’

Posted: 05 Jul 2012 02:51 AM PDT

The girls of Hello Venus are ready to move on from their adorable debut concept to a cooler look with their summer comeback song, “Like a Wave“.

Hello Venus successfuly captivated their fans with their fun dance track, "Venus", and they're looking to keep up with the heat of the summer with a refreshing new song that harmonizes their vocals to their full potential.

The six lovely voices of Hello Venus will definitely blast away the heat, so check out their comeback stage below, and be sure to catch the rest of today's performances here.

LEDApple makes a comeback on ‘M! Countdown’ with “Run To You”

Posted: 05 Jul 2012 02:40 AM PDT

Six-member rock band LEDApple have made their return with their comeback song "Run to You"!

The boys are returning with a marine concept and tune that are perfect for a fun and carefree summer.

Check out LEDApple’s comeback stage below, and be sure to catch the rest of today's performances here.

NU’EST releases MV teaser for “Action”

Posted: 05 Jul 2012 02:16 AM PDT

NU’EST has released the music video teaser for the group’s upcoming singleAction“!

Fans have been anticipating NU’EST’s comeback ever since a teaser photo was released at the end of June. Ahead of their comeback, the members are planning to hold a 'movie event' with fans on July 7th.

NU’EST’s first mini-album will hit stores on July 11th. Watch the “Action” MV teaser below, and discuss!

Source: pledisnuest YouTube
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Yedang Entertainment to debut new idol group this month

Posted: 05 Jul 2012 01:52 AM PDT

Yedang Entertainment, home to artists such as Lim Jae Bum, Guckkasten, and Ali, is reported to be releasing a new idol group.

Though the agency has had a long history in the music industry handling broadcasts, albums, concerts, and various media content, this is the first time an idol group will debut under its label.

The 6-member boy group will debut July 19th, and they’re gathering interest as it’s been revealed that hit producers Shinsadong Tiger and Rado will be involved in their debut album.

Yedang Entertainment stated, “[It's a new group that has been prepared with a mastery and long-standing knowledge of the album industry.] The members have talent and charm to fully grab the attention of the public.”

The Yedang Entertainment idol group will have their debut showcase on July 19.

Source: TV Daily via Daum
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