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"YG Entertainment issues an apology for the use of animals on 2NE1′s comeback stage" plus 19 more

"YG Entertainment issues an apology for the use of animals on 2NE1′s comeback stage" plus 19 more

YG Entertainment issues an apology for the use of animals on 2NE1′s comeback stage

Posted: 09 Jul 2012 08:48 AM PDT

2NE1 recently made a fierce comeback with “I Love You” on SBS‘s ‘Inkigayo‘, however, the group has received some controversy for utilizing live animals on their comeback stage.

On the July 8th broadcast of ‘Inkigayo’, 2NE1 surprised viewers by stepping onto their comeback stage with a live parrot on CL‘s shoulder and swans in the background. Although the performance impressed some viewers, their use of animals on stage also sparked an outrage amongst animal lovers.

Even chief editor Kim Hyun Sung of fashion and culture magazine OhBoy! shared his thoughts regarding their comeback stage via Twitter stating, “I see that 2NE1 utilized swans and a parrot as props. They’re a very talented group who makes great music, but I hope they don’t do this again for their next stage.” He explained that the heat of the stage lights as well as an unfamiliar environment can cause animals to become distressed.

YG Entertainment has issued an apology regarding the controversary stating, “The stage was held after receiving consultation from animal experts and trainers who participated in putting together 2NE1′s stage performance. We worked to create a good performance, but if our efforts brought discomfort to viewers, we sincerely apologize. We will be sure to be more cautious in the future.”

Source & Image: StarIn via Nate

B.A.P releases video of “Goodbye” with Matoki

Posted: 09 Jul 2012 08:17 AM PDT

After announcing that rookie group B.A.P would be releasing their single “Goodbye”, TS Entertainment has uploaded a special video of “Goodbye” with the lovable Matoki.

“Goodbye” is a special single that has been released ahead of their mini-album.

In the short 48-second clip, the animated music video reveals the story of their character Matoki, and how it made an emergency crash landing to earth after living on a different planet.

The jacket photo of “Goodbye” reminded fans of the Beatles‘ ‘Abbey Road‘ jacket photo, and the song was composed by Jun Da Woon who also participated to write G.Na‘s “Because You’re My Person“, K.Will‘s “Struck Dumb” and more. B.A.P leader Bang Yong Guk along with 4men and K.Will helped to pen the lyrics. Guitarist TOP who played in Seotaiji’s band and worked with Seotaiji over 10 years has also worked on B.A.P for this particular project.

Wonder Girls release MV for “Like Money” ft. Akon

Posted: 09 Jul 2012 08:10 AM PDT

After releasing the video teasers for the Wonder Girls upcoming digital single, ‘Like Money‘, and revealing that Akon will be featured on the song, the official music video has finally been revealed!

The Wonder Girls look fierce with their futuristic bionic women / warrior concept while wearing some sleek looking outfits.

Numerous idol members spotted recording for ‘Running Man’

Posted: 09 Jul 2012 07:27 AM PDT

Popular idol members Im Siwan (ZE:A), Jung Yonghwa (CNBLUE), Yoon Doojoon (B2ST), Lee Joon (MBLAQ), Eunhyuk (Super Junior), Nichkhun (2PM), and T-ara‘s Eunjung have all been spotted recording for an upcoming episode of SBS‘s hit variety program ‘Running Man‘.

Numerous photos of the members were quickly uploaded onto various Social Networking Sites (SNS) and have caught the attention of many fans.

On July 9th, an SBS broadcast representative confirmed the news and revealed that the recording is currently taking place at the Olympic Park in Songpa-gu, Seoul. The recording will be for the 2012 Olympic special, which will involve the idol members competing against the ‘Running Man’ cast in various games of athletics.

Anticipation is building for this episode as fans left various comments such as, “‘Running Man’ is the best“, “I can’t wait!“, “Can’t wait to see their interaction“, and “I wonder why Eunjung is the only female idol.

Source: MyDaily via Nate
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f(x)’s Luna sets the record straight regarding her height

Posted: 09 Jul 2012 03:49 AM PDT

f(x)’s Luna vehemently argued against the rumor that her height is in the 150cm range.

On the MBC Every1 variety show ‘Weekly Idol‘ that will air on July 11th, f(x), who is currently receiving a lot of love with their hit song ‘Electric Shock‘ appeared as guests and there was a segment where they got to rewrite their profiles which have not changed since their debut.

But people were really interest in f(x) member Luna’s height and actively tried to find out what it was.

Luna said, “I am definitely over 160cm but people keep saying that I am only 151cm.  I want to verify my height here,” and slammed her hands on the table and stood up.  With people looking on, they brought out a tape measure and Jung Hyun Don measured her and said, “She definitely is over 160cm,” and cleared up the frustration she had within her.

Luna responded by saying, “I am so relieved now.  The average height of the members are at 168cm and I looked so small between them that I was so stressed,” and revealed how she felt deep within herself.

Also on the program, other things were revealed such as Amber’s hidden drawing talents, the love the members have for meat, and the idol that Luna wants to do a duet with.

‘Weekly Idol’ featuring f(x) will air on the 11th at 6:00pm KST.


Source: XSports News via Naver

Snoop Dogg disses Girls’ Generation?

Posted: 09 Jul 2012 03:31 AM PDT

Snoop Dogg recently tweeted a diss aimed at Girls’ Generation.

The famous rapper, wrote via his twitter account, “Legs n. thighs. No biscuits“, along with a photo of Girls’ Generation, implying that the girls are just Legs and Thighs, with no “Butts”.

It goes without saying, many fans were offended by the rappers tweet. Why he randomly tweeted about Girls’ Generation however, is puzzling, he must’ve been on something.

Netizens take notice of Kim Soo Hyun’s impeccable manners

Posted: 09 Jul 2012 03:20 AM PDT

Actor Kim Soo Hyun is being noticed for his manners on SBS‘s ‘Running Man‘.

On the latest episode that aired on July 8th, Kim Soo Hyun was given the mission to secretly eliminate the ‘Running Man’ cast members. But while undergoing the mission, the actor ran into senior actor Son Hyun Joo, who’s currently starring in SBS’s popular Monday-Tuesday drama, ‘The Chaser‘.

Upon seeing his sunbae, Kim Soo Hyun immediately greeted him with a perfect 90-degree bow and introduced himself saying, “Hello. I’m Kim Soo Hyun.”

Surprised to see the young actor, Son Hyun Joo asked, “What brings you here?” to which he replied, “I’m here filming ‘Running Man’.”

To this, Son Hyun Joo remarked, “That’s the program I enjoy watching,” and wished him good luck on the filming. Before parting ways, Kim Soo Hyun didn’t forget to do another 90-degree bow and thank his sunbae.


Source & Image: Newsen via Nate

G.NA shows off new photos in front of the ocean

Posted: 09 Jul 2012 03:15 AM PDT

G.NA showed off her glamorous body with the ocean in the background.

She wrote on her personal Twitter, “I am taking a photo while looking at Yeongdeok~ Why are Hyejung unnie and Yong Bok oppa so funny.  They really are… the best!  Now to Choon Chun, GO GO!!” and also tweeted the photos above.

In the photo, G.NA is wearing a tank top with a huge skull and posing in front of the big blue ocean.  Though she is not showing much skin, you can still see her amazing body line.  Even star trainer Shawn Lee acknowledged her amazing body by saying, “She has a body made by perfect genes“.

Fans who saw the photo commented, “Her life is a pictorial“, and “The scenery cannot even compare to her body.”


Source: Ilkan Sports via Naver

IU’s chubbier than expected belly?

Posted: 09 Jul 2012 03:10 AM PDT

An online community board recently uploaded a photo with the title, “The first shot of IU’s belly button.”

The photo is of IU performing at her first solo concert, ‘Real Fantasy’ in June.  In the photo, IU is seen with her belly exposed, cute pigtails, a ribbon and short shorts that make her look just lovely.

Netizens who saw the photo commented, “Her stomach is chubbier than I thought it would be“, “I guess her body is not extremely thin“, and “IU’s first belly button exposure?

Recently on a tv program, IU came out and had her height and weight revealed because people kept commenting on how small and skinny she was.  IU’s height is 161.7cm and she weighs 44.9kg.  IU stated, “People say that I am just skin and bones, or have the body of an elementary student but I weigh 45kg like most female celebrities, so I have a celebrity body,” which brought about a lot of laughter.


Source: Sports Chosun via Naver

Infinite members become fashion kings for ’1st Look’ magazine

Posted: 09 Jul 2012 02:53 AM PDT

’1st Look’ magazine recently revealed Infinite‘s charming black and white photoshoot.

The members each displayed a set of charismatic looks and poses, melting the hearts of many fan girls. The staff members were heard praising the members as they all showed off extraordinary modeling skills.

Infinite’s full photoshoot and interview will be revealed through the ’1st Look’ website.

20120708_infinite1stlook 20120708_infinite1stlook1 20120708_infinite1stlook2 20120708_infinite1stlook3 20120708_infinite1stlook4 20120708_infinite1stlook5 20120708_infinite1stlook6

JYJ’s Jaejoong shares multiple cute selcas

Posted: 09 Jul 2012 02:31 AM PDT

JYJs Jaejoong showed off his sculpted features in his recent selcas.

On the afternoon of the 6th, Jaejoong shared the above pictures by tweeting,”Working hard filming today…! Fire” and “When tired and sleepy from having an all-nighter, be more lively!

The revealed pictures showed Jaejoong looking even more handsome in a clean white button-down. He showed off his looks with his sharp features and flaunted his cute image with various expressions.

After seeing the pictures, the fans commented, “The white shirt looks really good on him“, “I might melt from his stare“, and “Even though filming is tiring, fighting.”

In related news, Jaejoong is playing the role of Kim Kyung Tak in MBC‘s weekend drama “Dr.Jin“.


Source+Picture: Jaejoong‘s Twitter

‘K-Pop Star’ contestant Kim Na Yoon officially signs with Starship Entertainment

Posted: 09 Jul 2012 02:07 AM PDT

‘K-Pop Star’ contestant Kim Na Yoon has officially signed with Starship Entertainment.

Starship Entertainment created a post on their Facebook page stating, “To everyone who loves Starship Entertainment, let us introduce our newest family member Kim Na Yoon. Kim Na Yoon has officially become a trainee. She is still a young and passionate individual so we believe it will take some time and effort before Na Yoon is able to stand on stage. Please cheer on for our new family member Kim Na Yoon!

Kim Na Yoon gained a lot of popularity through her exceptional vocal and keyboard skills on ‘Survival Audition: K-Pop Star’ which got her to the top nine spot.

A Pink releases dance practice video of “Bubibu”

Posted: 09 Jul 2012 01:34 AM PDT

The cute girls of A Pink have been receiving a lot of love for their performance of “Bubibu” and now you too can learn the dance.

The song received a lot of love from fans during their brief performances of "Bubibu" and after holding a fan poll, it was decided that "Bubibu" would be used as their follow up track.

Check out the dance practice video of Bubibu and we hope to see some great covers soon!

SM Movie ‘I AM’ to open in Los Angeles for one week

Posted: 09 Jul 2012 01:09 AM PDT

SM Entertainment‘s documentary film “I AM: SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR in Madison Square Garden” will be shown in Los Angeles for an exclusive one-week engagement at CGV Cinemas.

“I AM” will be playing at the CGV Cinemas in Los Angeles from Friday, July 13th to Thursday, July 19th. This documentary follows the SM TOWN stars including BoA, Kangta, TVXQ, Girls’ Generation, SHINee, Super Junior, and f(x) both on and off the stage at their 2011 “SMTOWN Live World Tour” concert in New York.

In the meantime, check out the movie trailer and posters below.

20120709_iam_1poster 20120709_iam_2kangta 20120709_iam_3boa 20120709_iam_4yunho 20120709_iam_5changmin 20120709_iam_6taeyeon 20120709_iam_7hyoyeon 20120709_iam_8seohyun 20120709_iam_9tiffany 20120709_iam_10yoona 20120709_iam_11jessica 20120709_iam_12yuri 20120709_iam_13sooyoung 20120709_iam_14sunny 20120709_iam_15yesung 20120709_iam_16donghae 20120709_iam_17eunhyuk 20120709_iam_18kyuhyun 20120709_iam_19leeteuk 20120709_iam_20ryeowook 20120709_iam_21 shindong 20120709_iam_22siwon 20120709_iam_23sungmin 20120709_iam_24onew 20120709_iam_25minho 20120709_iam_26taemin 20120709_iam_27jonghyun 20120709_iam_28key 20120709_iam_29victoria 20120709_iam_30krystal 20120709_iam_31luna 20120709_iam_32amber 20120709_iam_33sulli

Super Junior sweeps weekly charts with their 6th album

Posted: 09 Jul 2012 01:08 AM PDT

Boy group Super Junior proved to be the all-mighty idol group once again.

After recently making a comeback with their 6th album, Super Junior claimed the number 1 spot on various music charts and lived up to their title, ‘Album Kings’.

After the release of their 6th album ‘Sexy, Free & Single‘ on July 4th, the group claimed first place on the Hanteo Chart, Hot Tracks, and other various music charts. They placed first on not only the real-time and daily charts, but also the weekly charts with an overwhelming sales volume, confirming their immense popularity.

Moreover, the music video for their title track ‘Sexy, Free & Single‘ currently holds over 5,000,000 views on Youtube, reflecting its explosive popularity. Such popularity attests to Super Junior’s new music and performance appeal to music fans worldwide.

Super Junior also appeared on music programs and performed ‘Sexy, Free & Single‘, which highlights Super Junior’s unique group dance and energetic performance, as well as the mellow couple song ‘From U‘, which showed off a new side of the group, capturing the audience’s attention.


Source: Naver

Are Bada and Noh Hong Chul dating?

Posted: 09 Jul 2012 12:55 AM PDT

Bada appeared on the July 7th broadcast of tvN’sSNL Korea 2‘ and confessed on the show that she is dating Noh Hong Chul.

During the show, Horan mentioned that she is dating a person that she went out with 10 years ago and Bada went on to say, “I was not going to say anything, but I feel like I can on this show.  I am dating Noh Hong Chul.  We wear couple clothes and take pictures together.”

To this, the director asked if they just had a close relationship, but Bada gave no further explanation.

After a while however, it turned out to be false.  Bada said, “I was kidding when I said that I was dating Noh Hong Chul.  I had a few months off from work and during the break I went to the army.  I am actually a man,” which also caught the audience off guard.

Rumors of Bada and Noh Hong Chul have come up numerous times and suspicions of their relationship grew, after a polaroid of the two looking very close and affectionate spread.


Source: Hankook Ilbo via Naver

Son Dambi shows off her beautiful makeup

Posted: 09 Jul 2012 12:50 AM PDT

On July 5th, Son Dambi tweeted a photo and wrote, “Filming but it is so hot that I got a mental block.”

Her beautiful makeup, especially the bright blue eye liner contrasted against her milky white face, made her look like a Barbie Doll, and caught the attention of many fans.

Fans who saw the photo of Son Dambi commented, “Son Dambi’s makeup is very pretty“, “I wonder what she was filming for to have her makeup done that way?“, and “Whatever Son Dambi does with her makeup fits her well.”


Source: Kangwon Ilbo via Naver

New boy group C-CLOWN releases teaser video

Posted: 09 Jul 2012 12:17 AM PDT

Yedang Entertainment‘s new six member male idol group C-CLOWN has just released a teaser video!

From the teaser we can see a glimpse of the six members, plus a sample of their music, causing a lot of anticipation.

Yedang Entertainment stated the next teaser is soon to come and will reveal more about the individual members and their concept.

In the mean time, check out their first teaser below.

2NE1 to premiere dance practice video on July 11th

Posted: 08 Jul 2012 11:49 PM PDT

Less than 24 hours since 2NE1‘s phenomenal Inkigayo comeback stage, and the ladies have given fans another surprise.  On July 11th at midnight KST, 2ne1 will reveal an “I Love You” dance practice video.

This isn’t the first time, 2NE1 has released a choreography video.  In fact, their choreography clip for “I am the Best“, released last year, has logged over 7 million views and counting.  If you haven’t seen it, it’s worth a watch.

Blackjacks have been clamouring for a video of the full choreography since the music video dropped, it looks like fans will be getting their wish very soon.

Are you excited?

Source: YG-Life

4minute to release new Japanese single, “Love Tension”

Posted: 08 Jul 2012 11:07 PM PDT

via tokyohive:

4minute has revealed that they will be releasing a new Japanese single titled “Love Tension” on August 22nd!

“Love Tension” is 4minute’s first Japanese single in about 8 months. It’s described as a pop number with a catchy hook. For it’s coupling track, the single will include a Japanese version of “Volume Up“, which was released in Korea earlier this year.

Check out the jacket covers and track list below!


<Limited Edition A>

01. Love Tension
02. Volume Up (Japanese Version)
03. Love Tension (Karaoke Version)
04. Volume Up (Japanese Version)

Love Tension (Music Video)

<Limited Edition B>

01. Love Tension
02. Volume Up (Japanese Version)
03. Love Tension (Karaoke Version)
04. Volume Up (Karaoke Version)

Volume Up (Korean Version Music Video)
Love Tension (Music Video -Making-)

<Regular Edition>

01. Love Tension
02. Volume Up (Japanese Version)
03. Love Tension (Karaoke Version)
04. Volume Up (Karaoke Version)

Source: 4minute’s Official Website