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"2PM’s Junsu to be referred as Jun.K instead of Min-Jun" plus 19 more

"2PM’s Junsu to be referred as Jun.K instead of Min-Jun" plus 19 more

2PM’s Junsu to be referred as Jun.K instead of Min-Jun

Posted: 19 Oct 2012 09:37 AM PDT

JYP Entertainment has announced that 2PM‘s Junsu will be referred by his solo stage name Jun.K from now on.

Junsu had announced his name change over Twitter on the 16th, revealing that his family has decided to change his name from Junsu to Min-jun. He announced that he will be keeping the solo name of Jun.K, but fans had been curious what he would be called in 2PM.

JYP Entertainment finally answered the question on the 19th, saying, “2PM member Kim Junsu has changed his name to ‘Kim Min-jun’. His name has been changed because of family matters. So he will not be using the name ‘Kim Junsu’ anymore. His official stage name will be ‘Jun.K’, the name he used for his solo activities and while he was composing. Kim Min-jun will not be used on the stage.

B1A4 sells out 8000 seats for their concert in 5 minutes

Posted: 19 Oct 2012 09:08 AM PDT

Boy group B1A4 had announced their first concertBABA B1A4‘ last week.

Tickets for their first concert, to be held on December 8th and 9th, went on sale on the 18th. There were 8000 seats available, and all seats were sold out within 5 minutes.

CJ E&M stated, “5 minutes before the ticket sales opened, 75,000 people tried to access the site simultaneously. The concert information that was on the home page was viewed 55,000 times. There was a lot of interest even before the sales began.

Since B1A4 debuted with “Let’s Fly” last year, the group has been commanding much popularity, with almost 120,000 fans registered into their fancafe.

B2ST Doojoon’s role for ‘IRIS 2′ finalized

Posted: 19 Oct 2012 08:38 AM PDT

Previously, it had been reported that Doojoon‘s role in ‘IRIS 2‘ was confirmed, and that he would be playing agent Yoon Shi Hyuk.

However that was just speculation and plans have now been finalized, and it has been revealed that he will actually be playing Seo Hyun Woo, an NSS elite agent. Seo Hyun Woo is a confident, bright agent who is adept at everything including shooting, martial arts, code breaking, and foreign languages. Not only that, but he will have a heart wrenching love triangle with the main characters Jang Hyuk and Lee Da Hae.

Doojoon has proven his acting skills before in both dramas and movies, so fans are highly anticipating his role in the drama. He is planning to showcase an intense charisma that will rival T.O.P in the first ‘IRIS‘.

Oh Yeon Seo to speak with MBLAQ Lee Joon’s mother for the first time on ‘We Got Married’

Posted: 19 Oct 2012 08:06 AM PDT

On the upcoming episode of MBC‘s ‘We Got Married‘, actress Oh Yeon Seo will be speaking with the mother of MBLAQ‘s Lee Joon for the first time.

The couple will be shown planting vegetable plants together in their outdoor garden and with their lack of gardening experience, Lee Joon calls his mother for assistance. This leads Oh Yeon Seo and her new mother-in-law to begin talking to each other for the first time over the phone. Oh Yeon Seo seemed quite nervous while speaking with Lee Joon’s mom and Lee Joon was reported to have coached her on what to say during the conversation.

Tune in to see how this conversation turns out on the October 20th episode of ‘We Got Married’.

2AM’s Changmin certified as composer

Posted: 19 Oct 2012 07:31 AM PDT

2AM‘s Changmin is now officially certified as a composer.

Changmin posted to Twitter on the 19th: “I’m composer Lee Changmin. Kekeke. I got it~,” and attached a photo of his ‘copyright trust certificate’. The ‘copyright trust certificate’ is granted by the Korea Music Copyright Association for composers who want to make sure their work is copyrighted and protected.

The 2AM member has previously received recognition as a singer-songwriter for composing songs, such as To Love Again” and “I Love You I Love You“, for his group.

Fans commented, “Lots of money for copyrights”, “I’m so proud”, “I thought you were only a good singer, and now you’re a composer too? An idol musician”, and “You’re becoming like your teacher J.Y. Park. In terms of both looks and talent. Haha”.

Congrats to Changmin!

Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon relieves stress with piercings?

Posted: 19 Oct 2012 07:16 AM PDT

Girls’ Generation Taeyeon‘s unique way of relieving stress was revealed during the recent filming for Y-STAR‘s ‘GoongGeumTa‘ (‘Curious’).

The show covered how stars wind down at the end of a long day. One piercing shop employee stated, “When stars get overstressed, they come to get a piercing.” He then revealed that Taeyeon, members of INFINITE, and other idols are regular customers.

The employee continued, “In the case of female idols like Taeyeon, [I mostly use] sparkly accessories, while male idols [usually request] simple yet large piercing items.”

Also on the show, Big Bang‘s G-Dragon and T.O.P as well as F.T. Island‘s Hongki were reported to deal with their stress by getting professional manicures, while Han Ga In and BoA go for a healthier route with yoga.

This episode of ‘GoongGeumTa’ will air on October 21 KST.

Who Wore it Better: Lee Joon vs Suzy

Posted: 19 Oct 2012 06:56 AM PDT

During MBC‘s ‘Mister and Miss Idol Korea Contest‘, MBLAQ‘s Lee Joon wore a grey sweatshirt with an owl design on the front.

On September 9, miss A‘s Suzy tweeted a picture of herself wearing the same shirt.

The shirt is from Lucky Chouette, a Korean brand that has landed Suzy in our ‘Who Wore it Better’ feature twice before (1, 2). The version Suzy and Lee Joon wore is sold out, but there is a pink version and a white version available for ~135 USD on Lucky Chouette’s website.

So, who wore it better? Cast your vote in the poll, and let us know in the comments why you voted that way!

Brown Eyes’ Yoon Gun to replace Psy as ‘Superstar K4′ judge

Posted: 19 Oct 2012 06:36 AM PDT

With Psy unable to continue as a judge on ‘Superstar K4‘ due to  his commitments abroad, Brown Eyes Yoon Gun has stepped up to the plate.

On his addition to the show, the singer commented, “I will bring all the musical ability I have with me.” He continued, “With this season’s live broadcasts, the judging for the surviving top 9 has been completed. I’m honored to rejoin ‘Superstar K4′, the stage of dreams and passion. As it’s a place where super stars who are recognized by the Korean people are chosen, I’ll be judging very carefully.”

Yoon Gun is not new to judging, however, as he previously appeared on the season as a special guest judge for the Busan auditions. Round two of ‘Superstar K4′ will air on the 19th at 11PM KST.

In related news, Yoon Gun released his mini-albumFar East 2 Bricklane‘ this past week.

G-Dragon collaborates with AMBUSH for upcoming GQ pictorial

Posted: 19 Oct 2012 06:13 AM PDT

Big Bang‘s G-Dragon revealed a charismatic cut from his photo shoot with the men’s magazine GQ.

G-Dragon tweeted on the 19th:

The photo G-Dragon shared is a preview of his collaboration with the accessory brand AMBUSH, which will be revealed in the November issue of GQ

Fans responded, “So cool”, “Wonder when it’s coming out exactly”, and “I’ll be waiting for the day GQ comes out”.

More idols confirmed for ‘The Romantic & Idol’

Posted: 19 Oct 2012 05:51 AM PDT

More idols have been confirmed for tvN‘s upcoming ‘love variety’ show ‘The Romantic & Idol‘!

It was previously reported that 2PM‘s Jun.K and 4minute‘s Jihyun would be appearing on the show, and now tvN has announced that MBLAQ‘s Mir, ZE:A‘s Hyungsik, JJ Project‘s JB, Rainbow‘s Seung Ah, FIESTAR‘s Jei, and AOA‘s Hyejeong will also be participating.

The eight idols wrapped up filming earlier this month on Jeju Island, where they went on romantic dates and even cooked together.

The premiere of ‘The Romantic & Idol’ will air on November 11 KST. The time slot has yet to be decided.

Are you excited for the show?

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Jewelry Semi’s new haircut becomes hot topic online

Posted: 19 Oct 2012 05:30 AM PDT

Jewelry‘s Semi is gaining attention for her shocking hair transformation.

On October 17, an online community board post titled “The agency made an idol into an ahjumma” surfaced, and since then, it’s been causing talk among netizens.

The post compared a past picture of Semi with long hair to current pictures of her performing Jewelry’s newest single “Look At Me“. The author of the post wrote, “I watch music shows because Jewelry recently made a comeback, but I feel bad. Long hair looks so much better on Semi.”

Semi has been receiving much love for her petite figure and cute visuals ever since her audition on ‘Superstar K1‘. However, many are saying that her new haircut fails to enhance her cute and fresh charms and makes her look older instead.

After seeing the comparison pictures, netizens commented, “A girl suddenly became an ahjumma“, “Why did she cut her hair, it’s sad“, “I want her to come back with long hair, Semi is really pretty“, and “Stylist, come out. Let’s fight“.

Meanwhile, Semi seems to be aware of the talk about her new hair. She posted to Twitter on October 14: “Do I look like an ahjumma?! I’m not an ahjumma!!! Please accept it as a transformation ;-..(“, and shared the photo below.

What do you think of Semi’s new hairstyle?

allkpop TV Guide: Nice Guy Ep. 11

Posted: 19 Oct 2012 05:08 AM PDT

Official Synopsis: Betrayed by his girlfriend Han Jae Hee (Park Si Yeon), Kang Ma Roo (Song Joong Ki) uses Seo Eun Gi (Moon Chae Won), an heiress who has lost her memory, to exact his revenge.

Ratings: KBS‘ ‘Nice Guy‘ still retained its first place position although its ratings dropped slightly for this week’s episode as it achieved a 14.9%. Meanwhile, with MBC‘s ‘Arang and the Magistrate‘ (starring Lee Jun Ki and Shin Min Ah) coming to a close this week, its rating was able to increase to 12.4%. Ratings for SBS‘ ‘The Great Seer‘ (starring Ji Jin Hee, Ji Sung, and Kim So Yeon) have been steadily increasing as it achieved a double digit rating of 10.6%.

Recap of Ep. 11: After Ma Roo hears that Eun Gi was taken by someone to meet him, he frantically searches for Eun Gi and catches her leaving a rest stop with Jae Hee’s brother, Jae Sik (Yang Ik Joon). Cornering Jae Sik’s car, Ma Roo furiously pulls Jae Sik out of the car ready to beat him up, only to be stopped by a confused Eun Gi. Jae Sik is able to run away, and Ma Roo yells angrily at Eun Gi for following a stranger and tells her that he was never planning to meet with Eun Gi. However, Eun Gi takes it the wrong way and apologizes for bothering someone who has no recollection of her. Refusing Ma Roo’s attempts to drive her back, she takes a taxi alone, while Ma Roo sits with a frustrated expression in his car.

Meanwhile, Jae Hee is thinking over her conversation with her brother and later receives a text message from him. He says he’s done with the job and asks for his reward. Eun Gi is in her own world as she listens to music, ignoring her secretary’s call to see the doctor. While fiddling with her boom box, she gets a flashback of listening to music while driving with Ma Roo. Meanwhile, Jae Sik is gambling when Jae Hee calls to tell him that his “reward” is coming. However, Jae Sik is met with a rude awakening when only police officers arrive and arrest all the gamblers. Yelling angrily at Jae Hee for playing with him, Jae Sik is discovered by a police officer and tries to escape.

After a restless night, Ma Roo is about to enter his house when an exhausted Jae Sik admits that Jae Hee was the one who ordered him to kidnap Eun Gi. Ma Roo drives to Eun Gi’s home and meets up with her secretary (Jin Kyung). Meanwhile, Lawyer Ahn (Kim Tae Hoon) sends one of his workers with the photo from Jae Sik to find out where Eun Gi is living. Eun Gi’s secretary sees the worker in her neighborhood and gets fearful that they caught on to Eun Gi’s location. She asks Ma Roo to take Eun Gi away while she stalls the man.

However, Ma Roo’s task is not as easy as it seems as Eun Gi is still angry and acts like Ma Roo is a stranger, refusing to follow him. She prevents him from coming in, as the two stand at each side of the door. Ma Roo begins telling her their few encounters together, from their encounter in the airplane to the motorcycle incident. Eun Gi ultimately opens the door when he describes her personality as brash and rude. Telling her he’ll continue later in the car, he takes her away just in time. Meanwhile, Lawyer Park Joon Ha (Lee Sang Yeob) prevents Lawyer Ahn’s men from entering the house. Joon Ha is shocked when he is told that Ma Roo helped take Eun Gi away from the house. Later, Ma Roo packs his belongings intending for him, Jae Gil (Lee Kwang Soo), and Choco (Lee Yoo Bi) to move so Jae Hee wouldn’t be able to find them.

In the next business meeting, Jae Hee persuades the company board to remove Eun Gi from her CEO position. Jae Hee goes to Ma Roo’s home and begins crying when she finds it empty and abandoned, while Ma Roo is driving a moving truck with a sleeping Eun Gi holding onto Ma Roo’s hand.

The ceremony for Jae Hee’s inauguration as CEO begins with Jae Hee giving a grand speech. However, it is interrupted as stunned guests turn to find a Eun Gi walking among the crowd. A shocked Jae Hee tries to regain her composure and hugs her “daughter”, while Eun Gi is crying. Eun Gi takes the microphone and explains that she was sick due to the car accident and she needed time to recover. Continuing, she shocked and scared Jae Hee further as Eun Gi explained, “However, because of the accident’s effects, I have the disorder prosopagnosia. There are times when I can’t recognize people’s faces. And my body condition is not perfect. Until then, I will need someone’s help. Kang Ma Roo. I wanted to introduce him to my Tae San family first. He is my fiance and will help me raise Tae San. He is Kang Ma Roo.


kdramacrazy's Thoughts:

[ Note : This post reflects the opinions of the author, not necessarily those of allkpop.]

God. What a knockout for Jae Hee. I’m surprised she didn’t collapse in shock, anger, and frustration when Ma Roo stood from the audience. And who’s totally excited and probably (falsely) happy that Eun Gi and Ma Roo will be working together for Tae San, and that they’re freaking engaged? There are so many possibilities and unexpected turns that their relationship can take because it’s not just the ‘casual dating-using you secretly for my revenge’ relationship. It’s a business relationship, guardian/child relationship, and a romantic relationship. I love how the relationship between Eun Gi and Ma Roo is a clean slate. The empty house that Jae Hee finds? Symbolic of the broken thread between Jae Hee and Ma Roo. Jae Hee could always depend upon Ma Roo, could always find him waiting for her, but he’s not there anymore because he’s gravitating towards Eun Gi. Although he still wants to see Jae Hee fall from grace, he’s more motivated because of Eun Gi, not because of his own interests. That’s why I’m finally so joyful and glad that the wall between Eun Gi and Ma Roo is disappearing as Ma Roo can finally open the emotions he locked up and move away from the past he was stuck in.

I’m also interested in how Eun Gi’s character will develop. Was anyone’s interest piqued by the tears she shed when she hugged Jae Hee? Will she become the new kind, innocent girl or will she abruptly recover her brash personality that she had before the accident when she gains her memory back? I’m hoping for a fusion of the two. Character development infused with the directness and confidence she had before. Because she begins with a new life, I’m hoping that her family problems will be resolved. Her missing family members can be replaced by Ma Roo or Lawyer Park Joon Ha (you need to be more active, Joon Ha! Make Ma Roo jealous!), which will transform her into a new character. She’ll also gain the bluntness and confidence to go against Jae Hee and Lawyer Ahn. As I mentioned in the beginning of the paragraph, I’m curious how she’s going to interact with Jae Hee. Will Eun Gi think of “Jae Hee” as the bad person she should try to defeat? Or will she act differently towards Jae Hee, maybe bringing out more of Jae Hee’s kindness that we never see?

Either way, I’m ready for the roller coaster. I think. Or can we just send Jae Hee and Lawyer Ahn to Siberia and have the photos below be reality for Eun Gi and Ma Roo?

Epik High releases BTS photos from “UP” & “Don’t Hate Me” MV sets

Posted: 19 Oct 2012 04:46 AM PDT

Epik High has released behind-the-scenes photos from their music videos for “UP” and “Don’t Hate Me“.

The trio made a comeback with their 7th album, ‘99‘, today, and fans are saying that their MVs definitely represent the YG Entertainment style.

'99′ will be released offline on the 23rd, and Epik High will make their comeback, joined by 2NE1‘s Park Bom, on October 21st's 'Inkigayo'.

Check out the BTS photos below!

20121019_epikhigh_donthatememv_bts1 20121019_epikhigh_donthatememv_bts2 20121019_epikhigh_donthatememv_bts3 20121019_epikhigh_donthatememv_bts4 20121019_epikhigh_donthatememv_bts5 20121019_epikhigh_upmv_bts1 20121019_epikhigh_upmv_bts2 20121019_epikhigh_upmv_bts3 20121019_epikhigh_upmv_bts4 20121019_epikhigh_upmv_bts5 20121019_epikhigh_upmv_bts6

Rainbow’s Jaekyung shares a gorgeous selca from bed

Posted: 19 Oct 2012 04:23 AM PDT

Rainbow‘s Jaekyung recently shared a beautiful selca from bed.

On October 18, Jaekyung posted on her me2day account, “Everyone did a great job today. Thank you, and sorry, to all of the fans who came to the performance. T.T Good night, everyone,” along with the gorgeous photos above.

Upon seeing the picture, netizens commented, “Cutie Jaekyung noona“, “Get a good beauty rest“, and “Sweet dreams“.

In related news, Jaekyung will be showing a new side of herself on the upcoming SBS series ’Laws of the Jungle W“.

Busker Busker & Two Months release cover of SHINee’s “Juliette”

Posted: 19 Oct 2012 04:00 AM PDT

Busker Busker and Two Months have released their cover of SHINee‘s “Juliette“.

As part of the “top 11″ on ’Superstar K3‘, Busker Busker and Two Months’ cover was released as a part of the show’s ‘NEXT ELEVEN: Superstar K Season 3 Top 11‘ project called “A gift for you”.

Busker Busker and Two Months recorded their audition song in the studio for fans and viewers.

Listen to their cover, and check out their original performance on ‘Superstar K3′ below!

Psy wins 9th ‘Music Bank’ K-Chart + Performances from October 19th!

Posted: 19 Oct 2012 03:40 AM PDT

KBS's 'Music Bank' is back with another fun and exciting show that was chock-full of amazing performances!

The MCs for tonight's episode were After School's UEE and actor Lee Jang Woo.

Aside from the usual stages, Block B, Ailee, miss A, and Seo In Young held their comeback stages, BTOB held their follow-up stage, and rookie rock group TOXIC made their debut.

As for the winners, Ga In faced off against Psy for this week's 'K-Chart', but in the end, it was Psy who clinched the 'K-Chart' win with "Gangnam Style".

Congratulations to Psy for his 9th K-Chart win with “Gangnam Style”!


[ Next Week's Teasers ]

< Red Training >

< HyunA >


[ Backstage Interviews ]

< TOXIC, Ailee, Seo In Young, Ga In >


Others who performed tonight included 84LY, A.cian, OFFROAD, Chunja, Gavy NJ, EXID, TOXIC, MR.MR, RaNia, AOA, CHAOS, 100%, BIG STAR, F.T. Island, Navi, Jewelry, K.Will, Ga In, and TVXQ!

Check out the performances below:


< 84LY >




< Chunja >


< Gavy NJ >


< EXID >


< MR.MR >


< RaNia >


< AOA >




< 100% >




< F.T. Island >


< Jewelry >


< K.Will >


< Ga In >


< TVXQ >


miss A returns with “I Don’t Need a Man” on ‘Music Bank’

Posted: 19 Oct 2012 03:26 AM PDT

miss A has returned with their newest single "I Don't Need a Man"!

"I Don't Need a Man" is the title track of their latest mini-album 'Independent Women Pt 3'. The song, composed and written by J.Y. Park, has a bright melody and sings about young women who work hard and live confidently without depending on a man.

Check out miss A's comeback performance on 'Music Bank' below, which includes “If I Were A Boy“!

Seo In Young makes her comeback with “Let’s Dance” on ‘Music Bank’

Posted: 19 Oct 2012 03:19 AM PDT

Seo In Young is back with "Let's Dance"!

After wrapping up her "Anymore" promotions, Seo In Young has returned with her newest single, "Let's Dance". "Let's Dance" is described as a dance track that combines elements of electronic disco as well as post disco, further showing the soloist's transformation in terms of her music style.

Watch her performances of "Anymore" and "Let's Dance" on 'Music Bank' below!

BTOB follows up with “I Don’t Know Anything But Love” on ‘Music Bank’

Posted: 19 Oct 2012 03:16 AM PDT

Rookie group BTOB has officially begun promotions for their follow-up track, "I Don't Know Anything But Love"!

Their title song "WOW" had gathered much attention due to the powerful performances and the New Jack Swing sound, and now they'll be showcasing their other charms through "I Don't Know Anything But Love".

The song is said to have been originally considered for their title track due to its strong sound and highly addictive melody. BTOB will be transforming into innocent men and singing emotional, witty lyrics that meld with the retro sound to create a different vibe from "WOW".

Watch BTOB's performance on 'Music Bank' below!

Ailee comes back with “I’ll Show You” on ‘Music Bank’

Posted: 19 Oct 2012 03:06 AM PDT

Rookie soloist Ailee has finally made her comeback with the release of her mini-album 'Invitation'!

The title track of the mini album, "I'll Show You", features an appearance by MBLAQ's G.O. The song also reached the top of real-time music charts just a day after its release.

Watch Ailee's 'Music Bank' comeback performance below!