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"F.T. Island shows their support for labelmate AOA" plus 19 more

"F.T. Island shows their support for labelmate AOA" plus 19 more

F.T. Island shows their support for labelmate AOA

Posted: 14 Oct 2012 09:05 AM PDT

Rookie girl group AOA has recently made a comeback with “Get Out“, and they recently got some support from their labelmates, F.T. Island!

AOA member Jimin posted on the band’s official Twitter account, saying, “Hello this is Jimin. Ahead of our AOA performance, we received a big cheer from our sunbaes FTISLAND ^_^ We’ll live up to everyone’s expectations with a good performance.”

The attached photos show the two groups posing for a cute family picture, as well as exchanging albums with each other. Both AOA and F.T. Island are managed by FNC Entertainment.

[Spoiler] Lee Kwang Soo apologizes to Cassiopeias on ‘Running Man’

Posted: 14 Oct 2012 08:38 AM PDT


Lee Kwang Soo apologized to TVXQ‘s fanclub, Cassiopeia, on the latest episode of Running Man.

As part of the defending team, Lee Kwang Soo teamed up with Yunho to hide from the chasing team. Living up to his ‘betrayer’ theme, however, he soon tricked Yunho into leaving their hideout, where he was promptly captured and his nametag ripped.

Following that incident, he started searching for the mission balls, which contained the nametags of the opposing team. As luck would have it, he discovered one with Changmin’s name written on it, meaning that the last surviving TVXQ member would be sent to jail as well.

Since he had become the biggest reason for the ripping of both Yunho and Changmin’s nametags, he perceived the hate he would be receiving very soon from their fans. “I will apologize to TVXQ’s fanclub,” he said. “I’m sorry, Cassiopeia.”

“Is it really Kwang Soo hyung?”, Changmin said, unable to believe that the ‘giraffe’ had gotten him out. Check out the full episode below!


Younha covers 2NE1′s “I Don’t Care” on ‘I Am A Singer 2′

Posted: 14 Oct 2012 08:14 AM PDT

On the latest episode of MBC‘s music competition programI Am a Singer 2, singer Younha riled up the crowd with her own rendition of 2NE1‘s hit song “I Don’t Care“.

“I really want to place in the top,” she said in a prior interview. “If I score low, I think I’m going to hurt. To practice this song, I have to stretch and warm up my body. Rather than a young girl, I’m thinking about expressing a more mature side of myself.”

For this performance, Younha invited indie artist Soul Dive to perform the rapping sections. “I was going to do the rap myself, but my stupid tongue won’t follow my directions,” she confessed.

Check out her powerful performance below!

‘We Got Married’ sees a boost in viewer ratings

Posted: 14 Oct 2012 07:52 AM PDT

MBC‘s variety program We Got Married seems to be making a comeback; its latest episode, aired last Saturday, recorded a nationwide rating 0f 8.1% according to AGB Nielsen Media Research.

This is a 0.5% percentage gain over last week’s broadcast. Notably, this week’s rise marks five straight weeks that ‘We Got Married’ recorded a ratings increase.

This uptick in viewership comes hand-in-hand with a total reformation of the show’s concept, bringing in fresh couples and tweaking the setting, introducing a ‘We Got Married village’ where all of the couples can mingle with each other.

If this trend continues, viewers may be able to see ‘We Got Married’ break into the double digits very soon. Meanwhile, its competition KBS‘s ‘Invincible Youth 2‘ recorded 4.4%, a drop from its previous broadcast.

Source: OSEN via Nate

DJ DOC’s Kim Chang Ryul reveals his son on ’1000 Song Challenge’

Posted: 14 Oct 2012 07:28 AM PDT

DJ DOC‘s Kim Chang Ryul has introduced his 9-year old son, Joo Hwan.

Kim Chang Ryul and Joo Hwan guested on the October 14th broacast of SBS‘s ‘1000 Song Challenge‘ and formed a team with Jewelry for the karaoke challenge.

MCs Lee Hwi Jae and Jang Yoon Jung were full of compliments for his son saying, “Your son has grown up a lot and is very handsome.

Jang Yoon Jung also added, “He’s now 9-years old, but he looks like he’s about to enter high school,” and to this, Kim Chang Ryul remarked, “He’s very shy in front of strangers.”

Meanwhile, others who guested on this episode were Baek Ah Yeon, AOA, RaNia, Andamiro, Sunny Days, Kim Sung Hee, 100%, and more.

allkpop TV Guide: Nice Guy Ep. 9-10

Posted: 14 Oct 2012 07:04 AM PDT

Official Synopsis: Betrayed by his girlfriend Han Jae Hee (Park Si Yeon), Kang Ma Roo (Song Joong Ki) uses Seo Eun Gi (Moon Chae Won), an heiress who has lost her memory, to exact his revenge.

Ratings: As SBS‘s ‘To The Beautiful You‘ came to a close, ‘The Great Seer‘ (starring Ji Jin Hee, Ji Sung, and Kim So Yeon) aired its pilot episodes with a disappointing start of a 6.5% and a 7.0%. Although the drama has top stars and high quality filming, ‘The Great Seer’ seems to be still recovering from the low ratings of ‘To The Beautiful You’ as it competes against other popular dramas. Meanwhile, KBS‘s ‘Nice Guy‘ is retaining its first place position with successful ratings of 15.3% and 14.9%. MBC‘s ‘Arang and the Magistrate‘ (starring Lee Jun Ki and Shin Min Ah) received 12.6% and 11.4%.

Recap of Ep. 5-8: Although Eun Gi is able to save her mother’s resort from Jae Hee with Ma Roo’s help, Eun Gi’s father, the chairman, becomes furious with her and sends her out of the house without any money. Eun Gi agrees happily with the decision and goes to Ma Roo’s home. However, she is interrupted when Joon Ha (Lee Sang Yeob) sends a CCTV photo of Jae Hee and Min Young (Kim Tae Hoon) kissing, to bait her into trying to return to the company. After finding out the details from Joon Ha and also resolving a conflict between the workers and company, Eun Gi goes to Ma Roo’s house drunk. The next day, although Ma Roo warns Eun Gi that he’s not a nice guy, she kisses him on the lips. However, she soon learns of the relationship between Jae Hee and Ma Roo when a woman gives her a photo of them together.

Despite knowing that, she continues liking Ma Roo, although she puts up a tough act as she ‘breaks up’ with him. Meanwhile, Jae Hee sends thugs without the Chairman’s permission to beat up Ma Roo to get him away from Eun Gi. We close in on Ma Roo thoroughly beaten, while Eun Gi is locked in her room. However, Eun Gi gets the courage to escape her room as she confesses her love to Ma Roo in the rain, which Jae Hee watches from afar. Ma Roo takes her in and tends to her, but gets a sudden call from Jae Hee, who lies and says she was beaten up by her brother who was released from jail as she’s in a crisis with the Chairman discovering the photo of the kiss. Ma Roo discovers the real truth and leaves her there, while Jae Hee relieves the memory from the night when a man revealed secret documents about the Chairman and attempted to rape her when she derided him. Ma Roo finds Eun Gi at the beach, where she’s still trying to take in the fact that Ma Roo and Eun Gi were past lovers.

Recap of Ep. 9: While Ma Roo makes the revelation that his past lover was Jae Hee, Eun Gi admits she knows and asks if everything was calculated. He admits everything was calculated, making her furious as she yells at him for lying, demanding why he would put his life on the line to retrieve the doll at the cliff. Eun Gi clutches at him, but ultimately leaves him.

Meanwhile, Jae Hee blackmails the Chairman with the secret documents. As he undergoes a sudden seizure/heart attack, the medicine bottle falls out of his reach. Jae Hee keeps the bottle out of his reach, demanding that her son and Eun Gi each share the inheritance equally. However, the Chairman falls unconscious as he slowly dies. Jae Hee is alarmed and is about to call 911, Min Young stops her. Meanwhile, Joon Ha has been listening to the whole encounter through his cellphone as he had a phone conversation with the Chairman before.

Eun Gi receives the news from Joon Ha that her father passed away. She suddenly goes in the opposite traffic in the highway, crashing into Ma Roo as the screen fades to white. We later find out that Eun Gi is in critical condition, with her father dead. However, after one year passes, Eun Gi has disappeared while receiving treatment. This gives Jae Hee’s brother ideas. Meanwhile, Jae Hee has taken the roles of the chairman in place of Eun Gi.

We later cut to a suave and sophisticated Ma Roo, who saves a “teacher” from swindling all his money. Ma Roo offers money to have the man divulge his company secrets. However, the deal is cut short as Ma Roo runs to the bathroom, vomiting. Ma Roo returns home and finds an angry high school student with how Ma Roo swindled his father out of his retirement fund. Although Choco (Lee Yoo Bi) tries to deny it, Ma Roo coldly admits it and blames the student’s father for being the gullible idiot, leaving Choco and Jae Gil (Lee Kwang Soo) upset and shocked.

We see Eun Gi’s secretary and Eun Gi in Ma Roo’s neighborhood. Eun Gi is left alone and she takes a piece of chalk to write Ma Roo’s name. However, she fails as the kids make fun of her. Ma Roo hears his name and is shocked to see Eun Gi there. Eun Gi recognizes Ma Roo from her photos taken in Japan and asks if they were in love.

Recap of Ep. 10: While Eun Gi asks if she and Ma Roo were past lovers, Eun Gi’s secretary finds her there with the aid of Jae Hee’s brother. Eun Gi’s secretary explains that that she took Eun Gi away from the hospital as Eun Gi lost all her memory and basic human skills and knowledge. As Eun Gi wanders around Ma Roo’s home identifying simple objects, Ma Roo rejects the offer to help with Eun Gi in regaining her memory. Taking Eun Gi by the wrist, he states, “You and I have no relationship with each other. We loved each other? Who? Us? Just because we took a photo together, does anyone become a couple?“. However, before he leaves, Jae Hee’s brother enters Ma Roo’s home. To protect Eun Gi, Ma Roo hugs her tightly facing away from Jae Hee’s brother, Jae Sik (Yang Ik Joon). Jae Sik gets a little suspicious but leaves the “lovebirds” alone.

As Eun Gi continues writing Ma Roo’s name, Jae Hee takes full control at the company, eliminating Eun Gi’s project. Ma Roo receives the company secrets from the “teacher” and ponders the existence of God and punishment/sin with the teacher. He gets called by his doctor friend who tells him of the urgent need for surgery for epidural hematoma (bleeding between inside of the skull). Ma Roo responds nonchalantly as he promises to undergo the surgery after tying a few loose strings.

Meanwhile, Jae Hee’s brother, Jae Sik makes a deal with Min Young of receiving an apartment in exchange of getting rid of Eun Gi. Jae Sik stays by Eun Gi’s home and after her secretary leaves, she goes to talk to Eun Gi. Lying that he is Ma Roo’s brother and Ma Roo wants to talk Eun Gi, she’s joyful as she changes her clothes. Jae Sik takes Eun Gi away to sell her for what seems to be the sex market, drugging her with a drink. Ma Roo is notified of Eun Gi’s disappearance as Eun Gi’s secretary wonders where she went. He pieces together that Jae Hee’s brother must be behind this and uses Eun Gi’s GPS track on her cellphone to track them.

Ma Roo just loses them at a rest stop but chases Jae Sik’s car furiously. He swerves right in front of Jae Sik’s car, stopping him as Eun Gi wakes up to see Ma Roo.


kdramacrazy's Thoughts:

[ Note : This post reflects the opinions of the author, not necessarily those of allkpop.]

The car accident and the following amnesia were erratic and absurd sources of conflict. Episodes five through eight was a little dry in its conflict pace as it was a ping pong game between Jae Hee being the queen of bitches, Ma Roo being subservient to Jae Hee, Ma Roo being so manipulative to Eun Gi, and Eun Gi being insecure with Ma Roo and Jae Hee. Although I loved the emotional development on Eun Gi’s part and the little opening of Ma Roo’s heart towards Eun Gi, it was admittedly slow and repetitive (as I was not interested in having more evil characters like Jae Hee’s brother come in or see Min Young come in). The car accident and the amnesia was such an abrupt plot twist that it just left me leave my jaw hanging. Yes, I knew that we were having amnesia and was wondering why so late in the game, but it came out of nowhere. Frankly, it was a cheap move. With Eun Gi finally breaking her relationship with Ma Roo and Jae Hee breaking her relationship with the Chairman, the cliche car accident was just an easy way to resolve the two plots and putting in the amnesia arc. There could have a little bit more development with Eun Gi’s emotional turmoil rather than having her attempt to kill herself a few minutes after breaking up with Ma Roo and finding out her father.

However, while the car accident was just out of nowhere and left me confused, dazed, angry, I loved the twist of Ma Roo and Eun Gi driving towards each other with their sad smiles. It leaves a lot to question the two characters, most especially Ma Roo who’s been so secretive the past episodes. Eun Gi, her two loves were her father and Ma Roo. Having to lose both at once drove her to craziness (though I wanted more build up for this). Ma Roo, though. Does he feel guilty about luring Eun Gi? Or are his love towards Eun Gi awakening and was this his twisted way to help her accept her decision? And yet again, I’m left questioning Ma Roo’s transformation during the one year break. As Jae Gil mentioned, why did Ma Roo turn even worse, more so than after losing Jae Hee?

While I’m just going to jump the logic and go along with the amnesia arc, I hope to see more of the dynamic between Ma Roo and Eun Gi (no need to see Jae Hee being more evil with her cronies). Because this is when Ma Roo has the chance to develop as a character and choose the road between a good human being, a caretaker for Eun Gi, or the bad person, who again manipulates Eun Gi to attack Jae Hee?

Actress Hong Soo Ah updates with a new selca

Posted: 14 Oct 2012 04:10 AM PDT

Actress Hong Soo Ah has updated fans via Twitter with a brand new selca.

The actress recently left a short message that read, “Fully concentrating on choosing a project!” and attached the beautiful selca above.

It seems as though Hong Soo Ah, who’s well-known for appearing in SBS‘s ‘Heroes‘ back in 2011, is looking for her next project after appearing in the KBS mini-series ‘Character of Steel‘ earlier this year.

Fans responded to her tweet leaving comments like, “You look like a doll“, “I look forward to your next project!“, and “You should appear on variety shows more often.”

Source: Hong Soo Ah’s Twitter

Wonder Girls’ Lim reveals and adorable baby photo

Posted: 14 Oct 2012 02:30 AM PDT

Wonder Girls‘ youngest Lim recently tweeted a super cute childhood photo at what looks like a birthday party.

The singer posted the tweet below on October 14th:

She looks sweet and adorable in a dainty white dress with a touch of lace.  Rather than a wide smile the precocious young Lim gives the camera a slight smirk showing off charisma even at a such a tender age.

Fans responded to her tweet commenting, "Unnie you’re so cute~~“, “Omg! So adorable! Sooo lovely. <3“, and “Haha , nothing has changed! Adorable as usual!

In other news, the Wonder Girls are scheduled to perform “Like Money with special guest Akon on December 1st at ‘KIIS-FM‘s ’Jingle Ball‘.

Thanks to neha200 for the tip.

Lee Soo Geun impresses with his amazing connections

Posted: 14 Oct 2012 01:40 AM PDT

Comedian Lee Soo Geun has impressed the public with his extraordinary connections.

Koo Ja Cheol, the captain of South Korea’s Olympic soccer team that helped lead Korea to a bronze medal, will be appearing as a guest on October 14th’s broadcast of ‘Three Fools‘.

A production crew member for ‘Three Fools’ said, “Koo Ja Cheol and Lee Soo Geun have had a hyung-dongseng relationship since long before, so it is known that Koo Ja Cheol accepted this love call without hesitation because of his relationship with Lee Soo Geun. Lee Soo Geun’s commitment to this show is so strong that he willing participates in recruiting guests.

This episode featuring Koo Ja Cheol is expected to show off the soccer player’s variety show skills as well as his unique charm.

Netizens were impressed by Lee Soo Geun’s connections and left comments saying, “How did Lee Soo Geun and Koo Ja Cheol become close?,” “Lee Soo Geun’s personal connections are amazing,” and “It seems there isn’t anyone he doesn’t know.

Performances from the October 14th episode of ‘Inkigayo’!

Posted: 14 Oct 2012 12:48 AM PDT

SBS's 'Inkigayo' is back once again with a new show full of exciting performances from the artists you adore, brought to you by the charismatic Lee Jong Suk, and IU!

Aside from the usual stages on tonight's episode, AOA, EXID, Jewelry, and K.Will held their comeback stages.

Check out the clips below!


[ Public Service Announcement ]

This week's PSA from 'Inkigayo' guest-featured Orange Caramel, who helped promote awareness on the importance of eating eggs!


[ Next Week's Teasers ]

< miss A>

< Ailee >

< Epik High >


Other performances from tonight included: Orange Caramel, Ga In, T-ara, SECRET, G-Dragon, TVXQ, MR.MR, RaNia, Baek Ah Yeon, BIG STAR, FIESTAR, 100%, Lee Suk Hoon, U-KISS, and 15&!

Check them out below!


< RaNia >


< Baek Ah Yeon >






< 100% >


< Lee Suk Hoon >


< U-KISS >


< 15& >


< Orange Caramel >


< Ga In >


< T-ara >




< G-Dragon >


< TVXQ >


K.Will is back on ‘Inkigayo’ with “Please Don’t…”!

Posted: 14 Oct 2012 12:37 AM PDT

Solo artist K.Will has returned with his latest hit title track named "Please Don't…".

The soloist has made a return with 'The Third Album Part 1', and is expected to top music charts with his heartfelt ballads like always. He has also unveiled the music video for his title track recently, starring SISTAR's Dasom along with Seo In Guk.

Many well-respected professionals have participated in the new album including Kim Do Hoon, as well as the lyricist for IU's "Good Day", the lyricist for 4men's "I Can't", and other famous producers, who have created successful pieces in the Korean music industry.

As always, K.Will has impressed with flawless vocals, and delivered a very solid performance for fans to enjoy.

Check it out below, along with his performance of "Butterfly"!

Jewelry says to “Look At Me” with their comeback on ‘Inkigayo’!

Posted: 14 Oct 2012 12:20 AM PDT

Jewelry has finally performed their comeback stage with "Look At Me"!

The 4-member girl group has made a return after a hiatus of one year and 5 months. They are opening the way for the October girl-group battle with a song from hit-making producer Shinsadong Tiger that has upgraded their sexy charms to another level.

Although it's been awhile since the ladies took the stage, they proved that their charismatic personalities have not faded.

Check out their performance below, along with "Rhythm HA!!"

AOA takes the stage with “Get Out” on ‘Inkigayo’!

Posted: 13 Oct 2012 11:56 PM PDT

AOA is back with their second single album 'Wanna Be'!

The group had originally scheduled the album release for October 11th but due to the requests of fans, they decided to reveal their new tracks a day earlier.

Containing three tracks including "Get Out", "Happy Ending", and "My Song", this new project is sure to showcase the girls' talents further and help them solidify their position as one of the more memorable rookie groups of this year, with talent clearly visible in their comeback performance.

Check out AOA's rocking clip below!

Yoo Se Yoon’s approval is more important to Tablo and Psy than music chart all-kills?

Posted: 13 Oct 2012 11:41 PM PDT

Tablo and Psy have revealed that comedian Yoo Se Yoon‘s approval is more important any music chart.

First, Tablo tweeted, “I’m going to work hard on Epik High‘s 7th album on October 19th and get Yoo Se Yoon’s approval” and attached a photo of his KakaoTalk conversation with Yoo Se Yoon. The conversation started with Yoo Se Yoon telling Tablo, “Today. It’s cold. Why is it like this today. It’s cold“, referring to Epik High’s new song “It’s Cold“. Tablo coolly replied, “Buy a padded jacket” and Yoo Se Yoon wittily replied, “I don’t want to look like a thug.

Yoo Se Yoon saw Tablo’s tweet, quoted and wrote, “Dude, you’re doing well“, to which Tablo answered, “I got approval from UV sunbaenim’s. It’s shocking“.

Psy saw the conversation and wrote to both of them, “Ta, you should set Yoo Se Yoon’s approval as your goal when you do music, not all-kill on music charts… kekeke I got approval recently kekekekeke“.

Tablo quoted Psy’s tweet and wrote, “Yoo Se Yoon > Billboard???“.

Fans who saw the conversation couldn’t help but laugh and say, “Yoo Se Yoon’s force is incredible“, “It’s so funny that Yoo Se Yoon’s approval is more important than music chart all-kills” and “Yoo Se Yoon may be the music industry’s biggest sunbae.

Rapper LK releases his first mixtape,’The Memos’ Part 1

Posted: 13 Oct 2012 11:02 PM PDT

Back in April, allkpop featured LK as a ‘solo artist with a silly smile and some serious talent‘. And now a couple of months later, LK has finally released his first mixtape with a more sophisticated sound and a complete image makeover.

Unlike “The Warm Up“, where he became his best advocate by announcing to the world of his existence with pride and confidence, this mixtape is filled with tracks illustrating the trials and errors that he faced during the journey to his life with music.

If “The Warm Up” is the baby lion cub with nothing to fear, “Shout (Wae-chin-da)” is like the graceful lion standing on top of the hill with some wisdom to share.

LK touches upon emotional inner struggles that everyone and anyone can relate to in “Shout”, but reminds us that we must put “our head up the sky“.

Even with all kinds of obstacles being thrown at his feet, this one motivated rookie’s journey is not about to make any u-turns just yet. LK is currently working on Part 2 of ‘The Memos’ and in the meantime, will be updating his YouTube page with various freestyle videos and covers in both Korean and English.

If you want to know more about LK, follow him on Twitter, or ‘Like’ him on Facebook!

You can download ‘The Memos’ Part 1 Here.


01. Smoking Up a Dambae
02. Me, Myself, and I (Feat. Maskerade)
03. Say What
04. Just Because
05. Dark Night
06. Warmt Up

Smoking Up a Dambae

Kwanghee and Sunhwa have the best skinship on ‘We Got Married’

Posted: 13 Oct 2012 10:21 PM PDT

During the ‘We Got Married‘ episode that was aired on the 13th, Yoon Se Ah, Sunhwa, and Oh Yeon Seo revealed the selcas they had with their husbands.

Yoon Se Ah revealed that she had no selca with her husband Julien Kang, and was unable to hide her disappointment. Oh Yeon Seo revealed her own selca, but there was a large distance between her and Lee Joon.

On the other hand, Sunhwa boasted that she had many selcas with her husband Kwanghee, and showed off the one she had taken just that day. The selca revealed her and Kwanghee sticking close together and making aegyo-filled poses at the camera.

In the same episode, Kwanghee wrapped his arms around Sunhwa to tie an apron around her waist. In earlier episodes, the couple demonstrated to the Oh Yeon Seo-Lee Joon couple how to touch each other, showing off that they had no barriers to one another.

15& successfully completes their ‘school attack’ guerrilla concerts

Posted: 13 Oct 2012 09:31 PM PDT

Talented rookie duo 15& has successfully held their ‘school attack’ guerrilla concerts.

Beginning on the afternoon of October 12th, the girls made their first stop at the Chungdam Middle School, followed by Eonnam Middle School at 3PM, Sungil Information High School at 5PM, and Dankook University at 8:40PM. For a total of eight hours, 15& held a surprise concert at each school, performing their debut song “I Dream“, their cover of Alicia Keys and Beyonce's “Put It In a Love Song“, and even SISTAR‘s “Ma Boy“.

The concerts were hosted by KT‘s digital music application, ‘Genie‘, and was attended by not only the students who attended the schools, but also the citizens living nearby who heard news of the free concert. The event attracted a total of 5,000 in attendance.

JYP Entertainment stated, “15& demonstrated their capabilities in front of the large sum of people. Please continue to show your support and look forward to the group’s activities.

15& will be continuing their promotions of “I Dream” on this week’s music programs.

121013_15&_guerillaconcert1_pr 121013_15&_guerillaconcert2_pr 121013_15&_guerillaconcert3_pr 121013_15&_guerillaconcert4_pr 121013_15&_guerillaconcert5_pr 121013_15&_guerillaconcert6_pr

Here’s a couple fancams from the events below:

Sunny Hill’s Kota celebrates her 26th birthday

Posted: 13 Oct 2012 08:41 PM PDT

Co-ed group Sunny Hill‘s Kota is celebrating her 26th birthday (Korean age) today.

On October 14th, the singer left the message on her Twitter: “Waking up and being able to live and breathe like this… It’s a good thing I’m born, right..?! Thank you everyone. I’m thankful to everyone and thankful to God for this day! A life I’ll always be thankful for…♥ Thank you, I love you. Please continue to watch over me!!

Loen Entertainment, also congratulated the singer, writing, “{#HappyKOTAday} It’s midnight! Today is Sunny Hill Kota’s birthday. From the on-stage Kota, who overflows with charisma, to the cute Kota off-stage. Please send lots of birthday wishes to Kota! Happy birthday♥.”

Happy birthday, Kota!

SHINee releases full PV for “Dazzling Girl”!

Posted: 13 Oct 2012 08:00 PM PDT

After releasing a teaser and a short PV for “Dazzling Girl“, we have finally gotten our hands on an upload of the full version of SHINee‘s  latest Japanese single.

The single is bundled with the track "Run with Me", and comes in three versions: 'First Limited Edition A', 'First Limited Edition B', and 'Normal Edition'.

The single is doing very well on the Oricon Chart and they performed it for the first time on the October 12th edition of NTV‘s ‘Happy Music‘.

Check out the PV below! What do you think?

Saturday Night Party Playlist

Posted: 13 Oct 2012 07:37 PM PDT

Yes, it's Saturday night and you know what that means… Party like K-Pop Stars! Below are some song recommendations to make your Saturday night even more epic!

Check out the previous playlists here.



Epik High- Run

4minute-Heart to Heart

Super Junior’s Donghae and Eunhyuk-  Oppa Oppa

DJ DOC- I’m This Kind of Person

Have a recommendation for our Saturday Night Party Playlist?  Send us a tip and we'll do a continuation!