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"JYJ releases Tony Moly Making Film" plus 24 more

"JYJ releases Tony Moly Making Film" plus 24 more

JYJ releases Tony Moly Making Film

Posted: 21 Oct 2012 09:04 AM PDT

The Making Film for JYJ's Tony Moly photo shoot has been released.
Watch below:

2AM, MBLAQ Infinite, Teen Top, Beast rebirth as a new group in 'Gayo Daejun'

Posted: 21 Oct 2012 07:30 AM PDT

The nation boy group representative has reborn as two new groups.

On SBS 'Inkigayo' (MC: IU, Lee Jongsuk) that was broadcast on October 21st show a slight preview of a special stage that will be perform on Gayo Daejun end of this year.

This year's 'Gayo Daejun' will reveal the existing groups to combine and reborn as new groups made of four colors. The first two of the group Dynamic Black and Dramatic Blue under the theme 'Color of the K-POP' have been revealed.

The boy group members that are participating are 2AM Jokwon and Jung Jinwoon, MBLAQ G.O and Lee Joon, Infinite Woohyun and Hoya, Teen Top Niel and L.Joe, Beast Lee Gikwang and Yang Yoseob. Through 'Gayo Daejun' they will rebirth again as two new groups.

The MCs hinted that Dynamic Black stands for bold and vibrant boy group and Dramatic Blue stands for sophisticated and emotional boy group.

Meanwhile this day on 'Inkigayo' we have TVXQ, Epik High, G Dragon, Miss A, Secret, Seo In Young, Ga-In, K.Will, FT Island, Jewelry, Ailee, BTOB, 100%, EXID, ANDAMIRO, Wonder Boys, MR.MR, etc.

Source: Newsen via Nate

G-Dragon kills fashion through accessories for GQ Magazine

Posted: 21 Oct 2012 07:00 AM PDT

G-Dragon's charisma overflows in his recent photoshoot for GQ Korea Magazine!

Big Bang's leader poses with Ambush, a Japanese accessory brand,for the November issue of GQ Magazine that will be on shelves on Monday.

In the pictures, G-Dragon is efforlessly striking various poses with unique accesories.

Check the photos below:

Source: @GQ Korea
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CNBlue successfully wraps up their Arena Tour 2012

Posted: 21 Oct 2012 06:30 AM PDT

CNBlue successfully concluded their Arena Tour 2012 today, October 21 in Saitama Super Arena.

To commemorate, the group strike a pose with all their sweaty looks.
FNC Music Japan tweeted,

"CNBLUE Arena Tour 2012~ come on !!!~The finale Saitama 2nd day! Successfully concluded. Thank you everyone who supported this tour! From now please give your support too!"


Source: @fncmusicjapan
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Hyuna Ah releases album 'Melting' in advance

Posted: 21 Oct 2012 06:02 AM PDT

Hyun Ah's EP album 'Melting' has been released in advance, earlier than its original release date because of leakage.The album is supposed to be released on October 22.

Her agency decided to release her tracks on October 21 because of uncontrollable leakage.As a result, fans can already purchase Hyun Ah's album through various music sites.

Cube Entertainment explained that they are still in the process of tracking the cause of leakage. The quick spreading of Hyun Ah's tracks made it impossible for them to block and that's why they came up with the decision to release it in advance.

The music video for "Ice Cream" will be released  at 12AM KST (Oct 22).

Source: Xportsnews
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Suzy & Yubin's trailer on Running Man

Posted: 21 Oct 2012 05:37 AM PDT

Miss A's Suzy and Wonder Girls' Yubin will appear in the upcoming episode of Running Man.

Check out the preview of the highly anticipated episode of Running Man below

GD asks Tablo, 'Why do I have to appear villain?'

Posted: 21 Oct 2012 05:30 AM PDT

On October 21, G-Dragon seems to be worried about appearing as a villain in Epik High's music video.

He tweeted Tablo, "Hyung, why do I have to appear as a villain in here?" and uploaded a photo.

It is a photo of Tablo together with little boys wearing sort of Halloween costumes, in which Tablo replied, "I'm curious also. Why are you sitting beside me?"

The boy sitting beside Tablo is dressed similarly as G-Dragon in Epik High's 'Don't Hate Me' MV.

Looks like G-Dragon is amused by the cute boy parody of him. The conversation stirs humor among netizens.

Source: GD and Tablo's twitter
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Big Bang to hold 'ALIVE GALAXY TOUR' in UK!

Posted: 21 Oct 2012 05:00 AM PDT

Big Bang added another country for their 'Big Bang Alive Galaxy Tour 2012", and it's none other than, London.

Here's the details:

▶ Date: December 15, 2012 (SAT) @ 7:30PM
▶ Venue: Wembley Arena
▶ Ticket Open: October 26, 2012 (FRI)
▶ Ticket Link: or

Source: Big Bang FB

BEAST performs on Prime Concert

Posted: 21 Oct 2012 04:27 AM PDT

BEAST performs their popular songs such as Beautiful Night,Fiction,Shock and Beautiful on Prime Concert.

Enjoy their performance below

B.A.P's comeback teaser on Inkigayo

Posted: 21 Oct 2012 04:00 AM PDT

B.A.P will make their comeback on Inkigayo next week,check out their teaser video on the show below.

Do you anticipate their comeback?

BTOB "Don't Know Anything But Love" on Inkigayo

Posted: 21 Oct 2012 03:30 AM PDT

BTOB follows up with "I Don't Know Anything But Love" on Inkigayo.

Check out their amazing performance below

SNSD sings "All My Love Is For You" on Music Japan

Posted: 21 Oct 2012 02:46 AM PDT

SNSD (Girls' Generation) performs their Japanese ballad song "All My Love Is For You" on Music Japan.

Enjoy their performance below

Epik High is back with "Up" & "Don't Hate Me" on Inkigayo

Posted: 21 Oct 2012 02:30 AM PDT

Epik High made their comeback on Inkigayo aired earlier today.

Check out their highly anticipated comeback stage below,the boys performed "Up" and "Don't Hate Me" on the show.

Lee Joon, hidden gambling instinct emerges "one more time!"

Posted: 21 Oct 2012 02:00 AM PDT

MBLAQ Lee Joon's hidden gambling instinct disclosure becomes a topic.

On MBC Every1 'Idol Manager' that was aired on the 19th shows scenes at MBLAQ Seungho, Thunder's surprise birthday party prepared by G.O, Lee Joon, Mir and the Three Beauties (Park Kyunglim, Kim Saerom, Jeonyul).

On the recording that took place prior the broadcast, Park Kyunglim, Jeonyul, Lee Joon are in a team, Kim Saerom, G.O, Mir on the other team on the streets at Hongdae to pick up birthday presents for Seungho and Thunder.

While walking in Hongdae Lee Joon suggested to prepare a drawing as a present upon seeing the unplugging machine. They had several attempts on the first target which is an alarm gadget, in the end challenging again and again.

However, after repeated failure Park Kyunglim said to stop but Lee Joon responded "one more time and you will be able to get it" admitting his gambling instinct stubbornly.

Towards this Park Kyunglim said "in the past the old people who keeps up to this will go home with their documents and everything blown", creating laughter at the back of the filming site.

On the other hand, Seungho, Thunder's Idol Manager surprise birthday party will be revealed on the 19th on MBC Every1 'Idol Manager' at 6 o'clock in the afternoon.

Source: StarN News via Nate

Hyuna's Melting mini album leaked!

Posted: 21 Oct 2012 02:30 AM PDT

It looks like Hyuna's highly anticipated new mini album "Melting" gets leaked before its official release. Audio files of the songs from her mini album have already surfaced online giving netizens a taste of what Hyuna's delicious new mini album is like.

The album is set to drop on the 22nd of October but if you cannot wait, listen to the songs in the meantime while waiting for the official release and music video too.

Ailee is back with "I'll Show You" on Inkigayo

Posted: 21 Oct 2012 12:34 AM PDT

Enjoy Ailee's highly anticipate comeback performance on Inkigayo,she performed her new song "I'll Show You" on the show

miss A says "I Don't Need A Man" on Inkigayo

Posted: 21 Oct 2012 12:31 AM PDT

miss A performed their new songs "If I Were A Boy" and "I Don't Need A Man" on Inkigayo,check out their cool performance below

2PM’s Jun.K takes group shot with Seungho & G.O

Posted: 21 Oct 2012 12:30 AM PDT

On October 21, 2PM Jun.K uploaded a group photo together with MBLAQ's Seungho and G.O.
he wrote,

"KOBE 2PMBLAQIsland 2 Total chaos~
**Wrote BLEQ, but placed in trans as BLAQ

Aren't you glad to see them together?"

SOURCE: 2PM's Jun.K's Twitter
TRANSLATION:  liliceprincess

121021 Inkigayo Peformers List

Posted: 21 Oct 2012 12:00 AM PDT

# Comeback Special #
- Epik High [Don't Hate Me / UP ]
- miss A [If I were a boy / I Don't Need A Man]
- Seo In young [Let's Dance]
- Ailee [I'll Show You]
# Hot Misic #
- G-DRAGON [Crayon]
- TVXQ [Catch Me]
- Secret [Poison]
- FT Island [I wish]
- K.Will [Please Don't]
- GaIn [Bloom]
- Jewelry [Look At Me]
- EXID [Every Night]
- MR.MR [Who's that girl]
- 100% [Bad Guy]
# Fresh Music #
- Wonder Boyz [Please Open The Door]
- BTOB [I only know Love]

Press Conference for Jaejoong Fanmeeting in Nanjing

Posted: 20 Oct 2012 11:30 PM PDT

Nanjing Oct 20th, former Korean DBSK member, current JYJ member main vocalist Kim Jaejoong has arrived in Nanjing, to have a great time with 5000 fans. Reporters at the hotel Kim Jaejoong's is staying, saw that there were hundreds of fans standing at the entrance to await his appearance, and some fans had even rushed to Nanjing from out of town earlier in the day, just to catch a glimpse of their idol.
At the event press conference, Kim Jaejoong brought his trademark smile and entered the venue to the cheers of the audience, and managed a little choppily to use mandarin to say "Hello". Because of language differences, Jaejoong had to constantly listen to his translator, nod often, and all his little actions can cause his fans to cheer everytime.
Kim Jaejoong said that this is his second time in Nanjing, and from his memory Nanjing has changed greatly, but the passion of Nanjing fans had left him a very deep impression.
Regarding the current Korean hit << Gangnam Style >>'s "horse dance", Kim Jaejoong expressed that he would also like to dance it once. "I really like the horse dance, but my manager dances it even better than me", and encouraged his manager to dance it once right there. When asked if he has plans to do the "horse dance" for fans at the fan meeting, Kim Jaejoong looked extremely shy. Kim Jaejoong debuted in 2003 as a member of DBSK, and as of 2010 he is active as a member of JYJ, and due to his clear vocals and handsome appearance won the love of many fans in China.
Source: Dayoo
Translated by: LovingJYJ of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3

KARA's Kang Ji Young has hands as big as her face?

Posted: 20 Oct 2012 11:15 PM PDT

Kara's maknae Kang Ji Young is surely living up to her name of "Giant Baby". On the 20th of October, she updated her twitter account and shared, "Hi~~~ My hand says Hi too~ Ke ke ke" and shared a selca. You can see Jiyoung posing in her selca though she also surprises fans with her photo.

Jiyoung can be seen giving a cute pose with her palms open and edited it to add a facial expression sticker on her palm. Though when you see her palm next to her face you can notice her one hand is already as big as her face. Netizens commented, "wow! Giant baby indeed", "She has big hands", "That's really interesting to see". Also, Jiyoung is already surpassing her fellow KARA members when it comes to height.

Source: Nate
Written by: blueprincess824 @

What isTVXQ Changmin's worst history?

Posted: 20 Oct 2012 11:00 PM PDT

TVXQ member Changmin shared his worst history from the past.

On October 20th episode of KBS2's Entertainment News, TVXQ's Guerilla date broadcasted.

In here, Kim Tae Jin asked Yunho,"Do you watch your video clips during your rookie years?" Then he remembered their group's music video for their debut track "Hug".

He added, "There was a kissing scene with a kitten." Changmin on the other hand uncomfortably watched the clip and seems ashamed.

Changmin said, "That was one of the worst histories from my past." and made everyone laughed.

Source: Hankyung
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Psy meets legendary actress Betty White!

Posted: 20 Oct 2012 10:50 PM PDT

Psy meets and takes a photo with legendary actress Betty White! On the 20th of October, Psy updated his twitter account and shared, "I met the legendary Betty White. How come she knows me!" and also shared a photo of them posing for the camera together.

It looks like Betty White is also a fan of Gangnam Style as she already knew about Psy even before they met. Betty White is a legendary actress in Hollywood and has featured in numerous movies and drama's since her debut in the industry in 1952. Netizens commented, "Psy's circle of friends is getting bigger", "A world star indeed", "Psy looks a little nervous around her".

Source: Nate
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Couple LeeJoon-YeonSeo is excited about 'skinship'

Posted: 20 Oct 2012 10:00 PM PDT

Oh Yeonseo and Lee Joon could not conceal the excitement of skinship in their mind.

On 'We Got Married Season 4' (aka 'WGM4') that was aired on October 20, virtual couple Oh Yeonseo and Lee Joon made a pinky promise under their plans.

This day Lee Joon two people made a promise under their hand that their first skinship was a mistake. To not remember the time when he holds her waist and wipe her lips previously during their play at the pool and also the embrace given on their first meeting. Oh Yeonseo agreed the same thing.

Lee Joon place his finger out and said "this will be our first skinship" shyly. Lee Joon and Oh Yeonseo hold onto each other's finger with an embarrassing expression.

Oh Yeonseo followed in the interview "'our first skinship' it has a lot of meanings to it", she confessed.

"It will be beautiful. And it will be an amazing development. I am impressed. I am a nice guy", said Lee Joon.

Source: Newsen via Nate

FT Island Minhwan introduces his girlfriend!

Posted: 20 Oct 2012 09:40 PM PDT

Minhwan playfully teases fans by posting a sudden message on his twitter account on October 20.

He wrote, "My girlfriend~ㅎㅎ" and attached a photo link to his tweet.
To fans delight, the 'girlfriend' turned out to be Jaejin!

What is more amusing is that, the two are posing so cutely. Somehow their poses display their intimacy (not to mention the cute stickers) Jaejin leaning closely to Minhwan's shoulder while pouting. Minhwan is also pouting with fierce looking eyes.

He also uploaded another selca with Jaejin.

What can you say?

Source: Minhwan's twitter
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