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"Seungri's Final Diary from Josei 7 Magazine (Volume 8) " plus 24 more

"Seungri's Final Diary from Josei 7 Magazine (Volume 8) " plus 24 more

Seungri's Final Diary from Josei 7 Magazine (Volume 8)

Posted: 20 Oct 2012 08:00 AM PDT

VI,' During these 3 months, I have met loads of friends and fans. I feel really sorry since I am leaving.' After having 3 concerts in the 3 domes in Japan in November, we have to say goodbye to the beautiful smile for a while. VI will share his thoughts in this after more than 100 days with this magazine!

It is the time that we cannot see each other!
The feeling of leaving Japan now is like leaving the stones that I have been working hard to pile up. I am wondering whether they will be destroyed? Sometimes I do feel unstable like this too. However, when I come here next time, I hope you can give me much love because you have not seen me much.

What should I buy as souvenir for my sister who loves spicy food? (Sweating)
In my hometown, I have a dad who knows Judo and a mum who cooks really well. I also have a 1-year-younger sister who loves spicy food. Although I am the maknae in the band,  actually, I am the eldest child in my family! Currently I am thinking about what I should buy for my sister as her souvenir. Last time, I bought her a LV wallet but she just said,"I will just give a try at first." She is really not a good sister, right? (laugh)

The feeling of being more famous in Ginza?!
When I was shopping in the streets that I like in Ginza, the shop keeper of Dolce&Gabbana used Korean to welcome me, "Welcome, I am a fan of VI." Because I was so happy and I think it is not polite to leave without buying anything, I finally bought a suit.

Keeping contact with the members by sending messages
Although we do not do so every day, whenever I send messages to them (other members of Big Bang), they will phone me at the same time coincidentally. GD used to say, "it is quite funny, isn't it?" (shy) However, once I sent a message to SOL-san in Korean but he just replied me in English. Why?

Because of what Takei Emi said, I was very nervous
In the program that I was the MC, Takei Emi was once the guest. When I met her again in another TV program, she told me, "hey, I have cut my bangs." But because it was too sudden so I just replied, "it looks good on you…" It would have been better if I had praised her more!'

I will bring my humble heart back to Korea
One point which really surprised me after going to Japan is no matter how great that person is, he still keeps a humble heart. In fact, for the fact that our group activities had been cut in the middle because of an accident, I seem to have lost this personality. Because we are just people, we must need to face failures. However, the most important is we should not commit the same mistakes again. Although I have erred too. please keep on showing your warm care towards me.

Translation: @RiceKwon

JYJ and Min Hyo Rin Floria reveal Nutra Energy Toner full-length CF

Posted: 20 Oct 2012 07:40 AM PDT

Tony Moly Philippines's Message:

Hello there Tony Moly lovers and JYJ fans! The moment everyone's been waiting for! Here's the full length CF of JYJ and Hyo Rin for Tony Moly Like and share to spread the word!

 Pls. like our fanpage for more updates on our brand ambassadors

 *JYJ management does not permit anyone not affiliated to Tony Moly to rip/upload this video elsewhere. 

Watch the CF here.

Credit: Tony Moly Philippines
Shared by: JYJ3

Oh YeonSeo asks 'R19 question' that makes Joon embarrassed

Posted: 20 Oct 2012 07:43 AM PDT

MBLAQ Lee Joon is feeling embarrassed because of his virtual wife Oh Yeonseo's R19 remark(?).

On MBC entertainment program 'We Got Married Season4' (aka 'WGM4') feeling tired after gardening the rest of the garden, Lee Joon suggested "Let's sleep?".

Oh Yeonseo replied "I was why you always want to sleep earlier because you want to have sex", Lee Joon's face turned red and he fumbled while retaliating until the very end. Oh Yeonseo added "I was purely sleeping. But I thought that it was strange", continue driving the situation to Lee Joon with her R19 remarks.

This day Lee Joon couple are determined with their plans and Oh Yeonseo persisted that he should not have suggested. Oh Yeonseo also told him not to have any skinship or display any act of kindness towards another woman.

On the other hand on 'We Got Married4', Julien Kang·Yoon Seah, Kwanghee·Sunhwa, Lee Joon·Oh Yeonseo are living together in the 'We Got Married village'.

Source: OSEN via Nate

Kwanghee feels apologetic towards Dongjun

Posted: 20 Oct 2012 06:30 AM PDT

ZE:A's Kwanghee uploaded a selca taken with Dongjun through twitter on October 20.

He wrote, "I'm so busy with my married life to the point that I forgot to congratulate the opening of your movie. I'm so sorry. Please watch and spend your holidays by watching "A Company Man". Dong Jun's acting is really outstanding."

In the picture, the two are making funny expressions. It seems like Kwang Hee is really apologetic towards DongJun, isn't he?

Source: Kwanghee's twitter
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'Idol Manager' G.O, a declaration that interrupted entertainment while shooting

Posted: 20 Oct 2012 06:00 AM PDT

MBLAQ G.O made a declaration and interrupted the entertainment while shooting.

On MBC Every1 'Idol Manager' that will be broadcasted on the 19th, will reveal scenes of MBLAQ G.O, Lee Joon, Mir and the Three Beauties (Park Kyunglim, Kim Saerom, Jeonyul) celebrating MBLAQ members Seungho, Thunder's birthday.

This day it will broadcast scenes of Seungho, Thunder's surprise birthday party with guest 2AM Changmin appearing with the happy birthday song and creating a heartwarming atmosphere.

Towards this G.O also said that he would like to sing a song and sang the booger theme song.

Looking at G.O's appearance, Changmin responded "G.O-gun is really cool in the past in Tykeys. Now he is actually singing the booger song here..." recalling his appearance in the past.

Also "so please come back" at the end. Towards this G.O responded "that declaration will interrupt entertainment" filling the shooting site with lots of laughter.

On the other hand, Seungho, Thunder's birthday party will be found through the broadcast on the 19th.

Source: Star N news via Nate

T-ara's Soyeon eats leftover food in the bathroom?

Posted: 20 Oct 2012 05:30 AM PDT

On October 19 episode of MNET's T-ara's Confession, the girls revealed the hardships they experienced because of dieting.

Soyeon revealed, "During the time we're (T-ara) actively promoting 'Bo Beep Bo Beep', we didn't have anything to eat so we skipped meals. There was one time wherein other idols left some food in the green room. Me with Qri and Jiyeon took it in our pockets secretly."

She continued, "The agency back then strictly telling us to diet, so we went to bathroom and eat. During that time, a lot of thoughts running in my mind such as why we have to do sort of things. I just keep comforting my self and fortunately overcame those time to reach my goal.

Areum said, "It's somehow funny" and Jiyeon replied, "I think you don't know much about it". Soyeon on the other hand added,"It could be funny but we cried almost everyday."

Areum responded, "I can see what I'm going through is nothing compared to what you've experienced. Honestly, I'm very worried for future problems, but I will do my best to show my development."

Source: Hankyung
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Lee Joon's mother praises Oh YeonSeo in WGM

Posted: 20 Oct 2012 05:00 AM PDT

OhYeonseo had her first phone call with Lee Joon's (MBLAQ) mother.

On the latest episode of MBC 'We Got Married' that was broadcasted on the 20th shows scenes of Oh Yeonseo-Lee Joon's gardening their garden.

It started with Oh Yeonseo together with Lee Joon holding the seedlings of various vegetables gardening at the garden in the We Got Married village. However, they went through a hard time for their first time in planting the seedlings.

At this time Lee Joon would like to ask help fro his mother and Oh Yeonseo tried to have her first phone call with his mother. A sudden phone call with her mother-in-law, On Yeonseo shows all signs of feeling nervous.

Seeing this Lee Joon stay beside Oh Yeonseo and coach her. Fortunately mother-in-law talks to Oh Yeonseo with a stable voice "I have seen you on TV you look really pretty" unfolding her flattery operation.

Also unlike the arrogant and charisma appearance while dealing with Lee Joon, she lowered her voice until the end of the phone call showing a upside-down attitude of a daughter-in-law.

Source: Xportsnews via Nate

KARA unveils the making of "Electric Boy" PV

Posted: 20 Oct 2012 04:30 AM PDT

Check out the BTS video of KARA's "Electric Boy" PV.

Their new Japanese single "Electric Boy" is doing well on Oricon Charts,beating many popular Japanese singers,let's check out the making of their new PV together.

Who are today's Music Core's MCs?

Posted: 20 Oct 2012 03:50 AM PDT

Well,they are none other than Secret's Sunhwa and Hyoseong.

The girls became the special MCs of the show aired earlier today,as expected,the girls did a really good job hosting the show.

Check out their MC cut below

KARA releases "Electric Boy" dance version PV

Posted: 20 Oct 2012 03:15 AM PDT

KARA releases the dance version PV of their latest Japanese single "Electric Boy".

Check out the PV below

BTOB says "I Don't Know Anything But Love"

Posted: 20 Oct 2012 02:41 AM PDT

BTOB follows up with "I Don't Know Anything But Love" on Music Core,check out their highly anticipated performance below

Seo In Young says "Let's Dance" on Music Core

Posted: 20 Oct 2012 02:33 AM PDT

Seo In Young is back with her new hit song "Let's Dance" on Music Core,enjoy her performance below

miss A's "I Don't Need A Man" MR Removed

Posted: 20 Oct 2012 01:45 AM PDT

miss A is back with their new song "I Don't Need A Man".

The girls performed on Music Bank yesterday,check out the MR removed clip of their performance below,did they sing well for their comeback performance?

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Hyuna poses with Electroboyz' Maboos

Posted: 20 Oct 2012 01:30 AM PDT

Girl group 4minute's member Hyuna has taken a picture with Electro Boyz' member Maboos (Im SungRyeol)

On the 17th, Maboos wrote on his own twitter, "Although I've caught a cold, and my body isn't feeling that well….. I'm the winner!!!!! kyakyakyakyakyakyakyakya with Hyuna", together with two pictures.

In the pictures, Hyuna posed a V-pose with cute expressions, emancipating her charms. Even though Hyuna received a ban for not being able to broadcast self-composed song, 'Very Hot' recently, her bright look has still managed to capture attention.

Followed this, Netizens commented, "I'm anticipating the 22nd, Hyuna Fighting", "Hyuna's unique beauty", "Her hair color is really pretty" and more.

Meanwhile, Hyuna's 2nd mini solo album 'MELTING' which includes title song Ice-Cream and 4 more songs will be released on the 22nd.

Trans: MrsDooB2uty @
Source: Osen

miss A sings "I Don't Need A Man" on Kiss The Radio

Posted: 20 Oct 2012 02:44 AM PDT

miss A garners much attention  with their comeback recently.

Their new title song "I Don't Need A Man" tops various music charts after its official release and the girls have already performed it on music shows such as Music Bank and M! Countdown.

Check out their new song audio on radio show "Kiss The Radio",are the girls impressive enough?

Taeyang and Seungri working out in Taiwan!

Posted: 20 Oct 2012 12:30 AM PDT

Hwangssabu uploaded photos of Seungri and Taeyang while exercising in a gym in Taiwan.

He captioned, "The loneliness of Self-Discipline (Taeyang)and (Seungri) in each photo.

He also wrote in his instagram ,"Glad to see them exercising in a gym in Taiwan."
 In the photos, you can see the two boys in treadmills with headphones on their ears.

Source: Hwangssabu instagram
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U-Kiss' Kiseop promotes Shindong's business

Posted: 20 Oct 2012 12:10 AM PDT

U-Kiss member Kiseop promotes Super Junior Shindong's clothing business.
On October 20, Kiseop uploaded a photo of himself wearing a white and red hoodie from Shidnong's clothing brand.

He tweeted Shindong, "Hyung!!!! I'll just put on and Thank you!!ㅎㅎ  

He also follows up ," Clothing site which Shindong hyung runs! Please give lots of love and

An advertisement in which Shindong immediately replied, "Why are you promoting?? kk Business is doing good without it!! kk This kkk"

Source: Kiseop and Shindong's twitter
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So Kiseop becomes Shindong's endorser. How was it?

Short-haired Jungshin enjoys his best dinner!

Posted: 19 Oct 2012 11:40 PM PDT

Jungshin reveals  his new short wavy hair through their official twitter account on October 19.

He tweeted to thank their fans, BOICE, for the food they prepared. He even mentioned that this is the best dinner he had.

He wrote, "It was the best dinner among all of my schedules from drama filmings and tours!! Thank you very much. I did better because of you, BOICE! Have a good night!"

Along with this message were photos of him casually eating with enormous food showing his new haircut. What do you think?

Source: CNBlue's twitter
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27year-old convo between Yoochun and Junsu

Posted: 19 Oct 2012 11:15 PM PDT

JYJ members reveal their friendship through a conversation.

Junsu through twitter, uploaded a screen captured of his Kakaotalk conversation with fellow member Yoochun which is captioned, "The common, everyday convo between 27-year old men."

The messages on the images were written first by Junsu,
Junsu: Reply to my Kakaotalk was quick? I'm touched.
(and sent a cute blushing emoticon) "
Yoochun : "Hhhhhhh, what are you doing?"
Junsu: "Thinking about you…"
Yoochun: Go out!
Junsu: (crying emoticon)
And exchange various emoticons to show their reactions.

Fans were amused by the display of their friendship even in this simple conversation. They commented, " Aren't these two cute?","They are teasing each other!" and so on.

Source: Yoochun's twitter
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SNSD's Taeyeon mesmerizes fans with her glamorous figure

Posted: 19 Oct 2012 11:45 PM PDT

It's undeniable, SNSD's Taeyeon has a glamorous figure.

Recently, a photo of Taeyeon has become quite the talk of the town.  In the photo you can see her walking  wearing casual clothes. A simple tank top, denim shorts and a 1/2 sleeve jacket.

The photo was taken from a fan video of Taeyeon. Fans and netizens are simply captivated with Taeyeon's glamorous body thanks to the fitting tank top and denim shorts showing off her slender legs.

Netizens commented, "A lot of male fans must be cheering Taeyeon cause of this photo", "She's so sexy! Not skinny at all", "A pretty face, talent and glamorous figure, Jackpot". 

Source: nate
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Kindergarten photos reveal Yoona doesn't age

Posted: 19 Oct 2012 10:30 PM PDT

Another set of Yoona's childhood pictures have been fled over the net. These photos were posted on an online community board titled, "Yoona's superior beauty back in kindergarten.".

In these pictures, Yoona is showing various expressions and images. Netizens commented, "That's her. She has been pretty ever since.","She doesn't age. Her pictures look same to what she looks like now." "She's too adorable."

Photo credit: Hankyung
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Meet-And-Greet To Spice Up Dream K-pop Fantasy Concert In the Philippines

Posted: 19 Oct 2012 10:21 PM PDT

Fans can expect a lot more when the Dream K-pop Fantasy Concert is held in the Philippines in January next year, especially that meet-and-greet events will be held.

This will be the first time that a K-pop concert in the Philippines will feature six K-pop idol groups.

The Dream K-pop Fantasy Concert, slated on Jan. 19 at the Mall of Asia concert grounds, will be headlined by nine-member Girls' Generation, EXO (EXO M and EXO K), Infinite, U-KISS, Tahiti and Tasty.

"It is the first time that Philippines will have six K-pop idols in one concert. So the fans can expect all the excitement and fun from their favorite artists," PULP Live World's Happee Sy told Bulletin Entertainment.

Sy said a special stage will be set up and there will be games and prizes for the fans.

"We have a special 'K-Pop style' extended stage to make sure all fans will be able to see their favorite artists. We have also prepared in-between games for all the fans to win prizes and special signed merchandise from the artists," she added.

The Dream K-pop Fantasy Concert, organized by Korean Media Holdings (KMH) and promoted by PULP Live World, will run from three to four hours.

In addition, Sy said meet-and-greet events are being organized for the fans.

"Yes, there are meet and greets that are being arranged with the Idols and the venues. We are also preparing lots of signed CDs to give away to their most loyal fans," she said.

The meet-and-greet events might be held a day before the K-pop concert, she added.

Except for U-KISS, this will be the first time for the five other groups to visit the Philippines.

Girls' Generation is one of the most popular K-pop groups. The group's "Girls' Generation" album has sold one million in copies in Japan.

EXO is a new group under SM Entertainment composed of two subunits: EXO-K and EXO-M. The two groups debuted in Korea and China last April.

Infinite is a seven-member boy band, which debuted in Korea in 2010. U-KISS debuted in 2008 and is composed of seven members.

Tahiti and Tasty are new to the K-pop scene. Tahiti is a six-member girl group which debuted last July while Tasty is a duo that debuted last August.

Credits: Manila Bulletin

Park Bom's appearance in Epik High's comeback gets cancelled

Posted: 19 Oct 2012 11:46 PM PDT

As we previously reported, Park Bom was scheduled to appear in Epik High's comeback this coming 21st of October on SBS "Inkigayo". The powerful vocalist from 2ne1 is featured in one of Epik High's title track "Up" and representatives gave a go signal to Park Bom performing together with Epik High on their comeback.

However, On the 19th of October, via Global Blackjack account on twitter. It was announced that Park Bom's appearance on Epik High's comeback this coming Sunday is cancelled.

The tweet said, "Park Bom's appearance for this October 21'st SBS Inkigayo with Epik High has been cancelled due to certain reasons. We apologize for any inconvenience we have caused".

Source: Global Blackjack's twitter
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Who is Sunhwa's ideal man?

Posted: 19 Oct 2012 10:05 PM PDT

 Secret member Sunhwa recently revealed her ideal man who happened to be TV personality Lee Hwoi Jae.
On the recent episode of SBS' Challenge 1,000 songs, she was asked who is her ideal type. She answered, "I'd like to marry Lee Hwoi Jae." She continued, "It would feel like I'm raising a child."

Her answer startled the other guests and host Jang Yoon Jung. He said, "It seems like Sunhwa hasn't been dating for a long time. She needs to be in a serious relationship!."

This episode will be broadcasted on October 21.

 (Lee Hwoi Jae is already married but used to be a playboy)

Source: Hankyung
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5dolls aims for a comeback this February 2013

Posted: 19 Oct 2012 10:00 PM PDT

That's right, You will be seeing the girls of 5dolls very soon. Core Contents media revealed on the 20th of October that Co-ed sub group 5dolls is aiming for a comeback on February 2013. A representative said, "We have a goal to make 5dolls have a comeback by February 2013. The members have been striving hard and practicing a lot."

Core contents clarified that 5dolls will be making a comeback with new members Nayeon and Shannon who replaced members who left which were Chanmi and Soomi. Despite the controversies with member Hyo Young's sister, Hyo Young's status in the group us unchanged and she will be part of 5dolls in their comeback early next year.

Source: nate
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