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"SISTAR’s Hyorin performs a sexy jazz number on ‘Immortal Song 2′" plus 19 more

"SISTAR’s Hyorin performs a sexy jazz number on ‘Immortal Song 2′" plus 19 more

SISTAR’s Hyorin performs a sexy jazz number on ‘Immortal Song 2′

Posted: 27 Oct 2012 08:52 AM PDT

SISTAR‘s Hyorin prepared a sexy jazz performance for the October 27th episode of ‘Immortal Song 2‘.

The talented idol covered “Cup of Coffee” by the old-school trot duo Pearl Sisters. Viewers were saying that Hyorin managed to turn the trot song into a brand-new sound reminiscent of a Broadway production. Her charismatic performance and sexy dance number also impressed the audience.

“Godfather” of rock Shin Joong Hyun commented, “It’s extremely difficult to sing and dance at the same time, so I’m very impressed. I thought, ‘Our country’s music can be interpreted this way too.’ It was a very cool performance.”

Hyorin ended up receiving the final win, defeating 4men‘s Shin Yong Jae by 2 votes.

Check out her amazing rendition of “Cup of Coffee” below!

Jay Park performs dance cover of “Beauty in the Rain” on ‘Immortal Song 2′

Posted: 27 Oct 2012 08:08 AM PDT

Singer Jay Park prepared his own dance version of Add 4‘s “Beauty in the Rain” on the October 27th broadcast of ‘Immortal Song 2‘.

In a poll that asked audience members who they feel will win first, Jay Park came out on top, creating another reason for the solo singer to go after first place.

Jay put his own hip hop style into the song, and viewers were impressed by his dance performance.

Shin Joong Hyun commented, “I felt that you knew that putting your own hip hop style into the song would create a more modern feel.”

However, Jay Park was unable to defeat 4men‘s Shin Yong Jae.

Check out his performance below!

HaHa and Byul take wedding pictures that suit their image

Posted: 27 Oct 2012 07:30 AM PDT

The HaHa-Byul couple has taken wedding photos!

Instead of  everyday wedding photos, HaHa and Byul decided to go for a more comical theme featuring HaHa’s highly popular ‘Hybrid’ character from ‘Infinity Challenge‘. In one photo, Byul is standing prettily in a frame surrounded by sky blue walls, while HaHa himself stands close to the camera making a goofy expression. His friends, all covering their face in the ‘Hybrid’ style are wearing the same clothes as he is, giving the impression that there were many HaHas.

The second photo looks more traditional at first glance. However, HaHa and Byul are making goofy faces at the camera, and the guests standing around them are holding up HaHa’s picture up to their face.

Fans commented, “I see Yoo Jae Suk next to Byul in the second photo!“, “Are the ‘Running Man‘ and ‘Infinity Challenge’ members there?“, and “This is really cute and unique“.

HaHa and Byul have registered their marriage and will be holding their wedding ceremony on November 30 KST.

Source: Oh Joong Suk Wedding Studio’s Twitter

Woollim Entertainment reveals mysterious photo featuring INFINITE’s Sungjong

Posted: 27 Oct 2012 07:02 AM PDT

Woolim Entertainment has revealed a mysterious photo of INFINITE's Sungjong.

Previously released photos featuring members LSungyeolSunggyu, Dongwoo, and Woohyun as well as a video teaser have left fans speculating if there's any connection between the releases.

The agency posted the following message on the group's official Twitter"October 27, 2012. Saturday. Today’s raining. Take a look at Sungjong’s photo, and have a great weekend. Please look forward to the final image tomorrow.”

What is intriguing about the photos is that each member is holding up a sign with a different syllable. So far, L's says "Na", Sungyeol's says "Neung", Sunggyu's reads "Dae", Dongwoo "Se", Woohyun "Yo", and Sungjong “Bak”. Hoya's photo has yet to be released, and fans are still guessing the complete message.

What do you think it could be?

Mr. Pizza reveals new CFs feat. 2PM’s Taecyeon and Wooyoung + Taecyeon’s style sparks talk

Posted: 27 Oct 2012 06:37 AM PDT

So Ji Sub (left), Taecyeon (right)

Mr. Pizza has revealed commercials featuring 2PM‘s Taecyeon and Wooyoung!

The boys of 2PM became the pizza brand’s official endorsement models late last year. The two CFs center around the less-than-ideal experiences of a girl, who comforts herself with a warm slice of Mr. Pizza.

The CF featuring Wooyoung reads: “Training clothes”, ”Former boyfriend”, “A girl younger than I am”, and finally the brand’s catchphrase- “When you need Mister’s comfort”. It was his fellow member’s CF that received the most attention, however.

Taecyeon’s CF reads: “Blind date”, “[Unattractive guy] (literal: bomb)“, “Unexpected result”, “I’ll leave first”, “When you need Mister’s comfort”.

What caught the attention of viewers was the beastly idol’s styling in the commercial. In defense, Taecyeon tweeted on the 27th, “I was just following [So Ji Sub's] style. Kekeke… Transformed into a [bomb man],” and shared the photo above.

Seeing his tweet, MBLAQ‘s G.O. responded, “Oh, Taecyeon,” while 2PM‘s Chansung commented, “Taecyeon hyung… Is this the reality of your TOEIC scores.”

Check out the CFs below!

Taecyeon’s CF

Wooyoung’s CF

Tip: Paula

‘CeCi’ releases November issue BTS clip of Seohyun, Changmin, and Yunho

Posted: 27 Oct 2012 06:04 AM PDT

CeCi magazine has released a behind-the-scenes clip of their November issue shoot with the gorgeous Seohyun of Girls’ Generation and TVXQ‘s Changmin and Yunho.

As previously mentioned, the three idols graced the cover of the magazine's November issue and were featured in a 26-page spread. The issue was also made available on mobile app stores and to introduce the issue, the singers filmed a brief clip that has left fans wanting more.

Check it out below!

Who Wore it Better: Lee Hyori vs. Sooyoung

Posted: 27 Oct 2012 05:35 AM PDT

On the September 17th episode of ‘You & ILee Hyori wore a pink Emilio Pucci dress featuring a beaded, embroidered starburst pattern on the front.

On August 30, Girls’ Generation‘s Sooyoung wore the same dress to the ‘Quiz Korea Chuseok Special‘.

So, who wore it better?  Cast your vote in the poll and be sure to tell us why you voted that way in the comments!

2NE1′s Dara introduces a quality beer to her me2day friends

Posted: 27 Oct 2012 05:04 AM PDT

2NE1‘s Dara recently introduced a quality beer from the Philippines to her me2day friends.

Dara posted, “I’ll introduce a quality Philippine liquor to you crazies! San Miguel beer~!!! Ta-da! If you ever visit the Philippines at least try one glass! Ah!!!! Not for minors ^_^ke. I didn’t drink any either~ Because my face makes me look like a minor..? Or something!!! Kekeke sorry~ kekeke!!!

Along with the beer suggestion was a photo of Dara posing in front of a large tube of San Miguel beer.

Fans commented, “I want too look so young, they won’t give me beer“, “Then who drank all of that?“, and more.

Did Roy Kim of ‘Superstar K4′ get a nose job?

Posted: 27 Oct 2012 04:34 AM PDT

A rumor about Roy Kim of ‘Superstar K4‘ receiving a nose job has become a hot issue.

Photos of the contestant’s side profile was uploaded online; one screenshot was taken during the program’s ‘Super Week’, while the other was taken during a recent live performance. In the first photo, his nose looks a bit round, but the recent photo reveals a sharper outline, causing netizens to speculate that the singer underwent cosmetic surgery.

The October 12th episode of ‘Superstar K4′ also showed footage of Roy Kim getting advice from a plastic surgeon, and netizens are guessing that he had something done that day.

However, fans were not surprised. They commented, “I heard that ‘Superstar K’ provides all the finalists with some sort of procedure“, “It’s nothing new, and it even showed him at the plastic surgeon“, and “Who cares? Roy Kim is a good singer either way“.

Source: Herald News via Nate

2PM’s Junho and Han Hyo Joo visit a police station for ‘Stakeout’ film

Posted: 27 Oct 2012 04:02 AM PDT

2PM‘s Junho and actress Han Hyo Joo were seen visiting the Gangnam Police Station in Seoul on October 25 KST.

Junho is playing a supporting role for his first film, ‘Stakeout‘, which revolves around police unit that specializes in tracking and following a secret, shadow criminal organization. To study for his role, he and Han Hyo Joo visited a police station to interview policemen and to learn what goes on inside of a police station.

Afterwards, Junho tweeted, “I went to the Gangnam Police Station to interview the policemen for the movie ‘Stakeout’. I realized how incredible and hardworking the police are after talking with the Chief and the detectives about their experiences. Fighting to the Korean police! Everyone, please take care of yourselves ^^.

Source + Image: My Daily via Nate

AA (Double A) releases 10th comeback audio teaser

Posted: 27 Oct 2012 03:31 AM PDT

AA (Double A) has revealed another audio teaser for their upcoming album!

AA previously announced they would be releasing numerous teaser videos for their comeback. The teasers will include previews of 12 songs, which will go untitled until the release of AA's new album.

After having revealed the first nine audio teasers and bonus teasers, they have released the 10th one featuring member Hoik.

Listen to the teaser below!

What is Jessica wearing in her new UFO Town profile pic?

Posted: 27 Oct 2012 03:09 AM PDT

Girls’ Generation‘s Jessica‘s new UFO Town profile picture is becoming a hot issue among fans.

Jessica made a collage of four photos, which look like they were taken during a photo shoot, for her profile picture. She made a variety of different faces at the camera, showing aegyo in some and a dissatisfied expression in one cut. Jessica’s hair and the structure she was leaning on hid her clothes, giving the illusion that she was wearing nothing behind the wall.

Fans commented, “Jessica is the goddess of selcas“, “It looks like she’s wearing nothing..“, and “What was this for? I want to see it now“.

Kwanghee reveals his affection for Sunhwa on ’100 Million Quiz Show’

Posted: 27 Oct 2012 02:36 AM PDT

ZE:A‘s Kwanghee discussed how he felt about his on-screen wife, SECRET‘s Sunhwa, on ‘100 Million Quiz Show‘.

One of the ’100 Million Quiz Show’ questions asked, “According to an online survey taken by 1000 adult men- What is the worst habit that women have?” The choices given were: “1. When they take pictures of everything they eat“, “2. When they talk in the third person“, and “3. When they say they’re going to lose weight after they eat everything they want“.

MC Kim Yong Man asked Kwanghee which habit he hated the most, and he answered, “It’s not in the choices, but I don’t like it when women see each other and say, ‘Why did you lose so much weight?’ even though in my opinion, that’s not the case at all.” He added, “I want Sunhwa to talk in the third person like the 2nd choice.

Which habit do you dislike the most?

AoA turn into ‘Bond Girls’ for VIP screening of ‘Skyfall’

Posted: 27 Oct 2012 02:03 AM PDT

AoA turned into ‘Bond Girls’ for the VIP screening of the film ‘Skyfall‘.

The dress code for the female guests invited to the screening was centered around the theme of “Bond Girls”. The ladies of AoA were warmly welcomed by the family of the ambassadors and charge d’affaires of England, even taking commemorative photos with them.

After the event, AoA member Mina tweeted, “AoA have turned into Bond girls today >_<! Ta-da, how do we look? We were so honored to be invited to the ’007 Skyfall’ screening~!!! Picture with Youkyung on the way back! The movie was good, and we feel good!

Others invited to the screening include Korean athletes who competed in the ’2012 London Olympics’.

20121024_aoa_bondgirl 20121026_aoa_bondgirl 20121026_aoa_bondgirl2

‘Infinity Challenge’ to hold end-of-the-year concert special featuring song composed by Park Myung Soo

Posted: 27 Oct 2012 01:35 AM PDT

MBC‘s ’Infinity Challenge‘ will be holding an end-of-the-year concert special featuring a song composed by cast member Park Myung Soo.

On the October 27th episode, the variety show will reveal Park Myung Soo’s ”How is It“, which he’s dedicated to his fellow ‘Infinity Challenge’ members. Park Myung Soo, who has been studying composition, proposed the concert to the producers himself.

In the upcoming episode, Park Myung Soo is introduced as the ‘genius composer’ who will be preparing the songs for the end-of-the-year special concert, shocking the other members. They then had one-on-one meetings with Park Myung Soo to decide on what genre they would each like to attempt.

This episode will broadcast on the 27th at 6:20 PM KST.

Performances from October 27th’s ‘Show! Music Core’!

Posted: 27 Oct 2012 01:05 AM PDT

MBC's 'Music Core' is back once again with another fun and exciting show!

Today's show was guided by none other than SNSD's Tiffany, Taeyeon, and Seohyun who displayed their fun and dorky aegyo as always.

Aside from the usual performances on tonight's episode, B.A.P, Ailee, miss A, Girl’s Day, and HyunA all held their comeback stages.

Check out the adorable MC cuts below!



Performances from today's show includes AOA, Ga In, Orange Caramel, TVXQ, K.Will, 100%, Chunja, She’z, OFFROAD, MR.MR, and Yuri!

Check them out below, and be sure to check out the debut/comeback stages for today by clicking the artist/song name above!


< AOA (ft. MIJI) >


< 100% >


< Orange Caramel >


< Ga In >


< K.Will >


< TVXQ >


* Missing videos will be added as they become available.

miss A returns with “I Don’t Need a Man” on ‘Music Core’

Posted: 27 Oct 2012 12:54 AM PDT

miss A has returned with their newest single "I Don't Need a Man"!

"I Don't Need a Man" is the title track of their latest mini-album 'Independent Women Pt 3'. The song, composed and written by J.Y. Park, has a bright melody and sings about young women who work hard and live confidently without depending on a man.

Check out miss A's comeback performance on 'Music Core' below, which includes "If I Were A Boy"!

HyunA makes a hot comeback with “Ice Cream” on ‘Music Core’!

Posted: 27 Oct 2012 12:45 AM PDT

HyunA has just recently unveiled her latest mini-album titled 'Melting'!

HyunA's new mini-album 'Melting'consists of five tracks including title track, "Ice Cream". The catchy tune's music video has already garnered over 10 millions views in just three days, and continues to rank high in charts everywhere.

Check out her amazing comeback performances, which include "Ice Cream", and "Unripe Apple", below!

B.A.P makes their comeback with “Stop It” on ‘Music Core’!

Posted: 27 Oct 2012 12:40 AM PDT

B.A.P has finally dropped their new single album, 'Stop It'!

The single album consists of three songs "Yes Sir", "Stop It", and "Happy Birthday", and is sure to be another release that fans will want to add to their collection.

With the single released, the members will be holding their first fan club inauguration ceremony, '1st Baby Day', on the 27th. The ceremony will include not only performances of the group's hit songs, but various fun events to interact with fans.

Check out their adorable comeback stage below!

Ailee comes back with “I’ll Show You” on ‘Music Core’

Posted: 27 Oct 2012 12:37 AM PDT

Rookie soloist Ailee has finally made her comeback with the release of her mini-album 'Invitation'!

The title track of the mini album, "I'll Show You", features an appearance by MBLAQ's G.O. The song also reached the top of real-time music charts just a day after its release.

Watch Ailee's 'Music Core' comeback performance below!

Also, don’t forget allkpop‘s live stream event on October 28th featuring the goddess herself, taking place exclusively on!