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"Super Junior’s Leeteuk to guest on ‘Star King’ for Kang Ho Dong’s comeback?" plus 19 more

"Super Junior’s Leeteuk to guest on ‘Star King’ for Kang Ho Dong’s comeback?" plus 19 more

Super Junior’s Leeteuk to guest on ‘Star King’ for Kang Ho Dong’s comeback?

Posted: 25 Oct 2012 09:21 AM PDT

Before embarking on his two-year mandatory military enlistment, Super Junior‘s Leeteuk has revealed that he will be guesting, one last time, on SBS‘s ‘Star King‘ – where he had been a fixed cast member previously.

“We are in productive discussion about having Leeteuk participate in the recording on the 29th for ‘Star King’,” said Leeteuk’s agency, SM Entertainment.

His new military buzz cut is expected to be showcased on this episode of ‘Star King’. Another factor in Leeteuk’s possible guesting role is that the same day will mark Kang Ho Dong‘s return to the entertainment industry as MC. There are some reports stating that Kang Ho Dong personally requested for Leeteuk to be a guest on his comeback episode.

This episode is scheduled to air on November 10th and Leeteuk is scheduled to enlist on October 30th.

Epik High’s Tablo gives praise to Lee Hi

Posted: 25 Oct 2012 08:42 AM PDT

At an event for ‘Epik High 99 Club Live‘ on October 24th, Tablo gave his praises to Lee Hi and stated, “Lee Hi is a really talented singer. After watching her sing, I thought to myself that I want to give her a song.”

He continued, “In the midst of those thoughts, I was pleased to have worked with her for ‘It’s Cold‘. Epik High and Lee Hi, I think we connected in some ways.

The behind-the-scenes of the recording of “It’s Cold” began playing as Tablo spoke, showing Lee Hi in a t-shirt with her hair tied, seriously working on the composition for the song.

On October 25th, Lee Hi’s first teaser image was revealed on YG’s official blog, featuring the rookie in a green shirt and chic sunglasses.

More teasers for Lee Hi’s title song, “1, 2, 3, 4“, will be revealed over the next 4 days, showing a new side to the highly anticipated rookie. It was also revealed that “1, 2, 3, 4″ was produced by YG producers CHOICE37 and Lydia, who produced Big Bang‘s “Bad Boy” and G-Dragon‘s “One of a Kind“.

Psy holds a Q&A session for his fans on Reddit

Posted: 25 Oct 2012 08:06 AM PDT

After skyrocketing to fame and gaining millions of new fans with “Gangnam Style“, recently-turned world star Psy took to the ‘front page of the Internet’, Reddit, to hold a AmA (Ask me Anything) question-and-answer session with its millions of users.

Reddit boasts a concentration of culturally and technologically-informed ‘Redditors’, and has been the nexus for some of the “Gangnam Style” viral sensation and its associated parodies.

Psy spent at least an hour answering questions from his fans, ranging from the mundane – “Do you have a favorite Gangnam Style spoof video?” - to the serious - “is Gangnam Style intended to be a social critique, or is it just supposed to be fun?”. And, of course, the hilarious: “Would you rather fight one horse-sized duck, or a hundred duck-sized horses?” (he answered with the hundred duck-sized horses).

You can check out the full session here. Warning: some content on Reddit may not be appropriate for minors.

Who Wore it Better: Tiffany vs. Son Yeon Jae

Posted: 25 Oct 2012 07:30 AM PDT

On September 12, Girls’ Generation‘s Tiffany wore a brown, belted dress to a signing event for Korean clothing brand Bean Pole.

On September 23, Olympic rhythmic gymnast Son Yeon Jae posted a picture of herself on Facebook wearing the same dress.

So, who wore it better?  Cast your vote in the poll, and leave a comment to tell us why you voted that way!

Goo Hye Sun to receive ‘Minister Commendation’ award at ’14th Republic of Korea Design Award’ ceremony

Posted: 25 Oct 2012 07:12 AM PDT

With a few days left until the release of her new film, ‘Peach Tree‘, the multi-talented Goo Hye Sun recently received an honorary ‘Minister of Knowledge Economy Commendation‘ design award for the upcoming ‘14th Annual Republic of Korea Design Award‘ ceremony.

The ceremony will be held at the Daegu Exhibition Convention Center on the 25th and will feature five artists, including Goo Hye Sun, who will be awarded the ‘Design Merits Division-Minister Commendation Award‘. The ‘Republic of Korea Design Award’ ceremony has been active in the recognition of artistry in South Korea since 1999. It has been revealed that Goo Hye Sun was recognized for her work as an actress and a creator of multiple productions.

Goo Hye Sun’s artistic projects include the ‘Tango‘ art exhibition in 2009 as well as her latest personal art exhibition, ‘Afterimage‘. The actress also participated in designing the art for singer Gummy‘s 4th album, ‘COMFORT‘, and New Age artist Isao Sasaki‘s ‘The Way We Were‘ album. Goo Hye Sun took part in the ‘Design Korea 2010 in Hannam‘ ceremony as well.

Goo Hye Sun is planning to make an appearance at the ’14 Annual Republic of Korea Design Award’ ceremony on the 25th to receive her award. Her new film, ‘Peach Tree’, premieres on the 31st.

LUNAFLY covers “Nothin’ on You” by Bruno Mars

Posted: 25 Oct 2012 06:53 AM PDT

LUNAFLY has released another cover from their 'Balcony Live' performances.

The trio held a mini-concert at Dal.Komm Coffee (Sweet Coffee) on the 24th. Dal.Komm Coffee representatives previously commented, "We are launching a 'Balcony Live' project in which talented musicians will perform at 'Dal.Komm Coffee' locations all over the nation with the unique theme of coffee and music at no charge. 'Dal.Komm Coffee' is currently distinguishing itself by implementing marketing strategies utilizing music to capture the attention of customers."

Check out LUNAFLY's cover of Bruno Mars’ “Lazy Song, their previous ‘Balcony Live’ performances, and their cover of “Nothin’ on You” below!

Big Bang’s T.O.P given a bra at ‘Alive GALAXY Tour 2012′ concert?

Posted: 25 Oct 2012 06:36 AM PDT

Footage of Big Bang‘s T.O.P getting caught off-guard by a fan’s “special gift” at a ‘Alive GALAXY Tour 2012‘ concert has been causing talk online.

The video, which was shot on the 24th in the Philippines, shows T.O.P dancing to the beat on stage and getting close to the crowd to greet his fans. One fan threw out what T.O.P seemed to have assumed was a normal gift of the non-underwear variety.

T.O.P seemed taken aback by the situation, but immediately turned around as if nothing had happened, while Big Bang’s backdancers who saw the fan’s brassiere on the floor began to laugh.

Netizens commented, “I’m not sure why you would throw undergarments”, “It’s a good thing he didn’t catch it”, “It looks like the backdancers were more shocked than he was”, and “Did the fan have nothing else to give?”.

Check out video of the moment (~1:25) below!

Tip: athaliah, Vanessa

Dia Frampton to perform ‘Live in Seoul’

Posted: 25 Oct 2012 06:11 AM PDT

Dia Frampton will be performing ‘Live in Seoul‘ next month.

For those who need a reminder, Dia Frampton was the runner-up on the first season of NBC‘s ‘The Voice’. Her cover of Fraser T. Smith‘s “Inventing Shadows“, which she performed for the finale of the show, went on to debut at #20 on the Billboard Hot 100. It was also the highest charting iTunes digital song ever released by a contestant. Dia released her debut studio album ‘Red‘ late last year.

The ‘Live in Seoul’ event is slated for Saturday, November 3 at 9PM KST in Hongdae, Seoul at the Freebird.

Check out the poster for Dia Frampton’s ‘Live in Seoul’ concert below!

Shinhwa to release special DVD for 14th anniversary

Posted: 25 Oct 2012 05:50 AM PDT

Shinhwa will be releasing a special DVD in celebration of their 14th anniversary.

The ‘original idols’ came back after four years with their 10th album ‘The Return‘ this past March. ‘Shinhwa 14th Anniversary’ will include two discs and a special photo book as well as footage of their comeback preparations, “Venus” music video making-of, and comeback press conference. Fans will also be able to see exclusive behind-the-scenes footage from ‘2012 Shinhwa Grand Tour: The Return‘.

The DVD will release on October 30 KST. Check out the trailer below!

miss A’s Suzy reveals she felt betrayed by news of HaHa’s marriage to Byul

Posted: 25 Oct 2012 05:30 AM PDT

On the October 25th episode of KBS 2TV‘s ‘Happy Together 3‘, miss A‘s Suzy confessed, “After hearing the news about HaHas marriage, I felt betrayed,” shocking everyone on set.

She continued, “When I was filming a program with HaHa, he told me that he liked me. Shortly after, there were reports that HaHa was marrying Byul, and I felt very betrayed.”

HaHa then explained, “Due to my playboy character, I confessed to a lot of female celebrities that I liked them, and right after reports of my marriage to Byul surfaced, those female celebrities called me and told me they felt betrayed.”

He added, “Suzy is someone that even Byul agrees is special. When the cameras weren’t rolling, I even asked Suzy for dating advice once.”

Other guests who featured on this episode include Park Soo Hong and Song Eun Yi.

Source: TV Daily via Nate

Won Bin and Kang Sora pose as a chic couple for ‘Basic House’

Posted: 25 Oct 2012 05:12 AM PDT

Won Bin and Kang Sora recently posed as a chic couple in a pictorial for the 2012 fall/winter line of Basic House.

The untouched photos show the two bundled up in neutral-colored outfits that are perfect for the upcoming winter season. According to staff, Won Bin and Kang Sora received nothing but compliments during the photo shoot.

Netizens commented, “I can’t believe these photos are unedited”, “Of course, it’s Won Bin”, and “They definitely don’t need any retouching”.

In other news, Kang Sora is currently filming for her upcoming film ‘My Pavarotti‘, which is set to premiere next year.

Check out more photos and a video of the Basic House photo shoot below!

20121024_Wonbin_Sora 20121025_kangsora_basichouse1 20121025_kangsora_basichouse2 20121025_kangsora_basichouse3 20121025_kangsora_basichouse4 20121025_kangsorawonbin_basichouse1 20121025_kangsorawonbin_basichouse2 20121025_kangsorawonbin_basichouse3 20121025_kangsorawonbin_basichouse4 20121025_wonbin_basichouse1 20121025_wonbin_basichouse2 20121025_wonbin_basichouse3 20121025_wonbin_basichouse4

KARA to release ‘Girls Forever’ album in Japan

Posted: 25 Oct 2012 04:50 AM PDT

KARA will be releasing their third Japanese album, ‘Girls Forever‘, next month!

The album includes their Japanese singles "Speed Up", "Girl's Power", and their most recent release "Electric Boy" as well as updated versions of "Winter Magic" and "Jet Coaster Love". ‘Girls Forever’ holds 10 tracks and 5 bonus tracks in all and comes in three editions: limited edition A (CD+DVD), B (CD+Photobook), and C (CD).

‘Girls Forever’ is scheduled to hit stores on November 14. In the meantime, check out the album jacket photos and track lists below!

Track list:

01. Electric Boy
02. Speed Up
03. Girls Power
04. Give me, Give me
05. Shake It Up
06. Innocent Girl
07. Oops!
08. Kiss Me Tonight
09. Lock-on
10. Orion

Bonus Tracks
11. Jet Coaster Love 2012
12. GO GO Summer! 2012
13. Winter Magic 2012
14. Jumpin’ (Remix)
15. Mr. (Remix)

Limited Edition DVD:

01. Electric Boy Music Video Clip (Close-Up Ver.)
02. Speed Up Music Video Clip (Another Ver.)
03. Girls Power Music Music Video Clip (Close-Up Ver.)
04. CM Collection
05. 1ST JAPAN TOUR 2012 KARASIA VTR Making Video
06. Girls Forever Making MV

20121025_kara_girlsforeverA 20121025_kara_girlsforeverB 20121025_kara_girlsforeverC

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When does MBLAQ’s Lee Joon cry?

Posted: 25 Oct 2012 04:30 AM PDT

MBLAQ‘s Lee Joon recently confessed on MBC every1‘s ‘Idol Manager‘ that he has never cried while listening to music.

The theme of the episode was ‘songs that have made me cry’, and though Lee Joon picked Steel Heart‘s “She’s Gone“, he had trouble hitting the high notes of the song.

Park Kyung Lim asked, “Have you ever cried while listening to this song?” He responded that he hadn’t, and she continued, “Do you cry when you watch sad movies?” Lee Joon answered, “I don’t. I only cry when I get scolded,” causing laughter on set.

The songs that have made the members of MBLAQ cry, as well as their own self-composed songs, will be revealed on the October 26th broadcast of ‘Idol Manager’.

Epik High releases “It’s Cold” (feat. Lee Hi) karaoke video

Posted: 25 Oct 2012 04:10 AM PDT

Epik High has released a karaoke video for “It’s Cold” (feat. Lee Hi)!

“It’s Cold” was pre-released before Epik High’s 7th album, ‘99, and it quickly climbed to the top of music charts. The hip hop trio collaborated with their YG Entertainment labelmate Lee Hi, who’ll be debuting as a solo artist before promoting as a part of SuPearls.

Check out the “It’s Cold” karaoke video below!

Mighty Mouth’s Sangchu regrets turning down Psy’s offer to hang out

Posted: 25 Oct 2012 03:50 AM PDT

Mighty Mouth‘s Sangchu shared the reason why he rejected Psy‘s offer to go out for a drink.

On the October 24th episode of MBC‘s ‘Radio Star‘, Sangchu stated, “There is something I am really sorry to Psy about.”

He continued, “There was a song that Psy said he would feature on. Before Psy got this big, he called me to go out drinking with him, but I was really sick so I could not go. This didn’t happen once but twice,” expressing his regret.

Sangchu went on, “After I got better, I called Psy, but I couldn’t get in contact with him. The following week ‘Gangnam Style‘ was released, and it became a massive success.

The Mighty Mouth member also shared that he paid a small fortune to have Yoon Eun Hye feature in his song “I Love You“, which rose to the top of the charts and became a #1 hit.

Lee Chang Myung, Defconn, and Solbi also appeared on this episode.

Girl’s Day’s Yura and Minah join the Anipang craze

Posted: 25 Oct 2012 03:30 AM PDT

Girl’s Day‘s Yura and Minah have joined the Anipang mobile gaming app craze!

Oh the 24th, Yura tweeted, “Ah, I could have gotten 300,000 with 5 more points! T.T Apparently, there’s a celebrity Anipang contest. Should I participate? >.< hehehe.” Minah posted afterwards, “Anipang is the trend these days, right?! There’s supposedly a contest. Should I try out?

The two Girls’ Day members added photos with their phones, showing their game scores.

Fans responded, “I can’t go over 100,000 points. How do you do it?“, and ”A celebrity Anipang contest? I’ll cheer you on“.

20121024_yuraminah_anipang 20121024_minah_anipang 20121024_yura_anipang

Actors Choi Min Soo and Park Bo Young to guest on ‘Running Man’

Posted: 25 Oct 2012 03:11 AM PDT

Actors Choi Min Soo and Park Bo Young will be appearing as guests on ‘Running Man‘.

An insider revealed that Choi Min Soo, who has already been on ‘Running Man’ twice, filmed another episode on the 24th. His previous two appearances had stricken terror into the hearts of the ‘Running Man’ members. His second appearance on the ‘grasshopper hunt’ special was especially popular with the show’s fans.

Actress Park Bo Young also made a surprise appearance during filming. As both actors had been on ‘Running Man’ before, it’s reported that everyone was especially at ease during filming.

The episode featuring Park Bo Young and Choi Min Soo will air in early November.

HaHa reveals his personality has changed

Posted: 25 Oct 2012 02:52 AM PDT

HaHa shared that his personality has changed.

On the October 23rd episode of MBC Music‘s ’HaHa’s 19TV Mutiny‘, the “Ha-vengers” and HaHa expressed that he’s been acting different lately. Though the rest of the Ha-vengers dressed as heroes from comic books, HaHa dressed up as the villain Joker from Batman.

Song Joon Keun said to HaHa, “Joker is not a hero. He is a villain.” HaHa responded, “My personality has changed. After receiving grace, I’ve become kinder,” posing like he was praying.

Park Keun Shik looked at HaHa’s hairstyle and commented, “You dyed it too much.  It makes you look like Song Dae Kwan.“ Mino added, “It’s not Batman, it’s Tae Jin Ah. Then Tae Jin Ah’s son is Eru. [The villain] Penguin is Hyun Chul, and Penguin’s henchmen are a cluster of bees (a reference to an old pop group called Hyun Chul and the Bees),” which brought laughter on set.

Rookie group EXCITE receives attention for debut single ‘Try Again’

Posted: 25 Oct 2012 02:31 AM PDT

Penta ENC‘s idol group EXCITE is garnering much attention with their debut single ‘Try Again‘.

After EXCITE released their three-track debut single and MV teaser on October 22, the group became the most searched on various portal sites.

With both versions of their new music videos (drama and dance version) achieving more than 20,000 views, many have already listed EXCITE as a potential rookie group who will make it big.

What do you think of EXCITE’s debut song?

Brown Eyed Girls’ JeA updates fans with new selca

Posted: 25 Oct 2012 02:10 AM PDT

Brown Eyed Girls leader JeA has returned to me2day after three months.

JeA posted: “Ah… It really has been a long time ^^. The season I’m afraid of, yet I also love has come. Although you may not believe me… [I'm the kind of woman who gets very sentimental during autumn].”

The attached close-up selca shows the singer wearing little to no makeup, different from her charismatic image on stage.

In related news, JeA is currently busy preparing for her first solo album, which is scheduled to release sometime in November.