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"Taecyeon, G.O, Dongjun, Song Seung Hun and So Ji Sub snap a photo together for ‘A Company Man’" plus 19 more

"Taecyeon, G.O, Dongjun, Song Seung Hun and So Ji Sub snap a photo together for ‘A Company Man’" plus 19 more

Taecyeon, G.O, Dongjun, Song Seung Hun and So Ji Sub snap a photo together for ‘A Company Man’

Posted: 10 Oct 2012 09:00 AM PDT

Actor Song Seung Hun tweeted a photo of himself with MBLAQ‘s G.O, 2PM‘s Taecyeon, ZE:A‘s Dongjun, and So Ji Sub.

Along with the photo he wrote, “The ending party after Ji Sub’s ‘A Company Man’~ With the cool guys ~ haha“. In the photo, the five men are posing at the camera with large smiles and they looked quite handsome.

A Company Man‘ is a movie starring So Ji Sub as the main character, Dongjun was also cast in the movie for his big screen debut, playing a part-timer in the homicide business.

Taecyeon also tweeted, “I saw the movie ‘A Company Man’ yesterday, and I couldn’t take my eyes off the movie because of So Ji Sub hyungnim’s action and masculine charms~ ZE:A’s Dongjun’s action is so cool too kekeke I hope you all watch it in the theaters too~”

Source: Song Seung Hoon’s Twitter and Taecyeon’s Twitter
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15&’s Park Ji Min bursts into tears of happiness after her debut stage

Posted: 10 Oct 2012 08:31 AM PDT

15&‘s Park Ji Min burst into tears after her debut stage.

SBS‘s ‘One Night of TV Entertainment‘ followed the course of ‘K-Pop Star winner Park Ji Min’s and her partner Baek Ye Rin‘s debut. Fellow ‘K-Pop Star’ contestant Baek Ah Yeon visited their waiting room to show her support, and when their first debut stage was finished, Park Ji Min burst into tears as soon as she came down from the stage.

Baek Ye Rin tried to calm her partner down, saying, “I cried yesterday, but Ji Min is crying today.” Park Ji Min tried to stop her crying and said, “I don’t know why I’m crying. I still can’t believe I debuted, and I think I’m crying because I was so happy we stood on the same stage together.

miss A’s Jia wishes Suzy a happy birthday with a past selca

Posted: 10 Oct 2012 08:04 AM PDT

miss A‘s Jia wished her fellow member Suzy a happy birthday.

On the morning of October 10th, Jia shared the above picture as she tweeted, “Although it’s an old picture~ Maknae Suzy who’s becoming so much more mature now~ Happy Birthday!~~~~~ You look cute with bangs!

Suzy responded, “Wow I’m right next to you but when was this, haha so funny.”

Jia wished Suzy a happy birthday by revealing what seems like a selca they took back when they were promoting “Good Bye Baby.

After seeing the picture and the sweet message, the netizens commented, “Suzy with and without bangs, her image is different“, “Suzy is cute“, “She looks fresh“, and “Happy Birthday Suzy.”

Meanwhile, miss A will be making a comeback on the 15th with the release of their new song, “Can Live Without Men.”

Source & Image: Jia‘s Twitter

U-KISS announces South American tour

Posted: 10 Oct 2012 07:30 AM PDT

U-KISS has announced that they’ll be holding a tour in South America!

According to U-KISS’ official Facebook, the group will stop by Peru on November 1 and Chile on November 3. The announcement stated:

“Hello KISSmes♥. We’re gonna have our 1st South America tour at Peru & Chile. 1st show is in Peru at 1st November & 2nd show is in Chile at 2nd November. Nowadays so many fans in Europe & Asia are showing us too big love, So we are very glad that many South American fans love us as well & very expecting that you’ll show us your big passion & love. Even this is our 1st South America tour ever. So we sincerely hope that we can meet so many fans in South America through this tour! Please show your big love to U-KISS!”

Though it’s not the first time U-KISS will be performing in South America, this is the first time the group will be touring there.

Are KissMes excited?!

Style Breakdown: ‘Oohlala Couple’ Kim Jung Eun

Posted: 10 Oct 2012 07:12 AM PDT

KBS 2TV's new drama ’Oohlala Couple‘ is off to a good start as its ratings already hit two-digits with the release of just three episodes. If I was to summarize the general plot in a few words, I would say it is a married couple edition of the movie ‘Freaky Friday‘. It deals with a mix of several different typical K-drama themes such as soul switching, power of fate, and infidelity. It’s a predictable drama that illustrates a serious social issue in a lighthearted manner by giving it a fantasy twist.

What we cannot label as ‘typical’ is the carefully crafted outfits of actress Kim Jung Eun. Kim Jung Eun, who plays the middle-aged housewife Na Yuh Ok, proved that housewives can look chic even while doing various chores in the house. So without further ado, let’s check out some of my favorite looks that Kim Jung Eun rocked in the drama ‘Oohlala Couple’.

In this scene, Kim Jung Eun is wearing a mustard-yellow round-neck knit with a light peach accent on the collar sleeves. The adorable round peach-colored collar gives an overall lovable look to the outfit. She matched the knit top with a unique two-tone pleated skirt. The ashy lilac and yellow-green color of the skirt tones down the bubbly knit top, making the outfit appropriate for Na Yuh Ok the housewife.

In this outfit, Kim Jung Eun is dressed in a grey, crew neck sweater as well as a grey, a-line pleated skirt accented with a wine-colored hem from Marc by Marc Jacobs 2012 F/W line. She is also accessorizing her top with a detachable collar in dark purple, completing the sophisticated and modern look. The burgundy accessories, such as the skinny belt and the watch, lighten up the grey outfit and are perfect for the upcoming fall weather. The next part of this outfit is my favorite: Marc by Marc Jacobs Irina from the 2012 F/W Collection!

The two-tone color of this bag really completes the chic, sophisticated aura of the whole outfit. The gold front flap enhances the classic look of the bag and also makes it casual and simple enough to pass as an everyday carry. This Marc by Marc Jacobs bag costs $498 and is made of 100% cow leather (credit: Marc by Marc Jacobs).

You have probably already guessed by now, but Na Yuh Ok has a very modern yet sophisticated style for a housewife in her mid-to-late thirties (I’m assuming). Most of her outfits are very simple and styled with long, pleated skirts. Subtle accents with various accessories and different ways of color-blocking add to her overall look. This outfit is of no exception as it mixes two simple pieces: a beige skirt and a white, square-neck blouse with ruffled shoulders. The overall outfit was kept very simple and elegant with a black belt giving the illusion of an hourglass figure.


All in all, I am in love, in total awe, of Kim Jung Eun’s look in ‘Oohlala Couple’. It’s very sophisticated, chic, modern, and yet casual and comfortable. If you’re caught up with this newly released drama, then tell us which one of Na Yuh Ok’s outfit was your favorite. If you have yet to watch ‘Oohlala Couple’, I totally recommend the drama if you have a few extra moments to spare.

Rookie group ATTACK releases “Plan B” MV

Posted: 10 Oct 2012 06:51 AM PDT

Rookie idol group ATTACK has finally released the music video for their debut single “Plan B“!

“Plan B” was released this past July along with “Feel Bad For My Mistake“, but the full music video was just revealed today. Members JiyoungSunghwanJonghoonA, and Changwoo made their debut in Japan first, and they’re now planning to promote domestically.

ATTACK includes two former KINO members (Jonghoon, Sunghwan) as well as former SOS members (Jiyoung, Changwoo).

Check out the “Plan B” MV below!

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2PM’s Chansung, Junho, Taecyeon attend ‘Dangerous Liaisons’ premiere

Posted: 10 Oct 2012 06:30 AM PDT

2PM‘s Taecyeon, Junho, and Chansung made an appearance at the premiere of ‘Dangerous Liaisons‘.

The film, which stars actor Jang Dong Gun as well as Chinese actresses Cecilia Cheung and Zhang Ziyi, was featured not only at this year’s ‘Busan International Film Festival‘, but at the ‘Toronto International Film Festival‘ as well.

Taecyeon tweeted earlier, “Dong Gun hyung invited us to the preview night of ‘Dangerous Liaisons’~ Hehe I’m looking forward to it~ [I'll have a good time],” and attached the photo above.

Fans commented, “Omo, handsome boys”, “Super Cool”, and “Jang Dong Gun!!! The famous actor ^^”.

Check out more photos of 2PM’s appearance at the event below!

20121010_2pm_dangerousliaisonspremiere_1 20121010_2pm_dangerousliaisonspremiere_2 20121010_2pm_dangerousliaisonspremiere_3 20121010_2pm_dangerousliaisonspremiere_jangdonggun

Nine Muses announces official fan club name

Posted: 10 Oct 2012 06:07 AM PDT

Star Empire Entertainment‘s girl group Nine Muses has announced their official fan club name!

The members themselves went through suggestions sent in by fans, and they’ve now decided on “MINE“. MINE was selected to represent the special relationship between Nine Muses and their fans.

Nine Muses made their official debut in August of 2010 with “No Playboy” from their first mini-album, ‘Let’s Have a Party‘, and they most recently released “Ticket” from their ‘Sweet Rendezvous‘ mini-album this past March.

Check out photos of the members picking the perfect fan club name below.

20121010_ninemuses_fanclubmine1 20121010_ninemuses_fanclubmine2

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Psy to perform at Australia’s ‘Future Music Festival’

Posted: 10 Oct 2012 05:41 AM PDT

Psy will be visiting Australia once again!

It seems the “Gangnam Style” singer has made an impression as he is featured as a special guest performer for the ‘Future Music Festival‘, an annual Australian dance music festival held in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Kuala Lumpur.

The upcoming event will start in Brisbane on March 2, 2013.

Check out a trailer and poster for the event below!

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Hello Venus become endorsement models for Bugs 3.0

Posted: 10 Oct 2012 05:18 AM PDT

Girl group Hello Venus has been appointed as the official endorsement models of Bugs 3.0.

Bugs 3.0 is a smartphone music application from Neowiz Internet. The new Bugs system’s user interface and user experience design has sharply improved to become “as beautiful as Hello Venus”. The new Bugs uses the swipe function for easier use, and added a magazine-like design to the basic play screen.

The application, released in T-store and Google Play, is gaining even more attention because Hello Venus has been appointed as its endorsement models. Bugs will hold a release event until November 5.

Check out behind-the-scenes pictures from the photo shoot below!

20121010_hellovenus_bugs30 20121010_hellovenus_bugs30_bts1 20121010_hellovenus_bugs30_bts2 20121010_hellovenus_bugs30_bts3 20121010_hellovenus_bugs30_bts4 20121010_hellovenus_bugs30_bts5 20121010_hellovenus_bugs30_bts6

B.A.P’s Daehyun and Zelo melt fans’ hearts on ‘Show Champion’

Posted: 10 Oct 2012 04:56 AM PDT

MBC Music‘s ‘Show Champion‘ featured a segment for satoori (dialect) idols on the 9th.

In the segment, B.A.P‘s Daehyun showed off his satoori skills, melting fans’ hearts with his stoic toughness. He even imitated one of Won Bin‘s lines to the delight of every female on set. Daehyun then showed off his aegyo to ease comedian Kim Shin Young‘s anger, but when that didn’t work, he sang Lee Seung Gi‘s “Because You’re My Girl“, instantly dissolving any anger she had.

Member Zelo also had a scene with fellow labelmate member SECRET‘s Sunhwa. In the skit, Sunhwa kept asking Zelo for a kiss, but Zelo cut her requests from the beginning with the words, “You’re a married woman,” hinting at her ‘We Got Married‘ appearance and causing the studio to explode with laughter.

B.A.P also showed off their innocent and mischievous sides with a self-camera. B.A.P recently topped the ‘German Asian Music Chart‘ with “No Mercy” and “Crash“, and are currently preparing for a new album.

Check out a clip and photos from the show below!

2012109_daehyun_kimshinyoung 20121009_zelo_sunhwa

Yoon Eun Hye chosen as special judge for ’10th Asiana International Short Film Festival’

Posted: 10 Oct 2012 04:34 AM PDT

Yoon Eun Hye will act as a special judge for the ‘10th Asiana International Short Film Festival‘. She’ll be judging the ’Face of the Short Film Award’.

The ‘Face of the Short Film Award’ is an award given to the best actors in short films. Every year, an actor who represents the Korean film industry is paired with last year’s winner to choose the recipient for this year’s award.

After debuting as a member of the girl group Baby V.O.X, Yoon Eun Hye gained much popularity as an actress in dramas such as, ‘Princess Hours‘, ‘Coffee Prince‘, and ‘Lie to Me‘ as well as the films ‘Escaping Charisma‘ and ‘My Black Mini Dress‘. She was also invited to the ‘17th Busan International Film Festival‘ as a director for her film ‘Knitting‘.

Yoon Eun Hye stated, “I’m honored to be a special judge [at the event]. I’m going to perform the part of a judge well with a serious heart and posture as a fellow actor to pick the ‘Face of the Short Film’.

Image: Credited as marked

Comedian Park Hwi Soon tries out Won Bin’s new hairstyle

Posted: 10 Oct 2012 04:12 AM PDT

Comedian Park Hwi Soon imitated Won Bin‘s long hairstyle

On the 9th, fans were shocked when Won Bin attended an event with hair that fell beneath his ear. Many were divided about whether he looked good with the new hairstyle or if he should cut it, but Park Hwi Soon had a different idea.

He tweeted, “Is this Won Bin’s hair? We’re the same age and we have the same hair, but we have different lives,” and uploaded a photo of himself with Won Bin’s new hairstyle. Park Hwi Soon did not just imitate his hair, but also his outfit and expression, trying to be as ‘Won Bin’ as possible.

Netizens commented, “Ah~ You guys are the same age“, “Park Hwi Soon, why are you giving up on yourself!!“, and “Same hair, different life. The importance of a face“.

Hello Venus Ara’s acting on ‘What is Mom’ impresses viewers

Posted: 10 Oct 2012 03:51 AM PDT

Hello VenusAra made her first appearance on the premiere of ‘What is Mom‘ on the 8th.

Ara portrayed an ambitious, charming part-time waitress perfectly. Her character stood confidently in front of the owner (Na Moon Hee) everyone was scared of, and stated, “When are you going to get someone for the counter? I’m just a server, but I keep having to man the counter. I won’t say anything if you raise my wages.Goo Ja Myung and Min Dae Hong‘s characters showed interest in her, awed at her bravery.

Viewers commented, “She stood out even though it was just her first appearance“, “She was only out for a short time, but she has definite presence“, “If the restaurant had a server like that, I’d just go and eat there every day” and “I wish she’d get more air time~ Show us her pretty face more“.

In related news, Hello Venus is planning to make a comeback this November.

‘Infinity Challenge’ teases fans with 300th episode special?

Posted: 10 Oct 2012 03:27 AM PDT

MBC‘s ‘Infinity Challenge‘ teased fans with hints at a possible 300th episode special.

On the second half of the ‘Infinity Company‘ special aired on the 6th, Yoo Jae Suk opened a newspaper with an advertisement for the 300th episode of ‘Infinity Challenge’ that featured the cast members. He commented, “It must be an advertisement for the 300th episode of ‘Infinity Challenge’.

Park Myung Soo criticized Jung Joon Ha, saying, “Does that buckteeth still do that.” Jung Joon Ha shot back, “Does that bald eagle and that big nosed person still come on?Jung Hyung Don laughed and said, “I want to take his glasses off and see if his nose comes along.

Fans of the show are thinking that the scene hints at the 300th episode of ‘Infinity Challenge’. What do you think?

miss A Suzy’s face is as small as a baseball?

Posted: 10 Oct 2012 03:06 AM PDT

miss A‘s Suzy shared a photo to commemorate throwing the ceremonial opening pitch for a recent baseball game.

On the 8th, she tweeted, “I’m honored to be throwing the opening pitch today! I won’t throw it downward this time. And there’s a surprise present when I throw the pitch, so don’t miss it!!” Suzy threw the opening pitch for the Doosan Bears against their game with the Lotte Giants on the day, promising not to throw it straight into the sand.

Suzy’s fans said, “If I knew Suzy was throwing the pitch, I would have gone no matter what“, “Baseball fans must have had a good time yesterday“, and “Suzy’s face and the baseball are similar sizes“.

AA (Double A) reveals comeback audio teaser #1

Posted: 10 Oct 2012 02:44 AM PDT

After releasing the "AGEHA Dance" music videoAA (Double A) has revealed the first audio teaser for their upcoming album!

AA previously announced they would be releasing numerous teaser videos for their comeback. The teasers will include previews of 12 songs, which will go untitled until the release of AA’s new album.

Take a listen to the first audio teaser below!

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Photos of She’z’ Taeyeon in uniform catch attention

Posted: 10 Oct 2012 02:31 AM PDT

Snapshots of She’z member Taeyeon in her school uniform have been catching attention online.

The photos show Taeyeon, who is currently attending high school, in uniform. Fans were left in awe at her natural beauty as well as her milky skin and long, flowing hair.

Netizens commented, “She’s been posing like a model since she was young”, “She is a school uniform goddess”, and “The uniform highlights her innocent charms”.

In other news, She’z is currently receiving much love for their new single, “UU“.

Block B releases Kyung’s comeback teaser video

Posted: 10 Oct 2012 02:11 AM PDT

Block B has released a comeback teaser video for member Kyung!

It's been six months since 'Welcome to the Block', and Block B will be returning with their first full-length album on October 17. The group seems to be going for an edgier, hip hop concept for this upcoming comeback.

Check out Kyung's teaser below!

SBS’ ‘You & I’ to come to an end after 8 months

Posted: 10 Oct 2012 02:00 AM PDT

SBS‘ midnight music program ‘You & I‘ will be coming to an end after eight months of broadcast.

A representative of Lee Hyori confirmed the news on the 10th: “The final recording took place on the 9th. It’s true that the program is coming to a close. Due to various reasons, [the show has been canceled].”

‘You & I’ launched in February of 2012 and attracted many viewers initially due its hosts, top star Lee Hyori and her close friend Jung Jae Hyung. However, the program was unable to bring in steady viewer ratings as it aired at midnight on Sundays.

The final episode of ‘You & I’ will air on the 14th with guests K.Will, Shin Chi Rim (Yoon Jong Shin, Harim, and Jo Jung Chi), and indie band Mongoose.

Lee Hyori will now be focusing on her new album, which is being planned for release early next year.