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"2PM’s “Beautiful” sets a new record at Tower Records for singles sales" plus 19 more

"2PM’s “Beautiful” sets a new record at Tower Records for singles sales" plus 19 more

2PM’s “Beautiful” sets a new record at Tower Records for singles sales

Posted: 23 Nov 2012 09:24 AM PST

2PM‘s single “Beautiful” set a new record at Tower Records in Shibuya for having the highest singles sales in history.

“Beautiful” was released back on June 6th in Japan, and has now set the record for the most single albums sold, regardless of genre. Tower Records is one of the main online and offline music markets in Japan. The Shibuya branch is the largest music store in Japan, and is one of the places that is always filled with music lovers.

2PM visited the Shibuya branch on the 22nd, and received the certificate that proved that they were #1 in single albums sales. They thanked Tower Records and their fans in fluent Japan, and even congratulated the store on its recent rennovations.

2PM said, “We’re honored and happy to have the record for single sales in history at the Shibuya Tower Records because it is the biggest music store in the world. We thank everyone, and we will become a group who works even harder for good songs and stages.

Congratulations to 2PM!

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Big Bang to hold ‘Big Bang Alive Galaxy Tour 2012′ finale in Seoul

Posted: 23 Nov 2012 08:54 AM PST

Big Bang will hold the finale to their ‘Big Bang Alive Galaxy Tour 2012‘ in Seoul.

YG-Life revealed a list of the various venues and attendance figures from Big Bang’s World Tour. At the end of the list, it was revealed that a final concert will take place in January 2013 in Seoul. The exact date wasn’t revealed and instead it was listed as, “2013/01/? THE FINAL <Seoul>“.

The post also shows that Big Bang has attracted a total of 759,000 fans in 12 countries and 24 cities, showing Big Bang’s immense worldwide popularity especially because they have sold out every seat.

YG Entertainment said, “Through their world tour, Big Bang confirmed that the brand name of ‘Big Bang’ has spread throughout the world. Not only that, but they will be holding their next tour on an even grander scale with added experience.

Besides Seoul, Big Bang will hold their remaining concerts in Osaka, Tokyo, Hong Kong, London, and Fukuoka.

Ailee to promote follow up single “Evening Sky”

Posted: 23 Nov 2012 08:19 AM PST

Ailee will be promoting “Evening Sky” after “I’ll Show You“.

According to her label, Ailee will be wrapping up promotions for “I’ll Show You” at the end of November, and then begin promoting “Evening Sky” in December. The song is off of her mini album ‘Invitation‘ and different from the usually popular songs as it’s a traditional ballad full of emotions. Ailee’s voice mixes with the moderate melody, and the song is already well received.

The music video for the song had already been revealed on November 1st, and is a collaboration with the movie ‘Now Is Good‘.

On competing with fellow rookie Lee Hi, Ailee’s label said, “I think they promote well together and make a synergy effect. This week or next week, her promotions for “I’ll Show You” will be over, and she’ll have a 1-2 week vacation. After that in December, she’ll be promoting her follow up song.

The label added, “For a while, solo artists were loved a lot, and then they suddenly disappeared. I think the music industry that had once been swept to one side is now starting to regain balance. The public is looking at the quality of music and the artist ability, so artists across all genres including Ailee are being shown lots of love“.

Earlier today, Ailee broke Psy‘s record of 10 straight winning weeks on Music Bank.

Check out the previously released music video for “Evening Sky” below!

Actor Lee Tae Sung revealed to be married with a son

Posted: 23 Nov 2012 07:49 AM PST

Actor Lee Tae Sung has revealed that he is married and has a son.

The woman who has stolen Lee Tae Sung’s heart has been revealed to be a woman seven years older than him and the two met three years ago through a mutual friend. He has also revealed that he has a son that is over a year old. Last April, the two gave birth to their son and registered their marriage, making them husband and wife.

Lee Tae Sung has originally revealed his wedding plans through his personal Twitter and when asked why he is getting married so late he said, “We found out about the pregnancy as we were planning our wedding so for the bride’s health we decided to push back the wedding. Then, my grandmother who has taken great care of me, has been admitted to the hospital and then passed away right after seeing her great grandson. This year, my maternal grandfather passed away too. The adults said it wasn’t right to get married in a year of mourning so we pushed the wedding back.

He continued, “I was very sorry to my wife for getting married without having a proper wedding. That is why I did my best to become a great husband and father to create a happy family. Now, we have a set date for our wedding and I wanted to share this good news with my fans first. I want to live happily like other families with my loving wife and son. I hope for your support.

This news took his fans by surprise, but nonetheless, his fans were moved by how much he loves his wife and son that he has been receiving many congratulatory messages.

On another note, Lee Tae Sung has started to receive love through MBC’s weekend drama ‘Hooray for Love‘ and has recently played the main antagonist in SBS’ ‘Rooftop Prince‘.

SPICA releases BTS recording making video

Posted: 23 Nov 2012 07:48 AM PST

SPICA has revealed a BTS recording making video.

The ladies recently released their mini album including title song “Lonely“, and released a BTS video for their recording of the album. The video features the song “That Night” in the background and shows the ladies working hard on their new album.

Check out the video below!

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B1A4 tops Hanteo’s Daily and Weekly charts with ‘In the Wind’

Posted: 23 Nov 2012 07:46 AM PST

B1A4 has topped the Hanteo charts with ‘In the Wind‘!

The group has snagged the #1 spot in both the Weekly and Daily Charts, and is currently at #2 on the real-time charts. The group’s 3rd mini album has been highly successful, and has also topped the Gaon Physical Album Chart.

Congratulations to B1A4!

20121122_b1a4_hanteodaily 20121122_b1a4_hanteorealtime 20121122_b1a4_hanteoweekly

B2ST’s Yoseob releases teaser for “Caffeine”!

Posted: 23 Nov 2012 07:37 AM PST

With Yoseob's official solo debut date approaching, the teaser for his song “Caffeine” has been released!

The MV shows Yoseob showcasing an incredibly masculine look, which is starkly different from his usual cute image. The MV gives us a hint of what the song will be like as well.

Yoseob's first solo album, 'The First Collage' will be released on the 26th, and will be produced by fellow B2ST member Junhyung.

Stay tuned to allkpop for more information on Yoseob's solo debut, and check out the teaser below!

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Netizen finds Yoo Jae Suk’s doppelganger in a Japanese film

Posted: 23 Nov 2012 04:11 AM PST

A netizen has discovered Yoo Jae Suk‘s doppelganger in a Japanese film.

The user recently uploaded the photo above (left) onto an online community board with the title, “Yoo Jae Suk in a Japanese movie.”

The shared photo shows a screen shot of a Japanese man who strongly resembles the ‘nation’s MC’. Although the man in the film did not wear glasses and had on a chonmage hairstyle, his eyes and lips especially looked similar to Yoo Jae Suk.

Netizens commented, “Why are there so many people who resemble Yoo Jae Suk?“, “He really does look like Yoo Jae Suk“, “This is hilarious“, and more.

Ailee wins ‘Music Bank’ K-Chart + Performances from November 23rd!

Posted: 23 Nov 2012 02:45 AM PST

KBS's 'Music Bank' is back with another fun and exciting show that was chock-full of amazing performances!

The MCs for tonight's episode were After School's UEE and actor Lee Jang Woo.

Aside from the usual stages, INFINITE‘s Sunggyu made his solo debut while Juniel and SPICA held their comeback stages.

As for the winners, Psy faced off against Ailee for this week's 'K-Chart', but in the end, it was Ailee who clinched the 'K-Chart' win with "I Will Show You", breaking Psy’s streak of 10 consecutive wins.

Congratulations to Ailee!



[ Next Week's Teasers ]

< Yang Yoseob >


Others who performed tonight included Arie Band, A-Prince, Baek Seung Hyun, E2RE, OFFROAD, LEDApple, Wonder Boyz, A-JAX, Red Training, D-UNIT, FIESTAR, THE SEEYA, C-CLOWN, Boyfriend, NS Yoon-G, B1A4, HyunA, Kim Jong Kook, Noel, Son Dam Bi, and Ailee!

Check out the performances below:


< Arie Band >


< A-Prince >


< Baek Seung Hyun >


< E2RE >




< LEDApple >


< Wonder Boyz >


< A-JAX >


< D-UNIT >








< Boyfriend >


< NS Yoon-G >


< B1A4 >


< HyunA >


< Kim Jong Kook >


< Noel >


< Son Dam Bi >


< Ailee >


INFINITE’s Sunggyu makes his solo debut with “60 Seconds” on ‘Music Bank’!

Posted: 23 Nov 2012 02:22 AM PST

INFINITE's Sunggyu has released his debut solo album, 'Another Me'!

The talented leader has built a ton of anticipation towards his solo debut with the previous release of various teasers and his pre-release song, “Shine“.

Sunggyu finally took to the stage to debut with his title track, “60 Seconds“.

Check out the charming performance below!

Juniel makes her comeback with “Bad Man” on ‘Music Bank’!

Posted: 23 Nov 2012 02:11 AM PST

Rookie artist Juniel has returned with new mini album '1&1' to follow up her successful debut earlier this year with "Illa Illa"!

Along with new title song "Bad Man", '1&1′ features 5 new songs, 4 of which have been written by Juniel herself. According to an insider with FNC Entertainment, "'1&1′ is meant to represent the fact that Juniel's comeback is in November (the 11th month of the year), and that it will be her second album."

Check out Juniel’s comeback stage below.

Oh Soo Min throws a challenge to Lee Hi

Posted: 23 Nov 2012 02:10 AM PST

Singer Oh Soo Min has thrown out a letter of challenge to Lee Hi.

She started on the 21st, writing,

The hottest person now, Lee Hi. I think she’s a soul singer like me, but.. mm… I don’t know. I don’t know about anything else, but I want to have a battle with her with just vocals. I want to go with the recently popular method, pick about five songs and sing the same songs to battle each other. I want to leave the judging to the people who are listening to it real-time, and we’d just battle with each other through pure singing. I’m pretty confident about my singing… I don’t know how you’d feel. Both sides can decide on the medium… or you can decide. Wouldn’t it be fun? I guess she might not do it because she can lose big. Anyway, I’m giving you a suggestion. With that in thought, I sang her recent song. I’m not saying you have to sing like this…^^

She linked to her own version of Lee Hi’s hit song “1, 2, 3, 4“. Contrary to what she might have hoped for, her video was met mostly with negative response with a lot of the listeners criticizing her vocal talents. Some commented, “I’m not a Lee Hi fan, but Lee Hi is better than this“, “You did this just for the attention, right? This has 20 more times the view of your own music video..“, and “I finished listening to this. I don’t think I’ll be listening to Oh Soo Min ever again“.

A few hours ago, Oh Soo Min took to her Twitter again to respond to the negative responses. She said,

First, I didn’t know I’d get this much attention. My suggestion was the musical swagger that comes out often in music. I’m not saying that she’s worse than me because of that, but it was more of a vocal game that was ‘I’m this good at singing, so do you want to have fun and battle?’. I’m a person who only knows how to sing, so I thought we could have fun singing. If this really happens, I thought we’d be able to show a fun, new culture for the public. I was talking about an on-spot battle that instrument players and vocals actually do, and even now if that side agrees to the suggestion, I want to do the battle. I don’t think the losing side will disappear from the world as a ‘Bad Vocal’. I’m sorry if anyone felt uncomfortable because of the way I talk. Please think of it as a way to make a fun culture. Thank you.

Check out her own version of “1, 2, 3, 4″. What do you think?

Girl group SPICA returns with “Lonely” on ‘Music Bank’

Posted: 23 Nov 2012 01:56 AM PST

After revealing various teasers for their comeback, SPICA has finally revealed their new mini album 'Lonely'!

As previously mentioned, the group's new song has been produced by the hitmaker Sweetune, and the members have also included their own works as well in the upcoming album.

Their title track “Lonely” has been receiving positive attention for its catchy tune.

Check out SPICA’s stunning comeback stage below.

Who Wore it Better: Jiyoung vs. Lizzy

Posted: 23 Nov 2012 12:08 AM PST

On a recent episode of ‘Invincible Youth 2‘, KARA‘s Jiyoung wore a grey sweater with a dinosaur print on it.  After School‘s Lizzy wore the same sweater on her drama, ‘Rascal Sons‘.

Both girls went for a casual look- Jiyoung wore a hat and left her hair down, while Lizzy wore messy pigtails.  The sweater is by Korean label Man to Man.

So, who do you think wore it better?  Cast your vote in our poll, and let us know why you voted that way in the comments!

Psy’s January concert in California postponed

Posted: 22 Nov 2012 11:04 PM PST

Psy‘s concert in January, which was planned to be held in Anaheim, California, USA, has been postponed.

Ticketmaster announced that Psy’s concert, scheduled for January 26th at 8PM, has been canceled. However, YG Entertainment state that the concert isn’t cancelled but rather postponed. YG Entertainment stated, “Even though the ticket site says it is canceled, we have merely delayed the concert because his new American album will be released in February/March.

They also added, “Psy’s schedule is completely packed and his concert schedule isn’t confirmed yet, but there is a high possibility it will happen after his album release.

Lee Hi’s “Scarecrow” was originally for Park Bom?

Posted: 22 Nov 2012 10:03 PM PST

Lee Hi‘s newly-releasedScarecrow” has become a hot issue.

The song was kept secret even from YG Entertainment employees, and has been revealed to be J.Y. Park‘s song. “Scarecrow” suits Lee Hi’s low, soulful voice perfectly and it has now been revealed that the song was originally supposed to be Park Bom‘s solo debut song in 2008.

In 2007, Yang Hyun Suk had written on YG Entertainment’s board, “Park Bom will release one song as a part of a pre-promotion in early May. The song is titled ‘Scarecrow’ and J.Y. Park composed the song.” Park Bom had actually performed the song at Big Bang‘s nationwide concert.

YG Entertainment said, “The new song ‘Scarecrow’ is written and composed by J.Y. Park, but he did not make it for Lee Hi. CEO Yang requested for the song years ago, and CEO Yang Hyun Suk kept it treasured. He gave it to Lee Hi after all this time“.

Check out Park Bom’s version of “Scarecrow” below! Which version do you prefer?

Real 2PM goes behind the scenes with 2PM in Shanghai

Posted: 22 Nov 2012 09:17 PM PST

Last week, the boys of 2PM held their ‘What Time Is It?‘ tour in Shanghai, China.

There were a lot of things happening that day and Real 2PM recently revealed a behind the scenes video of some of the activities that occurred in Shanghai. You can look at their backstage reactions and even some footage of their performances on stage.

Good to see Nichkhun back with the other members and having fun.

Check out the footage below!

INFINITE members wish Dongwoo a happy birthday

Posted: 22 Nov 2012 08:45 PM PST

The INFINITE members congratulated their rapper Dongwoo on his birthday.

Maknae Sungjong tweeted, “Dongwoo hyung!!!!!!!! Jjang Ddongwoo hyung!!!!!! I sincerely congratulate you on your birthday~~~><♥ Happy birthday to you~ Happy birthday to you~ Happy birthday dear Dongwoo hyung~ Happy birthday to you~♥” and attached a selca.

Woohyun similarly attached a selca and wrote, “Jjang Ddong thanks for being born~ I’m tweeting on purpose when you’re asleep.. Don’t cry when you see it in the morning because you’re touched =_= keke Let’s work hard tomorrow, too~! The present is!!!! My photo!!!!!! Please save it…. kekeke“.

L left a simple message, writing, “11/22 congrats congrats” and attaching a photo of Dongwoo. Leader Sunggyu wrote, “Thanks to everyone who came to the INFINITE arena tour. I had a very, very good time. I hope everyone got good memories that can keep in their heart. And Jang Dongwoo, hapy birthday ^^ kekekekeke That kid Jang Dongwoo“.

Dongwoo thanked his members by tweeting, “Euhuh ㅠㅠ I’m happy! Today is a really good day for a lot of reasons! I’m so thankful hehe. We’re neighbors who help each other as we live ~.~ I hope today is especially meaningful and optimistic! Tada ~3~. Something I took as soon as I woke to celebrate ~” and attached the above selca.

Happy birthday to Dongwoo!

20121122_dongwoobirthday 20121122_dongwoobirthday2 20121122_sungjong_dongwoobirthday 20121122_woohyun_dongwoobirthday

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C-CLOWN releases final MV for “Because You Might Grow Distant”

Posted: 22 Nov 2012 08:11 PM PST

C-CLOWN has revealed the final music video version for "Because You Might Grow Distant“.

The final version is completely different from the previous two MV’s and focuses on the member’s flashy choreography and performances.

"Because You Might Grow Distant" is the title track of their second mini-album, which also includes "Cold" and "Goodnight" as well as instrumentals for the tracks.

Members Rome and T.K. wrote the raps for all three songs, and B2ST's Junhyung as well asEXID's Haniare reported to have participated in "Cold".

Watch the final music video version below and tell us which version is your favorite!

Gavy NJ releases MV for “Pretty”

Posted: 22 Nov 2012 08:00 PM PST

The ladies of Gavy NJ have released their latest music video, “Pretty”.

The song is written by Min Myung Ki and is a medium tempo track that depicts the emotions of a woman who sees her ex boyfriend with a new girlfriend.

A representative appealed to fans as they commented, “This song talks about a topic that many people can relate to.

Check out the MV below!

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