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"Jewelry's December schedule" plus 24 more

"Jewelry's December schedule" plus 24 more

Jewelry's December schedule

Posted: 23 Nov 2012 07:55 AM PST

Jewelry's December schedule can be seen below.

December 5 - Jewelry. Broadcast. MBC Every1 Weekly Idol 5:53PM

December 6 - Yewon. Broadcast. MBC Joo Young Hoon's 2 O'clock Date Radio 2:00PM

Jewelry. Performance. KBS Ulsan Hope Concert 7:30PM

December 13 - Yewon. Broadcast. MBC Joo Young Hoon's 2 O'clock Date Radio 2:00PM

December 20 - Yewon. Broadcast. MBC Joo Young Hoon's 2 O'clock Date Radio 2:00PM

December 27 - Yewon. Broadcast. MBC Joo Young Hoon's 2 O'clock Date Radio 2:00PM

Source: Jewelry's Daum Fancafe
Trans by: applejuice @ Jewelry Fanclub

BEAST's Yoseob releases "Caffeine" teaser

Posted: 23 Nov 2012 07:42 AM PST

BEAST's main vocalist Yang Yoseob released the first video teaser of his solo song titled "Caffeine",check out the teaser below.

The full MV is expected to be released on 26th November,do you anticipate his solo debut?

G-Dragon's Father talks about 'Dolce Vita'!

Posted: 23 Nov 2012 07:30 AM PST

"This place is really cool, isn't it? I think here is heaven. My son helped me in the form of money.

We spent around a billion won to make this place … Room 'Crayon' is for Jiyong. He did everything about this room. Like interior and props. … We made this place not for the money. It is the place where Jiyong and I can take a rest very well.

Jiyong have been to here three times. He came with YoungBae and ate grilled meat. There's place that ppl can ride a duck-boat in front of our pension, he had a really good time there.

They rode a boat and kept smiling. They're like… real children. I won't take a reservation for room Crayon for Jiyong. This room is empty for YG family. 2NE1 will come and visit here soon. Maybe YG will visit as well.

"Pension's name used to be 'The nemo' because the pension looks square so Jiyong gave a name 'The nemo'. (Nemo means square in Korean) But we tried to find better name and then we thought about his tattoo.

It means 'Sweet life' and it's good. About the rooms' name, it's Jiyong and my wife's idea. They wanted most advanced name."

"I can boast a lot about my son. He has been so kind since he was young. He never disobeys us.He said he wanted to do music, so I said "Don't forget to study. You have to get good grades more than 80%." And he got.

Of course he is also a good boy. He's doing very well to his father and mother. He said he earned lots of money, so he hoped we(parents) would live in comfort and thanked us for raising him. I and my wife have a good relationship, I think that is the reason why my son and daughter are kind."

"I am so proud to be Jiyong's father and boast about him to people. I'm so happy to be his father."

About Bigbang's incidents in 2011, GD's father said "I was so distressed at that time, but I think I should be grateful because it's better than something more serious. But they're young boys.

Source: @Sportsseoul
Trans by: @LueKim

SHINee to make brief appearances on LOVE FM's "LOVE ☆ KOR!" and FBS's "Mentai Wide"

Posted: 23 Nov 2012 07:00 AM PST

SHINee's short comment segments will be airing on radio show "LOVE ☆ KOR!" and television show "Mentai Wide" of Fukuoka.

◆ LOVE FM (Fukuoka) - "LOVE ☆ KOR!"
__November 24 (Saturday); 19:00 to 20:00 JST
__※ OA Comment

◆ FBS aka. Fukuoka Broadcasting System - "Mentai Wide"
__November 28 (Wednesday); 15:48 to 17:53 JST
__※ OA Comment
__※ The content of this broadcast is subject to change.

Cr: joAnnwashere @ 

miss A to start promotions in Taiwan and China

Posted: 23 Nov 2012 06:40 AM PST

Girl group miss A, who recently wrapped up its local promotions, will kicking off promotions in Taiwan and China.

miss A members recently departed for Taiwan where the group will hold a variety of events. The group plans to attend press interview on November 23, hold a fan meeting on the 24th and attend miss A dance competition on the next day.

Recently, miss A released a Chinese version of 'Independent Women Pt. III Special Edition' in Greater China. The album includes a DVD containing miss A's music videos for "I Don't Need A Man" and previous track, "Touch".

miss A will continue to promote in Greater China until December.

Lee Jun Ki heads to Switzerland for new pictorial

Posted: 23 Nov 2012 06:15 AM PST

Lee Jun Ki will be shooting a new pictorial in Switzerland.

On November 22, Lee Jun Ki left to Switzerland and for over the next two weeks, he will be traveling all over the country for photo shootings. This will be his first photo shoot abroad since being discharged from the army in February.

The photoshoot will show "the many faces of Lee Jun Ki as he approaches 30." It will show the singer-actor's more casual looks as well as introduce different places and cultures of Switzerland.

Lee Jun Ki wanted to thank his fans for their support while he was filming 'Arang and the Magistrate' and decided on the photo book project. He chose the concept himself, and also the place.

Younha to hold year-end solo concert

Posted: 23 Nov 2012 05:50 AM PST

Singer Younha will be hosting her exclusive concert next month!

Titled "Dear…", Younha's year-end concert will take place on December 30 and 31 in Seoul's Yongsan Art Center. The concert be filled with Younha's unique voice as well as includes a series of surprise events that will delight her fans.

Younha said, "I want to thank all my fans for their love and support this year. I will devote myself to the practice for the upcoming concert to present the audience precious time."

In addition, the tickets to the concert has been sold out in three minutes of its opening. Upon hearing the news, the singer expressed her excitement, "Sold out in three minutes… You′re making me so happy! I guess I could hold an encore concert too."

U-Kiss Soohyun cast in ‘High School Girls’ musical

Posted: 23 Nov 2012 05:28 AM PST

U-Kiss member Soohyun has been cast as the lead for 'High School Girls' musical.

'High School Girls' musical describes the first love of young boys and girls. Soohyun will be playing the role of Jung Hyuk Joo, who seeks for his first love after his studies at overseas.

Since U-Kiss is growing largely popular in many overseas countries, it seems like his challenge in musical will influence in the spread of new contents. Soohyun is currently practicing hard for the musical, which will raise its curtains on December 29 at Musical Center at Daehakro, Seoul.

Meanwhile, U-Kiss is planning to begin an Asia tour sometime next year.

Teen Top L.Joe’s Hong Kong fans prepare special for his birthday

Posted: 23 Nov 2012 05:01 AM PST

Teen Top's L.Joe received a special birthday gift from his fans from Hong Kong.

Recently, an online community uploaded a photo of a two story bus wrapped in banner with a special birthday message for member L.Joe. Fans from Hong Kong prepared a surprise event for L.Joe's birthday on November 23rd.

The bus went around from about a month ago and will continue to roll around Hong Kong until the end of November. Many netizens shared their own pictures of sightings of the bus, confirming Teen Top's popularity among Hong Kong fans.

Netizens commented, "I'm so proud of Teen Top members' great success", "The Hong Kong fans are so great!", "Happy birthday, L.Joe!" and "I wish we could do that in Korea as well."

Kim Hyung Jun to join Kim Ki Duk’s new film

Posted: 23 Nov 2012 04:43 AM PST

Kim Hyung Jun has been cast for a lead role in director Kim Ki Duk's upcoming film, 'Actors are Actors'.

According to his agency S Plus Entertainment, Kim Hyung Jun will be making his big screen debut through the upcoming film 'Actors are Actors'. He will work with Yang Dong Geun, Seo Young Hee and MBLAQ's Joon in the film.

Kim Hyung Jun already showcased his acting skills by playing lead characters in the drama series KBS 'Glowing She' and SBS 'Plus's Late Blossom' earlier this year.

Meanwhile, 'Actors are Actors' would tell a story of an actor who suddenly rise to stardom and fall all the way to the bottom.

Gil and Jung Hyung Don reunite for new album

Posted: 23 Nov 2012 04:19 AM PST

LeeSsang's Gil and Jung Hyung Don will be teaming up once again to make their comeback!

On November 22, Gil wrote on his Twitter, "Lee Seung Gi, Lee Hi, let's go at it… 2012.11.26. 12pm Ddoongs (fatty) comeback", challenging singers Lee Seung Gi and Lee Hi who recently released their new singles.

Included was a picture of Gil and Jung Hyung Don showing off their comic looks while donning different hip-hoppy accessories and white shower gowns. The jacket photo for the upcoming single album was revealed as well.

Gil and Jung Hyung Don first united as a project group Ddoongs in 2010, and released a song titled "Go Calories".

The new single drops on November 26.

Psy postpones upcoming U.S. concert

Posted: 23 Nov 2012 03:47 AM PST

Psy's upcoming concert in the United States has been postponed.

On November 22, America's online retailer announced, "Psy's concert, which was originally scheduled to take place at Honda Center located in Anaheim, California on January 26th, 2013, was cancelled."

However, Psy's agency YG Entertainment clarified that Psy did not cancel the concert but postpone it due to his new worldwide album delay. The firm added that the concert will probably be held after releasing the album next February or March.

Meanwhile, Psy's "Gangnam Style" music video got over 800 million views so far, and it is eyeing to take over Justin Bieber's place soon.

Lee Je Hoon finishes basic military training

Posted: 23 Nov 2012 03:23 AM PST

Actor Lee Je Hoon updated his fans with special message and photo.

On November 22, Lee Je Hoon's agency Saram Entertainment revealed a photo through its official Facebook and wrote, "Earlier this morning, actor Lee Je Hoon just finished his 4 weeks of basic military training and came out of his training center."

In the photo, Lee Je Hoon can be seen in his full army uniform while giving a smile and salute to the camera.

Lee Je Hoon also wrote on his official fan website, "How are you all doing? I just finished 4 weeks of basic military training, and I'm moving to the next place. The weather is getting cold, so dress warm, and take care of your health. I miss you so much."

Source: StarN News

Juniel releases acoustic performances of tracks from ‘1&1’ album

Posted: 23 Nov 2012 03:01 AM PST

Rookie singer Juniel has recently returned with her second mini album '1&1'. In addition to having her 'Music Bank' comeback, the singer treated the fans with live acoustic performances of her latest tracks.

Released via her official Youtube channel on November 23, the videos show Juniel performing all of her tracks from her second mini album '1&1'. The rookie singer once again showcases her guitar skills and lovely voice as she performs "Bad Man", "Cat Day", "Happy Ending", "Oh Happy Day" and "Boy."

Watch her performances below!

121123 Ailee wins on Music Bank’s ‘K-Chart’ + Other Performances

Posted: 23 Nov 2012 02:37 AM PST

KBS "Music Bank" is back this week full of amazing performances!

For the November 23rd episode of the show, INFINITE's leader and main vocalist Sunggyu kicked off his solo debut, while Juniel and girl group SPICA made their respective comebacks.

Other performers tonight included Ailee, Son Dambi, Noel, Kim Jong Kook, HyunA, B1A4, NS Yoon-G, Boyfriend, C-CLOWN, The SEEYA, FIESTAR, D-Unit, Red Training, A-JAX, Wonder Boyz, LEDApple, OFFROAD, E2RE, Baek Seung Heon, A-PRINCE and Arie Band.

And for the highlight of the show, Ailee ended the streak of Psy's "Gangnam Style" and won on this week's 'K-Chart' with her latest title track I Will Show You.

Congratulations Ailee!

Next Week: B2ST's Yoseob (Solo Debut)

Tonight's Performances:


Son Dambi


Kim Jong Kook



NS Yoon-G






Red Training


Wonder Boyz




Baek Seung Heon


Arie Band

Watch tonight's debut and comeback performances below!

INFINITE's Sunggyu - "60 Seconds"
Juniel - "Bad Man"
SPICA - "Lonely"

INFINITE’s Sunggyu makes solo debut with “60 Seconds” on ‘Music Bank’

Posted: 23 Nov 2012 02:21 AM PST

Making his long-awaited solo debut, INFINITE's leader and main vocalist Sunggyu is finally taking the stage of 'Music Bank' with his debut performance of "60 Seconds".

"60 Seconds" is the title song for Sunggyu's solo debut album 'Another Me' which was released on November 19th. The song is a melodic rock ballad which is a huge change of pace from INFINITE's usual music.

Sunggyu has already showcased his solo potential through his concert performances and appearances on KBS 'Immortal Song 2'. He is now giving the fans a chance to experience his unique vocals once again through his official foray as a solo artist.

Check out his performance below!

Juniel returns with “Bad Man” on ‘Music Bank’

Posted: 23 Nov 2012 02:04 AM PST

Rookie singer Juniel, who left the public a deep impression with debut track, "Illa Illa", has returned with new track "Bad Man", showing a more mature music style.

"Bad Man" is a heart wrenching song of pop genre and is showing off Juniel's expressive and sensitive voice. It tells a story of a sad breakup and pain the girl has to go through.

The song serves as the title song for Juniel's second mini album '1&1', which consists 4 of her own composition and showed a talent for the talented singer-songwriter.

Check out her performance below!

SPICA makes comeback with “Lonely” on ‘Music Bank’

Posted: 23 Nov 2012 01:58 AM PST

After their successful "I'll Be There" promotions, SPICA is back on the spotlight, showcasing a mature transformation with new single, "Lonely".

"Lonely" was produced by hitmaker Sweetune and features a retro-feeling sound and addictive melody. The new album of the same title features songs that were produced and written by members of the group as well.

Transforming into femme fatales, the ladies of SPICA are showcasing their feminine, yet strong image for a new round of promotions. Watch their comeback stage on 'Music Bank' below.

Roh JiHoon, “Received Strict Training from Rep-nim” for a year and 6 months

Posted: 23 Nov 2012 01:23 AM PST

To Roh JiHoon, MBC 'Birth Star' was his last chance. When he gave up the path to be a soccer player just to be a singer, he cleaned up the band practice room and even continued to practice despite being burnt by coffee. He even went to universities around, works on stages to gain more experience as a singer.

Roh JiHoon "I started these life around 2 years ago. I was 21 years old, which was considered old then (to be debuted as a singer). When I felt that 'my (opportunity) has ended' I saw 'Birth of a Great Star'. With a thought of 'if this can't do it, then there won't be any (chance)', and tried my last challenge. On 'Birth Star', I didn't think of not being able to make it. I desperately needed it", as he recalled his memories.

So he went to Birth Star just like that and was lucky enough to be Bang ShiHyuk's mentee. Soon enough, he went on live broadcast stages, and received recognition for his singing talents, and was even the TOP8 as he carries all elements (Singing, Performance, and Visual) altogether, and was eyed most by the public.

After 'Birth Star', he signed on with Cube Entertainment that houses BEAST, 4minute, G.NA, and BTOB. Many are sure of his solid talents, but Roh JiHoon unexpectedly went hidden for a year and 6 months. 'Birth Star' is now in the midst of broadcasting its 3rd season. After a year and six months, Roh JiHoon finally went public with the release of his debut album.

"That was because I was tied up in the company. They gave me guidance for this one year and six months. They really grown me harshly. Now that I think of it, I'm so grateful to them. That time, I wasn't able to speak. I even thought that I won't be debuting like now too", he revealed.

He then followed by, "But our representative-nim trained me strictly," and laughed. He revealed, "When I first enter the company and went for a meeting, he said 'let's (debut) within this year. Or by latest, January next year'. He emphasized a lot on the word 'by latest'. He said to me then, 'I will let you be 100% completed. After 60% has been done, I will let you stand on the stage and gain experience, so that you'll be 100% complete', he said."

Roh JiHoon continued, "He said like that, and even said that the latest would be on January. 'Till then, do to your best', then he said  'It's still a little lacking, work more on it. You'll debut in May'. So I took the criticism and practiced. When it was May, he asked me to try harder again. He kept pushing the date back," he explained.

"Representative-nim is a bad guy. He kept me training. When I felt that I was complete, there were times he would say 'are you sure?', and on some days, he would smile at me and speak in a soft tone, 'JiHoon-ah, I love you'. (But) the delaying isn't a joke," he said, while laughing.

After a long wait, Roh JiHoon debuted with title song 'Being Punished'. The soft and gentle image during 'Birth Star' was stripped away and Roh JiHoon transformed into a bad guy, where he even showcased his belt dance, putting on a daring performance.

"Although I went on my first stage trembling a lot, I'm calmer now. There were lots of people and cameras looking at me. After this period of a year and 6 months, I'm worried about standing on such a big stage. But I think I've overcome it well. The stage is fun," expressing his thoughts.

Trans: MrsDooB2uty @
Source: Newsen

Roh JiHoon, “My Potential Within? Unlimited”

Posted: 23 Nov 2012 12:50 AM PST

'Magnet Man' is not called for nothing.

When he stands on the glamorous stage, he has managed to put a curse on females' heart with his deathly homme fatale charms. But when he's offstage, Roh JiHoon (23) goes back to his simple and innocent side of his.

Through MBC 'Birth Star', Roh JiHoon who has received remarks about the possibility to stardom, is to return fully now. Recently, he has released debut album "The Next Big Thing', and has started promotions for his title song 'Being Punished'.

After his previous audition, Roh JiHoon has signed with Cube Entertainment that houses BEAST, 4minute and many other more artists, and had undergone a year and 6 months of systematic training.  Not only he has trained his singing and dancing capabilities, he has also become a specialist(?) for his own visuals.

Solo Singer★ 
Recently idol groups have been the center of attention, and there aren't many comparable male dance soloist. Roh JiHoon has therefore received attention for emerging from the dry male dance soloist market.

"To be able to be compared with Rain senior-nim, it's my glory. As we compare, I felt that it's not only a target, but to become an exposed as a singer like him, so that one day I could exceed him."

'Natural born dancers', 'Overwhelming stage charms', 'Sexy charisma that capture hearts' and more. Representatives of male dance soloists, Yoo SeungJun, Rain, and Seven has shown similar image on stage.

Towards the 'difference' that the public wants, Roh JiHoon said, "Whatever they want, I will do so, whatever it is, I will suit to it well, so that I can show my unlimited potential. With a different charm every time, I will show a better self on stage," expressing his aspiration as a rookie singer.

On the 7th, where Roh JiHoon held his showcase, he revealed that he "practiced for 7 hours a day, just for dance practices", and has shown those sweat and effort on stage then.

"I'm not a born dancer. I think it's the effort through my practices. Probably because I'm more confident on my singing than dancing, so I focused more on dance practices. Other than my sleeping time, it's like I'm always dancing."

Last week, on various music programs, Roh JiHoon who brought out his debut stage, 'Being Punished', has shown a maturer vocal and stabler skills as compared to his 'Birth Star' days, which allows him to gain attention.

"When I first entered the company, I've taken some videos. As I compared them now, it's like a difference of sky and land. It seems like (singing capibilities) has really grown. I only sing songs that are soft then. Now, it seems like I can do different type of expressions to express my feelings."

"As the nature of a dance soloist, I couldn't show my singing capabilities to the maximum, and I regret over it. I'm still carrying it with me, someday I will blow you away with a different type of weapon."

When he appeared on "Birth Star', he was noticed for his height, schoolboy image that attracted older female fans. Now, with his 'sexiness', 'Homme Fatale', he has become a more manly man.

"That's thanks to staffs around me. Haha. Actually, I will show you my charms other than my face, or my height.

Roh JiHoon has called 'Magnet Man'. With his consistent workouts and proportionate body, manly visuals together with his eyesmiles, it does attract female fans for sure.

"At first, I wasn't familiar with this 'Magnet Man' name, but I liked it now. "

★Bad Guy★ 
The concept to Noh JiHoon is to be a 'bad guy'.

After betraying his beloved girlfriend, he felt the pain and therefore, is 'Being Punished' like in his title track. Through his mockumentary, Roh JiHoon has been recognized as the 'bad guy' by the public.

"Firstly when I  heard about the 'Bad Guy' concept, my heart went '…' . I was worried if I could present this concept well."

"In reality, I think I have both bad guy and good guy traits in me. I have a slightly cold side, which I always heard about myself. As contrast, I become a good guy when I appear comfortably while smiling. Haha"

Towards question 'Heart-moving songs?', most artists would reply ballads, soul type of songs. But Roh JiHoon has a slightly different perception.

"Are dance songs not able to move people? I don't think so. Dance or ballad, I think I can move hearts and I want to do that type of music. Those who see my stage, I want them to hear them saying like, 'Roh JiHoon sings the song passionately' "

"Honestly, I have 'I will be great' greed, but that's slightly not the fact. I've thought about #1 on music programs, music sites. I want people to listen to my song, and be happy with it, and to be a singer that moves hearts"

Trans: MrsDooB2uty
Source: TV Daily

Roh JiHoon, “Elimination from ‘Birth Star’ was a trauma”

Posted: 23 Nov 2012 12:21 AM PST

Good looking participant of MBC 'Birth Star', Roh JiHoon has made his debut. Roh JiHoon had received good remarks on his visual, singing and performance capability during his Birth Star times.

Roh JiHoon who managed to reached to the TOP8 spot was unfortunately eliminated due to his bad condition as he sang out of tune. During that stage, Roh JiHoon chose Se7en's 'Come Please' and even performed it on a pair of wheeled shoes.

It has been one and a half year since then, but Roh JiHoon's memories of that day remains fresh. Roh JiHoon laughed, "Those shoes are still in my house and is handled carefully". During his last stage, Roh JiHoon made a mistake of singing at the wrong tune. He expressed, "Manager-hyung too gave me that video. I watched it and I heard the swiping of a stroke from the nation. I thought I was going to die then."

"After that solo stage, there was another group stage following after. It seems like everyone were looking at me. As I thought like so, I felt dizzy. Portal sites had 'Roh JiHoon out of tune" was on real time search," he recalled.

"You might have trauma", following after the reporter's words, Roh JiHoon continued, "It was the truth. The stage this time round too. I'm really burdened by it. Not other aspect, but thinking that if I were to sing out of tune again, this will be the end." It was my first broadcast, but I do it again… that really stresses me out," he confessed.

He then revealed that, "People will also think that I'm the joke for the day, so I would have thoughts saying 'Don't sing out of tune today'. That's really a burden to me too. I tried to smile, but in within, I was really nervous. "

But Roh JiHoon continued, "But it's okay. I don't want to hide it. It can only look bad if I hide it. The future is more important", he smiled.

Roh JiHoon who has been hiding for a year and 6 months after Birth Star, has felt a significant change. Not only a rookie singer's aspiration was felt, but also that amateur feel during the auditions was completely stripped off. He carries his confidence, but dropped the greed.

"I have thoughts of if I make it well, and if I don't. In fact, I really thought that 'I will for sure be great. I will get #1′ before.  But I'm still stuck at this level, it seems like I can't be higher than this yet. 'Do it comfortably and have fun. Just perform like you used to practice. Perform more amazingly and not to have greed', I'm thinking like this now."

Trans: MrsDooB2uty
Source: Newsen

Girl's Day burst into tears in Beatles Code season 2

Posted: 23 Nov 2012 12:15 AM PST

Guesting on 'Beatles Code season 2' on November 19, Girl's Day attracted viewers' attention with their fresh images as well as good communication skills.

In the show, Girl's Day Yura chose her ideal type ranking among the MCs of the show and all of them chose singer Hong Seo Bum to be the last. After that, he grabbed and threw his hat away to show his anger, surprised everyone.

Indeed, Hong Seo Bum and other MCs of 'Beatles Code season 2' had planned a 'hidden camera' trick to astonish Girl's Day members. Hong Seo Bum took it very seriously, made the atmosphere worse.

All of Girl's Day members looked confused and surprised. They felt guilty toward Hong Seo Bum but he didn't take it easy. Finally, when it reached the climax, he sang a song and told that it was a 'hidden camera'. Girl's Days members burst into tears because of the surprise.

Netizens commented, "Girl's Days members are easy to cry", "I am surprised too", "If I was her I would also cry",...

source: Mnet Beatles Code

Written by Jenny@dkpopnews

Roh JiHoon’s ‘Bad Guy’ Theory

Posted: 22 Nov 2012 11:54 PM PST

Roh JiHoon has talked about him being the bad guy in his title track, 'Being Punished'. To be exact, there were contents where he talks about girls that are worse than bad guys. To Roh JiHoon, what's a 'Bad Guy'.

Bad Guy, Amazing Man At First

There isn't a bad guy from the start. Because of this, in reality, the possibility of a good guy at first is high. They become bad only when frustration and betrayal are felt. So, he could be a good man now, and might be a bad guy someday.

"Bad guys understand the girls well. He understands the mentality of girls. He knows everything about what she likes and what she dislikes. In particular, he's a guy who understands well which side of his to show to girls. When he sees a girl, he will show a side different from his life. Those are the warnings."

Till here, they are still the good guys. Especially, when they love that girl, then he  is a good guy.

"Bad guys are good at presentation.They constantly use lovely words and say sweet things to her. He would tell the girl that he loves only her."

Love Myself More Than You

 The real colors of a bad guy starts to show. Understanding himself more than anyone else, he will start showing a personality where he loves only himself.

"To bad guys, love isn't the first priority. If there's anything that needed to be focused on, then he'll push love away. I think I'm that type of bad guys myself. As I started my 'Birth Star' period, I did not contact my friend that I was meeting often. In the end, we broke up, of course. As I enter the entertainment agency, and preparing for my debut, I've changed my number. I've deleted the contact of that person who used to call me. This is because work is even more important that anyone else."

Bad Guy's prioritize themselves first, whether for work or another similar reasons. In this part, the bad guy has shown his coldness. There won't be any calls (to her) at a later date.

Excuse of a Bad Guy 

Bad guys are not born bad guys. It's just that they place themselves over love, and they clearly have their own reasons or background to it.

"When I was in my third year of middle school, I dated a girlfriend for the first time. We were both young back then, and innocent as well, so it seems like we loved it. When we graduated, she frequently tried to find reasons to delay our  promises. I didn't suspect anything then, but later found out by mistake that she was deciding between me and another guy. I went to meet my girlfriend, he went as well. I asked for a break up coolly  and I cried for one whole month. In the end, she dated him."

When he couldn't trust anyone 100%, he learns how to hide his true and sincere feelings. It may be just a lie, but for a bad guy, that one is enough to turn him into a bad guy.

But even then, he couldn't live without love

Despite that, bad guys are still attracted to girls. Because the previous mentioned man wants to be an amazing man too.

"Actually, I'm still lacking in this type of experience, and it seems like I couldn't be a bad guy yet. Even then, as I'm preparing for this song, I did many image training. I thought of showing charms of a bad guy. That charms will be something that I want to show through this song. What I can say by myself, I don't easily meet people."

Roh JiHoon's looks or the person himself is a person who is filled with manner, and his obvious self-confidence will definitely attract the opposite sex. About this man, it would be either that 'his works above love' or 'I don't meet people easily'. He would either want to be seen as a bad guy, or is really a bad guy. Well, when you realize which category he falls into, you have already fallen in love with him.

Trans: MrsDooB2uty
Source: Star Today

Who will take over Lee Teuk's position in Strong Heart?

Posted: 22 Nov 2012 11:45 PM PST

RAINBOW's Ji Sook has just been chosen to be an intern for 'Strong Heart'.

In the latest episode of Strong Heart broadcasted on November 20, to fill up Lee Teuk's place, PDs planned to recruit new members. Interns are invited on the show, If he/she did well during trial time, he/she would become a fixed member of the show.

The 1st intern introduced on that day was RAINBOW's Ji Sook. She hid inside a pink suitcase, astonished everyone in the studio with her small and flexible body.

After that, Ji Sook sat next to Eun Hyuk and said, "I'll learn a lot from Eun Hyuk-ssi and try to keep this position". With her fresh and active image, Ji Sook created a good atmosphere and received so much applauses.

Netizen commented, "I'll keep my eyes on her from now on", "Strong Heart's interns make me curious", "I miss Lee Teuk. Interns, please make us laugh like Lee Teuk did",...

Source: SBS strong heart
Written by Jenny@dkpopnews 

Sing along with your favorite idols using 'KPOP Lyrics'!

Posted: 23 Nov 2012 03:32 AM PST

Not all KPOP fans can speak Korean or read Hangul but they are so dedicated to their idols. Isn't it hard to sing in Korean? But because you love the song (and of course the artist/s), you try hard to sing along with it. 
Good news for all KPOP fans out there! Another awesome application for you to sing along with your favorite Korean stars. 

'KPOP Lyrics' is the awesome application I am talking about. Kpop Lyrics is developed by YN Story and promoted by appsasiaKPOP Lyrics identifies your songs and will display Korean lyrics with easy-to-read English letters while listening to your favorite song. You can also customize your display, save, and share lyrics; you can even search for translations.

Isn't this app great? Well, a lot more to know about this amazing app for Android and iPhone users but why dont you just experience the awesomeness of this app on your own .

You can now sing your favorite songs with the help of  KPOP Lyrics. The app has 2 versions which are Lite version and Paid version (for only $0.99)

Download the Lite Version Here
Download the Paid Version Here

Free Version has these features:
1. Anglo-phoenic unction (Romanization) of Korean
2. Favorite (Bookmarking)
3. Basic Song Player

Paid Version:
1. All the features in the free version
2. Text modes for Easy ready: 2 words/ 3 words/ A Line
3. Search for KPOP Lyrics
4. Translation links for users who want to know the meaning of them
5. Basic song player
6. Saving Lyrics Texts to an Image
7. Emailing the Lyrics Images

The free version is enough to those who cant buy the paid version, but paid version is much better, as you can see, paid version has more features than the free version, but anyways, both versions are helpful to the dedicated KPOP fans who love to sing their favorite Korean songs.

Want to see what the app looks like before buying it? Well, the solution can be seen below. 

After buying/downloading this amazing application, share what you think about this app by leaving a comment below and don't forget to share it with your friends for them to experience the power of KPOP Lyrics.

Source: KPOP Lyrics.
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