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"KARA performs Girl's Power on Music Japan" plus 24 more

"KARA performs Girl's Power on Music Japan" plus 24 more

KARA performs Girl's Power on Music Japan

Posted: 11 Nov 2012 07:46 AM PST

KARA performs "Girl's Power" on Music Japan,enjoy their adorable performance below

Happy Birthday to 2NE1's Sandara Park #HappyKrungyDay

Posted: 11 Nov 2012 07:34 AM PST

Birth Name: Sandara Park (산다라 박)
Stage Name: Dara
Position: Vocalist, Face of The Group
DOB: November 12, 1984
Birthplace: Busan, South Korea
Height: 162 cm
Blood Type: A

Girl's Day Sojin 'flower&pepero' selca!

Posted: 11 Nov 2012 07:00 AM PST

Sojin's tweets,

Translation: Heung! Even if I'm solo! I have my fans! Keke^^ Pepero basket confirmation shot~~ :) The last picture isn't a picture of not being able to take off the plastic! Biting the pepero and flying failed wink^^ Keke Thank you! Bow!

Note: Sojin seemed to have a problem with Twitpic, so the pictures posted, weren't actually posted with the tweet as intended. She posted several more tweets apologizing for the inconvenience.

Translation: Bonus shot! Seducing with flowers kekeke oo~ Come here~ Keke
Note: The pictures posted were actually with this tweet.

Translation: Everyone, don't be mad ㅜ Again, I meet Twitpic ㅜ Why is it like this!

Translation: Gaspppp ㅜㅜ My attempt to give happiness through my confirmation shot has failed.. I am twitter impaired..ㅜㅜ Everyone sleep well… ㅠㅠ I am sincerely sorry.. gaspppp…

Translation: Twitpic also doesn't work for me ㅜ Twitter app is also kind of sporadic right now ㅜ Cry cry ㅜ Someday I will upload the photos I couldn't upload today ㅜ Sorry, everyone. Good night :)

FT Island Minhwan almost had a lonely birthday?

Posted: 11 Nov 2012 06:30 AM PST

Minhwan tweeted a group picture during his birthday celebration today, November 11.
Along with the photo, he wrote,

"If it weren't for the members, I almost have a sad birthday..."

Before that, Hongki and Jonghoon greeted him through twitter,
"Our Minari's birthday 1111. Everyone had fun together.,:-)" -Jonghoon
"Minhwan-ah Happy Birthday. I love you. Your name appeared on the show today.. kekekekeke" - Hongki

In which fans replied, "Why are you sad?", "All of us are here to greet you!", "We love you! Happy Birthday!" etc.

Source: Minhwan, Hongki and Jonghoon twitter
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Jaejoong Kim’s ‘Jackal’s Coming’ pre-sold to 6 countries

Posted: 11 Nov 2012 06:00 AM PST

The film <Jackal's Coming>*, starring with Jaejoong Kim of the Korean-wave star group JYJ, has been sold to 6 countries before its official release.

Lotte Entertainment, the distributor and investor of the film, announced that it had been sold to 6 countries – Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei on November 8th.

The film is about a suspicious kidnapping story of a legendary killer and top-star, and Jaejoong Kim and Jihyo Song worked together.

 "We expect the film to be a box office hit nationally in Japan as it's the first movie of Jaejoong Kim, the most popular Korean artist in Japan, especially as he acted as a top-star in the film too", explained the distributor in Japan.

The film's official release in Korea is November 15th.

*I'm not sure how the title would be in each country, so just wrote as it is in Korean.

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Seungri posts selca 'amazing specs'!

Posted: 11 Nov 2012 05:30 AM PST

He updates his diary with two adorable selcas!
He wrote,

(121111) Seungchan's diary:
What I really wanted to tell the American East coast audience. The hurricane is gone. The snow had stopped falling. From now on let's look forward to warm and happy times.

Source: LSH_CHICHI//@Acetory
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Amber becomes member of Miss A?

Posted: 11 Nov 2012 05:00 AM PST

Amber took a selca after F(x)'s performance in SBS Sharing Love Concert.
She wrote on her twitter,

"It's nice to see all of you in Inkigayo today! its been a while :) "

On her photo, she is wearing Miss A Jia's outfit which fans replied,"Oh she borrowed Jia's outfit!","I thought she's Miss A member!" , "Looks good on you Amber!" etc.

Source: Amber's twitter
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“I am supporting Boyfriend” says Bora

Posted: 11 Nov 2012 04:30 AM PST

Bora's Janus Selca? The photo that Sistar's Bora revealed  of herself with a sticker on her face became a hot topic.
On 7 November Starship Entertainment uploaded a tweet on their official twitter saying "Revealing two-faced Bora with Janus sticker!" along with a photo.
In the photo, Bora stuck the sticker on her face and mimicked the contrasting nature of the Janus logo that caused the photo to be known as Bora Janus Selca very quickly.
In addition, staff from Starship Entertainment added "With Boyfriend's comeback just ahead, Bora is in the midst of enthusiastically promoting for her dongsaengs' new song 'Janus' by sticking their symbolic logo on her face.^^" arousing much curiosity amongst netizens with this post.
In response to Bora Janus Selca, netizens' quotes "Bora is seriously two-faced!", "It's good to see them supporting one another.", "No matter what she does, pretty Bora~ she is kind-hearted and pretty too".
With the release of their new song 'Janus' music video, we were told that ZanyBros took part in the production. He replaced the sets with a huge scheduled ancient European castle setting with exquisite and elegant mise en scene** that shaped Boyfriend's transformation from boys to matured men image.
Meanwhile, Boyfriend's album will be releasing on 8 November in noon through online music websites.
**Mise Ne Scene is a French term used to describe the visual aspect of theatre and film production sets. 

2NE1 to receive “2012 Korean Popular Culture & Arts Awards – Prime Minister’s Award”

Posted: 11 Nov 2012 04:00 AM PST

The Korean Popular Culture and Arts Award is an annual award that serves to recognize the contributions of individuals/groups to the development of popular culture, the arts and the Korean wave.

There are 4 award categories: the Minister of Culture, Sports & Tourism Award, the Prime Minister Award, the President Award, and the most prestigious Cultural Medal.

Funded and organised by the Korea's Ministry of Culture, Sports & Tourism and the Korea Creative Content Agency, the awards were created with the motive of recognizing the driving forces of the Korean Wave and also to recognize the creative artists that are the pride of Korea.

The nominees of the 2012 Korean Popular Culture and Arts Award that would have the honour of 'climbing the podium' include Korea's representative rock band 'Sanulrim' 's vocal Kim Chang Wan, luxury actor Han Suk Kyu, National MC Yoo Jae Seok, and girl group 2NE1, who's at the forefront of K-pop. 30 pop-culture artists have been nominated.

These pop-culture artists have been nominated by professionals/experts. Honorary director of the Busan International Film Festival, Kim Dong Ho, heads the jury panel of experts, which makes the final nominations. The final nominees are then evaluated on their achievements in the field and their contributions to the industry, and the winners were finalized in early November at the final jury meeting.

The awardees for the 2012 awards were announced earlier this week.

2NE1 will receive the Prime Minister's Award on November 19th along with the other awardees in their category: Yoo Jae Seok, Lee Eun Ha, Kim Hyung Seok, Jo Sung Woo, Ha Jeong Woo, Kim Dong Su and, Na Yun Seon.  Previous recipients of this award include veteran singer Lee Sun Hee (2010) & SNSD (2011). 2NE1 and SNSD are the only girl groups to win the Prime Minister's Award.

YG's CEO Yang Hyun Suk and 2NE1′s seniors, Big Bang, has also previously been awarded the President's Award in 2011 and the Minister of Sports, Culture and Tourism award in 2010 respectively. This year, 2NE1′s label-mate PSY, is also being awarded the Cultural Medal award.

The awards comittee has praised 2NE1 as the image of talented musicians of powerful hip-hop & electronic music that are leading the Korean wave.

The awards ceremony will be held on November 19 (18.30 – 20.30) at the Olympic Hall. It will also include performances from several K-pop stars such as miss A. Those who are interested to attend can apply for tickets by sharing a link on various SNS channels. They will then conduct a ballot for entry into the event.

2NE1 is expected to attend this ceremony as well as perform, we look forward to celebrating this achievement with the girls in a few more days.

Source: Award's website, Facebook and Twitter | KOCCA 1, 2
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Preview of Big Bang Interview on American Channel FuseTV!

Posted: 11 Nov 2012 03:55 AM PST

Fuse teased fans with a picture of BIG BANG during their interview on American Channel.

Check out the picture below.

  • Fuse Updates: "Big Bang!! Right before they kill their sold out show in NYC!"
Are you guys excited for their interview? We will post it once it is up.

 Source: Fusetv@Instagram

Yoon Se Ah’s “Kai Heartburn” garners attention

Posted: 11 Nov 2012 03:30 AM PST

Girl's Day's Minah tweets adorable photos

Posted: 11 Nov 2012 03:00 AM PST

Girl's Day's Minah is back with 2 new photos on her official Twitter account.

She mentioned that she participated in the filming of a campaign song recently and the room (filming set) was so pretty,she wished to have a similar room.

She then posted photos taken in the room on her Twitter.

Fans commented after seeing the photos,"Minah is such a cute girl","She looks even younger now","too cute" and etc.

Happy Birthday to FT Island's Minhwan #Minari21stDay

Posted: 11 Nov 2012 02:30 AM PST

Birth Name: Choi Min Hwan
Stage Name: Minhwan
Position: Drummer and Maknae
Nickname: Mindungyi (민둥이)
D.O.B: November 11, 1992
Blood Type: A
Height: 171 cm
Weight: 55 kg

Girl's Day's Hyeri flaunts her slender legs in recent photoshoot

Posted: 11 Nov 2012 02:00 AM PST

Girl's Day's Hyeri updated her Twitter on 10th November with a new photo.

She wrote,"Hi,today i participated in a photoshoot. What's it for?Keke,you will know next month. Sorry for not being able to see you at the music shows this week.Everyone,we will meet you next week for sure".

She is seen posing confidently in her latest photo,garnering much attention with her cute expression and slender legs.

Meanwhile,Girl's Day is currently promoting their new song "Please Don't Forget Me".

SISTAR's Bora snaps a photo at the Newport Beach

Posted: 11 Nov 2012 01:37 AM PST

SISTAR's official Twitter unveiled a new photo on 11th November.

SISTAR's Bora tweeted,"Here is California Newport Beach,seems to be blown away by the wind,feels great."

Bora is seen enjoying her moment at the beach,walking at the beach with bare foots.

Fans commented,"I also want to go","Enjoy your moment there","Look like a photoshoot" and etc.

Meanwhile,SISTAR participated in the 2012 SBS KPop Concert in California.

Girls' Generation in L.A

Posted: 11 Nov 2012 01:00 AM PST

SM Town's official Twitter account shared a group photo of Girls' Generation taken in Los Angeles.

The girls are seen posing happily in the photo above,they girls were excited to meet their US fans,like their group photo?

2PM reveals Nichkhun poster for 2012 World Tour

Posted: 11 Nov 2012 12:30 AM PST

2PM's Nichkhun is coming back with a fierce image.

After revealing the posters of Taecyeon,Chansung,Jun.K and Junho,Nichkhun's poster for 2PM 2012 Global tour has been revealed on 11th November.

Their first world tour concert "What Time Is It?" will be held in Shanghai on 17th November.

4Minute's Jihyun tweets gorgeous selcas

Posted: 11 Nov 2012 12:00 AM PST

4Minute's Nam Jihyun updated her Twitter on 10th November.

She wrote,"Perform in United States,in a good mood after putting on make-up,suddenly want to take a selca...i took these on my won?Haha...anticipate your answer."

Jihyun is seen posing sweetly in her latest photos,carving an angelic smile while looking at the camera.

Meanwhile,4Minute performed at the 2012 SBS K-Pop Super Concert in California on 10th November.

FIESTAR say "We Don't Stop" on SBS ’2012 Nongshim Love Sharing Concert’

Posted: 10 Nov 2012 11:08 PM PST

FIESTAR is back with their new song "We Don't Stop" on SBS's '2012 Nongshim Love Sharing Concert'.

Check out their catchy performance below

Who wants to eat Pepero with Sungjong?

Posted: 10 Nov 2012 11:00 PM PST

Infinite's youngest Sungjong tweets a photo and wrote,

"Wanna eat pepero???~>_< lets eat together~~♥ I'll work hard for the concert~"

Who wants to eat Pepero with him?

Source: Sungjong's twitter

Infinite L, 'Sungjong is cuter than a bear!'

Posted: 10 Nov 2012 10:30 PM PST

INFINITE L uploaded photos of Sungjong through twitter. On the photos, he is standing next to a bear and appears small. On his caption, he claims that he's cuter than the bear.

He wrote, "Even if you're small, you're cuter","Even if you pat it, you're cuter."

However, seems like Jungryul doesn't agree? On his photo, he wrote, "Even if you're small, the bear is cuter".

On which side are you?

Source: L and Jungrul's twitter
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Dara shares group photo from LA!

Posted: 10 Nov 2012 09:30 PM PST

Dara is so thoughtful for sharing a funny group shot while their on stay in LA.
The gorgeous girls are on bed and you can see Bom touching CL's exposed tummy!

Source: Dara's me2day
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Roh JiHoon releases jacket photos

Posted: 10 Nov 2012 09:00 PM PST

Newly debuted CUBE artist, Roh JiHoon, releases jacket photos for his debut.The photos show his sophisticated manly image that will surely capture women's eyes.

Check the photos below:

Liking him so far?

Source: JiHoon Cafe
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Yuri's Pepero selca!

Posted: 10 Nov 2012 08:30 PM PST

Girls' Generation is currently in L.A. for SBS' 'K-Pop Super Concert in America' and out to greet their fans, here is Yuri who expressed:

"Ta-da. Soshi has a performance in LA~
I'm really sad I can't share it with you personally..
But I'm presenting you with Pepero* at least like this~
We're consistently working hard on a new album, performance, and songs
So you have to promise to look forward to it lots and lots~
Just as much as SONE.
We also miss you and are waiting
I miss you~ Euheoheoheoheoheong~
It's getting cold, so be careful not to catch a cold!
heuk (crying sound), I miss you so much"

November 11th  is 'Pepero Day', a day where people exchange Pepero sticks, other candies, and romantic gifts and presenting us with Pepero, check out Yuri's gorgeous photos below~


Jaejoong shows off his personal items, causing fans to want to die

Posted: 10 Nov 2012 08:00 PM PST

Two hours was not enough to satisfy Vietnamese fans' love for their idol. Lot of people cried and fainted!
Tonight 11/10, Vietnamese fans had a meeting and interacted with Jae Joong like a good dream in SECC center, Ho Chi Minh City. They got to have the chance of taking the advantage of staring into his idol eyes and also get to hear him sing. Those that were fortunate to also have Jae Joong put kimbap [into their mouths], got to play a competitive online game in a chair onstage. However, while the Fan Meeting was ending, the fans didn't have the chance to shake hands together with their idol that the organizers had promised previously.
And now, we get to look back at the progression of this monumental fan meeting!
Immediately after the press conference ended that evening, Jae Joong quickly went to SECC center – the venue for his Fan Meeting at 7:30pm tonight. Unlike the rush of movements on the night of rehearsals yesterday 11/9, he happily walked waving to fans.

7pm: The fans got to go into [the venue] on the side of [where] the stage [is located]. During this time, the organizers conducted a draw for 15 fans who get Jae Joong to feed them, making them all excited and very nervous.

7:10pm: Jaejoong appeared onstage, making SECC center explode [into cheers]. He wore a black suit mix with a T-shirt for a chic young but very still impressive. Jaejoong sang the song I'll Protect You and shared: "Even after this as I get older then please still support me like this", making fans want to "break their heart" from happiness.

7:25pm: Jae Joong chats together with fans. He revealed that he really likes to eat Pho (Vietnamese noodle soup) and will eat it three times a week.
He also revealed that his ideal woman, though he used to have specific standards, but now the more time passes the more it becomes vague.
The lead screen starts with [video] clips made by Vietnamese fans to give to Jae Joong. The claps of the fans followed the music, causing the hall more explosive.

7:35pm: Jae Joong said "Thank you" in Vietnamese after watching the fans' clips. He complimented that the Vietnamese girls' long (traditional Vietnamese) dresses are very beautiful and was excited to see the groups of fans and also have all his male fans. All the male fans in the hall shouted passionately. Before that, in the first part [of the fanmeet], he also said "Hello" in Vietnamese.
After watching the fans' clips, he said that while watching the fans' clips he was saddened by the other countries' [videos], but when he watched the Vietnamese clip he felt very happy.
One fan got to go onstage to read Jae Joong a question. Fans loved repeatedly asking Jae Joong to say "I really love you". He hesitated at first, he awkwardly pronounce in Vietnamese: " I love you all".
7:45pm: The next question to follow, fans asked him to sing a favorite song, Jae Joong went along to sing one of his songs No Gain by fans' requirement. After that, the fans loved that him made a cute face – Jae Joong's specialty in his fan meetings, he timidly laughed to ask: "After 10 years later, will the fans still love me doing this again?".
7:50pm: Jae Joong showed all his personal items: one black bag he often uses, passport, one relatively big wallet, headphones, iPod, perfume, he also added, normally he doesn't bring perfume, today he brought it with the intention that he will give the perfume away to a fan.
The next thing to follow was to get him to pull items from his bag: one letter, headache medicine, cellphone, one rose made fans scream loudly. He explained that it was a gift he was just given before the meeting, 3 lip balms, eye drops, a charger, hand lotion, and other accessories.
In that time fans were anxiously waiting to see what secrets he will say, his wallet had nothing in it, only a few [credit] cards, some Indonesian money, where he had come from.
7:57pm: Jae Joong left to the side wing to prepare to change his outfit for later. While putting on clothes with pockets, he said he was embarrassed to have gain some weight.
While Jaejoong was changing his outfit, all the fans in the hall did a heart symbol and chanted: Sarangheo (I love you Jae Joong).
8:05pm: Jae Joong prepared to cook onstage. He returned wearing a white shirt, dark bowtie, and wearing a familar apron. He will make a kimbap dish and shared his humor with "his dish is simple yet but also delicious".

8:10pm: Two pieces of kimbap just hot out of the oven. When asking him where did he buy the crab ingredient to make, Jae Joong said he bought it in Vietnam because he was very afraid that if he bought it in Korea that it'll upset [Vietnamese people's] stomachs.
The kimbap plate was beautifully decorated by Jae Joong, this confirms again the singer's high-quality cooking skills. He also tried tasting his cooking which he then nodded in approval "very good".

8:15pm: Five fans came onstage for Jae Joong to feed them, but each person must first do a cute gesture.
In response each fans' actions were cute, Jae Joong covered his smile with his hand when each fan made a cute gesture which lead to applause. In the 5 fans just one person can get to put the food [in their mouth], the remaining 4 will receive a poster and autograph.

8:23pm: After feed the fans, the watchful Jae Joong embarrassingly covered his face by turning away from seeing the expressions of his fans while they were chewing, then he tried a piece for the taste and called it bland. Sometimes he sheepishly glanced at his fans with very beautiful eyes. All these actions cannot bypass the fans below. Instant emotions fill the fans every time he glanced to catch their eyes.
Each glance or movement, shy laugh, of Jae Joong using of his hand to cover face or scratching his nose have become motivation for his fans in the hall to enthusiastically scream "He's so cute".

8:30pm: 10 lucky fans were next to come up onstage to play a competitive online game in a chair and Jae Joong played the master role. The reward for winning 2 games was to get to take a picture with the idol. Many fans below were envious to the point of fainting.
8:44pm: Jae Joong sang Living like a Dream – Dr. Jin OST, which he wrote the lyrics to.
8:50pm: The ending song, the organizers' announcement to the fanmeet that this would be the last song caused a lot of fans shock. Jae Joong said thank you to Vietnamese fans, he looks forward to having the opportunity to get to meet fans again. The fans together counted down from seeing their idol's message [to them]. Confetti exploded to gracefully float down throughout the hall when the song Pierrot was sung.

Before that, he bowed in goodbye to a lot of Vietnamese fans, to express his sentiments and gratitude towards his fans who have supported him for all this time.

Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3
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