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"“Little Psy” Hwang Min Woo films a CF with Girls’ Generation’s YoonA?" plus 19 more

"“Little Psy” Hwang Min Woo films a CF with Girls’ Generation’s YoonA?" plus 19 more

“Little Psy” Hwang Min Woo films a CF with Girls’ Generation’s YoonA?

Posted: 13 Nov 2012 09:06 AM PST

The child star from Psy‘s “Gangnam Style” MV Hwang Min Woo was recently captured dancing alongside Girls’ Generation‘s YoonA, leading fans to wonder if they’re filming a CF together.

Hwang Min Woo seems to be simulating his memorable scene in the “Gangnam Style” MV by dancing along to SISTAR‘s “Loving U” in a playground but this time he’s next to YoonA. This raised curiosity among fans on whether the two are filming a CF together but it was later revealed that the child star was actually using a new dance application to create the video.

A representative from cosmetics brand ‘Innisfree‘ revealed, “This video is a product of the mobile application, ‘Film a CF with YoonA‘. It is receiving attention because you can film a real-like and entertaining CF as if you’re on the same set as YoonA. The ‘Film A CF with YoonA’ video that Hwang Min Woo uploaded showcases Hwang Min Woo’s uniquely fierce facial expression and dynamic dance moves while YoonA is responding with, ‘Your steps are awesome’, ‘You are full of confidence’, which brought much laughter to netizens.”

In other news, YoonA is currently promoting as the endorsement model for ‘Innisfree’ cosmetics.

MBLAQ’s Lee Joon and B2ST’s Doojoon talk about their roles in ‘IRIS 2′

Posted: 13 Nov 2012 08:35 AM PST

MBLAQ‘s Lee Joon and B2ST‘s Doojoon talked about their roles in ‘IRIS 2‘.

On November 13th, the two were present during the KBS 2TV ‘IRIS 2′ showcase held at the Seoul Gangnam Ritz-Carlton Hotel to answer questions from the media.

Lee Joon is currently cast not only in ‘IRIS 2′, but also as the lead in the movie, ‘An Actor is an Actor‘. He has previously been cast in the Hollywood movie ‘Ninja Assassin‘ as well as many other dramas. When asked why he thought he was being cast into so many big roles lately, he answered, “It’s because I work hard. I think people like me because I work hard. There’s no other reason why I would be cast so in such great roles like this.

He also said, “There is definitely more pressure than before. In the past, I did action scenes with swords and chains, but now I have to move in detail with my own body. So I have to work harder.

Doojoon also talked about his role and said, “It’s true that there’s pressure because I really enjoyed the first IRIS. I’m focusing on filming by going back and forth from action schools to the shooting range. I’m going to do my best so I’m not a hinderance to the sunbaes who worked on the previous one as well.

When asked how the B2ST members reacted to his casting, he said, “The members were honored about my casting. To be honest, I’m the most pressured by the fact that the members will watch my drama more than anyone else. I’m going to do my best so I don’t hurt the members.

IRIS 2 begins filming this month and is scheduled to air in early 2013.

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What will the B.A.P members be doing during their first break?

Posted: 13 Nov 2012 08:07 AM PST

B.A.P has received their first time off since their debut.

The boys will have a week off from all activities, TS Entertainment stated, “B.A.P received their first vacation since their debut 10 months ago. They had a day of break here and there, but this is the first time they’ve had the entire week off.“ Their break will last from the 12th to the 17th, and each member is spending their break in their own way.

Maknae Zelo is using the time to take skateboarding lessons. He had an interest in skateboards since before B.A.P’s debut, and he has decided to use the break time to hone his skills. Daehyun has chosen to study during the break. He did not take the entrance exam for the upcoming year, but he will be studying during his free time to take the exam for the 2014 year.

Leader Bang Yong Guk is planning to work on music during his break as a singer-songwriter. Jongup is practicing dancing as a b-boy. Youngjae is recording for a part in a project that is separate from the members. Himchan is resting from the cold he caught because of the cold weather, he’s resting back to health and reading fanletters they received on Pepero Day.

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Wonder Girls’ Sohee greets fans at ‘Tommy Hilfiger Denim’ autograph event

Posted: 13 Nov 2012 07:32 AM PST

Wonder GirlsSohee greeted fans during the ‘Tommy Hilfiger Denim‘ fan meeting held in Seoul’s Hyundai Department Store on the 9th.

During the event, 100 lucky fans were able to receive a customized autograph from Sohee. The singer was all smiles as she greeted her fans, and she looked chic as always while keeping warm in a red winter coat and black jeggings. She’s also reported to have done a little shopping herself.

Sohee is currently promoting as the endorsement model for the Tommy Hilfiger fashion brand.

INFINITE’s Sunggyu releases ‘Another Me’ video teaser

Posted: 13 Nov 2012 07:21 AM PST

INFINITE‘s Sunggyu has released a video teaser for his upcoming solo debut!

Sunggyu has already revealed the track list information for his debut album ‘Another Me‘ as well as the pre-release songShine“. Fans have been looking forward to the full release of ‘Another Me’ on November 19 KST.

Until then, check out the teaser video, featuring INFINITE member L, below!

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IU’s fans create ‘I-Midsa’, ‘Gathering of Those Who Believe IU’

Posted: 13 Nov 2012 07:09 AM PST

After the appearance of ‘I-Jinyo (‘We Demand the Truth from IU’), a counter cafe has been created to support IU.

I-Midsa‘ (‘Gathering of Those Who Believe IU’) announced, “We ‘I-Midsa’ refute the baseless rumors. Our purpose is to spread facts based on evidence, namely the truth. Though we will not [punish] criticisms towards IU, we [are strongly against] unreasonable slander and abusive language.”

There have been many reactions to IU’s recent controversy with Super Junior‘s Eunhyuk, and it seems IU’s fans have banded together to defend her.

Source: My Daily via Nate

Dara celebrates her birthday with 2NE1 members and Jeremy Scott

Posted: 13 Nov 2012 06:45 AM PST

2NE1‘s Dara celebrated her 28th birthday (Korean age: 29) with her members and American fashion designer Jeremy Scott!

Dara tweeted:

Jeremy Scott also shared photos and updates of the birthday celebration with Dara and the 2NE1 members:

2NE1 maknae Minzy tweeted:

Bom also shared the following video:

Happy Birthday, Dara!

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M-tiful’s Rae Won undergoes surgery for appendicitis

Posted: 13 Nov 2012 06:21 AM PST

Rae Won of the duo M-tiful has undergone surgery for appendicitis.

In the early morning of November 12, Rae Won was urgently transported to the hospital. According to agency HS Entertainment, the M-tiful member began experiencing abdominal pain on the 11th, which slowly became unbearable by the next day.

Rae Won has received surgery and is currently recovering in the hospital. His agency has also reported that it will not interfere with M-tiful’s promotional schedules.

In related news, M-tiful released their latest album ‘Broken‘ this past September. They’re currently promoting its title track, “Sick Enough to Die“. Rae Won is also participating in KBS 2TV‘s ‘Let’s Go Dream Team!‘.

Feel better soon, Rae Won!

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Psy’s popularity overshadows Lee Byung Hun

Posted: 13 Nov 2012 05:58 AM PST

Psy unintentionally overshadowed actor Lee Byung Hun.

A photo of Psy snapped by a paparazzi in London was uploaded online. Though it was a normal photo of Psy out in public, the photographer also captured Lee Byung Hun in the background. The actor is almost unnoticeable in the photo as the focus was on Psy.

Netizens couldn’t help but laugh as they commented, “This proves Psy’s popularity overseas“, “Psy really is the best“, and “The international singer turned Lee Byung Hun into wallpaper“.

Krystal shares ‘bobblehead’ photos of f(x) members

Posted: 13 Nov 2012 05:35 AM PST

Krystal shared a set of ‘bobblehead’ photos of the f(x) members.

She posted the photos above to her me2day with the description: “Soybean family!!!!!!!!!” The silly photos, which seem to have been created by an app on Krystal’s smartphone, show the f(x) members with enlarged heads like soybean sprouts.

Netizens and fans jokingly asked if she was an anti-fan of her own group. They commented, “f(x) is so cute“, “Everyone still looks adorable“, and “Their expressions are so cute!“.

ZE:A performs in front of 2,000 fans at ‘ZE:A Showcase Live in Malaysia’

Posted: 13 Nov 2012 05:10 AM PST

On November 10, ZE:A wrapped up their ‘ZE:A Showcase Live in Malaysia' event held at the KWC Shopping Mall in Kuala Lumpur.

ZE:A greeted the audience of over 2,000 fans before the show and rocked the house with their hit songs “Aftermath“, “Mazeltov“, and “Phoenix“. This was the first time the group saw their Malaysian fans since a fan meeting in 2010.

Agency Star Empire revealed, “ZE:A is not only receiving a good response from their domestic activities but their international promotions as well. Considering it has been two years since ZE:A has visited Malaysia, the members were all nervous but happy to see many fans greeting them contrary to their expectations.”

ZE:A is currently busy with their individual promotions in musicals, movies, and variety shows.

DJ DOC’s Kim Chang Ryul reveals his high score on ‘Anipang’?

Posted: 13 Nov 2012 04:46 AM PST

DJ DOC‘s Kim Chang Ryul may have the highest score on Anipang thanks to a glitch.

On November 11, the singer took a screenshot of the game and posted it to Twitter. He tweeted, “What’s this? There was a bug that made the bomb continue over and over again. It kept saying ‘last pang’ and ended up being 16 million. This is a daebak score. Keke.”

Fans commented, “That’s impossible“, “Kim Chang Ryul is the master of Anipang. Please teach me how you do it“, “Nobody will be able to beat that score“, and more.

Billboard asks if 4minute’s HyunA should be Justin Bieber’s next girlfriend

Posted: 13 Nov 2012 04:24 AM PST

Following Justin Bieber‘s breakup with Selena Gomez, many fans have been wondering who he’ll be dating next.

Billboard has come up with a poll asking who should be the Canadian-born singer’s next girlfriend, and 4minute‘s HyunA made the list.

According to Billboard:

“Although they may not speak the same language, Biebs and 20-year-old South Korea native HyunA both speak the language of love in their effortlessly catchy musical stylings. With K-pop on the rise in the U.S., perhaps an intercontinental celebrity couple is just what the genre needs to declare its stateside power. Looking for a tangible connection between the two? HyunA has collaborated with ‘Gangnam Style‘ star Psy, who just happens to share his manager with Bieber. Hmmm…”

HyunA showed up on the list of potential ‘girlfriend’ candidates alongside stars such as, Carly Rae Jepsen, Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato, and Rihanna. She’s currently received over 1,700 votes and leads the poll with 43%.

What do you think? Could HyunA be “One Less Lonely Girl“? Or is the pairing too strange to imagine?

Son Dam Bi releases “Dripping Tears” dance practice clip

Posted: 13 Nov 2012 04:02 AM PST

Son Dam Bi has released a dance practice clip for “Dripping Tears“.

The mini-album of the same name contains six tracks aside from the title song: "Return", "I Wanted to Love", "Emergency Call", and "It Seems So". The intense music video tells the story of a woman's tumultuous relationship.

Check out the MV if you missed it and the dance practice clip below!

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Lee Hyori shares her thoughts on her time as a soju model

Posted: 13 Nov 2012 03:44 AM PST

Lee Hyori recently shared her thoughts on finishing her time as the long -running endorsement model for Lotte Liquor.

She tweeted on the 12th, “I’m a woman who went through a beautiful farewell today… After breaking up, I will soothe my heart with a glass of soju… Which soju should I drink? Hmm… hehe.” She later added, “For several years, I had times when I liked and hated having my face plastered on a soju bottle… I hope my smiling face was encouraging for the struggles people go through… Thank you~,” sharing her thoughts on ending her contract with the soju brand.

Lee Hyori became the endorsement model for Lotte Liquor back in 2007 and has served as the representative soju model of ‘Like the First Time’ soju for the past five years. Lotte Liquor commented, “We decided that the soju advertisement needs a new image, thus we chose not to renew a contract with [Lee Hyori].”

To commemorate Lee Hyori’s long standing position as Korea’s soju model, Lotte Liquor will release a ‘Lee Hyori Goodbye’ video that features a compilation of her past commercials.

Jo Hye Ryun tears as she talks about her children on ‘Healing Camp’

Posted: 13 Nov 2012 03:21 AM PST

Comedian Jo Hye Ryun could not stop her tears as she talked about her children.

Jo Hye Ryun was a guest on the November 12th episode of SBSHealing Camp‘, her first appearance on a TV program since her divorce. She stated, “As I helped my little brother promote his movie, I realized that even though there are people who dislike me, there are also people who support me. I went back to China after finishing promotions for the movie, and ‘Laws of the Jungle W‘ called me.

She continued, “I met with my children after deciding to go to the jungle. They don’t usually care about my programs, but they were really interested in me going to the jungle. The day I was leaving for the jungle, my son called me at the airport and said, ‘Mom, you didn’t go yet, right? Can you not go to the jungle? I think it’ll be too dangerous. I know you go to Japan and China, but I think the jungle is the most dangerous.’”

“The person who was the most happy when we filmed the ‘Star Junior Show‘ was my son. When we decided on the divorce, he said, ‘I can’t go on the show anymore?’ I [didn't treat him as well as I should], and I was so thankful to hear my son worry about me. I told him, ‘A lot of staff will protect me, so don’t worry. [Just be healthy].’

Jo Hye Ryun’s appearance brought the show’s viewer ratings up 1.2% from last week to 8.3%, which was only 0.1% lower than KBS 2TV‘s ’Hello‘.

2NE1 Dara’s ‘normal’ hairstyle relieves fans

Posted: 13 Nov 2012 03:01 AM PST

Fans of 2NE1‘s Dara breathed a sigh of relief after seeing her more ‘normal’ hairstyle.

Photos, titled “Sandara Park finally had normal hair today“, of Dara rehearsing for the ‘2012 K-Pop Super Concert‘ show her with natural, wavy hair.

Dara had shocked fans with all sorts of hairstyles in the past, and they seem relieved to finally see the singer return to a more natural look.

Fans commented, “Dara is so pretty“, “Her plain hair… makes her beauty stand out even more“, “Please just do this kind of hair for Dara from now on“, and “Let’s stop experimenting“.

Tiger JK and Yoon Mirae to receive commendation from Ministry of Health and Welfare for work in child abuse prevention

Posted: 13 Nov 2012 02:39 AM PST

It’s been announced that Tiger JK and Yoon Mirae will be commended by the Ministry of Health and Welfare for their work in raising awareness against child abuse at ‘The 6th Annual Child Abuse Prevention Day‘.

The couple participated in a photo shoot for a fashion magazine in order to raise awareness for the cause and filmed a public service announcement for the World Day for the Prevention of Child Abuse. They also performed at the ‘2011 Child Abuse Awareness Concert‘ and have been actively spreading the word for the cause.

The couple commented, “As ambassadors to the cause, we’ve been doing everything we can, and although we’re a little embarrassed to be receiving an award for this, we’re very honored. The children are our future and our hope. We will be working harder for a world in which children grow up being loved.”

‘The 6th Annual Child Abuse Prevention Day’ will be held on the 19th KST.

Congratulations to Tiger JK and Yoon Mirae!

JYJ’s Yoochun transforms into a tough detective for MBC’s ‘I Miss You’

Posted: 13 Nov 2012 02:18 AM PST

JYJ‘s Yoochun has transformed into a tough detective for his role in the new MBC drama ‘I Miss You‘.

In a still cut revealed on the 13th, a bruised Yoochun appears to be threatening someone. Yoochun plays the role of ‘Han Jung Woo’ who lost his first love through a series of cases and becomes a detective to find the perpetrator.

A representative from ‘I Miss You’ stated, “As he plays a homicide detective, he displayed his wild and fierce [side]. Please look forward to plenty of Yoochun’s exciting action scenes [as the story unravels].

Have you been watching ‘I Miss You’?

Juniel becomes the 9th member of AOA?

Posted: 13 Nov 2012 01:56 AM PST

Juniel has become the ‘hidden ninth member’ of AOA.

On the 12th, the rookie singer tweeted, “Find the hidden Juniel! ^^ Hello, I’m AOA’s hidden member J! kekeke,” and posted the above photo of herself with fellow FNC Entertainment labelmates AOA.

The solo singer seems to fit perfectly into the group with her cute image. Though she blended in well with the idol group, she stood out in her darker-toned outfit.

Fans commented back, “You’re all so pretty!“, and “Maybe you should do a collaboration with AOA.

In related news, Juniel will be making her comeback later this month.