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"Psy, 2NE1, SHINee, and Kim Soo Hyun awarded at 2012 Korean Popular Culture & Arts Award" plus 19 more

"Psy, 2NE1, SHINee, and Kim Soo Hyun awarded at 2012 Korean Popular Culture & Arts Award" plus 19 more

Psy, 2NE1, SHINee, and Kim Soo Hyun awarded at 2012 Korean Popular Culture & Arts Award

Posted: 19 Nov 2012 09:04 AM PST

South Korea's Ministry of Culture, Sports & Tourism and Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA) held its annual award show, ‘Korean Popular Culture & Arts Award‘ at Seoul’s Olympic Hall on November 19th.

Three K-Pop artists won awards at the award show. SHINee won the Ministry of Culture Award, 2NE1 won the Prime Minister’s Award, and Psy received the highest honor with the Cultural Medal Award. Actor Kim Soo Hyun also received the Ministry of Culture Award.

The awards are given to recognize the contributions of people and artists in the promotion and spread of the Hallyu Wave.

SHINee, EXO-K, miss A, f(x), and Davichi were all in attendance, however, 2NE1 and Psy couldn’t attend due to scheduling conflicts. Check out a few photos and videos from the event below.

20121119_kimsoohyun 20121119_koccaawards1 20121119_shinee1 20121119_shinee2 2012119_missa 2012119_missa2 2012119_fx 2012119_fx2 2012119_shinee3 2012119_shinee4 20121119_shinee_exo

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Hello Venus to comeback mid-December as full six-member group

Posted: 19 Nov 2012 08:21 AM PST

Hello Venus will be making a comeback as a full 6-member group.

The rookie group had been promoting as a 5-member group because of member Yoonjo‘s injury. However, she will be joining the group again for the comeback in mid-December.

Pledis Entertainment said, “Hello Venus is working hard to have a comeback in mid-December. For the new album, you will be able to see a 6-member, perfect Hello Venus.

On Yoonjo’s return, Pledis Entertainment said, “It was disappointing that Yoonjo was injured while practicing hard 2 days before filming the music video. So she’s even more passionate about her comeback this time. Please look forward to Yoonjo on stage.

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TVXQ reveals teaser for “Humanoids”

Posted: 19 Nov 2012 07:51 AM PST

TVXQ has released the teaser for “Humanoids“, a follow up song for “Catch Me“.

The teaser shows the two members dressed in colorful jackets, contrasting to the background of the set as well as the backdancers while showing off their usual impeccable choreography. A teaser of the song had been released during their world tour, but an official teaser was uploaded earlier today onto SMTown‘s official YouTube channel.

The song is set to release on November 26th. Check out the teaser below!

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B2ST’s Junhyung reveals the album tracklist for his solo album?

Posted: 19 Nov 2012 07:41 AM PST

B2ST‘s Junhyung has released the tracklist to what appears to an album that he self-produced.

Junhyung first tweeted by saying, “In a bit, I’m planning to give you a bit of anticipation, so everyone don’t sleep and wait“. Cube Entertainment also teased fans by tweeting, “In a bit, a night where you can meet the beginnings of deep story ‘Producer Yong Junhyung’. The traces of many days and nights of working hard as a producer. Shall we wait together?“.

Junhyung then tweeted, “I think I’m going to be able to let you hear the results of the work I’ve been toiling on. I’m revealing the album’s track list“.

The album list shows 5 songs titled “Look At Me Now“, “Caffeine“, “Just Do As You Always Did“, “Even Then, I“, and “You Don’t Know“.

The songs could be for B2ST’s comeback or even a solo album. What do you think it’s for?

Jinyoung celebrates his birthday with B1A4 members

Posted: 19 Nov 2012 04:52 AM PST

Despite their hectic schedule promoting their title song “Try to Walk“, the members of B1A4 recently gathered to celebrate leader Jinyoung‘s 22nd birthday (Korean age).

CNU tweeted a photo of the five of them together and wrote, “I sincerely congratulate the birthday of our strong leader, Jinyoung. Thanks for always going through a lot for us and I really lo.. lo… love you. Keke.”

The photo shows the members having a fun time as they celebrate Jinyoung’s birthday while Jinyoung is seen smiling brightly for the camera with cake smeared all over his face.

Fans and followers congratulated the singer’s 22nd birthday commenting, “Happy birthday to leader Jinyoung!“, “Hope you had a wonderful day!“, “Happy birthday! Wishing you good health and happiness“, and more.

Happy birthday, Jinyoung!

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Unedited photo of Girls’ Generation’s Yuri’s flawless figure catches the eyes of netizens

Posted: 19 Nov 2012 04:02 AM PST

A recently revealed un-edited photo of Girls’ Generation‘s Yuri has been garnering much attention.

Titled ‘What it would feel like to see Yuri in real life?“, the photo revealed Yuri showing off her flawless figure in a girly pink skirt topped with a simple white top.

The photo had been taken after the Yuri had personally delivered flowers to a fan as a special fan-meeting event for the cosmetic brand Mamonde, for which she currently models.

Netizens responded to the photo saying, “Is this really unedited?“, “It not a joke.. Look at her line“, “Daebak“, and more.

Source + Image: SBS E! via Nate

Actor Song Joong Ki gets featured on the cover of ‘Singles’

Posted: 19 Nov 2012 03:12 AM PST

Actor Song Joong Ki became the cover model for the December edition of the fashion magazine, ‘Singles‘.

The cover showed Song Joong Ki biting at the collar of his sweater, reminding the viewers of his character in the movie, ‘Wolf Boy‘. Yet, another picture reminded the viewers of his character of Kang Maru from the recent drama, ‘Nice Guy‘. He stole the hearts of his fans with his cold stare and chic poses. A female staff at the site of the photo shoot couldn’t hide her awe after seeing Song Joong Ki’s various expressions. He had successfully managed to put both his movie and drama character into the photo shoot.

Meanwhile, Song Joong Ki has been actively promoting ‘Wolf Boy’ which is steadily gaining many views day by day.

Source+Picture: Ilgan Sports via Nate

20121118_sjk_single 20121118_sjk_single1 20121118_sjk_single2 20121118_sjk_single3

Lee Kwang Soo expresses his jealousy for Lee Seung Gi

Posted: 19 Nov 2012 02:42 AM PST

Lee Kwang Soo expressed his jealousy for Lee Seung Gi on ‘Running Man‘.

Lee Seung Gi was a guest on the 18th’s episode of ‘Running Man’. On the show, Yoo Jae Suk was happy to see Lee Seung Gi and the two talked about their past. Lee Kwang Soo happened to be teamed up with the pair, and felt left out of the conversation.

Finally he burst out, “Do you only see Lee Seung Gi? Your head is full of Lee Seung Gi.” Yoo Jae Suk replied back jokingly, “Right now, my head is full of Lee Seung Gi.

Viewers laughed and said, “Lee Kwang Soo is so honest“, “I can understand him“, and “It’s been a while since I saw Lee Seung Gi and Yoo Jae Suk“.

Source: Kwangwon Ilbo via Naver

Style Breakdown: FIESTAR’s “We Don’t Stop”

Posted: 19 Nov 2012 02:23 AM PST

FIESTAR made their first comeback with “We Don’t Stop“!  They’re sticking with their funky, colorful style for this video- let’s take a look at what our girls are wearing!

We open to find FIESTAR wearing pink jumpsuits while they paint a building. Leader Jei personalizes the look with a pink, loose-fitting, cropped sweater. If you’re going to try a sweater like this, remember to wear a tighter-fitting crop top or sports bra underneath, unless you want your bra showing! Most of the girls are wearing platform tennis shoes, which were the height of fashion when I was ten years old. I totally had a pair. Actually, I’m pretty sure I still have a pair. I wonder where I put them…

[Jei's shoes, Jeffrey Campbell, ~80 USD | Linzy's shoes, Jeffrey Campbell, ~60 USD]

If your hair’s looking a little boring, sometimes switching the color of your hair tie or adding some colorful bobby pins can be just what you need to perk up your look!  Cao Lu and Jei take the hair ties to the next level with tightly-wrapped, colorful string, which helps manipulate their hair into interesting shapes.  Hyemi also takes her bobby pins to the extreme- those had to be a pain to take out!  Linzy keeps things simple with some curls and two spiked combs, while Yezi rocks her signature bangs and ponytail look. Cheska‘s bandana is a great way to keep those soft, baby hairs near your neck from escaping an updo.

Talk about some crazy clothes and accessories! Hyemi’s leggings and Linzy’s pants/apron are both from the brand KTZ, which we’ve seen members of Super Junior wearing a lot this year. Because the choreography is so athletic, you’ll notice that the girls tend to stick to flat shoes or wedges for performances- some of the shorter members wear platforms or creepers to have the feel of a flat shoe while still getting a boost in height. FIESTAR’s style is about color and craziness, but it’s also about comfort.

[Linzy's pants, KTZ, ~540 USD] | [Hyemi's pants, KTZ, ~800 USD] | [Jei's sneakers, Anna Kastle, ~55 USD] | [Hyemi's sneakers, Isabel Marant, 755 USD, sold out]

If you’re going to go all-out with your accessories, you might as well stick some flowers in your hair or wear a studded snapback, right?  I really like Linzy’s manicure here.

The accessories in this video remind me of the styling in f(X)‘s “Electric Shock“, where everything looked like something you made in second-grade art class.  It’s not the easiest style to pull off in real life, but it’s a lot of fun for a music video.

Hyemi and Yezi hid in the back for most of this scene, so it was difficult to get good caps of them, but I still wanted to look at what they’re doing. If you look closely, you’ll notice that Hyemi’s headband is actually a whole bunch of yellow bobby pins! Yezi’s look has a lot of different colors in it, but it feels somewhat cohesive because each item has pink in it somewhere.

[Yezi's jacket, ~450 USD]

If I’m being honest, this set of costumes was my least favorite- it seemed like a lot of the clothes didn’t fit, and I felt like they needed more impactful makeup with their cartoony wigs. I’m also not really a fan of heavy blush, which they’re all wearing on the apples of their cheeks.

Even though I’m not a fan of these outfits, I do like Cheska’s flower.

[not pictured: Cheska's shoes, Anna Kastle (select "Greys" for color), ~55 USD]

Here, FIESTAR went for metallic gold and silver with black. This is my favorite set of outfits. Jei and Hyemi especially got my attention in this sequence.  Hyemi and Yezi wore jewelry by Ambush, which is the company that recently partnered with G-Dragon on their “Screw It” collection, and whose designs were heavily featured in GD’s video for “Crayon“.

[Hyemi's choker - "Claw Choker" in Rainbow]

Our rappers were the only two to get decent close-ups in this scene. Both Yezi’s belt and Cheska’s choker have tiny padlock charms on them, like the lock you’d find on a diary. In the beginning of the video, when they’re all wearing the pink jumpsuits, Hyemi wears a choker and Linzy wears a cuff bracelet from this line.

[Yezi's pendant- "Horn Necklace" in rainbow]

We’re back to colors and patterns everywhere for the final dance sequence! Cheska’s shirt reminds me of the Lazy Oaf Cop-a-Feel shirt we saw on Lim in Wonder Girls‘ “Like This” music video, and on Sandeul in B1A4‘s Japanese video for “Beautiful Target“, which is currently sold out.

My favorite outfits in this video are Jei and Hyemi’s black and gold costumes- which are your favorites?  What do you think of FIESTAR’s new style?  Let us know in the comments!

The One performs “My Love” on ‘I Am a Singer 2′

Posted: 19 Nov 2012 01:31 AM PST

Artist The One performed his own seminal work, “My Love” (“Saranga”), on the latest episode of the music competition program ‘I Am a Singer 2′.

The song skyrocketed to fame after its inclusion in the OST album for the hit drama, ‘My Man’s Woman’, and helped cement The One into the annals of Korean music history.

Check out his tear-jerking performance below.

Reruns of ‘Gag Concert’ to temporarily replace ‘Invincible Youth 2′

Posted: 19 Nov 2012 12:50 AM PST

KBS has announced that ‘Gag Concert‘ reruns will be temporarily replacing ‘Invincible Youth 2‘ until they decide on what program will follow-up the idol-led variety show.

On November 19th, a representative stated, “We still have not decided on what program will be taking the place of ‘Invincible Youth 2′. Until we decide, reruns of ‘Gag Concert’ will be temporarily airing in its time slot. As ‘Gag Concert’ is a program that has been receiving much love and interest, we believe the reruns will draw in a favorable response from viewers.”

Source: MyDaily via Nate

A Pink’s Eunji looks like a barbie doll in recent selca with her blonde hair

Posted: 19 Nov 2012 12:01 AM PST

On November 18th, A Pink‘s Eunji shared the above picture on A Pink’s official me2day page and wrote, “Today I debuted as Elle Woods and I don’t know how you guys liked it. It was a time of nervousness and heart fluttering. I’m so full of heart fluttering emotions that I’ve felt for the first time, but it’s only the beginning. I want to thank the audience and fans who enjoyed the show and clapped for us.

The revealed picture showed Eunji flaunting her beauty with blonde hair and a white blouse. Her slim face and cute visuals especially caught the viewers’ attentions.

After seeing the picture, the netizens commented, “Eunji’s blonde hair… Eunji looks pretty with anything“, “I’m looking forward to the musical“, “Like a perfect barbie doll“, and “If it’s not edited, perfect beauty.”

Meanwhile, Eunji has transformed into a blonde for her role of Elle Woods in the musical, ‘Legally Blonde‘.

Source+Picture: A Pink’s me2day

Brown Eyed Girls’ JeA to join ‘Immortal Song 2′

Posted: 18 Nov 2012 11:23 PM PST

Brown Eyed Girls‘ leader JeA will be replacing Hwayobi and will join KBS 2TV‘s ‘Immortal Song 2‘ as a permanent member.

According to an ‘Immortal Song 2′ staff, “JeA will be making her first appearance on the November 19th recording of ‘Immortal Song 2′ for the ‘Kim Bum Ryong special’. She will be the replacement of Hwayobi and will present viewers with a different style of music.”

As JeA is also a singer-songwriter, she will be showcasing her talents on the program by arranging the songs she plans on performing herself.

This will be JeA’s second time appearing on the program as she made a special guest appearance back in February for the ‘Song Chang Shik special’.

JeA’s first stage will broadcast in December.

2BiC reveals two versions of teasers for “After 24 Hours”

Posted: 18 Nov 2012 10:32 PM PST

2BiC, the ‘monster rookies’ that took the music scene by a storm in 2012 with their amazing vocals, is back with teasers for their upcoming single, “After 24 Hours“.

Revealed on the morning of November 19th, the teasers showed behind the scenes of 2BiC’s music video filming. Song writer Jo Young Soo also made a surprise appearance, and made the viewers smile at the warm sight of the guys who looked like three brother bears.

There are two different versions of the teasers, each for 2BiC’s members, Kim Ji Hwan and Lee Joon Hyung. Their vocals are enough to tug at the hearts of many ladies.

Since their debut, 2BiC has been recognized by their powerful vocals in “I Made Another Girl Cry” and “Love Again“. With their new single, “After 24 Hours”, 2BiC will treat their fans with their soft and sweet melodious vocals.

2BiC’s “After 24 Hours” will be released on the coming 20th at midnight.

Meanwhile check each of the teasers below and share about what you guys think!

Hot Potato releases making-of film for “Arm Pillow” MV

Posted: 18 Nov 2012 10:00 PM PST

On October 22nd, Hot Potato released their 5th album ‘Who Doesn’t Like Sweet Things‘. Earlier today the band released the making of film for their music video to “Arm Pillow“.

Kim C stars in the music video as a man walking on a very long horizontal escalator periodically and metaphorically throwing away the mementos of a heart-wrenching love. The making film shows some humorous and interesting moments from the video shoot.

Check it out below:

Seulong invites his ideal type Shin Min Ah to 2AM’s concert

Posted: 18 Nov 2012 09:29 PM PST

2AM‘s Seulong has expressed his feelings for actress Shin Min Ah once more.

On the November 18th broadcast of MBC‘s ‘Section TV‘, Seulong was asked who his ideal type is at the moment and as expected, the singer once again mentioned Shin Min Ah, showing his undying devotion to the actress. “My ideal type is still Shin Min Ah. I enjoyed watching ‘Arang and the Magistrate.”

The singer then left a short video message to the actress, saying, “I’d be very grateful if you could come to our concert.”

On the other hand, Changmin chose Girl’s Day‘s Minah as his ideal type and revealed, “I actually recorded a duet song with her. I didn’t know who I was working with at first, but I later found out that it was Girl’s Day’s Minah.”

Psy and MC Hammer collaborate for the American Music Awards

Posted: 18 Nov 2012 08:56 PM PST

Psy and MC Hammer put on a collaborative performance for the American Music Awards!

After receiving the ‘New Media Award’ at the AMA on the 18th, Psy performed his world-wide hit song “Gangnam Style” with his secret guest performer who turned out to be MC Hammer. In fact, Psy was given the honor of closing the show.

Psy’s “Gangnam Style” and MC Hammer’s “Too Legit To Quit” were remixed into a fresh new piece for this special performance, and the two received some encouraging and positive reactions from the audience.

Check out the sweet performance below!

MC Hammer Dance Practice of the Gangnam Style/2 Legit Mashup

Dal Shabet releases surprise MV of “for Darling” for their fans

Posted: 18 Nov 2012 08:28 PM PST

After a successful comeback with the catchy disco tune “Have, Don’t Have” and a guerrilla concert, the ladies of Dal Shabet have treated fans to a special MV for their song “for Darling“.

The song “Shareureu/for Darling” is a special thank you to their fanclub Darling. The music video shows tounching and cute moments of the girls’ daily life set to the song’s delightful melody.

Check out the MV below. Darlings to you feel the girls’ thankfulness?

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Girl’s Day teaches their new dance moves from “Don’t Forget Me” to the guests on ‘Quiz to Change the World’

Posted: 18 Nov 2012 08:08 PM PST

Girl’s Day is receiving attention for their ‘bear feet cow feet’ dance.

On November 17th, Girl’s Day’s Minah and Sojin guest starred on MBC‘s ‘Quiz to Change the World‘ and taught the other guests the choreography from their new song, “Don’t Forget Me”.

During the process, Girl’s Day performed their ‘bear feet cow feet’ dance where they turn their hands up and down with Jeon Won Joo. The viewers laughed as the whole studio erupted into doing the ‘bear feet cow feet’ dance.

After seeing this entertaining scene, the viewers commented that Girl’s Day’s new humor sense was funny.

After showcasing their superb entertainment sense, Girl’s Day shared, “It’s been two years since our debut so we’re full of funny materials. If you guys call us to an entertainment show any time, we will show you guys Girl’s Day’s cheerful and funny charms.”

Meanwhile, Girl’s Day also appeared on November 18th broadcast of SBS‘ ‘1000 Songs Challenge‘ and received attention for making it to the final rounds with their powerful vocals.

Check out the girls in the program below:

The bear feet cow feet dance starts at about 1:13

C-CLOWN releases member version MV for “Because You Might Grow Distant”

Posted: 18 Nov 2012 07:30 PM PST

Having made their music show comebacks this weekend, C-CLOWN has finally revealed the full music video for "Because You Might Grow Distant" from their upcoming mini-album, 'Young Love'.

"Because You Might Grow Distant" is the title track of their second mini-album, which also includes "Cold" and "Goodnight" as well as instrumentals for the tracks.

Members Rome and T.K. wrote the raps for all three songs, and B2ST's Junhyung as well as EXID's Haniare reported to have participated in "Cold".

Watch the MV below and tell us what you thing of the final edition!