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"SISTAR’s Dasom selected as MC for the Golden Disc Awards" plus 19 more

"SISTAR’s Dasom selected as MC for the Golden Disc Awards" plus 19 more

SISTAR’s Dasom selected as MC for the Golden Disc Awards

Posted: 21 Nov 2012 09:04 AM PST

SISTAR‘s Dasom has been chosen as the MC for the Golden Disc Awards.

The Golden Disc Awards will be held in mid-January 2013 in Malaysia and is one of the most prestigious awards show.

Dasom has MC experience previously MC’ing on MBC‘s ‘Music Core‘ before, so she is expected to be able to perform well at the Golden Disc Awards. Currently, no decision has been made on who her male MC counterpart will be.

‘Weekly Idol’ releases preview of Block B for next week’s episode

Posted: 21 Nov 2012 08:34 AM PST

Weekly Idol‘ has released a preview for next week’s episode featuring Block B.

This week, the show aired the 2nd part of miss A‘s episode as a continuation from last week. The episode also showed a preview of next week’s episode, and Block B’s fans were delighted to see that their favorite idols would be starring on the show.

The preview showed members Zico, P.O, and Kyung dancing to “NILLILI MAMBO“, “Nanrina“, and “Mental Breaker“, respectively. The caption read, ‘Block B! A project to improve their image’, raising more anticipation for a hilarious episode because Block B is known to throw their image away in favor of humor.

Check out the preview below! The episode will air on November 28th.

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KARA’s Gyuri mourns the passing of her dog Nadia

Posted: 21 Nov 2012 08:05 AM PST

KARA‘s Gyuri mourned the passing of her dog Nadia.

On November 21st, Gyuri tweeted a photo of her dog and wrote, “Nadia left us today.. She was with me for 17 years and even though she couldn’t talk, she expressed her emotions like a human. She was good with everyone, so she never barked or bit anyone and she was an angelic softie…“.

A few minutes later she wrote again, “After she saw Kkingkkang’s accident, she couldn’t use any of her four legs and couldn’t see and was sick because of shock… I made an appointment for Saturday to try a new hospital but she couldn’t wait and left… You were really hurting, right? You’re the nicest in the world so you’ll be in a good place. Let’s meet again next time, for sure. I love you, Nadia.

Fans rushed to wish her well, and hoped she was feeling okay after the passing of her dog.

Source: Gyuri’s Twitter

SM Entertainment to release 2013 calendar featuring label artists

Posted: 21 Nov 2012 07:32 AM PST

SM Entertainment will be releasing a calendar for 2013 featuring its artists.

1st Look‘ magazine announced on the 21st, TVXQ, Super Junior, Girls’ Generation, SHINee, f(x), EXO, and more artists under the SM label will be featured in a calendar and diary that will be revealed [soon].”

Girls’ Generation is reported to have gone for a “classic” concept, while SHINee’s concept was “tree” and f(x)’s “flower”. EXO’s photo shoot, on the other hand, was themed “party time”, and Super Junior’s “runway”.

A variety of calendars will be released in the coming weeks. Tabletop calendars will include 25 cuts of each artist/group, and wall calendars will contain 13. f(x) will be releasing a desktop calendar, and TVXQ, Girls’ Generation, SHINee, as well as EXO will release diaries.

SPICA release “Lonely” dance practice video

Posted: 21 Nov 2012 07:06 AM PST

SPICA have released a dance practice video for their latest single, “Lonely“.

As previously mentioned, the group's new song has been produced by hit producer Sweetune, and the members have also included their own work in the mini-album as well.

Check out the “Lonely” MV if you missed it, and the dance practice vidoe below.

miss A watch ‘Breaking Dawn – Part 2′ with fans

Posted: 21 Nov 2012 06:46 AM PST

The members of miss A watched Hollywood movie ‘Breaking Dawn – Part 2‘ with their fans.

The fan event was held on the 16th at a special preview show. Afterwards, fans got the chance to take photos with miss A in front of the ‘Breaking Dawn’ poster.

Member Jia commented, “I’ve read all the novels in the ‘Twilight‘ series, but the movie was much more fun than the books,” while Fei mentioned that her favorite character in ‘Breaking Dawn – Part 2′ is the “sexy” vampire ‘Garrett’.

Min stated, “The fun gets an A, the romance gets an A, and the action gets an A too.”

Lee Seung Gi reveals teaser photos for 5.5 mini-album, ‘Forest’

Posted: 21 Nov 2012 06:22 AM PST

Lee Seung Gi‘s teaser photos for his upcoming 5.5 mini-album ‘Forest‘ have been revealed.

Agency Hook Entertainment stated that the singer worked with producer and one-band man Epitone Project (Cha Se Jung) to create an album that can be described as “healing music.” The title track “Looking Back” (“Turning Back”) is a song fit for fall that tells the story of a man who wants to return to the past.

‘Forest’ will also include a photo essay by Lee Seung Gi, who collected images of spaces he felt resembled the music. The album will release on November 22 KST.

Until then, take a look at the teaser photos below.

20121121_leeseunggi_forest1 20121121_leeseunggi_forest2 20121121_leeseunggi_forest3

Actor Lee Jong Suk and ZE:A’s Kwanghee pose for ‘CeCi’

Posted: 21 Nov 2012 06:01 AM PST

Lee Jong Suk and ZE:A‘s Kwanghee posed for the December issue of fashion magazine ‘CeCi‘.

The School 2013‘ star and Kwanghee, who is currently an on-screen husband on ‘We Got Married‘, transformed into “homme fatales” for the photo shoot, which revolved around the concept, ‘Ver, Friend’. The two are known to have been childhood friends as they attended the same school.

Check out more photos from the shoot below!

20121121_leejongsuk_kwanghee_ceci1 20121121_leejongsuk_kwanghee_ceci2 20121121_leejongsuk_kwanghee_ceci3

Rainbow to release ‘Over the Rainbow Special Edition’ album in Japan

Posted: 21 Nov 2012 05:38 AM PST

Rainbow will be releasing a special edition of their first Japanese album, ‘Over the Rainbow Special Edition‘.

The group released ‘Over the Rainbow’ this past March and will be re-releasing the hit album in three different editions. Though no new songs are included and the track list remains the same as the original album, the special edition albums will feature Rainbow’s live performances, music videos, and hit Korean songs.

‘Over the Rainbow Special Edition’ will hit stores in Japan on December 12.

Check out the track list and information below.

< Track List >

01. A
02. Mach
03. Gonna Gonna GO!
04. Kiss! Kiss! Disco!
05. Touch me, Feel me, Love me
06. Alright
07. Not Your Girl
08. Energy
09. Hello
10. Gossip Girl

Limited Edition A >

- CD1 + bonus DVD that includes all 8 Rainbow MVs

Limited Edition B >

- CD1 + bonus DVD featuring 6 song performances from KBS‘ ‘Music Bank

Limited Edition C >

- CD1 + bonus CD including 8 hit songs in Korean & “Candy Girls!” in Japanese

After School’s Lizzy bundles up for the cold

Posted: 21 Nov 2012 05:11 AM PST

After School‘s Lizzy shared her own unique way of bundling up against the cold.

On November 20, Lizzy shared several pictures and tweeted, “It’s winter~~~~~ I wore two [padded jackets] because it was cold, and I became a bear. ^ㅠ^ Please give lots of love to ‘Rascal Sons‘.

The pictures show Lizzy making various faces, while another picture captured the idol dozing off on a chair. Fans commented, “Winter~ take care of your health! <3″, and more.

Meanwhile, Lizzy is currently starring as ‘Yuri’ on MBC‘s ‘Rascal Sons‘.

allkpop TV Guide [Variety Edition]: Retrospective – Invincible Youth 2

Posted: 21 Nov 2012 04:48 AM PST

Well… we can’t say that we didn’t see it coming.Invincible Youth 2 has been canceled, and along with it, one of the last idol-centric variety shows on a big network. Its last episode aired last Saturday – I’ll be sad to see it go.

I first reviewed ‘Invincible Youth 2′ a few months ago, when it was transitioning into the ‘Youth Hostel’ that ended up being its final theme in a season that ended, not with a bang, but with a whimper last Saturday with abysmal viewer ratings of 3.6% (AGB Nielson nationwide). Rumors of the show’s cancellation had begun long before then, and frankly, I was somewhat surprised that the announcement came as late as it did.

Before writing this retrospective, I sat down and skimmed over all of the ‘Invincible Youth 2′ episodes – starting with the very first one and ending with the very last. I have to echo my sentiments from my previous review: ‘Invincible Youth 2′ was, if you looked past the preconceptions, a worthwhile show to watch, especially as the season went on.

While it certainly lacked in many respects, it was also not the steaming pile of waste that many disgruntled viewers made it out to be. It was not the funniest show on the television, but it did have its small, cute moments here and there. While I may not recommend ‘Invincible Youth 2′ to anyone anytime soon, I must admit that – sometimes – I dig up one of my more favorite episodes, sit down with something to munch on, and take it for a spin.

The show can be broken down into three broad thematic ‘periods’: the first era beginning with episode 1 and ending with episode 18 as well as the removal of four of the cast members, and then changing once more at episode 32 with the introduction of Lee Young Ja and the creation of the ‘Youth Hostel’. Each sub-season (so to speak) had a distinctly different vibe and theme; first trying to copy the friendliness and familiarity of Season 1, to transitioning into a game show, and finally ditching the farm setting altogether.

First Era (Ep. 1-18)

Big expectations, big plans, but in the end, left much to be desired in terms of execution.

First of all, it was a mistake – hands down – to not include a female MC among the cast. The G8 was comprised of entirely female idol group members; without a ‘mother figure’ to bounce jokes off of or create situations with, the comedy suffered.

Among the MCs that were casted, Lee Soo Geun was – not to mince words – out of his element. In a ‘supporting’ role (such as in ’1 Night 2 Days’ to Kang Ho Dong), he really shines. However, as a main MC, he stumbles. In ‘Invincible Youth 2′, he was supposed to fill the shoes of Noh Joo Hyun from the first season – interact with the locals, provide a link between them and the idols, and act as the ‘kind-yet-stern grandpa’ figure. He managed to do exactly none of those things, seemingly merely going through the motions.

Lee Hyun Woo shall not be mentioned in this article, other than to point out that he made season 1′s Hyomin look like a variety genius. (Whether or not Hyomin was a variety genius is a different matter entirely.)

Which brings us to Boom, who – at the time of the show’s conception – was riding high on a wave of goodwill and support based on his recent departure from the military. As his bubble evaporated, however, his limitations soon became painfully clear. Beyond the occasional catchphrase attempt and a joke here and there, Boom soon ran into a brick wall as he struggled with real variety (as opposed to studio varieties such as ‘Strong Heart’, where – it must be admitted – he’s in his element).

Finally, the new idol village – a shining example of modern, urban architecture surrounded by a faux lawn – stood out like a sore thumb in the pastoral landscape. It seemed like it was a vacation for the idols rather than the true ‘lived-in’ atmosphere that viewers experienced with the first season right from the get-go.

In the end, everything seemed like a pale shadow of what ‘Invincible Youth’ used to be. While much of this can be chalked up to the usual settling-in period that all new variety programs must go through, the mistakes that the second season did make should not go unnoticed either. From the beginning, the show made several fatal mistakes that would impede its efforts to be successful throughout the rest of its run.

Second Era (Ep. 19-31)

With the removal of Lee Soo Geun, Lee Hyun Woo, Amber, and Woori, the reformed ‘G6′ welcomed a new MC into the idol village: season 1 veteran Kim Shin Young.

In many ways, this era of ‘Invincible Youth 2′ episodes remains an enigma. It is clear that the producers had a slight idea about what was going wrong – the absence of a female MC, too many members who simply weren’t pulling their weight – but they also made several inexplicable changes to the show’s format that, more often than not, made the show even worse.

The godforsaken ‘jar game’ made its appearance in this era. The game, which had the girls pick at random from a series of jars containing punishments, was uninspired, boring, and – when repeated over a series of episodes – stale. The punishments themselves were often crude and incredibly dangerous (flinging pepper? Really? What kind of hotshot junior producer thought that was a good idea?). Also, the jaw-droppingly stupid “hey-let’s-stick-your-head-under-this-stressed-cow-and-hope-it-doesn’t-bite” punishment was flat-out dangerous, and the producers should be thanking their lucky stars the show did not get slapped with a hefty fine for reckless endangerment.

It was during this second era that guests began to appear with increasing frequency as well. While there isn’t anything necessarily bad about inviting guests, it does detract from the fixed cast members’ ability to create characters and situations for themselves, since most of their energy must go towards securing airtime for the guests. In a show that was still struggling to get its bearings, the appearance of guests did not help ‘Invincible Youth 2′ in any way – apart from the momentary hype they generated.

If I sound somewhat bitter about the previous few episodes, it’s because this was really the point in time when the show could’ve turned itself around.

In the waning days before the end of this second stage, the show did slightly improve; by getting rid of the cow-tongue punishment and scaling back on the game-to-work ratio, the show seemed to (somewhat) return to its original format. Kim Shin Young also proved to be a plus, establishing characters for the first time in the show’s run, despite her and Boom’s tendency to sometimes host things like a variety game show – instead of the show’s original intentions as a true reality program. It was with this in mind that I had written my original, favorable review. All in all, the ‘second era’ cemented ‘Invincible Youth 2′ as not just unfunny, but uncomfortable to watch as well.

Third Era (Ep. 32 – end)

The creation of the ‘Youth Hostel’ marked the point when the producers simply threw up their hands and said, “Screw it, we’re going full variety.” Removing most of the few remnants of the original purpose of the program – farming, village life, townspeople – the show transitioned into a fully 100% variety show with Lee Young Ja and the further-trimmed ‘G5′ playing the roles of mother and daughters as well as hosting a new guest each week.

The benefit to this approach was that the show didn’t, for the first time ever, feel like it was trying to do something it didn’t want to do. Everything felt more natural, more ‘in place’ – every cast member had her role (thanks to the even smaller cast, but also thanks to Lee Young Ja’s underrated hosting abilities), and the big, giant, ridiculous house they built finally came into good use.

The loss? This wasn’t ‘Invincible Youth’ anymore. The last remnants of the old program had faded away into the dustbin of history. While that may have been a terrible development for many fans of the original series, when viewed from an objective lens, it may have been for the better. The show had wasted a couple of months trying to – at first – completely duplicate the first season, then attempt to graft those ideas into a poorly-executed game show-style format. Neither had worked particularly well, and it was time the show took a new direction, even if it meant abandoning its roots.

The story of ‘Invincible Youth 2′ is filled with what could have been. It could have been awesome, it could have been a rip-roaring success – heaven knows it had the potential to be so as the sequel to one of Korea’s most heavily-exported shows ever; right in the middle of the Hallyu boom and featuring some of the top names in K-Pop, there was a massive amount of hype over the creation of a second season.

‘Invincible Youth 2′ took all of that hype and basically said, “Nope, sorry.” If the producers behind this failed season could have thought a little more deeply, a little more carefully, about what had made the original ‘G7′ so beloved, perhaps the show would still be airing right now. Perhaps it would have a reputation as one of the funniest shows on television instead.

Although the ending of a variety show is a sad thing in and of itself, what is possibly even more important is that the closure of this program potentially signifies a drought in future idol variety programming.

Unfortunately, this is probably the last time we’ll be seeing an idol-centric variety program on the ‘big three’ channels anytime soon. For the past couple of years, idol variety has been trending low – shows such as ‘Bouquet‘, ‘Heroes‘, ‘Oh My School‘, and now, ‘Invincible Youth 2′ has been canceled due to suffering ratings.

Coupled with a general sense of ‘idol overload’ from the public, it paints a very stark picture for idol variety shows in the future. Not to say that idol shows aren’t fun – in fact, ‘Heroes’ remains one of my favorite variety shows ever created – but the fact of the matter is, less and less viewers are interested in the same kind of thing.

Will there ever be an ‘Invincible Youth 3′? In the near future, probably not. But who knows? Perhaps, one day, there’ll be an empty spot in the schedule and a spunky producer could say to her/himself, “This concept deserves another chance.”


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Ga In flaunts her petite figure for ‘Nylon’

Posted: 21 Nov 2012 04:12 AM PST

Brown Eyed Girls‘ Ga In showed off her unique charm for the December issue of ‘Nylon‘.

The “Bloom” singer pulled off a messy yet natural hairstyle and bold, colorful makeup. Her petite figure was also emphasized in leg-baring outfits and lacy tops emphasizing her collar bones.

Staff members on set reported that Ga In actively participated in her styling for the shoot despite the delayed shooting and a long day of schedules.

Check out photos from the shoot and the ‘Nylon TV’ clip featuring Ga In below!

20121120_gain_nylon1 20121120_gain_nylon2 20121120_gain_nylon3

Big Star’s Baram becomes the new ‘Brain’ of idols

Posted: 21 Nov 2012 03:47 AM PST

Big Star's Baram came out on top as “the one” on the November 20th episode of KBS' '1 vs. 100', making him the new 'Brain' among idols.

Baram defeated musical star Nam Kyung Joo to become the final contestant of the show. Both stars answered quiz questions against 100 other participants in “the mob.” When Nam Kyung Joo was eliminated, the idol was left alone against “the mob.” However, in the 8th stage, Baram persevered to become the final contestant standing.

Since it’s rare for an idol guest to become the final one left standing, Baram's win has garnered even more attention. Baram commented, "I didn't even think this would happen. I think today is just my day. My heart won't listen to me," expressing his excitement.

Concerning the prize money of 2.1 million Won (~ $1,900 USD), the idol stated, "Today is the day Big Star will [eat out]," bringing laughter to the studio.

In related news, Big Star are promoting their song "Think".

Son Dam Bi rejects ‘Light and Shadow’ co-star Ahn Jae Wook’s advances?

Posted: 21 Nov 2012 03:22 AM PST

Son Dam Bi discussed her relationship to ‘Light and Shadow‘ co-star Ahn Jae Wook on the November 20th broadcast of SBS‘ ’Strong Heart‘.

Ahn Jae Wook, a bachelor in his early forties, had previously chosen the “Dripping Tears” singer as his ideal type on ‘Healing Camp‘. Son Dam Bi revealed, “Jae Wook oppa texted me to tell me that he did a ‘ideal type world cup’ [segment]. He told me he chose me, so I asked him why he was telling me that, and he said he thought I should be the first to know. I watched the ‘Healing Camp’ episode, and I was really happy.

MC Shin Dong Yup commented, “There is a high possibility that he’s being sincere. He keeps giving you signs.

However, Son Dam Bi replied, “I don’t want to ruin my [platonic] relationship with him. The person who helped me the most in terms of acting is Jae Wook oppa. I want to have a sunbae-hoobae relationship with him, not a romantic relationship.

Shin Dong Yup responded, “In any case, you’re rejecting him,” causing the panel to laugh.

Lee Min Ho wants to play a rebel for next role

Posted: 21 Nov 2012 03:00 AM PST

Actor Lee Min Ho expressed what he wishes to do for his next role.

On the 21st, the actor had a fashion shoot and interview with fashion magazine ‘At Style‘ (‘At Star1‘). During the interview, Lee Min Ho stated, "I would like to try being a rebellious character in a young drama. I also want to try out roles that I can only do at my age."

In response to a question about what he would like to do as a young man and not an actor, Lee Min Ho answered, "I want to go backpacking around the world. I want to go after I've made all the plans and preparations myself."

When asked about financial management, Lee Min Ho said, "I don't know anything specific because my parents handle all my finances."

What do you think? What role would you like to see Lee Min Ho play?

20121120_leeminho_atstar 20121121_leeminho_atstyle_atstar1_2 20121121_leeminho_atstyle_atstar1_3 20121121_leeminho_atstyle_atstar1_4

Source + Image: Ilgan Sports via Nate

Byul shares she got married at the perfect time on ‘Come to Play’

Posted: 21 Nov 2012 02:35 AM PST

On the November 19th episode of MBC‘s ‘Come to Play‘, newlywed singer Byul opened up about getting married to HaHa.

When asked if she and HaHa bickered while preparing for their marriage, Byul responded, “We are moseying on through it all.”

The guests added, “You seem like you don’t have any concerns,” and she agreed, “We didn’t date for long, but we’re getting married right when everything is good.”

Although Byul and HaHa have been friends for the past eight years, they began dating each other this past March and recently registered their marriage. Byul shared that because of this speedy chain of events, there was no steady development. She shared, “The moment I [said 'okay' to dating him] was when the preparations for marriage began.”

HaHa and Byul will be holding their wedding ceremony on November 30.

ZE:A’s Siwan takes a risky picture on top of a tower

Posted: 21 Nov 2012 02:12 AM PST

ZE:A‘s Siwan revealed a frightening photo he took on top of a building.

On November 20, Siwan tweeted, “A picture I took laying down on top of a tower. He. It felt like I was floating in the sky. Kekeke,” and shared the above photo.

The picture shows Siwan laying on top of a tall building, while making peace signs. Even though he seems to have been very high up, Siwan doesn’t look scared at all, and instead, smiled brightly for the camera.

Fans commented, “Unexpectedly, he doesn’t have much fear“, “His permed hairstyle is so cute“, “His skin is like a white rice cake“, and more.

Shinsadong Tiger reveals B2ST’s “Fiction” was inspired by celebrity love triangle scandal

Posted: 21 Nov 2012 01:48 AM PST

Hit composer Shinsadong Tiger guested on the November 20th episode of SBS‘ ‘Strong Heart‘, where he revealed the story behind the production of B2ST‘s hit track Fiction“.

Shinsadong Tiger began, “While guesting on a radio show one day, I heard news of a huge dating scandal among top stars. It was revealed to be a love triangle in which one of them had no idea what was going on. I’m sure you all know what I’m talking about.”

The scandal he was referring to was none other than the ‘love triangle’ involving Seo Taiji, Lee Ji Ah, and Jung Woo Sung, which blew up last April. Shinsadong Tiger continued, “The article was about two top actors and a top singer being involved in a love triangle. One netizen wrote, ‘This has got to be a novel, a work of fiction.’ I used that comment as inspiration for B2ST’s ‘Fiction’.”

He concluded, “I wrote the song from the perspective of one of the three involved.”

Source + Photos: Ilgan Sports via Nate

Ji Eun boasts about SECRET’s growing dorms

Posted: 21 Nov 2012 01:25 AM PST

Ji Eun boasted about the growth of SECRET‘s dorms.

On the November 20th broadcast of ‘1 vs 100‘, Ji Eun revealed, “We’ve been living in a dorm. Our start was in a one-room, half-basement apartment. Then we moved to an apartment with 2 rooms, and now we live at a place with 3 rooms.

She continued, “We’re using the 3 rooms as a computer room, a closet, and a bedroom. We’re very satisfied with the dorm. I’m happy it keeps expanding.

Fans commented, “SECRET’s popularity grew with the size of their dorms“, “Her eyes were shining when she talked about the dorm“, “She’s so cool“, and more.

Brave Guys release “I Think I Love U So” MV for ‘Shut Up Family’ OST Vol. 1

Posted: 21 Nov 2012 01:02 AM PST

Gag Concert‘ comedians turned musicians Brave Guys have released the music video for  ”I Think I Love U So“.

“I Think I Love U So” is the current love theme for the KBS drama ‘Shut Up Family‘ and will be included in the drama’s first OST release. The song also features the vocals of upcoming singer Sunbi.

Check out the MV below!