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"TVXQ’s Yunho reveals his sister on ‘Strong Heart’" plus 19 more

"TVXQ’s Yunho reveals his sister on ‘Strong Heart’" plus 19 more

TVXQ’s Yunho reveals his sister on ‘Strong Heart’

Posted: 06 Nov 2012 08:41 AM PST

TVXQ‘s Yunho revealed his younger sister on ‘Strong Heart‘.

Yunho brought a photo of his sister Jung Ji Hye onto the show, explaining, “[My sister is] famous in Gwangju because she’s an ulzzang. She’s currently working at a bank.” The male guests of the show showed a lot of interest in her because of her beauty.

However, Yunho fended them off by saying, “When my friends would ask how they stacked up for my sister, I’d tell them they’d have to get through me first. Once, my friend said he saw some girl that was cute, but it turned out to be my sister.

When asked if he would introduce her to anyone, he confessed, “I think Yesung would be good. He’s always serious, so I think they’d be able to talk to each other well.

‘Inkigayo’ receives attention for “sex equation” during B.A.P’s “Egg Song” campaign

Posted: 06 Nov 2012 08:10 AM PST

Inkigayo‘ has received attention for their “Egg Song” segment.

On November 4th, ‘Inkigayo’ featured B.A.P in their “Egg Song” campaign. The song promotes the positive aspects of eggs, including the fact that it is good for the brain and that it has many positive values in nutrition. The song usually targets younger children and students with a cute, bright image. Because the college entrance exams are coming up soon, this week the ‘Inkigayo’ “Egg Song” was targeted to the students that would be studying for and taking the exams.

However, many fans noticed immediately that the board that Bang Yong Guk was teaching from had the sole equation “∫ex=f(uⁿ)”. While many might have simply brushed past it, some keen eyed fans noticed it and knew that the equation was internet slang for “sex = fun”. Fans thought that even though the show was aimed at viewers 15 and older, a show that censors certain lyrics because of sexuality should not have casually displayed the equation.

Netizens commented, “There’s no way that the staff didn’t know what that’s used for“, “Why did they have to use that out of the millions of other equations?“, and “That was really surprising

Check out the “Egg Song” segment below. What do you think?

Source: Sports Chosun via Nate

BoA becomes the new face of ‘Missha’

Posted: 06 Nov 2012 07:30 AM PST

Singer BoA has become the new face of cosmetics brand Missha.

BoA wrapped up shooting her first 2012 advertisement with Missha, which features the star against a purple backdrop. She’ll be endorsing the popular ‘Night Repair Science Activator Ampoule’ product from Missha’s ‘Time Revolution’ line.

A representative from the brand commented, “We took BoA’s luxurious image and portrayed it in an artistic way for this advertisement… She was recognized as a beauty star after all the close-ups of her flawless, clear skin on ‘K-Pop Star‘, and she portrays the image of a savvy, charismatic career woman.”

BoA previously acted as Missha’s endorsement model from 2003 to 2006.

Why does ‘Superstar K4′ contestant Roy Kim use an English name?

Posted: 06 Nov 2012 07:10 AM PST

Superstar K4‘ contestant Roy Kim revealed why he uses an English name.

At the press conference for the ‘Top 4′ contestants on the Mnet program, Roy Kim explained, “My legal name is not ‘Roy Kim’. I wrote Kim Sang Woo on my application, but the producers suggested that I use an English name.”

He continued, “Before appearing on ‘Superstar K4′, I posted videos to YouTube under the name ‘Roy Kim’. The producers knew this and asked me to use that name instead.”

Though Roy Kim was previously enrolled as a student at Georgetown University, he was born and raised in South Korea. However, his name has lead many to believe otherwise: “Since using an English name, there are a lot of people who mistake me for an American citizen, but that’s not true at all. I’m a Korean citizen, and I even have to serve in the military.”

In related news, the next episode featuring the ‘Top 4′ will air live on the 9th at 11PM KST.

Girl’s Day’s Yura celebrates her 20th birthday with Minah

Posted: 06 Nov 2012 06:50 AM PST

Girl’s Day‘s Yura celebrated her 20th birthday with member Minah on the 6th!

Yura posted to Twitter, “Thank you so so so much for the presents! I’ve received them. T.T Wow, I’m so touched. Really. T.T … <3 Thank you for congratulating me on my birthday… I’m so thankful to all of you. T.T I love you, kiss kiss, I only have my fans!!! >_<,” along with the photo above.

She later added, “And, Minah took me to Lotte World [amusement park] because it was my birthday. Hehehe, it was so much fun. Are you jealous?!”

Happy Birthday, Yura!

20121105_girlsday_yura_20thbirthday 20121105_girlsday_yura20thbirthday_minah1 20121105_girlsday_yura20thbirthday_minah2 20121105_girlsday_yura20thbirthday_minah3

Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga In poses with 7 parrots for ‘Campus 10′

Posted: 06 Nov 2012 06:25 AM PST

Brown Eyed GirlsGa In modeled with parrots for the November edition of Campus 10.

The “Bloom” singer was featured in the ‘Bloom with nature’ pictorial, which revolved around a feminine style. Ga In wore rich colors in flower prints, paisley patterns, and fur for the shoot.

It was also revealed that Ga In posed with seven different parrots during the photo shoot.

Check out some of Ga In’s pictures from the November issue of Campus 10 below!

20121106_gain_campus10_1 20121106_gain_campus10_2 20121106_gain_campus10_3 20121106_gain_campus10_cover

Yoo Sae Yoon confirmed as co-host of ‘Knee-Drop Guru’

Posted: 06 Nov 2012 06:00 AM PST

Despite earlier reports that Yoo Sae Yoon would not be returning to ‘Knee-Drop Guru‘, the comedian has now been confirmed as one of Kang Ho Dong‘s co-hosts.

His agency stated on the 6th KST, “Yoo Sae Yoon has been confirmed as a fixed cast member of ‘Knee-Drop Guru’. He’ll also be appearing as an MC on ‘Radio star’.”

Kang Ho Dong will be working alongside Yoo Sae Yoon and ZE:A‘s Kwanghee on the show.

The upcoming broadcast on the 29th will mark one year since ‘Knee-Drop guru’ has aired. Actor Jung Woo Sung has been announced as the the first possible guest.

Big Bang to release special Japanese album in December

Posted: 06 Nov 2012 05:35 AM PST

Big Bang will be releasing a special Japanese album this December.

The album ‘Special Final in Dome Memorial Collection‘ will consist of a total of six tracks, including the members’ solo songs. G-Dragon commented, “We’re very happy to release a special album to commemorate our concerts in the three biggest domes in Japan.”

Big Bang, currently on their ‘Alive Galaxy Tour‘, will be holding concerts in Osaka’s Kyocera Dome on November 23 as well as Tokyo Dome and Yahoo! Japan Dome in December.

Girls’ Generation’s YoonA updates UFO Town profile photo

Posted: 06 Nov 2012 05:10 AM PST

Girls’ Generation YoonA‘s new UFO Town profile photo has been gathering attention.

The Girls’ Generation member shared a photo set of four different expressions, and fans noticed her bright skin and youthful style.

Netizens commented, “This is what a goddess looks like”, “Always Girls’ Generation!”, and “She’s becoming more and more beautiful”.

In related news, YoonA will appear on Super Junior Leeteuk‘s special on ‘Strong Heart‘.

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‘The Romantic & Idol’ bans manager access

Posted: 06 Nov 2012 04:46 AM PST

tvN‘s ‘The Romantic & Idol‘ has decided to ban manager access.

Representatives of the upcoming reality show stated, “Because it’s a ‘real date story’ program and we need to record idols on dates, we’ve made it so their managers and coordinators cannot interfere. [We're letting] the idols express their true feelings [without being concerned] because it’s not like variety programs; it’s a reality program.”

It’s reported that staff members on set were surprised by the idols’ public displays of affection.

'The Romantic', which featured non-celebrity bachelors and bachelorettes previously, has decided to air a spin-off, 'The Romantic & Idol', for its third season. The eight idols to feature on the show-2PM's Jun.K, 4minute's Jihyun, MBLAQ's MirZE:A's HyungsikJJ Project's JBRainbow's Seung AhFIESTAR's Jei, and AOA's Hyejeong - wrapped up filming in October on Jeju Island.

The premiere of 'The Romantic & Idol' will air on November 11 at 8:50PM KST.

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Gang Kiz’ Sooeun cast opposite Super Junior’s Siwon in ‘The Lord of the Drama’

Posted: 06 Nov 2012 04:21 AM PST

Gang Kiz member Sooeun has been cast opposite Super Junior‘s Siwon in the SBS series ’The Lord of the Drama‘.

According to Core Contents Media, “Choi Sooeuun has been cast in the role of Super Junior Siwon’s character Kang Hyun Min’s girlfriend, who also happens to be a popular girl group member.”

Sooeun is reported to have played the role of a fashion coordinator in PD Hong Sung Chang’s previous drama ‘You’re Beautiful‘.

Check out Sooeun and the rest of Gang Kiz on the November 13th episode.


Does KARA’s Hara look better with or without makeup?

Posted: 06 Nov 2012 03:55 AM PST

Photos comparing KARA‘s Hara with and without makeup have surfaced online and caused a lot of discussion.

One set of photos features screenshots of Hara’s appearance on KBS’ Star Interview‘ last month, while another set shows the idol star on the red carpet.

Netizens commented, “Hara’s bare face is pretty too”, “Goddess idol”, “I still think she looks better after makeup though”, “Both are pretty”, and “I’m jealous”.

In related news, KARA will become the first Korean girl group to hold a solo concert at the Tokyo Dome on January 6 of next year.

What do you think? Do you prefer Hara with makeup or without?

Shinhwa’s Hyesung to return with solo album in December

Posted: 06 Nov 2012 03:30 AM PST

Shinhwa‘s Hyesung will be making a comeback with a solo album this December.

Agency Liveworks Company stated, “Shin Hyesung is coming back with a solo album on December 4. His upcoming new album, ‘Winter Poetry‘, is his first solo album since his special album ‘Embrace‘ last December.”

The Shinhwa member is also preparing for his year-end concert, ‘The Year’s Journey‘, which will be held on December 30 at 6PM and on the 31st at 10PM KST at Kyunghee University in Seoul.

SHINee’s Jonghyun and his older sister get mistaken for a couple?

Posted: 06 Nov 2012 03:06 AM PST

SHINee‘s Jonghyun revealed that his close relationship to his older sister has caused some misunderstanding.

During the recent filming of SBS‘ ‘Strong Heart‘, Jonghyun stated, “I have a sister who is two years older than I am, but because we’re so close, she’s always mistaken for my girlfriend.”

He continued, “It’s normal for us to walk and hold hands, and we also touch each other’s cheeks and kiss the top of our heads,” surprising the studio audience.

Jonghyun also revealed that he keeps track of his older sister’s curfew and handles issues with her ex-boyfriends.

The November 6th episode of the show will also feature SHINee’s Taemin, TVXQ, Lee Jung Hyun, and Park Min Ji as guests.

Hwang Jung Eum reveals date with boyfriend Kim Yong Joon on ‘Quiz to Change the World’

Posted: 06 Nov 2012 02:41 AM PST

Actress Hwang Jung Eum shared confidently that she was on a date with her boyfriend Kim Yong Joon during a live broadcast, revealing that the two stars are still happily in love.

The actress was called during the ‘20 Questions‘ segment on the November 3rd broadcast of MBC‘s ‘Quiz to Change the World‘.

When the set found out who was on the line, Hwang Jung Eum stated, “I came to Yeosu to film a movie. I’m tired, so I’m getting a massage. To be honest, I am with my boyfriend,” and revealed she was in the middle of a date with her boyfriend, Kim Yong Joon of SG Wannabe.

MC Lee Hwi Jae asked, “Kim Yong Joon is currently in the army, so how are you together?“  Hwang Jung Eum replied honestly, “He commutes,” causing everyone to burst out in laughter.

Viewers commented, “It is great seeing the two of you“, “Hwang Jung Eum is awesome for revealing that she was on a date with Kim Yong Joon during the broadcast“, and “The two are still happily in love“.

Hwang Jung Eum has been cast in the movie ‘Pig-like Woman‘, which is currently being filmed.

Kim Yong Joon & Hwang Jung Eum

Suzy and actor Jung Il Woo take photos on ‘Dominos’ CF set

Posted: 06 Nov 2012 02:10 AM PST

Actor Jung Il Woo tweeted photos of himself and miss A‘s Suzy on the set of a commercial for Dominos. The two stars were signed as the new endorsement models for the pizza brand earlier this year.

On the 5th, Jung Il Woo tweeted to Suzy, “[Share the photos]~!! Eat tasty pizza~~ Today, I’m not with the singer Suzy but the actress Suzy~☻.“ In the behind-the-scenes photos, the two stars look close, sharing a blanket and smiling for the camera.

Suzy responded, “We look so close!!! The power of pizza… I’m in the waiting room next door. kekekeke.”  Jung Il Woo replied, “You’re right.. Even though we didn’t say one word to each other… The power of pizza is so strong keke.

Fans were amused by their exchange and wrote, “Are you two trying to promote pizza?“, “This makes me jealous“, and “You can be friends from now on“.

B.A.P releases BTS photos from “Stop It” MV

Posted: 06 Nov 2012 01:45 AM PST

B.A.P have released behind-the-scene photos from the the set of their “Stop It” music video!

The single album of the same name includes three songs: "Yes Sir", "Stop It", and "Happy Birthday". With the single released, the members will be holding their first fan club inauguration ceremony, '1st Baby Day', on the 27th.

Check out the BTS photos and the “Stop It” MV below if you missed it!

20121106_bap_stopmv_bts1 20121106_bap_stopmv_bts2 20121106_bap_stopmv_bts3 20121106_bap_stopmv_bts4 20121106_bap_stopmv_bts5 20121106_bap_stopmv_bts6 20121106_bap_stopmv_bts7 20121106_bap_stopmv_bts8

A Pink’s Eunji addresses cosmetic surgery rumors

Posted: 06 Nov 2012 01:20 AM PST

A Pink‘s Eunji spoke up against recent rumors about cosmetic surgery.

At the press conference for the ‘Legally Blonde‘ musical on the 5th, Eunji stated, “I’ve been hearing that I lost my cheek fat. My face was chubby because of baby fat, but I lost all of it when I turned 20. People say I got plastic surgery, but I definitely didn’t. If you come up close, you can tell. People told me that I suddenly look older because I lost weight. My cheek fat will come back soon.

Fans replied, “Eunji looks cuter with cheek fat“, and “I don’t really care if she did or not“.

SECRET’s Hyosung gets noticed for her short height?

Posted: 06 Nov 2012 12:55 AM PST

SECRET‘s Hyosung is getting noticed for her relatively short height.

A screenshot of Hyosung on the set of ‘Generation to Generation Saturday‘ (‘Generation Sympathy Saturday’) was posted online recently. In the photo, four guest panelists – ZE:A‘s Dongjun, Hyosung, and actresses Lee Yoo Jin and Jo Hyang Gi – can be seen sitting side by side and talking with the host. Excluding Hyosung, the three other stars were able to easily touch the floor with their feet.

However, fans noticed that Hyosung’s feet barely reached the footrest. They commented, “She looks so tiny next to the tall guests“, “She looks so cute with her feet up like that“, and “I think this looks adorable“.

In related news, SECRET is currently preparing for their next album.

Actor Jung Woo Sung announced as possible first guest on ‘Knee Drop Guru’

Posted: 06 Nov 2012 12:31 AM PST

Actor Jung Woo Sung is currently being considered to appear as Kang Ho Dong‘s first guest on the return of ‘Knee Drop Guru‘.

The actor’s agency announced, “It’s true that he received an offer to come on the show, but nothing has been confirmed. He’s currently filming ‘Stakeout‘, so whether or not he will appear will be confirmed next week. [We're looking at it optimistically].”

It was also revealed that Kang Ho Dong himself asked Jung Woo Sung to be the first guest on the show. The two are known to be friendly.

The first episode will air on the 29th at 11PM KST on MBC.