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"Way Back Wednesday: Scandals" plus 19 more

"Way Back Wednesday: Scandals" plus 19 more

Way Back Wednesday: Scandals

Posted: 14 Nov 2012 11:08 AM PST

The K-pop world was thrown into a tizzy this past week when singer IU (presumably accidentally) posted an interesting picture of herself with Super Junior member Eunhyuk online (rookie mistake). Even though it was removed shortly after, fans immediately flooded the digital world with speculation and allegations about the nature of their relationship and of course, K-pop chaos ensued. Subsequently, IU's management Loen Entertainment issued a vague and totally pointless apology while SM Entertainment felt that it wasn’t necessary to provide any kind of reaction at all. I'm not going to guess what was going on in that picture or what those two kids do on their own time but it is a big scandal nonetheless. But let's face it, this isn't the first time a K-pop star has been embroiled in controversy and it certainly won't be the last.

K-pop, like any other entertainment industry, has had its share of scandal from the mundane to the pretty crazy. This week's Way Back Wednesday will be a look back at some of the scandals that made headlines in days past. I tried to focus on more of the lighter scandals rather than getting too heavy but there are a few on this list that had to be mentioned that are more towards the serious side. For the record, I'm just using information that is freely available on the Internet and information I’ve heard over the years. Some of these scandals have been substantiated by the parties themselves and others are merely speculation and rumor. But that's never stopped us from caring before so here are just a few that I remember hearing about back in the day but feel free to add your own.

Kim Jong Min Caught with Hyun Young

This isn't that old considering that the couple acknowledged dating since 2006 but it was one of the more amusing (though probably not for those involved) scandals from a fan's perspective. How did Hyun Young, the nasal-voiced former model turned variety host start dating Koyote member and noted goofball Kim Jong Min? Well, it started when the two appeared together on the show ‘Heroine 6‘ and soon after the sparks flew. The scandal part of it was that the two were caught on a date together in their car and it totally caught them off guard. Unfortunately the couple split up not too long after prior to Kim Jong Min's enlistment but all’s well that ends well as Hyun Young is now married and the mother of a baby girl and Kim Jong Min apparently in a relationship as well.

Moon Hee Jun, Kan Mi Yeon, and Crazy Fans

Moon Hee Jun and Kan Mi Yeon's relationship to my knowledge has never been 100% confirmed by either side, however, it's generally accepted that the two dated at some point. The scandalous part wasn't so much that two young people liked each other, the scandal was actually the reaction of the fans. There have always been intense, bordering on crazy fans and back in the day the Internet wasn’t readily available for people to unleash their craziness. So anti-fans would send some pretty crazy hate mail. When word got out that Moon Hee Jun and Kan Mi Yeon might in fact be an item, fans sent all kinds of things including one package which included a razor blade, a threatening letter, and a picture of Kan Mi Yeon completely trashed. The scary part is you never know if it's just a pissed off fan or an actual threat.

Hyori and Her Various Men

I can't think of another K-pop star whose love life is more dissected than Lee Hyori. It's to be expected I guess, she's the icon. She is the standard to which all other female singers will be measured against and she's freaking Lee Hyori. Hyori has done a great job of keeping her love life on a need-to-know basis, meaning, the stuff that we know about for sure are the relationships she publicly acknowledges. Everything else is just speculation and rumors but here are few worth noting:

  1. Hyori and Eun Ji Won – Both Fin.K.L and Sechkies were under the same management back in the day and there were talks of the two dating. I think this is more fiction than fact. I'm sure they might have liked each other and maybe did even have something going on but from what I've heard over the years, I don't think it was ever the real deal.
  2. Hyori and Lee Seo Jin – This rumor tends to lend itself to be more real. Lee Seo Jin is the big-headed actor who has starred in dramas like 'Phoenix' and 'Damo' and there was definite proof that the two were dating with pictures of them surfacing holding hands. There was also talks of the couple marrying although I think that was debunked by Hyori's father. One thing to note, Lee Seo Jin has become infamous for breaking up with his most recent known girlfriend actress Kim Jung Eun via text message and there’s rumors that's how he broke up with Hyori as well. If true, what a horrible guy, he doesn’t deserve her.
  3. Hyori and Choi Sung Wook – This one was a doozy. Choi Sung Wook was the son of some wealthy billionaire construction tycoon and pictures of Hyori and him together at a swimming pool caused some real waves. Maybe the two are friends but the bikini that Hyori was wearing… that's not what you wear when you swim with friends. That's a "yeah, I know I'm hot and I'm going to show you" bikini.
  4. Hyori and Rain – A perfect example of a rumor that has become an urban legend. The story goes that Rain‘s friend was on a radio talk show and they decided to call Rain, but Rain unbeknownst that he was actually on-air had let slip that he had sex with Hyori the previous night. This happened in the early 2000's and the mystery kind of perpetuated itself for the better part of ten years. But on an episode of the KBS show 'Happy Together' in 2010, Rain and Lee Hyori finally broke the silence and said that this was one rumor that was totally false.

Baek Ji Young Sex Tape

This is one of those scandals that gets into the serious territory but I felt it had to be at least mentioned because of the massive scale of interest this reached. I said in my article on Baek Ji Young that this scandal didn’t just affect the K-pop world, it literally impacted how society was viewing itself in Korea. I'm not being facetious at all. The tape opened conversations about how a conservative culture like Korea would adapt to also being one of the most wired and technologically forward countries in the world. To overly simplify, it pitted old vs. new and revealed a chasm that already existed. I'm just glad Baek Ji Young found her way back and is now in a loving relationship because she deserves it.

Yoo Seung Jun and the Military

You can't talk about scandal and not talk about this. In 2002 Yoo Seung Jun was the man and at the height of his popularity when his name came up to be enlisted in the military. Yoo Seung Jun was born in Korea but had lived for an extended period in the United States but previously Yoo had stated his intention to fulfill the mandatory Korean military service. However, before his enlistment, Yoo made the move to become a naturalized U.S. citizen which made him exempt from joining the military. Korea blew up and many people were angry at him, calling him a traitor and a liar. Following the outrage, Yoo was deported from Korea and has not been allowed to re-enter (although he did briefly for his father-in-law's funeral). For many outside of Korea, you may wonder what the big deal is about and rightly so. I didn’t truly understand the severity of the actions until I was older. But you see, in Korea, all men are required to serve the military as their duty. Whether they want to or not, you go and serve your country, it’s just something you have to do. So when Yoo said he would do it and then backed out, it was a slap in the face and a betrayal to the country and you know how nationalistic Koreans are. I feel bad for the guy, I really do but I can't see anything changing until he publicly acknowledges his actions, apologizes, and asks for forgiveness. If this were the world of Harry Potter, he basically committed one of the Unforgivable Curses.

So there you have some of the scandals that entertained us and some that rocked an entire country. As I finish writing this I can already think of like four of five more that I want to add but then we could go on forever. I never thought I would write an article about gossip and celebs but… the shock of IU possibly having a boyfriend has driven me temporarily insane.

Suzy impresses with her drawing skills on ‘Weekly Idol’

Posted: 14 Nov 2012 10:37 AM PST

Suzy impressed with her drawing skills on ‘Weekly Idol‘.

miss A were the main guests for the episode that aired on the 14th. On the show, Suzy revealed that she had wanted to be an artist when she was younger. When MCs Jung Hyung Don and Defconn heard this, they asked Suzy to draw caricatures of them. Suzy got so into her drawing that she focused only on the pictures even as the other members talked with the MCs.

Suzy’s caricature depicted the MCs’ characteristics perfectly. However, Jung Hyung Don got jokingly angry and said, “Even Defconn has a chin, but I don’t?” and threw the pictures. However, he admitted the pictures were shockingly accurate and said, “You draw very well. Can we use this for our album cover later?

Suzy replied, “That’d be awesome. But you’d have to pay me…“, causing the studio to laugh.

SM Entertainment’s Third Quarter results fall short of analyst expectations

Posted: 14 Nov 2012 10:07 AM PST

SM Entertainment‘s third quarter results fell short of expectations.

SM Entertainment reported their quarterly report to the Financial Supervisory Service at 2:12 PM KST on the 14th. According to their report, SM Entertainment’s third quarter profit was 11.7 billion KRW (approximately $10.7 million USD). This is a 70% increase compared to the same period last year, but the result was only half of analyst expectations of 20 billion – 23 billion KRW (approximately $18.4 million – $21.1 million USD).

As a result, SM Entertainment stocks fell nearly 15%, and hit its low at 2:25 PM. Analysts at the stock exchange fell into a state of confusion. One analyst said, “I haven’t even seen the report yet, but I don’t even have time to think because people keep calling non-stop. We currently don’t know why this happened.

SM Entertainment explained that the shortcoming was due to the high production costs for the TVXQ and Super Junior arena tours. However, experts have judged that the reasoning was flawed. One analyst said, “There could be some issues internally if we have this much of a difference.” The arena tour was actually one of SM Entertainment’s largest favorable points. Analysts had predicted that the 3rd quarter earnings would see an explosive increase mainly because of the arena tours as their Japanese tours held earlier in the year brought in an audience of nearly 1,000,000 people.

The resulting shock caused SM Entertainment stocks to drop 14.88% to 58,900 KRW (approximately $54 USD) per share. Not only so, but the drop affected other entertainment companies as well. YG Entertainment dropped 13.86% to a stock price of 64,000 KRW (approximately $59 USD) per share, and other entertainment labels dropped 4 to 8% as well.

Source: Chosun Biz
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Eunhyuk seen for the first time since the IU photo incident at the opening of his mother’s bakery

Posted: 14 Nov 2012 09:39 AM PST

Eunhyuk was spotted for the first time since the IU photo incident at the opening for his mother’s Tous Les Jours bakery.

On November 14th, photos of Eunhyuk at his mother’s fresh new bakery were uploaded onto the store’s official Twitter account with the words “Finally today!! Eunhyuk visited the Tous Les Jours High End branch on the opening day~~ You never know when he’ll appear the next time, so please show a lot of interest from now on ~.~“. The photos showed Eunhyuk, who looked slightly tired and thinner, but greeting fans with a bright smile. The interior of his mother’s store was decorated with photos of Super Junior, and even had a corner where fans could stick post-its messages for Eunhyuk.

Eunhyuk had previously let fans know about the opening of his mother’s store on the 7th, tweeted, “Opening on November 14th! Meet you at the Tous Les Jours High-End Branch!

20121114_eunhyuk_mombakery_1 20121114_eunhyuk_mombakery_2 20121114_eunhyuk_mombakery_3 20121114_eunhyuk_mombakery_4

Source: Tous Les Jours High-End branch Twitter

2PM’s “Masquerade” places 2nd on Oricon Chart

Posted: 14 Nov 2012 09:11 AM PST

2PM‘s latest Japanese single “Masquerade” debuted at #2 on the Oricon Daily Singles Chart.

“Masquerade” was originally scheduled to be released on August 29th but the date was unfortunately postponed and was released on November 14th. The single sold 88,166 units on the first day, which sets a new record for 2PM’s first day singles sales. “Beautiful” held the previous record as it sold 73,529 units on the first day.

Congratulations to 2PM!

Source: Oricon
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Girls’ Generation holds ‘Playing with Girls’ Generation’ fanmeeting with 10,000 fans in Japan

Posted: 14 Nov 2012 08:41 AM PST

Girls’ Generation held their ‘Playing with Girls’ Generation‘ fanmeeting in Japan.

The girls successfully held their fanmeeting in Japan with 10,000 fans on the 13th at the Yoyogi National Gymnasium in in Yoyogi Park, Tokyo, Japan. The ladies performed their greatest hits such as “Gee” and “Oh!“, and also performed their new single “Flower Power“. They especially snagged the fans’ with their outfit and choreography for the new song.

They also had a special segment called ‘Following Girls’ Generation‘, where they invited fans to dance to their songs. About 3000 fans applied to be on stage, but only 5 teams were chosen, including a ‘Older Women’s Generation‘ made up of 48-year-old housewives, ‘Boys’ Generation‘ made up of boys and a ‘Children’s Generation‘ made up of 8-year-old children.

JYJ’s Junsu and Super Junior’s Sungmin snap a photo together with Min Young Ki

Posted: 14 Nov 2012 08:09 AM PST

Musical actor Min Young Ki revealed he goes to the same graduate school with JYJ‘s Junsu and Super Junior‘s Sungmin.

On the 13th, the actor tweeted a selca of himself with Junsu, writing, “Proving our relationship!!! What kind of relationship do you think we have???“. A few minutes after the tweet, he tweeted again, this time attaching a group photo that included Sungmin as well. He wrote, “The answer is graduate school ^^We go to the same graduate school!!!“.

He then tweeted, “Junsu’s finger!!! He was making a peace sign, he wasn’t giving anyone the middle finger“, explaining his first photo with Junsu where the cropping of the photo made Junsu’s peace sign look offensive. He uploaded another photo, cropping Junsu’s hand gesture out completely.

Source: Min Young Ki’s Twitter

Rainbow celebrate their 3rd year anniversary

Posted: 14 Nov 2012 07:41 AM PST

Rainbow celebrated their third year anniversary with a small party.

Rainbow’s leader Jaekyung baked a cake for her fellow members. She posted: “Oh yeah!!! November 14, 2012! Rainbow is finally 3 years old! Hehe… A cake I baked for my members! Hehe. The cake’s name is… the devil’s temptation… <3 kekeke.”

Jaekyung later added, “To my beloved Rainbow, you went through a lot during these past 3 years, but we became happy women once we got together! Let’s do our best from now on like we always have. Let’s go daebak with our new album! I love you,” and “Thank you to the Rainbow fans who have been supporting us for 3 years <3 Please be with us for the next 30 years too. Hehehe. Rainbow will rise <3.”

Member No Eul posted: “It’s finally Rainbow’s 3rd anniversary today~ Many thoughts went through [my head] as this day came… Hehe. Anyway, these photos have never been revealed before. Rainnous, you know that I’m always thankful, right? <3 Please wait for us a little longer!”

Woori: “It's already Rainbow's 3rd year since debut ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ We will work even harder from now on~~♡ o(^▽^)o.”

Jisook: “These are rings for Rainbow's 3rd anniversary♥ The three years were so precious. Thank you to the members, office family, the fans who look out for until the end, I love you♥ Rainbow members!!! We are the best!!”

Yoonhye: “3rd anniversary party~~~!!!! Rainbow got to celebrate their 3rd anniversary since debut^^ We will become more happy, lovely, and full of energy! Thank you, and I love you♥.”

Seung Ah: “To the fans who congratulated us on Rainbow’s 3rd year anniversary with their letters and presents… I sincerely thank you!! Rainbow had a 3rd year anniversary party! You’ll be with Rainbow in the future too, right? \(//∇//)\.”

Rainbow debuted in November of 2009 with “Gossip Girl“. Check out the photos they shared below!

20121114_rainbow_3yearanniversary1 121114_rainbow_3yearanniversary_1 121114_rainbow_3yearanniversary_2 121114_rainbow_3yearanniversary_3 121114_rainbow_3yearanniversary_4 121114_rainbow_3yearanniversary_5 121114_rainbow_3yearanniversary_6 121114_rainbow_3yearanniversary_7

Chaeyeon transforms into ‘Chae-rtney Yeon-pears’ for Chinese show

Posted: 14 Nov 2012 07:14 AM PST

Chaeyeon updated fans with news of her recent activities.

On the 13th, Chaeyeon tweeted, “I transformed into Britney Spears for a Chinese program called ‘Change Big Coffee Show‘.. keke. I’m Chae-rtney Yeon-pears. puha. Who do you think I’ll be… next?” She also attached a photo of herself in the stewardess getup that Britney Spears wore during promotions for “Toxic“.

As Chaeyeon had been absent from Korean promotions, fans were happy to see that she’s been active in China. They commented, “I was curious what you were up to“, “Keep updating us on what you’re doing!“, and “How come you don’t appear on Korean shows?“.

Big Bang receives huge welcome from fans in Peru

Posted: 14 Nov 2012 06:57 AM PST

Big Bang received a tremendous welcome from their fans in Peru.

Upon their arrival at Jorge Chavez International Airport on the 13th for ‘Alive Galaxy Tour 2012‘, the Big Bang members were met with crowds of fans who were waiting with banners and signs.

The airport as well as Big Bang’s hotel are reported to have been filled with thousands of fans, freezing all traffic. Media also showed up to cover the event.

After completing their concert in Peru on the 14th, Big Bang will head to Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, and Japan for their world tour.

In related news, Peruvian VIPs camped out to buy tickets a week before Big Bang’s ‘Alive Galaxy Tour 2012′ concert, and all 7000 tickets were sold out within three hours.

20121114_bigbang_peru 20121114_bigbang_peru1

After School’s UEE is charismatic in black for ‘H:Connect’

Posted: 14 Nov 2012 06:32 AM PST

After School‘s UEE got charismatic in black for H:Connect. On the 14th, the fashion brand revealed photos from their photo shoot with the ‘Jeon Woo Chi‘ star for their 2012 F/W line.

UEE pulled off a dark, charismatic look with smokey makeup for H:Connect’s outfits, which incorporate a lot of leather and padding. Fans are commenting that the After School member seems to have lost a bit of her trademark “honey thighs” for a sleeker and more feminine look.

A representative of H:Connect commented, “UEE was like a professional and held a variety of poses. To portray a chic and wild concept, she overwhelmed the set with her  charismatic expressions.”

Check out some of UEE’s pictures from her photo shoot with H:Connect below!

20121114_uee_hconnect1_thumb 20121114_uee_hconnect2 20121114_uee_hconnect3 20121114_uee_hconnect4

miss A’s Fei confesses she wants an acting career on ‘Weekly Idol’

Posted: 14 Nov 2012 06:05 AM PST

miss A‘s Fei confessed that she’s a bit jealous of Suzy‘s acting career.

The girls of miss A, who are currently promoting “I Don’t Need a Man“, featured as guests on the November 14th broadcast of MBC Every1‘s ‘Weekly Idol‘.

The topic ‘Jealous of Suzy’ came up on the show, and Fei revealed that she too is interested in pursuing acting.

Fei stated, “I want to act,” to which host Jung Hyung Don responded, “You must be jealous of Suzy at times.”

Fei continued, “If only I was better at Korean… I don’t think I match the first love, high school student roles that Suzy has played.” Jung Hyung Don added, “When I look at Fei, I think you would play a role like a beautiful assassin very well.”

TEEN TOP to make comeback early next year

Posted: 14 Nov 2012 05:42 AM PST

TEEN TOP is planning to make a comeback early next year!

TOP Media announced on the 14th: “After completing official promotions for ‘Be Ma Girl‘, they’re taking a break as well as recording for their next album.”

According to the agency, TEEN TOP will be focusing on their MBC Music show, ‘TEEN TOP & 100%’s Rising Brothers‘, with labelmates 100%.

In related news, ‘TEEN TOP & 100%’s Rising Brothers’ is reported to be receiving a lot of love from viewers. It airs weekly on Friday at 6PM KST.

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Big Bang’s Taeyang teaches concertgoer how to ‘Dougie’

Posted: 14 Nov 2012 05:14 AM PST

Taeyang has been receiving attention for teaching a concertgoer how to ‘Dougie’ at Big Bang‘s ‘Alive Galaxy Tour 2012‘ concert in Newark, New Jersey.

A 48-second video clip, posted to YouTube under the title ”Taeyang Teaches Me How to Dougie“, shows Taeyang teaching one of his fans the dance move. The Big Bang member and his fan then got into a mini dance battle to the delight of onlookers.

The poster commented, “Big Bang’s Taeyang teaches me how to Dougie after the Big Bang Alive Concert in Newark NJ on November 9, 2012. Cooking. I am just super happy he caught the food out of the air!”

Check out the video clip below!

Song Ji Hyo explains previous comment about ‘Monday Couple’ and Leessang’s Gary

Posted: 14 Nov 2012 04:49 AM PST

Song Ji Hyo explained the story behind her previous comment concerning Leessang‘s Gary and their pairing on SBS‘ ‘Running Man‘.

During an interview on the 14th, the actress stated, “I saw the headlines while I was on the way to [an] interview. They caught me off guard.”

She continued, “I want to explain before Gary oppa sees the news. I’m very worried that oppa will misunderstand.” She further explained“The related program asked me the question in such a way [that lured me to answer the way I did], and I only went with it in a playful way.”

Song Ji Hyo featured as a guest on MBC FM4U's 'Yoo Sae Yoon & Muzie's Best Friend' radio show, where she commented, "Being associated with Gary, I sometimes wish it would stop," raising the eyebrows of fans of the lovable "Monday Couple".

Netizens responded, “Song Ji Hyo’s explanation makes me think”, “She seems to have been really surprised”, and more.

Source: Financial News via Nate; Seoul Newspaper via Nate

FIESTAR reveal their reactions to “We Don’t Stop” MV

Posted: 14 Nov 2012 04:18 AM PST

FIESTAR have released their reactions to the “We Don’t Stopmusic video!

Loen TV shared a video of the girls’ first impressions of the MV for their latest release.

“We Don’t Stop”, FIESTAR’s second single, was written by D’DAY and produced by Hyuk Shin, who also worked on Justin Bieber‘s “One Less Lonely Girl“.

Check out the reaction video as well as the “We Don’t Stop” MV if you missed it below!

Psy joins Madonna on stage at her Madison Square Garden concert

Posted: 14 Nov 2012 03:55 AM PST

Psy joined American pop legend Madonna on stage at her Madison Square Garden concert on the 13th EST.

According to Yahoo news, Madonna said that Psy flew ”all the way from Frankfurt, Germany this morning,” where he attended the MTV EMA (Europe Music Awards). She also shared that she was a big fan of Psy and loved his bright red suit.

Apparently, the “Gangnam Style” artist expressed that performing with Madonna at Madison Square Garden was the greatest experience he’s had so far during the past few months.

Check out Psy’s surprise appearance and his smash-up performance of “Gangnam Style” and “Give it 2 Me” with Madonna below!

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Samsung releases ‘Create Your Smart Style’ promo video featuring EXO-K

Posted: 14 Nov 2012 03:25 AM PST

Samsung has released the promotional video for its ‘Create Your Smart Style‘ advertisement featuring EXO-K!

The brand’s official Facebook hinted earlier that the SM Entertainment idol group would be promoting its ATIV Smart PC line of notebooks.

“Experience the power, performance, and freedom of the Samsung ATIV Smart PC with K-Pop sensation EXO-K, and get ready to create your Smart Style!

Check out the collaborative CF/MV below!

T-ara’s Hyomin receives attention for her chic airport fashion

Posted: 14 Nov 2012 03:01 AM PST

T-ara departed for Japan on the 9th, and Hyomin in particular has been receiving attention for her chic ‘airport fashion’.

Photos posted online show Hyomin perfectly pulling off the preppy look with her structured, tan dress and matching accessories. Her reddish hair and faux-fur coat also gave an edgy look which caught fans’ eyes at the airport and further proved that she is indeed a fashionista.

Netizens commented, “She looks like a goddess”, “Her airport fashion stands out”, and more.

T-ara will be visiting eight cities across Japan to promote their Japanese version of “Sexy Love“. They’ll return to Korea on the 19th.

What do you think of Hyomin’s look?

Song Ji Hyo admits she sometimes wishes she wasn’t paired with Leesang’s Gary

Posted: 14 Nov 2012 02:36 AM PST

Song Ji Hyo recently revealed her honest thoughts on her pairing with Leessang‘s Gary as SBS‘ ‘Running Man‘s popular “Monday Couple”.

The actress featured as a guest on MBC FM4U‘s ‘Yoo Sae Yoon & Muzie’s Best Friend‘ radio show, where she opened up about her shy personality.

Song Ji Hyo shared, “Although I have a bright image on variety shows, in real life I am very reserved, so it’s hard for people to get close to me. That is why it takes a very long time for me to be asked out by the opposite sex.” Song Ji Hyo also mentioned fellow ‘Running Man’ cast member Gary, stating, “Being associated with Gary, I sometimes wish it would stop,” raising the eyebrows of fans of the lovable “Monday Couple”.

When asked if it’s difficult juggling both movies and variety shows, the actress replied, “If my body becomes ill, I would stop. I can still get through it. In front of the camera, anything [out of the ordinary] can be done. Once the camera turns off, I return to being me again.”

This episode is set to air on the 14th at 8PM KST. In other news, Song Ji Hyo’s comedy-action film ‘Jackal Is Coming‘, also starring JYJ‘s Jaejoong, hits theaters in Korea on November 15.

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