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"2012 2NE1 GLOBAL TOUR [NEW EVOLUTION IN SEOUL] DVD Release Announcement" plus 24 more

"2012 2NE1 GLOBAL TOUR [NEW EVOLUTION IN SEOUL] DVD Release Announcement" plus 24 more


Posted: 07 Dec 2012 07:50 AM PST


Hi, this is YG Entertainment.

2NE1's NEW EVOLUTION CONCERT, the first world tour to have as a Korean girl group!
Now the DVD of Seoul concert, with which 2NE1 started off their global tour,
will be released simultaneously in Asia on January 16th, 2013!

2NE1 have shown powerful performances and energetic stages,
and now you can get a chance to watch the concert once again through DVD.

Details will be posted once the pre-order begins.


▶ Pre-Order Process : To Be Announced
▶ Order Site : To Be Announced
▶ Release Date : 2013.01.16 (Wed) Simultaneous Release in Asia
* Release Date can be changed in the process of production.
▶ Price at YG e-shop : To Be Announced
▶ Details : To Be Announced
*Contents can differ by countries.

02. FIRE
16. UGLY


We would like to express our appreciation of your continuing support and interest.
Thank you

Support 2NE1 and buy yourself a copy!

Source: 2NE1′s Facebook


Posted: 07 Dec 2012 07:20 AM PST

3 years into the industry, they're always working hard to make a name for themselves as Teen Top. Their goals are not just for Korea, but towards the world. Their sweat and passion and through several trials and errors, Teen Top have posed themselves as the singers suitable for this global era. We'll send applause to the 6 members who are working towards their bigger dream right now.

Teen Top's overseas performances anecdotes, I'm L.Joe who has received the baton from Niel ^^

Since the days when we were trainees, as we looked at how many senior singers hold concerts overseas, we were envious "When will we be able to stand on a stage like that'. And while looking at the seniors' cool looks, we were determined "We must! Teen Top must succeed!" In order to achieve the greater goal, we were slowly learning foreign languages. If we were to promote not just actively in Korea, we can be known worldwide as "ambassador of Korean culture". These days, we've been feeling the effects of that.
  • To think about it, our debut was on American TV?

To think about it, Teen Top's first broadcast recording was first made in America. A programme on American MTV covered our debut preparation process during our trainee period where they came to Korea to cover K-POP singers' path to debut. We were amazed about the fact that we'll be seen overseas even though we have yet to debut.

Because I had experience of living in America, and I had better English than the members then, so I was able to have a solo interview. Although I lived in America for only a short while, if I knew that it could be of help , I would have studied harder for English. I did regret. The moment I had the microphone in my hand and was going to speak in English, maybe because I was nervous, it didn't turn out as good as expect ㅠㅠ. Since I don't know when a chance like this will come by again so I must practise hard!

After our debut, we were surprised by the variety of countries where we received fan letters and presents from. How did they know about us? Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and not just in Asia, even South America and Europe as well! Wa, the world is indeed far and wide. Even when we're tired and worn out, we gain strength from looking at the fans from all over the world's support for us
  • The exciting performance in Japan

Our first overseas visit as Teen Top was to Japan. The moment we had debuted, we had a fanclub in Japan which is representative of their high interest in Korean singers. We had lots of people cheering us on and there were fans who came to look for us personally. Despite the awkward Korean, we had been touched on many occasions as we read the letters from the Japanese fans.

And when we were 3 months into our debut, we received the news that we were to hold our first independent fanmeeting in Japan. When we first heard it, the members, including myself, asked the staff repeatedly at the office. "You mean there are Japanese fans who will gather just to watch us, Teen Top?" The venue could fit 2000 people and we were over the moon~!! Not in Korea but in Japan, thousands of fans like us and would come for us? Is it true?  It was like a dream.

With the Japanese we have learnt diligently all these while, we tried to hold conversations in Japanese; we had practiced really hard. As we prepared for our first performance in Japanese, we were excited. After the independent fanmeeting in Japan had ended, we shouted that "We need to work hard at foreign languages; and I was even more so determined.

Although they say there're no boundaries in music, but if we were to better communicate with our fans, I really felt the importance of "we need to study even harder than we are now". At times like that, Ricky or Changjo would be envious "But hyung you're great at English~". On one hand, I would feel relieved. Haha. Our Japanese activities started with the fanmeeting, followed by broadcasting appearances and a variety of performances. From that we had gained many important lessons.
  • Us, even in Canada?

After holding activities in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, we headed for Canada.

Because of our tight schedule, we would be on the plane for the whole day, after performing, we would return right on the same night.  At times like that, we feel bad for not being able to meet our overseas fans longer. But at the airport and at the performance venues, we feel great when we see the fans welcoming us.

When we hear the fans' cheer when we land at the airport, we would immediately forget our weariness from taking the long flight. Sometimes we would laugh and be grateful when we see the fans holding placards with our names upside down.

Especially in Canada, we really didn't expect it. We were surprised that there were fans who like us, who know our songs and called for our names. It is still vivid, after the 13 hour long flight, we heard "Teen Top, we love you" Although now in America, Canada, Europe, people love K-POP, we didn't believe that there would be fans who would come see us at the airport.. We're really thankful!!!

The biggest difference in me when we go to English-speaking countries is that I speak much more. Because I'm in charge of the interview and meets  On stage, I would introduce in English and when I translate, the members look at me differently^^ Unknowingly, I feel proud of myself! Hahaha!

During our first fanmeeting in Taiwan, when we were moving off, the tens of taxis' with fans followed and we had a slight collision that rainy day. We were on our way to the performance venue, we stopped for a while to check on the fans' safety and situation. Thankfully it was not a big accident and we heaved a sigh of relief. We're really thankful for the passionate love, but we hope there wouldn't be any dangerous situationsㅠㅠ

Recently, the overseas fans have been more passionate and proactive, in particular, C.A.P hyung has many male fans. When we hear a deep coarse voice from a distance away, most of the time it would be shouting for "C.A.P" Indeed, a man knows what a cool man is. At times like that, C.A.P hyung would be show off about it, but C.A.P hyung has lots of cute sides to him!
  • Overseas activities, precious fun!

Although there's no break between our domestic and overseas schedules, it was in the midst of our activities. It was "break" to us, we felt at ease, as we were able to go overseas with the members even for a short while.

It was when we went to Sapporo, Japan. We had some free time so we built a snowman and ran around in the snow as we filmed our music video. Although we had no time to sleep before the schedule but we felt energized somehow, as we ran around building a snowman. Also, when we were recording for a show in Thailand and we ride on elephants for a short, it was a holiday to us.

When we see the fans in the different countries welcoming us, we feel bad for not being able to stay on longer and have to leave right after the performance. On the other hand, we are happy to be visiting a variety of cities to perform. In particular!  We're thankful for the fact that there are fans who would welcome us, really thankful.
  • Thailand, independent fanmeeting!

Not too long again, we met with the Thai fans in our independent fanmeeting. Although we have visited Thailand with our singers to perform, it was our first time holding a fanmeeting so we had prepared a lot beforehand.

We thought about what the Thai fans would like to see. Although it was a short time but we thought it'll be great if we can spend this time together. After a long discussion, we prepared for our performances; we practiced again and again. The pronunciation for Thai was difficult so no matter how much we memorized and said, because of our awkward pronunciation there were times we were not understood. For the fanmeeting, we diligently studied and prepared! In order to communicate our thoughts to the fans!

When we were preparing for our visit to Thailand, memories of our first visit came to mind. The first time we had a performance in Thailand, our company president who came along with us tested us on the 10 important phrases we had to remember. On many tests, the person who came in last was Ricky! Ricky had suffered the shock of being last on several occasions and after getting scolded, he headed to the press conference, more determined to study harder for Thai. When we received requests to say the Thai phrases we knew at the press conference, so all of us spoke in our awkward Thai to greet the people.

Dudoom! It was Ricky's turn! He wanted to say "Poomlakkun (means I love you)" but he ended up stammering "Poom, poom, poom".. He said "I'm sorry" filled with aegyo and ended up in a round of laughter. To Ricky, maybe it was a painful memory so for this visit to Thailand, he studied even harder for Thai. So when he was able to speak a longer phrase, the Thai staff praised him for his good pronunciation and he was really happy. Because of that, we felt even more confident.

We were really happy that the fans could understand our short phrases and were able to respond well. As we performed, we learnt the Thai traditional dance and folk song. The thought that we could have something in common with our Thai fans made us feel great.

And seeing the fans in tears and thanking us, there was a sudden rush of emotions in our hearts, and there was another incident that happened when we were at the airport going back to Korea!

After our Thai schedules have ended, Ricky said "If there are more than 100 fans at the airport when we head back to Korea, I'll moonwalk at the airport" Because the flight was at a late time of 11pm, we thought many fans won't be able to come. Ricky said that it couldn't be possible but when more than 300 fans gathered at the airport waiting for us, we shouted "Moonwalk! Moonwalk!" to Ricky.

Ricky was shy but as promised, he moonwalked to the departure area, because of the security guards, it was a pity that many fans weren't able to catch it. Hahaha. Actually, Ricky was moonwalking then!^^

Ricky ya, next time, you have to moonwalk on a bigger stage~~~!
  • To the greater world!

After visiting many countries and meeting a variety of fans, what made us the happiest was that we could contribute, even if it's a little, to K-POP and spread the understanding of the Korean culture. Not too long ago, my elder brother and friends in America contacted me, saying that there was high interest for K-POP even in America. When we release new music or music video, they'll watch it and he said that fans of Teen Top are gradually increasing. It made me feel really happy. And they told me to send autographed CDs over. I felt proud and happy. I was touched every time I heard stuff like that.

Our fans who came to Korea to see us and told us that they had Korean cuisine, or fans who told us they're learning Korea in order to understand K-POP, and because of that their friends like Korea as well and they travel to Korea together. When we read stories like these in the fan letters, it becomes great strength to us. On the other hand, it made us think about loving what we do and working hard for it.

Although we're only in our 3rd year in the industry, being in the starting stage, we want to be like our other senior singers, working hard to become the Teen Top that heads for the world. Please look forward to Teen Top's activeness as we head out to the world!!

We love you!!!

Niel: We'll be the Teen Top that always remembers our initial motivations. Thank you. Please be with Teen Top~

L.Joe: Teen Top please show us lots of love! To the people reading this! I love you~

Changjo: We gain strength from everyone's support^^ Please show us Teen Top lots of love~~

Chunji: P.S: You're having fun reading Teen Top's star column right? Those who have yet to read it, read it now~

C.A.P: PS: This has been Teen Top's star column. Thank you

Ricky: How was our story? It was fun right? Hahaha

Written by: Teen Top L.Joe

eng trans: @oursupaluv
source: Naver

Yoon Kye Sang holds fan meeting in Japan

Posted: 07 Dec 2012 07:00 AM PST

Actor Yoon Kye Sang will hold a fan meeting in Japan from December 7th through 8th.

His management announced Yoon will be holding a Christmas special fan meeting on December 7th in Tokyo and on the 8th in Osaka. They added it will be his first fan meeting in Japan in three years.

The event will look back at Yoon Kye Sang's recent dramas "The Greatest Love" and "High Kick 3" while Yoon will play various games with his fans.

Yoon Kye Sang is currently taking a break from filming after wrapping up Olive Channel's "Yoon Kye Sang's One Table" reviewing future projects.

Source: KBS

Kim Hyung Jun greets Japanese fans for drama ‘Late Blossom’

Posted: 07 Dec 2012 06:40 AM PST

Actor and singer of group SS501 Kim Hyung-jun took part in the premium preview of drama "Late Blossom", in which he played as a learing figure, held at Tokyo's Japan Education Center on December 2.

He greeted the participants at the entrance of the venue. In his greetings on the stage, he said, "As an entertainer, I am always am willing to approach you. I waited to stand before you."

He continued, "After the finish of the drama, I entered into shooting of "Actor is actor", directed by Kim Ki-duck. I will do my best to become actor Kim Hyung-jun and ask for your support."

On the "Late Blosom" which is now under air on KNTV and gaining great popularity in Japan, he said, "Lee Soon-jae ,who acted well his role in the heart-warming love story between an old couple, is a veteran actor well-known in Korea. I learned a lot from him. He advised me that the most important thing is greeting."

He praised his partner Kim Yoon Seo in the drama, saying, "She is charming and makes her partner perform with ease."

He said, "I performed in many love story dramas. In the future I want to perform as other characters such as a killer. I like to act both in Korea and in Japan regardless of genres."

Kim said, "Please give your support to 'Late blossom' to the end. I wish you have a warm-hearted and smart day like that in this drama."

According to Kim Hyung Jun's official fan-club site ((, his Japanese tour premium preview will be held on eight occasions including that in Yokohama, Nogoya and Osaka through December 10.

Source: KBS

NS Yoonji sings "If You Love Me" with BEAST's Yoseob

Posted: 07 Dec 2012 06:37 AM PST

Yoseob is such a funny guy, he meets NS Yoonji on Youngstreet Radio and imitates Jay Park rapping while NS Yoonji is singing.

Check out their "collaboration" below

King Kong Entertainment artists join together for Polar Bear Campaign

Posted: 07 Dec 2012 06:20 AM PST

A group of actors who are managed by King Kong Entertainment, including Kim Sun Ah, Sung Yuri, Lee Dong Wook and Park Min Young, have joined forces to save polar bears, a species that is in danger of becoming extinct due to the impact of global warming on their natural habitat.

"We hope to raise awareness of polar bears as well as the importance of the natural environment," the entertainment agency said in a statement.

The actors were photographed holding cute-looking bear dolls and both the pictures and polar bear dolls will be sold online and at the Joanne Bear Museum on Jeju Island. Some of the proceeds will be donated to an environmental conservation charity.

Source: Chosun Ilbo

Gaon Chart releases rankings for November 25th – December 1st

Posted: 07 Dec 2012 06:00 AM PST

Gaon Chart is the national record chart of South Korea. It is complied by the Korea Music Content Industry Association with an aim to create a national chart for Korea similar to the Billboard charts and Oricon charts.

[Rankings for Week November 25 – December 1, 2012]

Weekly Singles Chart

1. Lee Seung Gi : "Return"

2. Akdong Musician : "Don't Cross Your Leg"

3. Yang Yoseob : "Caffeine"

4. Lee Hi : "Scarecrow"

5. Juniel : "Bad Man"

6. Roy Kim - "Passing By"

7. Roy Kim : "October Rain"

8. Lee Hi : "1,2,3,4"

9. Noel : "Things I Couldn't Say"

10. Ddoongsoo : "It's The Best"


Weekly Album Chart

1. TVXQ : "Humanoids" [6th Repackaged Album]

2. Yang Yoseob : "The First Collage" [1st Mini Album]

3. INFINITE's Sunggyu : "Another Me" [1st Mini Album]

4. Lee Seung Gi : "Forest" [Mini Album]

5. G-Dragon : "One Of A Kind" [1st Mini Album]

6. B1A4 : "In The Wind" [3rd Mini Album]

7. Jang Geun Suk : "Just Crazy" [1st Album]

8. Various Artists : "Organic Sweet Heart Green Grocers" [OST]

9. Primary : "Primary And The Messengers LP" [1st Album]

10. Psy : "Psy 6 Part 1" [6th Album]

< Last week's rankings

Set list for JYJ Kim Junsu’s year-end concert revealed

Posted: 07 Dec 2012 05:40 AM PST

JYJ member Kim Junsu will be holding his year-end solo concert 'XIA Ballad & Musical Concert with Orchestra' this December, and the set list was revealed.

C-JeS Entertainment recently revealed the cue sheet of Kim Junsu's year-end concert through their official Facebook. The repertoire includes songs from his musical, ballads, and OSTs. In the musical segment, Junsu will be performing 10 songs including "I am Muzik", "Can You Hear Me?", "Last Dance" and others.

Kim Junsu said, "I've always been dreaming about such a concert. While I showed more powerful performance this summer with 'TARANTALLEGRA', I will show more warm sides of me, and have a great time with the fans. Please wait to see it."

Meanwhile, tickets for 'XIA Ballad & Musical Concert with Orchestra' will be available on December 4th at 9 PM on InterPark.

f(x)’s Luna to sing OST for ‘Cheongdamdong Alice’

Posted: 07 Dec 2012 05:20 AM PST

f(x)'s Luna is lending her voice for SBS' 'Cheongdamdong Alice'.

It's been revealed on December 8 that Luna recorded a track titled "It's Okay," for the official soundtrack of the drama. The song is a fusion of rock and electronic sound, and was jointly composed by Hong Jeong Soo and Park Young Min.

According to a production staff, Luna managed to successfully record the song in just under two hours. She displayed her fresh and distinct vocals which she hasn't yet shown through her group f(x).

'Cheongdamdong Alice' is a story about an average girl played by Moon Geun Young who dreams to be a daughter-in-law of the Cheongdamdong family.

SISTAR’s Bora and Dasom are party girls for ‘High Cut’

Posted: 07 Dec 2012 04:56 AM PST

SISTAR's Bora and Dasom transformed into lovely party girls for 'High Cut' magazine!

The key concept of the pictorial was a Christmas party with Bora and Dasom. All of the products were from COACH and holiday collection.

In the pictorial, Bora and Dasom looked beautiful with stylish outfits such as jackets, colorful purses, shoes other fashion items, showing off their femininity that would draw all men.

The full pictorial of Bora and Dasom can be seen in the 91st issue of the fashion magazine 'High Cut'.

Son Dambi to hold ‘Find Hidden Secrets’ event

Posted: 07 Dec 2012 04:35 AM PST

Singer Son Dambi recently teamed up with smartphone application Chupar to hold a special event called 'Find Hidden Secrets' for her latest album, 'Dripping Tears'.

On December 6, Son Dambi released a video revealing the secret hidden within her new mini album. In the video, the singer explained that through Chupar application, fans can scan the album cover for an exclusive album spot video and music video.

The 'Find Hidden Secrets' event will run from December 6th through the 13th on Son Dambi's official Facebook page. A number of participants will be randomly selected, and they will be given iPad mini and autographed CD. The prize winner will be announced on the 17th.

Leessang & YB’s song proceeds to go to underground artists

Posted: 07 Dec 2012 04:10 AM PST

Hip hop meets rock. That's what'll be happening at the end of this year for the 'Shut Up Concert', featuring Leessang and YB. Ahead of the concert, a collaborative song between the two acts was recently released, called "Mad Man".

Regarding this song, Leessang's Gil revealed that all the profits made from "Mad Man" is going to be donated to help out underground artists. Gil shared that the 'Shut Up Concert' was going to be an opportunity for Leessang and YB to return to the beginning when it was pure passion that fueled their music; not the money or fame. In line with that, Leessang and YB hope that the money will be able to help out underground artists who struggle with monetary limits to do what they love: make music.

Source: KBS

SMASH holds successful concert in Tokyo

Posted: 07 Dec 2012 03:45 AM PST

Male group SMASH held a concert in Tokyo as part of their Japanese tour.

The group opened up the concert held at Shibuya AX on December 4th with their hit "Do It Do It" and sang other songs released in Japan like "True Love" and "Bounce Up". The five members also prepared solo live stages for the fans and sang the title song of their 2nd mini album which was released in Korea last month.

SMASH thanked their Japanese fans for showing support even while they were busy promoting in Korea and promised to hold many activities in both Korea and Japan next year.

The group's Japanese tour began in Osaka on December 3rd and will continue in Nagoya on December 5th after the Tokyo concert.

According to their official Japanese website,, the group will hold a Chrismas Live and Talk Show on December 22nd in Shiga Prefecture and a Christmas party at the Sanrio Puro Land in Tokyo on December 23rd.

Source: KBS

TAHITI sends their Christmas greetings!

Posted: 07 Dec 2012 03:25 AM PST

The ladies of TAHITI have sent out their early Christmas greetings through a video message.

On December 7th, TAHITI uploaded a video message through the group's official Youtube channel. In the clip, each members sent out their heartwarming holiday greetings for the fans.

Channeling the spirit of Christmas, the members dressed up in red and black outfits, reindeer headband and santa hat. They also prepared cakes, balloons and party poppers to complete the festive mood.

Check out the clip below!

100% unveils MV for “Guy Like Me”

Posted: 07 Dec 2012 02:58 AM PST

Rookie group 100% has just unveiled the full music video for new single, "Guy Like Me"!

"Guy Like Me" is a medium tempo ballad number about a man's wish for a girl who he broke up with to meet someone much better than himself. It is a song that fans can enjoy comfortably during the cold winter.

Check out the MV below!

121207 Lee Seung Gi wins on Music Bank’s ‘K-Chart’ + Other Performances

Posted: 07 Dec 2012 02:42 AM PST

KBS "Music Bank" is back this week full of amazing performances!

The December 7th episode of the show features a handful of comebacks for artists, including SECRET, Brave Guys, Shinhwa's Shin Hyesung, Nell and 100%. On the other hand, Ailee and The SEEYA kicked off their promotions for follow-up tracks, "Evening Sky" and "Poison" respectively.

Other performers tonight included EXCITE, 2BiC,, D-Unit, Gavy NJ, Big Star, C-CLOWN, Boyfriend, SPICA, Dal Shabet, Girl's Day, Juniel, B1A4, Son Dambi, Kim Jong Kook, Yoseob and TVXQ.

And for the highlight of the show, Lee Seung Gi won on this week's 'Music Bank', taking home his 1st 'K-Chart' trophy for his latest track, "Return"!

Congratulations Lee Seung Gi!

Tonight's Performances:





Gavy NJ

Big Star




Dal Shabet

Girl's Day



Son Dambi

Kim Jong Kook

Yang Yoseob (BEAST)


Watch tonight's comeback and follow-up performances below:

SECRET - "Talk That"
Ailee - "Evening Sky"
Shinhwa's Shin Hyesung - "Would've Been Nice If It Was You"
Brave Guys - "Recede"
Nell - "White Night"
100% - "Guy Like Me"
The SEEYA - "Poison"

Shin Hyesung is back with “Would’ve Been Nice If It Was You” on ‘Music Bank’

Posted: 07 Dec 2012 02:32 AM PST

Returning as a soloist, Shinhwa's Shin Hyesung released his long-awaited new winter album, Winter Poetry featuring the title track, "Would've Been Nice If It Was You". Starting off his solo promotions, Shin Hyesung put up a splendid comeback performance on on 'Music Bank'.

'Winter Poetry' album marks his first solo album since his special album 'Embrace' last year. The title song "Would've Been Nice If It Was You" is a British rock number with groovy rhythms. Both bright and dynamic moods mesh well in this song.

The music video for the song was created by director Kim Kwang Seok, who also worked on Shinhwa's "Venus" music video. [You can watch the full MV here]

Check out his performance below!

SECRET returns with “Talk That” on ‘Music Bank’

Posted: 07 Dec 2012 02:27 AM PST

Following the release of their latest single "Talk That" earlier this week, SECRET kicked off their first comeback performance on December 7th episode of KBS 'Music Bank'!

SECRET made a complete 180 transformation for their new image to promote "Talk That," a 'French-electric' style song about a heartsick girl who's just had her feelings toyed with. was written by hitmaker Shinsadong Tiger, who also behind SECRET's past hit "Magic."

Check out their performance below!

Ailee follows up with “Evening Sky” on ‘Music Bank’

Posted: 07 Dec 2012 02:21 AM PST

After staging a successful comeback with the title track "I'll Show You", Ailee is coming back on 'Music Bank' with her follow-up track, "Evening Sky"!

"Evening Sky" is a genuine ballad with an addictive melody and touching lyrics. The song has already received much attention from her fans, with the music video released last October which served as introduction for British movie, 'Now is Good' starring Dakota Fanning.

Check out her performance below!

Nell returns with “White Night” on ‘Music Bank’

Posted: 07 Dec 2012 02:06 AM PST

Rock band Nell is finally back in the spotlight with first single 'Holding onto Gravity' featuring the title track, "White Night". Hitting the stage of 'Music Bank' this week for their comeback performance, the band impressed with a new uniquely alluring style of music.

"White Night" is making a great story with Nell'S various sounds all mixed together beautifully in one song. The song was produced by the members themselves while its lyrics was written and composed by Jong Wan Kim.

Check out their performance below!

Brave Guys returns with “Recede” on ‘Music Bank’

Posted: 07 Dec 2012 02:05 AM PST

Popular comedy group Brave Guys of 'Gag Concert' is making its final round of music promotions for their latest title track "Recede" off of their first full-length album 'A to Z'.

'A to Z' contains a total of 10 tracks featuring all the various types of music. Unlike Brave Guys' previous bright and upbeat tracks, the album's title track, "Recede" showcases more emotional side of the members.

Brave Guys previously announced their retirement from the music industry. The new album will be their final one as the group retires from singing and focuses on comedy. Although Brave Guys won't be holding any more activities as singers, fans will still be able to see them singing their songs on 'Gag Concert'.

Check out their performance below!

100% returns on ‘Music Bank’ with “Guy Like Me”

Posted: 07 Dec 2012 02:01 AM PST

Rookie group 100% is embarking on new round of promotions with new single "Guy Like Me", showing yet another transformation of the members.

Displaying their masculine and charismatic charms with debut track "Bad Boy", and their cheerful and bubbly side with "Still Again", 100% members are ready to capture the hearts of the fans with their romantic appeals and talented vocals for their comeback.

"Guy Like Me" is a medium tempo ballad number about a man's wish for a girl who he broke up with to meet someone much better than himself. It is a song that fans can enjoy comfortably during the cold winter.

Especially, member Jonghwan will play guitar during every performance, and it will be a great opportunity to prove 100%'s musical talent.

Check out their performance below!

The SEEYA comes back with “Poison” on ‘Music Bank’

Posted: 07 Dec 2012 02:00 AM PST

After making their debut "Be With You" last month, Core Contents Media's "second SeeYa" girl group, The SEEYA, has returned with new track "Poison"!

Poison" has been creating a big buzz as it features the voice of Davichi's Lee Haeri. Produced by Duble Sidekick, the medium-tempo pop ballad is a love song which will combine Lee Haeri and The SEEYA's powerful vocals.

Check out their comeback performance on 'Music Bank' below!

Girls' Generation reveals Yoona version Girl De Provence CF

Posted: 07 Dec 2012 01:29 AM PST

Girls' Generation releases Yoona's CF for Girl De Provence perfume.

Check out the CF below as Yoona transforms into a lovely girl in her latest CF

Girls' Generation's Tiffany makes a cute mistake at an event

Posted: 07 Dec 2012 12:50 AM PST

Recently, SNSD Tiffany, Seo Hyun, Hyo Yeon and Soo Young attended the "Casio Time Evolution" event. They attracted a lot of attention with their slim figures and their outstanding fashion styles.

There was a cute situation that all of the members posed toward the camera, only Tiffany posed on another direction. She immediately realized her mistake and felt a bit embarrassed. She then smiled to the right camera after pointing to the correct direction.

what a cute mistake! Tiffany!