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"BEG films a parody of G-Dragon’s 'One Of A Kind' for upcoming concert! " plus 24 more

"BEG films a parody of G-Dragon’s 'One Of A Kind' for upcoming concert! " plus 24 more

BEG films a parody of G-Dragon’s 'One Of A Kind' for upcoming concert!

Posted: 23 Dec 2012 07:00 AM PST

Brown Eyed Girls (BEG) films a parody of G-Dragon's One Of A Kind for upcoming concert!
Photos of Brown Eyed Girls filming the parody MV were recently revealed by lyricist Kim Eana and has been garnering much attention from both fans and netizens.

The photos give off the same feel of the original music video with one photo showing Ga In sporting yellow braids, acting as G-Dragon while being surrounded by back-up dancers dressed in hoodies with the print "One of Ga In". In addition to the other Brown Eyed Girls members appearing in the parody, fans were quick to spot composer Lee Min Soo in another photo sitting with Miryo and Ga In on a couch.

Brown Eyed Girls will be revealing the full parody MV at their 19+ rated solo concert titled 'Tonight 37.2 C' taking place on December 24th and 25th at the Central City Millennium Hall in Seoul.

Source: Kim Eana's Twitter//@bongsamee
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Yonghwa listens to Bruno Mars and misses Blue Night

Posted: 23 Dec 2012 06:30 AM PST

Yonghwa updates their twitter account that he listens to Bruno Mars'songs. He wrote,

Listened to Bruno Mars' new songs..very admirable! ㅠㅋㅋ The songs are so good and I really like them a lot ㅠ ㅋㅋ Haha our concert ended not too long ago, I already miss it! Anyway our comeback will be on Jan 14!! Look forward to it!!!! Good night!! Ps, thehet (laughs),, [Fizzy @cnbluestorm]

He uploaded a proof shot of Bruno Mars' recent album 'Unorthodox Jukebox'

Source: CNBlue's twitter
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MBLAQ Lee Joon Past CF Clip Revealed

Posted: 23 Dec 2012 06:00 AM PST

Recently a 20 second clip titled "Lee Joon Eliminate Hangover CF" was posted on an online community bulletin board.

In the video, Lee Joon acts as an office worker suffering from a bad hangover which is later  fully eliminated. The warm appearance which is not much different from now, revealed his unique/distinctive acting in those 20 seconds.

Netizen's commented,  "So young" "Childhood wig model days?" "Daebak CF""Oh Yeon Seo should watch"  "Glamorous Lee Joon in the Past"and many others.

Meanwhile, Lee Joon has been cast as NSS Service Agent (Yoon Shi Hyuk) on KBS2 "Iris 2."  He will also be playing the lead role in "An Actor is an Actor" directed by Kim Ki Duk.

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FT Island Jonghoon and SHINee Jonghyun's selca 'JH&JH' combo?

Posted: 23 Dec 2012 05:30 AM PST

FT Island Jonghoon takes a selca with SHINee's Jonghyun that reveals their close friendship.
On December 21, he tweeted,

"Another lonely guy here JH&JH adding up :) CNBlue's Jonghyunnie should be here too so that we can be a combo."

On the photo, the two show sexy expression as both of them are biting their lower lip. Do you agree that CNBlue's Jonghyun should be here too?

Source: Jonghoon's twitter
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MBLAQ G.O Warns His Impersonator

Posted: 23 Dec 2012 05:00 AM PST

    MBLAQ member G.O sends a warning message to the person that claims to be him.

    On the morning of December 23rd, G.O on his twitter tweeted "Didn't sleep well due to my morning schedule…everything feels like a dream ke ke ke Is everyone doing well? First, Merry Early Christmas everyone! Also, I do not use Kakao story, someone recently is impersonating and adding people, shall scold the impersonator one day if you keep doing that."

    The impersonating G.O emerged on Kakao Story which may be harming and easily misunderstood/tricked was clarified to the fans.

    Meanwhile, on the 29th to air on SBS '2012 SBS Gayo Daejun," G.O with Jokwon, Woohyun, Yang Yoseob, Neil will perform on stage as the colorful dramatic blue team.

Source: Nate
TRANSLATION: liliceprincess

Dongwoo, 'It's amazing to challenge things for the first time"

Posted: 23 Dec 2012 04:30 AM PST

Infinite Dongwoo thanks fans for their encouragement through a selca.

On December 21, he wrote on his twitter,

"Euheuheu thanks everyone for the warm encouragements and objective advices~.~ It was amazing to challenge things for the first time! And, everyone, in such a cold weather, go home early! It gives us mixed feelings too when we can't take more care of all the fans who waited until late ㅠ!"

Source: Dongwoo's twitter
trans. cr; emilie @ infinite updates

Park Yoochun Says, “When I Act Like A Loving, Cute Son For My Part.. I Feel Bad For My Mom”

Posted: 23 Dec 2012 04:00 AM PST

Park Yoochun stated that he feels bad for his mother.

This was during the press conference of MBC's Wednesday-Thursday drama 'I Miss You' on the 17th that was attended by Park Yoochun, Yoon Eun Hae and Yoo Seung Ho.

On this day, Park Yoochun talked about his character Jung Woo and his tendencies to act cute to his mother Song Mok Suk. Regarding this, Park Yoochun stated, "In real life, I'm not very outwardly affectionate towards my mother because it's we're [Park Yoochun and Park Yoohwan] two boys."

He continued to add, "I have a silent and gruff personality, so even when I try to strike up a conversation with my mother, I'm not as good at it as Jung Woo is," and "When I watch 'I Miss You' with my mother, I feel bad for her."

Park Yoochun stated, "But I think I'm friendlier and much more open to people older than me than others my age."

Source: [TV Daily]
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Big Bang's GD, Daesung & Seungri snap a photo together

Posted: 23 Dec 2012 02:44 AM PST

Big Bang's maknae Seungri updated his Twitter on 23rd December.

He wrote,"SR-GD-DS".

Seungri is seen posing with teammates G Dragon and Daesung in the photo above,garnering much attention with their white t-shirts.

Fans commented,"It's not easy to look great in white shirts","GD is so sexy" and etc.

INFINITE's Sunggyu follows up with "I Need You" on Inkigayo

Posted: 23 Dec 2012 02:24 AM PST

INFINITE's leader Sunggyu performs his follow-up song "I Need You" on Inkigayo,enjoy his performance below

After School's Lizzy is an adorable Christmas girl

Posted: 23 Dec 2012 02:10 AM PST

After School's Lizzy updated her Twitter on 23rd December.

She wrote,"Hi everyone~ Christmas D-2, Merry Christmas in advance! Have a warm Christmas."

She is seen wearing outfit with Christmas feel while posing cutely to the camera.

Fans replied,"Lizzy Merry Christmas","so cute" and etc.

Meanwhile, Lizzy is busy filming MBC Drama "Children".

Hello Venus poses with Kim Sae Ron

Posted: 23 Dec 2012 01:43 AM PST

Hello Venus updated their official Twitter on 22nd December with a new message.

They wrote,"VIP you must not miss today~Took couple shots with Kim Sae Ron, who suits her the most? Vote now."

The photos were taken at the waiting room of MBC Music Core, Kim Sae Ron congratulates Hello Venus' comeback.

Meanwhile Kim Sae Ron supported Hello Venus through her Twitter, she wrote, "Please support Hello Venus' "What Are You Doing Today".

Beast shows off their sporty looks on 'Vogue Girl'

Posted: 23 Dec 2012 01:10 AM PST

Although all members of BEAST are busy with their own solo activities, they gathered together to have a pictorial photoshoot with VOGUE girl magazine.

With gym and sport as the main concept, BEAST members showed off their manly charm and charisma at a gymnasium. In particular, despite the cold of winter, the boys still wore T-shirts and short pants without hesitation, which impressed the shooting crew.

Watch the full photoshoot in the January issue of VOGUE girl magazine

Source: Vogue girl
Written by Jenny@dkpopnews

KARA's Gyuri sings "Day Dream" on Inkigayo

Posted: 23 Dec 2012 12:35 AM PST

KARA's goddess Gyuri made her solo debut on Inkigayo earlier today.

Check out her "Day Dream" performance below

Lee SeungGi earns 'sunbae respect' from his hoobaes

Posted: 22 Dec 2012 11:00 PM PST

A photo of Lee Seung Gi earning respect from his hoobaes is becoming a topic on some websites.

In the photo from MNET Mcountdown triple crown win, Lee Seunggi was seen getting a huge respect from his hoobaes in music industry. Idols like Ailee, B1A4, Yoseob and Girl's Day are showing their respect while he was receiving his award by bowing their heads and greeting him. The warm scenario impressed fans. Netizens commented, "This is what I like about our culture", "That respect he has earned for so many years, I'm so proud of him!", "It's great to see hoobaes respecting their sunbae that much.","He's a role model". and  etc.

Photo source: as tagged
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Junsu releases lyrics and jacket photo for 'Thank U For' digital single

Posted: 22 Dec 2012 10:30 PM PST

It was revealed that Xiah Junsu will release a digital single as a treat for his fans. The title of his single is 'Thank U For' and is scheduled to be released on December 24 at 12PM KST.

On December 22, JYJ Official Facebook account revealed the jacket photo and lyrics for his single:

They wrote,

The digital single "Thank U for" is a Christmas gift from Junsu!
For people who can't wait till the song comes out, here are lyrics of "Thank U for"
"I never show you my heart even though I was with you all the time. But today, I want to say 'I Love You'"
Happy Christmas eve with Junsu(XIA)!!

Source: JYJ Official FB
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A-Pink Hayoung cute selcas!

Posted: 22 Dec 2012 10:00 PM PST

A-Pink Hayoung shares selcas through her wagle update. On the pictures, she is holding an orange and making cute faces while winking to the camera.

Source: Hayoung's Wagle

Lee Seunggi & KB Financial Group’s ‘Sharing Warm Winter for the Elderly’ service project

Posted: 22 Dec 2012 09:30 PM PST

 Seunggi's speech about being a KB endorsement model over the years.

@2:10~ LSG: "As KB Financial Group endorsement model, it's been a great match over the years. KB and I have been together for a long time, and I believe that many people in the public have been able to benefit from this as well. After my drama finished, as a financial group endorsement model, my financial literacy wasn't up to par since I hadn't looked into things carefully. But I went to the center for this first time and learned more about this…"


LSG's full speech cut (below) is seriously daebak~~ sincerity, gratitude, positivity.  Awesome public speaking ability to connect with people…

Seunggi said even though he's done this annual event a few times, he still gets nervous thinking about what he should say up front at the podium, to encourage everyone.  And he feels shy about being before them.

With his album's release, he's returned for a few broadcast tv activities after a long while.  He mentioned his concert, and found out that a lot of KB people came too.  Aw  And that the match between him and KB has been great over the years.  After his drama wrapped, he went to an affiliate center and spent 3 hours there to brush up on his financial literacy.  Hehe.

He said most of the people he knows use KB bank, and handling finances are an important matter to people, and he felt proud to be associated with the name KB Bank which has high reputation among so many people.

He said he's going into his 5th year as endorsement model for KB, and his first Hope Concert name started together with KB, and he still uses that for his annual concerts.  He always carries a lot of pride and confidence as an endorsement model for KB Financial Group.  And although he participates in several community volunteer events like this, he always can feel the sincerity and warmth that comes from being involved in these kinds of things.

He closed with saying that in all that he does, whether on stage or through his different projects, he'll work hard to be an encouragement and strength to everyone. 

English: LSGfan

Consumer News: KB Financial Group endorsement model Lee Seunggi

Videos: TheConsumernews, dailycnc, seunggiairen; Images: As labeled

SNSD releases new teaser images for each member!

Posted: 22 Dec 2012 09:06 PM PST

Girls Generation's official website releases new individual teaser images for each member. The girls are wearing tomboyish clothes and colorful bling blings.
Check the new photos below:

Which one you like? The 1st batch or these ones?

Source: Girls Generation's website
Reup by reveals Top 20 KPOP SONGS of 2012!

Posted: 22 Dec 2012 09:00 PM PST

Korean staff from pick 20 kpop songs of 2012. The list is topped by Infinite's 'The Chaser'
Agree with the list? Tell us your choice on the comments section below.

Check out the list:

    INFINITE – "The Chaser"
    SISTAR – "Alone"
    Naul – "Memory of the Wind"
    2NE1 – "I Love You"
    Big Bang – "Bad Boy"
    After School – "Flashback"
    BoA – "Only One"
    Psy – "Gangnam Style"
    Busker Busker – "Cherry Blossom Ending"
    B2ST – "Beautiful Night"
    EXID – "Every Night"
    F.T. Island – "I Wish"
    Verbal Jint feat. Kwon Jung Yeol – "Good Morning"
    Urban Zakapa – "Same Love, Same Farewell"
    SPICA – "Painkiller"
    Dynamic Duo – "Without You"
    G-Dragon – "One of a Kind"
    miss A – "Touch"
    The Koxx – "Love Dance"
    TVXQ – "Catch Me"


EXO-K to Join Mango’s New Year's Eve Countdown

Posted: 22 Dec 2012 08:30 PM PST

Girls’ Generation Sends Christmas Greetings on ‘Music Bank’

Posted: 22 Dec 2012 08:00 PM PST

On December 21st, Girls' Generation made a brief appearance on KBS's "Music Bank" year end special to deliver a short message to fans tuning into the show. During the clip, Sooyoung apologized for Girls' Generation being unable to perform together on the show, but said that Girls' Generation will soon return and asked for fans to wait just a bit longer. The members ended their message by wishing viewers a Merry Christmas.

Check out Girls' Generation's cute Christmas greetings below.

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121223 Inkigayo Performers Listinkig

Posted: 22 Dec 2012 07:00 PM PST

 Comeback Special #
- Park Gyuri of KARA [Day Dream]
- December [Don't Go]
# Hot Music #
- 24K [Come here faster]
- THE SEEYA [Poison (feat.Lee Boram)]
- NS Yoonji [If You Love Me]
- C-CLOWN [Far Away]
- BIGSTAR [I Got Ya]
- Juniel [Bad Man]
- Hello Venus [What Are You Doing Tofay]
- 100% [Guys Like Me]
- B1A4 [Tried to Walk]
- Sunny Hill [Goodbye to Romance]
- Epik High [Don't Hate Me]
- Son Dambi [Dripping Tears]
- Lee Hi [1,2,3,4]
- Yoseob of BEAST [Caffeine]
- TVXQ[Humanoids]
# Fresh Music #
- Kim Sunggyu [I Need You]

SPICA is "Lonely" on Sharing Concert

Posted: 22 Dec 2012 06:30 PM PST

Check out SPICA's performance on Sharing Concert.

The weather is cold and the girls perform well on the show ^ ^

Girls' Generation's Yuri teaches the "Cat Dance" through comeback message

Posted: 22 Dec 2012 06:00 PM PST

Girls' Generation releases Yuri's comeback story for new album.

Yuri greets fans and teaches the Cat Dance of "Dancing Queen",check out her video message below

Hyorin turns into Fiona from ‘Shrek’ for ‘Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook’

Posted: 22 Dec 2012 05:29 PM PST

On December 22, Sistar's Hyorin uploaded some photos taken with singer Kim Johan through  twitter and wrote, "I transformed for the Christmas episode of 'Yoo Hee Yeol's Sketchbook'! Fiona! I was able to sing a song with a teacher that I love, so it was very special and meaningful! I had a cold so I was sad but please listen to it happily!"

This special episode of 'Yoo Hee Yeol's sketchbook' was broadcasted on the 21st on KBS 2TV. Hyorin and Kim John had a duet stage with Eric Benet's 'Spend My Life With You'. They dressed as Fiona and Shrek drew a lot of attention.

Netizens commented, "Daebak. They are completely matching!", "Hyorin's Fiona is very pretty", "They match", "It is funny" and "I could not recognize Kim Johan"

Source: Hyorin's twitter
Written by Jenny@dkpopnews