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"Can’t Nobody Party Like 2NE1" plus 24 more

"Can’t Nobody Party Like 2NE1" plus 24 more

Can’t Nobody Party Like 2NE1

Posted: 03 Dec 2012 12:20 PM PST

It was one electrifying and emotional night for the four ladies as they wrapped up the 2NE1 NEW EVOLUTION GLOBAL TOUR 2012 in Singapore

The four spunky ladies of 2NE1 opened the final show of their NEW EVOLUTION GLOBAL TOUR 2012 with crowd favourite I Am The Best last night, turning Singapore Indoor Stadium into a huge party venue right from the beginning.

"I don't want to regret anything tonight," leader CL's holler was greeted by deafening screams from the Blackjacks (official fan club name).

Temperatures rose rapidly among the 8,200 people in the stadium during the first segment of the concert where hit dance tracks like FIRE, Clap Your Hands and Don't Stop The Music blasted off the sound system. True to YG Family's style, the 'swag' and 'fierceness' exuding from the group was outstanding.
While stunning visuals and pyrotechnics such as multi-colour laser lights, video background and stage fireworks definitely added points to the concert, it is the group's stage presence and charisma that brought the house down last night.

Starting from CL's solo deejaying on an elevated platform to Park Bom's rendition of Don't Cry and You & I which showed off her vocal prowess, 2NE1 proved why they are the girl group with the most character. Besides appearing in a 'car' with CL for Please Don't Go, Minzy was just as captivating with her dance solo.

But what drove the crowd wild had to be Dara's Kiss where a lucky male fan was chosen on the spot by the lady herself. To the envy of many at the show, he got to enjoy 'skinship' with Dara and received a real kiss from her during the performance.

Other than props such as a shiny gold-coloured sofa and a mobile stage, the ladies also donned on fanciful costumes like the cheerleading outfits, complete with pom-poms, during Follow Me. With a packed stadium jumping along to the music, 2NE1 were far from 'Lonely' as they performed some of their slower songs.

What makes concerts especially electrifying is the contagious energy that spreads from the performing artistes to the fans below the stage. With the four ladies head-banging to the roaring music and grooving their hearts out to the catchy tunes, the fans were inspired to wave their white wing-shaped lightsticks with greater passion.

2NE1's call for the crowd to stand up for the song Work It brought the show to a new high as everyone in the stadium, including the scarce few middle-aged fans, sprang up from their seats and danced along to the music.

Roller coaster ride of emotions it was, for 2NE1 and Blackjacks, as the atmosphere turned emotional when the two-hour concert was nearing its closure. Dara, who was already teary-eyed during the rehearsals, had big droplets rolling down her cheeks while Minzy and Park Bom tried to hold back theirs. Even the usually cool and collected CL became husky-voiced.

The four ladies returned on stage by sliding down from the inflated 'playground' during the encore and the fans were more than happy when their beloved idols performed I Don't Care and I Am The Best for a second time. As it was the conclusion to their world tour, 2NE1 and their band had a group picture taken with all the fans in the background last night.

The concert was supposed to end with the encore when the fans started singing Please Don't Go, beckoning the group to come on stage again. As the original song list had been exhausted, I Love You was aptly chosen as the true finale. The additional performance not only was a bonus for the Blackjacks, but it was also 2NE1's final relish of the stage for their NEW EVOLUTION tour.

Source: XINMSN

Under any circumstances, CNU is a nice person!!

Posted: 03 Dec 2012 07:50 AM PST

Vol. 14 Under any circumstances, CNU is a nice person!!

Q: This volume is the 2nd volume about CNU.
[Sandeul] Yes, I will say it. At first glance, CNU hyung has strong charisma, and honestly, at first, I thought he was a really hard person to approach.

Q: He kind of has a world of his own (in a good way). He has an image of an artist.
[Sandeul] Like he would scorn him you if you talked to him about something foolish (laugh).
[CNU] I would never do that~
[Jinyoung] But, he doesn't talk about foolish things; Sandeul actually does a lot of funny things (laugh).
[CNU] Ah~ that's true (laugh). And for the good and bad, I think that these glasses are really big.
[Sandeul] But once you talk to him, he was a really good person despite my impression!
[CNU] I'm originally an introverted person, and I can't assertively talk to someone. So I'm usually seen as cool by peopleI meet for the first time. 

Q: And people think you're unapproachable.
[Sandeul] But the more you get to know the person that is CNU, I thought that he's kind, and warm and a rea~~~~lly good person (emphasis!)
[Gongchan] Yup, yup (nods heavily)
[Everyone] (everyone nods seeing Gongchan)
[CNU] (smiles shyly)
[Sandeul] So, I'm going to say this borrowing this opportunity. I'm really sorry about that time……and I……love…….CNU hyung!
[Baro] Then I'll confess too! I love CNU hyung too!

Q: The two of you are going to confess like this all of a sudden!? (laugh)
[Jinyoung] No, I love CNU hyung more and I know about him the most~!

Q: Because Jinyoung and CNU are B1A4's father and mother, so husband and wife (laugh).
[Jinyoung] So CNU hyung and I share a mutual love!
[CNU] Yes we do!
[Sandeul] Hey! Why didn't you say anything when Baro and I confessed?
[CNU] You know how I feel even if I don't tell you right? (big CNU smile)
[Sandeul & Baro] Uh huh (the 2 who are melted by the CNU smile)
[Jinyoung] Wait, didn't Gongchan not confess?
[Everyone] Oh yeah~!
[Gongchan]Conversely, even if I don't say anything, my feelings are understood by CNU hyung! Right hyung! (stares at CNU)
[CNU] Uh huh (stares back at Gongchan and softly nods)
[Sandeul] This is just exactly CNU hyung. What I wanted to say out loud was that, although I believe that our fans know about CNU hyungs greatness, and I know that there are people who don't know him well but I don't want them to misunderstand him at first glance.
[Gongchan] Then I will say it out loud too! Really, CNU hyung is nice and is very handsome on the outside!!
[CNU] Thank you~

 Q: Also, does CNU still check if the lights are shut off and check the dorms when you guys leave?
[CNU] Yes. This is just a habit already. Oh yeah! I feel a little awkward saying this after everyone complimented me but……there is 1 favor I would like to ask everyone!
[Baro] Eh what, what?
[CNU] Well it's not that big of a deal.
[Jinyoung] That makes me even more curious! Just tell us already~!
[CNU] I want you guys to stop leaving your socks everywhere after walking around the dorm. Ah, I'm not talking about everyone but……
[Baro] Could this be about me?
[CNU] These 2 can't seem to stop doing that (force smile). But the amount has reduced recently.
[Gongchan] Ah~ I understand! Please clean up your clothes and your presents you get from your fans! We moved and our dorm was actually neat but now……it's slowly changing again.
[CNU] Please be conscious about it a little more~!
[Jinyoung & Baro]……Ok…….Sorry.
[CNU] Um~ the other person isn't Jinyoung, it's Sandeul (Sandeul who is blankly staring into the distance)

Q: Hey Sandeul, are you listening to what CNU is saying?
[Sandeul]…… (briefly absentminded)
[Jinyoung] (slaps his hand) Sandeul wake up!
[Sandeul] (returns to himself) Eh, what, what are we talking about?
[Everyone] (laugh)

Q: CNU please tell him what we were talking about again.
[CNU] No, it's ok. Never mind~ (laugh).
[Sandeul] Hey don't things from me~ (laugh).
[Jinyoung] We aren't~

 Q: Really, we aren't (laugh).
[Sandeul] (as if nothing happened) And can I talk about something that I'm jealous about CNU hyung?
[Gongchan] Go ahead~
[Sandeul] That is how small CNU hyung's face is!
[Everyone] (laugh)
[Sandeul] And also , his broad shoulders!
[Everyone] (laugh)
[Sandeul] CNU hyung is working out every night, and at first when I saw that, I honestly thought that it would just end in 3 days. But he didn't get discouraged and it is still continuing. In addition, he doesn't just do it, he has a set program, and he does it until the end every day. I respect CNU hyung for his earnestness and his persistence. Also,
[Baro] You have more? (laugh)
[Sandeul] CNU hyung's long legs! I'm also jealous of his hips when he wears pants!
[Jinyoung] In the end, aren't you jealous of everything?
[Everyone] (ROFL)
[CNU] (in a small voice) Say more (laugh).

Q: Also, didn't you say that you were jealous of Jinyoung's right arm before?
[Sandeul] I am totally asking for too much/asking for something I can't get (laugh). Also,
[Gongchan] Eh~ You're going to say more?
[Baro] You're so greedy~ (laugh).
[Sandeul]CNU hyung's smile! Hyung's smile is soft and warm and his personality shows, and above all, it's cool!
[Everyone] (agrees)
[CNU] Sandeul, thank you for complimenting me so much~ (full faceCNU smile).
[Sandeul] The next volume is about me so, please do well!
[Baro] So that's what it was~! (laugh).
[CNU] I got you! Please anticipate a lot Sandeul~!
[Sandeul] CNU hyung is a really really nice person~ (thanks him A LOT) Thank you hyung~!
[Baro] He didn't say anything yet though (laugh).
[Jinyoung] He's running wildly by himself again–
[CNU] Ah~ what should I do for the next volume~. I'm worried now (laugh).

source: ORICON
trans cr: kouko @ AVIATEB1A4

JYJ's Junsu, enchants the world with XIA… world tour finale in Germany

Posted: 03 Dec 2012 07:20 AM PST

Kim Junsu made a fantastic finale of his first World Tour with concert in Germany.

Kim Junsu had his first world tour's last concert 'XIA 1ST WORLD TOUR CONCERT TARANTALLEGRA' in Germany Oberhausen Turbinenhalle on November 30, successfully finishing his world tour that was held in 12 countries, 13 cities.

On this day's concert in Germany, local fans 1,800 came to see him. The fans who were waiting for him was local fans who came to see Kim Junsu from Germany, Italy and France. The fans shouted 'XIA' and 'Kim Junsu' from an hour before he appeared, showing their love toward Kim Junsu.

Amendini (26) who came from France to Germany to see Kim Junsu said, "I feel like I'm in a dream to see Kim Joon-Soo in Europe. I saw his concert once, and I think he really is a genius. He is excellent in singing, performance and all. I wish that he visits Europe again."

Kim Junsu said, "I'm happy to have finale with you. I hope that I can meet you again with better concerts. See You Again!"

The concert in Germany was spectacular finale of his first world tour. Also, as there was massive love from the local fans, the possibility of world star Junsu and expectations toward large scale world tour rose.

Source: innolife

Park Bo Young is ‘disappointed’ in Yoo Jae Suk?

Posted: 03 Dec 2012 06:55 AM PST

Actress Park Bo young, who has been enjoying the success of 'Wolf Boy,' recently revealed that she was 'disappointed' in Yoo Jae Suk.

Park Bo Young made a guest appearance on MBC's 'Come To Play: Truman Show' and surprised everyone by revealing, "I was disappointed by Yoo Jae Suk while watching 'Truman Show'." The actress explained, "Whenever Yoo Jae Suk's female friends call him, he lies to them and says he is sick," remembering an episode a few weeks ago.

Yoo Jae Suk replied, "That's wisdom of life," to which Park Bo Young responded, "I would be afraid to meet a guy like that." Yoo Jae Suk then brought laughter by saying, "You're probably going to have a lot of fun if you actually meet (me) though."

Park Si Yeon excited to work with Morgan Freeman on ‘The Last Knights’

Posted: 03 Dec 2012 06:35 AM PST

Park Si Yeon, who is set to appear in a new movie starring Morgan Freeman and Clive Owen called 'The Last Knights', will leave for the Czech Republic to begin shooting in early December.

The movie, a joint project between Korean and Hollywood studio, is a fantasy epic about a band of warriors who seek revenge on a corrupt emperor.

Park Si Yeon said she initially had reservations about participating in the project as she believed it would be too much of a challenge, but her husband motivated her to give it a shot.

"Frankly, I'm a little scared about going there all by myself. The production system will be very different from how we do things in Korea, so I may have a hard time for a while, but hopefully it'll also be fun. It's amazing to be given the opportunity to work with an actor like Morgan Freeman, who I have watched in movies since I was young, and I expect I'll be able to learn a lot from him," she said.

Park Si Yeon is planning to focus on her family after the project. "I think I'll be able to wrap up shooting by the end of this year, so I'm hoping to take some rest and have a baby next year. When it comes to true happiness, I guess it's all about finding the right balance of family and work," she said.

"I couldn't take care of all the house chores for about four months" while shooting KBS soap 'The Innocent Man,' which ended recently, she admitted.

"My husband didn't know I'd often have to work all through the night. As he knew I was so tired from shooting, he was always very considerate and supported me to focus on the show without worrying about anything else," she said.

Source: Chosun Ilbo

Se7en reaches 777,777 followers on Twitter

Posted: 03 Dec 2012 06:10 AM PST

Singer Se7en, who is active in communicating with his international fans through social networking services, has finally reached 777,777 followers on his Twitter account.

On December 3, Se7en tweeted, "OMG!!! Finally 777,777 followers!! Thank u sooooo much~ Love yall." He also included a screen shot of his Twitter profile, showing proof of 777,777 "Lucky 7s" (Se7en's fan club) most of whom are committed fans curious about the singer's daily life.

Congratulations to Se7en, and you can follow him @officialse7en!

Kwanghee reveals that Suzy could’ve become his partner in ‘WGM’

Posted: 03 Dec 2012 05:45 AM PST

ZE:A member Kwanghee, who is currently "married" to Sunhwa, revealed his disappointment about the fact that he didn't get matched up with miss A's Suzy for MBC 'We Got Married'.

On December 1st, Suzy appeared on MBC 'Three Rounds' as a special MC, and Kwanghee, who appeared as a guest, bewildered Suzy.

Kwanghee asked Suzy, "Weren't you disappointed to find out that instead of you, Sunhwa was cast as my wife on the variety show 'We Got Married'? I heard that you were also considered to be cast as well."

Suzy hesitated and Kwanghee added while laughing, "I guess you were really disappointed." However, Suzy responded, "I watched it a few times, and I think you make a very good couple with Sunhwa," and disappointed Kwanghee.

Source: StarN News

Kang Dong Ho expresses his feelings for After School’s Nana

Posted: 03 Dec 2012 05:25 AM PST

Actor Kang Dong Ho recently confessed his feelings for After School's Nana.

On December 2nd, Kang Dong Ho appeared on KBS 2TV 'Dream Team 2' along with After School members NaNa, Raina, Ga Eun, and E-Young. During the episode, host Lee Chang Myung revealed, "There is someone here who wanted After School to appear," pointing at Kang Dong Ho.

When asked who was his most favorite member, Kang Dong Ho chose NaNa without any hesitation, causing Nana to blush at his sudden confession. As she was asked which style of guys she likes, NaNa answered, "I like guys with a great smile."

Han Gain's affectionate stare at G-Dragon

Posted: 03 Dec 2012 05:04 AM PST

Actress Han Gain can't take her eyes off BigBang's  G-Dragon.

 2012 MAMA was held on November 30th in Hongkong, Big Bang won the BEST MALE GROUP Award. Han Gain as the announcer gave the trophy to G-Dragon with a shy smile.

Wen G-Dragon delivered his speech,Han Gain was seen paying full attention on GD. She even put her hand on her mouth, the pose was like a cute shy  fangirl.

After seeing the photo above, netizens commented,"Han Gain is really beautiful","Han Gain is so cute, she seems very happy","Her husband will not be jealous right?" and so on.

Jay Park is caught watching porn on ‘SNL Korea’

Posted: 03 Dec 2012 05:00 AM PST

Singer Jay Park heated up Saturday night!

On December 1st, Jay Park appeared on tvN's 'Saturday Night Live Korea' and participated in a digital skit called "Because I'm A Guy" with SNL member Kim Seul Ki.

The skit showed Jay Park sneaking out to watch porn behind his girlfriend's back. As he quietly sat down in front of a computer and started his "business", Kim Seul Ki entered the room and opened the light, catching him in the act.

Meanwhile, during the entire show, Jay Park showed different sides of him that were never showed elsewhere, and many viewers showed great reactions for his humorous character.

Check out the skit below!

Lee Seung Gi only likes pretty girls?

Posted: 03 Dec 2012 04:36 AM PST

Comedienne Shin Bora told the public that Lee Seung Gi only likes pretty girls.

On the most recent episode of KBS 2TV 'Gag Concert-Brave Guys', Shin Bora mentioned singer Lee Seung Gi who appeared as a guest on the show just the week before. She said, "Lee Seung Gi was so well mannered, and he took photos with every female comedians."

She then brought up one picture that was taken of Lee Seung Gi and comedienne Kim Ji Min which showed Lee Seung Gi having his arm around Kim Ji Min's shoulder. However, in the photo he took with Oh Nami, he stood a bit of distance away from her. Oh Nami looked very happy whereas Lee Seung Gi was more reserved.

Shin Bora then shouted, "Lee Seung Gi discriminates based on a woman's face!", evoking much laughter to the studio.

As One releases “Promise” for Pokemon movie OST

Posted: 03 Dec 2012 04:15 AM PST

The vocal duo As One has participated in another OST, this time for the children's animated movie, 'Pokemon 'Pokemon Best Wishes! Movie Kyurem vs Keldeo'.

Recently, As One released their latest track, "Promise". The song serves as the theme song for the epic battle between Kyurem and Keldeo. Check out the track below!

SECRET reveals CSI video for “Talk That” comeback

Posted: 03 Dec 2012 03:52 AM PST

Ahead of their comeback, SECRET participated in Loen Music's C.S.I session (Coming Soon Interview) to talk a little bit about their comeback single "Talk That" and the concepts behind it.

SECRET will release their new single "Talk That" on December 4th. The song was written by hitmaker Shinsadong Tiger, who also behind SECRET's past hit "Magic."

Check out their interview below!

Park Jin Young releases promo video for ‘Bad Jazz Bar’ concert

Posted: 03 Dec 2012 03:32 AM PST

Singer-producer Park Jin Young has just unveiled a promotional video for his upcoming 'Bad Jazz Bar' concert.

In the new clip released on December 3, Park Jin Young gives fans a sneak peek of what to expect on his upcoming concert. He reveals more concert details through singing a unique medley using the concert location and schedule as the lyrics in a jazzy vibe.

Park Jin Young's "R-rated" concert 'Bad Jazz Bar' will kick off on December 15 in Daejon and will move on to cities of Busan, Daegu, Incheon and Seoul.

TAHITI releases “Pretty Face” MV

Posted: 03 Dec 2012 03:12 AM PST

Having recently returned with title song "Hasta Luego", rookie group TAHITI has now released a another music video, this time, for the track "Pretty Face".

"Pretty Face" is included on the group's comeback second single 'Hasta Luego', which was released back on November 1. The music video for the track features behind the scenes footage from their recording and rehearsals.

Check out the MV below!

LUNAFLY releases Teo’s teaser image for second single

Posted: 03 Dec 2012 02:52 AM PST

Starting off with Sam's teaser earlier, LUNAFLY has now unveiled new image teaser for the upcoming second single featuring Teo!

As previously reported, LUNAFLY will release second single "Sunny Day, Cloudy Day". The members participated in the process of the producing the single. The song was personally composed by the LUNAFLY members and the lyrics written were by Kim Ea Na.

LUNAFLY debuted with first mini album 'How Nice It Would Be' and made a strong impression for not only for their music, but their vocal abilities and musical composition skills as well.

ZE:A releases teaser image for comeback single “Beautiful Girl”

Posted: 03 Dec 2012 02:37 AM PST

Idol group ZE:A is gearing up for a comeback and to get fans even more excited, the group has released an image teaser for upcoming ballad track, "Beautiful Girl"!

On December 3, Star Empire Entertainment released a photo teaser featuring member Siwan dressed perfectly for the winter with knitted turtleneck sweater. He is also holding a white rose, hinting for an upcoming romantic piece.

"Beautiful Girl" is a R&B ballad track about a shy confession of love and will bring a new kind of image and charm to the group. The song will also emphasize the members' distinguished singing skills.

The single will be released on December 7th.

Boyfriend releases full MVs for “Dance Dance Dance” and “My Lady”

Posted: 03 Dec 2012 02:23 AM PST

After previously releasing the short music videos, Boyfriend has now unveiled the full music videos for latest Japanese tracks!

Boyfriend released double A-side single 'Dance Dance Dance / My Lady ~A Lover in Winter~' on November 28th. With the title tune "Dance Dance Dance" featuring catchy and cheerful melodies, the album in overall captures romantic feeling.

Check out the full MVs below!

G.NA sings "Cute" on Hyundai Oilbank

Posted: 03 Dec 2012 01:36 AM PST

It has been a while since the last time i watched G.Na's live performance.

Check out her performance at the Hyundai Oilbank below.Cute performance right?

Big Bang releases G Market CF

Posted: 03 Dec 2012 01:01 AM PST

Big Bang releases new CF for G Market.

Check out the video below

Posters of 'Marrying the Mafia 5' featuring Doo Joon, Kwang Hee and Na Eun revealed

Posted: 03 Dec 2012 12:41 AM PST

After many days of silencethe 5th part of 'Marrying the Mafia' series finally began promotion activities with the launch of the official posters

 Doo Joon (B2ST), KwangHee (ZE: Aand Na Eun (Pink) appeared In these new posters.

'Marrying the Mafia' is one of  the best selling series in Korean movie industry. From Part 1(produced in 2002to Part 4 (2011), the movie had attracted nearly 17.5 million viewers.Thereforethe crew is hoping the upcoming 5th part will also reach a similar achievement.
'Marrying the Mafia 5' - The return of the Family will be released in Korea from December 19..

Written by Jenny@dkpopnews

KARA to release special edition of ‘Solo Collection’ album

Posted: 02 Dec 2012 11:00 PM PST

KARA will be releasing a limited edition of their latest album 'Solo Collection'.

On December 4th, KARA will be releasing their new album 'Solo Collection'. The album will be released in original edition and special limited edition, and only 5,000 copies of limited edition will be released.

In the limited edition, an extra DVD containing high definition music videos of each solo track and never-before-seen photos taken from music video shooting will be included. The album package of original edition will be pink, the limited edition will be mint, and the package will look like a book collection.

Nicole and Goo Hara's solo tracks were released on November 28th, while Park Gyuri, Han Seungyeon and Kang Jiyoung's solo tracks were released on the 30th. The songs are growing greatly popular among many music fans, as the members successfully expressed their individual colors and charms.

Han Ga In is a big fan of G-Dragon

Posted: 02 Dec 2012 10:40 PM PST

Actress Han Ga In's affection for G-Dragon is becoming a hot issue.

Recently on an online community board, a photo was posted titled "Han Ga In looking at G-Dragon". Especially, many netizens are showing great interest in the photo, as the actress was captured with her eyes fixed on G-Dragon like a young fan.

Han Ga In attended the '2012 Mnet Asian Music Awards' in Hong Kong as the presenter for the 'Best Male Group' award. Big Bang won the award and the actress shyly handed the trophy to G-Dragon.

Netizens commented, "Han Ga In is so much into him", "She's so cute" and "G-Dragon should be happy to have a fan like her."

KARA’s Seungyeon talks about releasing first solo track

Posted: 02 Dec 2012 10:15 PM PST

KARA's Han Seungyeon commented about releasing a solo track.

On November 30th, KARA members released solo tracks through official YouTube channel and various music websites. During an interview with the media, Seungyeon talked about participating in writing the lyrics for her solo track.

Seungyeon shared, "I've been really happy for the last six years as a member of KARA, but I've also gone through many hard times. But, I wanted to get through them, and become a stronger person."

She continued, "I tried to express my wish to become a stronger person in my solo track, 'Guilty'."

"Guilty" is a hard rock number, characterized by a strong guitar sound and a shouting voice. Seungyeon is attracting a lot of attention as a rocker in this song, getting away from a lovely image.

Psy to give HaHa a “Blank Check” as wedding gift?

Posted: 02 Dec 2012 09:50 PM PST

Psy's wedding gift for HaHa is becoming a hot issue.

On November 30th, HaHa tweeted, "Psy told me that he will give me a song! The best wedding gift ever! Wow, I'm getting nervous."

Psy, who couldn't attend HaHa's wedding due to Mnet Asian Music Awards, responded, "How is the title, 'Blank Check?'", which caught the attention of many netizens. Producer Kim Tae Ho joined the conversation and said, "We should save this as a proof."

Netizens who saw this friendly exchange, commented, "Thats amazing!" "I can't wait to see what kind of song it is," "Congratulations!" and more.

Meanwhile, HaHa and Byul's wedding took place on November 30th at Seoul 63 Building.