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"f(x) performs on the 2012 Popular Culture Arts Awards" plus 24 more

"f(x) performs on the 2012 Popular Culture Arts Awards" plus 24 more

f(x) performs on the 2012 Popular Culture Arts Awards

Posted: 01 Dec 2012 08:30 AM PST

Check out f(x)'s latest performance at the 2012 Popular Culture Arts Awards.

The girls performed Electric Shock on the show,enjoy their performance here

MAMA's Best Collaboration, Hyunseung “To My Father..”

Posted: 01 Dec 2012 07:00 AM PST

Hyunseung and Hyuna's Trouble Maker has won the Best Collaboration award on '2012 Mnet Asian Music Awards' (in short, MAMA).

Jang Hyunseung and Hyuna have appeared on stage on the 7pm of the 30th to receive their Best Collaboration award.

Jang Hyunseung, "We felt honored for receiving such meaningful award. (We're) always grateful to president-nim, managers, dancers-hyung, Cube's colleagues. I love my family who are now watching at home, and to my father who is looking at me from the heavens, I will glorify this award. Thank you," expressing his thoughts from the heart.

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Girls' Generation's Seohyun reveals her new hairstyle

Posted: 01 Dec 2012 06:25 AM PST

Girls' Generation (SNSD) maknae Seohyun updated Girls' Generation official website with a new photo.

She shows off her new hairstyle in her latest selca. She mentioned that she cut her hair recently and asked fans whether the hairstyle suits her or not.

Besides,she also asked fans to take care as the weather is getting colder.

Source: Girls' Generation official site

Girl's Day campaign message for upcoming presidential election

Posted: 01 Dec 2012 06:00 AM PST

As idols, and role models, they are also concerned how a good president can lead a country.
Here's the campaign message from Girl's Day members.

Note: In this campaign message, Girl's Day wants the future president to work hard for the art and entertainment industry. The South Korea presidential election will be held on December 19th.

Source; mbcvote2012

ORANGE CARAMEL to release 3D “devil-friendly” CD and ”rienda” headphones special BOX!

Posted: 01 Dec 2012 05:45 AM PST

"3D sound CD"friendly demon"" + "" rienda"headphones" special

will be released on December 12 "devil-friendly" CD + "" rienda "original headphones" Special BOX containing 3D sound! December! BOX!
Decided to launch a special BOX logo plate w/ headphones for popular brand "rienda" CD debut single released in September "friendly demon" 3D Sound Version that were recorded and became set!
3D Sound Version "friendly demon" is check so you can listen to ORANGE CARAMEL-official site from the back!
"3D Sound Version "friendly demon"
Sound and 3D sound and listen through headphones, hear from outside around left and right up and down, and headphones in three dimensions that is.

Short story named "catch the devil back and forth up and down left and right to move about doing" 3D sound are included this time, included ORANGE CARAMEL was early-mid-late in the song.
""Rienda"Obi charm with earbuds]
Is the コラボレーションオリジナルイヤ phone and designed by popular brand "rienda" ORANGE CARAMEL.

Have a logo plate with orange glitter, "rienda" logo.
Release date: 12/12/2012
Format: CD + earphones
Price: ¥ 2200 (tax included)
[CD tracklist]
Eco-friendly Devil [3D Mix Long Version]
TSUTAYA for sale store
● TSUTAYA sangenjaya tea shop
● TSUTAYA Fukuoka Tenjin
TSUTAYA online-

TSUTAYA online
Fan Club
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credit: avexnet
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Nickhun treats disabled children a meal for Mitsubishi Mirage

Posted: 01 Dec 2012 05:30 AM PST

The fanclub is delighted with 2PM's Nichkhun, who treated disabled children of Pakkret to a meal as a presenter for Mitsubishi Mirage

On Saturday, November 30th, 2012 at 10:00am, an event for the foundation to help those with disabilities, under the patronage of the royal princess, took place in Prakket. Nichkhun Horvejkul, a member of Korea's top boyband group 2PM, joined in and treated the disabled children to a meal sponsored by Mitsubishi Mirage (Thailand) as a presenter.

Nichkhun is partaking in this activity for children with disabilities, as well as winners of the Mirage Family. This consists of approximately 60 people and also includes the executives of Mitsubishi Motors (Thailand), led by marketer, Mr. Yuji Yamada. The children were given lunch, ice cream, and also had the chance to participate in recreational activities in hopes of building support and smiles within these underprivileged children. The atmosphere was filled with smiles and playfulness. The children were delighted to have spent their time and share their joy with a superstar.

Nichkhun gave an encouraging message to the children, "I wish you to always be/become a good person, and please grow to be a good example for our nation's future."

Furthermore, Nichkhun is preparing to participate in the Motor Expo event on December 1 at 16:30.


Yonghwa has a twin brother?

Posted: 01 Dec 2012 05:00 AM PST

Yonghwa surprises fans with his twin brother which happened to be none other than fellow member Jungshin!

On their official twitter account, he posted a selca along with Jungshin showing off their same hairstyle which made them look like twins.

He wrote,

"Hello it's me Yonghwa kk thehehe .. Jungshin did hair like mine.. indeed I'm your role model,kk we are preparing for concert now! kk Ah, it's 2weeks away from concert! Ah we are nervous too.. Kkk hehe everyone be careful not to catch cold! Wear warm clothes !!!"
(translated by Fizzy @cnbluestorm)

They really look alike in this photo, aren't they?

Source: CNBlue's twitter
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Hyuna, Hyolin & Hara release hot CF for "Chum-Churum"

Posted: 01 Dec 2012 04:43 AM PST

4minute's Hyuna, SISTAR's Hyolin and KARA's Goo Hara release the latest CFs for "Chum-Churum" Soju.

Check out their hot CFs below as they perform hot dance and flaunt their perfect S-line.

Mir, "We have lots of individual activities"

Posted: 01 Dec 2012 04:30 AM PST

On December 1st, Mir updates fans on what the group is up to these days. He wrote a post on their fancafe,

TITLE: Hello!!!!This is Mir!!
Hello everyone,,it's been a long time,,

In the meantime I am wondering how have you been with nothing happening,,hoho,,

These days I have been living crazily busy ~

While this is the first time that MBLAQ has come up with an album for so long I think this is also the first time we are so busy,,

Although there isn't a time where we are not busy but this time round we have a lot of individual activities which let us have a chance to learn more

I think this is the first time,,hoohoo,,

So as usual album will be a little late but I think we would not grow impatient or frustrated,,

Although everyone has been waiting a lot and got a little tired but we will always work hard in presenting the best of ourselves in our individual activities

We will also have constant meetings for the next album,,hoohoo

Without us knowing December is already here and I feel that this year will pass by really quickly,,

It is truly great to be living busily,,hmm,,

Anyway nowadays the weather has been ridiculously cold everyone please do dress well,,

Stay happy always each and everyday,,,Hwaiting ~ !

Source: MBLAQ's Daum Cafe

Yang Yoseob, ‘Caffeine’ Solo Debut, Never Before Seen Skills ‘Expect to be Daebak’

Posted: 01 Dec 2012 04:00 AM PST

Yang Yoseob has made his comeback.

Yang Yoseob has shot off his promotions with his first comeback stage on KBS 2TV 'Music Bank' on the 30th.

On this day, Yang Yoseob satisfied fans who have waited long enough with 'Even though, I' and 'Caffeine'.

With the first stage, 'Even Though, I', Yang Yoseob put on a stage with his sweet voice. As he sings, Yang Yoseob let out a slight smile and together with his singing capabilities, he managed to capture female's hearts

On the second stage 'Caffeine', Yoseob has showcased his never before seen singing abilities as a BEAST member. Wearing a black and red suit, the stage was intense the moment Yang Yoseob appeared on stage. Although he did not utilize any wires in the wire dance shown in his MV, Yang Yoseob's dancing skills have actually overshadowed the fact that there weren't any wire dance. Yoseob showed a solid live with the addictive melody of 'Caffeine'.

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Girl's Day Hyeri welcomes December with a selca!

Posted: 01 Dec 2012 03:00 AM PST

Hyeri warmly greets December 1st with a selca. She wrote on her twitter,

Gasp.. So it's finally December ㅠㅠㅠ When the end of the year comes around I get this tingling feeling ㅜㅜ Something about it is lonely, warm, and makes you long [for things/people]. Somehow it's nice ㅎㅎ My teens will be over in one month~~~~ㅜㅜ It's a pity.. let's spend it together meaningfully^ㅁ^

Note: Hyeri first posted this picture as her twitter display picture on the 28th.

Source; Hyeri's Twitter
Translated by JW@girlsdaytrans

Which 2NE1 member once wanted to be a nun?

Posted: 01 Dec 2012 02:00 AM PST

SINGAPORE: "It could be shocking, but when I was a little girl, I wanted to be a nun," said CL, when Korean girl group 2NE1 met the media on Friday, ahead of their first full-length concert in Singapore.

Apart from Bom, who expressed that she couldn't imagine doing anything other than music, 2NE1 members Dara and Minzy also gave some surprising answers, when asked what they would have done if they didn't enter the music industry.

Minzy revealed that she would have become a poet, while Dara said she would probably be an actress or a housewife if she wasn't a singer.

Dara said she had a soft spot for acting as it allows her to "be anybody I want to be, and I can slap somebody's face".

"I can't do that in real life, so I want to try it!" she continued with a grin.

The quartet, who will conclude their first global tour with their gig at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on Saturday, said they spent about two months preparing for their concert tour, and looked forward to meeting their fans here.

"We've been waiting so long to come to Singapore and have our own show and meet our Blackjacks (the collective name for 2NE1's fans) here, so we're very excited," said CL.

"And I know how energetic they are, so we're very happy to be here."

Written by Han Wei Chou @

JYJ’s Kim Junsu Says, “This Was A Battle Against SM, Not TVXQ”

Posted: 01 Dec 2012 01:30 AM PST

JYJ's Kim Junsu recently opened up about his group's exclusive contract nullification lawsuit.

Kim Junsu met with reporters on the 29th at a hotel in Essen, Germany and when asked about the possibilities of TVXQ getting back together now that JYJ's lawsuit with their former agency SM Entertainment has ended after three years and four months, he stated, "I lament the fact that I'm not able to introduce myself as a member of TVXQ." Though it wasn't a direct answer, it seems as though even he sees the chances of TVXQ getting back together again to be low.

Kim Junsu stated, "I, too, find this situation to be unfortunate because I entered the entertainment industry and started out as a singer through TVXQ," and "Though the situation is unfortunate and regrettable, the title of 'TVXQ' will always remain in my heart and I believe that other people, and not only myself, will remember and never forget the five years that I performed as a member of TVXQ."

He continued to add, "Nothing will ever be as memorable and fill me with joy than if I could stand on stage again as 'TVXQ' one day."

Kim Junsu didn't hide his affection for TVXQ as he said, "We were fighting a battle against our company (SM Entertainment) and their unlawful practices; it wasn't that we wanted to throw away our title of 'TVXQ' or leave 'TVXQ'."

He feels the same way about the name that introduced him to the world, 'Xiah'. Kim Junsu stated, "When I perform in musicals, I use my real name of Kim Junsu. Regardless of what name I use, I give people my all to repay them for remembering me and coming to see me. But I started out as 'Xiah' and I would like to keep performing under that name as a singer."

Though Kim Junsu made his debut and became famous as TVXQ's Xiah Junsu, he has no longer been able to use that stage name since beginning his lawsuit against SM Entertainment.

When he released his first solo album in May, he released it under the name 'XIA', which was his name 'XIAH' from his TVXQ days without an 'H'.

Source: [star mk]
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Im Seulong "Want to act well, even drank alcohol that I cannot drink"

Posted: 01 Dec 2012 01:00 AM PST

To Im Seulong's appearance in '26 years', indeed he is worthy of being called 'God's Number'. Earnestly challenged acting in MBC drama 'Personal Taste', Im Seulong showed a more natural acting in the movie '26 years' that has been opened on the 29th. Even among veteran actors, (he) managed to blend in well without stealing the limelight. The production itself reported on Daily Topic (a kind of newspaper) about '26 years' Im Seulong is a production that showed his earnest acting talent.

◆"Wrote 'Believe in my intuition' on the scenario"

Acting as police Kwon Jeong Hyuk who lived with his sister, who died during the 1980 Gwangju Democratization Movement, in his heart, (Im Seulong) is involved in this project that condemns the main culprit of the massacre as "That man". For the sake of "That man" who plays golf, Jeong Hyuk who works with a sense of shame manipulating traffic lights is a fragile figure who jumped into the operations without any thought, suffering internal conflicts.

On the 29th meeting Im Seulong at Seoul Samcheongdong, he is different vastly from character in movie in terms of personality. Although being a rookie actor for a while, (he) calmly showed his slowly filled greed for acting, protecting his center without being shaken. Being thrown a somewhat bland question if acting was fun, Im Seulong answered smiling naturally "What difference would it made if I say".

"During the 1 and a half years of rest after promotions, (I) received acting lessons and studied watching musicals, plays and movies. Any rookie would do that, but (I) also watched the production and followed exactly the situations and lines. Although (I) acted in a drama, acting in a movie is also different. I learnt a lot though the movie. (I) did not want to miss a single thing."

From '26 years' the help from the senior actors who matched the breathing was a great encouragement to Im Seulong. Great senior Lee Kyeong Yeong was always patting Im Seulong's cheek on set, giving him his affection and encouragement. He recalled at the time of recording "The teachers, seniors didn't teach (me) but expressed it naturally" and "Because I know I was indeed labelled as an idol singer, up till there I had to calculate more surely and did preparations."

"(I) worked hard, but when preparing not to be mechanical the seniors thought of me cutely. (They) told me 'Express it according to how you feel, how you think'. At the top of the scenario, I have written 'Believe in my intuition'. Expressing it along with myself, (I) cannot go without a sense of ignorance. (I) have to unconditionally believe in my intuition in order to work hard in expressing freely. Instead of whether (I'm) acting well or not, in my opinion knowing what to express in this situation brings confidence."

Source: JoyNews
Translated by iAmP_krystallge@wild2day

Jang Geun Suk successfully wraps up Asian tour

Posted: 01 Dec 2012 01:00 AM PST

Jang Geun Suk rounded off his successful Asia tour 'The Cri Show 2' in Japan!

The tour started back in July and went through 9 different cities, including Yokohama, Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka, Shanghai, and Taipei. Through the five-month big-scale tour, Jang Geun Suk has attracted 163,000 audience in 16 shows in nine East Asian cities including the final show that took place at Saitama on the 29th.

He held each concert for over two and a half hours, and he satisfied the audience with over 19 songs, performances, and his witty yet honest stories.

Jang Geun Suk stated, "I want to sincerely thank all my fans for supporting me for half a year. I'm sad to end my Asian tour now, but this is going to be another beginning. Please continue to give me your love and support."

Infinite members' interview on Star Column

Posted: 01 Dec 2012 12:30 AM PST

"The moment I shine the most, as Infinite" – Sunggyu

- While preparing for this solo album, I feel it the most, the presence of members are really valuable to me.
- People always say we are too loud everywhere we go, this is the real talkative ^^
- Even we're seeing each other everyday in the same dorm, but we still have a lot of to say.
- Talking to the members and finishing the day is becoming my daily routine too.
- We're always together even to eat near the dorm, if one person is missing, we'll call him "Come here quickly! Lets eat!"
- I feel less lonely during my solo album activity because the members are always beside me observing me. Especially when I filmed the MV, the members were there together (with me) until the dawn. I cant express how thankful I am.
- Dongsaengs!! I'm always thankful These last 4 years, from unknown relationship, we gathrered, like matching every piece of puzzles, one by one, and finally we made it into a perfect picture.
- As a leader, I always think of "it's 7 people" instead of being first in Infinite.
- I'm lacking i many ways but thank you for always following me and trust me, lets be together, like always.
- The moment I shine the most, as Infinite. Lets try to shine even more in the future too! Dont forget that mind, lets continue to move forward!! Fighting!!

"Lets do it powerfully too in 2013″ – Dongwoo

- I cant express my feelings well, at that time I feel like I'm stupid, but it'd be good if they know my real feelings.
- To my family, to my fans, I cant express my heart well, sometimes it can be seen like ignorance, but you know my heart is not like that, right? Haha
- My weapon is always think positive in every situation! It'll work well if you're bright and always think positively.
- Instead of popularity, I always think of what can I do in my place first! Either singing, dancing or laugh just myself…
- Infinite members or personally are becoming really mature in 2012.
- It's Christmas soon! How about making a rap among the members? Also, because it's Christmas, meaningfully, please, lets clean the house!!!
- 900 days, thanks for loving us in such a long time, lets be together again for another long time, for bigger number!!!
- 1000 days soon? What we want for our beautiful 1000 days! Inspirit!!!

"I am in the future…" – Seongyeol

We run from 2012, there are some hard times, but I think we won over it because we're together.
- I gain a lot of confidence after meet the members.
- If there're no reliable hyungs and dongsaengs, there wouldn't be Infinite's Seongyeol either.
- Infinite! Let's continue to work hard! Take care well!
- Sometimes people ask me "Do you want to return to the past?" I will never return! If I can ever go, I'd like to go to the future, I want to see how I live (in the future).
- I'm hoping that I can perform even cooler as Infinite later as well.
- I'll be Seongyeol who will develop even more and won't disappoint you, please watch me ^^
- In the future, it'd be good if Infinite can stay like this, together as 7 members, and receive a lot of love. Not only 900 days but 900000 days, forever ^^

"Thank you" – Woohyun

- 2012 means a big year for Infinite and for me, in many ways. There is Arena Tour, also new experience of having a premiere of our show that was made into 3D movie.
- Its still 900 days for now, 9000 days, 90000 days, lets be together until then.
- We hope that we also can be your hope. I love you! Inspirit!
- Infinite, is one.
- Like 1 +1 = 2, simply one by one, the feeling of being together!
- Infinite is, as the name means infinity.
- Also, Infinite is idol.
- We're still lacking in may ways, but as each day passed, please watch us.
- Beyond the limitation of Idol, we'll be a really cool singer. So Infinite is one.
- Seems like in 10 years later, without change, I'll work hard to sing in the stage, like now.
- I wonder how big a heart I'll give after 10 years ^^

"Developing Infinite" – Hoya

- The first time I debuted and now, seems like it's still the same. Even if it's changed, maybe I live a bit leisurely than that time?
- My personality changed, I'm becoming more open now and from negative into positive.
- Our member is always positive, their positive energies during the activities are strength for me.
- Never ending laugh while gathering, my change also thanks to them.
- In the future, I'll do my best to become Hoya and Infinite who will continue to change and develop bit by bit.
- I can feel what is called by alive in 2012. Concerts in Korea and abroad, solo performance as Infinite H, our 3rd mini album, also new challenge in acting which never be thought before.
- I realized so many things while preparing for our Infinite H unit group with Dongwoo hyung.
- I'll show you my different look on Infinite and Infinite H, so please look forward!! I'll show you more than you expect!!!
- Its like a dream for me, even its a dream, I hope I wont wake up, I'm as happy as it is now.
- Thanks to all Inspirits who came to us until now, I really want to say something, I love you ^^

"The members are my strength" – L

- Really busy, sitcom is started, have to split my time to prepare for Arena Tour, I didn't have enough time to sleep, but somehow I feel great.
- There are always times when I feel tired, but at that time, the members will come and help me!
- In addition, hyungs always support me even though they're busy, I come back late after sitcom filming, there are some times I have to leave early for other things too, but when hyungs' cute message arrived, somewhat I become stronger and feels like I have to do better.
- I want people to know Infinite with 7 personalities and charms…!
- I want to hear "You're developing a lot" steadily, not only for a while, that's our shares.
- Infinite, who is now like a family! I hope we can continue like this in the future too.

"2013, my new look" – Sungjong

gyu hyung, looks like neighborhood brother, its comfortable ^^.
- Woohyun hyung, looks like a prankster.
- Hoya hyung, he's reliable everywhere.
- Seongyeol hyung, who has a feeling of model student.
- L hyung, who looks a bit cold.
- Now they're my brothers who is irreplaceable ^^.
- Because I'm always with the hyungs, I don't feel lonely, thanks hyungs~~~ ^^
- The most important thing for me now is "INFINITE".
- I have to do my best today too so in the next 10 years I still can show you my happy looks while singing and dancing in the stage.
- In 2013 I'll show you a new looks of Sungjong which never been shown before!!! ><
- We'll always be Infinite who develop and doesn't make our fans ashamed!! I love you!

Source: Naver
Trans by Stellia321 at INFINITE7SOUL.COM take out with full credits.

Adam Lambert highly compliments Big Bang

Posted: 01 Dec 2012 12:30 AM PST

Global star Adam Lambert drew people's attention by complimenting Big Bang.

On November 30th, Adam Lambert attended the press conference for the 2012 Mnet Asian Music Award at Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre. During the event, he said, "I feel very honored to be invited to this event. I'm very happy to meet some of the most wonderful musicians through MAMA, and I'll show my appreciation through a wonderful performance tonight."

While talking about his acquaintance with Asian singers, he mentioned Big Bang and praised them saying, "I saw Big Bang on TV for the first time last night. Their styles were amazing. It was A+."

Adam Lambert is the runner up of popular US audition program 'American Idol 8.' He owned the stage of the 2012 Mnet Asian Music Award last night, giving his one-of-a-kind "Trespassing" performance.

Source: StarN News

BEAST's Yoseob debuts with "Caffeine" on Music Core

Posted: 01 Dec 2012 12:26 AM PST

BEAST's main vocalist Yoseob makes his debut on Music Core with "Caffeine",check out his highly anticipated performance below


Posted: 01 Dec 2012 12:02 AM PST

(Nov. 28, 2012 – Kuala Lumpur, KL) South Korean singer PSY, a.k.a Park Jae-sang, grabbing worldwide attention with his contagious hit song "Gangnam Style". As of November 25, 2012, the music video has more than 810 million on YouTube, and honored the all-time Most Viewed Video after surpassing Justin Bieber's impressive single "Baby". "Gangnam Style"which crowned its first Guinness World Record – the Most Liked video in YouTube history – by receiving over 1.57 million "likes" on September, 2012. Moreover, the song is also the highest charted K-Pop song on Billboard history. Riding this"Gangnam Style" wave, Universal Music Malaysia is carrying out a ringback tone contest which is believed that will attract the attention from all the "Gangnam Style" and K-Pop lovers.

"Download Gangnam Style & Win iPhone 5 Now" is a contest organized by Universal Music MalaysiaTo appreciate all the incredible support on "Gangnam Style"Universal Music Malaysia is giving away six iPhone 5 for fans who subscribed and keep the ringback tone from now to 15th December 2012.

How to participate? Follow the simple instruction below to subscribe to "Gangnam Style" ringback tone:

            Maxis Caller Ringtone: Send GETGANGNAM to 29000
            Digi Caller Tunes: Send CT0173631 to 2000
            Celcom Call-Me-Tones: Type *888*168310# Press SEND/CALL

"The contest initiated not only to ride on the over whelming global phenomenon but the high level of acceptance locally which is proven from the massive airplay PSY is enjoying across most radio stations. Undoubtedly, 'Gangnam Style' is famous for its catchy beats and memorable lines, and of course the dance moves! These are perfect for making it as a ringback tone," saysMr Loan Cheong, the Managing Director of Universal Music Malaysia.

For more information regarding this contest, can log on to the official website of Universal Music Malaysia ( The respective promotional video has also uploaded to the official YouTube account of Universal Music Malaysia (

The CD single of PSY's "Gangnam Style" is currently available at any local music store in Malaysia, selling at RM 9.90 which includes the song and music video of "Gangnam Style". This is also available on iTunes (

Big Bang got biggest award from Jackie Chan!

Posted: 01 Dec 2012 12:00 AM PST

Seungri shares the biggest award they received from Jackie Chan and he expressed how overwhelmed they were.

He wrote,

    (121130) Seung-chan's diary: 'It is MAMA!'

'It is MAMA! 'Big Award! We were awarded it!It can be said to be the biggest award that we have ever hoyten!

    And it was given to us by the most famous artist in Hong Kong, Jacky chen, it is really nice! Thank you! It is all because of you! Today has been perfect! Good night!

Source: weibo//@forvictory// Trans:@ricekwon
Shared by Trisya@BIGBANGWORLD

Seo Taiji keeps his promise he made 17 years ago

Posted: 30 Nov 2012 11:45 PM PST

The legendary Seo Taiji kept the promise he made to his fans some 17 years ago.

Back in 1995, Seo Taiji was asked by one fan what he would do for fans on his 20th anniversary. H responded that he would buy coffee for them. Now that he has hit the 20th anniversary of his debut, he remembered the promise he made and secretly prepared an event for his fans.

Seo Taiji launched his 'Seotaiji Cafe' that will temporarily be in operation from December 1 through the 9 at the Yeongdeungpo CGV. Fans can get coffee for free if they present any Seo Taiji-related goods like albums, past concert tickets or past movie tickets. However, the cafe will only operate each day while supplies last.

Seo Taiji has also opened an interactive website that chronicles his feats over the years. With illustrations by Seo Taiji himself, the website also aims to track down Seo Taiji & Boys' fans from the 1990s.

Moon Geun Young spotted filming in a subway

Posted: 30 Nov 2012 11:20 PM PST

Actress Moon Geun Young recently appeared on a subway, surprising the passengers.

The photo above appeared on an online community with the title "A few hours ago". In the photo, Moon Geun Young is dressed in a chic, black outfit, and comfortably sitting among the public.

It has been revealed that the photo was actually taken during the filming for her new drama 'Cheongdamdong Alice'. In the drama, Moon Geun Young plays the role of Han Se Kyung, a talented young designer.

Netizens who saw the photo commented, "People on the subway might have been surprised," "She looks like an ordinary girl," "I want to be sitting next to her on the train" and more.

KARA gets own animated show in Japan

Posted: 30 Nov 2012 10:55 PM PST

Girl group KARA will get their own animated adaptation that will air in Japan next spring.

On December 1, DSP Media announced, "A traditional animation titled 'KARA the Animation' starring five members of KARA as its leading characters is to be broadcast at the beginning of next year. Following its airing in Japan, the series is expected to air in Korea during the first half of 2013."

The fictional stories will feature each of the members in a different career; Gyuri as a police officer, Seungyeon as an astronaut, Nicole as a passenger boat captain, Hara as security police for the Monaco royal family, and Jiyoung as a sexy and spirited firefighter.

Each group member will provide the voices for the animated versions of themselves, as well as sing the series' title song. The series will also mark each members voice-acting debut.

An advanced preview of the show will premiere during the groups first performance at the Tokyo Dome stadium on January 6.

Source: Animenewsnetwork

Shinhwa’s Minwoo to hold first solo fan meet in Shanghai

Posted: 30 Nov 2012 10:35 PM PST

Shinhwa′s Lee Minwoo will be holding his first solo fanmeeting in China on December 1.

Scheduled to be held at the Wanping theater in Shanghai, more than 1,000 followers are expected to turn up at the '2012 Lee Min Woo Fanmeeting in Shanghai M Style'. The event marks the singer′s first exclusive fanmeeting in China.

On this day, Lee Minwoo will perform all of his past hits as well as take part in games and a Q&A session. The event was made to thank fans for their unchanging love and support and to give them an opportunity to get even closer with the star.

Lee Minwoo commented, "I created this event as a way of showing my gratitude to all of my fans that have loved not only Shinhwa but also M for the past 14 years. It's my first concert since 2009 and I'll give it my best."

Psy takes a photo with Jackie Chan

Posted: 30 Nov 2012 10:10 PM PST

Psy recently took a photo with the legendary actor Jackie Chan.

On December 1, Psy tweeted, "How was the #MAMA!? I got big congrats from this man!!", and attached a photo of himself along with Jackie Chan. In the photo, both were smiling big and looking to be excited at the opportunity to meet each other.

Jackie Chan has been invited as the award presenter at the 2012 Mnet Asian Music Awards which took place in Hong Kong on November 30th. During the ceremony, the actor mentioned that this year is the "golden age of KPOP" and even called Psy a "legend". He also said that he's so proud of Psy.

Meanwhile, Psy took home the 'Best Music Video', 'Best Dance Performance – Solo' and 'Song of The Year' awards on the recent 2012 Mnet Asian Music Awards.