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"Happy Birthday to SHINee's Minho #HappyMinhoDay #Flaming22ndDay" plus 24 more

"Happy Birthday to SHINee's Minho #HappyMinhoDay #Flaming22ndDay" plus 24 more

Happy Birthday to SHINee's Minho #HappyMinhoDay #Flaming22ndDay

Posted: 08 Dec 2012 07:18 AM PST

Birth Name: Choi Min Ho (최민호)
Stage Name: Minho
Nickname: Flaming Charisma Minho
Birthday: December 9, 1991
Position: Main Rapper, Face of The Group
Height: 184 cm

Photo Of JYJ’s Yoochun Taking A Nap On The Set Of “I Miss You” Revealed

Posted: 08 Dec 2012 07:00 AM PST

A photo of JYJ's Yoochun napping has been revealed.

In the early afternoon of 5 December, a photograph of Yoochun was revealed via the JYJ official facebook, with the message "It's Detective Han, who says he's happy even if he only gets an hour or two of sleep a day! He says that the atmosphere on set is so warm and happy that he's forgotten all about how cold it is^^" and "'I Miss You' will be greeting viewers 10 minutes earlier than usual today at 9.45! Don't forget to tune in!"

In the image, Yoochun is on the set of the MBC Wednesday-Thursday drama "I Miss You", lying on a small sofa and taking a nap. But despite his busy filming schedule, he is loving and enjoying his shoot for "I Miss You."

Netizens who saw this said, "Mother, hurry and cover him with a blanket! Isn't Yoochun sleeping?", "He's just sleeping but why does he look so good?" and other responses.

Park Yoochun is currently acting as the brash detective Han Jung Woo, who loves Lee Sooyeon (Yoon Eun Hye) in the MBC Wednesday-Thursday drama "I Miss You."

Source : [K Star News]
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SNSD's Yoona spotted at school

Posted: 08 Dec 2012 06:56 AM PST

Recently, some photos of SNSD's Yoona at school have been shared on a community board, attracted much attention from fans

Yoona is spotted in the classroomshe is currently a student of DongkukUniversityYoona's natural beauty is still outstanding in simple costumes and glasses.

Netizens commented, "She is so beautiful in simple clothes", "I think she is also a miss beauty in her school", "jealous of her classmates "...

Source: Wstarnews
Written by Jenny@dkpopnews

Epitone Project “working with Seunggi on his album felt like a mom’s heart of the top student in school”

Posted: 08 Dec 2012 06:30 AM PST

"Singing on stage…  I'm still very shy about that"

We did this interview on the day Epitone Project and actress Shin Se Kyung's Christmas carol duet, "Sweet Christmas," was released.  This song came from Epitone Project and close friend singer-song writer Herz Analog, and Shin lent her pure vocals.  'Sweet Christmas' is a bright and warm carol song that combines Shin Se Kyung's clear and pure voice with the vocals of Epitone Project's sense of contentment.  When I tell him I enjoyed the song and that it has a warm vibe to it, he was incredibly shy about it.

"I'm still shy about it as it's still not real to me, that I sing songs.  It's very hard on the director when I participate as a vocalist.  I can hear them sighing aloud outside… (laughter)  I don't have experience as a vocalist. If previous composers and directors heard that… Shin Seung Hoon once said to me, you shouldn't sing. (laughter)  Despite that, I'm very thankful that there are people who like this kind of voice."

    Working with Lee Seunggi, felt like a mom's heart of the top student in school? Really hard and the burden was big… I learned a lot

    Around this time we couldn't help but to talk about working with 'Prince-dol' Lee Seunggi. Epitone Project composed and wrote the songs on Lee Seunggi's 5.5 album 'Forest'  that was released on November 22, but the fact that he was in charge of producing brought about great interest (Seunggi was the writer for the song, 'Words that say I love you').

    And that interest immediately shot up the music charts.  As soon as the title song 'Return' was released, it took the #1 spot on the main music charts and has continued at #1 into December.  And it wasn't only 'Return,' but 'Words that I love you,' 'Forest,' and the other songs also ranked high, getting a great response.

    "Wow, it feels really great, of course.  As it was really hard and the burden was big in working on Seunggi's album.  And he was a singer that had already put out 5 albums.  How would you describe it, felt like the mom's heart of the top student in school?  Since he has reached the top in various areas, that tacit burdened feeling that the album has to do just as well."

    Thus, working with Lee Seunggi was a challenge at a new level.  Around that time, much of his energy had been drained in completing his 2nd album, and he was thinking that he may need to recharge somehow.

    "Sekyung was like that too, but the first time I met Seunggi, there was a halo shining around him when he entered my studio.  His face was so small yet his eyes, nose, mouth, ears all fit within… (laughter) I thought to myself and realized, 'not just anyone can be a celebrity entertainer.'"

    While there was great burden and hardship in working with Lee Seunggi, at the same time, he got to experience many things he hadn't until now.

    "Seunggi is very passionate.  He's the type that just can't sit around.  For example, typically, he would send an email and hum the melody by phone and continue on to ask 'what do you think of this type of music.'  Seunggi guided a lot of aspects of this album.  After we'd talk on the phone, he'd say 'I'll come by right now' even though my studio was quite far from him, and then we'd talk and he'd leave."

    "We talked a lot about the theme and concept, and sensing his passion, it made me work hard too.  I came to study a lot while working on this.  I often thought I may be too confined, and I really learned a lot this time.  And I want to work with varied artists again on fun projects in the future."

    Upcoming concert

    "A concert is a unique activity for me.  I get very sensitive when concert time comes around.  For this concert, I thought about and stressed over various things in advance, but since i don't have many experiences on stage, I'm still shy on stage.  But the audience has paid a not so small price to come see me.  I feel that I have to do everything i can during those 2 to 2.5 hours.  I get worried since my condition is like that and all, but concerts are really important since it's the chance to communicate with the audience up close.  Although there are many disappointments when it's over…"

    Epitone Project's special concert will be held on December 7-9 at the Seoul Hannamdong Blue Square Samsung Card Hall.  The concert will be even more brighter with special guest appearances from Lee Seunggi, Baek Ahyun, Kim Wansun, Ryoo Shia, all of whom are musically associated with Epitone Project.

[Excerpts] Hankyung interview with Epitone Project
English: LSGfan

Details Of Tohoshinki’s 2013 Nationwide 5-Dome Tour Announced!

Posted: 08 Dec 2012 06:00 AM PST

The detailed schedule of the 『Tohoshinki Nationwide 5-Dome Tour 2013 (tentative)』has been decided.
Please note that as the schedule for the Sapporo Dome shows are still subject to a final revision, the details will be announced as soon as possible, at a later date. We ask for your kind patience.

【Detailed Tour Schedule】
27 Apr (Sat) – Saitama Super Arena (Stadium Leg)  Doors open 16:00 / Concert begins 18:00
28 Apr (Sun) – Saitama Super Arena (Stadium Leg)  Doors open 15:00 / Concert begins 17:00
29 Apr (Mon) – Saitama Super Arena (Stadium Leg)  Doors open 14:00 / Concert begins 16:00
10 May (Fri) – Nagoya Dome  Doors open 16:00 / Concert begins 18:00
11 May (Sat) – Nagoya Dome  Doors open 15:00 / Concert begins 17:00
25 May (Sat) – Fukuoka Yahoo!JAPAN Dome  Doors open 16:00 / Concert begins 18:00
26 May (Sun) – Fukuoka Yahoo!JAPAN Dome  Doors open 14:00 / Concert begins 16:00
5 Jun (Wed) – Kyocera Dome Osaka Doors open 16:00 / Concert begins 18:00
6 Jun (Thu) – Kyocera Dome Osaka  Doors open 16:00 / Concert begins 18:00
15 Jun (Sat) – Tokyo Dome  Doors open 16:00 / Concert begins 18:00
16 Jun (Sun) – Tokyo Dome  Doors open 16:00 / Concert begins 18:00

※The time of doors opening and of the concert are subject to change.
※The schedule for the Sapporo Dome shows are still subject to a final revision, the details will be announced as soon as possible, at a later date.

★Ticket Prices
Premium Seats:  ¥19,800 (tax inclusive) ※Limited to fanclub members and a-ticket holders
S-Seats General Allocated Seating (including lightstick): ¥9,800 (tax inclusive) ※Limited to fanclub members and a-ticket holders
S-Seats Seated Allocated Seating (including lightstick): ¥9,800 (tax inclusive) ※Limited to fanclub members and a-ticket holders
S-Seats General Allocated Seating: ¥8,800 (tax inclusive) ※Limited to fanclub members and a-ticket holders
S-Seats Seated Allocated Seating: ¥8,800 (tax inclusive)
※Chargeable for 3 years and above.
※Children 3-years and under are allowed admission only to the S-Seats, but a ticket must be purchased should the child require a seat.
※The lightsticks that are included for S-Seats is a limited edition design, which is different from the design of the regular goods.

(irrelevant portions omitted)

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Vietnamese fans welcome Haha and Byul

Posted: 08 Dec 2012 05:54 AM PST

As it was reported before that Haha and Byul went to Vietnam for their honeymoon. They went to Vinpearl Resort in Nha Trang a few days ago, and today at 3:15 PM VST , they arrived at Tan Son Nhat airport, Hochiminh city.

There were many fans who waited for the newlyweds. Haha was very surprised when he saw many fans were at the airport to welcome him and Byul, he even took out his phones to take photos of the fans.

A few days ago there were many fans presented at Cam Ranh airport, Nha Trang to see Haha and Byul off to Hochiminh city. Haha and Byul were very friendly, they even took photos and signed for fans there.

Many Vietnamese fans are expecting  Running Man crew to visit Vietnam someday.

Check out for more photos below

source: running man vietfans

The cancellation of “What Is Mom” angers staff members and fans

Posted: 08 Dec 2012 05:30 AM PST

The sudden cancellation of 'What is Mom' angered both the staff members and fans.

One of the members of the costume team took to Twitter to tweet, "We're getting shut down? Getting shut down? After you pretended we were just taking a break from filming? I'm not just shocked, I'm cursing! Our team mood was so good! I heard rumors, but I doubted that it was true. And now we're getting shut down. I haven't even been told yet. Our director is also a victim. I don't know about everyone, but most of the actors don't know neither. This was all a one-sided decision from MBC."

One of the representatives from the actors' side said, "We just heard the news today. We told the actors and they just took it quietly, but we are still shocked. We refused all other projects and focused on 'What is Mom', but this happened so we're in shock."

It is not just the staff members that are angry at the sudden cancellation, but the fans as well. Fans ofINFINITE's L said, "If they were going to cancel the show, they should have done it early on instead of dragging it out", "I was hoping to see L until April of next year, but what's this?", and "I'm so mad at MBC right now".

The cancellation of the sitcom came to be because the sitcom was moved from its usual time slot of 7:45 PM KST to 8:50 PM KST, dropping its ratings down to barely 5%. The last episode of 'What is Mom' will air on the 17th.

Source: Sports Seoul
CREDIT :  Sora Jeong


Sunggyu, “My lethargic image..If I’m too quiet they misunderstand it, thinking I’m sick”

Posted: 08 Dec 2012 05:00 AM PST

"I'm very healthy. Don't misunderstand please!"

If you pay even just a bit of attention to Infinite's Kim Sunggyu, you will get to know easily that he has unusual nicknames like 'Gyu-lethargic', 'Old man'. Kim Sunggyu who explained several times on broadcast that he's not lethargic in real life said recently during the Newsen interview as well "I wish they'd understand now that I'm not like that".

"My variety image? Broadcasts are only broadcasts so I decided not to care about it but a lot of fans think that I'm tired and that it looks like my waist hurts. I have to look cool on stage so I can't laugh right? So I'm preparing without any expression on my face but when I'm too quiet the fans think that I'm sick."

Then Kim Sunggyu added "Anywhere I go, 80% of the gifts are red ginseng. Because I receive so much of it, I send some home and share it as well. I'm happy and thankful but I'm healthy, I think it's like that because other people ask me 'You're tired right? You're sick right?'" and emphasized "I hope there will be no misunderstandings. They said I looked like I had no strength but it's not like that".

He personally asked us to tell about his real image. Kim Sunggyu started by saying "I'm very healthy and bright. I don't think I'm an old man or someone like that" then he said cooly "That kind of image (the old man's image) is too strong. I'm the hyung in the team so I think it's like that because I have a hyung's image" and "But that's not a bad thing so I don't care about it". (Is he deluding himself because contrary to what he said, he looked like he cared.)

Contributing to that image, he also stuttered and showed a lot his nervous image on 'Immortal Song 2'. "When I did 'Immortal Song' I was really very nervous. When I did 'An Impossible Love' it was overlapping with 'The Chaser' so I couldn't practice a lot. I was thinking about the lyrics even in the waiting room to memorize them but the MC told me to speak and I couldn't reply properly. At some point, it became my concept and people were teasing me about it."

"I was really nervous until the second or third time but during the fourth time, I got more relaxed on how to counter it. When I'm not nervous I reply well so everyone told me that it wasn't fun and that it wasn't what they were expecting. They were too disappointed when I was just replying so I thought that I had to somewhat take the role of the youngest so I did this kind of things on purpose too. I did that but at first I really didn't act clumsy intentionally. I was like that because I was nervous I couldn't remember the lyrics."

Kim Sunggyu who promoted his first solo album's title song '60 Seconds' is going to end the promotions with SBS 'Inkigayo' on December 9th. He is planning to release shortly the music video of 'I need you', one of the album's tracks, for the fans who are sad about it. In '60 Seconds"s music video, L from his group appeared as the main character but according to the representant, we will be able to see Kim Sunggyu a lot in 'I need you"s music video.

trans. cr; emilie @ infinite updates | source cr; newsen ; take out with full credits

B2ST’s Kikwang, INFINITE’s Woohyun, Moon Hee Jun, and Danny Ahn to host ’2012 Melon Music Awards’

Posted: 08 Dec 2012 04:00 AM PST

It has been announced that B2ST's Kikwang, INFINITE's Woohyun, Moon Hee Jun, and Danny Ahn have been appointed as MCs to host the '2012 Melon Music Awards'!

LOEN Entertainment and MBC Plus Media confirmed on the 7th, "A total of 4 celebrities including B2ST's Kikwang, INFINITE's Woohyun, Moon Hee Jun, and Danny Ahn have been chosen as MCs for the '2012 Melon Music Awards'."

The '2012 Melon Music Awards' will be held at the Seoul Olympic Stadium on the 14th!

Tip: infispirit
Credits: loveinthecube

Kwanghee & Sunhwa show off their cute winks

Posted: 08 Dec 2012 03:04 AM PST

ZE:A's Kwanghee updated his Twitter with a new selca taken with Secret's Sunhwa.

He wrote,"Beautiful Lady is such a nice song right?Sunhwa ah,who's my beautiful lady?please watch We Got Married this week."

Fans commented,"They look great together","are they dating for real","will watch for sure","cute couple" and etc.

Juniel reveals new selcas

Posted: 08 Dec 2012 02:29 AM PST

Singer Juniel reveals a pair of new selcas.

She tweeted on 5th December:"Za Zan! Present arrived! Cover yourself up. Be careful not to catch a cold."

She is seen wearing a coat in her new selcas while posing cutely.

Fans commented,"so pretty","Juniel's new song daebak" and etc.

Top 10 K-pop hit-makers in 2012

Posted: 08 Dec 2012 02:31 AM PST

Star News selected 10 composers as the best in 2012, check out the list below

 1. G-Dragon (Big Bang)


 With Teddy , G-Dragon is the co-author of a few famous songs including Crayon,Missing YouNot only thathe also contributed in the introduction of Monster and In the End.In 2012G-Dragon wrote and co-wrote 17 songs.

The songs G-Dragon wrote:

G-Dragon: CrayonMissing You (feat Kim Yoon Ah), twentieth That Today (feat. Kim Jong Wan), In The End.

Big Bang: Still AliveBingle BingleIntroLove DustFantastic BabyBlue, Bad BoyMonster.

Daesung: Wings.

2. Jang Bum Joon (Busker Busker)


In 2012Bum Joon composed a total of 15 songsBesides being a co-writer with Kim Ji Soo of the song 'Spring Windall the songs of Busker Busker's debut songs were composed by Bum Joon, too. Inparticularthe song Cherry Blossom EndingFirst Love and Yeosu Night Sea were all ranked highon the music charts.

3.  Double Side Kick

This is an amazing composer duoThey stood behind more than 14 hits this year including Loving U(Sistar), Good Boy (Baek Ji Young)Dirty (Miryo), It's War (BAP) and Crash (BAP),...

 4. Kim Do Hoon

Kim Do Hoon owns 12 hit songs in 2012, such as là Illa Illa (Juniel), Hey You (CNBlue), Still Love You (CNBlue), I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me (2AM), Please Don't (K.Will).

 5. Jo Young Soo

Hit songs of Jo Young Soo in 2012 are Day By Day, Cry Cry (T-ara), We Were In Love (Davichi & T-ara), If It's Love (Noel)…

6. JYP 

In 2012, Park Jin Young wrote 9 famous songs like Be My Baby, Like This (Wonder Girls), I Don't Need A Man (Miss A), When I Can't Sing (Se7en), Touch (Miss A), Only You (JYP)…

7. Choi Kyu Sung

Choi Kyu Sung stands behing the success of: Sexy Love, Lovey Dovey (T-ara), Midnight (B1A4), Hello (Huh Gah), Things I Couldn't Say (Noel)…

8.  Brave Bothers

Brave Brothers with To You (Teen Top), Ice Cream (HyunA), Aftermath (ZE:A), Alone (Sistar)…

9. Rado 

Hit songs in 2012 of Rado include: Trouble Maker (Trouble Maker), Hush (A Pink), Whenever You Play That Song (Huh Gak and LE EXID), I Knew It (Beast).

10. Shinsadong Tigers 

A well-known hit-maker Shinsadong Tiger this year has: Lovey Dovey, Sexy Love (T-ara), Whoz That Girl (EXID), Volume Up (4minute), Trouble Maker (Trouble Maker)…

Source: starnews
Written by Jenny@dkpopnews

SHINee Jonghyun & Minho have a selca battle

Posted: 08 Dec 2012 01:25 AM PST

SHINee's Jonghyun once again captured fans' attention with another selca.

On December 7th, he tweeted,"Let's go!! Singapore!! It's a pink shirt hootkeppoong!! I'll give you another present!!" along with a photo. He was wearing a pink shirt, biting his lips while posing, showed off his fanciful expression. Later he tweeted another photo, this time it was SHINee's Minho who was sitting beside Jonghyun. Minho was seen wearing a demure black cardigan, with his big shining eyes, he looked into the camera and smiled.

Fans commented on the photos,"That pink shirt is really fit on him","Minho' big eyes are so cute","Both of them are handsome" and so on.

Meanwhile SHINee will have their SHINee World Concert II in Singapore on December 8th at Singapore indoor stadium.

Written By: Clover @ DKPOPNEWS.NET

121208 Music Core in Vietnam performance clips

Posted: 08 Dec 2012 12:51 AM PST

Music Core is back this week with Music Core in Vietnam Special.Check out the performance clips below

B1A4's pointing dance video explodes viewers' curiosity, "What's happening on December 22nd?"

Posted: 07 Dec 2012 11:30 PM PST

The video of "Shall we color-match with B1A4?" has been released.

On December 7th, B1A4 revealed a video that triggered the curiosity of viewers on Youtube.

In the video, B1A4 shows off their comical dance with a giant stopwatch as their background. After their comical dance in school uniforms, B1A4 yells, following with "Shall we color-match with B1A4 on December 22nd?", increasing anticipation on what might happen on December 22nd.

The fans who watched this video commented, "They are really bright", "What could this be? You wouldn't regret if you watch this video", "Their dance is adorable", "'One, two, one, two, point, point, point, point' is catchy", and more.

Meanwhile, B1A4 will hold their first solo concert "BABA B1A4" for 2 days on December 8 to 9th at Seoul Olympic Park, Handball Stadium.

Article Credits: Newsen via Nate + glynx @ FLIGHTB1A4.COM
Translation: Mochi Muffins @ FLIGHTB1A4.COM

Kim Jaejoong “I wanted to break free from my heavy image”

Posted: 07 Dec 2012 11:00 PM PST

# The charm of acting? Finding the answers one by one.

Compared with the two dramas ‹Protect the Boss› and ‹Dr. Jin›, the result of this movie fell short of expectations. Nevertheless, it broke with precedent and he showed enthusiasm in the interviews. Even though the movie was already released, the media is still looking to engage with him.

"As an actor, it's meaningful to me because it was an opportunity to show a different kind of acting. I also considered other movies but the characters in this movie appealed to me."

"When I played Kim Kyungtak in ‹Dr. Jin›, the burden was big because after ‹Protect the Boss›, Kim Kyungtak was also a heavy role. I tried hard to avoid comments such as 'Here he acts like that again'. It was good that Choi Hyun wasn't a serious character. I don't even know how long it's been since I was able to show a bright and playful image."

As a member of idol group TVXQ and then JYJ, he maintains top position in Asia. However, positioning himself as 'actor Kim Jaejoong' is different. Unlike many singer-origin stars who debut in acting with a title role, he did not rush and received good and favorable evaluation for his clever choices.

"Surely large amounts of screen time and high ratings are great. However if I want to take on a long path as an actor, I think my choices weren't bad. Kim Kyungtak in ‹Dr. Jin› wasn't an easy decision but it has become an important stepping stone for me. Instead of a main role in a blockbuster, finding the unknown answers one by one is indeed the true charm of acting to me."

# "I always look for a medium in which to communicate with fans"

After 3 years and 4 months, the dispute with former agency over the exclusive contract has ended. Although he has finally found his freedom, it's hard to expect immediate changes.  Managing to follow the path he has been walking until now, he can't do anything other than wait for a change in activity environment.

"I always look for a medium in which to communicate with fans. I don't want them to only remember and support an image of mine that they have seen in the meantime. Therefore, we appeared in movie and dramas, held fan-meetings abroad, released albums, held world tour. Although I can comfort myself that I am still young and have much time, it's so unfortunate that we can't appear on TV. It's like we lost the biggest weapon."

"I think the fans that support us are more depressed [than us] as we don't have much activity," Kim Jaejoong revealed the reason why they keep working without break. Three members already made a significant number of songs; JYJ will release an album next year and meet with fans around the world again. "There will be Korean songs as well as English songs. The possibility of collaboration with international artists is also opening up."

"There are many things I want to try besides movie-drama-singing. I want to direct concerts, work on music for other singers and also star in plays and musicals. If I put my mind to it, I have confidence that I can get a certificate in Korean cuisine in just 2 weeks. Also, I can do very well if I can appear on variety shows. Ha ha."

Source: Metro Seoul
Translated by: Hannah @ PrinceJJ
Shared by: PrinceJJ

How does Seungri respond to a confession?

Posted: 07 Dec 2012 10:30 PM PST

The type of girl you like & if you've been confessed to…!?

Q: Now for this spot I would like completely change and to touch upon V.I.'s love stories.

Yes, go right ahead!

Q: If you're ever received a confession from someone you like, how did it go?
Huh, what do you mean by that? (confused) if I've been confessed to by someone I thought was cool person?

Q: Yes, exactly. "I, like you V.I…."
(interrupting) That's enough.

Q: (laughs) With that light feeling?
Obviously I'd end it. If I received a confession from someone else, I'd say "No way," and decline.

Q: Huh? Even to someone you like?
Likewise to someone I like, I'd decline.

Q: Why would you do that?
When she asks "why?" I'd say (with determined face) " Because tomorrow, I'm confessing."

Q: Ohhhhh!
Besides, is the girl that spills it out first? Instead, I should have picked up on it" "Ah, I'm sorry" "Since you've told me it's good. So, Let's go out to eat." (played both parts)

Q: It's like I'm seeing a different person, the awesome manly side to the funny comedian V.I. I've seen up until now.
No~When I make up my mind, I commit all the way!

Q: And when you miss?
I'd break down and die.

Q: Clearly a comedian remark.
When I'm solo, I'm not Big Bang's V.I., I do activities as the comedian, the talent V.I. (laughs)

Q: But the earlier reverse confession, beyond a doubt this is the musician V.I. that has traveled the world, women all over are falling in love.
(suddenly singing in a low and dandy tone) A ha ha ~

Q: Possibly now, did you channel Top?
Top is now working hard filming a movie! Besides, Top definitely doesn't speak like that!

Q: Certainly. I guess it's hard to even imagine a confession situation (laughs)
I mean, first of all a girl confessing in and of itself is unlikely.

Q: I apologize. You're complaining about my question (strained laugh)
No no, its not that….Of course I'd be very happy with a confession from a girl or much less the person I liked, but still, the confession should be from the man!

Q: Are you a carnivore man so to speak?
Contrary to how it seems I'm masculine. Since I'm the youngest in big bang, hyungs always lead, so its possible I have the image of being not that reliable but truth is I'm the type that leads the girls.

Q: What a domineering husband!
Because I'm a man!

Q: By the way, the type of girls V.I. likes, what type are they?
I like energetic girls. I want to take in that energy from the person I like.

Q: Is it because you are always the one that energizes others, you want the person you like to energize you?
Yes. Without that my power would disappear. But, of course it wouldn't be one-sided, I would love her wholeheartedly to an innumerable amount.

Q: So, If you were to go on a date with this person you like, where would you go, what would you do?
I'd want to go to Komasawa Park. At Komasawa Park the scenery is nice, the air is clean, I really like that place. We'd run around 3 or 4 times, build up a sweat, afterward I'd want to go eat curry.

Q: If you eat curry, you'd be sweating again. (laughs)
That's still good.

Q: That's refreshing. But, for a girl that doesn't like working out, it'd be quite hard for her to run with V.I. who is always working out.
Of course if she can't match my speed I would slow down. If she said "I'm exhausted" when I slow down, I'd instantly say " Let's walk."

Q: That's nice. When you're walking doesn't it have that feeling of following you!
If I'm seriously walking, she won't be following me. This is a date, if we're not walking together then it has no meaning.

Q: Certainly.
But, because I like an energetic girl, I'd expect her to enjoy running.

Q: I see!
Actually I'd probably say something if she was like 'I'm exhausted~ Let's walk." To her I'd say, "You're a man, get yourself together."

Q: Scolding is the punchline (laughs)
When she realizes, I'd most likely be the one leading her.

Q: A haha~ But a health date is good! Making a link between dates and working out (laughs)
Its not just me, its good if it becomes a plus for both of us. If we're with each other, from the bottom of our heart we talk about how fun it is, smiling faces are the best.

VVVI Style VOL 8:
His favorite women's fashion and his date style…!?

Q: Speaking of Big Bang, you're famous for being a fashionable group but what womens fashion do you like V.I.?
(Instantly answered) Dresses. For me, trousers are a no-go.

Q: Okay~. but there are many types of dresses.

The type that flutter in the wind (starts moving his hand to demonstrate)

Q: (laughs) so you like mini skirts.

Nah, mini-skirts or long skirts are okay. yeah~, How should I put this~( thinking for a bit) It came to me! Light airy skirts are what I like!

Q: Like lace? And, what color? white?

No, white is dangerous.

Q: What? dangerous?

What if when we're together on a date wine spills on your clothes or something like that, you never know when that kind of situation can happen right?

Q: You're right.. Stains do stand out the most on white.

That's why I'm alright with any color other than white.

Q: So, all of V.I.'s fans, you have to wear a skirt in a color other than white when you go to concerts.

That or you can wear a dress please (laughs)

Q: Thats the requirement! By the way, What kind of clothes would you wear yourself on a date?

Well first I'd call her~ (pretending to be on the phone) "Brrrinnngg~ Um, how are you dressing today?" "Why~?" "Because I want to match!" (playing both parts)

Q: Oh!! Again you're amazing!!

I would like to dress so that someone looking will know we're a couple.

Q: So, what about a pair look (matching couple clothes)?


Q: Like a Panda-themed pair look?

Absolutely not! If we were to wear panda clothes, wouldn't it just turn into two of me (laughs) ~Ahaha
I don't hate it, but I could never do it I guess. (Laughs) If I were to do it, it would be in a more stylish way.

Q: Could you give me an idea?

Let's say my date is wearing a black dress, I could wear a chic shirt or suit. If her clothes had a more bright casual feeling, I could wear a t shirt and jeans or some sort of active wear.

Q: So you both coordinate.

That way is fun right?

Q: Of course. You'll have a sense of unity.

After, at her house "(looking at dates clothes) Today you'll wear this" as I'm looking over her closet, I can quickly coordinate.

Q: Like a stylist (laughs)

When both our outfits come together, even just walking together it'll be nice when we both think that "We suit each other~"

Q: By the way, when you go on the running date, will you have matching sportswear?

Nah~At that point its good that we don't match.(laughs) But if she said she wanted to match,we could coordinate jerseys.

Q: Those last bits are certainly coming from your experiences in a group right?

For the five of us in Big Bang, the fashion style we each like is very different. It's not that its just different, I feel we balance each other well as well. That's what makes us Big Bang, one of Big Bang's good points. Our MV image match our styles, for example, when its GD it's these types of clothes, if its T.O.P he has that sort of feeling to him, having a similar concept that is based on your individual style, in the end the source is in fact the same.

Q: If it misses the mark, I guess it can't be helped.

All the more reason to spend more time together!

Q: I look forward to seeing all of your different outfits on the Dome Tour!!

Please look forward to it! I also am looking forward to seeing the fashion of our fans! We have a lot of fashionable fans!

Q: So, V.I. fans,

If you can, wear a dress!! Not a white one (laughs)

Source: playbill@tumblr

GP Basic‘s Janey covers 2NE1's I Don't Care

Posted: 07 Dec 2012 10:00 PM PST

GP Basic's Janey  recently appeared on KBS 2TV's 'The Last Audition of My Life' and performed a remixed cover of 2NE1's "I Don't Care".

Note: GP Basic is a 6 member K.POP girl group. When they debuted, the group's average age was 13.5 years old, causing controversy. Janey is the youngest member member of the group and has garnered much interest due to her confidence, energetic dancing and rapping skills, despite her very young age.

Credits: _ChaeRa21_ @ Twitter (tip)
Posted by Sara@YGladies

Jungshin reveals his "masterpiece"!

Posted: 07 Dec 2012 09:30 PM PST

CNBLue's Jungshin reveals his artistic side in a 'masterpiece' he uploaded on their twitter.
He wrote,

"My masterpiece while Picaso in mind! You can see this at BLUE NIGHT! See you on 15 and 16th December!".

He draw a simple scribble of their group's initials and added some details like stars and letters for 'CNBlue Night.

Source: CNBlue's twitter

Song JiHyo: “Kim Jaejoong, a friend that I’m thankful for, a stimulus for me”

Posted: 07 Dec 2012 09:00 PM PST

# Kim Jaejoong, and also JYJ

"It always takes me long time to get acquainted with my co-stars. Even if I try hard, it still takes me a long time to open myself up to someone. It's my weak point. But this was not the case with Jaejoong, which was a big advantage for me. It was great that I didn't feel any burden towards him as we were acting together. However, the downside is that because we're too close to each other, I couldn't take on an objective view of Jaejoong. Just by looking, I can tell that he indeed worked very hard, did very well and I just find it admirable."

Song Jihyo didn't have a love line with such lovely little brother Kim Jaejoong, which is somehow regrettable. "Many people looked at the movie poster and were looking forward to the love line between me and Jaejoong. Actually, one of the reasons for me to choose this movie was that I wouldn't have love line with him. If, instead, I were to have a love line with someone I didn't know, then I would be able to fully concentrate. But if I had a love line with Jaejoong, I would feel uneasy. He's one of my lovely younger brothers. If I had love line with that younger brother, it would be so embarrassing that we wouldn't be able to face each other. Therefore, rather than regret, I think it's a relief."

Song Jihyo revealed that acting with Kim Jaejoong has inspired her.

"I don't know if Jaejoong has more practical experience than me but his sense of realism, ad-lib and flexibility are very remarkable. Although this is his first movie, I was indeed the one who was inspired. When I acted with the seniors, I had to follow the scenario. But when I worked with Jaejoong, there were many witty surprises; the ad-libs were good and we made many NGs too. Many scenes came out better thanks to Jaejoong. To the point that director-nim didn't make the 'cut' sign in the scenes with Jaejoong. He said that he was curious about what Jaejoong would do."

"This is Jaejoong's first movie. Since he tried very hard and gave his all, I think instead of just praising him, I should give him a round of applause. A Kim Jaejoong who stayed strong under any circumstance and perfectly digested his role should be praised. I hope that many people won't see Jaejoong as Jaejoong but as the character he plays."

Come to think of it, the bond between Song Jihyo and JYJ's members is deep. She appeared in a music video with Kim Junsu and has close relationship with Park Yoochun.

"People usually say 'God is fair'. But I don't think so when I look at Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu. If you look at Jaejoong or Yoochun, they can compose songs, write lyrics and can act well too. I went to watch Junsu's musical. He was so good. Those guys have great abilities that can amaze people."

"One of the reasons that I was able to freely get close to my brothers JYJ was that many of their fans kindly welcomed me. I think they feel like I will protect my little brothers. They even came to my fan-sign event and said 'Please take care of oppa'. I'm thankful that they support me a lot. Thanks to JYJ's fans, we're able to be close like sister and brothers."

Source: OBS News
Translated by: Hannah @ PrinceJJ
Shared by: PrinceJJ

f(x)'s Luna sings for Cheongdamdong Alice

Posted: 07 Dec 2012 08:43 PM PST

f(x)'s Luna sings the OST song for Cheongdamdong Alice,check out her solo song titled "It's Ok" below.

Like her new song?

2NE1 talks about future plans, Blackjacks & leisure activities at their press conference

Posted: 07 Dec 2012 07:18 PM PST

On the eve of their 2NE1 New Evolution World Tour in Singapore, KAvenyou met up with the bubbly 2NE1 girls for their concert press conference, where they shared details of their upcoming plans, their unforgettable experiences with their Blackjacks and about their own 2NE1 style!

Q: How does it feel like to be back in Singapore again?
CL: Well, I think it's our third time, or our fourth time here. We're very very happy to come back and we loveSingapore, and this time it's for our show so we're very excited.
Q: How do you stay in shape with such a fully packed schedule?
CL: Actually, we're on tour so it's easier because we spend a lot of energy to do all these travelling. So it's actually easier when we're on tour, and harder when we're just staying in Korea!
Q: When you do have some free time, what do you guys do to relax and enjoy yourselves?
CL: Well, I think we're all different, so for me – I don't know, I'm not good at relaxing, I'm a workaholic!
Dara: I will spend some quality cat time, I love spending time with my cat at home! (Emcee: So what's your cat's name?) Dadoongie! Do you know Thunder? He's my brother and his Korean name is Chundoong, so its name is Dadoongie!
Bom: I eat!
Minzy: I like knitting during my free time!

Q: What do you miss most from home when you're away travelling?
CL: I think Dara should answer this question because she's homesick all the time.
Dara: I miss my family and my cat!
CL: She is the one that misses the food mostly…

Q: With each image transformation that you guys go through, do you feel that you've grown and matured in terms of your dance style and music?
CL: Of course! I think from our debut we did, and I think that's our goal, everyday to improve and get inspired and to change. But definitely when we're on tour, when we're on stage, we'll get inspired and we do a lot.

Q: Being fashion icons, is there any person or place that you get your fashion inspiration from for your everyday dressing?
CL: Well, thank you first of all (laughs) I think the four of us have different styles. But mostly as 2NE1, we get inspired from our music!

Q: Can you share any upcoming plans that you might have in the near future?
CL: Actually this tour in Singapore is our last tour for our 2NE1 New Evolution Global Tour, and we're working on an album right now, so hopefully you guys can see it next year!

Q: Which is your favourite song from your current album?
CL: Actually, our Korean album was last year so it's really hard to pick a song – I think it will be I Am The Best! We don't have a favourite song actually – we love all of our songs!

Q: How would you actually describe your music?
CL: I never liked describing my music or how 2NE1 is, because we wanna be just spontaneous and changingall the time. I don't want us to be defined.

Q: Have any acting opportunities come up for any one of you or as a band?
Dara: Yes, I would love to try acting because I used to be an actress in the Philippines before, so I really miss it. Acting is really fun because I can be anybody I wanna be and I can slap someone's face – I can't do that in real life!

Q: If you guys weren't 2NE1, what do you guys will possibly be doing right now?
CL: Before we became 2NE1, we were actually preparing for our solo albums, so I think we will still be doing music anyway, because we love music.

Q: Let's make it harder! If you're not doing music, then what will you do?
CL: (No!) Well, it could be shocking, but when I was a little girl, I wanted to be a nun.
Dara: I never thought of doing anything else, but maybe an actress or a housewife.
Bom: Yeah, I never thought of other stuff. I wanted to be a singer always!
Minzy: I wanted to be a poet!

Q: Being away on tour must be hard on you guys, so how do you stay connected to your family?
CL: Well, we have our phones. (Emcee: Skype?) Yes!

Q: Any messages for the Singapore Blackjacks who have been waiting for so long for this (2NE1′s solo concert) to finally happen?
CL: Actually, we've been waiting so long to come to Singapore and have our own show and meet our Blackjacks here, so we're very excited and I know how energetic they are. So we're very happy to be here and I hope we can have some fun tomorrow!

Q: What's your favorite form of social media – Twitter, Facebook?
CL: We have a 2NE1 Facebook, and the 3 of them have Twitters, so it's hard to be connected to me… but you could always go through the other members and I'll be checking through them!

Q: 2NE1 had a very successful stint in the US. Did you expect this level of international recognition when you first started?
CL: That wasn't our plan to be international, but we did what we love and stuck to it.

Q: How would you guys explain the Kpop phenomenon across the world, breaking all language barriers and transcending the music as dance as well? What would you say was the secret of Kpop's success?
CL: I think it's passion, because Korea right now is very passionate about music, art and everything cultural, so it's passion.

Q: What advice would you have to fans aspiring to be a pop star/singer, from your career experience so far?
CL: I will tell them to never give up, for there will be your time, if you stick into it, love it and have passion for it.

Q: What's the most special thing that fans have done for you that you feel touched?
CL: It's actually a hard question, but for me, I like simple things like when I'm home on New Year's or Christmas or my birthday, they will send me cards and letters. Those simple things that I could do when no one's around, I'm very touched when I see that.
Dara: It's really hard to pick one, but I remember this box full of noodles from all over the world!
Bom: It's really a hard question for me! There was one girl who was wearing a costume that I really liked, calledPoong Poongie. That's a character I really liked and she wore exactly the same thing!
Minzy: During the concert while I was singing a song, there was this Blackjack holding up my fanboard and I was touched.

Q: How do you guys prepare for your concerts and tours – what rituals do you all do?
Bom: I prepare energy to eat!

Q: How much time do you take to start preparation for the tour?
CL: I think we've prepared for 2 months full, and I think we learnt a lot and worked with great people.

Q: What can we expect tomorrow at the 2NE1 tour?
CL: They just need to be ready to have fun with us!
We would like to thank Singtel for inviting us to cover 2NE1 New Evolution Global Tour 2012 in Singapore, and Launch Group for the holding the concert in Singapore.

Source: Kavenyou

EXO-M, BtoB Determined to Steal Attention

Posted: 07 Dec 2012 06:52 PM PST

Source: myMetro
Translator: profippun @ CODE:EXO
Editor: lights @ CODE:EXO

BEAST, Hot Beastly Body… ‘Body Art’ Craze in Japan!

Posted: 07 Dec 2012 06:20 PM PST

'BodyArt' where we could verify the masculinity and healthy bodies of the six members of 'Beastly-Dols' BEAST, has become the center of attention.

'Body Art DVD' has showcased BEAST's flexible and powerful movement in Japan, prior to its release in Korea.

BEAST has been actively holding concerts and events in Japan, and has gained increasing popularity. An hour before their concerts in Sapporo, Osaka, Hiroshima, Fukuoka, Nagoya, and Tokyo, 'BodyArt' DVD teaser video were played. Fans had given 'explosive attention' as they watched it happily.

Representative of 'BodyArt' explained, "We have gained increasing responses from 25,000 fans who attended BEAST nationwide concert in Japan" and, "In particular,whenever BEAST's working out poses and muscular body appeared o n the video, the reactions everywhere is explosive."

Meanwhile, BEAST's Yang Yoseob is currently active in his solo promotions 'Caffeine'

Trans: MrsDooB2uty @
Source: IlGan Sports

Nam Hee Seok falls for B1A4

Posted: 07 Dec 2012 05:31 PM PST

Nam Hee Seok falls for B1A4.

On December 2nd, Nam Hee Seok posted about B1A4 on his own Twitter. "There was one friend telling me that he'd made a group called B1A4. I just saw them on music program today. They're really handsome. 1 member is B-type and 4 members are 4-type, right.."

After then, he posted more about B1A4 and even revealed a special interest. On December 5th, he posted "If I'm a new member of B1A4 as A5, I will be well known as the best lead singer.." and also posted "B1A4 is so handsome. I should be like them too.. Someone must have stepped on me* before I was born.."

Netizens commented about Nam Hee Seok's craziness for B1A4 - "Nam Hee Seok also fall for B1A4's charm", "Nam Hee Seok. You started being a real uncle B1A4 fan?", "Nam Hee Seok and B1A4. A weird association", "Nam Hee Seok's crazy for B1A4. Why it sounds so funny?", along with many more.

Meanwhile, B1A4 is now promoting their 3rd mini album with the title song called 'Tried Walking'.

*T/N: "Stepped on me" means he should have had born good looking like B1A4, but someone made him look ugly before he was born.

Article Credits: NEWSEN via daum + glynx @ FLIGHTB1A4.COM
Translation: Creamaya @ FLIGHTB1A4.COM