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"Hello Venus releases making-of video for “What Are You Doing Today”" plus 19 more

"Hello Venus releases making-of video for “What Are You Doing Today”" plus 19 more

Hello Venus releases making-of video for “What Are You Doing Today”

Posted: 12 Dec 2012 08:50 AM PST

Hello Venus has released another making-of clip for their fans!

The making-of clip shows the girls having fun as they film their concept photos for their new song “What Are You Doing Today“. The girls play around with the cute props, and are all smiles as they monitor the photos they took.

They also released a fan greeting video where they stated, “Hello Venus hasn’t seen you in so long! We missed you guys!“. They all had a cheering message for their fans, congratulating Yoonjo‘s return to the group and stated to their fans to be careful of catching a cold.

Check out the videos below!


Fan greeting

Kim Hyun Joong’s Japanese album places 1st on Oricon Album Chart, SHINee & U-KISS place 2nd & 3rd on Singles Chart

Posted: 12 Dec 2012 08:19 AM PST

Kim Hyun Joong topped the Oricon Daily Album Chart while SHINee & U-KISS placed 2nd and 3rd respectively on the Oricon Daily Singles Chart.

Kim Hyun Joong released his first full length Japanese album ‘unlimited‘ on December 12th and after first day sales, the album sold 56,473 units which was good enough to top the Oricon Daily Album Chart.

SHINee and U-KISS both released their latest Japanese singles on December 12th as well. After first day sales, SHINee’s “For 1000 years, always be by my side...” placed 2nd with sales of 22,954 units while U-KISS’ “Distance…” placed 3rd with 22,033 sales.

Congratulations to Kim Hyun Joong, SHINee, and U-KISS!

Source: Oricon, (2)

Eyewitness describes SECRET’s car accident

Posted: 12 Dec 2012 07:29 AM PST

An eyewitness described SECRET‘s car accident on the December 12th episode of SBS’ One Night of TV Entertainment‘.

SECRET recently got into a car accident in the early morning of December 11th due to snowy road conditions. They've also canceled all promotional activities for the time being and will be resting until the 28th.

The witness stated in his interview with the show, “After crossing the bridge and moving to the first lane on the right, [the vehicle] turned in a large U-shape as if it were slipping [on ice],” retelling his version of the events revealed in a black box recording.

He went on, “[The van] really flew. It was like watching an action movie; it flew in the air and landed. It was really not good. Sunhwa came out of the vehicle and expressed she was in pain; she didn’t look good at all. That’s why I didn’t recognize her at first. Later, maybe Zinger or someone came out through the back.”

Zinger is reported to have suffered from a bruised lung and fractured ribs, and Sunhwa, Hyosung, and Ji Eun have now been released from the hospital.

Leessang’s Gil admits his profile birth date is inaccurate

Posted: 12 Dec 2012 07:06 AM PST

Leessang‘s Gil confessed that the birth date listed on his profile is inaccurate.

On the December 12th episode of SBS’One Night of TV Entertainment‘, he revealed during an interview that the birthday on his profile was “not real.”

Gil, whose birthday has been published as December 24th, stated, “I think I’ll spend the day at the ‘Shut Up Concert‘ venue. Also, that birthday’s not real, it’s a birthday Gary and I made up together.”

He went on, “In 1998 when I was in Honey Family, I made the birthday thinking I would receive a lot of presents. I’ve mentioned it a couple of times on broadcasts, but I’ve ended up just living with it. I thought I would get two presents, but I only get one, including Christmas.”

Comedians Yoon Hyung Bin and Jung Kyung Mi to marry in February

Posted: 12 Dec 2012 06:43 AM PST

Comedians Yoon Hyung Bin and Jung Kyung Mi have set their wedding date!

At the filming for KBS2TV‘s ‘Gag Concert‘ on the 12th, Yoon Hyung Bin made a surprise proposal to his soon-to-be wife and fellow comedian and revealed the date for their wedding.

During Jung Kyung Mi’s segment, ‘Comedy Actresses’, she declared her separation from Yoon Hyung Bin in the skit when he appeared as his infamous ‘Wang Bi Ho’ character. The comedian dressed in a black suit and asked for her hand in marriage. Jung Kyung Mi then grabbed a bouquet from Kim Young Hee, while Yoon Hyung Bin unexpectedly placed a ring on her finger.

The crowd began chanting, “Kiss,” and after giving his bride-to-be a light peck, he announced, “I’ll be marrying ‘nation’s fairy’ Jung Kyung Mi on February 22nd.”

They both then exited the recording studio. Jung Kyung Mi was unable to speak after the surprise proposal.

The couple has been in a seven-year relationship since entering KBS as comedians in 2005.


SHINee reveal making-of for ’1000 Years Always by Your Side…’ PV and album jacket

Posted: 12 Dec 2012 06:15 AM PST

SHINee have released the making of the album jacket and music video for their latest Japanese single ‘1000 Years Always by Your Side…‘!

The PV, which features the boys at an old-fashioned bus stop, is created in a short film style based on the theme of the lyrics: “The thoughts you want to deliver to people who you cherish, a story of a little miracle that surely happens a few times somewhere in the world.”

Check out the PV and B-side trackThe World Where You Exist” if you missed them as well as the making-of below!

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B1A4 to be special MCs for December 13th’s ‘M! Countdown’

Posted: 12 Dec 2012 05:52 AM PST

F.T. Island‘s Hongki will be unable to host his regular spot on Mnet‘s ‘M! Countdown‘ for the second week.

Mnet announced on the 12th, “Due to his filming schedule for the movie ‘Phoenix‘ (working title), he’s requested the producers for a two-week absence from his MC position on ‘M! Countdown’.”

In his place, the members of B1A4 will act as special one-day hosts.

In related news, ‘Phoenix’ is a story that revolves around a top star who learns to appreciate life and music after spending time in a hospice hospital.

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Lee Hyori and Uhm Jung Hwa have a ‘fashion battle’ for upcoming Presidential election

Posted: 12 Dec 2012 05:29 AM PST

Singers Uhm Jung Hwa and Lee Hyori have decided to have an unofficial fashion battle for the upcoming Presidential election in South Korea.

Uhm Jung Hwa posted to Twitter on December 12th, “I’m currently filming in Busan, but our movie staff members are turning in their absentee ballots tomorrow. We must vote! Must!”

Lee Hyori, who saw the tweet, responded, “Unni, can I look forward to your ‘voting fashion’?” Uhm Jung Hwa then suggested, “Let’s bet who’ll be more sexy! Sexy or not sexy!” The younger singer agreed, “Sure~ [Whoever loses pays] 10,000 Won ($9.31 USD).”

Netizens commented, “I guess fashionistas take care of their style during voting too”, “Please post a photo of who wins”, “Awesome style, awesome idea”, and more.

In related news, South Korea will hold its Presidential election on the 19th.

f(x) Victoria’s latest selca update causes fans to ask for makeup tips

Posted: 12 Dec 2012 05:02 AM PST

f(x)‘s Victoria has fans talking about her amazing skin after her latest selca update.

Victoria posted to me2day on the 12th, “Is everyone doing well? It’s so cold. [It's really] winter,” along with the photo above.

Fans commented, “Victoria, tell me your makeup tips”, “You become more beautiful the older you get”, and more.

In related news, Victoria released a book titled 'Victoria's Hong-Ma' that includes the experiences she had while traveling in Hong Kong and Macao.

Kim Hyun Joong reveals year-end plans

Posted: 12 Dec 2012 04:38 AM PST

At the recent release event for his first Japanese albumUnlimited‘, Kim Hyun Joong announced his plans for his upcoming Japanese and worldwide tours as well as other events in his year-end schedule.

Kim Hyun Joong stated, “In the beginning of next year, I’ll be starting my tour in Japan, and at the end of the year, I have my worldwide tour and the release of a Japanese single planned.”

He also gave other details about his upcoming schedule, stating, “Next year, I’ll be greeting you all as an actor in a drama,” referring to his role in ‘City Conquest‘. When asked about what he’ll be doing for Christmas, Kim Hyun Joong told fans, “I’ll be going on a trip with my male manager.”

Kim Hyun Joong will be touring Japan with ‘Unlimited’ from January to March of 2013.

JYJ’s Jaejoong takes a friendly snapshot with Tim Burton

Posted: 12 Dec 2012 04:10 AM PST

JYJ‘s Jaejoong was recently spotted with Director Tim Burton in South Korea.

Jaejoong shared on his Twitter on the 11th, “Directors Tim Burton and Lee Jae Han. Director Tim Burton loves Korea,” along with the photo above. The photo shows Jaejoong and the renowned directors looking chic in black suits. Fans were also amazed by photos of Tim Burton enjoying Korean food.

Tim Burton recently visited Korea for Hyundai Card‘s latest culture project, the ‘Tim Burton Exhibit‘, which will be open from December 12th to April 14th at the Seoul Museum of Art.

Here are some photos from Tim Burton’s trip to Korea!

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So Ji Sub to release hip hop single

Posted: 12 Dec 2012 03:45 AM PST

Actor So Ji Sub is reported to be trying his hand at hip hop music.

His agency announced on the 12th, “Recently, So Ji Sub has been working on an album. At this time in the beginning of productions, it looks like it’ll be a single album rather than a full-length one.”

A release date has yet to be revealed, but according to So Ji Sub’s agency, the single may release at the end of this year or in January of 2013, depending on the speed of production.

So Ji Sub is reported to have had a continued interest in hip hop music. The actor will once again work with composer Kim Gun Woo, who worked on his last release ‘Corona Borealis‘.

B.A.P’s Youngjae assures fans SECRET members are okay

Posted: 12 Dec 2012 03:21 AM PST

B.A.Ps Youngjae wants fans to know that the members of SECRET are doing okay.

He assured fans in a tweet on December 12th, “Very thankfully, the SECRET sunbaes are okay, so don’t worry too much! ^_^ Now, let’s laugh. Hahahahoho,” comforting those who are worried for his fellow TS Entertainment labelmates.

SECRET recently got into a car accident due to snowy road conditions. They’ve also canceled all promotional activities for the time being and will be resting until the 28th.

In any case, it’s great to hear another update about their condition. Let’s hope they recover quickly!

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[Review] Juniel ’1&1′

Posted: 12 Dec 2012 02:54 AM PST

For those who don’t know, Juniel is a Korean artist who started her performance career in Japan, and she’s released two albums in Japanese so far. Three of the five tracks from this mini-album were originally released in her Japanese releases. Though it’s not entirely a “new” mini-album as far as originality goes, this should not detract from the album’s high-quality. With much respect to ‘My First June‘, I think ‘1&1‘ is perhaps one of the strongest releases this year in K-Pop.

I’ll be blunt: the first track “Bad Man” ranks alongside my favorite songs released this year. Juniel’s vocal control is absolutely amazing throughout this piece. Is she the vocal songstress that can belt high notes at will? No. But the effortless switches, light whispers, hints of soul, and incredibly controlled falsettos match impeccably with the style of music she is singing. Her lyrical delivery is flawless, her voice matching the atmosphere of each section of the track. This is demonstrated particularly well when her rhythmic articulation of “Baby, I don’t like you” matches the swinging drum set in the second half of the refrain sections.

On a compositional level, this track never bores: it shifts sonic atmospheres every few bars, adding elements that either tastefully build or decrease the space that was performed just prior. However, these shifts are not abrupt, and they combine in such a manner that the song flows effortlessly; the song builds upon itself and never loses any of its energy. Though perhaps my favorite parts of this song are the instances where the producers juxtapose Juniel’s voice upon itself, noted particularly well in the intro when her fluttery falsetto is layered atop her deeper voice.

On a final note, the ending is unexpected. She ends on an incomplete cadence stating the lyrics, “You are a bad person.” This incomplete ending may signal that she is reconsidering getting back with her past love, or that she finally decides to stop contemplating and get rid of him immediately. Regardless of the interpretation, this technique gives an uneasy feeling that is almost never found in K-Pop. Again, I think this song is easily one of the best songs released this year. Though much like the other ones I would rank on the same level, it has not received the consideration that it should have.

The next song “Oh! Happy Day” is quite the switch from her previous song. It’s a much more poppy, uptempo sound that radiates happiness on multiple levels. This is obvious from the lyrical content, a translation to Korean from her original Japanese release in which Juniel constantly speaks of enjoying life in her light, stylized voice. She eats ice cream, drinks coffee, and plays with balloons. This euphoric utopia of a life is summed up by her constant repetition of the English lyrics of “Oh, oh happy day, happy smile, happy sun, happy life.” Despite the toothache inducing sweetness and simplicity of the lyrics, it isn’t a pain to listen to.

While Juniel obviously displays musical similarities to her fellow FNC Entertainment artists, the fusion of confident lyric delivery, electric guitar dubbing, and flowing pop rhythm bears striking similarities to the Japanese YUI, which is as good of a comparison that one could have for this type of music. Juniel’s high vocal range is on impressive display here in “Boy“, and she nails the key change at the end of the song. It’s comforting to know this key change isn’t simply auto-tuned, as Juniel comfortably sings in this range in a live performance of this song. Overall, this is another fantastic track.

Cat Day” is a hauntingly comforting ballad song. The song is built around a simple plucking pattern from Juniel’s guitar, a glockenspiel-like instrument, and a recorder synth patch, all of these meshing together to give the song a childish quality. While it’s a ballad, the song serves more as a meditative piece, as it did when it was originally released in Japanese.

While this song conceptualized a life that a cat may have — one that is naive, simplistic, and carefree — this seems mostly from the Japanese point of view of a cat. A Korean perspective may have a different concept of what the life of a cat is like. These are simply side notes. Regardless, this is a perfect song to just sit back and reflect on one’s priorities in life.

The last song “Happy Ending” is appropriately titled. Aside from “Bad Man”, this is the only other piece that isn’t a re-release from Juniel’s prior Japanese work. The bright child-like pings and pangs of non-traditional instruments carry over from the previous piece and almost give this track a Christmas-y feel. Much like “Oh! Happy Day”, Juniel’s voice is boppy and bright. The song is catchy, performed well, and a strong closing to end an exceptionally well-produced album. It actually is a happy ending compared to the filler-like endings that have been leaving me rather depressed after several recent K-Pop releases.

While only two of the songs of Juniel’s ’1&1′ release are technically “new,” this album is among the strongest that have been released. Introducing some of Juniel’s work to Korea ended up being a smart move, as each of the pre-released songs is simply too well-done to be left in the dust. Props to FNC Entertainment and their continual quality work that is both appealing enough to attract a wide audience, yet sophisticated enough that it leaves even the most discerning ear pleased.

Rating Overview

Pros: Lyrical delivery and sensitivity of performance, “Bad Man” is compositionally interesting — particularly the ending, comparison to YUI, no real weaknesses in any song.

Cons: “Oh! Good Day” can bee toothachingly cheery, not an entirely new mini-album release.


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JYJ’s Junsu (XIA) releases MV for “Even Though I Already Know”

Posted: 12 Dec 2012 02:25 AM PST

JYJ‘s Junsu (XIA) has released a music video for “Even Though I Already Know” from ‘Tarantallegra‘.

The MV incorporates the ballad song with the visuals of his first studio album ‘Tarantallegra’. It was released in anticipation of Junsu’s year-end ballad concert '2012 XIA Ballad&Musical Concert with Orchestra'.

“Even Though I Already Know” is described as a traditional K-Pop ballad, and the MV features the “unchallenged, masculine XIA” alongside his “soft, feminine” side.

Check it out below!

Seo In Guk confesses his pay for ‘Rascal Sons’ rose after ‘Reply 1997′

Posted: 12 Dec 2012 02:00 AM PST

Seo In Guk confessed that his appearance fees have risen.

He was a guest on December 12th’s episode of MBC‘s ‘Radio Star‘, where the MCs asked, “Has your pay for ‘Rascal Sons‘ increased after filming ‘Reply 1997‘?“. Seo In Guk answered that his pay had indeed rose.

Lee Sung Jae, who was also a guest on the show, added, “Seo In Guk recently said that he was going to buy a very expensive car,” to which Seo In Guk admitted he was thinking of buying a foreign car.

Mnet confirms Jung Joon Young’s “Happy Blue Christmas” is not affiliated with ‘Superstar K4′

Posted: 12 Dec 2012 01:36 AM PST

Mnet recently cleared the air and confirmed that ‘Superstar K4‘ finalist Jung Joon Young‘s “Happy Blue Christmas” was recorded prior to ‘Superstar K4′.

An Mnet representative revealed on the 11th, “Jung Joon Young recently released his new song which, has no affiliation with Mnet and ‘Superstar K4′, and was confirmed to have been planned prior to ‘Superstar K4′. The recording was done prior to ‘Superstar K4′ and it is not a violation of any contract with the ‘Superstar K4′ contestants. Only the ‘Superstar K4′ affiliated albums are the concern of our agency, and contracts prior to ‘Superstar K4′ are irrelevant.”

In related news, Jung Joon Young has already racked up several endorsement deals.

Check out “Happy Blue Christmas” below!

SPICA release ‘Let’s Dance’ tutorial video for “Lonely”

Posted: 12 Dec 2012 01:10 AM PST

SPICA have released a 'Let's Dance' tutorial video for their latest track, "Lonely"!

As previously mentioned, the group's new song has been produced by the hitmaker Sweetune, and the members have also included their own works as well in the album.

Check out the "Lonely" MV if you missed it and the 'Let's Dance' video below!

Boyfriend’s Jeongmin updates fans with a goodnight selca

Posted: 12 Dec 2012 12:45 AM PST

Boyfriend‘s Jeongmin updated fans with a “swoonworthy” goodnight selca.

Jeongmin shared on Boyfriend’s official Twitter on the 11th, “I’m sleepy… A snapshot from yesterday after I finished practice in the early morning! This is a late-night gift from Jeongmin… kekeke. Goodnight, everyone<3 Dream about me ^^,” along with the photo above.

The photo shows Jeongmin happy to finally get some rest as he cuddles into his pillow.

Fans commented, “Noona fans hit the jackpot today”, “Jeongmin is so charming and sexy”, “I think of ‘White Love‘ when I see this selca”, and more.

In other news, “White Love”, featuring K. Will, SISTAR‘s Soyu, and Jeongmin, is ranking high on music charts. Boyfriend is also doing well in Japan with the singles “Dance Dance Dance” and “MY LADY“.

BoA promises to go listen to J.Y. Park’s ‘half-breath half-sound’ technique at his concert

Posted: 12 Dec 2012 12:21 AM PST

BoA promised to go listen to J.Y. Park‘s infamous “half-air, half-sound” singing technique.

On the 11th, J.Y. Park retweeted BoA’s tweet about her first solo concert, which said, “January 26, 2013. I’m having my first solo concert since my debut! Keke. I feel a little embarassed. I’ll prepare well… See you at the concert venue ^^.” J.Y. Park responded, “Wow, I’m looking forward to it! But why aren’t you responding to my text about inviting you to my concert~ -_-;; It can’t be that you’re not coming as a fellow MC…

The two are fellow judges on SBS‘ competitive reality program ‘K-Pop Star‘.

BoA reassured J.Y. Park, “Ke..I’m going to go hear the real ‘half air, half sound’ singing technique!!! It can’t be that you’re going to take away my seat as a fellow MC because I didn’t respond, right oppa? Hehe. Of course I’m going ♥♥.