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"JYJ Kim Junsu released on site concert practice photos" plus 24 more

"JYJ Kim Junsu released on site concert practice photos" plus 24 more

JYJ Kim Junsu released on site concert practice photos

Posted: 28 Dec 2012 07:55 AM PST

Photos of JYJ's Kim Junsu practicing with a full orchestra has been released to the public 2 days prior to the concert.

On Dec 27, c-jes entertainment side said, "For the year end concerts, Kim Junsu has been practicing day and night. He often exchanges views with the musical director to prepare for the performances."

The photo shows Kim Junsu practicing with violin, cello, and brass players and a full chorus.

Kim Junsu said, "The power of the orchestra will help give a different meaning to each song. When the chorus and vocal come together, each track comes to life with rhythm and sound. Please expect an illusion of harmony and excitement.", making clear of his sentiments.

The concert's cue sheet was published 3 weeks ago. In addition, Kim Junsu's new digital single "Thank U For", which has gained popularity upon its release, will be included in the song line up.

Kim Junsu's 2012 Xia Ballad & Musical Concert with Orchestra will be held on Dec 29 to 31 at COEX.

Source: e2news
Translated by: @rubypurple_fan of JYJ3


Posted: 28 Dec 2012 07:30 AM PST

After 27 days, Annex Telecom successively announces the release of SISTAR's "SISTAR Ring" and INFINITE's "INFINITE Ring" for No.1 Application "Star Ring", in which it allows you to decorate your own call screen with your choice of stars.

"Star Ring" allows you to download, install and set your settings with unreleased photos and videos of the star of your own choice, whereby for any incoming and outgoing calls, photos or videos will be implemented in full screen in your phone.

Especially, user are able download, show and share star's photos or foster moment videos to the other parties on birthdays and anniversaries. Such services has attracted the attention of many fans.

This time, "SISTAR Ring", whereby images and videos of Femme Fatale SISTAR's sexy and cute appearances can be set as your ringtones as per own interest. SISTAR fans were showing great interest before the launch.

Furthermore, "INFINITE Ring", whereby images and videos of a group with the 7 charming men can be set as your own ringtone, has also attracted the attention of many fans.

Annex Telecom has announced that KARA Ring, MBLAQ Ring, U-KISS Ring, and SUPERNOVA Ring are expected to be released in 2013.

Annex Telecom, who cooperated with KT MVNO, a thrift phone operators, to develop and launch the app for the first time, has 20 million subscribers.

P.S. AnnexTelecom Apps are available at Google Play

SOURCE: Kyeongje Today

MBLAQ Seungho Slightly Exposed Collarbone in His Recent Selca to Public

Posted: 28 Dec 2012 07:00 AM PST

Idol Group MBLAQ's leader, Yang Seung Ho, revealed a new selca to the public.

Yang Seung Ho posted a selca with a tweet message "Is this when I was going to the MCM event Flickering (memory) he Selca after a long time …but my collarbone.."

In the photo, Yang Seung Ho was looking and smiling at the camera in his black shirt and leather jacket with his pale white face; accompanied with his pretty eye-catching hairstyle.

When the photo was exposed, netizens showed a variety of reactions, such as "Yang Leader is so handsome~", "Where is the collar bone? I can't really see it. Can you show us a little more…" and "It's warm!"

On the other hand, MBLAQ, the group which Yang Seung Ho is in, participates in the recent SBS Drama "The King of Dramas" OST called "Because It's Heaven".


Performances from the ‘2012 KBS Music Festival’ (Part 2)

Posted: 28 Dec 2012 06:54 AM PST

On December 28th, Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) held its major annual end-of-the-year 'KBS Music Festival'. Hosted by Girls' Generation's YoonA, CNBLUE's Yonghwa and singer Sung Si Kyung, the music festival featured explosive performances and special joint stages from many of this year's top artists.

Tonight's song festival included many exciting and special stages by top idols including TVXQ, Super Junior, KARA, CNBLUE, miss A, BEAST, T-ara, Teen Top, Trouble Maker, 2AM, B1A4, Noel, SISTAR, Dynamic Duo, SHINee, Son Dambi, K.will, SECRET, Ailee and INFINITE.

Watch Part 1 here.

Return to the 90's - 2nd Part Opening Stage
(Infinite H, Teen Top, Sistar, CNBLUE, miss A, BEAST, H.O.T)






Brave Guys + K-will, SECRET's Sunhwa




Super Junior


Ending Stage

Gaon Chart releases rankings for December 16th – December 22nd

Posted: 28 Dec 2012 06:53 AM PST

Gaon Chart is the national record chart of South Korea. It is complied by the Korea Music Content Industry Association with an aim to create a national chart for Korea similar to the Billboard charts and Oricon charts.

[Rankings for Week December 16 – December 22, 2012]

Weekly Singles Chart

1. Akdong Musician : "You Are Attractive"

2. Lee Seung Gi : "Return"

3. Sung Si Kyung, Park Hyoshin, Lee Seok Hoon, Seo In Guk, VIXX : "Because It's Christmas"

4. Yang Yoseob : "Caffeine"

5. Sunny Hill : "Goodbye To Romance"

6. Baek Ah Yeon : "Daddy Long Legs"

7. Zia : "For A Year"

8. SECRET : "Talk That"

9. Akdong Musician : "Don't Cross Your Leg"

10. Noel : "Things That I Couldn't Say"


Weekly Album Chart

1. TVXQ : "Humanoids" [6th Repackaged Album]

2. Various Artists : "The Most-Feeling Good Music on Earth Classic"

3. B1A4 : "In The Wind" [3rd Mini Album]

4. Various Artists : "Full House Take 2" [Soundtrack]

5. Superstar K4 Top 12 : "It's Top 12"

6. Brave Guys : "A to Z" [1st Album]

7. G-Dragon : "One Of A Kind" [1st Mini Album]

8. Nell : "Holding onto Gravity" [1st Single]

9. Kim Sunggyu : "Another Me" [1st Mini Album]

10. Sunny Hill : "Antique Romance" [4th Mini Album]

< Last week's rankings

Yoo Jae Suk voted the #1 comedian of 2012

Posted: 28 Dec 2012 06:28 AM PST

Yoo Jae Suk has been voted as the #1 comedian of 2012.

From November 15th until 30th, Korean Gallup asked 1,700 people above the age of 13 to choose two of the best comedians of 2012. Yoo Jae Suk was voted as the most popular comedian, receiving 38.7% of the votes, and proved his huge popularity and influence.

This year, Yoo Jae Suk hosted a number of top TV shows, including MBC 'Infinity Challenge', 'Come Play', SBS 'Running Man' and KBS 2TV 'Happy Together 3'.

In second place was comedian Kim Jun Hyun, who was active in 'Gag Concert' and 'Crisis Escape No. 1', gaining 20.6% of the votes.

‘Iris 2’ reveals new stills from foreign locations

Posted: 28 Dec 2012 06:03 AM PST

New still cuts of the much-awaited KBS drama 'Iris 2' from different foreign locations have been coming up online recently.

The new pictorial-like stills feature the main characters including Jang Hyuk (Jeong Yoo Gun), Lee Bum Soo (Yoo Joong Won), Lee Da Hae (Ji Soo Yeon), Oh Yeon Soo (Choi Min), Yoon Doojoon (Seo Hyeon Woo), Lim Soo Hyang (Kim Yeon Hwa), offering different environment from Hungary, Japan and Cambodia.

'Iris 2' is a sequel of the successful first season of the drama in 2009. This time, it is to take on a whole different scale, traveling all over Hungary, Cambodia and more, and is reported to have cost about 20 billion won (roughly 18.7 million US dollars) to make.

Shinhwa sells over 30,000 copies of concert DVD

Posted: 28 Dec 2012 05:38 AM PST

Seven months after their Seoul concert, Shinhwa released its special DVD featuring the group's 14th debut anniversary concert.

Shinhwa released '2012 Shinhwa Grand Tour in Seoul – The Return' DVD in Korea and Japan on December 26 and sold over 30,000 copies in a day, topping the Hanteo real-time chart.

The DVD includes the first live performances of the tenth album's title track "Venus" and ballad track "Hurts" as well as the concert's behind-the-scene clips. Along with the group's powerful performances and cheerful talk session, the DVD has cinematic images shot in 23.98 frames and multi-angle video footage capturing the moves of each member.

A spokesperson for Shinhwa Company stated, "Thank you so much for your interest in the DVD of Shinhwa's live concert in Seoul. The DVD is a special one created in celebration of the 14th anniversary of Shinhwa's debut. You'll be able to see the concert as if you're actually there."

Narsha celebrates birthday with KARA’s Goo Hara

Posted: 28 Dec 2012 05:13 AM PST

KARA's Goo Hara recently shared photos from Brown Eyed Girls' Narsha's birthday party.

On December 28th, Goo Hara tweeted a birthday message to Narsha, "Happy Birthday my lovely Narsha", and attached a photo of herself taken together with the birthday celebrant.

The photo showed Goo Hara and Narsha posing closely for the camera while holding up soju bottles. In another photo, Narsha is blowing the birthday cake candles.

Netizens commented, "Truly like a soju advertisement model", "They are so hot" and "Both of them are so cute."

Performances from the ‘2012 KBS Music Festival’ (Part 1)

Posted: 28 Dec 2012 06:57 AM PST

On December 28th, Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) held its major annual end-of-the-year 'KBS Music Festival'. Hosted by Girls' Generation's YoonA, CNBLUE's Yonghwa and singer Sung Si Kyung, the music festival featured explosive performances and special joint stages from many of this year's top artists.

Tonight's song festival included many exciting and special stages by top idols including TVXQ, Super Junior, KARA, CNBLUE, miss A, BEAST, T-ara, Teen Top, Trouble Maker, 2AM, B1A4, Noel, SISTAR, Dynamic Duo, SHINee, Son Dambi, K.will, SECRET, Ailee and INFINITE.

Watch the amazing performances below (Part 1):


miss A





Special stage: SISTAR's Hyorin, K-will, Ailee

Son Dambi

Teen Top

Suzy vs Hara Dance Battle


Dynamic Duo

Idol Super Band (2AM's Jinwoon and Changmin, INFINITE's L, CNBLUE's Minhyuk, SHINee's Taemin and Jonghyun, B2ST's Yoseob)

Boohwal ft. Idol Super Band

Trouble Maker

Watch Part 2 here.

Song Joong Ki regrets not becoming a ‘campus couple’

Posted: 28 Dec 2012 04:48 AM PST

Actor Song Joong Ki revealed his honest feelings about never becoming a 'campus couple'.

On December 27th, Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Young, who recently casted in movie 'Wolf Boy' together, appeared on SBS Power FM 'Cultwo Show' and talked about his college life.

The actor shared, "I debuted while I was in school. Thankfully, the students on the college campus still treat very comfortably."

Song Joong Ki continued, "I have never asked out a female student since I attended this school. I regret not becoming a campus couple."

In the episode, Song Joong Ki also talked about his drinking limit, and how his life is going recently.

Mystery gift causes Super Junior’s Eunhyuk to cry

Posted: 28 Dec 2012 04:23 AM PST

Super Junior's Eunhyuk recently shed tears because of the gifts he received from fans.

Super Junior members participated in a recording for JTBC's Lee Soo Geun Kim Byung Man's Noble Life, and showed off their great sense of humor.

During the episode, the Super Junior members were seen opening up packages they had received from fans. The packages contained many gifts, including some racy magazines. However, one of the packages makes Eunhyuk cry and many people who heard the news are wondering what the mystery item was.

On the show, Super Junior also partook in other ridiculous acts such as withstanding the cold without a shirt and training in ice water.

The episode will air on jTBC on December 29.

Sean shares photos from YG concert after party

Posted: 28 Dec 2012 03:58 AM PST

Sean shared photos from the after party for YG Family's concert in Japan held earlier this year.

On December 27th, Sean uploaded a couple of photos on his Twitter and wrote "Ah, amazing popularity. After finishing 'YG Family 15th Anniversary Concert in JAPAN'."

In the photos, The YG Entertainment idols including Big Bang's G-Dragon and 2NE1's CL, Dara and Minzy are holding placards that say "Jin Woo", "Thank you Sean", revealing that they themselves are fans of Jinusean.

Netizens commented, "They must be really close friends", "Jinwoo and Sean must be really popular" and "They all look so happy."

'YG Family 15th Anniversary Concert in JAPAN' was held back in January at Osaka Kyosera Dome and Saitama Super Arena.

Kim Tae Woo to welcome second child

Posted: 28 Dec 2012 03:33 AM PST

After getting married in December of 2011, former G.O.D. member Kim Tae Woo will already be welcoming his second child with his wife.

Kim Tae Woo shared the good news during his joint concert with Bobby Kim, "The Two Man Show" on December 25th at the Samsung COEX Hall D in Seoul. He added that this was the first time he was announcing the news publicly.

Kim Tae Woo stated that the gender of the baby is still unknown. The new addition will be joining the singer's first daughter.

Source: KBS

Skarf revamps lineup and becomes five member group

Posted: 28 Dec 2012 03:11 AM PST

Korean-Singaporean girl group Skarf has revamped its lineup and will return as a five-member group.

The group's agency, Alpha Entertainment revealed on December 28 that member Sol had departed from the group due to personal reasons. Taking her place, the group added two new members named, Joo Ah and Hana.

A representative stated, "Unfortunately, due to personal reasons, Sol will no longer be together with us. But, this time with Joo Ah and Hana on the team now, the atmosphere has become livelier. Please expect and be prepared for the many great and new promotional activities. The members have returned to the basics and are committing their time to practicing. Please show them a lot of interest from now on."

Credit: @SKARF_intl

Lee Min Jung participates in charity work with fan

Posted: 28 Dec 2012 02:43 AM PST

Actress Lee Min Jung took part in charity work with her fan, showing their love for children who are suffering from incurable diseases.

On December 26th, Lee Min Jung shared through her me2day, "I made Wish Bears with my fans at 'Make A Wish'. The bears are a source of hope for children who were ill."

The photos show Lee Min Jung happily making dolls with needles and string and talking with her fans. It has been revealed that the actress maintained her smile throughout and answered every question posed to her by her fan.

Netizens commented, "She is so beautiful", "She's pretty outside and inside", "The fans are so lucky" and more.

SPEED releases MV teaser for “Sad Promise”

Posted: 28 Dec 2012 02:18 AM PST

In addition to the teaser for title track "It's Over", SPEED has released a music video teaser for the track, "Sad Promise".

The drama version of the music video, "Sad Promise" features not only Park Bo Young but also Ji Chang Wook, Ha Suk Jin and A Pink's Son Na Eun as well as Kim Young Ho, Jung So Young and Choi Ji Yeon.

SPEED's music video is reported to have cost over 750 million won and will have a 80's background. The story will revolve around four characters and show the sadness of friendship and love.

"It's Over" and "Sad Promise" are slated for release on January 7th next year.

Girls’ Generation releases dance teaser for “I Got a Boy”

Posted: 28 Dec 2012 02:00 AM PST

As we countdown towards the new year and Girls' Generation's much-awaited comeback, the excitement in the air continues with the release a teaser for the dance version of the "I Got A Boy".

On December 28, Girls' Generation released a new music video teaser for "I Got A Boy" through various social media websites. The dance version teaser shows how the members look in their new concept, and is completely different from the drama version teaser released beforehand.

Girls' Generation already attracted a lot of attention by releasing some unconventional, sexy teaser photos of the group. The pre-released track, "Dancing Queen," also topped various music charts, demonstrating power domination.

Miryo's shocking hairstyle at Brown Eyed Girls' concert

Posted: 28 Dec 2012 01:38 AM PST

On December 24, Brown Eyed Girls held a 19+ rated concert named "Tonight 37.2° C" at Central City Millennium Hall, Banpo, Seoul.

Having met their fans after almost 2 years, Brown Eyed Girls attracted a lot of attention because they are the first girl group to organize a concert 19+ rated concert in Korea.

In particular, Miryo's shocking hairstyle is one of the most discussed topic.

Many netizens commented about her hairstyle: "I'm shocked, Miryo shaved a half of head!", "Sandara Park's  inspiration", "So sexy", etc ...

The concept of this concert is "Until death separates us apart" (Mors Sola), all the performances were devided into 4 parts 'Temptation', 'Passion', 'Betrayal ' and 'Revenge'. In addition to the group performances, fans also got to watch their individual and many never-seen before performances

Source: bnt news
Written by Jenny@dkpopnews

2PM's Taecyeon receives cake attack!!

Posted: 28 Dec 2012 01:06 AM PST

On December 27, 2AM's Jokwon wrote through his twitter, "Taecyeon hyung, happy birthday" together with an attached photo.

In the photo, Taecyeon is looking at the camera with his face covered with cake. Eventhough it was his birthday party, his friends celebrated with a surprise cake attack.

Netizens left comments such as: "Taecyeon, your face was attacked" "Taecyeon's birthday, Is it a little rough?" "Are you really Taecyeon?".etc...

Source: Jokwon twitter
Written by Jenny@dkpopnews

SHINee's Onew wins first place in the Candypang Battle contest, claiming a prize of 10 million won

Posted: 28 Dec 2012 12:30 AM PST

Onew has been righteously crowned as the victor of WeMade Entertainment's Candypang Battle contest! As many have noticed, Onew has been religiously devoted to the battle, tweeting screenshots of his scores every so often throughout the past month.

The contest was opened to all celebrities and a variety of stars participated in the contest which took place from December 5th to December 27th. It not only attracted celebrity participants but also involved fans who could support the ideals by leaving comments through SNS. The official winners of this contest have been announced today on the 28th.

Onew's monetary winnings from his triumphant victory amounts to 10 million won ($9338~ USD), accompanied by the special prize of a 10,000 Candypang hearts coupon! Second place went to 1kyne of Electro Boyz, and third place went to gagman Moon Kyubak.

A huge congratulations to our devoted gamer! His score screenshots can be found below.


Park Bo Young,"Song Joong Ki's skin in better than me,too stressful"

Posted: 28 Dec 2012 12:02 AM PST

In the latest  broadcast of SBS Power FM "The Cultwo Show" on December 27th, Park Bo Young revealed that she was under pressure because of Song Joong Ki's skin.

When she was asked about how to have healthy skin like hers, she said,"Eat an apple for every morning. She was under pressure when she worked with Song Joongki as he has better skin than her.

Park Bo Young also added,"I was very curious about Joong Ki's skin care tips, so I asked him and he told me to eat an apple/day"

Song Joong Ki said,"I heard that eating an apple and yogurt in the morning is good. And try to eat on a daily basis"

Written by Clover @ DKPOPNEWS.NET

DJ DOC’s Kim Chang Ryul sponsors snack cart for the poor

Posted: 27 Dec 2012 10:57 PM PST

Kim Chang Ryul of group DJ DOC will engage in charity work for poor neighbors by operating a one-day charity snack cart (pojangmacha).

The entertainment company ENT 102, which represents Kim, announced that "Kim will sponsor a one-day chrarity snack cart, along with comedian Han Min-gwan, groups Fresh Boys and Wonder Boys, also represented by ENT 102, at Sinchon 'Palzamakchang' in Seodaemun-gu, western Seoul, starting 7 p.m. on Dec. 26 to raise the money to help needy people."

During the charity campaign, events such as "auction of celebrity belongings" and "Roller-skating rink dance time" will be held, led by Han min-gwan and Kim Chang Ryul, respectively. Guests will be served by ENT 102 artists.

Many celebrities and sports stars who are acquainted with Kim Chang Ryul donated their belongings for the celebrity belongings auction

Kim said, "We prepared the event to present our needy neighbors with a 'warm-hearted winter' in the year-end season."

Source: KBS

New York Times picks 2NE1 and Big Bang for ‘The Best Concerts of 2012’

Posted: 27 Dec 2012 10:32 PM PST

New York Times critics have selected the U.S. leg concerts of 2NE1 and Big Bang as the second best concerts of this year.

On December 26th, New York Times revealed its list of its best concerts of 2012 and it included concerts from the past year by artists such as Jay-Z, Radio Head, Nicki Minaj and more by the critics. In it, Jon Caramanica, a pop critic and one of four co-authors of the article, picked the YG artists' shows at Prudential Center, Newark as the No. 2 of his favorite live events of 2012.

They wrote, "This was the year K-pop arrived — not in the form of "Gangnam Style," which was everywhere and yet completely evanescent — but in these arena shows, which were full of thousands of young, paying fans eager to see the girls of 2NE1 and the boys of Big Bang, groups with zero American hits between them, but rabid American followings all the same."

Read the full article here.

SECRET and B.A.P to hold joint stage at SBS and MBC Gayo Daejun

Posted: 27 Dec 2012 10:07 PM PST

TS Entertainment labelmates, SECRET and B.A.P will hold a special collaboration stage at the upcoming year-end music festivals.

Their agency revealed on December 29 that the two groups will be holding special collaboration stages for the upcoming 'SBS Gayo Daejun' as well as the 'MBC Gayo Daejaejun'. Unfortunately, due to their recent car accident, SECRET will perform without Zinger, who currently recovering from fractured ribs and bruised lungs.

Prior to the joint performances, the agency confirmed that SECRET will resume their official activities since their car accident at the 'KBS Gayo Daejaejun' on December 28th.

In related news, SECRET's Sunhwa and B.A.P's Youngjae recently released a duet song, "Everything Is Pretty".