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"KARA release full PV for “Orion”" plus 19 more

"KARA release full PV for “Orion”" plus 19 more

KARA release full PV for “Orion”

Posted: 17 Dec 2012 09:35 AM PST

Via tokyohive:

The ladies of KARA have released the full PV for “Orion“.

“Orion” is the B-side track of their ‘Electric Boy‘ single. The song, included in their latest album ‘Girls Forever‘, was written and composed by Simon Isogai, who also created their Japanese songs “Winter Magic” and “Ima, Okuritai Arigato“.

In related news, the girls sold out tickets to their first concert in Tokyo Dome, 'KARASIA 2013 Happy New Year in Tokyo Dome', in five minutes.

Check out the “Orion” full PV below!

Tip: Erica

MBLAQ sings “Because It’s Heaven” for ‘The Lord of the Drama’

Posted: 17 Dec 2012 09:13 AM PST

MBLAQ will be releasing the song “Because It’s Heaven” for ‘The Lord of the Drama‘.

The song was briefly revealed today through the 13th episode of the drama. The song has a fast beat and includes MBLAQ’s explosive vocals that helps increase the fast-paced feeling of the scenes in the drama. “Because It’s Heaven” has a different mood than the previous OST songs from Lee Hyun and Yesung. While the two previous songs added to the bright and loving parts of the drama, “Because It’s Heaven” increases the tension in the drama.

A representative from ‘The Lord of the Drama’ commented, “It’s a fast-paced song that mixes singing and rapping. It’s going to help emphasize the tension between the characters in the drama. It’s different from the previous two songs, and you’ll be able to feel MBLAQ’s charms through it.

The track is scheduled for release on December 18th at 10PM KST. Check out the preview of the track that aired on the drama below.

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F.T. Island’s Hongki and Super Junior’s Heechul get nail art for the Holidays

Posted: 17 Dec 2012 08:42 AM PST

F.T. Island‘s Hongki and Super Junior‘s Heechul showed off their close friendship.

The pair are known to be close friends, and they proved this by getting matching nail art done. Hongki first tweeted a photo of his Christmas-and-rock-star themed nails, writing, “Ready for Christmas!!!“.

A few moments later, he tweeted what seems to be his thumbs and Heechul’s fingers, showing off a nail that had animated versions of Hongki and Heechul on each finger. He tweeted, “As a couple with Heechul-hyung… My hand has Hee-nim and hyung’s hand has Hong Star“.

Source: Hongki’s Twitter

MBLAQ to model for the sports brand LECAF

Posted: 17 Dec 2012 08:11 AM PST

Sports brand LECAF has chosen MBLAQ to model their products for 2013.

Every year, LECAF puts out a new line of backpacks for middle school and high school students for the new school year. This year, MBLAQ has been chosen not only to model the backpacks, but also shoes and clothing items for LECAF as well.

LECAF revealed that they chose MBLAQ because their bright, healthy image as well as their love for sports fit LECAF’s image perfectly. They also expressed that MBLAQ’s modesty as well as their community service made them good role models for students. MBLAQ recently participated in a photoshoot for the 2013 LECAF line, and will be active in LECAF’s online and offline marketing.

LECAF will provide an MBLAQ poster for anyone who buys items from the line in January and February, and will also hold nationwide autograph events.

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Pre-debut photos of Taeyeon, YoonA and Jooyeon show their natural beauty

Posted: 17 Dec 2012 07:37 AM PST

Pre-debut photos of idols are gaining hot attention.

A fan compared photos of Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon and YoonA along with After School‘s Jooyeon from before and after their debut. All three of them boast of perfect beauty from even before debut, proving that their beauty was natural.

Fans commented, “I’m going to go crazy from YoonA’s beauty“, “Taeyeon is so cute when she was younger“, and “Jooyeon is so pretty even from before debut“.

Who Wore it Better: BoA vs. Yubin

Posted: 17 Dec 2012 04:00 AM PST

It’s a flashback to summer this time on WWIB! In June, BoA appeared in ‘Nylon‘ modelling Adidas Originals x Opening Ceremony. She paired her pink, bandana-inspired dress with tousled hair and red lipstick. While she wasn’t actually wearing them, these are the shoes in the photo, currently on sale for $70 USD.

In July, Wonder Girls‘ Yubin wore the same dress to ‘Music Bank in Hong Kong‘. She left the top just slightly unzipped, to give the impression of a notched collar, and hemmed the dress significantly to make it a minidress, which she wore over a pair of pink hotpants. She also wore colorful knee socks, sneakers, a yellow headband, and straight hair.

The dress is on sale here for 188 USD.

So, who wore this dress better? Cast your vote in our poll and be sure to tell us why you voted that way in the comments!

[Source: Boom]

Child actress Kim Yoo Jung selects Big Bang’s T.O.P over Kim Soo Hyun, Yeo Jin Goo, and more as her ideal type

Posted: 17 Dec 2012 03:20 AM PST

Child actress Kim Yoo Jung has selected Big Bang‘s T.O.P as her ideal type.

During an interview segment on the December 16th installment of MBC‘s ‘Section TV‘, the actress was asked to select her ideal type among actors she hase worked with including Yeo Jin Goo, Lee Min Ho, Kim Soo Hyun, Big Bang’s T.O.P, and Park Gun Tae.

After much deliberation, Kim Yoo Jung ended up selecting T.O.P, whom she worked with in the film ‘Alumni‘, as her #1 ideal type. Following the Big Bang member, the actress placed Kim Soo Hyun in second, Lee Min Ho in third, Park Gun Tae in fourth, and Yeo Jin Goo in fifth.

When asked to explain why she selected T.O.P as her ideal type, Kim Yoo Jung bashfully confessed, “I’m just too much of a fan, so there’s nothing I can do about it.”

Viewers responded to her selection as they left comments like, “I didn’t know she was a fan of T.O.P“, “She has grown up a lot. She’s a lady now“, “They look good together“, and more.

[Spoiler] Yoo Jae Suk showcases his manners on ‘Running Man’ once more

Posted: 17 Dec 2012 02:40 AM PST

‘Nation’s MC’ Yoo Jae Suk displayed his manners on the latest episode of ‘Running Man‘.

The final mission of the newest episode had the cast members competing against each other to be crowned the new King. The ballots – which would determine who would ascend the throne – were hidden throughout the building, making them hard to find and easy to miss.

As he was cautiously making his way through the stacks of the library, he pointed out to his VJ, “Be careful. Make sure the books don’t get hurt”, expressing his worry for the damage that people running around would do to the library.

Good to know that his legendary heart of gold also extends to inanimate objects! Check out the full episode below.

JellyFish Entertainment donates ‘Heart Project’ profits to the Salvation Army Korea

Posted: 17 Dec 2012 02:00 AM PST

JellyFish Entertainment has announced that proceeds from their ‘Heart Project‘ album featuring artists Sung Shi Kyung, Park Hyo Shin, Lee Suk Hoon, Seo In Guk, and VIXX have been donated to the Salvation Army Korea.

As previously stated, the album was a mass project by the company as a special Christmas gift for their fans. Fortunately, it wasn’t only fans that benefited from the heartfelt album!

Seo In Guk and VIXX even went a step further by participating in the Salvatation Army kettle. The traditional red kettle is an integral part of the Christmas scene, with millions of dollars donated each year to aid needy families, seniors, and the homeless, in keeping with the spirit of the season. Fans chose the date their favorite star would be running the kettle and earned the chance to win a personal prize from the star himself once they donate to the kettle.

Seo In Guk’s kettle day on December 11th set the biggest record to date for the most fans that showed up to donate. VIXX participated on the 14th as the 2012 Goodwill Ambassadors for the Salvation Army, setting them up in the ranks of ‘donation idols’.

Netizens commented, “They really warm up my heart” and “I’m glad as a fan to see them do good deeds for others”.

In related news, the Heart Project’s title track “Because It’s Christmas” has maintained its position at the top of the charts for the past 10 days in addition to having made an all kill on the real time charts the day of its release.

Tiffany does the ‘cutie player’ on MBC’s ‘Show! Music Core’

Posted: 17 Dec 2012 01:20 AM PST

Girls’ Generation‘s Tiffany showed off her cute side during one of her MC segments on MBC‘s ‘Show! Music Core‘.

The segment aired on December 15th, during which she did the ‘guiyomi player’ or ‘cutie player’, which has been a recent trend online.

Tiffany asked, “Do you know the cutie song?” and proceeded to do the motions, exclaiming “1+1 is cutie, 2+2 is cutie..” and so on. While Tiffany was doing the ‘cutie player’, MCs Seohyun and Taeyeon watched and followed along hesitantly, looking just as adorable as Tiffany.

Upon seeing the video, netizens commented, “Tiffany is so cute” and “The two girls next to her look so embarrassed“.

Check out the clip below!

SECRET releases BTS photos and video from ‘Talk That’ music video shoot

Posted: 17 Dec 2012 12:40 AM PST

Having already released behind-the-scenes footage and photos from the “Talk That” drama version music video filming, the ladies of SECRET have just released more making-of photos from the original music video, the more dance-centered one.

TS Entertainment has treated fans to an avalanche of new photos, possibly to help ease fans sorrow from missing the girls on weekly music shows.  There are some great solo shots of both the girls’ charismatic dance moves as well as cute poses in between filming takes.

121217_secret_talkthatmaking1 121217_secret_talkthatmaking2 121217_secret_talkthatmaking3 121217_secret_talkthatmaking4 121217_secret_talkthatmaking5 121217_secret_talkthatmaking6 121217_secret_talkthatmaking7 121217_secret_talkthatmaking8 121217_secret_talkthatmaking9 121217_secret_talkthatmaking10 121217_secret_talkthatmaking11 121217_secret_talkthatmaking12 121217_secret_talkthatmaking15 121217_secret_talkthatmaking16 121217_secret_talkthatmaking17 121217_secret_talkthatmaking18


Brand New Music’s concert ‘Brand New Year’ sees 2,000 fans in attendance

Posted: 16 Dec 2012 11:57 PM PST

Hip hop company Brand New Music‘s family concert ‘Brand New Year‘ took off to a successful start with 2,000 fans in attendance.

Featuring 10 artists like Verbal Jint, Phantom, and As One, the family gathered at the UNIQLO-AX Hall on December 16th for ‘Brand New Year’. Fans from all ages, teens to 50s, and even housewives were seen in the audience, demonstrating the family’s widespread popularity.

Verbal Jint opened up the concert with three of his hit songs while Miss $ followed after with their latest chart toppers, bringing out some loud cheers from the male audience members!

Singer Bumkey, who’s currently looking forward to a debut next year with Troy (also comprised of Kanto, Max, and Jaewoong), showed off his vocal talent with “Love Song” before later regrouping with his Troy members to perform “We Troy“.

The stars of the show were none other than Phantom, who commanded the stage with their charisma. They performed a whopping seven tracks in collaboration with other family artists like Verbal Jint and Swings. Verbal Jint returned to the stage to finish up by melting the hearts of the ladies with his latest releases from this past year.

Representatives commented, “This concert was an opportunity for our artists to show off all that they’ve achieved this year. Verbal Jint, Phantom, and Miss $ all had great achievements on the digital charts, and we hope that in 2013, our new talented artists like Troy, Swings, Bizniz, BNR, and Shijin will be able to do just as well.”

20121216_brandnewmusic_1 20121216_brandnewmusic_2 20121216_brandnewmusic_3

Source + Photos: Joongang via Nate

Jay Park responds to Son Dam Bi’s love call

Posted: 16 Dec 2012 11:19 PM PST

Jay Park has responded to Son Dam Bi‘s love call via Twitter.

On the December 16th broadcast of MBC‘s ‘Section TV‘, Son Dam Bi was interviewed on the set of a CF shoot, where she was asked to select an artist whom she would like to work with.

Without hesitation, the singer immediately selected Jay Park and explained, “Jay Park’s ability to express himself on stage is amazing and he’s someone who knows how to enjoy a performance.”

Upon seeing the broadcast, Jay Park took to his Twitter and left a response for the singer, tweeting, “Dam Bi noona wants to perform on stage with me??! I’m honored. I’m up for it anytime. keke. This puts me in a good mood. Heo heo heo.”


Pledis Entertainment reveals eclectic teasers for ‘Seventeen TV’ to promote upcoming boy group Seventeen

Posted: 16 Dec 2012 10:46 PM PST

Earlier this year Pledis Entertainment announced plans for a seventeen member boy group (tentatively named Seventeen). Although they previously estimated the end of this year as the group’s debut date, the agency has pushed back the plans for the group’s debut to next year. Earlier today fans learned that the group would make their debut in January 2013.

Pledis also revealed that they will not be going the standard route of debuting the group in Korea before advancing overseas, but rather debut a group that is ready to promote in Korea, China, and Japan right from the get-go.

To create anticipation for the group’s debut, Pledis has released a pair of teaser videos for a program, ‘Seventeen TV’ that is designed to introduce the group and its members to the world. The teasers are extremely vague and don’t actually show images of any of the members, however there is a clip of at least one member singing and you hear other members talking, to give potential fans an idea of the group’s vocal talents.

Watch the quirky, but amusing, teasers below.  What do you think, is seventeen members too much?

Teaser Ver. 1

Teaser Ver 2

Thanks to everyone who sent in this tip!

Part 2 of Tiger JK’s 20th anniversary documentary ‘Onstage Hero Tiger’ to feature MFBTY’s comeback

Posted: 16 Dec 2012 10:26 PM PST

Mnet will be unveiling the second episode to Tiger JK‘s 20th anniversary documentary, ‘Onstage Hero Tiger on December 17th at midnight.

The first part to the series broadcast on the 10th told the story of Tiger JK’s climb to the top since his 1992 debut at an American hip hop festival where he performed “Call Me Tiger“. Fast forward 20 years and he’s now regarded as one of the heroes and leaders of Korean hip hop. The second installment to the documentary will continue his story from 2006 onwards, when he was diagnosed with myelitis.

Songs from his seventh album have been made into special videos especially for the documentary, as they best express the emotional and physical pain the rapper was going through while battling myelitis. The documentary will also aim to highlight his eighth album, a 27-track two-part project that was the result of a long hiatus.

Behind-the-scenes footage of his musical collaborations with rapper Rakim, performances with Far East Movement, and stories behind tracks like “8:45 Heaven” and “Aradiho” will also be spotlighted in the documentary.

Fans will also be glad to hear that ‘MFBTY (My Fan Better Than Yours’ – comprised of Tiger JK, Yoon Mirae, and Bizzy – is planning a surprise comeback. Fans can look forward to the release of the making film for their new music video produced by CJ CGV.

Jungle Entertainment representatives stated, “Tiger JK is currently preparing a completely different music performance than his usual style. The start of that will be through MFBTY’s next release in January. He’ll be transforming hip hop both through his solo and group promotions.”

Check it all out when it airs on December 17th at midnight on Mnet!

121217_tigerjk_mfbtymaking_pr 121217_tigerjk_mfbtymaking2_pr 121217_tigerjk_mfbtymaking3_pr 121217_tigerjk_mfbtymaking4_pr

TVXQ’s Yunho reveals he was in a relationship when he first made his debut

Posted: 16 Dec 2012 10:01 PM PST

TVXQ‘s Yunho revealed a past relationship he had during the recording for an upcoming episode of ‘Beatles Code 2‘.

Yunho revealed the reason Wheesung‘s song “With Me“ had a special meaning to him was because he had listened to it the day he had a huge fight with his girlfriend on the streets.  The two had been dating when Yunho first made his debut as a TVXQ member, but she had broken up with him when his busy schedule didn’t allow him to see her often.

Yunho also revealed, “I may seem cool on the outside, but I am actually sensitive on the inside.

This episode of ‘Beatles Code 2′ will air on the 17th.

Does it surprise you that Yunho dated during his debut days?

Christmas greetings to allkpop fans from Crispi Crunch

Posted: 16 Dec 2012 09:30 PM PST

Christmas is right around the corner and allkpop received some stocking stuffers in the form of special greeting videos for our fans!

Today's greeting is from none other than Crispi Crunch. The crazy hip hop duo is back to say hello to all the allkpop fans and readers. Don’t forget CSP’s famous “Me Too” signature line he always says.

Check out the video message below, and we wish everyone a happy holidays!

Oh, and don't forget about about allkpop's 4th Annual 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway sponsored by J.ESTINA!

[12/12] Girl's Day Holiday Greeting

[12/13] LEDApple's Holiday Greeting

[12/14] Hello Venus's Holiday Greeting

[12/15] M.I.B's Greeting

[12/16] Dal Shabet’s Greeting

Wanted member Ha Dong Kyun releases latest mini-album ‘Mark’ + music video for “From Mark”

Posted: 16 Dec 2012 09:03 PM PST

Ha Dong Kyun, now also using Ha Dong QN of vocal group Wanted, who made their comeback last January after four years, has just released his latest solo effort the ‘Mark‘ mini-album.

Referred to as the ‘gem of all voices’, Ha Dong Kyun’s mini-album will be his first time releasing an album since his ‘Another Corner‘ album five years ago. Unlike his usual R & B style ballad songs, this album consists of songs of different styles, personally written by Ha Dong Kyun himself.

His title song “From Mark“, especially, gives off an overwhelmingly emotional feeling with Ha Dong Kyun’s powerful vocal and British styled instrumentals. In addition to “From Mark” the album contains five other songs showing Ha Dong Kyun’s vocal versatility.

The music video for “From Mark” use a unique method of highlighting the lyrics of the song. Find out what method he uses in the music video posted below and listen to other songs from the album.

1) From Mark MV

2) Clear the Remains

3) Unbelievable Ending

4) Inside Me

5) Go Forward

6) After The Love

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After School’s Lizzy and rapper Andup release “Cosmetic” for the ‘Cupcake Project’ single

Posted: 16 Dec 2012 08:22 PM PST

After School‘s Lizzy and rapper Andup have released their collaborative single “Cosmetic” for their single album ‘Cupcake Project‘.

The album, which contains “Cosmetic” and “Cosmetic [instrumental]“, is a hot new album that was released today. Lizzy, who has mostly shown  powerful dance performances with After School, handled this aesthetic hip hop collaboration with underground rapper Andup very well.

“Cosmetic” was produced by Kim Gun Woo who has made other hit songs such as “I love you I love you” by Miryo and Sunny and “Sick Enough to Die” by MC Mong and Mellow.

Check out the song below!

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J.Y. Park’s ‘Bad Jazz Bar’ attracts 4,000 fans on the first day

Posted: 16 Dec 2012 07:58 PM PST

The opening show of J.Y. Park‘s ‘Bad Jazz Bar‘ tour brought in 4,000 fans.

The first show was held on the 15th, and brought audience members from all over the world to Daejeon. The concert boasts of a full live band that provides the highest-quality sound, and imitates a luxurious jazz bar. J.Y. Park made himself into the best condition for the tour. The 4,000 fans in attendance cheered passionately when he first appeared.

All of J.Y. Park’s songs were edited into jazz songs.  He performed together with a 14-member brass band and chorus. However, the highlight of his show was his 19+ performances. At one point in the concert, he invited a female fan to the stage and onto a sofa bed, where he proceeded to perform shirtless for her.

J.Y. Park also performed “She Doesn’t Know” for the first time, a song that had never been released before. He performed a Christmas carol as an encore song towards the end of the concert. He even put himself back on stage for a second time because of the unending encore calls.

J.Y. Park said, “I’m very happy to spend the end of the year with the people I always want to be with. I’m happy to see them in my best condition. Thank you for your love.

121217_jypark_badjazzbar_01_pr 121217_jypark_badjazzbar_02_pr 121217_jypark_badjazzbar_03_pr 121217_jypark_badjazzbar_04_pr 121217_jypark_badjazzbar_05_pr 121217_jypark_badjazzbar_06_pr 121217_jypark_badjazzbar_07_pr