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"Kim Jaejoong holds the record of largest rice donation from fans" plus 24 more

"Kim Jaejoong holds the record of largest rice donation from fans" plus 24 more

Kim Jaejoong holds the record of largest rice donation from fans

Posted: 22 Dec 2012 07:00 AM PST

"The celebrity recorded with the largest amount on one event is Kim Jaejoong. At the press conference of MBC Dr Jin, fans from over 30 countries around the world sent a total of 23.68 tons of rice wreath. The Lotte Hotel lobby was almost full, and due to the lack of space, we didn't accept anymore orders. It was the largest amount as far as I remember." (Noh Seung-Gu, representative of rice wreath supplier).

Credit: jaef126
Translation: pvtse of JYJ3

G-Dragon's hairstyles are Naruto-inspired?

Posted: 22 Dec 2012 06:30 AM PST

A photo of G-Dragon's compilation of hairstyle is creating buzz in an online community. Netizens really have sharp eyes. They gathered GD's unique hairstyles and were able to compare to Naruto's characters which provoke amusement and amazement at the same time.

G-Dragon is known as one of the fashionable idol in Kpop.From his style of clothing and unique hairstyles.

Photo source: TVreport
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CNBLUE's Jonghyun talks about friendship with Jonghyun in Ceci interview

Posted: 22 Dec 2012 06:00 AM PST

CNBLUE did a shoot with Ceci for the January edition of the magazine. The members had individual interviews and Lee Jonghyun talked about his friendship with SHINee's Kim Jonghyun. The following is an excerpt from the interview.

Q. We heard you're close with SHINee's Jonghyun who is the same age as you.
A. We're not close. Where did you here that sort of thing from? (He was serious for a moment.) Haha! The truth is that we are close. Jonghyun is always a bright and cheerful friend. During my newcomer days when everything was difficult, he comfortably approached me first and we became close. When we meet, we usually go out to eat meat. I often hear that I'm a "old child" but I feel like I return to my actual age when I meet up with Jonghyun. It feels nice.

Q. SHINee's Jonghyun tricked you into thinking he gifted you a <Diablo game CD> but it turned out to be chocolate crackers? Your reaction which he posted on Twitter was fun. That's why it's time for revenge. Spill one of his secrets.
A. That bad guy... But I will not do anything cheap. He is also a good guy so I will protect him.

Q. SHINee's Jonghyun, Teen Top's Jonghyun(Changjo), actor and model Jonghyun, and NU'EST Jonghyun. There are several Jonghyuns in the entertainment business. What do you think you are first place in?
1. I play guitar and sing.
2. I am the palest.
3. I am CNBLUE.

Source: Ceci January 2013
Translated by: kimchi hana @

Seungri, "I support you Ziuhime-chan"

Posted: 22 Dec 2012 05:30 AM PST

On his Diary, Seungri reveals a selca taken with actress Ziuhime.

He wrote,

Seungri, GD and Taeyang shot a CF^^
All members seem tired since we move to many sites for overseas schedules.
But please cheer up guys this year will end soon!! ^_^
Today we had a year-end party. everybody gathered, drank and danced.
I had a good time!
wow!! Ziuhime-chan!!^_^
The Ziuhime in sonata of winter!!
Took a pic with her !

 She is a famous actress in Japan as a Korean^_^
She replies "Thank you" in a cute way when I call her "Ziuhime-chan~".
I want to see her to work/act for a good drama^^
I support you Ziuhime-chan!!!
Cuz now is the end of a year, year-end parties might be held.
But do not drink too much, it is not good^^
Just enjoy moderately ^__^
Tomorrow is for the Fukuoka concert !
Be happy as usual !!

Source: @mystifize via fyeahseungri@tumblr
Translated by: @ShrimpLJY

Girl's Day Minah in her pajamas!

Posted: 22 Dec 2012 05:00 AM PST

Girl's Day Minah tweeted photos wearing her newly bought pink pajamas.

On December 22, she tweeted, "I bought pajamas! Kekekeke it feels good~~"
On the photos, she is showing her pink pajamas with black and white bears printed on it. She looks comfortable in her photos.

Source: Minah's twitter
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Kim Jaejoong: “JiSung Hyung Looks Over All My Scripts”

Posted: 22 Dec 2012 04:30 AM PST

If I could express my feelings it was as though they could be cut by a knife. In front of me was the man who had skin as white as snow and I wondered if it was just as cold as well. However his large eyes had a sense of ambiguity, as though they contained a mystery. I found myself becoming increasingly curious; who was this man, what kind of person was he?

This cool facade was the image of Kim Jaejoong that could be publicly seen. However when you talked to him it was a different story; the feeling around him was very relaxed and friendly, his warmth reminding you of how misleading appearances could be.

Journalists who had met Kim Jaejoong before said that he was a very emotional man. A man who was pleasantly sweet and even had never-ending laughter. They also talked about his unstoppable talent. How he was hidden like a dark horse among the entertainment field. And I can agree that whether talking about music or any other art, the title of "Dark Horse" fits him well.

Though he has faced many circumstances that can be referred to as "unfair" [Kim Jaejoong] has maintained a true and humane aspect about him. He said he often causes worry to his management company because of his frank nature. But because of his honesty he is able to circumvent his perfect outward appearance and show reporters his true, human side.

♦ A Man Like Doenjang [T/N: Deonjang is a Korean fermented soy bean paste]

The funny thing is, Kim Jaejoong is familiar with the impression his cold outward appearance leaves.

"Although you may only be able to see the outward appearance at first, it's just as important to look carefully at the inner appearance as well. This is like the case of a person who can grow more charming each day. I feel like I'm just like deonjang; at first it makes the room smell terrible and no one would want to eat it. However, once the deonjang matures for a long time, people start to see it as something that is comforting".

This Deonjang-like man Kim Jaejoong made his first film debut last month in the movie "Jackal is Coming". More than just box office results, this movie became a source of personal satisfaction for him.

"There are two things that I was very glad about. First is that the character I was able to play was very good. And secondly, it is very rare to get an offer of a leading role for your first film, so it was a great joy to be able to get this type of experience"

The character of Choi Hyun, being a top star, was something that could feel very relatable and comfortable. The character went through a variety of obstacles including being kidnapped by a killer and even dealing with a sasaeng fan. Though the movie was different from reality, it was also very similar in some ways.

Here is a funny episode Kim Jaejoong told about the premiere.

"For the VIP premiere, I invited Seol Woondo and Tae JinAh songsaengnims (T/N: Seol Woondo and Tae JinAh are both famous trot singers). However, the whole time they were laughing that such a famous movie star invited them and not No Hunah or Ju YoungPil (T/N: other trot singers). Afterwards, Seol Woondo seongsaengnim came up to me and told me to proudly tell [other singers] that 'I asked Seol Woondo and Tae JinAh to come out and see me'. Haha"

♦ I Would Die Without JYJ

As an actor Kim Jaejoong had not only been in movies but also dramas such as "Protect the Boss" and "Dr. Jin". As a member of JYJ, he has also received a great amount of love for his musical talents. However there are always some complaints when a singer transitions to the occupation of an actor.

"As a singer, you can suffer and work hard for 3 months in order to produce something that is 3 minutes long. And then you repeat the process. And for a drama you can work a whole year in order to see results. Though they both require hard work, I think there is a different sort of satisfaction that you receive from producing music than the satisfaction you can feel from acting."

Kim Jaejoong is known to have a very close relationship with his fellow JYJ members. Sometimes it seems like Kim Junsu and Park Yoochun are more like family to him.

"It sometimes feels like a crisis of identity (laughs). [Our relationship] is just really beautiful. It's something like…without them I would die? Who could dream of having friends that you could experience all the joys and hardships with as you work towards the same dream. We are like partners who have been together for a long time, they've become more precious than brothers to me."

Though he mentioned his members with much affection, Kim Jaejoong has actually suffered through many tough times as a singer. Events concerning sasaeng fans being one of the best examples. However he has never thought about giving up.

"It's hard for me to think that I want to quit or give up. To give up means letting go of something that I truly love. It can get difficult to live this sort of life, but even when it is hard, you have to be able to sort through the hard things. Right now, my life is very good. But when I feel it's too hard, I look at how others are hurting too and think my life is very good in comparison."

♦ Single or Not?

An amazing fact about Kim Jaejoong is that many of his fans are girls who are still middle or high school students.

"I still have lots of fans who started following me when they were young girls at the time of my debut. However the funny thing is, now because of dramas, I find myself surprisingly once again having fans who are middle or high school students. I was really surprised to know that and I felt a bit reminiscent. Nevertheless you always feel worried about being able to stay interesting to them."

Kim Jaejoong was born in Janurary of 1986, which makes him 28 years old right now. So of course at this age he will be thinking about dating or marrying.

"Right now, I am not dating. I don't think I can. But the fans can be very funny" Kim Jaejoong said "some of them tell me that it's okay to date but not to get married. However I don't think I can be a bachelor forever. Because I am the only son of the family…"

I could tell that Kim Jaejoong was getting a little stressed while talking about marriage. So instead I asked him more about his acting, wondering which senior were the most influential to him.

"Park Yoochun and Kim Junsu sunbaes? (laugh). I was joking. The senior who truly helped and influenced me a lot is JiSung hyung. He aided me a lot during my first Korean drama. Every time I am looking at a new drama he will tell me "When you are thinking about taking a new drama, remember to let me see the script", and then he will look over it. This hyung really puts in a lot of effort to help provide me with good advice and recommendations"

Kim Jaejoong truly regards JiSung as a mentor to him. Also, they have recently met together in the audience of the VIP premiere for "My PS Partner".

Jaejoong told me "Hyung was worried that I would have no time to come to his premiere. Because hyung was too busy filming so he missed the 'Jackal' premiere, he thought it might be a similar situation". But, as expected, Jaejoong was able to attend the premiere of JiSung's movie.

He appeared in the theatre and watched the movie with a bright face, one that underneath it hides a playful and warm heart of a person who makes you want to meet him again and again.

Translated by: Yule @ PrinceJJ
Shared by: PrinceJJ

CNBLUE in Pati Pati Magazine January 2013 issue

Posted: 22 Dec 2012 04:00 AM PST

After releasing two singles and a full album, CNBLUE concludes their enthusiastic activity in 2012 with upcoming single! As YongHwa told "rock sound of typical Jung YongHwa's style," the new song "Robot" is a new style rock tune featuring his unique groove. Inspired by a variety of music, he fused together and made his own "rock." Let's see the very first story of this song blazing the trail.

— In the past interview, you told "CNBLUE's style is to have a variety of 'colors.'" This new song is also such kind of song.

Yonghwa: Yes. "Robot" is a rhythmical song that is added more pop elements into the past pop rock style. The second track "ring" is a sweet-bitter song with Christmas-like mood, meaning keep loving even when you are separated.
Jonghyun: The third track "Starlit Night" is written by me. Through this song, I hope to tell "Thank you" to fans at the end of the year.

— In the contrasting songs, what image did you have while working on the title song "Robot"?

Yonghwa: I wrote "Robot" after we made "Hey You." I'd say it is rock sound with the typical Jung YongHwa's style that you can enjoy groove, not only it has rock side. Because not anyone else but I wrote the song, the melody and the style is what JongHyun and I can sing and play the best.
Jonghyun: I appreciated the lyrics and prepared for recording. Because I liked the lyrics of this song especially.
Minhyuk: Me too, though this is a pleasant song making our body move, but I really understood the lyrics.
Jungshin: Yes. Probably because I knew YongHwa's feeling when he had thought of the theme of "robot," his feelings and message comes across strongly, I think.

— Yes. Although your past works have various messages, I'm impressed that "Robot" has serious expressions that is different from the others.

Yonghwa: Surely, you could feel a little stronger impression from "Robot" than the past songs. This lyrics describes most people's reality that they can't do what they want arbitrarily… Our job is one of them, right? Most songs that we released before have messages like "Positive! Go for it!", but this lyric describes feeling of "I have no choice" as well. So, this song can be a sad song in a way.
Jonghyun: Yes. I really understood it as if it was about me.
Minhyuk: So, this may be our story, or not. But, I was persuaded by the lyrics, too.
Jungshin: I think we can think of various things from this "Robot" lyrics. Like our reality that we cannot oppose or help but following anyone else's opinion… I'd say through this song, we can think of the our aspect that we dislike the most, and that is meaningful.

— I see. Listeners can see their "reality" in the song and think of various things…

Yonghwa: Yes. Through this song, I hoped you to accept your aspect that you dislike the most and to think of yourself again. Everyone has his/her own pace and style. What he/she wants to do differs. However, they are bound by rules and can't do as they like. Even in that situation, I want them not to forget a sense of themselves. This is my message that I put in this song.

— "Robot" is such a serious message song. On the contrary, the warm tone color that "ring" has is impressive.

Jonghyun: Yes. We can sense YongHwa's soft aspect.
Minhyuk: I thought this song has Christmas song feeling from the first impression. I attempted to play simply, so that the song can convey pure feeling. Through this song, I feel that YongHwa got wider spectrum of music.
Jungshin: Yes. I want to listen when it's snowing! I'm glad that this taste of song is added in our music.
Yonghwa: "Ring" describes a story that a man and a woman love each other but they are in a situation that they can't be together. But, it's not breaking up… Some people say if they are not around each other, they will be separated emotionally, too. But I don't believe so. In the chorus, I attempted to draw feeling that he/she wants to see the dearest person positively. I put the feeling that "I want to see you soon, I want you to come to me soon" in this song.

— "Starlit Night" is written and composed by JongHyun. It's a warm feeling song featuring an acoustic sound.

Jonghyun: In this song, I wanted to express our feelings, gratitude and affection to fans who always believe and watch us, beside us. In the real sense, this is "our song."
Minhyuk: This is a very quiet song. Rather than we let them see or hear… I felt like to sing with everyone together.

— Your real feelings such as gratitude and affection are in the song. If you sing with everyone together at live concert, the atmosphere will be quite warm.

Jonghyun: Yes. This song is the one we made for live concert and we devoted to fans, literally. We worked on it with imagining everyone singing unitedly.
Jungshin: As for the music, I thought it had a similar feeling to " Ver.2" in JongHyun's recorder. If everyone sang together at live, I'd shed happy tears.
Yonghwa: Yes. I want to sing with everyone together at the next live!

Scanned by: @120HongstaR
Translated by: tamagocnbjnl @tumblr

Girl's Generation's "Dancing Queen" dance becomes a hot topic

Posted: 22 Dec 2012 03:16 AM PST

Girl's Generation will make their long-awaited comeback after 1 year and 2 months hiatus.

"Dancing Queen" - one of the tracks from their upcoming 4th regular album, was pre-released on various music sites on 21st. The song is a remake of "Mercy" by famous British singer Duffy.

"Mercy" is originally a song without dancing. Girl's Generation has turned it into a dance song . The highlight of the dance is the part when the girls dancing with their hands, like they're doing the "bbuing bbuing" pose. Netizens have named it as "the cat dance" . 

Girl's Generation's 4th regular album will be released on Janurary 1st,2013.

Written by Clover @ DKPOPNEWS.NET

Teen Top's Niel & Juniel snap an adorable photo

Posted: 22 Dec 2012 01:56 AM PST

Singer Juniel updated her Twitter on 21st December.

She wrote,"Did you watch the collaboration of Niel sunbaenim and me on Music Bank, we performed "Be Ma Girl:, although it's a bit awkward but 2 niels' performance is meaningful! Let's work on another niel series performance then."

Fans commented after seeing the photo,"watched the performance","really cute","sing together again" and etc.

SISTAR's Hyolin sings "All I Want For Christmas Is You"

Posted: 22 Dec 2012 01:20 AM PST

SISTAR's main vocalist appeared in the latest episode of Sketchbook.

She sang "All I Want For Christmas Is You" on the show,enjoy her performance below

SNSD reveals new sets of teaser photos!

Posted: 22 Dec 2012 12:36 AM PST

Seems like the girls have more to show! Girls Generation's official Facebook revealed another set of official photos for their upcoming comeback. This time, the girls show more cheerful and bright concept that match with their unique styles.

Source: GG's FB and Naver

Hello Venus asks "What Are you Doing Today" on Music Core

Posted: 22 Dec 2012 12:21 AM PST

Hello Venus is back on Music Core with "What Are You Doing Today".

Check out their performance below

Dal Shabet's Woohee VS f(x)'s Sulli, who wore it better?

Posted: 22 Dec 2012 12:10 AM PST

On December 20th,  Dal Shabet's Woohee and f(x)'s Sulli performed their songs 'There is and There isn't' and 'Electric Shock' on Mnet's 'M Countdown' stage and wore skirts of the same design.
Both 2 groups had different concepts but they ended up wearing the same clothes. Woohee wore a black skirt that had large white capital letters on it with a matching blouse while Sulli matched it with a white T-shirt. The skirt is both boyish and feminine and brought a new kind of feeling for both.
Netizens commented, "Do you have the same stylist? How could you wear the same clothes within a few minutes of each other. It's interesting".
Source:  joinsmsn
Written by Jenny @ DKPOPNEWS.NET

JYJ Have Disappeared From Variety Shows But Say, “We Really Want To Make Appearances”

Posted: 21 Dec 2012 11:30 PM PST

The members of JYJ have expressed their desire to appear on variety shows.
During the press conference of MBC's Wednesday-Thursday drama 'I Miss You', JYJ member Park Yoochun was asked about appearing on variety shows.

Since splitting from TVXQ, JYJ have released songs such as 'Be My Girl', 'In Heaven' and 'Get Out', but they have never appeared on any of the three major broadcasting companies' music programs, and they have never shown their faces on variety shows other than on entertainment news programs. However, with JYJ's legal dispute with SM Entertainment recently coming to an end, the stage is set for JYJ to appear on variety shows in the near future.

Though he hesitated for a moment after receiving the question, Park Yoochun stated, "Of course I want to appear on variety shows." Stating, "I haven't appeared on a variety show for so long. I can't think of being on one since 2008," Park Yoochun also confessed, "I think it would be fun to make an appearance, even just once. I think talking to people in an informal meeting is different from talking to people in a broadcasted event. It would be great."

Park Yoochun added, "I really want to appear on SBS' 'Laws of the Jungle'. I like that kind of thing. Before I started working on this drama, I would take a tent and leave without a destination in mind in the early hours of the morning, set up the tent at 3am and get eaten alive by mosquitos," and "I've wanted to appear on 'Laws of the Jungle' ever since it first began airing."

Even before Park Yoochun's confession, his fellow member Kim Junsu had opened up about appearing on variety shows.
Kim Junsu met with reporters on the 29th of November before the finale stage of his first solo world tour and talked about the end of his group's legal dispute with SM Entertainment. On this day, Kim Junsu was asked about future variety show activities, to which he stated, "Even I don't know yet. Personally, I believe that we should have been able to appear on variety shows, even before the settlement was made. I'm not sure if this verdict will help us appear on variety shows, but we're always dreaming [of it happening]."

Kim Junsu stressed, "I've seen the articles that talked about how people want to see us on variety shows," and said to the reporters, "I'm curious as well. Do you think we'll be able to appear on variety shows? It would be nice if we could. Please, help us."

Source: [mydaily]
Translated & Shared by:

MBLAQ Lee Joon's yearbook photo surfaces online

Posted: 21 Dec 2012 11:00 PM PST

Fans are so interested to see their idol's yearbook photo.

Recently, a yearbook photo of MBLAQ's Lee Joon has surfaced online. It gathers positive feedback as Joon showed strong facial features even in his younger years. Some netizens commented,

"He has idol-like looks even before!", "He's so handsome and sexy!", "Oh Yeon Seo is such a lucky girl" and so on.

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Min showed her infinitive affection for Actor Wonbin

Posted: 21 Dec 2012 10:30 PM PST

miss A's Min showed infinite affection for her ideal type Wonbin.

Actor Wonbin recently attended an electronics launching event at Seoul, Joongoo SoGongDong Plaza Hotel. It's been a while since he has shown himself in the public light and that day he styled his hair like the main character (Johnny Depp) from the movie "Charlie and the Chocolate factory". This hairstyle became a hot topic among everyone on that day.

After the event, "Wonbin's long hair" became the one of the top search queries on online portal sites. Comedian Park Hwee Soong and Kim Kyung Jin parodied Wonbin's long hairstyle and had attracted many of the netizen's attention.

Min, who had previously announced "Wonbin is my ideal type" has recently spoken saying on a TV daily interview saying "I like his (Wonbin's) long hair picture".

Min also said "No matter what he does, he is cool." and "I liked it so much I went around to people and bragged about the picture while showing them." Min has shown infinite affection for Wonbin and maybe one day soon Wonbin will acknowledge her affection nationally as she has, as well.

Source: TV Daily
Edited & Reported by: Mya &

CNBlue members reveal who's shining around them

Posted: 21 Dec 2012 10:00 PM PST

CNBLUE in Pati Pati Magazine January 2013 – Q&A

What comes to your mind when thinking of "Robot"?

Yonghwa: Robot that can't freely do what he wants to do.
Jonghyun: Maybe, we?
Minhyuk: Robot that just has to follow rules.
Jungshin: Robot that I used to play with as a kid, I think.

 What view comes to your mind when thinking of "Christmas"?

Yonghwa: Lighting-up, illumination and so on.
Jonghyun: My room, and socks.
Minhyuk: Snowy city at night where many people come and go.
Jungshin: Downtown where a huge Christmas tree is.

Who has been shining around you?

Yonghwa: Family, friends, CNBLUE members, fans.
Jonghyun: You and me, and us.
Minhyuk: Members.
Jungshin: Members and every Boice.

Translated by: tamagocnbjnl @tumblr

Taeyeon's comeback message!

Posted: 21 Dec 2012 09:30 PM PST

As SNSD gearing for their upcoming comeback, teaser photos of the girls are gradually released.
Today, they officially released Seohyun's teaser photos.

Along with these, a comeback message from Taeyeon has already been uploaded.
Watch below:

 Here's a transcript of her message:
"Hi! this is Taeyeon from Girls' Generation. Did everyone see the music video of Dancing Queen? (I think she then says how their comeback was long anticipated) Please give I Got A Boy lots of love. I'm the first one out of the members you'll be listening to and from now until the comeback, you guys will be hearing from the members one by one. Mm. and until our comeback please wait patiently and give lots of love. Thank you ~ Right now, It's Girls' Generation!"
Trans by:AND0R3@YT

Yuri's comeback message is scheduled to be released tomorrow.
Credits: 79798282@YT

Kim Jaejoong “I was impressed by the words that Oh Dalsoo told me ‘Keep working as an actor’”

Posted: 21 Dec 2012 09:00 PM PST

"As an actor, kiss scene and undressing scene are also the kind of work that I'll have to do."

Kim Jaejoong, a member of JYJ, challenged the film after the drama.

In 'Code Name: Jackal' that he was working with Song Jihyo, the junior of his company, he opened many kinds of charms that he had never shown before..

In that film, the most attractive scene of Jaejoong is the action scene in historical drama that Choi Hyun filmed with long hair.

- Honestly, I was surprised by kiss scene with Kim Sungryoung. Aren't you afraid of your fans' reaction?

▲ If I can't do it because I'm afraid of my fans' reaction, I think it'll stop my growth as an actor. In the end, it's the thing that I'll have to do. I filmed it with the same determination that I have in everything I do.. 

- Nevertheless, the most difficult scene that you've filmed..

▲ The scene that I relieved myself while not wearing pants in front of Jihyo.. I felt afraid.. and ashamed.. I could film the undressing scene of my upper body but.. somehow, I felt ashamed about the undressing scene of my lower body. I think it would be better if I were naked.. And I also felt a bit uncomfortable when she saw my action.

- Why did you choose 'Jackal' as your first film?

▲ There were also several other scenarios. But I choose it because it wasn't the serious or blockbuster type of film. So I had no pressure to act and I could act comfortably. And I also like that it's a new character that I haven't shown before.

- Did you have any pressure about comical role?

▲ I felt positively at that point. I wished to show the comical role when many people thought that I didn't care about it..

- Evaluate your acting in your first movie.

▲ Actually, it's difficult to evaluate it because it was my first time to watch my face on the screen. Drama is evaluated in real time, but movie is evaluated after filming and editing for a long time.. I feel the difference just like that..

- What did YC & JS say about your film?

▲ They told me it was good and funny..

- What did the people around you say about the working with Oh Dalsu?

▲ Many actors of my age told they envy me.. Definitely, he has something much more than others. The funniest part of our team is.. we-Oh Dalsu, Han Sangjin, Song Jihyo and I- were constantly talking about something.

- What did he (Oh Dalsu) advise you?

▲ Originally, he is a man of few words. He told me only two things.

The 1st meal that we had before we filmed, he said.. 'You take a hard role.. It'll be hard for you.'

And then the after-party that we had after the premiere.. he told me.. 'I think it'll be better to act in film continually. This film is yours and you did so great.. Act continually in movies.'

He is famous for not advising others. So I feel honored and thankful to him because he told me that.

- How similar are the Sasaeng fans in film to reality?

▲ It was much more in the film than reality. It was exaggerated. Actually, it was so funny to me when I read the scenes that Choi Hyun's Sasaeng-fan was sleeping next to him and she put a taser to him. And, honestly, she who played as a Sasaeng fan did really great. I heard that she was on the top in the acting audition. As the audiences might be worried in some scenes, I intentionally had comical reactions.

- I could strongly feel the critical eyes about the problems such as Sasaeng, sponsors and the kinds of shade in the pop culture..

▲ I think they were used to express the situation around Choi Hyun, not to criticize or satirize the pop culture industry. Actually, someone has the problem like sponsors, stalking or something.. but how can all these things be happened to only one person? We just wanted to take some rumors in this industry more interesting.

- Like Choi Hyun, I heard that you had experienced many kinds of part-time jobs…

▲ I had experienced when I was a teenager. I did it for only 3 years, but I felt it was really long.

Because of that experience, I've learned the lesson from it… 'Never stand alone at teenage years.'

I'll never allow the independence of my kids if he or she is a teenager.

I had to make money to pay the monthly rent and to make a living… All these things were too hard to do..

When I portrayed his hard times, I could do it well because it reminded me of mine.

The funny memory is.. I was washing dishes at the kitchen of '** Garden'.. Everybody liked me..

- You have lots of fans but because of that, I think you feel uncomfortable to live..

▲ There are some problems in my normal life. It's hard to go to the famous place or the place which is crowded.

It could be possible if I go to the party with staffs after working..

But I can't imagine to eat some delicious food with my friend at famous restaurant..

- PSY is so hot, all around the world.. How do you feel about that?

▲ I think he really deserves it.. He has lived so hard and has made songs diligently. 

He is a greedy person when he is working but he also takes care of the people around him well.

He always accepts the calls and messages anywhere in the world.

And when he has his concert, he always calls and then invites others to his concert. I think his humility made him [who he is] now.

- JYJ also receive much support and love from abroad, but I think you want some more..

▲ Honestly, it's huge thing though he would be ranked within 100th on Billboard Chart. But he was on the top.

He did really great things. He has inspired the Korean singers who want to work in US pop industry.

He shows anyone could succeed in US, although he is not young or not handsome and not American traditional pop-style.. 

We also have the plan to release the worldwide album in English. We'll also challenge the world stage continually.

Translated by: @theyoungestmin

122222 Music Core Performers List

Posted: 21 Dec 2012 08:58 PM PST

♬ Comeback Stage
- Hello Venus『What Are You Doing Today』
♬ Christmas Special Stage
- K.Will and Hyolin『Have yourself a merry christmas』
- B1A4 and BIGSTAR『Winter Story+Fantastic Imagination』
- Ailee『My grown christmas list』
♬ HOT Stage
- TVXQ『Humanoids』
- Yang Yoseob『Caffeine』
- B1A4『Tried to Walk』
- Sunny Hill『Goodbye to romance』
- Dal Shabet『Have, Don't Have』
♬ Sound-HOLIC
- Juniel『Bad Man』
- 100%『Guys Like Me』
- The SeeYa(feat. Lee Boram)『Poison』
♬ Volume UP Stage
- NS Yoonji(feat. Dalmatian Simon)『If you love me』
- D-UNIT『Luv Me』
♬ New Songs
- Kim Sunggyu『I Need You』

miss A's Suzy performs cute dance for Smart Uniform

Posted: 21 Dec 2012 07:10 PM PST

Check out Suzy's latest CF for Smart Uniform.

SNSD's " I Got A Boy" Teaser Photos

Posted: 22 Dec 2012 12:22 AM PST

The photos we have been waiting for are finally here.

Girls' Generation's concept photos for their upcoming album ' I Got A Boy' have been revealed to the public today. The girls are looking gorgeous in their pictures.

SNSD's members are seen showing different images of themselves in their individual photos. The concept photos are colorful and make everyone anticipates the girls' comeback more.

Check out their teasers below.

'I Got A Boy' will be released on January 1st. A really good way to celebrate New Year's Day!

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T-ara performs "Sexy Love" on Happy Music

Posted: 21 Dec 2012 06:45 PM PST

T-ara performs the Japanese version of Sexy Love on Happy Music.

Enjoy their performance below

f(x)'s Victoria & Krystal show off fan gifts

Posted: 21 Dec 2012 06:09 PM PST

f(x)'s leader Victoria updated her Me2day on 21st December.

She mentioned,"ate really well, thank you."

She is seen posing with Krystal in her latest photo, showing off some gifts from fans.

Fans commented,"Pretty duo","Fans' love" and etc.

Meanwhile,f(x) performed on M! Countdown and Music Bank aired on 20th and 21st December.

SNSD released Seohyun's teaser for ' I Got A Boy!'

Posted: 22 Dec 2012 12:22 AM PST

After releasing the Hyoyeon's teaser for SNSD's new album 'I Got A Boy', here comes maknae Seohyun's teaser pictures.

Let's wait for other members' teasers and be amazed!