Tuesday, December 25, 2012

"YG Entertainment officially opens YGeSHOP in China!" plus 24 more

"YG Entertainment officially opens YGeSHOP in China!" plus 24 more

YG Entertainment officially opens YGeSHOP in China!

Posted: 25 Dec 2012 07:50 AM PST

YG Entertainment opened their online shop in China today.

YG plans to sell Psy, 2NE1, Big Bang and other YG artists merchandise as well as albums, DVDs, photo books and more. They have sold their merchandise in China before, but this is the first to open their own online store in China.

YG decided to open an online store because of the increasing popularity of YG artists in China. They also considered the fact that it was harder for fans in China to purchase YG merchandise as well.

YG commented, "We hope that 'YG e-shop_CHINA' will help stop the purchase of fake merchandise. We are happy to be able to sell our official merchandise to fans in China."

They also plan to open a weibo account, similar to Twitter, and update with new merchandise for the site. Check out the new of YGeshop page 'here'.

Source: @ygeshopchina

A Christmas card from B1A4 has arrived♪

Posted: 25 Dec 2012 07:19 AM PST

This is the second Christmas we're spending with BANAs. Last year I sent out a Christmas card to BANAs with a nervous heart… Time really flies, doesn't it…? What are BANAs' plans for Christmas? How about spending this Christmas with your family? Your parents will be really happy if you watch movies and ate out with them! I will also spend an enjoyable Christmas with the members. Lastly, thank you and I love you for loving B1A4 throughout the year. You know that to us, BANAs are the best, right? I love you♥

BANAs~ Christmas is back~ㅎㅎ Do you have any plans on Christmas~? It'll be nice to make beautiful memories while eating delicious foods and spending an enjoyable time with your loved ones. Ah! The weather has gotten much colder, so dress warmly, don't get hurt and play safely~ It's a big problem if you slip and fall on frozen roads~ Please have an enjoyable Christmas, and always be happy~ Bye~!!
- CNU -

Merry~ Christmas♥ To. BANA♥
Hohoho~ Santa Sandeul who comes without fail every year~ is here again~♥.♥ There is nothing I can give you, except my love~♪ There is nothing I can give you, except my heart~ Aaaaaaaaah~ Even so… You'll~ love me right~?? In this Christmas, receive my present and have a warm Christmas~ BANA!! I love you♥

Ho~ho~ho~ Hello BANAs~!! I'm Baro~ Ho~ho~ho~ What could our BANAs be doing right now?? Hm.. I have brought a present for everyone. (TADAH!) Please secretly look at what's inside when you're alone~ I have to go drop off presents for someone else now. Everyone, please make many beautiful memories, and have an enjoyable Christmas~ Merry Christmas~
BANA-ya.. I like you guys.. the.. best..
by. Ssanta Baro, hohoho

To. BANA-ya!
Merry Christmas~♥ It's the second Christmas for us together~! Throughout this year, BANAs have been our strength! Next year, the year after next, we're going to be together too, right? Do spend an enjoyable Christmas with your family, I always ♥ you.
- Gongchan -

Source: B1A4′s Official Site
Translation Credits: skipfire @ FLIGHTB1A4.com

Oh Yeon Seo sends out her Christmas greeting

Posted: 25 Dec 2012 06:16 AM PST

Actress Oh Yeon See updated her Me2day on 25th December.

She mentioned,"merry Christmas. Filming today TT, please watch "Oh Ja ryeong" broadcast".

She is seen posing with the "Oh Jaryeong cake" in her latest photo decorated with Christmas accessories.

Fans commented,"Filming on Christmas?","Nice cake" and etc.

SHINee's "shining" performance excited 12,000 people at "Music For All, All For One"

Posted: 25 Dec 2012 05:30 AM PST

5 member K-Pop boy group SHINee made their appearance in the music event, "MUSIC FOR ALL, ALL FOR ONE", that was held in Yoyogi National Gymnasium in Tokyo on the 23rd.

Composed of Onew, Jonghyun, Key, Minho, and Taemin, SHINee debuted in 2008 in Korea. In June of last year, they accomplished to debut in Japan. They were one of the key performers for this event and performed the pop dance track "Dazzling Girl" as their first song, gaining the biggest applause from the audience that day.

Through the echoes calling out for SHINee, they continued by singing their debut song, "Replay - You're My Everything-". During the talk segment, Taemin commented, "I'm really happy to meet everyone by being on such a big stage." With an innocent smile, Key added in fluent Japanese, "I'm really glad that we're standing on the same stage as other great artists. Hot, isn't it? Everyone in Yoyogi is the best! This is off topic, but the temperature in Seoul is as low as -10℃. When we arrived in Tokyo, only the 5 of us looked like Eskimos. It was embarrassing. I'm sorry, this is just a trivial topic."

"I'm grateful that through music, I get to go to various countries and meet everyone like this," Jonghyun commented. Onew shared, "We've been doing our activities from June last year and throughout this one and a half years, I've had a lot of wonderful memories. Yoyogi is a place that I won't forget." Minho said, "Because of everyone, I got to make another precious memory."

Following their synced performance of "Sherlock" was their new song, "1000 Years, Always be by My Side...", which was released on December 12th. As the high notes reverberated, the gymnasium transformed completely into SHINee's color as green lightsticks lit up, drawing in the fantastic mood.

SHINee reappeared on the stage again as the call for encore wouldn't stop and they showed an all out performance of "Lucifer". They closed their stage by greeting, "Merry Christmas! See you again!" in the end.

"MUSIC FOR ALL, ALL FOR ONE" is a live event that involves various impressive artists brought together by the sponsor, the big digital distribution site, "Recochoku" who also gains cooperation from all recording companies and music media. Last year, with the concept of "The unforgettable Christmas for the year that shouldn't be forgotten", artists that made their appearance delivered strong messages through "music", transferring the power to have the event continue on the following year.

■ SHINee's Set List
1.Dazzling Girl
2.Replay -You're My Everything-
3.Keeping Love Again
6.Love Like Oxygen
8.1000 Years, Always be by My Side...
Encore: Lucifer

Translated by: red @ shineee.net 

CN Blue's Jungshin & Yonghwa send out their Christmas greetings

Posted: 25 Dec 2012 04:24 AM PST

CN Blue's Jungshin and Yonghwa snap new photos for Christmas.

Jungshin updated his Twitter on 25th December,"Hi everyone~I'm Jungshin! Merry Christmas! Are you having some fun time? Enjoy my time here..hehe, will greet everyone again when we release new album on 14th January! Everyone Merry Christmas!"

Fans commented,"Oppas are so handsome","can't wait for your comeback" and etc

Kahi reveals Christmas party photo

Posted: 25 Dec 2012 03:25 AM PST

Kahi sends out her Christmas greeting.

She updated her Twitter on 25th December with a message "Merry Christmas".

She is seen having fun and posing in front of a cake at her birthday party.

Fans commented,"Kahi is having some great time","Christmas party?" and etc.

2PM's Taecyeon sings "Merry Christmas"

Posted: 25 Dec 2012 02:41 AM PST

2PM's Taecyeon recorded "Merry Christmas" for fans, the audio clip was posted on 2PM's fancafe,check out his singing below

Girls’ Generation to have a comeback show

Posted: 25 Dec 2012 02:05 AM PST

Girls' Generation will have their comeback show on MBC with the title 'New Years Special: Girls' Generation's Romantic Fantasy'. It was planned to broadcast at 11:15 p.m on January 1st. 

They will not only sing their title track 'I Got a Boy' and their pre released track 'Dancing Queen' from their 4th album but also their various hits during the 80 minutes. 

In particular, many fans swarmed to the filming location on the 23rd to see the group showed Girls Generation's strong effect.

'I Got a Boy' will be released on January 1st.

Source: joinsmsn
Written by Jenny@dkpopnews

Rainbow's Jae Kyung thanks fans for the birthday gifts and Christmas greetings

Posted: 25 Dec 2012 01:34 AM PST

On December 24th, Rainbow's Jae Kyung celebrated her birthday and Christmas eve with presents from fans.

She shared her photo taken with her birthday and X-mas gifts from fans through her twitter with a message, "Thank you everyone for celebrating my birthday party!!♥ Today, I was so depressed, but this happy birthday made me happy!^^ Merry Christmas everyone♥ thank u all♥ especially for RAINNOUS" 

In the photo, Jae Kyung seems so happy with fan's gifts. She even did a love signal to show her appreciation.

In addition, Rainbow's Jae Kyung has just finished filming the final episode of 'Law of the jungle 2"

Source: JK twitter
Written by Jenny@dkpopnews

Girls' Generation's Sooyoung poses in reindeer headband

Posted: 25 Dec 2012 12:50 AM PST

Girls' Generation's Sooyoung wishes fans a Merry Christmas with 2 new selcas.

She garners much attention with her reindeer headbanf.

She shows the popular v sign in her latest selcas, she expresses her happiness to be able to share the love with fans.

Ailee celebrates Christmas with Amber & friends

Posted: 25 Dec 2012 12:10 AM PST

Singer Ailee updated her Twitter with a new photo.

She said,"Single Gossip girls on xmas. MERRY CHRISTMAS!".

Fans commented,"Woah, party!","Merry Christmas Amber and Ailee" and etc.

Christmas greetings from Kpop artists !

Posted: 24 Dec 2012 11:40 PM PST

Merry Christmas everyone! Check out other messages from various Kpop artists below ^^

JYJ's handwriting messages:

Collected by Jenny@dkpopnews

Secret's Hyosung sends out her Christmas greeting

Posted: 24 Dec 2012 11:00 PM PST

Secret's Hyosung sends out her Christmas greeting.

She wrote on 25th December on her Twitter,"I'm 30 minutes late, Merry Christmas! Saw all the presents, so touched, thank you! Wish you a Merry Christmas."

She is seen showing the cat pose in her latest photo, fans commented,"So cute","like a cat" and etc

Happy Birthday to Kahi @misskahi

Posted: 24 Dec 2012 10:30 PM PST

Birth Name: Park Ji Young
Stage Name: Kahi
Date of birth: December 25, 1980
Height: 168 cm
Weight: 50 kg
Blood Type: O

SPEED reveal first photo of new line-up ahead of teaser release

Posted: 24 Dec 2012 10:00 PM PST

SPEED has revealed it's line-up to the public.

At 11AM, SPEED revealed their first group concept photo and at 12 PM, they will revealed the profiles for their members as well as the teaser for their first title track through their website : http://speed.ccment.com.

On the channel, SPEED will showcase a color performance with LED gloves as well as the production of SPEED's music and BTS music video creation videos.

The actors who starred in SPEED's music video, Ji Changwook, Park Boyoung, Ha Seokjin, and Son Naeun, will also reveal Christmas greetings to fans.

Together with one of Korea's top directors and Park Boyoung, Ji Changwook, Ha Seokjin, Son Naeun, Kim Youngho, Choi Jiyeon, and Jung Soyoung, SPEED will showcase a visual spectacle with a touching holiday story.

Source: http://news.nate.com.../20121224n08293
Translated by: Nathaniel @ Core Clique 

KARA's Nicole reveals Christmas selca

Posted: 24 Dec 2012 09:30 PM PST

KARA's Nicole updated her Twitter on 23rd December.

She mentioned,"An early Christmas selca, red lips! I want everything to be red today...Gyuri unnie is also mystic red, oh my goddess...anticipate then!!"

Fans commented after seeing the photo,"Pretty","Nicole Merry Christmas","A happy day" and etc.

Son Dambi's Christmas greeting

Posted: 24 Dec 2012 09:00 PM PST

Sexy diva Son Dambi sends out her Christmas greeting.

Check out her Christmas message below

Girls' Generation to release "I Got A Boy" MV teaser on 26th December

Posted: 24 Dec 2012 08:30 PM PST

SM Entertainment revealed on 25th December, SNSD will release the MV teaser of "I Got A Boy" through SNSD's official SNS on 26th December.

The group garners much attention with their drastic transformation in the concept photos of their new album, the pre-release song "Dancing Queen" ranked high on various music charts, so the MV teaser is expected to become another hot topic of discussion.

Meanwhile, Girls' Generation 4th album "I Got A Boy" will release officially on 1st January 2013.

Girls' Generation performs Gee on SMAP's concert

Posted: 24 Dec 2012 07:59 PM PST

Girls' Generation appeared as the special guests on SMAP's concert.

Sunny was not there due to sickness, wish her a speedy recovery. Check out their amazing performance on the concert

INFINITE's Hoya releases SK Telecom CF

Posted: 24 Dec 2012 07:30 PM PST

Check out the latest romantic CF of SK Telecom featuring INFINITE's charismatic member Hoya.

Girls' Generation's Tiffany reveals adorable Christmas photo

Posted: 24 Dec 2012 07:00 PM PST

Girls' Generation's Tiffany sends out her Christmas greeting.

She said,"AYO Sones! Merry Christmas ^ ^ Let's countdown the new year together,D-8".

Showing her cute wink, she looks gorgeous in green sleeveless top and cute Christmas hat.

Fans commented,"Totally anticipating SNSD's comeback","That's a cute hat" and etc.

f(x)'s Victoria reveals adorable Christmas selca

Posted: 24 Dec 2012 06:30 PM PST

f(x)'s Victoria updated her Me2day with an adorable selca.

She said,"Merry Christmas to everyone~It's the last holiday in 2012~ Have some quality time during the holidays~^^"

She then added,"Doesn't matter whether you are resting or not, give yourself a good mood".

Like this adorable selca of Victoria?

SISTAR send their Christmas greetings in cute costumes

Posted: 24 Dec 2012 06:02 PM PST

SISTAR send out their Christmas greetings.

The girls are seen wearing adorable costumes in their latest set of photos. The girls are totally enjoying their moment together on this very special day.

Fans commented after seeing the photos,"So cute","Merry Christmas to all but I'm Alone today" and etc.

Photos Source: SISTAR's official Facebook page

A Surprise YG Family Show for MBC Gayo Daejun!

Posted: 24 Dec 2012 05:30 PM PST

It will be the first time since 2008 that YG Artists will grace the stage as a family unit for the Gayo Daejun. The confirmation of attendance of these YG artists minus PSY who is busy with US activities adds more meaning to the event.

Big Bang, 2NE1, Epik High, and Lee Hi are the major players that have helped establish YG syndrome from the beginning of the year with their continuous streaks of all kills and number one spots on the music charts. Top idol group Big Bang, who has been busy with their global tour has been unable to appear on programs for some time. The announcement of their appearance has peaked the interest in many fans for the Gayo Daejun show.

Also, the MBC is planning to offer a block of their show for a joint stage of YG family groups Big Bang and 2NE1. These stages are expected to carry the famous YG Family concert feel which will surely attract viewers...

In addition, viewers can look forward to a performance by Lee Hi who has topped the charts at number 1 for 14 consecutive weeks."

[NOTE] Osen reports that All of YG Family (except for PSY) will perform at MBC Gayo Daejun on the 31st December 2012. 

Source: Nate + Osen
Translated by: @ygfan4life

Girls' Generation releases Tiffany's comeback story

Posted: 24 Dec 2012 05:27 PM PST

Let's celebrate Christmas with Tiffany.

Tiffany sends out her Christmas greeting and teases fans about SNSD's "Wild Rap" in their new song,check out her video message below