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"INFINITE H have an upbeat performance on ‘Immortal Song 2′" plus 19 more

"INFINITE H have an upbeat performance on ‘Immortal Song 2′" plus 19 more

INFINITE H have an upbeat performance on ‘Immortal Song 2′

Posted: 26 Jan 2013 08:50 AM PST

INFINITE H performed an upbeat cover of Kim Jung Ho‘s “The Two of Us in the Rain” on January 26th’s ‘Immortal Song 2‘.

The duo had a few words  before their performance. They stated, “We hope that those of you who know the song well just look at [our cover] as kids your sons’ and grandsons’ age acting cute. As for those of you who don’t know the song that well, we hope that you think of it as another INFINITE H song because our arrangement of it is very different.”

They added, “We’re the only singers today who are performing an upbeat song. We’d like you to enjoy it.”

Their exciting cover as well as charismatic dance break captured the attention of the audience. However, Poppin Hyun Joon and his wife, pansori singer Park Ae Ri, took the final win.

Check out INFINITE H’s performance below!

Wonder Girls’ Sun spotted leaving for her honeymoon

Posted: 26 Jan 2013 08:11 AM PST

Sun was spotted leaving for her honeymoon alongside her new husband James Park.

The Wonder Girls member, who is halting promotions with the group, held her wedding ceremony and press conference on the 26th.

As Sun revealed earlier, the newlywed couple will be heading off to the Maldives for their honeymoon. They were spotted at Incheon Airport in the evening after their wedding.

JYP Entertainment previously stated, “Sun, who has lead the team for the past six years, has informed the agency and her members that she’ll be getting married. The members and the label understand and respect the decision, which she came to after much careful thought.”

After the honeymoon, Sun will be residing at her husband’s home in Canada.

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CNBLUE’s Yonghwa gets approached by passionate male fan during ‘Guerilla Date’

Posted: 26 Jan 2013 07:29 AM PST

CNBLUE‘s Yonghwa was approached by a particularly passionate male fan during January 26th’s ‘Entertainment Relay‘.

The band, who made a comeback with the current hit “I’m Sorry“, featured as the guests of the show’s ‘Guerilla Date‘ segment. The members made a surprise appearance at an amusement park, where Yonghwa ran into an overzealous male fan.

The fan was incredibly happy to see CNBLUE. He began singing “I’m a Loner” and chose Yonghwa as the best looking member of the group.

Reporter Kim Tae Jin then stated, “Kiss the CNBLUE member you like the most.” The members responded, “We refuse though.” However, the male fan ignored their comment and went in to kiss Yonghwa, who definitely looked a bit caught off guard.

Watch a clip of CNBLUE on the show below!

Moon Geun Young sheds tears during final filming of ‘Chungdamdong Alice’

Posted: 26 Jan 2013 06:59 AM PST

Moon Geun Young shed tears during the final filming of the SBS drama ‘Chungdamdong Alice‘.

Photos of the star on set during the last rehearsal were revealed on the 26th KST. It seems Moon Geun Young and her co-stars got a little emotional that the drama, which has two episodes left to air, is ending.

During a scene with Moon Geun Young and her on-screen mother, actress Lee Jong Nam, as well as her sister in the drama Hye Jung, the actress burst into tears, causing her fellow actors to cry along with her.

Fans who saw the photos commented, “What kind of conversation were they having? I’m curious”, “Don’t cry”, “They’re probably like a real family now after filming day and night for a few months”, and more.

‘Chungdamdong Alice’ airs on Saturdays and Sundays at 9:55PM KST.

Face of HaHa and Byul’s future baby predicted

Posted: 26 Jan 2013 06:31 AM PST

KBS 2TV‘s ‘Entertainment Relay‘ predicted what HaHa and Byul‘s baby will possibly look like.

HaHa surprised everyone after he revealed that Byul is three months pregnant on Twitter yesterday. He also announced that his baby’s current name, which will be changed after birth, is Dream.

He posted on the 25th KST, "Everyone! Congratulate us! I'm going to be a father! [I guess I'm a man too]~! We are three months along~ Apparently very healthy too! Aigoo~ I'm embarrassed.. hehehe. My mouth was itching because I really wanted to brag to my fellow members, agency, and you all~!"

The January 26th episode of ‘Entertainment Relay’ shared the news with its viewers and also took the time to guess what HaHa and Byul’s son (top image) or daughter (bottom) would look like.

What do you think?

Actor Lee Jong Suk reveals he was an idol group trainee

Posted: 26 Jan 2013 05:58 AM PST

Actor Lee Jong Suk of the popular drama ‘School 2013‘ revealed that he used to be an idol group trainee.

On the January 26th episode of KBS 2TV‘s ‘Entertainment Relay‘, Lee Jong Suk shared, “I prepared to be part of an idol group for about three months.”

He explained how he ended up choosing to act instead, stating, “In middle school, I watched the drama ‘Full House‘, but it didn’t make me want to become an actor. I decided that I wanted to be like Rain.”

He went on, “After that, I joined an agency and they wanted to prepare me to become an actor, but I ended up modeling instead. Since I chose the wrong agency, I started out as a model. When I stopped modeling, I moved to a music agency. I then trained to be part of an idol group. I prepared for around three months, and then I ran away.”

Gil’s wig surprises viewers of ‘Infinity Challenge’

Posted: 26 Jan 2013 05:27 AM PST

Gil‘s wig surprised viewers of January 26th’s ‘vampire hunter special‘ of ‘Infinity Challenge‘.

The Leessang member is known for his bald look, but he wore a black wig and added tattoos to his face to play the part of a vampire hunter for the episode.

Apparently, the wig was all too realistic as many viewers wondered if he had grown out his hair. Netizens commented, “Did Gil grow out his hair?”, “Is that his real hair?”, “That wig is so natural looking”, His long hair surprised me”, and more.

However, Gil revealed it was not real on the show, stating, “I’m scratching my head because of the wig. What kind of vampire hunter shaves his head?”

Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon and ZE:A’s Kwanghee do the tango on ‘Star King’

Posted: 26 Jan 2013 04:59 AM PST

Girls’ Generation‘s Hyoyeon and ZE:A‘s Kwanghee did a hilarious version of the tango on January 26th’s ‘Star King‘.

The two idols danced to music by pop pianist Shin Ji Ho and violinist KoN, who featured as guests on the show. They attempted to reenact a scene from the film ‘Scent of a Woman‘ in which Al Pacino and his lady friend dance the tango.

Though Hyoyeon is known as a skilled dancer who previously appeared on ‘Dancing with the Stars‘ and Kwanghee is an idol member, their collaboration didn’t go as smoothly as intended.

Check out a clip below!

Upcoming actor Yang Hyun Mo poses for ‘Elle’

Posted: 26 Jan 2013 04:27 AM PST

Upcoming actor Yang Hyun Mo from YG Entertainment posed for ‘Elle Korea‘s February issue.

The pictorial shows Yang Hyun Mo perfectly pulling off a young, trendy look in a chic jacket and tousled hairstyle. During the interview with the magazine, he revealed his hobbies as surfing internet news and looking at maps, showing his growing curiosity in the world as a teenager.

Yang Hyun Mo, who is 15 years old and is in his second year of middle school, has been receiving attention for his tall height of 180 cm (5’10″ ft) and handsome visuals. The young actor recently featured in labelmate Goo Hye Sun‘s short film ‘Fragments of Memories‘. He’s also received praise for his mature image, and many are comparing him to top stars like Lee Seung Gi and Kang Dong Won.

Yang Hyun Mo will be starring in the upcoming film, ‘Alumni‘, featuring Big Bang‘s T.O.P, which will be released this fall.

Shinhwa’s Eric plans to adopt if his future wife doesn’t want to have children on ‘Shinhwa Broadcast’

Posted: 26 Jan 2013 03:57 AM PST

During the latest filming of JTBC‘s ‘Shinhwa Broadcast‘, Shinhwa and guests SISTAR participated in a hilarious ‘I Love You More Studio’ game to find out how compatible they would be as married couples.

During the game, SISTAR’s Soyu asked Eric, “If your girlfriend who you set a wedding date with says that she doesn’t want to have children and wants to live as a couple forever, what will you do?” Eric answered, “Having children is very important to me. If I try and it doesn’t work out, then I will adopt,” surprising everyone on set with his family values.

The Shinhwa members were also asked questions such as, “If the parents of your girlfriend, who is 12 years younger than you, disapproves, how will your resolve it?”, “What if your wife requests you to write a will for her family?”, “If your mother and wife fight, whose side will you take?”, and much more, revealing the members’ honest thoughts on marriage.

Catch this episode on the 27th at 7:35 PM KST!

Seungri guest blogs on Naver and reflects on Big Bang’s epic World Tour + Daesung makes a special appearance

Posted: 26 Jan 2013 03:27 AM PST

Snapped in the New York waiting room!

Big Bang kicked off their epic journey across the world back in March 2012 for their grand-scale 'ALIVE' world tour. The boys faithfully visited the countries for their tour even as they were busy promoting their album and participated in various solo activities.

After the first day of the finale of their epic World Tour, maknae Seungri himself blogged on Naver, where he reflected and shared his thoughts about the tour.

The following is a translation of Seungri's guest "Star Column" blog post on Naver:

It’s Big Bang’s forever maknae~! Seungri. ^O^

I am greeting you like this because I heard we’re revealing the secret(?) stories only we know about the Big Bang world tour through Star Column.
There are so many cities and countries I visited for the first time through our world tour. I’m not going to tell you one story, but I’ll talk about little things that happened in every country.
I’m not trying to win with quantity over quality!! I just have so many fun things in mind, so I want to share them all with you ~^^

It's the exterior of the Tokyo Dome before the concert. So many fans came ^^

First, we had the 3-dome concert in Japan for the first time this tour. When we arrived at the Dome concert arena and looked around, I remembered our first Japanese concert.

The inside of the Dome

Before we debuted in the Japanese major market, the first showcase we held was at a small hall near the Tokyo Dome. We performed in front of about 2,000 people back then. When we performed, I thought, ‘It would be great if we could have a Big Bang concert at the Dome arena,’ and I’m so touched and proud of myself that we were able to perform like this!^^

Thanks again to the many people who wished me a happy birthday! ^^

Especially the surprise birthday party I had at the Tokyo dome.. ㅠㅠ To be honest, I thought there would be a surprise party at the Hong Kong concert, but I didn’t know there would be one in Japan. I heard that the Japanese staff prepared it for me to cheer me up because I worked very hard, so thank you so much! And I will never forget everyone who congratulated me that day as well.

Looking for the candles during the Hong Kong stage ^^;;

Ah~ talking about the birthday party, I remembered something that happened in Hong Kong. When we had the birthday party on stage, the cake was so pretty and big~ I was so happy, and I was going to blow out the candles, but… there were no candles. So I remember repeatedly yelling to give me my candles in bad English~ (I heard later, but apparently there were no candles because they fell while they were moving the cake on stage. ^^)
“Where is my candle!?!? Where is my candle~~~~~!!”

One of the habits I formed from this world tour is to go around the empty concert hall before rehearsal. The different vibe that the empty stage gives me from the stage with a full audience gives me time to promise myself to put on a cool performance once again.
When I walk the empty hall, I meet some of the staff who always work hard for us in places you can’t see.

Was it Singapore? Once, I walked past a staff member as I greeted him, and he called me over. So I asked him what happened, and he said he had something to say. He told me, ‘Seungri~ I’m honored to work as a staff member for a Big Bang concert.’
When I heard that, I went blank, and I was at a lost for words. When I was walking back to the waiting room after exchanging greetings with him, I was once again thankful to the staff who worked hard for our concerts until now.

Actually, we need help from a lot of staff members to have one concert. I think we can always show you a great concert because of the staff who come with us to every country from Korea, the staff on-site who help us, and many others.
I’m sorry I can’t thank everyone personally, but I want to thank everyone who helped us until now through this Star Column.^^
Gomapseumnida. Thank you! Arigato gozaimasu~ Xie xie!! Khob kun krub~ Terima kasih~^^

Since I’m talking about the staff, I remember our personal masseuse, while we had our Japanese Dome tour. (We have a masseuse in each country.)
When I got a massage from him before the concert, my body felt light  as if I was reborn. So the hyungs called him ‘god’s hands’, and I remember we fought to get a massage first.

Let me whoosh~ fly again, go to USA and tell you about USA~
We safely finished our LA and New York concerts in USA as well as our concert in Peru. (I still get really scared when I think about the story about arriving in New York that Daesung hyung talked about ㅠㅠ). I hastily decided that I was going to stay a little longer in LA.
I went to the hotel restaurant the next day to eat breakfast (I like going to a restaurant to eat instead of ordering room service if it’s not dangerous~^^), and someone who I’ve seen often passed me. I was like, ‘Huh? Who is it? Ah!!!!! It’s Ashton Kutcher!!!’

One cut with Ashton Kutcher! Hyung, are you doing well?

I was so surprised, I thought about it for a bit and then went up to Ashton Kutcher and told him I was a fan. I had a short conversation with him, and then politely asked if he could take a picture with me. Ashton Kutcher, you’re so cool for agreeing right away! Thank you!
I was always on the receiving end of staring, but now that I’ve experienced being the one who was looking, I thought that when we meet our fans from now on, we should be nicer.

We're having a great time at the Malaysian waiting room with the staff. Everyone was happy because of Daesung hyung's jokes. ^^

You’re really curious about what we do to spend time backstage, right~? I’ll give you a hint~^^

Usually we spend a lot of time eating, chatting, sleeping, working out, or getting a massage.

Daesung hyung is working out intensely before the New York concert. Isn't he really cool!?

For this world tour, there was a game console in each waiting room, so we spent the entire time just battling each other in games.
Once, Taeyang hyung and I battled, but we played really happily and passionately as if we were pro gamers~.

Engrossed in the game with Jiyong, Taeyang hyung!

I don’t know if I won or not (To be honest, I have a pretty good win percentage^^), but you can tell how serious we are through the photo, right~? hehe.

Now~ the last episode of Seungri’s world tour~!!

We heard that there was a flea market every weekend at Notting Hill, a place famous for the movie, near our hotel, so I went with the staff to take a walk. As I walked through the slightly damp London streets (I don’t know how to express it, but I think it was weather that’s particular to London), I was able to relax at least for a bit, and I wondered if I hadn’t been able to feel the happiness of walking because I rode around in a car everywhere.
While I relaxed, I realized I was hungry ^^; So I looked around for somewhere good to eat and found this hamburger restaurant!! (It was really!!!! good~~^^)

It’s a photo that I took myself of Notting Hill Street in England. It was so classy.

When I saw the streets after I ate, I got this want to take pictures~^^ So I’ll reveal the photos I took with my cellphone~ I think the photos came out really cool, so I love them~^^.

With the English Mos tribe~

And I’m also revealing the photo that I took with the cool Mos tribe that I met on Notting Hill Street~^^.

I had a meaningful time through this world tour in many countries. I was so happy to meet fans, those who liked me. Seungri is going to go now and promise for the day we have another world tour. Bye~~^^

# Hold on! It’s Daesung again!

There was another episode that I didn’t talk about before, so I’m here again ^^.
It was while we were moving to New York for our New Jersey concert after our LA concert. We heard that all airplanes were canceled except for 1 flight because of heavy snow in New York. The members and staff barely got on the single flight to New York, and after a while, we arrived not at the New York JFK Airport, but the Buffalo Airport.
While we were all shocked, we heard the plane announcement. Because the weather got worse, they couldn’t go to the New York airport, so moved to the closest one, which was the Buffalo airport..
Because our concert was happening soon, we hurried to figure out a way to go from the Buffalo airport to New York. There was only a bus, and we were told it took over 10 hours to get there ㅜㅜ If we got on the bus, we would have to change as soon as we got to New York and stand on stage right away.

Our manager hyungs and staff were all conferring busily inside the airplane to solve the emergency situation, and the airplane announcement came on again. The pilot said if we wait an hour, we could go to the New York airport!!

At the New York waiting room ^^

We worried so much, but we held onto the tiny thread of hope and spent time in the airplane.
Seungri started talking to the foreigner next to him, and Jiyong hyung was listening to music. Youngbae hyung talked about things with the dancer hyung and noona, and I stole wasabi laver from the staff, and one hour passed by.

After the complications, the airplane left the Buffalo Airport and was about to land at the New York Airport. As soon as I thought, ‘I’m finally arriving in New York’! The airplane started to shake so much. We got on an airplane many times and went through a lot of turbulence, but this was the first time the airplane shook so much. In that short time, a lot of things went through my head and I was shaking in fear, but the airplane landed at the airport without an accident. I guess I wasn’t the only one who was scared, because for the first time I saw people get up [inside the cabin] and start applauding. Hahaha~^^

It's the New Jersey concert hall ^^

I guess it was because we didn’t have an easy time coming to New York, we were able to have more strength and work harder for the New York audience who we had difficulty meeting. I don’t know if New York fans knew the dangerous process we went through because they enjoyed our concert with a lot of passion! New York fans!! Fighting~ ^.^

Next up is T.O.P‘s world tour story. ^^

Source: Seungri and Daesung’s Naver Star Column

SHINee’s Onew shows off his new hairstyle on ‘Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio’

Posted: 26 Jan 2013 02:56 AM PST

On the January 25th broadcast of KBS Cool FM‘s ‘Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio’ (‘Sukira’), SHINee‘s Onew and CSJH‘s Dana featured as guest DJs and brightened up the atmosphere with their lovely voices.

Sukira posted to their official Twitter on the 25th, “Today! OnDa~~~!! DJs Onew+Dana will be responsible for two hours of ‘Kiss the Radio’! Cute and fresh >_< Today is filled with happy energy! Please be with us until the end of the show :D,” along with the photo above.

The photo shows guest DJs Onew and Dana showing off their adorable smiles as they lead the ‘Sukira’ program. Fans also couldn’t take their eyes off of Onew’s new red hairstyle.

Jo Kwon and Joo share photos from Wonder Girls Sun’s wedding

Posted: 26 Jan 2013 02:24 AM PST

Jo Kwon and JOO shared some photos from Wonder GirlsSun‘s wedding!

Jo Kwon posted two photos of 2AM with Sun on his Twitter with the description, “I will pray for you to always be happy. Be happy my dear friend Sunye.

JOO also posted photos on Twitter with the message, “Congratulations on your wedding, unni! I love you ♥♥ Live happily with brother-in-law ㅠㅠ I will send you off~ Hehehe, please congratulate Sunye unni’s wedding *^^*… Kiss~♥.”

Sun had her private wedding ceremony earlier today with her husband James Park.

Congratulations to Sun once again!

20130126_sun4 20130126_sun3 20130126_sun2 20130126_sun

Fans gather to catch a glimpse of CNBLUE at an amusement park, ‘Guerilla Date’ filming delayed

Posted: 26 Jan 2013 01:53 AM PST

CNBLUE was the biggest attraction for fans at the amusement park.

On January 24th, CNBLUE had some fun filming for KBS‘ ‘Entertainment Relay- Guerrilla Date‘ at an amusement park.

Although it was a weekday morning, the members were immediately surrounded by a large amount of fans. Due to the overcrowding, additional security was called in, and filming was temporarily delayed.

The large gathering wasn’t too surprising as CNBLUE has been receiving tons of love since their recent release, “I’m Sorry“.

CNBLUE’s ‘Guerilla Date’ will air on the 26th at 9:15 pm KST.

miss A’s Suzy wants to break away from her innocent image?

Posted: 26 Jan 2013 01:21 AM PST

Psychologists analyzed drawings by miss A‘s Suzy, and apparently, her artwork says that she would like to break away from the innocent image people have of her.

An expert starred on Y-STAR‘s ‘GoongGeumTa‘ (‘Curious‘) to analyze a couple of drawings Suzy revealed on air. In one drawing, she shaded in the hair, eyes, and neck, and the expert commented, “There is pressure, anxiety, and nervousness she feels due to her environment.” Another psychologist added, “I can also see that she feels burdened by her clean, neat image, and she wants to break free from her innocent image.

On the caricature she drew of former ‘Strong Heart‘ hosts Shin Dong Yup and Lee Dong Wook, the expert said, “It looks like she yearns for the ‘bad boy’ style,” also adding that a guy like actor Choi Min Soo would be her ideal type.

This episode will air at 3PM KST on the 27th.

Kwanghee and Sunhwa might actually marry in the future?

Posted: 26 Jan 2013 12:50 AM PST

According to a tarot card reading, ZE:A member Kwanghee and SECRET‘s Sunhwa could become an actual married couple in the future.

During MBC‘s ‘We Got Married‘, on-screen couple Kwanghee and Sunhwa went to get a tarot card reading for the new year.

They asked about things they were curious about each other, their personalities, and their fortunes for the new year. The two also asked if there was a possibility that they would actually marry in the future.

The card reader predicted, “If things go the way they are going, you two may enter a wedding hall together,” which made the idols unable to hide their excitement.

Performances from the January 26th episode of ‘Show! Music Core’!

Posted: 26 Jan 2013 12:21 AM PST

MBC's 'Music Core' is back once again with another fun and exciting show!

Today's show was guided by none other than SNSD's Tiffany, Taeyeon, and Seohyun who displayed their fun and dorky aegyo as always.

Aside from the usual performances on tonight's episode, Eric Nam held his debut stage while Nine Muses, MR.MR, and Crayon Pop held their comeback stages.

Check out the adorable MC cuts below!


[ Next Week Teasers ]

< SISTAR 19 >


Performances from today's show includes Girls Generation, CNBLUE, 2YOON, Crayon Pop, INFINITE H, Boyfriend, Moon Hee Jun, VIXX, SPEED, Hello Venus, GLAM, Baechigi, PHANTOM, TINY-G, and Airplane!

Check them out below, and be sure to check out the debut/comeback stages for today by clicking the artist/song name above!


< TINY-G >



< GLAM >


< VIXX >


< Boyfriend >




< 2YOON >


< Girls’ Generation >




Crayon Pop returns with “Bing Bing” on ‘Music Core’!

Posted: 26 Jan 2013 12:16 AM PST

Rookie group Crayon Pop has returned with their newest title track, a remix of their previously released hit titled “Bing Bing“! Although the track was originally released July of 2012, the girls have decided to continue through with the fun mix.

The girls have just begun promotions for their latest release, which features a set of adorable choreography to match the soft song.

Check out Crayon Pop’s comeback stage below!

Eric Nam makes his debut with “Heaven’s Door” on ‘Music Core’!

Posted: 26 Jan 2013 12:09 AM PST

'Birth of A Great Star 2' finalist Eric Nam is finally making his anticipated debut!

B2M Entertainment hinted at his upcoming debut back in 2012 and they have stayed true to their words as Eric has now unveiled his first solo mini album, 'Cloud 9'!

His title track is called 'Heaven's Door", a work by Sweetune. It features a fun and positive tune that is sure to easily attract fans.

Check out his debut stage below!

Nine Muses return with “Dolls” on ‘Music Core’

Posted: 25 Jan 2013 11:51 PM PST

Nine Muses have returned with "Dolls"!

The group will showcase a unique stage and concept using their 'dark' and 'white' units for their comeback with "Dolls", which is produced by Sweetune. The single marks their first official release in 10 months.

Check out their performance  of "Just Watch" and "Dolls" below!