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"Kim Giri and Jung Hyung Don to Make Guest Appearance in 2YOON’s 24/7" plus 24 more

"Kim Giri and Jung Hyung Don to Make Guest Appearance in 2YOON’s 24/7" plus 24 more

Kim Giri and Jung Hyung Don to Make Guest Appearance in 2YOON’s 24/7

Posted: 12 Jan 2013 07:00 AM PST

Comedian Jung Hyung Don made a cameo in the music video of 2YOON's debut single "24/7."

A representative from Cube Entertainment revealed, "Jung Hyung Don made a surprise guest appearance in the music video. He's really close to  4Minute and when he heard about 2YOON preparing their debut album, he was very interested. Despite his busy schedule, he accepted the offer without any hesitation.  The music video will be as fun and energetic as the music. And you can definitely expect some laughs from his cameo. "

Close friend Jung Hyung Don wasn't the only comedian to appear in 2YOON's music video. Gag concert comedian and labelmate Kim Giri was also eager to participate in the sub-unit's debut music video and is expected to deliver quite the funny performance as well.

Labelmates BTOB will also be appearing in the music video.

2YOON's title track "24/7″ is a country pop number which will be the first attempt at the genre on the Korean pop music scene. It is a cheerful and uptempo track with an addictive melody.  The song is about escaping the boring routine of everyday life.

Meanwhile, 2YOON's debut mini album "Harvest Moon" will be released on January 17 on digital sites.

Sources: Etoday + Newsen + Asiae + The Star
Translating + Reporting: Yoobin

Park Yoochun Describes His Kiss Scenes As “Very Sweet. They Make Me Happy” In Beijing

Posted: 12 Jan 2013 06:30 AM PST

Park Yoochun had a media day with Chinese reporters in Beijing on the 11th. During the event, one Chinese reporter asked what it felt like during the actor's kiss scenes.

To this, Park Yoochun gave the reply, "They're very sweet and they make me happy." He also confessed that he enjoys eating Chinese food, and that he especially likes eating Chinese lamb skewers.

Park Yoochun flew to Beijing for the media day event and was swamped by people from the moment he arrived at the airport. 1,000 fans had flocked to the airport to greet him, ensuing in chaos.

The Chinese media described it as the transformation from the Beijing airport to a concert gymnasium. They also commented that Park Yoochun is receiving much love and support from fans in China for his roles in 'Rooftop Prince' and 'I Miss You'.

Source: [TV Report]
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FC One, the celebrity soccer club makes a donation to a youth soccer team

Posted: 12 Jan 2013 05:30 AM PST

FC One, the celebrity soccer club that many stars such as Seo Ji Seok, Uhm Gi Joon, and Lee Jong Seok belong to, has made donations to promote soccer among young people. With Lee Sae Joon as the club's captain and Seo Ji Seok as vice-captain, FC One was founded in 2012. The club has 30 members, including Ahn Nae Sang, Park Gi Woong, Lee Jong Seok, Uhm Gi Joon, Cho Han Seon, Super Junior's Yesung, Heo Young Saeng, Big Bang's Seungri, B2ST's Lee Gi Kwang, Infinite's Woo Hyun, ZE:A's Dong Joon, Jang Woo Hyuk, U Kiss' Dong Ho, and Kim Jong Moon.

FC One is more than just a club for people who love soccer and want to share their common interest. It also contributes to the development of soccer among young people. The club recently made a donation to a youth soccer team in Guri.

About the recent donation, Seo Ji Seok, the vice-captain of FC One, said, "We get together not only to enjoy soccer but also to contribute in the development of Korean soccer. All the members of FC One feel honored to do what we love and help others with what we have. We will try harder in every way to be helpful in the further development of soccer in Korea."

Source: Xportsnews
Trans by bigbangupdates

Park Minha Takes A Photo With U-Know Yunho!

Posted: 12 Jan 2013 05:00 AM PST

Child actress Park Minha recently uploaded a photo she took with TVXQ's U-Know Yunho.

On the 9th, Park Minha posted a photo on her personal Twitter account with the caption, "With Yunho oppa, who I'm meeting for the first time in a month~ Next time, I'll see you on set."

Park Minha and U-Know Yunho, who met at the press conference of SBS' 'Queen of Ambition', look close as they pose for the photo. Both of them are smiling at the camera and showing off their adorable charm.

Netizens who saw the photo left comments such as, "I'm so envious of Park Minha", "I really have to watch Queen of Ambition", "U-Know Yunho's face is almost the same size as Park Minha's", "They're so cute," and "I wish I could have a daughter like her."

'Queen of Ambition' depicts the love of a man who sacrifices everything for the woman he loves, and the betrayal and greed that surrounds them. It will begin airing on the 14th of January.

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Girls’ Generation Talks About Their Identity and Responds to Critics in ‘Dispatch’ Interview

Posted: 12 Jan 2013 04:30 AM PST

Girls' Generation was recently interviewed by Dispatch. The girls discussed their views on "I Got A Boy" as well as their identity as artists.

The nine girls have returned. They brought out "I Got A Boy". However, the situation right now is "I got a problem". There's a bit of a problem; for starters, there are the disagreeing assessments on their new attempt.

Clearly, the girls have changed. They aren't the Girls' Generation we've known, but a "Brand New" Girls' Generation. Like their lyrics, their "style changed from head to toe". It's the result of choosing a hybrid over a hook song, girls' hip-hop over group dancing, and a kitsch look over a princess feel.

Like the lyrics, the fans are also asking them:

"Why did they do that? I'm dying of curiosity ♪"

And so we asked critics. We also asked songwriters. And lastly, we looked for answers from Girls' Generation.

"Please tell me ♬"

# Before holding the interview, we got opinions on the title song from critics, songwriters, and other sources. And then we tossed the questions to Girls' Generation instead.

① Is it a difficult attempt, or a new trend = The views on the title song are split in two. As of right now, the opinion that it is a difficult attempt is a bit more suprerior. On the other hand, there are other predictions that a new trend may set in. The views of experts are similar. While it's true that it is fresh, seeming unfamiliar is inevitable.

☞ "There are a number of rhythms mixed diversely, so it seems difficult, and it could sound like it's all over the place." (renowed songwriter A)

Girls' Generation (GG):
We were like that at first, too. The feeling of, 'What is this?' was strong. To be honest, that is why it was more reliable. This song is just as new as it sounds. It's different from songs that you get sick of the more you listen to it. For instance, you listen to it from the perspective of '1′ at first. When you listen to it again, you focus on perspective '2′. (Tiffany)

Interestingly, the more you listen to it, the more fun elements there are. You can think of it as new elements being discovered one by one. Normally, when practicing, there are times when I get sick of the song first. However, I like this song more now than when we first got it. The elements you hear will be different depending on your mood that day. I'm confident [in it]. (Seohyun)

☞ "After a bright song, they attempted a hook song. After that was electronic. When you take the sound, there is nothing that compares to this attempt as well. But as it is a foreign song, there seems to be a problem emotionally. I think they were too conscious of the overseas market." (popular songwriter B)

I think the interest in K-Pop is high. However, that doesn't mean this song was aimed towards the overseas market. It's just that the market has broadened because the world has become one musically. (Seohyun)

Don't you think it's a natural change? When we first debuted, we weren't in our 20s. We wore Converse sneakers and sportswear. For our second album, we went with a college student feel, wearing a white t-shirt and jeans. This time is just the same. We attempted music that suits our age; we don't think of overseas first. Everyday girl talks that suit our age. The same thing applies to our clothes and style. Rather than saying who the change is for, I think growth and being natural are the right reasons. (Tiffany, Seohyun)

☞ "I think the performance was attempted well, with variety. The clothes and hair also changed in a stylish manner. Just, when nitpicking at the music attempt alone, I think it's going to be difficult to capture people. I think it's a song where the video and performance together give off a big effect." (celebrity source C)

There's normally a well-organized path for music. Of course, this song doesn't really match it. However, any complicated structures get organized into one through a stage performance. In one word, along with the fun of listening to it, it's a song that's also fun to watch. (Seohyun)

The dance was different from standard choreography. It wasn't like a group dance. We even worried whether the nine of us could express it well. Dancing while thinking of the lyrics made a musical come to mind. It was exciting and thrilling seeing the members exchanging different actions and gestures with every performance. (Taeyeon, Yuri)

The lyrics itself are like a conversation. It's natural for us to make various facial expressions as if we are acting. I think the members' changes in facial expressions and acting, depending on the subject of the conversation, are a fun element. I think people will think of it as a musical-like stage where you can enjoy not just the music, but also the singing, choreography, and style all at once. (Yoona)

② Too much is as bad as too little vs The more the better? = Starting with the rap, verse 1, verse 2, solo, rap 2, and such get repeated. There isn't a specific clear separation between the intro and refrain. It's to the point where videos are emerging with the rap part edited out. This means that too much is not always good.

☞ "When they revealed the teaser video, my expectations were high. But when it was released, there were parts that made me cringe. It made me wonder if the rap part had to be there." (popular songwriter B)

From the position of having to perform it ourselves, it's not boring at all. It's the same logic as knowing that we are one team regardless of how differently we do things. As time goes by, I can feel the teamwork that only Girls' Generation has. People say the song is difficult, but when you watch the performance, you can feel one energy. (Hyoyeon)

We rapped. At first, it was menboong (translator's note: mental breakdown) for us too. (laughs) It's not a simple, repetitive hook song. It could sound difficult, but we think it's better the more you listen to it. One week of broadcasts has ended now. When the second week is over, we think people will feel, 'This song is really nice' a lot. (Sooyoung, Yoona)

☞ "SM Entertainment is seeking an 'anti trend'. It's good to experiment. However, for fans who are used to hook songs, this could be inconvenient. You can't tell which part is the main. You can't hear the hook clearly. It could be exhausting for an individual to listen to." (culture critic D)

Honestly, we have a fear of new attempts. However, that doesn't mean we have an imperative idea that we have to be different from other girl groups. We just think, 'shouldn't we have to grow from our last album?' If you show the same appearance, it's familiar. And so the fans would probably like and be comfortable with it. However, what we want is to progress and grow. And so we have to make new attempts, and challenge things.

I wish we can become a group that attempts variety. At first, we're afraid and worry until the album releases. We're anxious. We also worry as to whether it will do well. But making a new attempt is another process for us. We want people to think, 'This unfamiliar appearance is still [like] Girls' Generation.' (Yuri)

☞ "When it comes to presentation, I think there are a lot of difficult parts in particular. Because there are so many changes in the song, when it comes to the choreography, style, and video, it's not going to be easy trying to take it all in. However, they changed maturely. I want to compliment them." (renowned songwriter A)

Before filming the music video, we asked for more time on the choreography. It wasn't something that would work from just memorizing the actions. We had to understand the general story. The song isn't orderly. And so, for the person listening, we added in the musical-like parts. We practiced hard, and so it took longer. We think we've matured during this process. (Taeyeon)

③ Right now is Girls' Generation? = They were Girls' Generation until now. However, are they still Girls' Generation currently? Also, will another hit song like 'Gee' or 'Genie' be born in the future? Music experts all agreed that, regardless of hit songs, 'Girls' Generation is Girls' Generation'. They say [Girls' Generation] is already in a different class.

☞ "In the past, whenever songwriters and singers had to hold down a concept, they looked for foreign singers first. However, that's changed now. And so their attempt in general is new and fast. It feels like they're keeping ahead." (popular songwriter B)

We don't compete with anyone else. If there is something that we pay attention to, it's our own selves, 'Girls' Generation'. If we get first place, of course we're happy. However, we don't cling onto those things anymore. If we like our transformation, that's it. Expressing the music, singing, choreography, and style properly, as we want to, in itself makes us happy. Isn't it better that we've become more natural now? (Sooyoung)

☞ "If this type of genre comes about and becomes a hit, it will become a trend. Of course, the possibility of this would greatly depend on who it is that makes the attempt first. It's a possible attempt because it's Girls' Generation." (renowned songwriter A)

Opinions that our past performances are better are also valuable. However, growing and finding something new is the duty of Girls' Generation. The Girls' Generation that sang 'Kissing You' isn't gone. Rather, we feel that we want to show more things to people. We hope people think, 'This appearance, that appearance is all like Girls' Generation'. The thing that's changed is time. Not Girls' Generation. (Taeyeon)

☞ "Not only music, but all art is like that. Something called variety exists. I consider Girls' Generation showing off something new as progress." (music critic E)

There is a burden that we have because we are Girls' Generation. We get the feeling of, 'what should we do if we don't meet people's expectations?' However, we don't obsess over wanting to always be trendy. Our only goal is to express an appearance that suits the song. The nine of us are always the same. It's just that what we express on-stage is different. (Tiffany)

We're happiest communicating with the audience. What greater thing would there be for a singer than that? We have a great feeling of wanting to show [performances] in person, wherever. Rather than wanting, 'Let's go to greater markets with this album', we hope that the songs do just as well as the energy that we poured into it. (Sooyoung)

Source: Dispatch
Translated by: ch0sshi@soshified
Edited by: moonrise31@soshified, MoonSoshi9@soshified

Kim Bada’s fan writes about Jaejoong’s ‘One Kiss’, wants to help promote

Posted: 12 Jan 2013 04:00 AM PST

My favorite musician, and the only one I follow closely, is Kim Bada. One day as I was searching him, I discovered that the name "Kim Jaejoong" was on the related searches. I thought, Huh? Why would a singer like that be associated with Kim Bada?

When I clicked on the news I saw that Kim Bada had participated in the creation of Kim Jaejoong's new mini album. I was so surprised! A collaboration like this is very unique and I was curious as to what type of music they were able to fashion together, so I went to hear the songs.

The vocal quality, the songs themselves…It can be summed up in one word: "DaeBak".
I felt overwhelmed as I was listening to this music. There is no other way to describe the feeling.

Kim Jaejoong has a great voice, but I thought that because he is an idol he would not be very interested in music. But when I listened to his songs, I saw the passion and lyrical sense that even Kim Bada praised.
And thanks to this new music, my whole night was busy trying to find and listen to Kim Jaejoong's past solo songs: Maze, Protect the Boss OST, Dr. Jin OST, Sunkyungkwan Scandal OST.

These new songs; created by the musician that I love so much, lyrics written personally by Kim Jaejoong, arrangement done by Sean who works with all of the hottest indie bands… their combination was incredible. I think this music should be heard by more and more people. I'm sure these songs are ones you can't forget easily.

Even though I think regular idols have no interest in music, I know that promotions are the most important time for them. While looking up Jaejoong on Naver I saw some people in his fandom wondering about how to promote him properly, and being a fan of a rock artist I am used to unconventional promotions.

Even if a fandom is great enough to be able to buy a large amount of albums and make news, there is still a limitation to those the music itself can reach.
The most important thing is to post the songs on public boards and sites. The sound of this song is good enough that even with one listen, the general public will take interest.
Because I am a rock fan, I am not very familiar with the typical problems and promotions idols face…things such as control by an agency or various members doing different activities on domestic broadcasting shows.
But I think domestic broadcast have even less of a reach than getting a top 10 spot on Melon, because it reaches just idol fans. On the internet, spreading the song to all places is important.
I think many Jaejoong fans will agree with me.

That is not saying that broadcast is not important, though, because it does help with promotions.
But because broadcasting might be slightly tricky, there are other things that can be concentrated on…

Since these songs were composed by Kim Bada, they have an intense rock sound that might be foreign among Kpop.
Because the rock sound is something that is very different from the usual, you may feel as if you will have some problems with promoting.
Usually idols put out only ballads or dance tracks. And while one of Kim Jaejoong's songs was a rock ballad, I think the other is a much more hardcore rock song.
But in the Korean popular music scene, where everyone hears dance song after dance song, this sort of rock can be just the change they need.
The only rock that popular music fans are used to listening to is Nell, and Nell is usually all their rock awareness consists of.
In comparison…
Kim Jaejoong's song "One Kiss" is similar to that style so it can easily win over people who are already fans of popular music.
However…I think maybe you worry that the reaction towards hard rock might be…bad.

Fortunately for the fandom, when I watched the teaser for "Mine", I found not only my reaction, but also the reaction of muggles who are not in rock fandoms, to be positive.
Kim Bada is a popular musician that is known in all circles, and along with the music and the one line of singing we could hear, [Jaejoong's song Mine] gave the feeling of a powerful and modern rock song.
Because One Kiss seems to be so different from Mine, it's safe to say that Kim Jaejoong's new music can appeal to fans of all musical genres…

When searching Kim Jaejoong's name, there were many articles about One Kiss ranking. I think there will be similar articles coming out later this week for Mine.
Jaejoong fans, know that even if TV promotions are hard, promoting over the net can be equally or even more effective. Do not give up streaming or watching the videos or buying the songs.
The more you listen to the songs, and the more work you put in; the greater the results will be. Here is some advice from a person who, because of my rock fandom, is used to promoting solely over the net.

1. Find the country's most popular community sites and create topics on there where you can share the song. Even though these sites and boards are not about music, as you know, people post about music often on them. (T/N: the poster goes on to list some popular sites/boards, such as boards about soccer, gaming, and general free topic message boards)

You can also post the songs on the most popular galleries for rock artists (t/n: once again, the poster lists the most popular gallery sites). The fact that Kim Bada composed the songs and Sean is the one who arranged them will be publicity enough to get the attention of rock fans.
When the fans go onto the galleries and see Kim Jaejoong's name there, they will instantly get curious and listen to the songs…and just like that you will have a whole new set of fans fans.

I see that on galleries that are popular with women, there have already been a few posts about One Kiss and the new teaser video. On these sites, usually just the name Kim Jaejoong itself is publicity enough .

However, the boards that cater more towards the muggle men are an even bigger target you should look into. The "I Love Soccer" board has over 1.2 million subscribers while the MMA boards has 800 thousand. Both sites have hundreds of thousands of people visiting every day…can you imagine a better way of promotion? For us rock fans, we have been posting songs from our favorite musicians on these sort of boards for years and we always get positive replies and interest.
But because these are grown men and they do not usually like to hear idol songs, it's important how you promote Kim Jaejoong's songs. You should emphasize that the song is composed by Kim Bada and arranged by Sean.
Because these are two rock musicians who are well known, people tend to be curious to see how they work together so they will click on it. And then once they hear the songs, they will become fans of Kim Jaejoong as well, ignoring the idol stigma.
For us Kim Bada fans, this is the way we have always promoted. Both the boards targeting towards females and males help us give our artist more exposure and have even increased album sales for Kim Bada.

2. Though you are all probably already aware of this, having a song ranked within the top 10 of Melon is a great source of publicity because the top 10 songs are publicly displayed to anyone who visits the Melon site to download any music.
Jaejoong gallery is such a large gallery so you have a great number of people who will stream songs already.
But I am here to tell you all that myself and my friends on the Kim Bada and Sean galleries are willing to help you as well. In fact, they even asked me to come here to tell you that they would like to stream for Kim Jaejoong too.

The fans of Kim Bada have raised funds to pay for all the streaming, so you do not need to worry about that.
The fans of Sean as well are teaming up with us.
Because rock music almost never enters within the 10 ten spots, for us this is something that we are excited to try and we think that Kim Jaejoong's songs are worth the effort. So please look for us in the coming week. Hopefully we can help make the official release of his songs daebak!

The full mini album will be released on January 17th and I think from then on your fandom will be busy with all the promotions. I hope that these songs will be a big hit amongst muggles and that all your promotion efforts will be a success…!!

Translated by: Yule @ PrinceJJ
Shared by: PrinceJJ

How do YG artists work out?

Posted: 12 Jan 2013 03:32 AM PST

YG Entertainment's sports trainer Hwang Ssabu uploaded some pictures of YG artists on his Facebook. The photos show Seungri, Bom, Minzy, Sean and others wearing plain clothes and working out in the gym located inside the YG Entertainment building. 

The stars are shown wearing exercise clothes and exercising while watching variety shows. Minzy is showing her flexibility ,stretching on an exercise ball. 

A picture of Big Bang's Seungri and Daesung posing like boxers gained attention. They show off their strong abs and their sleek jawlines. 

Netizens wrote, "It is good to see them taking care of themselves", "Their abs are daebak", and "I want to workout like that as well." 

In addition, Big Bang will have their 'Big Bang Alive Galaxy Tour Final' from the 25th to the 27th at the Olympic Gymnastic Stadium. 


Written by Jenny@dkpopnews

YG Entertainment announces "G-Dragon 2013 1st World Tour"

Posted: 12 Jan 2013 02:57 AM PST

On January 12, YG entertainment announced G-Dragon's 1st world tour with a poster through their official me2day.

They wrote, "2013, G-DRAGON's first world tour is finally here! The tour will take place at the Seoul Gymnastics Stadium in Korea and the three domes in Japan! What countries, what cities, and what kind of performances will greet fans? We're very excited!"

According to the information on the poster, G-Dragon will kick off in Seoul on March 30th, 31st, then the next stops are 3 Japanese domes and some more countries will be informed later.

Source: YG Entertainment Official Me2Day
Translated by @saraseoul
Written by Jenny@dkpopnews

Nana was born to be a model

Posted: 12 Jan 2013 01:30 AM PST

Recently, some photos of After School's Nana have been posted on a community board with the title: "When you see supermodel Nana"

In these photos, Nana shows off her S-line and perfect long legs, she further attracts attention with her beautiful face and fair skin. Fans were surprised to know that the photos are unedited.

Netizens commented,: "She was born to be a model", "Seeing her in person you will admire much more", "She is just perfect",etc.

Source: bntnews
Written by Jenny@dkpopnews

Han Ji Min looks beautiful in her new hair.

Posted: 12 Jan 2013 01:00 AM PST

A recent photo of actress Han Ji Min was revealed.

An online community uploaded a photo of the actress with the tittle,"Han Ji Min today's photo", and has attracted much attention. 

The thing that attracted people the 
most is her new hair color. She has her hair dyed in brown and red, she looks stylish yet beautiful at the same time. This kind of hair dye is popular recently among celebrities.

Netizens commented on the photo,"Han Ji Min's so beautiful","I envy with her skin","The new hair color really fits her", and so on

Written by Clover @ DKPOPNEWS.NET

SISTAR cried on stage due to the cold reaction from students

Posted: 12 Jan 2013 12:30 AM PST

One of the most popular girl groups in 2012 - Sistar, cried on stage because of the cold reaction from audience.

Sistar recently made their special appearance in MNET's "School of Rock - Energy Attack". Idol stars will have the chance to visit  high schools and colleges in Korea and hold surprise events for students.

Sistar made their surprise visit to Gyeonggi Suwon high school. All the members were very excited upon the moment they went on the stage to surprise the students. As always, they completed a wonderful stage, however the students didn't react to the girls' performance, all went silently without any response. At that moment, Sistar members became panicked and they shed tears on stage. The students then surprised the girls with a performance.

This special episode will be broadcasted on January 6th at 8:30 pm kst.

Written by Clover @ DKPOPNEWS.NET

2YOON releases 24/7 teaser featuring Gayoon

Posted: 11 Jan 2013 11:47 PM PST

4Minute's subgroup 2Yoon releases 2nd MV teaser featuring member Gayoon.

Check out the teaser video below

Jong Taese wants to watch JYJ Jaejoong’s performance

Posted: 11 Jan 2013 11:30 PM PST

During the press conference on the 10th, when asked what he wants to do aside from football in South Korea, new Suwon Bluewings striker Jong TaeSe (29) has answered he wanted to watch Hallyu Star Kim Jaejoong's performance.

Aside from Kim Jaejoong, he is also acquainted with JYJ members Park Yoochun and Kim Junsu.

Jong TaeSe and JYJ's ties dated back to June 2011. Jong TaeSe participated in the Asian Dream Cup, a football charity match in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. JYJ were also there to hold a concert to celebrate the charity game. Friendship was built after meeting on this event.

Kim Jaejoong posted a photo with Jong Taese on his twitter after finishing the charity match saying "Tae Se, let's meet up again". Jong TaeSe is looking forward to watching Kim Jaejoong's performance when he comes to Korea.

However, it seems like he will not be able to meet him. He will come back to Korea on Jan 28 after joining the training camp in Guam while Kim Jaejoong's concert will be on Jan 26-27.

Source: SportalkKorea
Translated by: @Rubypurple_fan of JYJ3

K-pop Makers: FNC Entertainment’s CEO – Han Seong Ho

Posted: 11 Jan 2013 10:50 PM PST

"There are three major entertainment companies in Korea called 'Big 3.' The year 2013 is the starting year for us to grow even bigger than them."

Those are the words from FNC Entertainment CEO Han Seung Ho. He's not just saying them either.

After raising CNBLUE, FT Island, Juniel and AOA, FNC Music recruited actors Lee Dong Gun and Yoon Jin Seo and changed the company name to FNC Entertainment. The move echoes the company's goal to expand beyond K-Pop and into K-culture. Their new location in Chung Dam Dong* is a four-story building with three underground levels; It's the symbol of FNC Entertainment's energetic step into the year 2013.

T/N: *Chung Dam Dong: One of the most fancy areas in Seoul. It's a home to the wealthy, big companies, and international and national luxury fashion boutiques.

"This year, CNBLUE and FT Island will both go on a world tour. CNBLUE had a concert in England and FT Island debuted in Europe*. We want to keep pushing that. They will be going around the world including USA, Europe and Oceania."
T/N: FT Island has not yet debuted in Europe.
CNBLUE and FT Island introduced themselves to the US through a joint concert in LA last summer. For the American music market that thought K-POP just meant dance, CNBLUE and FT Island were a new discovery.

"It's still not a genre that's widely accepted in Korea. That disappoints the members and me the most. Obviously, we need to be loved in Korea before we can be known abroad. But it's also true that we rely on other countries to make up for that. Plus, music officials abroad feel fresh about K-POP. I saw a possibility in that. And now, I am confident about world tours even to hold a super concert."

Up until last year, CEO Han pushed for localization as a key to K-POP's international success. But now, he emphasizes "balance." It's because K-POP has established itself as a brand. After BOA and TVXQ introduced K-POP through localization in Japan in early 2000, the time has come for a world star PSY to sing "Gangnam Style" in Korean. Now, FNC Entertainment artists are getting ready to diversify K-POP.

"The culture has grown and situations have changed through YouTube. It'll become important to find a balance between showing K-POP's original color and localization. I strongly feel that bands like FT Island and CNBLUE need to succeed in global communication through this year's world tour for more musicians to join us."

CEO Han Seong Ho plans to apply FNC Entertainment's own balance to music. He means if the old K-POP has changed its style within a large frame for localization, just giving an emphasis should be enough for the new K-POP."

"We can now attract enough audience for a super concert anywhere in the world. More people love Korean music and Korean artists. They are ready to accept us as the way we are. When we don't disappoint them, K-POP can get upgraded. So the members should always work hard to improve themselves. "

CEO Han is a musician who performed as a college band vocalist. As a former band-member, who dealt with concerts over music 20 years ago, he understands his artists better than anyone else.

"There could be a gap between the music I want to do and the music I have to do. But when I see kids come on audition programs and play instruments, I can't give up. I am sure that FT Island and CNBLUE are at the center of this change. Unless a band sows a path to success, a band music could never bloom."

CEO Han is planning a family concert to solidify FNC Entertainment's own color. He plans on opening concerts in Korea and all over the world. He is determined to showcase 'band musician' and build a foundation for Juniel, AOA and trainees.

"Many fans recognize FNC Entertainment's color when they hear FT Island, CNBLUE and Juniel. They may not be able to explain it exactly, but they think us differently from other artists. I want to really show that off this year. Through family concerts, I plan to overturn the thought that band music isn't diverse, and pull up FNC Entertainment as a brand."

Source: Hankook Magazine
Credit|Translated by: DJ. Pri
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TOUCH ChulMin, “4minute Hyuna is my ideal type”

Posted: 11 Jan 2013 10:20 PM PST

Male group of 5 members, TOUCH's Chul Min has named 4minute's Hyuna as his ideal type.

On the 11th, ChulMin was asked by fans about his ideal type. He answered, "It could come out strange and might cause misunderstandings", continued with  "Personally, I like 4minute Hyuna's performance."

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Source: TV Daily

Kim Jaejoong will hold a special event on his solo concert

Posted: 11 Jan 2013 09:50 PM PST

On Jan 26-27 in Kim Jaejoong's concert 'Your, My and Mine', he will have a special event in which he will sing one requested song on stage.

The event will be held in JYJ official FB page on Jan 12, 7-9 pm KST. Fans are allowed to leave a comment on the FB page on which Korean song they would like Jaejoong to sing on stage. Application is limited to one song per person. Result will be published on JYJ FB page on Jan 14.

C-jes entertainment official said, "Your,My and Mine is a new format that combines mini-concert and a fanmeeting. Kim Jaejoong planned special performances as a gift for fans."

Source: Nate
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Interview with Yoochun in Beijing

Posted: 11 Jan 2013 09:20 PM PST

During JYJ member Park Yoochun's Media Day in Beijing, organised by South Korean agency C-Jes, Sina Entertainment had an exclusive interview with Park Yoochun.

Official visit to China; Beijing not as cold as imagined

Although it is not his first trip to China, it is the first time that the itinerary is without any concert, fan meeting or performance-related activities.  In this, Park Yoochun has shown the proper work attitude that Koreans usually have.  He said that because he had to film the drama "Missing You", he was unable to take time out to personally thank the China media.  So this trip is made to specially thank them.

 Talking about his impression of Beijing, he said he was mentally prepared for Beijing to be very cold but it was not as cold as Seoul.  Regarding Beijing cuisine, he revealed there is a small restaurant they patronise so frequently that the boss now can understand Korean and gives him special privileges, and he can order items that are not in the menu.  This time in Beijing, the food that he wants to eat most is still mutton on skewers (kebabs).

Selects a work based on feeling; real character is Jung Woo and Lee Gak combined

In 2012, with 2 hit dramas "Rooftop Prince" and "Missing You", Park Yoochun seems to be enjoying greater popularity than before.  Besides fans from his singing days, there are new drama fans; outside the press conference today, it is also crowded with his fans, there just to take a look at their idol.

 During the press conference, the hit dramas that he acted in became a topic that must be mentioned.  Regarding the great success of his works, he said that for the first work "Sungkyunkwan Scandal", he did not know how to choose and just listened to the views of the people around him.  But for the recent "Rooftop Prince" and "Missing You", he himself was moved by the script and decided to take it.  When asked which part of RTP left the deepest memories, he said he will always remember the wedding at the rooftop; the atmosphere was too sad and even the crew had tears falling.  When it was said that "Missing You" has more kissing scenes than RTP, he looked unconvinced and said, actually RTP has more kissing scenes, but viewers are affected by the heavy atmosphere in MY and have the wrong impression.

 When talking about his real character, he said it is a combination of Han Jung Woo and Lee Gak; he has Lee Gak's sense of responsibility without losing freedom and Jung Woo's traits of acting babyish and spoilt and also joking around.  He also took pride in his good interpersonal relations and said he maintains a good relationship with all the actors/actresses he has worked with, keeping in touch even until now.  About RTP having the highest number of clicks on the internet, Park Yoochun said he also had a shock when he heard it.   Regarding the finale of Missing You that everyone is most concerned about,  he is tight-lipped and said the script is not out yet, but he is wishing for a tragic end and asked the scriptwriter to make him die.

 Entering the China market possible anytime; wants to challenge a war movie

This media day activity is widely seen as the first step for Park Yoochun to enter the China market.  Regarding this, he was straightforward and said it can happen anytime if there is a suitable script.  He also revealed that he has received the invitation for several works but he has not made a decision yet.

 JYJ member Kim Jaejoong has already entered the silver screen with " Codename Jackal"; when asked if he would follow suit, Park Yoochun said he is in no hurry.  He said, "Wait til I am 30 or 40 years old when I can challenge more kinds of roles; for movies I can take my time."  About the type of movie he would most like to challenge, he was given 3 choices, love, action or comedy.  He gave an unexpected answer– war movie.  He quipped, "Actually I really wanted to act in a horror movie, but I was too scared and gave up the idea.  Now I want most to act in a war movie, best with a scene of 5 hundred horses galloping at me."


Part II

Suffered a lot for "Missing You";  Harry's role is too sick

Park Yoochun, because of popular Korean drama "Missing You", recently received the attention of more and more fans.  The engaging performance of all the actors added colors to the story but the sad storyline and chilly weather gave Park Yoochun a hard time during shooting. When asked what was the most painful thing during the shoot, he said, "Because of too many crying scenes, the body lost a lot of energy.  My mouth always becomes frozen saying lines in the cold weather."  He also said, "When the icy winds blows, tearing is not that easy",  bursting viewers' fantasy over Jung Woo's lines "I am not crying; it's because the wind is blowing" and appearing real and interesting.

When asked if his own character is closer to Jung Woo or Harry, Park Yoochun exclaimed "Of course I am more like Jung Woo, good at waiting!"  Trying to clarify, Park Yoochun explained, in the drama, Harry acted by Yoo Seung Ho, is a control freak with an obsession that is a sickness; as for himself, he wouldn't be like that and will give adequate trust to the woman he loves without foregoing his principles.  In the drama, Jung Woo waited for 14 years for love, and Park Yoochun realistically said, "14 years makes the story look so beautiful, but in reality it is not easy, too long ".   When saying this, he made an expression like "I can't imagine!" and that expression was very cute.

"Missing You" tragic ending is logical;  after completing shoot, looking forward to travelling to Cuba

During an earlier interview, Park Yoochun openly expressed that he hopes "Missing You" ending to be a tragedy. Towards the finale, there are 2 more episodes,  how will the story end,  it naturally became our topic of concern.  Regarding this, Park Yoochun said,  "Even though people around me don't agree, my hope for a  tragic ending has not changed."  At the same time, he explained, "Not because we must give the story a sad ending, but for the plot so far, only Jung Woo's death would make the story sound logical and everything look rational."

Year 2012, Park Yoochun acted in "Rooftop Prince" and "Missing You" one after the other, both receiving excellent results, but he was not able to rest well. When asked, after shooting, what is the thing he wants to do most and what place he most wants to go, he looked like he was drawing a beautiful picture in his mind, then he said, "After Missing You ends, I want to travel, and if I have to choose a place, it will be Cuba, where I can rest freely."

JYJ album in the agenda;  wants to eat roast duck in Beijing

2013 has only just started, Park Yoochun has already placed JYJ's new album in the agenda. Regarding other projects, he said there are no plans yet, but if there is a chance, it is possible that he might bring a music or TV project to the fans.  When asked what food he wants to taste in Beijing, Yoochun quickly said he had already requested the staff to take him to eat roast duck, and after eating, he will have a good sleep.  He was full of life and vigour but it could not conceal his tiredness which pained us.  When asked to speak a few Chinese words, Park Yoochun shyly said,"More than 10 years ago, I learned Chinese but now I have forgotten most of it.  Because I watched many zombie/vampire movies, I can only shout "jiu ming ah" ("救命啊" means "help!" in Chinese).  His words made everyone burst out laughing.

This trip to Beijing, from a certain angle, is Park Yoochun's first step to enter China, even though he is humble about it and said he came to say hello and thank you to the China media.  But I believe after this activity, Chinese fans will be able to see him more often.  Regarding fan meetings,  Park Yoochun also said "Missing You" will be an opportunity for more fan meetings in more locations. 。(Thanks 红丽/文 郑福德/图 张大伟/视频)

Source from Sina Entertainment(1,2)
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Miss A’s Min – BTOB’s MinHyuk New Joint Forces

Posted: 11 Jan 2013 08:50 PM PST

Miss A's Min and BTOB's MinHyuk will be joining forces in 'Reckless Family 2′

In conjunction with MBC's 'Reckless Family Season 2′ remake anniversary, Min who plays as a lodger, and MinHyuk who plays as the nephew was revealed on January 11th.

'Reckless Family' is one of the earliest sitcom that is also a real variety program.

BTOB's MinHyuk expressed his thoughts, "I've always been keen on watching the sitcom. To a rookie like me, it is a very good opportunity and an honor" and, "Reckless Family's new combination of variety and sitcom have really increased my anticipation for it. The first recording was really fun. I hope to be close with the reckless family and staffs soon," he expressed.

PD for the show expressed, "It is expected that the entrance of these two new idols will give more strength to the show" and, "In the future, please do watch over MinHyuk and Min's love line as it unfolds". 'Reckless Family 2′ will be aired on the 22nd January 6PM.

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Seungho and Sae Rom, An Unusual Relationship from Variety Point of View

Posted: 11 Jan 2013 08:20 PM PST

Although idol group MBLAQ is the main body, this program is also a special opportunity for Kim Sae Rom and girl group Stella member Jeon Yul who participated as the managers. Especially to Jeon Yul who took on the job of her favorite artist's manager like Siwon in the ended tvN "Reply 1997″ it feels like it was a tremendously deep gratitude to the extent that she would pinch her leg from time to time. However, it also seems like she now has more of an appearance of wearing a crown of thorns than an opportunity and only feels uncomfortable when suffering from too much criticism. Were reactions like this something unexpected? I asked everyone including the production team.

(Participants: PD Ko Byung Hyun, Park Kyung Lim, Seungho, G.O, Cheondung, Mir, Kim Sae Rom, Jeon Yul, Columnist Jung Suk Hee)

JSH: As the producer, what do you think of idol MBLAQ?

PD Ko: I'm very thankful. While they are entertainers I suppose they must have things they want to hide. When they hesitate and in the end disclose everything unreservedly, I'm really thankful. And the most important part, MBLAQ are idols who work hard especially on the musical aspect. It's not that when a song comes out they practice as told and go on the stage, they are friends who want their own music to be seen and heard. They want to be first place in music and also first place in variety. My prejudice was also shattered because of MBLAQ.

Seungho: This program became an opportunity for us to go back to our original intention again. I think there's no place that allows us to be comfortable while accommodating us as much as here. Because they treat us sincerely we have a sense of responsibilty, and because we are aware of our goal we feel that we have to work harder.

JSH: It's good that G.O-gun found his character through this program.

Sae Rom: I also first knew this friend was this funny after I came here.

JSH: Sae Rom-ssi has got criticized a lot since the first episode. How is it?

Sae Rom: It's variety. It's a job assigned to me. But since I have some experience, now my heart doesn't get hurt by that kind of things. It's because it's a character I'm familiar with. Kyung Lim noona, Jeon Yul, me, we all started with having the title of a manager, but the more we do it, the more we feel that we really became the manager. I hope our kids will do well with this program. I feel that I want to support them more. Since my thought of working hard comes before anything else, there hasn't been a time when I feel upset yet. Even if there's something I'm upset about I can swallow it because it's variety.

Seungho and Sae Rom, An Unusual Relationship from the Variety Point of View

JSH: But on the first episode, didn't you cry for real at the Japan concert site? It was scripted, but you also got attacked a lot on QTV "Ranking Women" before. Don't you still feel a bit different about being put to shame by male idols?

Sae Rom: Yes. But I had faith in Seungho that he would accept everything as variety.

Seungho: Sae Rom-ssi and I are of the same age. It's been a while since I had a friend of the same age, so it's good. It's hard to exchange blow after blow with someone similar to my age on other programs.

PKL: It's expected to know but idols have things they are careful of. (laugh) We thought that it would be nice if there was at least one character who bickers, but when we couldn't readily find a person to do it Sae Rom said "I'll do it." I'm thankful that she stands at the position of making the program.

Seungho: I want to applaud her courage. (laugh)

PD Ko: What kind of reaction would it be, we also know everthing. But Kyung Lim-ssi was like that to Sae Rom. She said, "I know the appearance you show on broadcasts is not your original appearance. Still, show your true appearance. People will understand someday and the arrows of criticism won't come anymore." Sae Rom doesn't read the comments but she will for sure see them. As for Jeon Yul, it's true that as a rookie she has the sense of having done a lot of preparation, but cutting in is a very difficult thing. To us a character was necessary. Sae Rom-ssi in particular, a character that has the element of conflicts was needed.

Seungho: Actually when I heard that there were three managers my worriness was preceding at the beginning. It's because although Kyung Lim noona and I know each other very well, I was unfamiliar with Sae Rom and Jeon Yul. It's good because now I found the right role and the right position for myself and I'm doing well. While there are times when Jeon Yul breaks out a shot of comment out of nowhere and Sae Rom has a style of overflowing fighting spirit so that the pace becomes too fast, but even at such moments I look cheerful without showing my emotion, lower my raised tone of voice and try hard. As not everyone in a drama can be the main lead, people who make the program together must accommodate and support each other to make a good program. If it continues and someone intends to stick out I think it will look like greediness.

JSH: After I saw Seungho-gun today I think you intend to stick out every time? (laugh)

Seungho: No, no, it's not like that. Those moments were my attempts to bridge something softly. (laugh)

Jeon Yul who heard that her existence was not needed, is sad

JSH: I bet Jeon Yul is very worried because she is at a position where she is burdened by her first fixed casting. You're still very green but it's sad that you even heard the words saying that your existence is not needed.

PKL: Jeon Yul has the role of a rookie manager. An impression like an intern? It's inevitable that there's a clumsy rookie wherever you go, right? While performers also teach their managers professional awareness, it's a relationship of MBLAQ and Jeon Yul learning and growing with each other as if they are developing. Because "Idol Manager" is a program that makes up MBLAQ I can't take care of Jeon Yul much, but I believe she will definitely do well one day.

Jeon Yul: Even when I look at it I just sit quietly. I come with the thought of having to secure my screen time somehow and my firm resolution, but when the shooting starts I become passive. It's good that I learn a lot but when I go home I always regret that "I'll do it this way."

JSH: You are not even a parachuted character, but I also wondered why they insisted on adding someone who was not helpful while I was watching the show. To me I thought if this was really a plus. However, after I came here and watched you the whole time I came to think if I was an outsider. It seems like you play the role of a buffer in between MBLAQ and the managers whose characters conflict with each other.

PD Ko: I wanted to find at least one person from a senior-junior group among the three manangers. Then fortuntely I heard that a Stellar member was a big fan of G.O. I became the manager of the idol member I like, isn't it dramatic? That's why we are doing it together. However, there's no way that there are parts she can lead herself and it's difficult in many ways with her manager title. I want to give her some role, but it's not easy because she's still a rookie.

JSH: Who is the one that helps Jeon Yul a lot? Your feeling of a fan towards G.O-gun changed on the show.

Jeon Yul: It's true that I said that, but it's still G.O oppa.

Our new challenge, please anticipate

JSH: By the way, the thing I'm curious about Mir-gun is, is leader hyung really scary?
(Today Mir had an acting mission of expressing his anger towards Seungho.)

Mir: No! There's no reason to be like that. When I first met him as a trainee, I was a bit afraid of him at first, but Seungho hyung is really nice to people whom he considers his own people.

JSH: While watching the recording the whole time I thought he's indeed a leader by nature. Off-camera he carefully takes care of many things without knowing.

Mir: It's not a comment for show but he's really like that. If Seungho hyung kept being scary perhaps I would've run away early. (laugh)

JSH: There are good points because you're together with Kyung Lim noona, right?

Mir: Kyung Lim noona is a person who can hold us in when we are playing out of control. She's someone whom we are grateful for completing our natural daily lives for us through the show.

PKL: These friends did their first broadcast on MBC FM "Park Kyung Lim's Starry Night – 7 Minute Invitation" together with me. Like ducks hatching from their eggs and having attachment to the first being they encounter we also have that kind of relationship. I was able to recognize it at that time. They are really nice and honest friends. And they are friends who work really hard.

Mir: We had our start together with Kyung Lim noona and starting from our fanmeeting we do many things together with her all the time. "Idol Manager" was also something we said that we wanted to do with Kyung Lim noona. She said she was happy to do it for us so we are really thankful.

PKL: Of course you are. Since I'm married and have kids, instead of the variety programs I'm confident in I only get contacted for mainly talk shows that proceed in studios. That point was my own worry, but because I wanted to do it with "MBLAQ" I got a new goal. I also returned to the time when I was their age and tried to play with these friends like friends.

JSH: Friends? What do you mean? About looking like bearing a child you certainly have more of the feeling like a mother than when you were on "Thank You For Waking Me Up" of MBC "Highly Recommended Saturday" that you did with idols before. (laugh) There's no excitement at all, right? From what I saw today you all are quite good at acting, but how do you see it as an acting senior?

PKL: I who was doing it with them was also surprised. They might have worked harder because they got guidance from the tough Chun Soo Kyung sunbaenim. (laugh)

G.O: All the members are very interested in acting. We have multiple talents, so when this kind of situation appears we become immersed in it. Especially when Seungho and I are preparing for the musical we learn a lot.

JSH: From when will the musical "Gwanghwamun Sonata" start?

G.O: Starting in Osaka on November 10th it is scheduled to be played in Tokyo as well. We still keep practicing but we have a feeling of going to school. It's because it has classes like acting and vocalization at desinated times. Even though entering a new field is difficult it's thrilling, and I feel that I myself got upgraded. I'm working hard with a learning mindset since I have the thought of wanting to manage and produce the team when I return from the army.

(At the moment when G.O continued to talk about the musical with his eyes sparkling the writer gave us a signal with a sorry expression that they had to proceed with the recording again. I could not disturb them and hurriedly wrapped things up, but I borrowed this opportunity and gave a supporting applause for Seungho-gun and G.O-gun's new challenge.)

A few days after the interview was over I heard the news that Mir-gun would be participating in the South America episodes of SBS "Law of the Jungle." He said that he wanted to take the challenge of going outside of the studio like that and now it looks like he got the opportunity. I am so happy with the appearance of my friend getting a golden opportunity. It was MBLAQ that even had members closing their eyes automatically during an interview in the midst of suffering too much from their schedules at the time of "Idol Army" alone. I have become anticipating another growth of them.

Source: Naver

EXO-M "We Create the History"

Posted: 11 Jan 2013 07:46 PM PST

Hottest K-pop acts ready for Golden Disk gig in KL

Posted: 11 Jan 2013 07:11 PM PST

Excitement is building up barely a week before the biggest K-pop event hits our shores.

The Samsung Galaxy The 27th Golden Disk Awards in Kuala Lumpur will be rocking the Sepang International Circuit over two nights next Tuesday and Wednesday.

Founded in 1986, the Golden Disk Awards, dubbed the Grammys of Korea, is South Korea's most prestigious K-pop awards show and is presented annually for outstanding achievements in the music industry.

Hosted by Mediartncomm Co Ltd, supported by the Malaysia Con- vention and Exhibition Bureau (MyCEB) and presented by Samsung Malaysia Electronics as title sponsor, the music awards will see 25 of K-pop's hottest acts in Malaysia next week.

The earliest acts will arrive on Sunday night. They are members of the boy bands SHINee and BTOB.

Monday will see the arrival of 10 acts: Exo (in two batches), Infinite (first batch), 4Minute, B1A4, Beast, Super Junior, CN Blue, FT Island, Juniel and Kara.

Fourteen acts will fly in on Tuesday, the first day of the awards. They are Infinite (second batch), Secret, Heo Gak, Lee Ha Yi, Ailee, Epik High, T-ara, Sistar (first batch), G-Dragon, f(x), K.Will, Miss A, B.A.P, and Teen Top.

The remaining members of girl group Sistar will arrive only on Wednesday.

As for the show's hosts, CN Blue's Yong Hwa and Kara's Nicole will be emceeing on the first night while FT Island's Hong Ki and Sistar's Dasom will host the show on the second night.

Fans can expect over 70 songs during the two-night gig, including hits such as Super Junior's Sexy, Free & Single, G-Dragon's One Of A Kind, FT Island's I Wish, Beast's Fiction, 4Minute's Mirror, CN Blue's Intuition, Epik High's Light It Up and Lee Ha Yi's Mamadu.

The main entrance to the venue will be open for fans to start queueing at 2.30pm. The Samsung Galaxy zone entrance opens at 4.30pm for ticket holders to access the red carpet event, which starts at 5pm.

Rockpit and Hallyu zone entrances will open at 6pm.

The awards show starts at 7.30pm.

Tickets are priced at RM199 (Hallyu zone) and RM999 (Samsung Galaxy zone). Tickets to the Rockpit zone (RM688) have already been sold out while limited tickets remain for other zones.

For ticket reservation and enquiries, contact TicketPro (03-7880 7999 / or e-mail or head to DiGi outlets at SoHo KL, Sunway Pyramid and The Gardens. Samsung and DiGi users are entitled to a 20% discount.

Visit or for details on the Samsung Galaxy The 27th Golden Disk Awards in Kuala Lumpur.

Article by: SETO KIT YAN (

Idol Romance ‘The Romantic’, How real it is?

Posted: 11 Jan 2013 06:48 PM PST

ZE:A Park Hyungsik who coupled with 4Minute's Nam Jihyun in tvN The Romantic & Idol came to our office for the interview, while waiting for the interview he appeared like someone who is waiting for his lover, with excited gaze.

[Park Hyungsik] 'I haven't seen the broadcast yet' is what I want to tell. But all my hands and legs already curled. (Laugh) All the people around me had fun (made fun of me?) They also want to participate in the show. The members also said that it was a great meeting. All 8 of them are good people and well behaved, so the program fits us well. The program seeks for the truth and sincerity of the people. So, even if there are couples who doesn't match with each other, that is also the charms of this program right?

The idol travels a lot even until Norway. However who are these people? In South Korea, isn't KPOP Idols are the busiest compared to other people? Even when the schedule is not fit, they still went to stay in Jeju Island for 4 days and 3 nights. "Meeting the other brothers, sisters and younger ones as a 22 old Park Hyungsik, not singer Park Hyungsik, it feels really great." Park Hyungsik smiles and added "Though everyone have come back to our routine, we have our own group meeting in Kakaotalk to chat. And we feel really happy when we meet each other during our schedule."

"In that 4 days and 3 nights, I think it is possible to had a feelings toward someone. However it is too short to decide to date and be in relationship with the other person. Especially because I am not a person who fall for love at first sight. I observed so many things. Like how is her personality, what her thoughts of me (not sure) I am curious of that too since it is important to know that also. Then unconsciously that person true nature will comes out too right. Frankly, I don't believe in fate. I thought fate is something that we made ourselves. However, during the shuffles I myself was so surprised too. It does not has any big significant, nevertheless the ties/bond itself, is precious to me.

When watching The Romantic & Idol, this is what we are curious of the most: To what extend is it scripted? To what extend is the truth? Even the romance variety MBC's We Got Married is not 'real'. Even the cast in WGM, ZEA's Kwanghee told Park Hyungsik , "The feelings between the two program are different."

"The cameras for R&I are very far away. They are hidden and taken from afar. It feels like there are no camera, that is the significant in this program. Plus, there is no script at all. There is only time frame. Like wake up at OO time, go to date from OO time and come back at OO time. It is only up to that. On the date, it is up us, whatever we wanted to do. So, it is more fun. When I was younger, I remember boarding the submarine. I went to other courses (places) but there were a lot more that I haven't tried too. I am very jealous of Mir who got to see the dolphins." (Laughed)

Trans: white summer
Special Thanks: @Dyra9Ndrh
Source: Oh My Star 

B1A4, "B1A4 who were teased as copying papers; Now 130,000 people are crazy about them"

Posted: 11 Jan 2013 06:16 PM PST

After debuting for 2 years, B1A4 grew as the next generation idol star
"Copying papers" during the beginning of their debut? "Parking stalls"? Teased
The group name stands for the members blood types, now please understand
Tickets for their first concert- "hunts the hearts of women", sold out in 5 minutes
Appears in "Immortal Songs" and extends their influence even to "father fans"
Five men, our strength is only practice
They stay away from going out because they might be swayed by women
Till the day they win first place on music program, go go go!

Male group B1A4. They made their debut in 2011 April and heard teasing comments like, "Is it a new type of copying papers?", "Are they copying Boys over Flowers(F4)?" but now in the third year after their debut, they are frequently asked the following question "Who is type B?".

B1A4 consists of member Jinyoung, Baro, Sandeul, CNU, Gongchan and the idea of their group name came from 1 type B and 4 type A members. The meaning behind the naming of their group is known by a fairly large number of people. Within the last 2 years, B1A4 received love from fans from different age groups and advanced as the "next generation top idol star"

"Besides copying papers we've heard people calling us 'blood-dol' (blood+idol) because of our blood type group name and one of the radio DJs said 'I parked my car in the first floor basement, 4th row in area A.' when introducing us. When we explain the name of our group, questions like "Who is type B?", "Don't you feel lonely because you're the only type B?" bounces back at us. We think we have named our group really well. If they know the proper meaning, it's a name that will never be forgotten and it's a name that always triggers curiosity."

Recently, B1A4 passed 130,000 members on their fan cafe and having a strong fandom, around 10,000 seats for their first concert which was held last month were sold out in 5 minutes. Although majority of their fans are young girls and 'noona' fans, they captured 'aunt' fans and of course, the 'father' fans as well after appearing on KBS 2TV 'Immortal Song 2" last year.

The group who attracted the attention with their webtoon series which were created based on the members' real personalities and their own characteristics swept many rookie awards in their first year. Even last year, their latest track "Tried to Walk" had to remain in the second place on KBS 2TV "Music Bank" because of Psy's "Gangnam Style", however, this showed a remarkable growth.

This group who says, "We are all from countryside and we have similar personalities" when introduce themselves picks "familiarity" as their charm. Even before their debut, they freely communicated with their fans through SNS, introducing themselves through cartoon and captured fans with their unpretentious actions in front of the cameras.

Talking with members is the strength that makes B1A4 strong. Since their trainee days, they had their "moment for talking" once every week but recently they talked from midnight until next morning 9 am. They complement each other, point out mistakes and digress but they said "Thanks to this we become more closer and we don't have reasons to fight".

"We are a team that thinks and cares about other members before oneself. Because we have lived together for 5 years, our brotherly affection is strong. Our fans like our thoughts. They like seeing us taking care of each other like brothers."

Only knowing to practice as a part of their daily life also became the strength of B1A4's success. In B1A4 there are no drinkers or smokers. Recently, the representative of their agency asked them to drink a glass at a dinner but they stay far away from alcoholic drink that they flatly raised their soft drinks to toast. They hold on to their practices everyday by travelling from their dorm to company which takes 3 minutes when walking. Leader Jinyoung's composing skill which he learnt since his trainee days is now qualified to use it for their album's title track. Even when they are given their own time, instead of going out the members enjoy playing board games together. They are in their early twenties, when one has curiosities about opposite sex but they ignore when they are asked out by ladies.

"Honestly, we are still young and active men and we do have times when we are shaken(by temptation). Whenever that happens, I remind myself with the promises I made when we were debuting."

B1A4 selected "First place on music program" and to become the "Front-runners of KPOP wave" as their aims for the new year. Last year, the group released 3 single albums and 1 full album in Japan and climbed to second place on the Oricon Chart.

"We want to become a group that represents familiarity and amiable when people hear the name "B1A4" and say "Ah, those boys?". The group that is liked by all generation."

Article Credits: donga via daum + GLYNX @ FLIGHTB1A4.COM
Translation: Mochi Muffins @ FLIGHTB1A4.COM

BEAST's Yoseob Confessed, “Earnings from Solo promotions too, are shared among BEAST members”

Posted: 11 Jan 2013 05:44 PM PST

Idol group BEAST's member, Yang Yoseob revealed that the earnings from his solo promotions are divided among the members.

On the broadcast of Weekly Idol, Yang Yoseob who is promoting his solo track 'Caffeine' has appeared on the show.

On this day, MC Jung HyungDon and Defconn jokingly introduced Yang Yoseob and expressed, "If the song is to hit jackpot, he'll be standing at a crossroad whether to split from his group."

Towards this, MCs asked a mischievous question, "Isn't BEAST made up of Yang Yoseob and 5 idols? Your earning should be good since you do both group and solo activities, isn't it?". Yang Yoseob responded, "Many people might misunderstand, but BEAST's earnings are still divided by N people." Listening to Yoseob's honest respond, MCs Jung HyungDon and Defconn jokingly acted out an angry scene and said, "Member Yoon Doojoon does nothing but play soccer everyday. If there isn't for Yang Yoseob, how would BEAST hit the high notes?" flattering Yang Yoseob.

Yoseob added, "It's not like that. Till now, I'm the one who is receiving." Despite showing his close loyalty for the members, Jung HyungDon was undeterred and said, "You should be voted as leader, cut off Yoon Doojoon," causing laughter on the set.

Meanwhile, on this day, Yang Yoseob has proven BEAST's teamwork through mobile messages, hence attracting attention.

Trans: MrsDooB2uty @
Source: TV Daily

Kim Kiri, Surprising Appearance in 2YOON’s ’24/7′ MV, ‘Show Off Humor Sense’

Posted: 11 Jan 2013 05:22 PM PST

Kim Kiri will be making a surprising appearance in 2YOON's Music Video.

On the 10th, according to a representative of Cube Entertainment, Kim Kiri will be cameo-ing in 4minute's Heo Gayoon and Jeon Jiyoon unit, 2YOON, in their upcoming title track MV, '24/7′, which is to be released on the 17th.

Country Pop song '24/7′  music video will include some gag element to add brightness and cheerfulness into the MV. Jung HyungDon who is already closed with 2YOON, and even till Cube colleague, Kim Kiri will be making an appearance in the MV. It is expected that they'll cause laughter for the audience. It was revealed that Kim Kiri will be showing his gag sense with his distinctive sense of fashion.

2YOON's title track '24/7′ is a country pop firstly introduced into the KPOP world. It contains a message of stripping the confined daily lifestyle, in search for freedom and excitement. It was said to have a joyous melody that will have the audience shaking their shoulders to it

Their title track '24/7′ which is included in 2YOON's mini album will be released on various online sites on the 17th.

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Source: Newsen