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"Kim Giri reveals proof shoot on 2YOON’s MV set" plus 24 more

"Kim Giri reveals proof shoot on 2YOON’s MV set" plus 24 more

Kim Giri reveals proof shoot on 2YOON’s MV set

Posted: 18 Jan 2013 07:55 AM PST

Gagman Kim Giri has revealed a picture of himself with girl group 4minute's unit duo, 2YOON.

On the 17th, Kim Giri revealed on his twitter, "2YOON's MV. Although it was short, we did it in a team. The song is really great. Please give lots of of attention… no, it seems that I want attention. But Gayoon and Jiyoon-yang… When are you buying me food?"

In the revealed picture, Kim Giri and his team on KBS 2TV's Gag Concert which includes Lee SangHo, Lee SangMin, Lee JongHoon, Lee Kwangseob as well as the members of 2YOON, Heo Gayoon and Jeon JiYoon, have posed with different expressions. 2YOON posed with their bright smiles and the funny expressions of Gag Concert team members surrounding them, have attracted attention.

With this, netizens commented, "They're cute", "I'm anticipating 2YOON", "Kim Giri is really good looking", "I wonder what  is (the MV) about", and many more responses.

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BEAST Jun Hyung, Completed writing the rap lyrics for ’5! My Baby’ in 10 minutes an issue!

Posted: 18 Jan 2013 07:30 AM PST

It is said that BEAST's member Yong Jun Hyung had completed writing the rap part lyrics for '5! My Baby' in almost 10 minutes, shocking A PINK and other representatives.

School uniform brand – Skool Looks – revealed the behind-the-scenes to the song, '5! My Baby', which was sang by endorsement models BEAST and A PINK, and was released on the 7th.

'Yong Jun Hyung', who is famous for being a capable singer excelling in music and lyrics composition, was initially inconvenienced by '5! My Baby"s existing rap part and hence, took the lead first by displaying his drive, as he actively gave his detailed opinions on the complete revision of the rap lyrics; '5! My Baby' was a song prepared as a collaboration with BEAST and A PINK.

The part that 'Yong Jun Hyung' personally composed came out in the middle section, in English, "Let's ride on this track! Keep dancing, Keep grooving. Let's ride with me." The insertion of the rap lyrics expressed the lightheartedness of the song.

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BTOB reveals, “Jung IlHoon, wears leopard-printed underwear”

Posted: 18 Jan 2013 07:00 AM PST

Rookie group has revealed secrets of themselves.

On the 17th January broadcast of MBC Everyone 'Star JikJjik', in a section called 'SNS Chart', stars are only allowed to answer 'Yes' or 'No', revealing usual facts of themselves that fans may not know of.

In particular, BTOB's Jung IlHoon who became the 'Nation's Cutie' through his kyeomi player, shred sweat as the members became witness to his habit of 'wearing leopard-printed underwear'.

Also, BTOB's Seo InGuk look-alike and the visual of the group, Yook SungJae is revealed to have a total 180 degrees sleeping habit. The members testified, "When Sungjae sleeps, he becomes a bear", causing laughter on the set.

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Lee Hi celebrates GDA victory

Posted: 18 Jan 2013 06:30 AM PST

YG's official Me2day is updated with a new message on 18th January,"Congratulations to Lee Hi for winning the Best New Singer award on GDA."

Lee Hi, Ailee and B.A.P won the Best Rookie Awards on Golden Disk Awards.

Lee Hi shows the ending pose of Gangnam Style in the photo above.

Fans commented,"congratulation","YG's maknae daebak" and etc.

CN Blue's Yonghwa reveals blonde hair selca

Posted: 18 Jan 2013 05:27 AM PST

CN Blue's Yonghwa updated CN Blue's official Twitter with a new pic.

He mentioned,"Bye MBC, Must perform like concert, concert~ Ha Happy Promotional activities! The happiest schedule in 3 years I'm Sorry ~ I'm Sorry. Someone told me that "Yonghwa, your self-composed song is daebak!"

Meanwhile, CN Blue made their comeback on Music Bank aired earlier today

Secret's Hyosung shares gorgeous selcas

Posted: 18 Jan 2013 04:30 AM PST

On January 17th, SECRET's Hyosung uploaded some photos through her twitter with message, "Thank you so much for the 'Best Album Award'. It was sad that Zinger could not be with us, but I'm hoping for more better performances in the future."

The photos show Hyosung's gorgeous images in a dressing room before performing on stage. Her beautiful look with full makeup and various expressions is drawing much attention.

She also wrote, "I wanted to show how thankful I am for you. Thank you, Malaysia, for such a warm welcoming."

On the other hand, SECRET received the 'Best Album Award' at 'The 27th Golden Disk Awards' which was held on January 15th and 16th in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Source: Hyosung's twitter
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Minho, Krystal and Sulli for High Cut

Posted: 18 Jan 2013 04:00 AM PST

On January 17th, Minho, Sulli, and Krystal's new pictorial for High Cumagazine was released

They wore jeans and denim jackets, showing their refreshing spring looks.

During the shooting, Sulli and Krystal showed great friendship, and Minho also got along with the two girls very well, looking like brother and sisters.

During an interview, Sulli was asked what she wanted to do after becoming of legal age, she said, "I did things that my management agency don't like me doing, such as listening to songs with age restrictions. There are so many great hip hop songs with age restrictions. I could download them from January 1st right away."

On the other hand, Minho talked about his close friends, "I meet up with Kwang Hee often. He always makes me feel happy. I also hang out with Chang Min and Kyu Hyun often. All three of us like drinking, so we go out together frequently."

Krystal said, "It's been four years since my debut, but I really haven't released many albums. So, I still feel like I'm a rookie. I'm preparing with a new album with other members recently."

On the other hand, their full pictorials can be viewed on the new edition of HIGH CUT.

Source: starN

Girls' Generation wins again on Music Bank!

Posted: 18 Jan 2013 03:37 AM PST

Girls' Generation won again with their latest hit song "I Got A Boy" on Music Bank,enjoy their performance below, congratulations to GG!

CN Blue says "I'm Sorry" on Music Bank

Posted: 18 Jan 2013 02:49 AM PST

Check out CN Blue's comeback stage on Music Bank

SPEED debuts with "It's You" on Music Bank

Posted: 18 Jan 2013 02:47 AM PST

SPEED debuts with "It's You" on Music Bank.

Enjoy their highly anticipated performance below

JYJ Wins a Lawsuit against AVEX

Posted: 18 Jan 2013 01:45 AM PST

JYJ's activities in Japan seem to be resume as last.

"The ruling of the lawsuit on JAN 18 decided that AVEX cannot interfere in JYJ's activities in Japan", confirmed by C-JeS Entertainment, the management company of JYJ.

It also added, "As soon as the full written judgement, we will release official press release".

JYJ filed a lawsuit against AVEX, claiming AVEX interfered in JYJ's Charity Concert to help Japanese Earthquake victims in 2011[2011 JYJ Unforgettable Live in Japan].

With this ruling in Japan, it is expected that JYJ might resume its activities in Japan where the group has high popularity.

Source: Nate
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EXO-K Continuously, Secretly Volunteering

Posted: 18 Jan 2013 01:23 AM PST

Minho's Interview for High Cut January 2013 Issue

Posted: 18 Jan 2013 01:19 AM PST

Inside the studio flowing with chilly winter air, it seemed like a protective shield of spring was made around just these three people. Could biological siblings even be this friendly? The stars of the 94th issue are SHINee's Minho and f(x)'s Sulli and Krystal who were chosen as the "flower beauty" of idols. The question of "Will they actually be friendly in real life?" was answered as soon as Minho arrived at the shooting site. "Is it there?" He asked where the girls' make-up room was. He strode there and opened the door without hesitation. When Minho greeted hi, friendly 5-octave voices replied. While the shooting was held, they talked whenever they could and burst into laughter even when they just met eyes. The photographer said, "It'll be good if you look even closer" during the shoot so they immediately put their heads together and linked arms. As soon as Minho and Sulli's hands were laid on top of each other, Sulli playfully said, "Ah, our hands touched!" The 20 year olds Sulli and Krystal are known to be best friends and it seems like a happy virus surged out just because they're with each other. Even the people around who were watching them followed suit and became happier. The fresh youth and the refreshing time we spent with them.

Through the drama , Minho received the New Star Award. You've only been at Gayo Daejejuns for the past few years so how did it feel to be at a drama award show?
It was my first time at a drama award show so the atmosphere was very different. I went as a newcoming actor so I was extremely nervous. I couldn't make my acceptance speech long so I actually didn't get a chance to mention my members or my family. I'm disappointed that I didn't thank my fans either. My new goal in the future is win a bigger award and thank all the people I wasn't able to (laugh).

Minho made a love line with Sulli in . It seems like it'd be awkward to film close scenes with a dongsaeng you've known for a long time.
I thought it would be awkward at first but we just went and filmed it and there wasn't anything too awkward. Since we are already close, there were moments when we were comfortable acting but then there were some awkward moments when we just tried it (laugh). I've grown a lot closer to Sulli while working on this project and she has become a dongsaeng who I truly cherish.

How do you feel after properly experiencing the intensity of a drama site?
It was hard not sleeping and not eating at the right time. It was a lot harder on us when we filmed during the hotter weather. I'm a guy and it was hard on me so it must have been worse for the actresses. I've realized that there is a definite reason why actresses are cared for. And as I saw many people working hard, I could feel that they all put in an incredible amount of effort and time.

How did you spend the end/beginning of your years?
I went on a personal vacation at the end of the year. I went to the United Kingdom alone, watched the match between Park Jisung's team QPR(Queens Park Rangers) and Man U(Manchester United), recharged myself, and came back. After that, we met at the practice room to prepare for each of the award ceremonies. We stayed up nights to practice but I felt that I still lacked something so I feel disappointed.

Kwanghee has recently bragged about how he's close with you on which became a hot topic. Who are the celebrities you're usually closest to?
Kwanghee hyung's personality is easy going and very fun. I feel brighter whenever I'm with him so we contact each other often and are friendly. The SHINee members are beyond the friendly scale and they're just family now. Usually, (Choikang) Changmin hyung, Kyuhyun hyung, and I hang out together a lot. All three of us like alcohol so we occasionally have a drink and talk.

What are SHINee's plans for this year?
We're planning around this coming spring so we've been recording lately. There's not much time left (until the comeback). We're coming back after 1 year since our promotions in the beginning last year. I'm extremely looking forward to SHINee's promotions this year. We have shown many sides of ourselves as 5 year old artists, but now our mission is to show a different kind of refreshing image. I believe we'll be able to show off a new image this year as well. For some reason, I have a feeling we'll receive a good outcome.

Will you continue to act this year?
I want to work on a lot of projects this year as well. I really feel that I'm still lacking so I have to build up a lot of experiences and I want to get my face out to the public through various projects.

Source: High Cut
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Fans Got Captivated by JYJ’s Jaejoong MV Mine

Posted: 18 Jan 2013 12:50 AM PST

The music Video was got praised for showing the figure of Jaejoong not only as a idol singer or an actor but also totally in music.

Hero Jaejoong has released the music video for the new single "Mine". In the video, that members of JYJ brought the concept of a dark and gothic.

Although impressed creepy, the fans praised the totality of Jaejoong for to work on the music video. According to C-JES Entertainment, filming the music video "Mine" is spending time over 60 hours. Reportedly, Jaejoong was injured when made of the video.

"Kim Jaejoong is not only a singer, dancer or actor. He is an art," said a fan. "I can not stop admiring his song. Jaejoong is perfect. Voice, looks, acting, dancing. Everything," said another fan.

Soompi review that this song "Mine" describes the frustration and Jaejoong's anger towards someone or something who tried to enter his private area. It is revealed in the lyrics that when translated reads, "Do not come here / this is my ocean / / I am afraid that this place will be tainted as well/ / This is my ocean / / Don't try to block the sun that shines on me."

"Mine" is also the title of Jaejoong's first mini-album which release on January 17. In addition, the mini album also presenting "One Kiss" that has been reap success in some countries.

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A Fanboy Figure Skater Lee Junhyung Mentions Junsu at His Interview

Posted: 18 Jan 2013 12:18 AM PST

A Fanboy Figure Skater Lee Junhyung mentions JYJ's Junsu at his interview

• Is XIA Junsu awesome or Kim Suhyun awesome?

When their practice is over they go back home with their parents. It is a rest time for them after 6 days a week of hard training from morning to afternoon. We were curious about how they spend their time, what entertainer they like and how is their life behind the name of 'national figure skaters'

"Sometimes I stay at home and sometimes I go to the movies with my friends. I like Kim Suhyun oppa the most. I got to know him by 'Moon Embracing the Son' and I fell for him." As Park Sohyun talked, Lee Junhyung teased her that she called Kim Suhyung 'oppa.' Park Sohyun snapped at Lee Junhyung, "You like XIA Junsu too." Unusually, the entertainer Lee Junhyung likes is XIA Junsu (Kim Junsu) of JYJ, not a girl group.

Lee Junhyung shyly confessed, "I usually listen to music a lot, and if I get to like one song, I keep repeating that one song until I get fed up with it. I like dance music too, but I prefer songs with many high-notes and good vocals. It was XIA Junsu's voice which touched my heart." It turned out that they even talk to each other on Twitter. Does XIA Junsu know his 'fan boy' is a figure skater? Lee Junhyung smiled proudly and said, "He knows (that I'm a figure skater.) He replies to me sometimes."

Credit: OSEN
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Happy Birthday to 2NE1's Minzy #2ER0MINZY @mingkki21

Posted: 18 Jan 2013 12:00 AM PST

Birth Name: Gong Min Ji (Hangul: 공민지 | Hanja: 龔民持)
Stage Name: Minzy
Position: Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist, Lead Rapper, Maknae
DOB: January 18, 1994
Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
Height: 161 cm

Happy Birthday to KARA's Jiyoung @kkangjii #HappyBirthdayJiyoung

Posted: 17 Jan 2013 11:30 PM PST

Birth Name: Kang Ji Young
Stage Name: Jiyoung
Birthday: January 18, 1994
Position: Vocalist & Maknae
Height: 168 cm

130118 Music Bank Performers List

Posted: 17 Jan 2013 11:00 PM PST

♬ Music Bank HOT Stage ★☆
- Girls' Generation
- Baek Jiyoung
- Sunny Hill
- Baechigi
- Moon Hee Jun
Girls' Generation, CNBLUE, Baek Jiyoung, Boyfriend, JeA, Moon Hee Jun, 2YOON, Hello Venus, C-CLOWN, GLAM, PHANTOM, 2BIC, Baechigi, Airplane, December, VIXX, TINY-G, Sunny Hill, SPEED, Egobomb

Girl's Generation Taeyeon complained,"I feel lonely these days"

Posted: 17 Jan 2013 10:10 PM PST

Girl's Generation Taeyeon complained that she has been feeling lonely these days.

Recently Girl's Generation recorded KBS2TV Yoo Hee Yeol's "Sketchbook". There was a section when they played the bingo game with fans, the MC asked the members some questions and the number of raising hands from the members completed the bingo. 

When the MC asked,"I feel very lonely these days", Taeyeon was the only person who replied,"Yes" and caught attention from people.She said,"After the schedule, I go home and I don't know what to do". 

Then when the MC asked the girls if they have cried recently, all the members raised their hands except for Taeyeon. Tiffan explained,"Because I was feeling bad about something so I told the members about it and I cried. It was difficult but I felt that I was very lucky because I could share it with all the members"

This episode of Yoo Hee Yeol's "Sketchbook" will be broadcasted on January 18th at 12:20 am kst.

Written by Clover @ DKPOPNEWS.NET

An old photo of f(x)'s Sulli from a dance competition revealed

Posted: 17 Jan 2013 09:40 PM PST

f(x) Sulli's unconventional fashion from a dance competition in the past has become a hot topic.

A collage photo of Sulli was uploaded in an online community, it was when Sulli attended KBS mid-autumn festival "Big Star Show Dance Grand Prix" in 2010. At that time, Sulli was perfoming "Oh,my cutie girl" with her partner. Her lively expression and good dancing skill received a lot of praise from people.

But the thing that caught people eyes was Sulli's outfit when she was performing. She was wearing a dress which totally exposed her back, and boasted her curved figure, showed off her sexy charm.

Upon seeing the photo, netizens commented,"Sulli has a perfect body","I still prefer cute Sulli","She looks so mature"

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Girl's Generation Yoona spotted attending class

Posted: 17 Jan 2013 09:10 PM PST

Girl's Generation Yoona was spotted recently in a class room at Dongguk University.

An online community posted the photo with the tittle,"Yoona in a class room at Dongguk university". In the photo, Yoona is seen in her casual clothers, she is wearing a dark green jacket with a blue sweater. Her innocent and pure charm are opposite from her dazzling image when she's on stage, which have attracted attention from netizens.

Netizens commented,"She looks beautiful even in casual clothes","She must be busy with working and studying at the same time",and so on

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Hung Hyung Don vs Sandara Park,"Same clothes,different feeling"

Posted: 17 Jan 2013 08:30 PM PST

Netizens recently found out that comedian Jung Hyung Don and 2NE1's Sandara Park have worn the same clothes.

An online community uploaded the photo of them with the tittle,"Jung Hyung Don and Sandara Park:same clothes, different feeling".

The outfit is a flower print training suit. Hyung Don wore it on MBC Music Core on January 12th, he also wore a pair of sunglasses which gave off a funky feeling. Meanwhile, Sandara Park, she posted a photo of her wearing the same clothes back in last August. She's seen with her half shaved hair and a big earring, showed off her cool charisma.

Netizens commented on the photo,"The outfit suits both of them","Hyung Don looks funny","Sandara Park, everything looks good on her",and so on

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4Minute's high school uniform photos reveal glamorous figure

Posted: 17 Jan 2013 07:59 PM PST

High schools photos of 4Minute's Hyuna have become a hot topic.

An online community uploaded some old photos of Hyuna with the tittle,"4Minute's Hyuna in high school uniform". The photos were from 2007 when she first debuted as a Wonder Girls member. She had a short hair back then, she garnered much attention with her perfect figure despite her young age.

Upon seeing the photo, netizen commented,"She looks so mature as a high school student","Hyuna's naturally beautiful","Just a few years later and she became so sexy"

Written by Clover @ DKPOPNEWS.NET

Secret's Sun Hwa wears short pants despite the cold weather

Posted: 17 Jan 2013 07:30 PM PST

On January 15th, 
SECRET's Han Sun Hwa left to Malaysia with the other members to attend 'The 27th Golden Disk Awards' in Kuala Lumpur.

While all of the other members wore coats and boots, Han Sun Hwa showed a sexy airport fashion with short pants, blue shirt, dark navy trench coat, sneakers and sunglasses.

Netizens commented, "She gave up everything for fashion?", "She looks amazing" and "She must be freezing."

On the other hand, SECRET's Zinger could not join Secret in Malaysia, because she is yet to recover from the injury that she got because of the car accident back in December.

Source: starN
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SISTAR shows off their glamorous figure

Posted: 17 Jan 2013 07:00 PM PST

On January 16th, SISTAR's Hyorin uploaded a photo through SISTAR's official twitter and wrote "Golden Disk in Malaysia. Let's have some fun onstage~We will show all of our energy! Dasom is on stage already as an MC."

In the photo, Soyou, Bora, and Hyorin are posing in front of their dressing room. They are wearing white costumes, and their gorgeous body shapes are drawing much attention.

On the other hand, SISTAR participated in 'The 27th Golden Disk Awards' which was held on January 15th and 16th at Sepang International Circuit located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Source: Sistar's twitter
Written by Jenny@dkpopnews