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"Kim Tae Hee’s agency confirms dating reports between her and Rain" plus 19 more

"Kim Tae Hee’s agency confirms dating reports between her and Rain" plus 19 more

Kim Tae Hee’s agency confirms dating reports between her and Rain

Posted: 01 Jan 2013 09:12 AM PST

After Dispatch broke the news of a relationship between singer Rain and actress Kim Tae Hee, both agencies had remained silent about the issue.

However, earlier today, Kim Tae Hee’s agency finally confirmed that the dating reports between the two celebrities were, in fact, true.

“It is true that they have met, but at the present time they are slowly beginning to know more about each other with good and positive feelings,” the agency stated. “It has been about a month since their first meeting.”

Source: X Sports News

Check out the performances from Girls’ Generation’s ‘Romantic Fantasy’

Posted: 01 Jan 2013 08:29 AM PST

On January 1st at 11:15PM KST, MBC aired their New Year special, ‘Girls’ Generation‘s Romantic Fantasy‘.

On the special program, the nine ladies performed the songs from their fourth album ‘I Got a Boy‘ as well as a number of other songs and performances for the very first time. They were joined by their fellow SM Entertainment artists for a few of the performances.

Check out the performances below!

“I Got A Boy”

“Dancing Queen”


“Romantic Street”

“Lost In Love” Taeyeon & Tiffany

Special performance with Henry, Yuri, and Hyoyeon

“Some Day” Jessica ft. Krystal

“Speak Now” Seohyun

“Marry You” Sunny, SooYoung, YoonA ft. EXO

“Call Me Maybe” Tiffany



“Run Devil Run”

“Mr. Taxi”

“The Boys”

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Girls’ Generation’s ‘I Got A Boy’ achieves an all-kill + places on iTunes Chart

Posted: 01 Jan 2013 07:59 AM PST

Girls’ Generation‘s newly released title track, “I Got a Boy“, off of their highly anticipated 4th album, ‘I Got A Boy‘, achieved an all-kill on several music charts within hours of its release.

Not only so, but the other tracks from the ‘I Got A Boy’ album have taken over the Top 10 on the real time charts as well.

Immediately upon its release, “I Got A Boy” rose to the #1 spot on Naver Music, Melon, Monkey3, Bugs, Soribada, Olleh Music, and Mnet real-time charts.

The album also is quite popular in the United States as it has entered the Top 20 on the iTunes Bestselling album chart.


20130101_bugs 20130101_itunes 20130101_melon 20130101_mnet 20130101_naver 20130101_olleh 20130101_soribada

I Got a Boy - Girls' Generation

After School’s Lizzy abandons cute image for a smokey make up look

Posted: 01 Jan 2013 05:31 AM PST

Lizzy‘s smokey make up is gaining attention among her fans.

After Schools Lizzy recently uploaded the above on her Twitter and wrote, “As expected, Jenny House♥♥♥

The revealed picture showed Lizzy donning a dark smokey eye look. She had abandoned her usual cute and bright image for a more mature and sexy look.

After seeing her new look, the netizens commented, “Where is the cutie?“, “Who are you?“, and “It’s sexy, she looks prettier.”

Source+Picture: Lizzy‘s Twitter

Choi Ji Woo ranks the ‘Running Man’ members based on their looks

Posted: 01 Jan 2013 04:50 AM PST

Choi Ji Woo ranked the men of ‘Running Man‘ based to their looks.

When asked who she thought was the best looking members, Choi Ji Woo chose Kim Jong Kook first, then Ji Suk Jin, and then HaHa. When the other members showed surprise at her ranking, she merely replied, “Everyone else is pretty much the same.

Lee Kwang Soo spoke up in response and said, “I hear that I’m good looking all the time“, to which Choi Ji Woo answered, “Where do they tell you that?“, and caused everyone to laugh.

Girl’s Day wishes fans a Happy New Year

Posted: 01 Jan 2013 03:10 AM PST

Girl’s Day wore hanbok to wish their fans a Happy New Year!

Hyeri said, “I’m disappointed that I’m no longer a teen, but I’m happy to become a college student. What do I want to do the most in college? I want to study really hard. For the new year, I want us to film many CFs. What do you think fits us? Chicken? Cosmetics? Clothes? Ice cream? Ah! I’m an adult now, so soju is okay, too. Haha. To be honest, I got my fortune told for the year, and I was told this year was going to be explosive. Girl’s Day will do great, right?

Sojin said, “I can’t believe it’s already the new year. This year was very chaotic for us. I’m proud of us.

Minah said, “Personally, the emotional dance song that’s melodious is my favorite song. I’m happy because I feel like we were able to skip up a step without problems.

The girls also said, “We get a little jealous of the many idol groups who promote internationally, but we want to confirm Girl’s Day’s name in Korea.

20121231_girlsday_newyear 20121231_girlsday_newyear2 20121231_girlsday_newyear3 20121231_girlsday_newyear4 20121231_girlsday_newyear5

Hello Venus celebrates the New Year

Posted: 01 Jan 2013 02:20 AM PST

The members of Hello Venus wished good luck in the new year to their fans.

“Everyone have a Happy New Year~ we’re crying because we haven’t see you guys in a few days ㅠㅠ” they posted to their official Twitter account. “But we’ll make sure to visit often in the new year♥ we promise~~~^0^”

Dressed in celebratory hanbok, members Lime, Yoonjo, and Yooyoung posed for a quirky New Year’s greeting for their followers.

Gary will log back into Song Ji Hyo?

Posted: 01 Jan 2013 01:30 AM PST

Will Gary be ‘logging’ back into Song Ji Hyo?

Back in early December, Gary had announced that he would be logging out of Song Ji Hyo for Han Hyo Joo. However, on the most recent episode of ‘Running Man‘, Gary and Song Ji Hyo ended up sitting together. Yoo Jae Suk said, “You two are a couple“, to with Song Ji Hyo replied, “I can’t help it, it’s Monday.

The answer surprised Gary, who replied, “So it’s okay if it’s Monday? Should I log in again?“, causing everyone to laugh.

Would you like to see the Monday couple come back together?

Ailee embarrasses Defconn and Jung Hyung Don?

Posted: 01 Jan 2013 12:50 AM PST

Defconn and Jung Hyung Don recently suffered an embarrassment on the latest recording of MBC Every1‘s ‘Weekly Idol‘ featuring singer Ailee as a guest.

During the regular ‘profile exam’ segment of the show, Ailee revealed that she’s the type who speaks her mind. To this, the singer was asked to share her first impression of Defconn, so she honestly replied, “The more I look at him, I think he has big nostrils.”

Ailee then stated that Jung Hyung Don is the most boring member among the ‘Infinite Challenge‘ cast, causing everyone on set to explode in laughter.

The full episode will air on January 2nd.

Girls’ Generation releases ‘I Got A Boy’ MV + 4th full album

Posted: 01 Jan 2013 12:04 AM PST

It’s finally here,  Girls' Generation's 'I Got A Boy' comeback and the ladies have dropped the full music video!

In addition, the album will feature 10 album covers in all, 9 of with the individual members on the cover and the 10th cover featuring all the members as a group according to retail sites. At the moment, it seems the album cover you will receive after purchase will be randomly selected.


< I Got A Boy >


< Dancing Queen >


< Baby Maybe >


< Say The Words >

Tablo and G-Dragon try to show off their teeth in their picture together?

Posted: 31 Dec 2012 11:30 PM PST

Epik High‘s Tablo revealed a picture he had snapped with Big Bang‘s G-Dragon some time ago.

On December 31st, Tablo shared the above picture as he tweeted, “End of the year organization of undisclosed picture #2. GD & BLO in HK (light it up~)

The picture showed Tablo and G-Dragon in his red hair, both scrunching up their faces and baring their teeth.

After seeing the picture, the netizens commented, “I feel like I’m going to get bitten“, “Are they showing off their teeth?“, and “How many times does GD dye his hair?

Source+Picture: Tablo‘s Twitter

KARA’s Jiyoung and Hara look like twins in their recent selca

Posted: 31 Dec 2012 11:01 PM PST

KARA‘s Hara revealed a picture she took with fellow member, Jiyoung.

On December 31st, Hara tweeted, “It’s been a long time since a selca with kkangji. me~~~rong” and shared the above picture.

The picture showed Hara wearing a sweater and sticking her tongue out next to Jiyoung who did the same. The two almost looked like twins with their matching expressions.

After seeing their ‘twinsie’ picture, the netizens commented, “You guys seem to start to look like each other because you hang out together“, “The two are both so pretty“, “It’s like decalcomania.”

Source+Picture: Hara‘s Twitter

‘Iris 2′ reveals new video trailer

Posted: 31 Dec 2012 10:30 PM PST

A new teaser trailer for the upcoming KBS drama ‘Iris 2‘ was revealed earlier today, showcasing its cast and keeping viewers on the edge of their seats.

The new trailer, which was aired in the middle of KBS’s ‘2012 Drama Awards‘, showed off some of the high-flying action, pyrotechnics, and exotic locales that will be showcased in the big-budget sequel to the original blockbuster.

Check out the explosive trailer below! Are you looking forward to ‘Iris 2′?

Suzy expresses her feelings on becoming an adult

Posted: 31 Dec 2012 09:53 PM PST

miss A‘s Suzy talked about turning into an adult (age 19 or over).

At the end of the ‘2012 MBC Gayo Daejaejeon‘, Suzy was asked what she wanted to do now that she was an adult. She said, “I want to go to the club and watch 19+ movies. I want to make miss A’s stages more shocking.

Suzy had attended both the ‘2012 KBS Drama Awards‘ as well as the ’2012 MBC Gayo Daejaejeon’ on the same day.

The ‘Adam Couple’ makes a return at the ’2012 MBC Gayo Daejaejun’

Posted: 31 Dec 2012 09:32 PM PST

The ‘Adam Couple‘ from ‘We Got Married‘ came back together for a brief moment at the ‘2012 MBC Gayo Daejaejun‘.

Consisting of Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga In and 2AM’s Jo Kwon, the former star couple of the faux-marriage variety program displayed their closeness with a performance of “We Fell In Love” and “The Day We Confessed“.

Although it’s been a long time since Ga In and Jo Kwon ended their stint as the ‘Adam Couple’ on ‘We Got Married’, it appears that their popularity is still going strong.

Check out their performance below!

Jay Park welcomes the New Year with a greeting video

Posted: 31 Dec 2012 09:02 PM PST

Solo artist Jay Park filmed a short video welcoming in the new year.

“Happy New Year, have a good 2013,” he greeted, holding his very own lightstick. “Second album’s going to come out this year, and it’s going to be a great year for everything,” he enthused.

Watch his short but sweet video below!

Yoo Jae Suk and Noh Hong Chul perform with Psy on ‘Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve’ in Times Square

Posted: 31 Dec 2012 08:34 PM PST

Re-enacting their famous personas from Psy‘s smash hit “Gangnam Style“, entertainers Yoo Jae Suk and Noh Hong Chul joined Psy on stage for his performance on ‘Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve’ in Times Square to welcome the new year with style.

The performance also appeared to be a part of an upcoming broadcast of ‘Infinity Challenge‘, as the show’s main producer, Kim Tae Ho, appeared to be in attendance for the evening. “Wow!” he tweeted. “New York is mudo-style!” ['Infinity Challenge' is often shortened to simply 'mudo' in Korea.]

MC Hammer made an appearance towards the end and everyone also wished Psy a happy birthday.

Were any of our readers in attendance for the evening?

Photo Source: @ratedy2jdiva, @teoinmbc

SECRET greets their fans for the New Year

Posted: 31 Dec 2012 07:57 PM PST

The girls of SECRET (sans Zinger, who is still recuperating from a car accident a few weeks ago) wished their fans a happy New Year’s and good luck for the upcoming year.

“2013 is here,” Hyosung said, accompanied by Jieun and Sunhwa and dressed in stylish yet traditional hanbok. “We hope that your new year will be filled with only good things!”

Check out their New Year’s greeting below!

B.A.P releases New Year’s greetings video

Posted: 31 Dec 2012 07:41 PM PST

The boys of B.A.P have had an eventful year, successfully debuting under TS Entertainment and making their mark as one of this year’s successful rookies.

“The new year is finally here!” they cheered. “In 2013, we’ll make sure to achieve our dream and hope that all of our fans will achieve your goals as well.”

Check out their energetic greeting below!

CNBLUE’s Jonghyun follows in the footsteps of Yonghwa and wins New Star Award at the ’2012 SBS Drama Awards’

Posted: 31 Dec 2012 07:29 PM PST

CNBLUE‘s Jonghyun shared his thoughts after receiving the New Star Award from the ‘2012 SBS Drama Awards‘.

On December 31st, Jonghyun shared the above picture and tweeted, “Following Yonghwa hyung in 2009, I also was awarded with the SBS New Star Award in 2012. I’m so thankful for our fans and I’m also very thankful for my members. I’m also thankful for all of the sunbaes and staff members of ‘Gentlemen’s Class‘ who allowed me to have a good experience. Please look forward to CNBLUE’s performance in a little bit as well ^^

The revealed picture showed Jonghyun kissing the trophy that was inscribed with his name.

After seeing the picture, the fans commented, “Congratulations!“, “CNBLUE is having a festival“, and “Yonghwa will probably congratulate him too.”

Source & Image: CNBLUE‘s Twitter