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"Park Bom’s heels fall off during 2NE1′s performance at the ’22nd Seoul Music Awards’" plus 19 more

"Park Bom’s heels fall off during 2NE1′s performance at the ’22nd Seoul Music Awards’" plus 19 more

Park Bom’s heels fall off during 2NE1′s performance at the ’22nd Seoul Music Awards’

Posted: 31 Jan 2013 08:35 AM PST

Park Bom lost her heels while performing at the 22nd Seoul Music Awards.

At the award show, 2NE1 sang their hit song “I Love You“. Although the ladies commanded the stage with their usual charisma, Park Bom’s heel slipped off her foot during the performance, causing her to stand on tip toes on that foot. She quickly solved the problem by taking off her other heel as well and performed on the stage barefoot.

Even though she could have been flustered by the situation, Park Bom handled the situation professionally, choosing the best option in a short amount of time. She never lost her smile even though she lost her heel at the very beginning of the performance, managed the choreography with one heel, and then continued on as if nothing had happened.

Check out the performance below, Bom already loses her heel by 0:45, and she takes off the other one by the 3:33 mark.

Underwear brand ‘Yes’ unveils additional photos of SECRET’s Hyosung

Posted: 31 Jan 2013 08:06 AM PST

As mentioned earlierSECRET's Hyosung was revealed to have been selected as the new endorsement model for trendy underwear brand 'Yes' after a leaked photo started making its way around online.

Since then, the brand has released official photos of Hyosung from their February catalog, further confirming the idol's "bagel girl" image.

The brand has now released additional photos for their website, featuring Hyosung in various different poses and different types of lingerie. The photos show off Hyosung’s famous voluptuous body line, as well as her bright smile. She mixed her sexiness and cuteness together for the brand.

Check out the photos below!

20130131_hyosung_yes 20130131_hyosung_yes2 20130131_hyosung_yes4 20130131_hyosung_yes5 20130131_hyosung_yes6


Performances from the ’22nd Seoul Music Awards’

Posted: 31 Jan 2013 07:29 AM PST

On January 31st, stars, idol groups, and musicians gathered at the Olympic Park in Seoul for the '22nd Seoul Music Awards'.

The awards show first began in 1990 and is held annually by Sports Seoul to recognize outstanding achievements in the Korean music industry. It is one of the big four music award ceremonies in Korea, alongside the 'Mnet Asian Music Awards', 'Golden Disk Awards', and 'Melon Music Awards'.

Check out the performances from the event below!


< EXO-K >


B.A.P >




f(x) >


2NE1 >


miss A >




Ailee >


Lee Hi >


Huh Gak >


Kim Jang Hoon >


CNBLUE‘s Jonghyun >


K.Will >


Lee Seung Gi >


Big Bang >


SHINee >


Super Junior & Super Junior-M >


F.T. Island’s Hongki snaps a picture on his way to Madrid

Posted: 31 Jan 2013 07:11 AM PST

F.T. Island‘s Hongki updates fans with a black and white picture of him during his travels.

On January 31st, Hongki tweeted, “To Madrid on the train!!! Wait for me!!!” and uploaded the above picture.

The picture shows Hongki looking like he’s deep in thought. His fashion sense still captured fans’ eyes, and many commented that his black beanie and black coat completed with framed glasses made Hongki have an intellectual air about him.

After seeing the picture, netizens responded, “Handsome“, “You look like a model“, “Is he on a trip?“, and more.

Winners from the ’22nd Seoul Music Awards’

Posted: 31 Jan 2013 06:51 AM PST

On January 31st, stars, idol groups, and musicians gathered at the Olympic Park in Seoul for the ‘22nd Seoul Music Awards‘.

The awards show first began in 1990 and is held annually by Sports Seoul to recognize outstanding achievements in the Korean music industry. It is one of the big four music award ceremonies in Korea, alongside the ‘Mnet Asian Music Awards’, ‘Golden Disk Awards’, and ‘Melon Music Awards’.

Check out the list of winners below!


Note: The 'Bonsang award' winners are chosen through voting (20%), digital/album sales (50%), research (10%), and panel judgement (20%). One artist is then chosen from the group of Bonsang winners for the prestigious 'Daesang'.

▲ Daesang (Grand Prize)


▲ Bonsang (Main Prize)

Super Junior | Epik High | f(x) | 2NE1 | Huh Gak | SHINee | miss A | Psy | SISTAR | Big Bang | Lee Seung Gi | SECRET


Note: Judging for the other categories are based on mobile poll results (20%), Sports Seoul popularity level (10%), album and music sales (50%), and panel judgement (20%).


▲ Best New Artist

EXO-K | Ailee | B.A.P | Lee Hi

▲ High1/Mobile Popularity

Lee Seung Gi | SHINee

▲ Performance Culture Award

Kim Jang Hoon

▲ Record of the Year

G-Dragon – ‘One of a Kind

▲ Digital Record of the Year

SISTAR – ‘Alone

▲ Hallyu Special Award

Super Junior

▲ R&B/Ballad Award


▲ Hip Hop/Rap Award

Double K

▲ Best OST Award

CNBLUE‘s Jonghyun


20130131_seoulmusicawards_winners 20130131_seoulmusicawards_winners2 20130131_seoulmusicawards_winners3 20130131_seoulmusicawards_winners4 20130131_seoulmusicawards_winners5 20130131_seoulmusicawards_winners6 20130131_seoulmusicawards_winners7 20130131_seoulmusicawards_winners8 20130131_seoulmusicawards_winners9 20130131_seoulmusicawards_winners10

Red carpet photos from the ’22nd Seoul Music Awards’

Posted: 31 Jan 2013 06:31 AM PST

On January 31st, stars, idol groups, and musicians walked the red carpet at the Olympic Park in Seoul for the ‘22nd Seoul Music Awards‘.

The awards show first began in 1990 and is held annually by Sports Seoul to recognize outstanding achievements in the Korean music industry. It is one of the big four music award ceremonies in Korea, alongside the ‘Mnet Asian Music Awards’, ‘Golden Disk Awards’, and ‘Melon Music Awards’.

Check out photos from the red carpet below!

20130131_seoulmusicawards_redcarpet1 20130131_seoulmusicawards_redcarpet2 20130131_seoulmusicawards_redcarpet3 20130131_seoulmusicawards_redcarpet4 20130131_seoulmusicawards_redcarpet5 20130131_seoulmusicawards_redcarpet6 20130131_seoulmusicawards_redcarpet7 20130131_seoulmusicawards_redcarpet8 20130131_seoulmusicawards_redcarpet9 20130131_seoulmusicawards_redcarpet10 20130131_seoulmusicawards_redcarpet11 20130131_seoulmusicawards_redcarpet12 20130131_seoulmusicawards_redcarpet13 20130131_seoulmusicawards_redcarpet14 20130131_seoulmusicawards_redcarpet15 20130131_seoulmusicawards_redcarpet16 20130131_seoulmusicawards_redcarpet17 20130131_seoulmusicawards_redcarpet18 20130131_seoulmusicawards_redcarpet19

Crayon Pop express gratitude to their fans

Posted: 31 Jan 2013 06:12 AM PST

Crayon Pop recently sat down for an interview and shared their gratitude towards their devoted fans.

Crayon Pop shared, “Our fans revive our energy. If I were to recall one episode, we had to go to Japan, and our fans said they would revive our energy. As a surprise event, they did a cosplay as bodyguards and members of the press. We were surprised because we thought they were really bodyguards and press. We didn’t imagine that they were our fans.”

The members continued, “After getting a closer look, we realized they were people we saw a lot before. After hearing about it, we were touched. Other groups’ fans were saying that Crayon Pop’s fans are amazing. Even during music shows, they chant louder for us than anyone else… It is really encouraging. We have a lot of uncle fans who say that we’re like their nieces. We haven’t attended an awards ceremony yet, but fans came to our practice room and presented an awards ceremony for us. They even prepared a wreath and rookie award trophy. We were very grateful then. I think we were born with ‘fan fortune’.”

“We are receiving a lot of strength from fans these days. To repay them, we want to definitely show ourselves succeeding. Although fans smile when they see us, we also smile a lot because of our fans. We want to make them happy through our success. Also, even if we become more famous than we are now and get busy, our consideration of our fans won’t change.”

In other news, Crayon Pop recently made their comeback with a new single, which is a remix of their previously released hit titled "Bing Bing“.

Source + Image: TV Daily via Nate

Rookie actor Lee Seung Ho draws praise for his role in 4men’s “Hello It’s Me” MV

Posted: 31 Jan 2013 05:51 AM PST

Rookie actor Lee Seung Ho drew favorable reactions for his acting in the music video for 4men‘s new release, “Hello It’s Me“.

Showing off his powerful and emotional acting skills in his acting debut, the rookie, born in 1991, portrays a character who silently looks upon two lovers from the outside, finally breaking down into tears near the crescendo of the melody.

Viewers had positive things to say about his performance. They praised, “He fits well with the song,” “A new face,” and“Who’s the male actor?”

After School’s Nana gets ‘annoyed’ by Hello Venus’ Nara?

Posted: 31 Jan 2013 05:30 AM PST

After School‘s Nana got a little “annoyed” by Hello VenusNara.

She posted a photo of herself and Hello Venus’ Lime along with the message, “I was eating and Nara took a picture ^^ I look so annoyed kekekekeke. With Hello Venus’ Lime!!

The photo was taken at the MBCIdol Star Athletics Championship‘. Nana and Lime were eating pieces of fruit as a snack and expressed their “annoyance” at getting their photos taken with cute expressions.

Fans commented, “You look sort of uncomfortable“, “Lime’s expression is daebak“, “Nana looks seriously annoyed“, and more.

The ‘Idol Star Athletics Championship’ will be aired on February 11th.

Super Junior-M members enjoy dinner together after practice

Posted: 31 Jan 2013 05:11 AM PST

Super Junior-M celebrated their recent comeback by having dinner together after practice.

Ryeowook shared on his Twitter on the 31st, “After the ‘Sukira’ broadcast, I went back to the dorm. I must have slept for two hours~?!~ I have to go out soon. Oh my~ Today is the start of our Korean promotions!!! Please look forward to it, everyone~ ^______^ The photo▶eating dinner together after finishing practice◀ kya kya.”

The photo shows the members of Super Junior-M (Donghae, Siwon, Eunhyuk, Sungmin, Ryeowook, Kyuhyun, Zhou Mi, and Henry) eating together at a restaurant.

Netizens commented, “Super Junior fighting!”, “It must be difficult for all of the Super Junior members to eat together”, “They seem to be having a celebratory party”, and more.

Super Junior-M released their second full-length albumBreak Down‘ earlier this month. According to SMTOWN, Super Junior-M will be holding special stages of “Break Down” on February 2nd's 'Music Core' and February 3rd's 'Inkigayo'. Check out their performance on ‘M! Countdown‘ below if you missed it!

2YOON reveal they were encouraged by Girls’ Generation’s compliments

Posted: 31 Jan 2013 04:51 AM PST

2YOON recently sat down for an interview and revealed their thoughts on their debut as well as the compliments they received from Girls’ Generation.

2YOON shared, “We were very happy when the Girls’ Generation sunbaenims complimented us a lot. Girls’ Generation sunbaenims said, ‘The song and dance are good, and the style and overall concept were well-thought-out,’ and showed their support. Not only the title track, but they also specifically mentioned track 4, Se Se Se‘, on the album and discussed it with us. After hearing that, we were even more touched. Through Girls’ Generation’s compliments, we gained more strength for our activities.”

“Since the two of us are the vocal line of 4minute, there were many opportunities for us to sing together during concerts and radio programs, and we thought that at this time, it would be a good idea to release an album together. We asked our agency first if we could release an album. After our agency listened to our plans, they said, ‘Make something good,’ so we directly participated in the album jacket, style, and album production.”

“All of the 4minute members like it more when we work than when we rest. We would like to continue our album promotions longer and make 2YOON’s music and style widely known.”

2YOON recently made their debut with title track “24/7” off their album ‘Harvest Moon‘. The duo have been receiving attention as the first K-pop artists to attempt the country pop dance genre.

Source + Image: Star News via Nate

Tip: Lee Nom

Big Bang’s Seungri is a royal prince?

Posted: 31 Jan 2013 04:31 AM PST

Big Bang‘s Seungri posted a royally unique selca that has fans guessing what the idol is up to.

Seungri dressed in a black and gold uniform that reminded fans of clothes worn by royalty. He posted the photo with the message,

Not only was he dressed in the unique uniform, he also had on intense eye makeup, adding onto his usual charisma. Fans commented, “Why are you wearing that?“, “It’s Prince Seungri~“, “Are you playing dress up?“, and more.

Why do you think Seungri was dressed up in the “prince” outfit?

Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon voted as the #1 ‘petite’ female celebrity fans want to hold most

Posted: 31 Jan 2013 04:11 AM PST

Girls’ Generation leader Taeyeon has been voted as the #1 ‘petite’ female celebrity who people want to hold.

Community portal site DC Inside held a survey from January 22nd to the 29th asking which petite female celebrity they want to hug most.

The results showed that out of the 7826 votes, Girls’ Generations Taeyeon took 1518 votes (19.4%), grabbing the top spot.  Taeyeon and her fellow member Sunny are lovingly nicknamed “Short Duo” by their fans.

Girls’ Generation member Hyoyeon took 2nd place with 1094 votes (14%).  Hyoyeon is the third shortest member of the group and has received attention for her charismatic dancing skills. Recently, she has also been showing off her humorous side on variety shows.

Third place with 1086 votes (13.9%) went to actress Goo Hye Sun. With her youthful look and wide-ranging talents, she is receiving a lot of love.

Other stars who made the list include actresses Park Bo Young and Han Ji Min as well as singer IU.

Big Star’s FeelDog thanks fans for their support during the ’2013 Idol Star Athletics Championship’

Posted: 31 Jan 2013 03:51 AM PST

Big Star‘s FeelDog thanked his fans after competing in the ‘2013 Idol Star Athletics Championship

FeelDog shared on the group’s  official Twitter, “I thank every Only One (fan club) so much for sticking with us until the end of the ‘Idol Star Athletics Championship’!!!! Because of Only One, I was able to gain strength and finish well! Only One’s support is definitely alive~ It’s alive~,” along with the photo above.

The photo shows FeelDog holding up a sign that he made himself, which reads, “Only One support is alive.”

In other news, Big Star recently wrapped up promotions for their winter single “I Get a Feeling” and are currently preparing for their new album. FeelDog will also make his acting debut this February in the KBS 2TV sitcom ‘A Bit of Love‘ (‘Remaining Love‘).

Stay tuned for the ’2013 Idol Star Athletics Championship’ on February 11th KST on KBS2TV!

T-ara’s Eunjung and f(x)’s Amber make a successful debut as MCs on ‘Show Champion’

Posted: 31 Jan 2013 03:31 AM PST

T-ara‘s Eunjung and f(x)‘s Amber made their successful debut as MCs on the January 30th broadcast of MBC Music‘s ‘Show Champion‘.

After finishing her first live broadcast, Eunjung shared, “Although I was very nervous due to it being my first time hosting a live broadcast, I felt strong with f(x)’s Amber. Amber and I work well together, and we’ll show a different concept than the original MCs Shindong and Kim Shin Young.

T-ara’s Hyomin, Qri, and Ahreum, f(x), INFINITE H, Boyfriend, 2YOON, Baechigi, SPICA‘s Jiwon, and SPEED also showed their support for the new MCs and sent them congratulatory messages.

Check out their special performance and a clip of their first appearance as MCs of the show below!

Tip: Chesskid1

Baechigi wins #1 + Performances from the January 31st episode of ‘M! Countdown’!

Posted: 31 Jan 2013 03:08 AM PST

Mnet's "M! Countdown" is back with another spectacular episode chock-full of exciting performances!

Aside from the usual stages on tonight's episode, DMTN, 4men, and SISTAR19 held their comeback stages, while Super Junior-M put on a special performance.

Competing for the #1 spot, it was a hot battle between Baechigi and CNBLUE, but in the end, it was Baechigi who clinched the win tonight with "Shower of Tears“!

Congratulations to Baechigi on their 'M! Countdown' trophy!


[Next Week's Teasers]

< Huh Gak >


Performers tonight included Moon Hee Jun, Nine Muses, GLAM, Boyfriend, Phantom, Hello Venus, VIXX, 2YOON, Baechigi, Lee Jung, and SPEED.

Check out the performances below:


< Moon Hee Jun >


< Baechigi feat. SPICA’s Jiwon >


< Nine Muses >


< GLAM >


< Boyfriend >


< Phantom >


< 2YOON >


< Hello Venus >


< VIXX >




< Lee Jung >


4men make their comeback with “Hello It’s Me” on ‘M! Countdown’!

Posted: 31 Jan 2013 02:56 AM PST

Talented vocal group 4men (YoungjaeKim Won JooShin Yong Jae) has returned to the music scene after nearly two years.

Their newest album, ‘The True Story‘, is based on true stories and contains six tracks, including the title track, "Hello It's Me". “Hello It’s Me” is an emotional ballad written by Yoon Min Soo.

Check out their performance below!

Super Junior-M perform “Break Down” on ‘M! Countdown’!

Posted: 31 Jan 2013 02:49 AM PST

Super Junior-M will be holding special performances of their latest single "Break Down" on Korean music programs.

As Super Junior's Chinese subunit, Super Junior-M haven't had many chances to meet with their fans in Korea, but they've prepared special performances for music programs this week. The group released a Korean version of “Break Down” as well.

Check out Super Junior-M’s ‘M! Countdown‘ performance of “Go” and “Break Down” below!

SISTAR19 come back with “Gone Not Around Any Longer” on ‘M! Countdown’!

Posted: 31 Jan 2013 02:29 AM PST

SISTAR19 have finally made their comeback with the release of their new single "Gone Not Around Any Longer"!

The subunit, consisting of vocalist Hyorin and rapper Bora, teamed up with producer Brave Brothers once again for their new title track. Director Joo Hee Sun, who also directed SISTAR's "Alone", also participated in SISTAR19′s new music video.

Check out SISTAR19′s comeback performance below!

DMTN return with “Safety Zone” on ‘M! Countdown’!

Posted: 31 Jan 2013 02:22 AM PST

DMTN (formerly known as Dalmatian) has returned with their new title track, "Safety Zone"!

The group is now going by DMTN ('dee-em-tee-en'), which stands for the words “Desire, Motivation, Timing, Now.” Member Daniel is said to have come up with the words that DMTN stands for himself, making the name even more special. Along with the new name comes a new digital single, which is a medium-tempo track by Duble Sidekick, who worked with the boys for "E.R".

Check out DMTN’s comeback performance below!