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"Running Man releases Idol Olympic special episode" plus 24 more

"Running Man releases Idol Olympic special episode" plus 24 more

Running Man releases Idol Olympic special episode

Posted: 13 Jan 2013 07:35 AM PST

Running Man unveils the trailer for the Idol Olympic Special episode that will be aired next week.

Top idols such as Minho, Sulli, Yonghwa, L, Jonghyun, Lee Joon and Kwanghee will appear on the show, check out the preview below

Dara reveals, 'I want to be an actress'

Posted: 13 Jan 2013 07:00 AM PST

Girlgroup 2NE1 member, Sandara Park, reveals her desire to act.

On the 8th, Sandara Park posted on her Twitter, "A little while back, I came to support Jung Hye Young unnie's very first movie, "Gangster Shaman"and went to the premiere. I don't even know how long it has been from since I last saw a movie aside from this one. It's been too long ago, and since I was excited to go the theater to see the movie, I even bought a large tub of popcorn to enjoy it with!" revealing her thoughts.

Sandara Park followed her tweet with, "I just knew that this movie would be a comedy.. Everyone, you would be getting your handkerchiefs because you'll laugh so much, tears would come out. Ack, I should not spoil it for you! I also want to be like Hye Young unnie and be a beautiful actress who does her job well and touch the audience's hearts," she said.

Lastly, Sandara Park tweeted, "Ah! Gangster Shaman! Opens on Jaunary 9! That's already tomorrow, right? Yoohoo! Someday, I want to act in a romantic comedy. Whoever will act together with me, I will brign on the acting storm. Please take care of me," she ended.

As part of 2NE1, a group that has been part of the Hallyu wave, Sandara Park's remarks drew a lot of attention from the fans. Especially since idol stars are in a situation where they also appear in a variety of dramas and films, Sandara Park's desire to act was met with positive encouragement and reactions from the fans.

Netizens seem to take this well as they responded to her tweets with, "Sandara Park would fit in well with romantic comedy," "You'd really be great in it," "I want to see you acting soon," "Sandara Park would look good in a cute movie," "Your acting in your music videos is good," giving their thoughts.

Sandara Park's was last seen as an actress in MBC's "The Return of Iljimae."

Source: Nate 1 2
Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

Juniel sings "I Have A Dream" on Open Concert

Posted: 13 Jan 2013 06:37 AM PST

Juniel performs on the latest episode of Open Concert.

Besides singing "Bad Man", she sings "I Have A Dream" too, check out her performance below

JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong Is Still ‘Hero Jaejoong’ In His Fans’ Hearts

Posted: 13 Jan 2013 06:30 AM PST

There are still many fans who remember JYJ's Kim Jaejoong as TVXQ's Hero Jaejoong.

Ahead of his solo concert, Kim Jaejoong received suggestions from fans for songs he should sing during his concert, and a flood of request came in for him to perform songs by 'TVXQ'.

On the 12th, Kim Jaejoong held an event that took suggestions for songs he should perform at his 'You, My and Mine' concert on the 26th and 27th of January through comments that were posted on his official Facebook page.

The event took place for two hours and collected around 8,800 comments and 7,500 'likes'. Kim Jaejoong's popularity was proven when comments were left by fans from Korea, other Asian countries such as Japan and China, as well as overseas fans who spoke English and Spanish.

However, the suggestions showed that the fans 'want to see Hero Jaejoong again'.

Most of the fans' suggestions were TVXQ songs such as 'HUG' and 'honey funny bunny'. There were fans who requested songs by other singers such as 'Lovers' by Lee Seon Hee, but most of the requests were TVXQ songs.

Hero Jaejoong, Kim Jaejoong's stage name during his time as a member of TVXQ, ranked high on the most searched rankings of various portal sites after the event began, mirroring the wishes of the fans.

Meanwhile, former TVXQ members Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun and Kim Junsu (JYJ) filed an injunction against their former agency SM Entertainment on July 31st, 2009 for an unlawful exclusive contract. They have been participating in activities independent from SM ever since the Courts accepted their injunction.

The legal battle ensued between the two sides with SM Entertainment filing an exclusive contract validity confirmation and compensation for damages lawsuit in April, 2010, which was counteracted by JYJ's exclusive contract invalidity confirmation lawsuit. The lawsuit came to an end on the 28th of November last year through voluntary arbitration.

Source: [xportsnews]
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TIME Article Features Girls’ Generation, Teases American Album

Posted: 13 Jan 2013 06:00 AM PST

TIME, a major American news magazine, recently highlighted Girls' Generation as a potential contender to supplant PSY and his popular single, "Gangnam Style", in the United States. Citing the music video for Girls' Generation's new hit title track, "I Got A Boy", writer Lily Rothman took notice of the over 25 million views that it has amassed since its January 1st debut. "I Got A Boy" currently holds the number two spot behind "Gangnam Style" on YouTube's music charts. SM Entertainment USA marketing representative Jane Choi talked to TIME on Girls' Generation's behalf, stating that the American division of the Korean entertainment label believes that "the U.S. market has been wanting the Girls". Choi later added that PSY's success has hyped interest for K-Pop around the world, which in turn has been beneficial for Girls' Generation's plans in the United States.

TIME reports that Girls' Generation's first full-length American album will be released through their American record label, Interscope Records, later this year. A version of "I Got A Boy" will be included in the upcoming album. Specific details such as its release date and title are not known at this time. American fans were first treated to a fresh new Girls' Generation release early last year with an English version of "The Boys" and a number of various remixes on a digital maxi-single.
TIME's full article on Girls' Generation is available here.

Written by: Grizzlei@soshified, taengsoshi@soshified
Edited by: MoonSoshi9@soshified

2NE1 Adores Lee Hayi, the Youngest YG Artist in 5 Years

Posted: 13 Jan 2013 05:30 AM PST

Recently, the popular girl group 2NE1 is busy treasuring Lee Hayi. They're not only helping her out with their know-hows about singing and dancing lessons, but they're also teaching her their hard-earned first hand experiences in staying fit and dieting as her seniors. Why? Because Lee Hayi is the one who replaced 2NE1's 5-year-long position in their agency as the youngest artists.

According to an insider, 2NE1 and Lee Hayi became as close as sisters during the process of switching their hit songs and performing them at the end-of-the-year MBC 'Gayo Daejaejun'. Through last year's 'Gayo Daejaejun', 2NE1 performed Lee Hayi's debut song '1,2,3,4' and Lee Hayi performed 2NE1's mega hit 'I Love You' and then sang all together, showcasing the quintessence of collaboration stages.

YG Entertainment stated that 2NE1 grew to adore Lee Hayi during their Gayo Daejaejun practice, as they began to see Lee Hayi's genuine and humble attitude, as well as her determination in maintaining her direction in music.

2NE1 hasn't had much interaction with other celebrities because they seldom appeared in TV variety shows or other activities outside their group so far. The insider says, "It's no surprise that 2NE1 loves the only junior artist and adorable girl that Lee Hayi is, considering the fact that even under the YG Family BIGBANG has been a senior and male group and Gummy is an even higher-up senior to 2NE1, which made it difficult for them to approach them easily."

Meanwhile, Lee Hayi the rookie who swept the music industry with her debut during the last half of 2012 has a new album release ahead, and 2NE1 is also about to have a comeback during the first half of this year.

Source: Osen
Translated by: tokkimeow@flyhayi, kenno@leehiph
Re-Uploaded by: OhDara

Indonesian Group ‘Tangga’ are Fans of 2NE1 and Big Bang

Posted: 13 Jan 2013 05:00 AM PST

TANGGA's Chevrina: I like all personality of 2NE1. Each of the personalityl has character. In terms of fashion, I really like Sandara. Her fashion is 'crazy' and unique. Her hair style is also very unique, raised high or bald on one side. From the vocal perspective, I like Minzy. Her voice is very unique & really 'Korea'.

TANGGA's Nerra: In 2NE1, I like BOM because her voice is really good. From the appearance, I like Sandara, because she has the most feminine face, but her style & make-up is not too girly. More to hip-hop & cool really. For example, she likes to wear pants that rolled up on one side.

(A/N: The translator translated the 2NE1 parts only. See the full article here: LINK.)

Translated by: @PLANET2NE1

TOUCH ChulMin, “4minute Hyuna is my ideal type”

Posted: 13 Jan 2013 04:30 AM PST

Male group of 5 members, TOUCH's Chul Min has named 4minute's Hyuna as his ideal type.

On the 11th, ChulMin was asked by fans about his ideal type. He answered, "It could come out strange and might cause misunderstandings", continued with  "Personally, I like 4minute Hyuna's performance."

Video here
Trans: MrsDooB2uty @
Source: TV Daily

Yewon and MInhyuk's hug is receiving attention!

Posted: 13 Jan 2013 04:00 AM PST

MinHyuk and Yewon who appeared in The Romantic and Idol 2, were asked to perform a couple hug from the drama 'I'm sorry. I love you". Yewon and Minhyuk also showed closed skinship during their first date, hence attracting attention.

In the picture, Yewon and MinHyuk smiled without any awkwardness, and hugged in front of the camera. Anybody who set eyes would mistaken them as a couple due to their natural skinship.

After completing the backhug mission, MinHyuk expressed, "People are looking at us, I think they were saying 'this couple looks really pretty' ". Yewon followed, "On our way back, MinHyuk kept on replaying the video. 'Today's date was really interesting', I think he really likes the date", adding more curiosity towards the couple.

Trans: MrsDooB2uty
Source: Newsen

Girls' Generation wears famous brand outfits in "I Got A Boy" MV

Posted: 13 Jan 2013 03:30 AM PST

It was revealed that Girls' Generation outfits from "I Got A Boy" MV are from famous brand Burberry.

On January 12th, SM Entertainment revealed that the outfits for Girls' Generation members in the scene shown above in I Got A Boy MV are from Burberry Prorsum 2013 Spring/Summer collection. This is the 1st time the outfits were revealed to the public through an MV.

The members of Girls' Generation previously represented South Korea to attend various activities from Burberry, including the Burberry fashion show in London.

Written by Clover @ DKPOPNEWS.NET

miss A's Min & Suzy show off new hairstyle

Posted: 13 Jan 2013 03:07 AM PST

miss A's Min revealed a new photo taken with Suzy on 12th January.

She mentioned,"Same hairstyle sisters".

The girls pose confidently together, they must be happy with their hairstyle.

Fans commented,"pretty duo","unique hairstyle","Are they preparing for a photoshoot" and etc.

Girls' Generation Jessica was humiliated by a male fan

Posted: 13 Jan 2013 02:00 AM PST

Girls' Generation Jessica was rejected when she wanted to give a hug to a male fan.

Girls' Generation made a surprise appearance on KBS2's "Guerilla Date". The members were divided into two teams to complete their missions. A male fan made a 4-line poem for the group, upon hearing the poem, Jessica really liked it so she would like to give him a hug to thank him, which  made everyone around envy with that fan. But the fan suddenly rejected the hug from her and said,"I have a girlfriend so I can't hug you"

Later he asked Jessica to hug his girlfriend instead. The girlfriend was feeling embarassed so she answered,"I don't hug girls", which made everyone burst in laughter.

Girl's Generation to have a dance battle with 80s and 90s dancing queens

Posted: 13 Jan 2013 01:30 AM PST

Girl's Generation Yoona, Yuri and Tiffany will have a dance battle with dancing queens from 80s and 90s on KBS's "Happy Together 3".

Astaff of KBS's "Happy Together 3" revealed that  Girl's Generation Yoona, Yuri, Tiffany and Hyoyeon went to record the show, the other guests were Baek Ji Young and Kim Wan Sun.

The staff also added,"Really looking forward to the battle between Girl's Generation members with Baek Ji Young and Kim Wan Sun. 80s dancing queen Kim Wan Sun and 90s dancing queen Baek Ji Young, their dancing skills haven't gone yet"

This episode of "Happy Together 3" will be broadcasted on January 17th.


INFINITE H is back with "Special Girl"

Posted: 13 Jan 2013 12:57 AM PST

INFINITE's sub group INFINITE H is back with "Special Girl" and "Without You" on Inkigayo,check out their performance below

EXO supports Girls' Generation's comeback

Posted: 12 Jan 2013 11:26 PM PST

SM Entertainment official Facebook posted photos of EXO-K and EXO-M supporting Girls' Generation's at the waiting room of Music Core and Inkigayo.

EXO-K poses cutely with the girls while EXO-M's members are seen holding Girls' Generation's official balloons.

Zinger delays her comeback, won't be present for GDA

Posted: 12 Jan 2013 11:00 PM PST

The comeback for Secret's Zinger has been postponed.

Their entertainment, TS Entertainment, revealed on the 13th that, "Although our goal was to have Secret's Zinger return on the Golden Disk Awards stage, we've decided that it's too much for her to dance right now, so we've postponed her comeback."

They continued to explain by adding, "Although she doesn't have any troubles getting around with normal things, the hospital said that her injured rib cage part still needs time to heal before doing powerful choreography, so we've made this decision."

Before this, Zinger had received a 4 week diagnosis after the car accident on December 11th. After this, Zinger had showed a quick recovery, and was planning to comeback on the stage, but postponed her comeback due to the hospital's warnings.

The company explained Zinger's feelings about having her comeback postponed. "Although she regrets not being able to show a perfect side right now, she promises to show it next time."

Meanwhile, the other 3 Secret members will be participating in the '27th Golden Disk Awards' that's being held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and will be leaving on the 15th.

trans. cr; neukki @ tumblr | source cr ; star news ; take out with full credits

Gain parodies G-Dragon's 'One of A Kind'

Posted: 12 Jan 2013 10:30 PM PST

Here the video of Gain parodying G-Dragon's hit song 'One of A Kind'. Gain wears yellow braided hair. In this paprody, other BEG members also appeared.

Watch now and tell us your feedbacks. How's Gain's parody?

Credits: BBWorld TV@YT

Park Yoochun Hopes To Break Into China, Hints At Ending Of “I Miss You”

Posted: 12 Jan 2013 10:00 PM PST

The "Park Yoochun Media Day" event was held in Beijing on 11 January. The popular Korean singer-actor met with the fans and media in Beijing after one and a half years, and there were over 100 media present that day. Yoochun thanked the fans who have been supporting him for the past 10 years since his debut, and also spoke freely about the dramas that he has acted in over the past 3 years, going into details about his two popular pieces from 2012, the dramas "Rooftop Prince" and "I Miss You."

When Park Yoochun arrived at the Beijing airport on 10 January, a large number of fans carrying blue balloons and blue banners greeted him there, and there were even fans who had clothes pegs in their hair just like the younger Lee Soo Yeon did in "I Miss You." Netizens said that the "airport had become a concert hall," proving Yoochun's high popularity in China.

Full Recap Of The Park Yoochun Press Conference

"Actor Park Yoochun" Surprised at the massive number of views for his dramas on streaming sites

Park Yoochun made his debut in 2003 and became popular as a member of TVXQ, and started activities as part of the group JYJ in 2010. In the same year, he made his official entrance into the Korean drama industry playing a lead role in the drama "SungKyunKwan Scandal", then participated in "Miss Ripley" in 2011. Within those 2 years, Park Yoochun's acting skills have gradually matured, and finally, in 2012 he took on a drama that combined the two popular themes of "time-slip" and "crown prince" attained massive local and international popularity for the drama "Rooftop Prince." Then in winter of 2012, he co-stars with Yoon Eun Hye in the melodrama "I Miss You," presenting two very different works within the same year and allowing "Actor Park Yoochun" to gain more love and recognition from the audiences.

Park Yoochun said that he felt surprised that his dramas were receiving extremely high views on the Chinese sites. The press conference that was held on this day was actually done because of the dramas, but instead of coming for the sake of promotions, it was due to the great popularity and love from everyone in China that presented him with this opportunity to come to China. On the Korean drama rankings of the Sohu streaming sites, "Rooftop Prince" has been played over 88.38 million times, and with 2 more episodes to the end of "I Miss You," there have already been over 81.08 million views for the drama, making them the no.4 and no.5 drama on the list, exceeding the numbers for that of hit dramas in 2010 and 2011, "Secret Garden" and "City Hunter."

Talks in detail about the drama "Rooftop Prince" and hints at spoilers for "I Miss You."

In previous interviews, Park Yoochun had said that he fell in love with the drama "Rooftop Prince," and he explained this time that it was because everyone had gotten along really well on set and it felt really good. In the 2012 SBS drama awards, his co-star Han Ji Min had praised Park Yoochun, saying that it was usually the female lead that brightens up the mood on set but Park Yoochun had taken her place in cheering everyone up instead. When talking about the two roles that he had to play in "Rooftop Prince," Park Yoochun said that he had placed more focus on Lee Gak, as the role of Yong Tae Yong was a new one but Lee Gak's assumption of his role (in the drama.) He also talked about scenes that left a deep impression on him, such as the happy ending in the final episode as his reincarnation is reunited with Park Ha; the tearful wedding in episode 19 when he leaves the modern world, and how the scene before the wedding where he confesses to Park Ha while lying on the bed had brought tears to his eyes even though the script didn't call for it, showing how Park Yoochun had become one with his drama character.

As for the current drama "I Miss You" which is still being broadcast, Park Yoochun said that even though many people object to this, he still hopes for a tragic ending, because he feels that only Han Jung Woo's death can the bring the story to a close. With regards to the character of Han Jung Woo, Park Yoochun said that he envies Jung Woo, because Jung Woo is a normal person, who is very humane, occasionally brash, occasionally childish. As for the kiss scenes which everyone was concerned with, Park Yoochun said that the feeling of the scene that was aired is usually different from when it was shot, but in both dramas, but as he got along well with both female co-stars Han Ji Min and Yoon Eun Hye, shooting the kiss scenes were easy. He also said that the kiss in episode 18 of "I Miss You" is the first time he was kissing and smiling at the same time, as he was always crying in previous kiss scenes.

The lamb skewer-loving Korean idol, unspoken plans to break into China

As for movies, Park Yoochun expressed that he does not feel the rush to appear in movies, and that it wouldn't be late for him to do so even after he turns 30 or 40. This is because his acting would be more mature by then, and there would be more roles that are suitable for him. As for the genres of movies that he likes, Park Yoochun said that he thought about trying out horror shows but gave up because he was afraid, that shooting love stories are tiring and take up too much energy, and that he really wants to try shooting a war film, for example having 500 horses gallop towards him…a descriptive example with such strong imagery that the media in attendance started laughing. When talking about the delicacies in China, Park Yoochun said that lamb skewers are his favourite, causing the audience to break out into laughter once again.

With his coming to Beijing and holding this press conference so early in 2013, his plans to break into the China market are unspoken yet obvious. Park Yoochun said that he had only gone to Shanghai for his 2012 fanmeeting tour, and was busy with the shooting of "I Miss You" after that, having no chance to come to Beijing. He said that Beijing was very cold, but was actually not as cold as Korea. Time was passing by so quickly that he himself didn't realise that it had been a year and a half since his last visit for the JYJ concert tour. Currently, he has received a lot of requests to appear in Chinese films and dramas, and that he is still looking for a suitable piece. We hope that in the near future, we will be able to see more of Park Yoochun in China.

Source : []
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EXO-M's Leader Wu Yifan's Airport Fashion and Dressing Style Worth Learning

Posted: 12 Jan 2013 09:30 PM PST

EXO-M's charms have caught the attention of many in the year 2012, and members including Luhan, Wu Yifan, Kim Minseok, Zhang Yixing, Kim Jongdae and Huang Zitao have revealed their individual charms and charisma on and off stage. Today the editor brings you a summary of EXO-M's leader Wu Yifan's airport fashion, and a variety of dressing styles that are worth learning.

A suit is no longer an item that only older men wear, with a cool cutting, fashionable designs and stylish patterns, a suit combined with a T-shirt or shirt can also produce decent results.

A military costume that was popular for the whole year, does Wu Yifan's choice of clothes give you some inspiration? Just some simple buttons and a military green coat, matched with a cool pair of jeans, it's hard for someone not to be handsome this winter.

Variations in a costume reveal different personalitles, and a black and white coat gives off a cool image, a sweater with combination of bright colours makes one feel warm, while a T-shirt and a jacket gives one a mature feeling.

Source: 国品牌服装网
Translated by: shcizmo @ CODE:EXO

Jaejoong releases promo vid for his solo concert!

Posted: 12 Jan 2013 09:00 PM PST

A promotional video has been released for Jaejoong solo concert that will be held on January 26-27 at Coex Mall.
Watch below:

Credits: 100thero@YT

Jungshin snaps lovely photo with his mom?

Posted: 12 Jan 2013 08:30 PM PST

CNBlue's Jungshin took a lovely photo with his mom on their drama MDSY where he is playing the role of Sungjae.

He wrote, "A snapshot with Kim HyeOk seonsengnim! Mommy~~^^ I've been a true fan of Kim HyeOk seonsengnim since her drama "Bad Guy" and to be acting as her son like this is really an honor for me. Please watch MDSY live tomorrow and day after. And on Monday is our long awaited comeback^^ Please love us a lot! And take care not to catch cold, good night!"

Source: @CNBLUE_4
Translated by: fizzy @ cnbluestorm

2NE1′s Park Bom, T-ARA’s Hyomin and BEG’s Ga-In, ”Sexy Fashionable Stockings”

Posted: 12 Jan 2013 08:00 PM PST

2NE1′s Park Bom, T-ARA's Hyomin and Brown Eyed Girls" Ga-In have become a "hot issue" with their "tattoo-like stockings" they wear during performances or appearances with their group activities or solo activities.

Recently on an online community bulletin board, multiple pictures we're posted with the title "2NE1′s Bom and T-ARA's Hyomin wearing same "tattoo" stockings" which became the talk of town.

Park Bom flaunting a hip-hop ish vintage style with "tattoo" stockings showing her perfect doll-like legs everyone's basically envious of while Ga-In flaunts her "sexy stockings" during her solo activities for "Bloom" stages introducing a cute and sexy charm.

On the other hand, netizens showed a variety of reactions such as "Bom's legs are the best" "They all three have killer legs!" "Im so envious of their figure and legs!" 'Ga-in's stockings are too sexy" "Bom always rocks these kinds of stockings".

Source: Nate
Translated By: Yasmine@WeLoveBom

Happy Birthday to KARA's Goo Hara @_sweethara #HappyHaraDay

Posted: 12 Jan 2013 07:27 PM PST

Birth Name: Goo Ha Ra
Stage Name: Hara
Birthday: January 13, 1991
Position: Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Face of The Group
Height: 163 cm

130113 Inkigayo Performers List

Posted: 12 Jan 2013 06:56 PM PST

# Comeback Special #
- Boyfriend [Standing With U/ I yah]
- INFINITE H [Without You / Special Girl]
# Hot Music #
- SNSD [I Got A Boy]
- Baek Z Young [Hate You (Special Performer:Yiruma)]
- Sunny Hill [Goodbye to Romance]
- BIGSTAR [I Got Ya]
- Hello Venus [What Are You Doing]
- Juniel [Bad Man]
- C-CLOWN [Far Away]
- GLAM [I Like That]
- December [Don't Go]
- 24K [Secret Love]
- 2BIC [Have you Forgotten]
- Sori [Dual Life]
# Fresh Music #
- A-PRINCE [Hello]
- Gavy NJ [Pretty]
- Airplane [Pretty]
- Egobomb [Abandoned]

INFINITE H's MR Removed video for "Special Girl"

Posted: 12 Jan 2013 06:20 PM PST

INFINITE's awesome duo subunit INFINITE H garner much attention with their live singing ability.

The boys performed their hit song titled "Special Girl" on various music shows, fans commented after watching the MR removed video of their performance,"INFINITE's rappers hwaiting","as good as vocalists" and etc.