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"SISTAR19 reveals a backstage photo from their new music video set" plus 19 more

"SISTAR19 reveals a backstage photo from their new music video set" plus 19 more

SISTAR19 reveals a backstage photo from their new music video set

Posted: 27 Jan 2013 09:08 AM PST

With SISTAR's successful sub-unit SISTAR19's comeback just around the corner, Starship Entertainment raised expectations even more with a special release of a backstage photo from the music video set of their title track, “Not Here Anymore“.

In a change from the white, innocent look embodied in their teaser images, the still cut from the set shows Hyorin and Bora dressed in sexy black with charismatic looks on their emotional faces.

Posted to their official Twitter account, the new backstage picture is sure to leave their fans even more desperate for the full release of SISTAR19′s comeback album after their successful debut with “Ma Boy” in 2011.


Who Wore it Better: Sunggyu vs. Donghyun

Posted: 27 Jan 2013 08:39 AM PST

Welcome to the first Who Wore it Better of 2013! The guys squaring off in this edition of WWIB have a lot in common- both ’89-liners, both leaders and lead vocals in their groups, and, as it turns out, they have stylists with similar tastes!

INFINITE‘s Sunggyu wore this black blazer with an Andrea Crews shirt, a KTZ pin, and red pants in his music video for “60 Seconds“. Donghyun went for a similar silhouette, but with a plain white shirt, grey pants, and fewer accessories in Boyfriend’s PV for “Dance Dance Dance“.

Both guys look good, but who do you think wore it better? Cast your vote in the poll and be sure to tell us why you voted that way in the comments!

Thanks for the tip, Andrei!

2PM’s Wooyoung and Nichkhun snap a selca backstage at their Nagoya concert

Posted: 27 Jan 2013 08:11 AM PST

2PM‘s Wooyoung updated fans with another cute selca with fellow member Nichkhun backstage at their concert in Nagoya, Japan.

Wooyoung shared on his Twitter on the 25th, “Nagoya ah ah~~~ Hellooo~~~♥~~ I am leaving with only good memories… >.< But!! What should I do with this reluctance [to leave]??…ㅠㅠ”, along with a photo.

The photo shows Wooyoung and Nichkhun hanging out backstage and showing fans how much they’ll miss Nagoya with their cute facial expressions.

2PM is currently traveling across cities in Japan for their ‘2PM ARENA TOUR 2013 ‘LEGEND OF 2PM‘ tour. 2PM will also continue their live tour in three countries across Asia starting this coming March.

Source + image: Wooyoung‘s Twitter

Tip: woolover

G-Dragon turns into a fashionable Anpanman

Posted: 27 Jan 2013 07:43 AM PST

G-Dragon turned into the animation character Anpanman.

Before the first day of the finale of Big Bang‘s world tour in Seoul, he took to his Twitter to share the above photo. Along with the photo, he wrote, “I finished working for today. Now if I sleep and wake up, it’ll be the Seoul concert. Everyone sleep well, and let’s play hard tomorrow. Good night, everyone. See you tomorrow“, and attached a photo of himself wearing the Anpanman mask and opening his jacket much like Clark Kent when transforming into Superman.

Even though he was wearing a comical mask, fans thought he looked incredibly fashionable, commenting, “Your presence shines through the mask“, “G-Dragon can even pull off an Anpanman mask“, and “Good luck at the concert!“.

Source: G-Dragon’s Twitter

DMTN (formerly Dalmatian) releases video teaser for “Safety Zone”

Posted: 27 Jan 2013 07:15 AM PST

Dalmatian's new agency, 2Works Entertainment, released a new teaser video for their upcoming comeback, “Safety Zone“!

Having parted ways with MC Mong's company back in November, the group have renamed themselves as DMTN.

The group is expected to preview their new track at an upcoming show in Singapore with the official release in early February. While we wait to hear the song, watch the teaser below to hear a snippet of what sounds like an emotional R&B song.

Check out DanielInati, Jeesu, Donglim, and Simon's teasers if you missed them as well!

Tip: min


Girl’s Generation members get back hugs from ‘beast instrumentalists’

Posted: 27 Jan 2013 12:50 AM PST

On the January 26th broadcast of SBS‘ ’Star King‘ there was a beast instrument battle show.

During the show, Shin Ji Ho, known as a beast pianist and Con, a beast violinist, appeared as guests and displayed an amazing harmony.

Con received a lot of attention for his back hug while performing.  The person he hugged was Girl’s Generation’s Hyoyeon.  The wonderful back hug made Hyoyeon extremely happy.

MC Boom asked Hyoyeon, “Is this the first back hug of the new year for you?“  She replied, “No, this is the first back hug I received my entire life.  My heart is beating really fast.  He is amazing.”

The youngest member of the group, Seohyun, who saw this all transpire, wanted to also get a back hug from the violinist.  So Con went and did the same exact back hug while playing his instrument to Seohyun.

To this Sooyoug said she wanted a back hug from pianist Shin Ji Ho.  After Shin Ji Ho gave a back hug to Sooyoung while playing the piano, after finishing his set he once again hugged her tight.  After this, Shin Ji Ho did the same performance for Yuri and also placed his hands on top of Yuri’s while playing the piano.

Watch the segmemt below:

Performances from the January 27th episode of SBS ‘Inkigayo’!

Posted: 26 Jan 2013 11:54 PM PST

SBS's 'Inkigayo' is back once again with a new show full of exciting performances from the artists you adore, brought to you by the charismatic actor Lee Hyun Woo, alongside ZE:A's Kwanghee and IU!

Aside from the usual stages on tonight's episode, Eric Nam held his debut stage while MYNAME and Nine Muses held their comeback stages.

Check out the clips below!


[ Next Week's Teasers ]

< SISTAR 19 >

< DMTN >

< Super Junior-M >


Other performances from tonight included: Girls’ Generation, CNBLUE, 2YOON, INFINITE H, Boyfriend, VIXX, Moon Hee Jun, Baechigi, PHANTOM, Hello Venus, GLAM, December, SPEED, Airplane, EgoBomb, and TINY-G!

Check them out below!


< TINY-G >


< December >




< GLAM >


< VIXX >


< Boyfriend >




< 2YOON >




< Girls’ Generation >


< Phantom >

< Baechigi (ft. Ailee) >


< MR.MR >


Nine Muses return with “Dolls” on ‘Inkigayo’

Posted: 26 Jan 2013 11:32 PM PST

Nine Muses have returned with "Dolls"!

The group will showcase a unique stage and concept using their 'dark' and 'white' units for their comeback with "Dolls", which is produced by Sweetune. The single marks their first official release in 10 months.

Check out their performance  of "Just Watch" and "Dolls" below!

MYNAME returns to the stage with “Just That Little Thing” on ‘Inkigayo’

Posted: 26 Jan 2013 11:05 PM PST

MYNAME has finally made their return with the release of their second single "Just That Little Thing"!

Fans of the group have been waiting a very long time for this return and the boys haven't disappointed with the release of a powerful new track.

In addition to the new release, they'll also be holding their first concert in Korea in March to spend some time with their domestic fans.

Check out their comeback stage on ‘Inkigayo’ below!

[Spoiler]MC Eugene makes several mistakes during ‘Birth of A Great Star 3′s live broadcast

Posted: 26 Jan 2013 11:03 PM PST

On the January 25th broadcast of MBC‘s ‘Birth of A Great Star 3‘, former S.E.S member and now MC Eugene made several noticeable mistakes during the show’s first live broadcast.

When calling out mentor Kim So Hyun, Eugene accidentally stated, “Lee So Hyun”. During the introduction for the Top 16′s upcoming performances, Eugene stated, “I will pray (‘gee-do’ in Korean) for excellent stages” when she should have said “I will anticipate (‘gee-dae’ in Korean) excellent stages”, making viewers sense that she made those mishaps due to nervousness.

Although the MC was seemingly nervous at first, due to it being a live broadcast, she was able to use her prior experience as an MC to successfully finish the rest of the recording.

During the first live broadcast, contestants Shin Mi Ae, Jang Won Suk, Jo Sun Young, and Yuhil Band were the first to be eliminated.


BoA to take on dramas and movies in 2013

Posted: 26 Jan 2013 10:38 PM PST

Singer BoA recently announced her career will not only consist of singing, but acting as well.

During the press conference for BoA’s first solo concert in Korea, ‘BoA Special Live 2013 Here I Am‘, she stated, “I’m holding a concert in Korea for the first time in 13 years [since my debut]. I ended yesterday’s concert really well so I am hoping the same goes for today’s.

BoA continued with, “I’m excited to show off performances I have never done on television. I am hoping these stages will satisfy my fans enough to make them think I am a good performing artist too.

She also added, “I am planning to take on dramas and movies as well. I will continue to be the active BoA in 2013.

BoA began her solo concert, ‘Boa Special Live 2013 Here I Am’, at the Olympic Hall in Seoul on the 26th and will continue on until the 27th.

Check out a few fancams from the concert below

Wonder Girls’ Sun thanks everyone for her wedding blessings

Posted: 26 Jan 2013 10:14 PM PST

Wonder Girls leader Sun took a selca in her wedding dress and wrote a sweet thank you message to her fans.

Sun got married on January 26th and tweeted, “I would like to once again thank everyone from the bottom of my heart, all who came to bless us. We will have a nice honeymoon as well!” together with the above beautiful selca.

Having already taken off for her honeymoon, it was nice to see a candid shot of Sun in the bride’s room before her wedding ceremony though some commented that she looked a bit thin.

Netizens who saw the selca of Sun in her wedding dress commented, “Sun’s wedding dress selca.  She must be busy because of her wedding but she is still doing fan service“, “So pretty.  Just like a goddess“, and “Sun, I hope you have a happy and joyous life.”

Sun married Korean-Canadian James Park at the Lotte Hotel in Seoul on the 26th.

Source: Sun’s personal Twitter

KBS2′ ‘Qualifications of Life’ takes the top spot with its first episode

Posted: 26 Jan 2013 09:32 PM PST

The first episode of KBS2′sQualifications of Life‘, which was picked up as a full-time series after a pilot run, took the number one spot for the night.

The January 27 numbers from Nielsen Korea, a demographic-recording agency, revealed that the January 26th broadcast of ‘Qualifications of Life’ received a 10.1% viewer rating.

Though this was the first episode for this show, it took the number one spot from MBC’sQuiz to Change the World.’The MBC program also fell below SBS’sThat’s What I Want to Know.’

‘Quiz to Change the World’ had a viewer rating of 11.5% last week on January 20th, but this week fell 2% to 9.5%.  ‘That’s What I Want to Know’ received a rating of 9.7%

This episode of ‘Qualifications of Life’ gave the six members the mission of living life without making trash.

Source: Money Today via Nate News

2NE1′s CL amazes with her heel and sneaker collections

Posted: 26 Jan 2013 09:08 PM PST

2NE1‘s CL has really embraced her recently opened Instagram now showcasing her very enviable shoe collection.

Yesterday, the fashionista, gave her followers a sneak peak at her “kicks”. She first uploaded a photo with rows and rows of heels and boots with the caption “Special shoes will take you somewhere special“. A familiar quote from popular drama ‘Boys Over Flowers‘. Shortly after that she likened a photo of her sneakers to notorious footwear fanatic David Beckham.

"Special shoes will take you somewhere special"

"My kick game just like David Beckham"

It’s not clear whether these are all CL’s shoes or if shoes of her other members made it into the closets. In either case, fans were shocked by her collection. As expected there were tons of Jeremy Scott sneakers, but CL also seems to be a fan of Christian Louboutin, Pierre Hardy, Gareth Pugh, Alexander Wang, Guiseppi Zanotti, and many more.

[Thanks to everyone who sent in this tip!]


B.A.P celebrates their 1 year anniversary with video messages to fans

Posted: 26 Jan 2013 08:35 PM PST

Today, B.A.P celebrated their 1-year anniversary!

The group made their debut with “Warrior” on ‘Music Bank‘ on January 27th, 2012, and since then have been enjoying high popularity on all their releases. It’s hard to believe that the boys are rookies that debuted only a year ago, as they have more singles than many other veteran artists including “Warrior”, “Secret Love“, “Power“, “Goodbye“, “No Mercy“, “Crash“, “Stop It“, and the most-recent “Rain Sound“.

In fact, the boys have been enjoying so much popularity that they are holding a solo concert in February, barely a year after their debut. Usually, rookies don’t have enough songs to have a concert by themselves, but B.A.P have been working hard enough and has produced more than enough music for a concert.

To celebrate their anniversary, Singaporean fans donated 1 ton (2200 lbs) of rice to the needy. The boys themselves also donated a well to Africa, and uploaded a letter on their Facebook, writing,

To. B.A.P’s BABY

Thank you so much for being with us all the time for 1 year.

We prepared this ourselves hoping that the love we share could be felt to people far away as well.
Everyone, try to have a warm and healthy heart.

We’re dreaming of a day where a small interest can affect a large change.
Let’s love even more until that day and always be together.

Thank you all so much, and we love you.

Daehyun tweeted, “A year has already passed..!! I guess it was because I was with our BABY, but it passed by so quickly hehe. Everyone knows this is just the beginning, right?? Thank you so much and fighting from now on!!!“. Youngjae tweeted a simple, “I love you“. Himchan wrote, “A day passed and then another day, and all of a sudden 1 year has passed. For me, I’ve gained the wealth of people and experience that was bigger than anything else I’ve experienced in life. And ‘you’ were always next to me. BABY, thank you. I can’t even express it in words!“.

Zelo posted:

B.A.P 1st AnniversaryThank you for ma BABYZ!

— ZELO (@ZELO96) January 26, 2013

The boys left video messages for all their fans as well, thanking them for their highly successful year and promising to work harder in the coming years.

Jongup and Zelo:

Daehyun and Youngjae:

Himchan and Bang Yong Guk:

Congratulations to B.A.P!

Yonghwa clarifies Park Shin Hye dating rumors and talks about his first kiss

Posted: 26 Jan 2013 08:08 PM PST

CNBLUE‘s Yonghwa denied that he is dating Park Shin Hye asserting that they are just close friends.

The January 26th broadcast of MBC’s Quiz to Change the World‘ featured guests Song Chae Hwan, Seo Kyung Suk, CNBLUE, Sayuri and many others.

During the show, Yonghwa was asked about his onscreen kiss scenes and he said, “Both of my onscreen kisses have been with Park Shin Hye.”

The MC then said, “That is why there are a lot of rumors about you dating Park Shin Hye.” To this Yonghwa said that he is really not dating her.  He explained that they are just really close friends who know a lot about each other.

Yonghwa was asked about his first kiss and he said it happened when he was a first year in high school.  Kang Min Hyuk added, “That is around the age when a lot of people have their first kiss.

Do you think this will be the end to the rumors?

Source: TV Report via Nate News

G-Dragon, Taeyang, and Daesung take a pair of wacky photos together

Posted: 26 Jan 2013 07:38 PM PST

Three members of Big Bang showed off a funny face photo tickling fans with their playful nature.

G-Dragon tweeted two photos on January 26th with the words, “One, two, three, four.  Click.”

Daesung, Taeyang, and G-Dragon are sticking their tongues out and have their eyes rolled back creating some wacky faces.  It is very different from the charismatic nature that they often display of themselves and their funny faces have been bringing out a lot of laughter.

Netizens who saw the photos commented, “This is why I like Big Bang“, “Cute“, and “They are so cute.

Big Bang are currently holding their ‘Big Bang Alive Galaxy Tour the Final‘ in Seoul from January 25th to the 27th and are meeting 80,000 fans.  This is the conclusion of their world tour which took them across the globe three and a half times.

20130126_bigbang_funnyface 130126_bigbang_funnypeople 130126_bigbang_funnypeople2

J.Y. Park tweets a touching congratulatory message to Sun

Posted: 26 Jan 2013 07:13 PM PST

JYP Entertainment founder and singer J.Y. Park congratulated Wonder Girls’ Sun on her wedding.

He tweeted on January 26th, “12 years ago I met a 5th grade girl who was pretty and smart.  For the past 12 years I have trained and taught her, but now, seeing her, it seems that I have learned so much more from her then I ever taught her.  Congratulations Sun.”

12 years ago J.Y. Park took part in a project to find talented children and there he found Sun and with much training she debuted as a member of the Wonder Girls’  Because they have spent so much time together his message was even more heartfelt.

Sun married James Park on this day in Seoul.  J.Y. Park sang the congratulatory song for the couple.

Netizens who saw the tweet commented, “Sun, congratulations on your wedding“, “He must feel like a father marrying off his daughter“, and “I want to get married too.”


Popular ‘K-Pop Star 2′ trio Raccoon Boys stars in CF for ‘Olleh’

Posted: 26 Jan 2013 06:41 PM PST

K-Pop Star 2‘ contestants Raccoon Boys have joined Akdong Musician in becoming CF models for for communications brand, Olleh!

The talented trio, who have skyrocketed to visibility with their tremendously creative covers of Wonder Girl’s “Like This and Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”, are now being featured in an Olleh CF.

Maintaining the same adorable charm that is winning them fans on ‘K-Pop Star 2′, the group has released their first CF. The Raccoon Boys add their unique cuteness and singing talents to Olleh’s new advertisement song, “All IP“.

Check out their CF below!

Tip: Jihun

Actor Choi Min Sik wants to be reborn as Girls’ Generation’s chauffeur?

Posted: 26 Jan 2013 06:17 PM PST

Veteran actor Choi Min Sik revealed himself to be an ‘uncle fan’ of Girls’ Generation.

On January 26th, KBS‘s ‘Entertainment Relay‘ aired an interview segment featuring actors Lee Jung Jae, Hwang Jung Min, and Choi Min Sik, who are currently awaiting the premiere of their film, ‘The New World‘.

In response to a question about what he would be if he were to be born again, Choi Min Sik simply replied, “Girls’ Generation’s chauffeur,” surprising viewers with his unexpected answer. He then caused everyone to explode in laughter by commenting, “I’ll always be responsible for their safety and the food they eat.”

When asked about his favorite member, Choi Min Sik stated, “I don’t favor one over the other. I like them as a team.”

In related news, ‘The New World’ hits theaters in Korea on February 21st.