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"YG Entertainment denies G-Dragon and Mizuhara Kiko dating rumors" plus 19 more

"YG Entertainment denies G-Dragon and Mizuhara Kiko dating rumors" plus 19 more

YG Entertainment denies G-Dragon and Mizuhara Kiko dating rumors

Posted: 03 Jan 2013 08:48 AM PST

YG Entertainment denied that G-Dragon and Mizuhara Kiko are dating.

Photos recently surfaced allegedly showing the pair in Phuket together and it became a hot topic on the internet. One of the photos was a photo G-Dragon had uploaded himself. A second was uploaded by a fan, who saw a group of three people at the same place G-Dragon took his photo from.

From the photos, many netizens believed that G-Dragon and Mizuhara Kiko had gone to Phuket together. Not only so, but others claimed to have seen the pair board on a Phuket-bound plane together. However, others asserted that Mizuhara Kiko had revealed her boyfriend before, and that the two were merely just friends.

A representative from YG Entertainment recently stated, “We haven’t been able to confirm with G-Dragon. Around Christmas time, each of the members had 2 – 3 days off for themselves. The label didn’t take any part in their own personal time off, so we don’t know if G-Dragon went to Phuket. The photo hasn’t been confirmed as well.” On the subject of G-Dragon and Mizuhara Kiko possibly dating, the representative quickly dismissed the rumor saying, “They’re not dating.

[Review] JeA “Just JeA”

Posted: 03 Jan 2013 08:25 AM PST

It wasn’t long until the leader of K-Pop’s most popular adult-idol group, Brown Eyed Girls, set her sights on her own solo album. After all, her upstaging bandmates have been releasing solo projects over the past two years. While Narsha, Ga In, and even Miryo cruised through their releases with mainstream pop music, JeA‘s looking to offer us something a little more intimate and personal with her release. As we go through the album, we’re introduced with a familiar pop sound that slowly eases into the experimental depths of JeA’s creative prowess.

For an album titled ‘Just JeA‘ there sure are a lot of collaborations and the one feature that JeA has that’s worth parading is from the very first track. Four time Grammy nominee Eric Benet lends his warm R&B vocals on “Days & Nights” over a sensual latin tingled beat. One would think that a language barrier would hinder the listening experience of this regret-filled love fest, but their cross-language lyrical exchange actually works pretty nicely. Not only does JeA pull-off English better than a well-studied green card holder, Benet also does a pretty job with his own Korean line delivery. Which is great seeing how badly many people butcher words like Gangnam Style on American television.

JeA begins to seduce with “Stray Cat“. With a flirtatious vocal delivery, JeA refers to herself as a “kitty on the street” on a bouncy acoustic track. With multi-textured hooks and playful whistling sifting in and out the track’s soundscape, the melodies are bound to entertain.

However, Just JeA decides to take things seriously with her lead single “While You Were Asleep“. While the first two songs provided the mini album with bright colors and personality, “While You Were Asleep” gives us an idea of what JeA’s about artistically. “Asleep” provides those emotive vocals we’ve all been waiting to hear from the Brown Eyed Girls’ key vocalist. The track paces itself five full minutes of dynamic ups and downs and even throws in a choir to really spark things up.

Some notable aspects of “Asleep” is the rather retro vocal processing and production that causes her to sound a bit robotic at times. The retro sound and romantic vibes also recalls some vibes from “I’ll Do Better”, a solo track from the Bra-Girls‘s smash ‘Sound G‘ album when “Abracadabra” was wildly popular. The only real criticism here is that the song isn’t nearly as quickly digestible as we’d like it to be. A good example of that might be Sunny Hill‘s “Goodbye Romance“. But if JeA wanted something for radio play, she’d probably find producers to make that happen. So, “Asleep” isn’t the most experimental track she’s done, but it is an exemplary track that shows off the kind of music that JeA does well and enjoys the best.

Silent Stalker” is the edge where the disc cuts off, and its ear perking sound somehow makes the best and worst ending to this EP. Best because producer Texu Kim brings out new fantastic shades of JeA, the same way he did for Ga In and her debut ‘Step 2/4‘ record. But worst because the rather creepy, hip-hop tingled album outro leaves such an abrupt ending to a record that was opening up to be something really interesting. An additional track to buffer the tracklist would be a great solution to this, but it could also be me wanting an encore track to a pleasant album.

‘Just JeA’ serves exactly its purpose and provides just enough more to keep it interesting. It doesn’t exceed expectations with overly ambitious tracks in hopes of trying to pit JeA against her bandmates’ for that spotlight or recognition, but modestly nests JeA on a pedestal as the group’s most talented and passionate vocalist. Just how the album title suggests, the album is simply “Just JeA”, and just like JeA, this album is incredibly solid and deserving of your listen.

[Editor's Note: 'Just JeA' was provided to allkpop for review before its official release to the public]

Girls’ Generation to hold a ‘virtual’ concert through Naver Music

Posted: 03 Jan 2013 08:10 AM PST

Girls’ Generation will be holding a virtual concert through Naver Music.

The ‘Girls’ Generation V Concert‘ will take place on January 5th at 8PM KST on the M-Stage at Seoul’s Gangnam Station. The ‘V Concert’ stands for ‘virtual concert’, and will be a concert presented through realistic holograms. SM Entertainment revealed they will be holding many virtual concerts all over the world in the future.

During the virtual concert event, Girls’ Generation will be nearby and recording in ‘a visible radio booth’. The concert and the radio show will be broadcast all over the world real-time through Naver Music. This will be the 9th concert that Naver Music will be broadcasting live, after other acts such as Epik High and 10cm.

[Thanks to everyone who sent in this tip!]

2AM’s Jo Kwon shares photos from his trip to France

Posted: 03 Jan 2013 07:31 AM PST

2AM‘s Jo Kwon shared photos from his recent “healing trip” to France.

On the 3rd, Jo Kwon tweeted, “This is Lyon, France. Four days in Lyon! I’m going somewhere else tomorrow?” He added, “Espressos and Americanos are still too bitter for me… even when I put in four sugars. Also, it’s surprising to hear Psy hyung’s ‘Gangnam Style‘ getting played here! Okay, I’ll stop for now today. Bbyong.”

The 2AM member first visited France on January 1, 2012, and it seems he’s decided to go on another trip this year. Jo Kwon explained, “The sole ‘healing’ vacation of the year to give myself free time because I’ve worked hard for the past year.”

Fans commented, “It’s really good to see you smile”, “I’m jealous of your extra time”, “Come back energized”, and more.

INFINITE-H reveals 2nd teaser image for “Fly High”

Posted: 03 Jan 2013 07:17 AM PST

INFINITE's much-anticipated subunit INFINITE H has released the very first teaser image for "Fly High".

On January 4, 2013 (KST), INFINITE's official website was updated with the above image. The subunit is comprised of Hoya and Dongwooand the H in INFINITE-H stands for Hip Hop.

It has also been announced that INFINITE H will hold an exclusive showcase at UNIQLO AX in Seoul on the 10th.

Stay tuned to allkpop for more information on INFINITE-H.

Lee Joon’s agency denies that he’s been confirmed to leave ‘We Got Married’

Posted: 03 Jan 2013 07:11 AM PST

MBLAQ Lee Joon‘s agency has confirmed that it has yet to make any solid announcement about the idol’s appearance on ‘We Got Married‘ after Oh Yeon Seo and Lee Jang Woo‘s scandal broke out.

As most allkpop readers know by now, Lee Joon and Oh Yeon Seo are an on-screen married couple on ‘We Got Married’.

J.Tune Camp stated, “We’ve never mentioned anything about [Lee Joon] leaving ‘We Got Married’. The final decision is not up to us. We’ll be making a decision after meeting with the ‘We Got Married’ producers,” officially stamping out any rumors that Lee Joon has been confirmed to be leaving the reality show.

Oh Yeon Seo’s agency also commented, “Oh Yeon Seo and Lee Jang Woo have only met 2-3 times with other people at this point. Though they might become more than friends in the future, it’s difficult to say whether they’re currently dating.”

‘We Got Married’ has not yet made any decisions regarding Lee Joon or Oh Yeon Seo’s casting on the show.

Source: Xportsnews via Nate

JeA discusses reaction to Brown Eyed Girls’ guest appearance on ‘SNL Korea’

Posted: 03 Jan 2013 06:51 AM PST

Brown Eyed Girls JeA discussed the reaction to the group’s ‘19+ appearance‘ on tvN‘s ‘SNL Korea‘ last month.

JeA revealed to reporters on the 3rd, “We had a lot of fun during filming too. I was worried that we wouldn’t live up to our fans’ expectations, but even the staff members were satisfied with the result.”

Despite the mature direction of the comedy show, JeA’s parents seemed to have been completely fine with the “19+” label. She stated, “After the broadcast, even my parents told me that it was a fun show. That surprised me.”

JeA continued, “At the time, the situation itself was funny. To be honest, I was nervous, but after the episode aired, friends I hadn’t heard from in a while contacted me. The reaction was impressive,” expressing her surprise.

In related news, JeA will be releasing her first solo album, ‘Just JeA‘, on the 4th KST. Check out the Brown Eyed Girls’ appearance on ‘SNL Korea’ if you missed it here.

‘Flower Boy Next Door’ cast show how they fight off the cold weather in BTS cuts

Posted: 03 Jan 2013 06:28 AM PST

Upcoming tvN drama ‘Flower Boy Next Door‘ released some behind-the-scene cuts of the cast fighting off the cold weather on set.

The photos show the cast warming up for their scenes in different ways. Park Shin Hye is seen showing her unfailing positive attitude while wrapping herself up in a thick blanket on top of her parka. Yoon Si Yoon and Kim Yoon Hye can also be spotted warming up their hands beside a heater while getting ready to film a scene together. Kim Ji Hoon made the ladies swoon with his charisma while practicing his script in the snow. Park Soo Jin was also captured looking fashionably pink on set.

Netizens commented, “The castmates are working so hard in order to film in the cold weather”, “I hope ‘Flower Boy Next Door’ becomes a hit”, and more.

‘Flower Boy Next Door’ will premiere on January 7th!

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INFINITE and IU release 2013 CF song for ‘Elite’ uniforms

Posted: 03 Jan 2013 06:01 AM PST

It’s a new year, and INFINITE and IU have released a new version of the “Elite Song“.

The two K-pop acts were named Elite student uniform’s endorsement models last year as well. The 2013 version of the song features a slightly different sound, but the lyrics are still as positive as ever.

Check out some of the making-of and the 2013 “Elite Song” below!

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Go Young Wook claims he only pinched thigh of minor claiming sexual assault

Posted: 03 Jan 2013 05:35 AM PST

Go Young Wook is continuing to deny the recent allegations of sexual assault against a 13-year-old girl, but after five hours of interrogation, he has now admitted that he did pinch her thigh.

The accusations against Go Young Wook have been investigated, and according to the officer in charge of the case, the former Roo’ra member claimed, “I did pinch her thigh, but I never touched her anywhere else.”

This contradicts earlier statements as he previously claimed that though the minor had entered his car, there was no physical contact.

It was also revealed that the police will decide tomorrow, January 4th KST, whether an arrest warrant will be issued against the celebrity.

Considering that there’s CCTV of the alleged event in question, justice will likely be served in a fair manner.

Source: Osen via Nate; TV Report via Nate

Sooyoung and Yoon Do Hyun send their New Year greetings in hanboks on ‘One Night of TV Entertainment’

Posted: 03 Jan 2013 05:11 AM PST

On the January 2nd broadcast of SBS’One Night of TV Entertainment‘, MCs Yoon Do Hyun and Girls’ Generation‘s Sooyoung greeted viewers for the New Year in beautiful traditional clothing (hanbok).

The MCs greeted the viewers, stating, “‘One Night of TV Entertainment’ greets you for the 2013 new year. Happy New Year.”

Sooyoung and Yoon Do Hyun were seen politely wishing viewers a happy new year while donning matching pink and blue hanbok.

Sooyoung then joked to Yoon Do Hyun, “I hope all your dreams come true, and I hope your face ages as you get older to show viewers that I do not have an ‘old face’. You have a very ‘young-looking face’,” making viewers burst into laughter.

Super Junior-M’s Ryeowook and Kyuhyun invite fans to press conference for ‘Break Down’

Posted: 03 Jan 2013 04:45 AM PST

Super Junior-M‘s Ryeowook and Kyuhyun released a special video message for fans!

The two are inviting all Super Junior fans to the M subunit’s press conference for their upcoming new albumBreak Down‘.

The press conference will be held at noon on January 7th in Beijing, and those who bring Super Junior-M’s previous album, ‘Perfection‘, will be admitted on a first-come, first-served basis.

Check out the teaser for “Break Down” if you missed it and Ryeowook and Kyuhyun’s message below!

‘The Thieves’ to open in theaters across China

Posted: 03 Jan 2013 04:18 AM PST

The most watched Korean movie of all time, ‘The Thieves‘, is set to premiere in 3,000 theaters across China on the 15th.

‘The Thieves’ partnered up with Chinese film production company, ‘Lava Film‘, for its Chinese debut. It has also been revealed that director Choi Dong Hoon and actress Jun Ji Hyun will be attending the overseas premiere event.

A representative stated, “If this movie premiered in September as planned, it would’ve potentially achieved far greater results. But the marketing period has passed and the illegal distribution of the film has become a serious threat, but I am confident that the quality of the move itself will bring a positive response.”

‘The Thieves’ also opened in select theaters across the US last October and grossed $685,000 in the box office.

The film is also set to premiere in Japan, India, and Russia.

GLAM’s “I Like That” ranks high on music charts

Posted: 03 Jan 2013 03:51 AM PST

GLAM have been giving Girls’ Generation a run for their money with their new single, “I Like That“, which is rising up on music charts.

On the 2nd, GLAM’s “I Like That” trailed behind Girls’ Generation in the #3 spot on Bugs music chart.

“I Like That” modernizes the ’90s K-pop classic, Chul-E & Miae‘s “Why You“, with its hip-hop sound. Fans especially noticed how both GLAM and Girls’ Generation have made impressive comebacks with more charismatic concepts.

In other news, GLAM started off their round of comeback stages on ‘M!Countdown‘ on the 3rd.

Celebrities express condolences over Jo Hyun Gil’s death

Posted: 03 Jan 2013 03:25 AM PST

Celebrities expressed their sadness over Jo Hyun Gil‘s sudden death.

Junsu‘s brother JUNO wrote, “My Korean label’s CEO Jo Hyun Gil has passed away. I just saw him a few days ago, and we talked about a lot of things, so I can’t believe it. I hope you can put down the heavy burdens and be at ease. Rest in peace. The funeral home is at the Seoul Gangnam Severance Hospital.

Actress Yoon So Yi wrote, “The CEO who helped me film movies with ease when I was young.. I haven’t even wished you a happy new year yet… What should I do with my heavy heart? Please be at ease where you are. I am sincerely thankful for all the warm words you gave me. I cry as I wish that you rest in peace.

Baseball player Yoon Suk Min also wrote, “Rest in peace. I’m so upset. He helped me so much. Please be happier in heaven.

So far, the police have found a will and a burnt coal briquette, and it is likely that he had committed suicide. An acquaintance revealed, “On the last day of 2012 on the 31st, he wrote ‘I’m at ease because I got rid of everything.’ I think he committed suicide.

However, his family has denied the speculations of suicide, stating, “We believe it was a heart attack.

Source: Sports Seoul

Roy Kim and Jung Joon Young transform into ‘bad boys’ for ’1st Look’

Posted: 03 Jan 2013 03:01 AM PST

Superstar K4‘ heartthrobs Roy Kim and Jung Joon Young put aside their boy-next-door image for a more rugged look in ‘1st Look‘ magazine’s January issue.

The photos show Roy Kim and Jung Joon Young perfectly pulling off the ‘bad boy’ concept through their charismatic facial expressions, chic sunglasses, and wonderfully tousled hairstyles.

During an interview for the pictorial, Jung Joon Young revealed his hobbies and shared, “I love going to the PC room, having fun drinking, watching movies, and working out. Unexpectedly, I also like to read books.” Roy Kim seems to prefer different interests as he stated, “Rather than playing around by jumping around crazily, I like to go to the sauna after I eat and sit in a cafe.”

The talented singers also revealed their ideal types. Roy Kim shared, “I like a woman who is pretty without being high maintenance and has pretty eyes.” Jung Joon Young stated, “Of course, she has to be pretty and sexy. She has to have charm.”

Check out the pictorial below!

20130102_RoyKimJung&JoonYoung_1stLook1 20130102_RoyKim_1stLook roy2

B2ST’s Yoseob wins #1 + performances from January 3rd’s episode of ‘M! Countdown’!

Posted: 03 Jan 2013 02:35 AM PST

Mnet's "M! Countdown" is back with another spectacular episode chock-full of exciting performances!

Aside from the usual stages on tonight's episode, Baek Ji Young, Girls’ Generation, and GLAM all held their comeback stages.

Competing for the #1 spot, it was a hot battle between B2ST‘s Yoseob and SECRET, but in the end, it was Yoseob who clinched the win tonight with "Caffeine“!

Congratulations to Yoseob on his 'M! Countdown' trophy!


[Next Week's Teasers]


Performers tonight included Sunny Hill, Urban Zakapa, B2ST‘s Yoseob, December, Dal Shabet, Hello Venus, Big Star, C-CLOWN,, Dick Punks, and THE SEEYA!

Check out the performances below:


Sunny Hill >


Urban Zakapa >


B2ST‘s Yoseob >


December >


Dal Shabet >


Hello Venus >



Big Star >



= >


Dick Punks – Special Stage >




Girls’ Generation hold their stunning comeback stage with “I Got a Boy” on ‘M! Countdown’!

Posted: 03 Jan 2013 02:26 AM PST

It's finally here! Girls' Generation have dropped their 4th full-length albumI Got a Boy” with a powerful title track of the same name.

Since its release on January 1st, the girls have been dominating charts and are continuing to rake in millions of views!

After first performing quite a few songs from their new album during their MBC special ‘Romantic Fantasy‘, fans have been anxious to see more.

Check out Girls’ Generation’s powerful comeback stage with “Dancing Queen” and “I Got A Boy” below!

“Dancing Queen”

“I Got A Boy”

Baek Ji Young returns with “I Hate It” on ‘M! Countdown’!

Posted: 03 Jan 2013 02:11 AM PST

Baek Ji Young has released her new single titled “I Hate It“!

Renowned pianist Yiruma and composer 2FACE, who teamed up as 'Mind Tailor',  have written and composed the single, lending a hand to the soloist's anticipated comeback.

WS Entertainment stated previously, "Baek Ji Young and Yiruma's collaboration is their first project [together] through which the two artists' were able to express their common musical and emotional understandings. 'I Hate It' is more than just a 'crossover' of classical and popular music; it’s a ballad song based on Yiruma's trademark ability to bring out emotions, and Baek Ji Young's sorrowful voice adds to the beautiful melody [to create] a story."

Check out Baek Ji Young’s comeback stage below!

GLAM returns with “I Like That” on ‘M! Countdown’

Posted: 03 Jan 2013 01:57 AM PST

GLAM have returned with their second single, "I Like That"!

Although member Trinity decided to leave the group, the rest of the members are determined to show you their best performance as they have joined forces with producer Bang Si Hyuk, their mentor and producer, once again for the upbeat track, "I Like That".

Check out GLAM’s comeback stage below!