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"YoonA confesses she was mistaken for a college student when she was 15" plus 19 more

"YoonA confesses she was mistaken for a college student when she was 15" plus 19 more

YoonA confesses she was mistaken for a college student when she was 15

Posted: 14 Jan 2013 09:18 AM PST

YoonA confessed that she looked old when she was younger.

On the January 14th installment of KBS‘ ‘Hello‘, a woman complained that even though she was 20, people thought she was still in elementary school. When YoonA heard the story, she spoke up and said, “I’m actually the opposite“.

She continued, “When I was in middle school, I was mistaken for a college student. When I was 15, waiters would hand me business cards and invite me to adult clubs. I was scared.

When Kim Tae Gyun teased, “Did you keep the business cards for a while?“, YoonA laughed and said, “I didn’t“, causing the studio to laugh as well.

INFINITE’s Sunggyu shares the story of his first love on Mnet’s ‘Beatles Code 2′

Posted: 14 Jan 2013 08:48 AM PST

INFINITE‘s Sunggyu revealed the story of his first love on the January 14th episode of Mnet‘s ‘Beatles Code 2‘.

The story came up during a particular segment of the show, “Music 101″, as Sunggyu explained, “I sang Weather Forecast‘s “A Doll’s Dream” to confess my feelings to a girl.”

When MC Tak Jae Hoon asked how he met his first love, Sunggyu stated, “We were in the same school band. She played the piano and I sang. I didn’t have any feelings for her when I first saw her, but one day I noticed myself watching her constantly.”

In response to the cute love story, MC Tak Jae Hoon asked, “But didn’t your ideal type change a lot after your debut?“. Sunggyu was unable to answer the question, making everyone else laugh.

The episode also featured INFINITE H members Dongwoo and Hoya.

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Boyfriend’s music video for “I Yah” stirs controversy

Posted: 14 Jan 2013 08:20 AM PST

Boyfriend‘s music video for “I Yah” has been swept up in controversy as netizens debate whether or not the music video is promoting violence.

The music video was directed by Zany Bros, who also filmed INFINITE-H‘s “Fly High“, Girls’ Generation‘s “I Got A Boy“, SECRET‘s “Talk That“, and much more. “I Yah” tells the story of an innocent school love story, and has been gaining much love because of its sweet story.

However, some are criticizing the music video because it glamorizes school violence and students skipping school. Viewers commented, “The video looks nice, but it’s beautifying school violence“, “It looks like they’re supporting students skipping school and the dangerous motorcycle scenes isn’t helping matters“, and “This may have a negative influence on the youth“.

Others have argued that it’s just a music video and that some people are looking too much into it.

Even though there were many instances of music videos portraying school violence and youth riding on motorcycles, it seems that netizens are more sensitive about the subject of school violence because of the high popularity of the currently-running drama ‘School 2013‘.

Do you think the music video is promoting violence?

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VIXX releases second teaser for “On and On”

Posted: 14 Jan 2013 07:43 AM PST

After unleashing teaser photos and pre-releasing their trackDon't Want to be an Idol” and a video teaserVIXX has now revealed the second video teaser for their upcoming comeback.

The second video teaser was released via their official YouTube channel

"On and On" will be released on January 17th.

Check out the teaser below!

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CNBLUE achieves an all-kill on music charts with “I’m Sorry”

Posted: 14 Jan 2013 07:38 AM PST

CNBLUE has swept all the music charts with ”I’m Sorry“!

They recently released their title song and the rest of the mini album, sweeping all the major music charts immediately upon release. The song is currently #1 on Mnet, Olleh, Daum Music, Naver Music, Melon, Bugs, and Monkey3.

The title track , "I'm Sorry", was penned and composed by leader Yonghwa, along with many other self-composed works by the CNBLUE quartet.

In addition, CNBLUE is set to perform live with their instruments for their upcoming music show comebacks. Unfortunately, due to the logistics of music program production, nearly all bands are required to pantomime their instrument playing. CNBLUE however have such a passion for live playing that their company, FNC Entertainment is in to have the band perform with their on all three major music shows.

Congratulations to CNBLUE!

20130114_cnblue_bugs 20130114_cnblue_daum 20130114_cnblue_melon 20130114_cnblue_mnet 20130114_cnblue_monkey3 20130114_cnblue_naver 20130114_cnblue_olleh

Big Bang concludes the overseas portion of their world tour in Osaka, Japan

Posted: 13 Jan 2013 11:49 PM PST

Big Bang finally brought down the curtains on the overseas portion of their globe-trotting world tour, ‘ALIVE Galaxy Tour 2012‘.

The group held their final overseas performance in Osaka, Japan from January 12-13 at the Kyocera Dome, where they performed for a total of approximately 100,000 VIPs.

During the concert, Big Bang even revealed their upcoming plans for 2013, further heightening fans’ anticipation. G-Dragon announced that he’ll be holding a 3 Dome tour in Japan and will also be revealing a new song. Taeyang delighted fans by stating that he’s currently working on his new solo album, whereas T.O.P shared that filming for his film ‘Alumni‘ is 90% complete. On the other hand, Daesung plans to hold a solo concert and release a solo album in Japan, while Seungri plans to continue his solo activities in Japan and appear in local dramas.

Through this world tour, Big Bang became the first Korean singer to attract a total of 800,000 fans and continued to sell out tickets for their concert wherever they went. The group has also traveled a total of 144,689km for their trip through the Americas, Europe, and Asia, which equals to a flying distance of circling the earth three and a half times.

Big Bang will hold the finale to their world tour in Seoul from January 25-27 at the Olympic Gymnastics Stadium in Seoul.

20130114_bigbang_tour1 130114_bigbang_osaka_pr 130114_bigbang_osaka2_pr 130114_bigbang_osaka3_pr 130114_bigbang_osaka4_pr 130114_bigbang_osaka5_pr 130114_bigbang_osaka6_pr 130114_bigbang_osaka7_pr 130114_bigbang_osaka8_pr 130114_bigbang_osaka9_pr 130114_bigbang_osaka10_pr 130114_bigbang_osaka11_pr 130114_bigbang_osaka12_pr

CCM uploads Part 1 of ‘SPEED Real Documentary’ with footage of “It’s Over” MV filming

Posted: 13 Jan 2013 10:47 PM PST

Preparations for SPEED‘s comeback have been underway for a while. Now fans will get a chance to see all the work that went into the comeback through ‘SPEED Real Documentary’, part 1 of which was released today.

Most of the footage looks to be from the filming for the dance version of “It’s Over“, the group’s title track of their new single, with bits of photoshoot filming and and studio recording as well. There is also a brief  introduction of each member. In addition, Park Bo Young encourages the group in between filming her segments of the music video.

Fans also get a detailed look at the ‘tutting’ (a style of dance where you change the angles of your arms and hands to the beat) that will be featured in the choreography for the song. It isn’t all rainbows for the group however, as they are scolded during a practice session for lacking focus.

The full MV for SPEED’s “It’s Over”, the part 2 to “Sad Promise“, will be released on the 15th!

As you wait for the release of SPEED’s blockbuster music videos, watch the documentary to see how everything came together.

1st new girl group of 2013, BPPOP, reveals MV teaser for “Today”

Posted: 13 Jan 2013 09:49 PM PST

It’s 14 days into 2013 and we are already gearing up for the debut of another girl group. The five member BPPOP looks to be taking the cutesy route in their music video teaser for “Today“.

The five members Seeyoo, Yoojin, InKyung, Jane, and Myunji have opted to go down the well traveled road of baby pink, ruffles and plenty of winks. The song itself is a cheerful upbeat pop song perfectly engineered to warm people up on those cold cold winter days.

BPPOP is expected to release their first digital single, “Today” on January 16th. Not much else is known about the group, we will continue to update more about BPPOP as more information is revealed.

Meanwhile check out their delightful teaser. Are you excited for another cute girl group?

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RHINO Acoustic pre-releases “You and I” from their debut album

Posted: 13 Jan 2013 09:10 PM PST

Folk band RHINO Acoustic have per-released a song, “You and I” from their upcoming debut album.

The sing is filled with belated regret, a monologue to a love that the passage of time and change of seasons cannot dampen. Stripped down to a very rustic level, the song showcases impressive vocals expertly interwoven within the simple melody.

RHINO Acoustic is expected to release more details about their upcoming album soon via their Facebook page.

Listen to the tender love song below and stay tuned to allkpop for more on this new band.

Actor Kim Nam Gil releases “You Don’t Know” for the ‘Queen of Ambition’ OST

Posted: 13 Jan 2013 08:12 PM PST

Actor and occasional OST singer, Kim Nam Gil has just released an OST for the drama ‘Queen of Ambition’.

The song, titled “You Don’t Know“, will be used as the theme for Kwon Sang Woo and Soo Ae‘s love.  Making their scenes even more melodramatic and emotional.

“You Don’t Know” highlights Kim Nam Gil's mid-low voice very well, matching with the mood and atmosphere of the drama.  There were many expectations of this song since it was produced by acclaimed musical director Park Sun Joo.

In other Kim Nam Gil news, he recently concluded a fan meeting tour in Japan, returning to Korea on January 13th.

Listen to the hauntingly beautiful track below, isn’t it just perfect as the drama’s main OST?

Baechigi releases ‘Vol.4 Part.2′ mini-album featuring Ailee, Urban Zakapa, and Woo Hye Mi + “Shower of Tears“ MV

Posted: 13 Jan 2013 07:42 PM PST

Hip hop duo Baechigi has returned with a new mini-album, ‘Vol. 4 Part. 2‘.

The album’s title track, “Shower of Tears” featuring solo sensation Ailee, is a slow-tempo song that expresses the sorrow that men can relate to following a breakup. The album is said to be a collection of the emotions the duo experienced during their 20s.

Hip hop producer Loptimist teamed up with Baechigi to produce the album. Jo Hyun Ah of  Urban Zakapa features on “Are You Happy”, and ‘Voice of Korea‘ Top 4 finalist Woo Hye Mi lends her voice to “Don’t Worry“.

Watch the sleek MV and listen to the tracks below and let us know if you have a favorite:

1. “Under the Sun” (feat. DC)

2. “The Number Nine

3. “Shower of Tears” (feat. Ailee) MV

4. “Are You Happy” (feat. Jo Hyun Ah)

5. “Don’t Worry” (feat. Woo Hye Mi, Loptimist)


2YOON releases Jiyoon’s MV teaser for “24/7″

Posted: 13 Jan 2013 07:22 PM PST

After the hilarious teaser with Jung Hyung Don a couple days ago and Gayoon‘s yesterday, 4minute's sub-unit 2YOON has unveiled a another MV teaser this time featuring Jiyoon!

This is for the music video of the girls' title track "24/7", which is described to be a country pop dance track off their upcoming album ‘Harvest Moon‘.

There isn’t any vocal teaser in this clip, but how do you think she is fitting into this concept?

CNBLUE releases ‘Re:Blue’ + “I’m Sorry” MV

Posted: 13 Jan 2013 07:16 PM PST

The boys of idol rock group CNBLUE are back with a vengeance with their new mini-album ‘Re:Blue‘,

The title track , “I’m Sorry“, was penned and composed by the leader Yonghwa, along with many other self-composed works by the CNBLUE quartet. There are six songs on the album including: “Coffee Shop“, “La La La” and an English version for “Where You Are“.

In addition, CNBLUE is set to perform live with their instruments for their upcoming music show comebacks. Unfortunately, due to the logistics of music program production, nearly all bands are required to pantomime their instrument playing. CNBLUE however have such a passion for live playing that their company, FNC Entertainment is in to have the band perform with their on all three major music shows.

Watch the MV for “I’m Sorry” below, are you impressed with Yonghwa’s production skills?

Listen to the other tracks off the album and let us know if you have a favorite already.

2. “Coffee Shop”

3. “Na Geudae Boda

4. “Naran Namja

5. “La La La”

6. “Where are you” (English)

[Spoiler] Um Ji Won targets Yoo Jae Suk’s masculinity on ‘Running Man’

Posted: 13 Jan 2013 06:58 PM PST

The actress Um Ji Won tried to get out of a tight spot on the latest episode of ‘Running Man‘ by threatening to target Yoo Jae Suk‘s, er, masculinity.

The final race involved a mission to secure as many chairs as possible. Since there were less chairs than the total number of cast members, fights inevitably broke out over which player would be able to take the chair for himself or herself.

During a particularly intense battle that unfolded between Um Ji Won, Yoo Jae Suk, and others, the actress shed her usual sweet personality by threatening, “I’ll kick you in the central area! My foot is pointing directly there. I’ll just kick it.”

Despite this half-joking, half-realistic threat, the eventual winner of this coveted chair was Song Ji Hyo.

Watch the whole show below (UJW/YJS scene begins at abuot 1:22):

[Spoiler] Contestant Shin Ji Hoon goes back to the 80′s on ‘K-Pop Star 2′

Posted: 13 Jan 2013 05:54 PM PST

Contestant Shin Ji Hoon delivered a brief blast to the past on the latest episode of ‘K-Pop Star 2‘.

Professing to knowing virtually no recent songs and having no interest in watching ‘Inkigayo’ anytime soon, Shin Ji Hoon chose to cover a song from her parents’ time period – Byun Jin Sup‘s 1989 classic, “Back To You Again“, for the finals of the casting auditions – where no more than half of the contestants would be casted into an agency for further training.

Despite flaws in the simple choreography, given to her by YG Entertainment‘s Yang Hyun Suk, that the judges teased her about – “You did nothing wrong. I think Hyun Suk hyung needs to be punished instead,” J.Y. Park told her – her vocals received praise.

In the end, Shin Ji Hoon was casted by JYP Entertainment. “Come to JYP and try singing without any choreography,” J.Y. Park said jokingly.

Check out the full episode below! [Shin Ji Hoon's short performance begins at 12:00 in the second video.]

B.A.P to hold 1st solo concert ‘B.A.P. LIVE ON EARTH SEOUL’ in February

Posted: 13 Jan 2013 05:18 PM PST

One of 2012′s most impressive rookies, B.A.P will be holding their first ever solo concert in February.

On January 14th, their agency, TS Entertainment the above concert posted stating, "B.A.P will be holding their first solo concert, 'B.A.P LIVE ON EARTH SEOUL', on February 23rd and 24th at Seoul Olympic Park Hall." The Olympic Park Concert Hall can accommodate roughly 4,000 people and both domestic and international artists have performed at the venue.

The poster itself features six Matokis (B.A.P’s personalized bunny mascots) emerging from a foggy setting, meant to represent the group exiting a spaceship.

Since debuting on January 26, 2012 with “Warrior“, B.A.P has released 3 singles, a mini album, and a repackage album. This gives them plenty of songs to perform at their solo concert. The group are planning on a setlist of roughly 20 songs. The concert will also include songs from their 2nd mini album, which will be released in February.

Tickets will go on sale beginning January 24 through Yes24 with their stage presence and increasing popularity we are sure the concerts will be a sell-out.

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Five Korean films to catch in 2013

Posted: 13 Jan 2013 04:25 PM PST

Although the vast majority of international K-Pop fans may not have films as their first priority, the South Korean film scene has never been more bustling, with dozens of new releases coming out in 2013. Out of those films, here are some which have gained special attention, and which should be on everybody’s recommendation list for Korean films in the new year.

1. The Berlin File (Directed by Ryu Seung Wan, featuring Ha Jung Woo, Han Suk Gyu, Ryu Seung Bum, Jun Ji Hyun)

With a top-quality cast (including Han Suk Gyu of ‘Tree With Deep Roots‘ fame) and a top-notch director in Ryu Seung Wan of 2010′s ‘The Unjust‘, ‘Berlin’ is an action film revolving around a deep conspiracy. Release date: January 31.

2. Shinsegye (Directed by Park Hoon Jung, featuring Lee Jung Jae, Choi Min Sik, Hwang Jung Min)

Having already proven his dexterity with film noir with his debut film ‘The Showdown‘, Park Hoon Jung’s ‘Shinsegye’ is also a noir-genre film with an A-list cast.

3. Hwai (Directed by Jang Jun Hwan, featuring Kim Yoon Suk, Yeo Jin Ku, Jo Jin Woong)

His first work in ten years, Jang Jun Hwan’s ‘Hwai’ revolves around an eponymous boy who has five merciless killers that he calls his fathers – and in a stunning turn of events, ends up hunting them instead.

4. Mister Go (Directed by Kim Yong Hwa, featuring Seo Kyo, Sung Dong Il, Kim Kang Woo)

A film based on a cartoon by the legendary cartoonist Huh Young Man, ‘Mister Go’ is a baseball drama with a peculiar list of main characters: a Chinese girl and a gorilla. Directed by Kim Yong Hwa of ‘200 Pounds Beauty‘ and ‘National Representative‘ fame.

5. AM 11:00 (Directed by Kim Hyun Suk, featuring Jung Jae Young, Kim Ok Bin, Daniel Choi)

Having set the bar for the romance genre back in 2010 with ‘Cyrano Romance Agency‘, ‘AM 11:00′ is Kim Hyun Suk’s first foray into the sci-fi genre.


[Spoiler] McKay Kim, Brian Shin, and Kim Min Suk perform Wonder Girls’ “Like This” on ‘K-Pop Star 2′

Posted: 13 Jan 2013 03:33 PM PST

The ‘Raccoon Boys’ – McKay Kim, Brian Shin, and Kim Min Suk – performed as a team once again for the finals of the casting auditions on the latest episode of ‘K-Pop Star 2‘, where no more than half of the contestants would be casted into an agency for further training.

“We like to change songs totally differently,” McKay Kim said beforehand. Choosing the Wonder Girls‘ “Like This” to make into their own, they completely changed the instrumental and added several rapping segments into the original before presenting it in front of the judges to an explosive reaction.

“I didn’t interfere in any of their work,” J.Y. Park exclaimed. “All of this was their own creation. I think this could be the biggest thing to come out of ‘K-Pop Star’.”

“Every time I see you come on stage, I become interested in how you’ll change up a song this time,” BoA said.

“Amazing teamwork, amazing remix, amazing skill. Don’t break this team up.” Yang Hyun Suk added.

In an amazing twist, all three members of Raccoon Boys were casted into SM Entertainment. “I want them to sing next to me some more,” BoA said.

Check out the full episode below! [Raccoon Boys' performance begins at 30:00 in the second video.]

Song Ji Hyo reveals how she was inspired to become an actress

Posted: 13 Jan 2013 03:01 PM PST

Song Ji Hyo revealed how she first became interested in acting on the latest episode of ‘Running Man‘.

While moving in the car between the opening mini-games, the actress confessed that the actor Park Shin Yang – who was one of the guests for this episode – had inspired her to pursue a career in acting.

“I told him that I began wanting to act after I watched his performance in ‘Promise’,” she revealed, detailing a conversation that had occurred earlier between the two actors.

The hit film ‘Promise‘ was released in theaters in 1998 and immediately became a smash success.

Akdong Musician wows Epik High’s Tablo on ‘K-Pop Star 2′

Posted: 13 Jan 2013 02:26 PM PST

The talented duo Akdong Musician surprised Epik High‘s Tablo when they performed his own song, “Don’t Hate Me“, in the latest episode of SBS’s audition program, ‘K-Pop Star 2‘.

Changing up the hip-hop tune to an acoustic version, the brother-sister duo performed Epik High’s recent release to high praise.

“Wow,” Tablo simply said, momentarily struck mute. “It’s so much better than the original. The next time I write a song, I’ll have to ask you to remix it.”

Check out the full episode below! [Akdong Musician's short performance begins at 7:15 in the first video.]