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"2NE1's Bom greets everyone via StarCall!" plus 24 more

"2NE1's Bom greets everyone via StarCall!" plus 24 more

2NE1's Bom greets everyone via StarCall!

Posted: 10 Feb 2013 07:30 AM PST

Despite of her busy schedule, 2NE1's Park Bom sends her warm New Year greetings through StarCall. Watch her below:

Hi I am 2NE1's Bom! 2013 has come again. (sing folktale song~ * embarrassed*). I hope you get lots of money and don't choke for eating too much rice cake soup! Happy Lunar New Year and have a fun time~ Bye! I moved my forehead pony hair up. Translated by @2NE1bbmania
T/N: Based on her makeup and the background music speculations are rising that she is filming something.... 

Sources:크리스틴 곽@YT; ygladies

Yoon SiYoon and Park ShinHye's selca tags as 'real couple selca'

Posted: 10 Feb 2013 07:00 AM PST

Actors Yoon SiYoon and Park ShinHye snapped a selca together and uploaded it on the later's twitter account.
The selca was taken inside a taxi, wherein the two look so cute and full of chemistry.

Their production staff commented that SiYoon and ShinHye look like real couple on the set while taking care of each other and exchanging jokes.

Fans commented, "Look at those faces. They are really comfortable with each other!", "I don't mind whatever the next relationship would be, i like this couple!", and so on.

Yoon Si Yoon and Park Shin Hye are currently starring on tvN's Monday-Tuesday series Flower Boy Next Door. On the next episode (February 11), the two will share their first kiss.

Source: TV Report
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Here's another photo of them greeting you a Happy Lunar New Year which was uploaded on their official twitter account. They wrote, ""Happy New Year. We hope you find true love this year."

Sooyoung celebrates birthday with her family!

Posted: 10 Feb 2013 06:30 AM PST

Birthday girl Sooyoung has never been this happy 'til she celebrates her 24th birthday with her family.
Below are some photos of Sooyoung with her parents, sister and cousin.

In addition, SM Entertainment Japan also uploaded a photo of birthday girl Sooyoung!
On the photo, she is smiling brightly while wearing a party hat! She is holding a heart balloon as well. There's also a 'happy birthday' greeting in the background.

Seems like they are having party at the moment.

Have you greeted her?
Happy Birthday Sooyoung!

Photo sources: SMent Japan; FanySab@Soshified || Yoonsone []
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CNBLUE transforms into armed cool men to shoot you luck!

Posted: 10 Feb 2013 06:00 AM PST

CNBlue members are greeting you Happy New Year, not wearing hanbok but manlier and cool outfits.

On February 10, they uploaded a group photo wherein each one of them are wearing cowboy hats and appeared in the camera with shooting pose and gun signs.

They captioned,

"Hello. This is white guy.Guy.Guy.Guy.Guy. Black guy. White guy. Big-eyed guy. Small-eyed guy. We are going to shoot you with luck so you will get new year's luck. Pang!Pang!Pang!Pang~~!!!!^^

Fans playfully commented, "Shoot me oppa! I want to get luck!" ,"I don't mind being shot!" ,"Very cool! Looks so handsome." and so on.

Now, who wants to be shot?

Source: CNBLUE_4@twitter
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Pretty Hyosung greets everyone in hanbok!

Posted: 10 Feb 2013 05:45 AM PST

Secret's Hyosung will not pass New Year without greeting fans in hanbok.
She uploaded a series of cute selca and posing cutely wearing her light mint-colored hanbok.

Fans commented, 'Oh! She looks flawless and fresh!" , "I want to wear hanbok too!", "You're so pretty!" and so on.

Source: Hyosung's twitter
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IRIS 2's MBLAQ LeeJoon and BEAST DoJoon reveal "No rivalry ongoing"

Posted: 10 Feb 2013 05:30 AM PST

Two idols talked about their friendship at the IRIS 2 press conference.

During the press conference held at Lotte Hotel Seoul, a question was asked to LeeJoon ,"On the series, Yoon DoJoon plays your rival, at the same time, he is also an idol. Is there any rivalry?"

In which, Joon immediately replied, "BEAST is definitely not our rivals at all. In fact, the members are all our friends. We get along well. Me and DoJoon are just like brothers who play together. There's no rivalry at all."

He also added, "Four years ago, DoJoon supported me alot, he is kind a good friend to me. I'm a year older and we often meet outside and talk." In which Doo Joon gave a thumb up sign.

DooJoon will play the character of NSS agent Seo Hyunwoo and Lee Joon will play the role of NSS agent Yoon Shi Hyuk. The sequel IRIS 2 will be broadcasted on February 13.

Source: asiaetv, sportsseoul
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Lee Da Hae, Doojoon and ‘IRIS 2’ cast undergo training during cold winter

Posted: 10 Feb 2013 05:00 AM PST

Several still cuts from the first episode of much-awaited KBS 2TV drama 'IRIS 2' were recently revealed, heightening anticipations of the fans.

On February 9th, the production team of 'IRIS 2' revealed the photos showing actress Lee Da Hae, B2ST's Yoon Doojoon, Baek Sung Hyun and other trainees getting trained on a shore. While Jang Hyuk, who appears as their trainer, is seen strictly watching over them.

The shooting took place in Jejudo, and it is said that the actors had a lot of struggles, fighting against the cold weather.

A representative revealed, "The still cuts are from the scene of the characters' past as trainees when they had to perform numerous tests to become agents. You will find totally different sides of each actors."

Teen Top's New Year greetings, "Accept our hearts!"

Posted: 10 Feb 2013 04:45 AM PST

Teen Top members sent their New Year greetings through their me2day and twitter accounts.

L.Joe, Changjo and Chunji even ask everyone to accept their hearts and uploaded photos of them making a cute heart signs. They wrote, "Please accept my heart! Happy New Year!".

A group photo was also uploaded on their twitter account, that was recently taken after their performance, with a caption, "Amazing amazing! So much fun! ~~ I♥U"

Sources: Changjo, L.Joe me2day; TEEN_TOP@twitter
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Gaon Chart releases rankings for the month of January 2013

Posted: 10 Feb 2013 04:30 AM PST

Gaon Chart is the national record chart of South Korea. It is complied by the Korea Music Content Industry Association with an aim to create a national chart for Korea similar to the Billboard charts and Oricon charts.

[Rankings for the month of January 2013 (January 1st - January 31st)]

Monthly Singles Chart

1. Girls' Generation : "I Got A Boy" : 97,703,153 Points

2. Jung Hyung Don : "Gangbuk Dandy" : 80,451,764

3. Baek Ji Young : "Hate" : 74,371,901

4. BaeChiGi : "Shower of Tears" : 74,164,156

5. CNBLUE : "I'm Sorry" : 61,895,750

6. Verbal Jint ft. Kang Min Hee : "Good Start" : 51,237,953

7. INFINITE H ft. Bumkey : "Special Girl" : 47,501,018

8. Sunny Hill : "Goodbye To Romance" : 46,136,698

9. Girls' Generation : "Dancing Queen" : 44,815,828

10. Lee Seung Gi : "Return" : 44,112,600


Monthly Album Chart

1. Girls' Generation : "I Got A Boy" : 265,322 Albums

2. Jaejoong : "I" : 140,795

3. CNBLUE : "Re:BLUE" : 95,949

4. INFINITE H : "Fly High" : 85,075

5. Boyfriend : "I yah (Repackage)" : 19,503

6. Big Bang : "2012 Big Bang Live Concert CD – Alive Tour in Seoul" : 18,871

7. Various Artists : "Les Miserables OST" : 14,370

8. MYNAME : "The 2nd Single" : 9,745

9. G-Dragon : "One Of A Kind" : 8,035

10. EXO-K : "MAMA The 1st Mini Album" : 7,469

Song Hye Kyo beats Suzy to become ‘nation’s first love’

Posted: 10 Feb 2013 04:00 AM PST

Actress Song Hye Kyo has been named as the 'nation's first love'.

On the February 9th episode of KBS's 'Generation Sympathy Saturday', the ranking of the top ten national first loves was revealed and Song Hye Kyo topped the list for her natural beauty and charms. MC Kang Seok Woo agreed and said, "She really has the image of a first love."

Following Song Hye Kyo were actress Choi Jin Sil miss A's Suzy which ranked second and third respectively. Other celebrities in the list included Jeon Ji Hyun, Lee Mi Yeon, Sim Eun Ha and Moon Geun Young.

Park Shin Hye is a spring goddess for ‘1st Look’

Posted: 10 Feb 2013 03:30 AM PST

Actress Park Shin Hye has transformed into a lovely spring lady in her recent pictorial for the fashion magazine, '1st Look'.

Currently captivating the audience witht her ongoing drama "Flower Boys Next Door", Park Shin Hye dressed in gentle pastel colors and flower hair accessories, highlighting her lovely feminine and innocent charms.

In an interview, Park Shin Hye talked about being cast with flower boy actors saying, "It's not something I planned. I think I'm just lucky. There were a lot of projects that were fantasies realized, for female audiences, and I think I'm just at the age where those types of roles are easiest."

She also discussed what it meant to be a humble star commenting, "I belonged to Dream Factory Club and president Lee Seung Hwan told me to use public transportation when I don't have special plans. He said that I should be able to do anything without a manager. A lot of people helped me to keep me on track."

‘Infinity Challenge’ voted as the most favorite TV show

Posted: 10 Feb 2013 03:00 AM PST

'Infinity Challenge' voted as the most favorite TV show

MBC's popular variety program, 'Infinity Challenge', has been voted as the most favorite TV show by Korean viewers.

'Gallup Korea' conducted an online poll from January 28th through February 1st, asking viewers in their 20s what their favorite TV program is these days. 'Infinity Challenge' came on top with 12.3% of votes, demonstrating its incredible popularity.

KBS 2TV drama 'My Daughter, Seo Young' followed with 10.6% of votes, '1 Night 2 Days' received 9.2%, MBC 'Horse Doctor' received 7.4%, and 'Running Man' and 'Gag Concert' received 6.6% and 5.7% of votes respectively.

Park Shin Hye celebrates 5 million views for her movie

Posted: 10 Feb 2013 02:48 AM PST

Actress Park Shin Hye shared a selca to celebrate her movie "Gift in Room 7" breaking 5 million views.

On February 8th, Park Shin Hye uploaded a photo of her along with a tweet," 'Gift in Room 7" exceeded 5 million views. Thank you very much for coming to watch the movie even in the cold weather. Hope everyone will have a cheerful and happy new year with 'Gift in Room 7' ".

In the photo, Park Shin Hye is seen holding two notes, the note with a red text on it said," "Gift in Room 7 exceeded 5 million views' ", the other note said,"Let's keep going! Will you come and watch the movie?". She was wearing a black sweater cardigan, with a bright smile while posing for the camera.

Netizen commented,"Park Shin Hye's so pretty","The movie is good","Her handwriting is cute", and so on.

According to Korean Film Council,'Gift in Room 7' achieved 300,992 on February 8th and top the daily box office. The movie has attracted 5,273,975 viewers since the premiere day.

Girl's Day's Minah poses cutely with her sister

Posted: 10 Feb 2013 01:32 AM PST

Girl's Day's Minah reveals photos taken with her sister.

She updated her Twitter on 10th February,"On the way to grandma's house.kekeke, Happy New Year everyone."

She is seen posing with her sister in the photos above.Fans commented,"Look-alike","Ultimate genes","your sister is pretty too" and etc.

Hyoyeon's tarot card reveals 'She'll get a boyfriend soon'

Posted: 10 Feb 2013 01:00 AM PST

SNSD members Hyoyeon and Yuri will appear on tonight's episode (February 10) of MBC's "Magic Concert" as guests alongside magician Danny Ocean, German mentalist and Choi Hyunwoo.

The episode will feature magic tricks and psychology trick in which the magician Danny will guess where is the hidden coin. Hyoyeon and Yuri participated on the said trick. Danny admitted that he had hard time with Yuri because she is good in lying.

In addition, Hyoyeon's lovelife was also predicted. She received a tarot card and was asked by Choi Hyunwoo what she is most curious about in which she answered if she would have boyfriend. Based on the tarot card, she will have a boyfriend soon whom they described as an ideal mother's son who is good in everything.

Also, Hyoyeon and Yuri will be having cake slicing battle. Hyoyeon surprised the viewers with her slicing skills. The episode will air at 6:25 PM KST.

Source: TVDaily
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Lee Byung Hun transforms into toy figure

Posted: 10 Feb 2013 12:30 AM PST

Hallyu actor Lee Byung Hun has been turned into a doll.

BH Entertainment announced that Lee Byung Hun has become the first Korean actor to be turned into a figurine by famed character doll producer Hot Toys. The 30-cm toy figure of Storm Shadow from movie 'G.I.Joe 2' was created with the help of Korean artist Lee So Young, who sculpted the head.

The figure was made in two different versions and comes with an extra attachable head, hands and weapons. The figure was very sophisticatedly made, and it will bring another huge joy to many of those who enjoyed the movie.

The toy figure is currently in pre-order status and will be released in the second quarter of 2013. Meanwhile, 'G.I. Joe Retaliation' will be out in theaters on March 29, 2013.

MBLAQ’s Mir eats monkey meat

Posted: 10 Feb 2013 12:00 AM PST

MBLAQ's Mir has tried eating monkey meat on the recent broadcast of SBS 'Laws of the Jungle in Amazon' which aired on February 8th.

During the episode, the cast of the show attended a traditional wedding of Waorani tribe. The tribe drew viewers' attention by offering the cast monkey meat, which was their traditional meat for celebration. As they handed a chunk of monkey meat to Mir, he took it right away and said, "It tastes like a goat."

During a personal interview, he explained, "The tribe member gave me the meat from the head, but a piece of the brain was on it. I felt like puking, but the tribe were enjoying the meat, so I held tight on myself."

SISTAR19 vs. 2YOON, two contradicting charms

Posted: 09 Feb 2013 11:30 PM PST

Hit unit groups SISTAR19 and 2YOON attracted the audience and viewers on their Lunar New Year performances by showing their contradicting charms. The unit groups performed on MBC's Music Core.

To begin with, 2YOON showed a very lively and youthful performance with their hit song 24/7, which has a country-style concept. Wearing multi-colored retro outfits, the two girls performed with oozing cuteness on stage along with cheerful and lively rhythm of their song.

In contrast, SISTAR19 showed a matured performance with their sensual choreography with their latest song Gone Not Around Any Longer. Wearing sexy outfits which gave off a seductive illusion and a transparent table on stage, the two garnered attention and wow the viewers.

Source: StarNews 
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2YOON sends video greetings for New Year!

Posted: 09 Feb 2013 11:00 PM PST

2YOON members send their greetings for Lunar New Year through a video message they have recorded for fans.

Watch below:

Happy New Year!


Sulli's selca expresses 'Envious of SHINee's holiday'

Posted: 09 Feb 2013 10:30 PM PST

On a New Year, Sulli is watching SHINee members' holiday documentation and expressed her envy towards her oppas.
She uploaded a bare face selca and wrote on her me2day account,

"Watching SHINee oppas's Wonderful Days that is being broadcasted on MBC now kekeke~ So much fun kekekekekeke O-uah i'm really jealous~ I want to go on a holiday too~~~~ SHINee oppas, the best!!!

On the photo, she is wearing a hoodie and showing her bare face while a capture of SHINee members from the screen was attached.

Source: Sulli'sme2day
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Kwon Mi Jin is SECRET Hyosung’s doppelganger?

Posted: 09 Feb 2013 10:28 PM PST

Comedian Kwon Mi Jin is attracting attention for her striking resemblance to SECRET's Jeon Hyosung.

Recently, Kwon Mi Jin uploaded a photo on her blog, revealing her diet menu. In the photo, the comedian is holding out a snack with a bright smile on her face. However, what caught the eyes of the netizens is her visual similarities to SECRET's Hyosung, with their similar facial features and hairstyles.

Netizens who viewed the photo commented, "They look alike", "All girls should be judged after losing their weight" and "She looks lovely now."

Wonder Girls’ Yubin finishes her first filming for ‘The Virus’

Posted: 09 Feb 2013 09:30 PM PST

Wonder Girls' Yubin will be making her acting debut through cable channel OCN's upcoming original TV series 'The Virus'. She wrapped up her first filming session and a still cut of her drama character has been revealed.

Yubin will play the role of the genius hacker and IT specialist Lee Joo Young. It is said that Lee Joo Young is a key character who supports Um Gi Jun (Lee Myung Hun)'s work.

She posted on her Twitter, "I successfully finished my very first drama filming. The first filming for 'The Virus' was from the 5th until today. I was nervous but the staff members and other actors took such good care of me that it went well."

MBLAQ to release Japanese version of “Mona Lisa”

Posted: 09 Feb 2013 09:00 PM PST

Idol group MBLAQ recently announced that they're preparing the release of a new single in March and will be restarting their Japanese promotions.

On February 8, the group held a two-part fan meeting event titled 'THE BLAQ FUN-CH' at the Zepp Diver City in Tokyo, Japan with a total of 5,000 fans in attendance. During the press conference prior to the event, MBLAQ spoke about the upcoming release of the Japanese version of "Mona Lisa".

The group said, "The song has received good response from many countries including Japan." Thunder, enthusiastically added, "Although the lyrics were in Japanese I was able to memorize them faster than I thought because the meaning was really good. I hope the lyrics will come through to the fans."

The Japanese version of "Mona Lisa" will be released on March 27th.

IU releases jacket photos for her Japanese EP album

Posted: 09 Feb 2013 08:45 PM PST

IU, who will start her Japanese promotions on March, has released her jacket photos for her upcoming EP album 'Can You Hear Me?' .

The album is scheduled to be released on March 20. This EP album will have her first ever original Japanese song. This EP will also include her self-composed song in which she will showcase her talent as a composer.

In the jacket photo, IU showed a more matured yet innocent looking woman. The minimal concept portrays her pure emotions.

Are you ready?

Source: StarNews
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YoonA sends her Lunar New Year greetings to fans

Posted: 09 Feb 2013 08:30 PM PST

Currently busy on Girls' Generation's ongoing second Japanese Arena tour, YoonA wished fans a Happy Lunar New Year.

YoonA posted on the group's official website:
Everyone~ It's Lunar New Year's Day^^
We're spending it in Japan right now because of our Japan Arena Tour~
But we're eating a lot of yummy foods! I want to eat rice cake soupㅠㅠ
Also, because it's Ddooyoung (Sooyoung) unnie's birthday today, wish her a happy birthday♥
We'll complete our tour well.. And show you all in Korea some time… ㅋㅋ
I heard there was a cold wave; did any of you catch a cold? ㅠㅠ
It also snowed. So be careful on the roads and be careful not to catch a cold~
While eating rice cake soup.. Watch my stupid hidden camera later.. ㅋㅋㅋ (referring to Shinhwa Broadcast which will be airing later today)
I hope you have another enjoyable holiday with your families~
There isn't any new picture of me in a hanbokㅠ
So I'm sending you a picture while rehearsing for the tour~^^
SONE♥ Happy new year!!
With Girls' Generation. Let's spend each year together^^

After wrapping up their successful promotions for "I Got A Boy" in Korea, Girls' Generation is now embarking on their second Japanese tour, "GIRLS' GENERATION ~Girls&Peace~ Japan 2nd Tour" which will visit seven different cities with a total of 20 concerts between February 9th and and April 21st.

Credit: @ch0sshi