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"2NE1′s Dara takes a break from a busy schedule" plus 19 more

"2NE1′s Dara takes a break from a busy schedule" plus 19 more

2NE1′s Dara takes a break from a busy schedule

Posted: 17 Feb 2013 08:57 AM PST

2NE1‘s Dara shared with her fans that she had recently attended a play.

On February 16th, Dara shared the above pictures on her me2day by posting, “Enjoying a cultural life! I came to Daehakro to watch a play. It’s good~ I’m leaving after watching a good production ^^

The pictures showed Dara staring rather seriously at the poster for a comedy play, ‘It’s Not on the War Diary.’

After seeing her pictures, the fans commented, “I’m happy to see you enjoying a cultural life although you must be tired from preparing for the comeback“, “Dara unnie looks pretty whatever she does“, and “I want to watch a play too.”

Source+Picture: Dara‘s me2day

Co-ed School’s Chanmi reveals that she has left Core Contents Media

Posted: 17 Feb 2013 08:24 AM PST

Singer Chanmi from Co-ed School and its subunit, 5dolls, has announced that she has left her agency, Core Contents Media.

Speaking through her Twitter earlier today, Chanmi revealed that she was no longer with her company. “Hello, this is Chanmi. Firstly, thank you to all the fans who didn’t forget and took interest in me,” she began. “So many people have been asking, it was hard to respond to all of them so I’ll leave this message here.”

“My contract with my current company has been terminated, so I am no longer in 5dolls. I’m working hard to find a new agency so I can stand in front of you again. Thank you so much to everyone who has looked out for me and waited for me,” she continued.

“Nothing is for certain yet, but when I determine a new agency, I’ll come back to you again to meet your expectations! Please wait until then..!” she finished, confirming that she would continue to be active in the entertainment industry.

Source: TV Daily via Nate

ZE:A’s personalities shine through backstage photos from their concert

Posted: 17 Feb 2013 07:52 AM PST

ZE:A updated fans with photos taken backstage during their recent concert.

Minwoo shared on his Twitter on the 14th, “We successfully finished today’s concert keke. All nine members performed on stage together after a long time, so it felt good keke”, along with a set of photos.

ZE:A gave fans a taste of their chic, yet cheerful expressions backstage. Fans also took notice of how all of them seem genuinely happy to perform together with all of their members after a long period of individual activities.

Source + image(s): TV Daily via NateMinwoo‘s Twitter

SECRET’s Zinger shows off her new hairstyle

Posted: 17 Feb 2013 07:25 AM PST

SECRET‘s Zinger shared her new hair style with the fans.

On February 17th, Zinger shared the above picture by tweeting “Photographer Ji Eun.”

The picture showed Zinger donning see-through bangs that have become quite the trend among Korean celebrities these days. Along with her new hair style, Zinger captured the viewers’ attentions with her beauty.

After seeing the hair transformation, the fans commented, “Zinger’s see-through bangs are pretty“, “She looks younger with her bangs“, “She seems to have gotten prettier?“, “Aegyo explosion, she’s a cutie“, and “It’s nice to see you happy.”

Source+Picture: Zinger‘s Twitter

SM visual director Min Hee Jin reveals secrets behind SHINee’s album concepts

Posted: 17 Feb 2013 06:46 AM PST

SHINee recently revealed a few secrets behind their teaser images during ‘SHINee’s Music Spoiler‘ on February 14th.

SM Entertainment‘s Visual and Art Directing department’s Min Hee Jin revealed some of the behind-the-scene stories from SHINee’s past album concepts.

She stated, “At the time, the idea was to make SHINee into non-idol-like idols. They are artists that are more free in their form and are closer to an art, rather than following a structure. This is what we tried to emphasize in their basic visual concept. I consider ‘Romeo‘, released in 2009, SHINee’s peak in terms of music and image. It is closest to what I think ‘SHINee’ is.

SHINee’s ‘Romeo’ album teasers and jacket photos had attracted much attention for the use of unique masks and accessories.

She continued, “A jacket photo or a teaser image is the identity of a group’s album and takes much thought and consideration. We try not to miss a single detail in our cuts. The images that you see have some meaning to all of them.”

She pointed out, “The black tape on Key’s sole, for example. Even something as small as that was placed their for a reason. Key grabbing the carpet with his left hand was also planned.”

Regarding SHINee’s third full-length album, she stated, “I tried to include what I’ve gathered from talking to each of the members by putting their thoughts into images. Each of the images has some kind of idea that the members wanted to present to the public. It should be entertaining to try and figure some of those puzzles out. Try not to miss any of the small details. We looked for fresh ideas and images. Instead of working with famous artists and photographers, we worked with up-and-coming talents with new ideas.

SHINee’s new album ‘Dream Girl‘ will include two parts: ‘Chapter 1. Dream Girl – The Misconceptions Of You‘ and ‘Chapter 2. Dream GIrl – The Misconceptions of Me‘. ‘Chapter 1′ will be revealed on February 19th through various online music sites, and the boys will make their comeback on the 21st through Mnet‘s ‘M! Countdown‘.

Source + Image: My Daily via Nate

B.A.P assures fans on ‘Inkigayo’ that Himchan is well on his way to recovery

Posted: 17 Feb 2013 04:26 AM PST

B.A.P assured their fans that Himchan is recovering from his injuries.

On February 17th broadcast of SBS‘ ‘Inkigayo‘, B.A.P members shared, “Himchan is recovering thanks to our fans. We will try hard to [have him] meet the fans soon after a full recovery.

A while back, Himchan suffered an injury to two of the fingers on his right hand after slipping while trying to get into a car. He is currently recovering at his parents’ home, with cast covering his wrist and hand.

Meanwhile, the five members of B.A.P made a successful comeback stage on ‘Inkigayo’ with “One Shot“.

[SPOILER] ‘My Daughter Seoyoung’ ranks number 1 in viewer ratings

Posted: 17 Feb 2013 03:16 AM PST

Drama ‘My Daughter Seoyoung‘ has firmly clinched the number one spot in viewer ratings.

According to Nielsen Korea, ‘My Daughter Seoyoung’ hit a rating of 41.1% during it’s most recently episode. This was 6.5% higher than the 34.6% viewer rating from the previous episode.

During the episode, Seoyoung (Lee Bo Young) became distressed after finding out her twin brother Sang Woo (Park Hae Jin) and her sister-in-law Kang Mi Kyung (Park Jung Ah) as a relationship.

[Spoiler]‘Flower Boy Next Door’ reveals BTS couple shots of Park Shin Hye & Yoon Si Yoon

Posted: 17 Feb 2013 02:06 AM PST

A playful behind-the-scenes cut of actor Yoon Si Yoon and actress Park Shin Hye grabbed the fans’ attentions.

On February 16th, official twitter of tvN‘s ‘Flower Boy Next Door‘ shared the above picture.

The photo showed Park Shin Hye making a cute pose for the camera. Meanwhile, Yoon Si Yoon made the viewers laugh by making a funny expression behind her as if he couldn’t stand her cute aegyo.

The two are drawing envy from all the single viewers with their sweet romance after finally declaring their love for each other on the drama.

After seeing the picture, viewers commented, “Yoon Si Yoon’s expression is so cute“, “Park Shin Hye’s skin is perfect“, and “I want Monday to come quicker so I can watch the couple.”

Meanwhile, the upcoming episode of ‘Flower Boy Next Door’ will show Yoon Si Yoon becoming conflicted between his dreams and Park Shin Hye while Park Shin Hye also feels her heart becoming heavier as she gets closer with him.

Source+Picture: Flower Boy Next Door‘s Twitter

2PM’s Chansung receives attention for his expressive acting on ’7th Grade Civil Servant’

Posted: 17 Feb 2013 12:56 AM PST

2PM‘s Chansung has been receiving quite a bit of positive attention for his acting on ‘7th Grade Civil Servant‘.

Chansung, who plays character Gong Do Ha, has transformed into both a cold, cool-headed person and a warm-hearted character in this increasingly popular drama. Through his expressive eyes, Chansung delivers the perfect charismatic agent, but when it comes to the woman he loves, he becomes boundlessly soft and emotional.

Chansung has been receiving praises for his expressive acting that is difficult to see from most rookie idol actors.

20130216_chansung 20130216_chansung1 20130216_chansung2 20130216_c

Performances from the February 17th episode of SBS ‘Inkigayo’!

Posted: 16 Feb 2013 11:56 PM PST

SBS's 'Inkigayo' is back once again with a new show full of exciting performances from the artists you adore, brought to you by the charismatic actor Lee Hyun Woo, alongside ZE:A's Kwanghee and IU!

Aside from the usual stages on tonight's episode, B.A.P, Two X, Jevice, Rainbow, and NU’EST held their comeback stages while EXID‘s sub-unit Dasoni debuted.

Check out the clips below!


[ MC Cuts ]

< B.A.P >

< Rainbow >


[ Public Service Announcement ]

This week's PSA from 'Inkigayo' guest-featured 2YOON, who helped promote awareness on the importance of drinking milk!


[ Next Week's Teasers ]

< SHINee >

< Kim Tae Woo >


Other performances from tonight included: (insert performers)

Check them out below!


< MR.MR >


< VIXX >


< Jang Hee Young >


< Nine Muses >


< Moon Hee Jun >


< December DK >


< DMTN >


< Clazziquai >


< Baechigi >


< 2YOON >


< SISTAR19 >




Rainbow come back with “Tell Me Tell Me” on ‘Inkigayo’!

Posted: 16 Feb 2013 11:52 PM PST

Rainbow have made a comeback with their first full Korean album 'Rainbow Syndrome – 1st Original Album Part 01′ as well as their title track "Tell Me Tell Me".

It's been a year and 7 months since the group has promoted a single, and they've split their new album into two parts with the first released this past week.

The ladies opened the show with “Golden Touch,” and later progressed with their catchy performance of “Tell Me Tell Me” for fans to enjoy, featuring a lovely house-like backdrop.

Check out their comeback performance of "Golden Touch" and "Tell Me Tell Me" below!

Super Junior’s Yesung performs “Gray Paper” on ‘Inkigayo’!

Posted: 16 Feb 2013 11:47 PM PST

Super Junior‘s Yesung has just performed a touching stage for fans, singing “Gray Paper“, part of the ‘Wind Blows in Winter‘ OST!

After the track received an overwhelming response after its release, it seems that Yesung has decided to sing the track live during ‘Inkigayo‘ as a special treat!

Check out his performance below.

B.A.P take over with “One Shot” on ‘Inkigayo’

Posted: 16 Feb 2013 11:32 PM PST

B.A.P have made a comeback with "One Shot"!

The music video is reported to have cost 1 billion KRW (approximately 910,000 USD). The entire filming process took over 100 hours, and the boys filmed in both Korea and Philippines on 10 different sets. The members are said to have all participated in the theme, concept, and even the lyrics writing for the song, making the the title track even more meaningful.

B.A.P began by sporting black trench coats during “Rain Sound,” and delivering impressive vocals as always. The boys then tore the stage up with bright white and red outfits during “One Shot”, all while showing off their powerful choreography adored by many.

Check out their comeback stage with "Rain Sound" and "One Shot" below!

Jevice have returned with “Cause of U” on “Inkigayo’!

Posted: 16 Feb 2013 11:20 PM PST

Talented female duo Jevice (Hana & Joori) have returned with their new single, "Cause of U".

The group has also released an album jacket photo, piquing interest even further. A representative revealed, "The unveiled photo shows Jevice who is making a comeback after 7 months showing off their attractive sexy charms through their album concept pictorial. The single is a ballad with a dance beat and is produced by Nam Ki Sang who worked with Girl's Day."

The powerful duo took to the stage during today’s broadcast of ‘Inkigayo, performing their soft and sweet ballad “Cause of U” with the help of fellow violinists on the stage.

Watch their comeback performance below!

NU’EST are back with “Hello” on ‘Inkigayo’!

Posted: 16 Feb 2013 11:10 PM PST

NU'EST has returned to treat fans with their latest release, “Hello“!

The boys have been preparing for their comeback, and after much hard work and dedication, they have impressed fans with a new, fresh release.

Check out NU’EST take the stage on ‘Inkigayo‘ below, decked out in fresh casual outfits, and perform in front of an impressive clock tower back drop

Two X return with “Ring Ma Bell” on ‘Inkigayo’!

Posted: 16 Feb 2013 11:03 PM PST

Two X have released their second single "Ring Ma Bell"!

Two X made their debut with "Double Up" last August and have returned to greet their fans on Valentine's Day. Hit producer Rado worked with Two X on their title track, which is an electronic dance song with lyrics that portray a confession of love.

The ladies have put on an attractive performance, with a beautiful backdrop added onto the stage to add the perfect touch to their track.

Check out their comeback performance on ‘Inkigayo‘ below!

EXID subunit Dasoni debut with “Goodbye” on ‘Inkigayo’!

Posted: 16 Feb 2013 10:51 PM PST

EXID subunit 'Dasoni', made up of members Solji and Hani, have made their debut.

The duo released their first digital single "Goodbye" on February 15th KST. As the vocalists of EXID, Solji and Hani are expected to impress fans with their singing ability and powerful voices.

Today, Dasoni has performed a beautiful stage filled with pink, all while sporting gorgeous blue dresses to match the mood.

Check out their debut stage below!

Doublings cheer on Two X with a gorgeous cake for Inkigayo comeback stage

Posted: 16 Feb 2013 09:59 PM PST

Rookie group Two X, who recently made a comeback with their 2nd single “Ring Ma Bell“, revealed a sweet treat from fans earlier today.

While preparing for their SBS Inkigayo comeback stage, the girls received a wonderful cake from their fanclub, Doubling.

J.Tune Camp revealed the ‘proof shot’ of Two X with their cake, tweeting, “The cake received from Doubling in celebration of the first performance of TwoX 2nd Single ‘Ring Ma Bell’! Thank you♥.♥ Make sure to watch SBS Inkigayo at 3:25!“.

Fans from all over the world responded with joy, sending additional cheers to the girls for their upcoming performance.

Stay tuned to allkpop for all of the Inkigayo performances later tonight.


Iconic Producer Quincy Jones working on BLUSH’s new album + group releases “Warrior” MV

Posted: 16 Feb 2013 08:53 PM PST

The ladies of multicultural girl group BLUSH are doing big things since visiting the allkpop offices last year.

BLUSH just announced that they have signed with legendary music producer Quincy Jones, who will be the Executive Producer of their upcoming album. Known as the ‘Asian Spice Girls‘, the group is directed by world famous producer Eliot Kennedy and debuted last year with “Undivided” featuring Snoop Dogg. Their second single, ‘Dance On‘, managed to hit first on the Billboard dance chart. The members are comprised of Victoria (China), Natsuko (Japan), Angeli(Philippines), Ji Hae (Korea, former Superstar K contestant) and Alisha (India).

After their recent red carpet appearance at the GRAMMY Awards 2013, Quincy Jones posted on his Facebook along, with the photo below:

It has been my lifelong mission to bring disparate peoples together through music. As such, when I was approached by Blush (sic), I was blown away. With one girl from China, one from Japan, one from Korea, one from India, and one from the Philippines, they are the personification of music’s ability to unite. Many of you probably saw us on the red carpet this weekend on the Grammys and I’ve gotten dozens of inquiries as to what our relationship is.

Therefore, today I am thrilled to announce that my company has signed them and we will be working together to create something truly unique and special. Furthermore, we will be launching a music video for their single “WARRIOR” in just two days, on Valentine’s Day.

Image credit - Quincy Jones' Facebook

BLUSH also launched their new music video titled” Warrior,” this week,which can be viewed below. If you enjoy the song, don’t forget to support BLUSH by purchasing the single at iTunes and other online music retailers.

The group collaborated with award-winning director  Trey Fanjoy , who created and directed “Warrior.”  Fanjoy has directed Taylor SwiftTim McGrawMiranda LambertAlan JacksonBlake Shelton , Lady Antebellum and Keith Urban , and is a multiple CMT award winner.  The choreography was created by a pairing of noted Peking Opera troupe member Jamie Guan and hip hop dancer, Daisha Gras .

Tip: Adrien Choux

miss A’s Fei says good night with a bare-faced selca

Posted: 16 Feb 2013 07:52 PM PST

miss A‘s Fei updated fans from Singapore.

Before going to bed on the 15th, the singer updated her Weibo, writing, “Good night. Singapore, ‘Say A’! See you tomorrow at the showcase ^^.

Fei also attached a beautiful close-up selca of herself without makeup, showing off her flawless complexion.

Upon seeing her post, fans and netizens responded, “Fei’s a goddess“, “Good night to you, too!“, “She seems to have gotten prettier“, and more.

Meanwhile, miss A will be meeting with fans in Singapore on the 16th for ‘miss A Independent Showcase in Singapore 2013‘.

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