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"Lim Yoon Taek’s last post on Twitter talks about his daughter’s 100th day" plus 19 more

"Lim Yoon Taek’s last post on Twitter talks about his daughter’s 100th day" plus 19 more

Lim Yoon Taek’s last post on Twitter talks about his daughter’s 100th day

Posted: 11 Feb 2013 08:42 AM PST

Lim Yoon Taek‘s sudden passing away shocked and saddened many fans and stars alike. However, the tragedy became even more regrettable when his latest tweet came into light.

Last month his final post on Twitter read, “Lidan (his daughter)’s mom just randomly asked me what January 14th was, so I told her without hesitation that it was Lidan’s 100th day. She looks surprised keke. What do you see me as…ㅠㅠ I’m a nice and detailed dad… ㅠㅠ I’ve already looked at about 3 places where we can eat for her 100th day~!!!“.

The leader of Ulala Session had gotten married in April, and his daughter was born on August 3rd. Even though Lim Yoon Taek was fighting cancer all the while, he never forgot his daughter’s 100th day.

He is reported to have passed while his members were by his side, and many stars wished him to rest in peace on Twitter. His wake will be on the 13th. Lim Yoon Taek’s label revealed, “We will be releasing details about his death and his funeral through an official announcement soon.

Source: Star News and Sports Seoul

Rain rejects to stand as witness in defamation of character case

Posted: 11 Feb 2013 08:07 AM PST

Rain has rejected to stand as a witness in a defamation of character case.

He is set to appear as a witness in court against Mr. Lee, who the prosecutors charged with defamation of character alleging he spread lies that Rain had stolen company funds. Rain nullified the cases against the two reporters that faced the same charges as he did. However, Rain was summoned as a witness in September last year, and he did not attend the ruling. Rain did not reply to the multiple summons after that, and Mr. Lee’s lawyer reasoned that he was an important figure in confirming all the facts, and requested again that he stand as a witness. The court accepted his request, and summoned Rain to court once more.

However, the singer submitted a declaration of absence on the 5th, stating he would not be able to attend the case. Even though details were not revealed, a legal representative said, “Rain has recently submitted a declaration stating he will not be attending as a witness. There are occasionally cases where people dislike attending because of the added attention.

According to the law, Rain can be fined up to 5 million KRW (approximately $4,600 USD) if he is absent without having a justified reason. Rain is scheduled to appear in court on the 12th at 4PM KST, if he is absent as expected, the judge will determine if his reason is justified or not.

Source: Star News
Tip: The Rock

B2ST’s Dongwoon snaps a selca with his older brother

Posted: 11 Feb 2013 07:27 AM PST

B2ST‘s Dongwoon recently snapped a selca with his older brother while holding up the New Year’s money they received from family members.

On February 11th, Dongwoon tweeted, “My older brother and I are excited after receiving New Year’s money“, and retweeted a post made by his older brother that read, “Hello! Happy New Year ^ㅠ^ Be careful not to catch a cold!

It seems Dongwoon is one of the numerous idols who has gone home over the Lunar New Year holiday weekend, as he can be seen posing with his older brother while holding up cash-filled envelopes.

Fans and followers responded to his tweet, “Even your brother is good-looking“, “How much did you get?“, “Happy Lunar New Year“, and “You both are handsome.”

Source: Dongwoon’s Twitter

[BREAKING] Ulala Session’s Lim Yoon Taek passes away

Posted: 11 Feb 2013 05:04 AM PST

Ulala Session‘s Lim Yoon Taek has passed away.

The leader of the band that won Superstar K3 had long been suffering from cancer. It has been revealed that he died on the evening of February 11th KST.

Lim Yoon Taek had also gotten married just last year, and had a daughter last October.

Our hearts go out to all of his family, especially his newborn child and his wife.

Source: Star News via Nate

Defconn proudly shows off his clean home

Posted: 11 Feb 2013 05:01 AM PST

Rapper and solo artist Defconn proudly led viewers in a tour of his house, showing off his unusual cleanliness and hygiene.

On the holiday special episode of MBC‘s ‘When a Man Lives Alone‘, the rapper demonstrated to his viewers the proper way to clean a house.

“A lot of people think I lead a very slovenly lifestyle,” he said. “But contrary to how I look, I consider cleaning up and organizing very important”, he said.

On the broadcast, Defconn was shown cleaning and straightening up his home for over an hour, before lighting a scented candle as a final touch to bring everything together.

Contrary to his usual slovenly image as a rapper, Defconn proved to his viewers that there was more than meets the eye. This came at an even greater and shocking contrast to actor Seo In Guk‘s house, which was revealed to be full of dirty laundry and trash in the same episode.

Rookie group BPPOP wishes fans a happy Lunar New Year

Posted: 11 Feb 2013 04:05 AM PST


To celebrate the Lunar New Year, rookie girl group BPPOP uploaded a cheerful video wishing a very happy holiday season for their fans.

The ‘happy virus’ girls wished good luck for all of their viewers for the new year, not forgetting to remind them to travel safely in what is one of the most packed holidays of the year.

BPPOP made their debut earlier this year in January with “Today“, becoming the first idol girl group debut of 2013. Check out the video below!

Sohyang to hold an encore concert in March

Posted: 11 Feb 2013 03:04 AM PST

After successfully holding a sold out solo concert on Christmas day, singer Sohyang has given in to fan demands by announcing that she would be holding an exclusive encore concert.

According to her agency, Sohyang’s encore concert titled ‘Dream‘ will take place on March 2nd at the Olympic Hall in Seoul’s Olympic Park. Enlisting the help of a live orchestra and a full band, Sohyang plans to turn up the heat in Seoul with a series of powerful live performances.

Sohyang expressed, “I sincerely thank fans for making my 2012 Christmas a happy memory. I’ll return the love and support fans have given me through uplifting songs so that everyone’s wish will come true in 2013.”

Sohyang gained immense popularity after appearing on MBC‘s ‘I Am a Singer 2‘, where she shocked the audience with a number of her covers like Whitney Houston's "I Have Nothing" and SG Wannabe‘s “As I Live“.

Cast and crew of ‘Wind Blows in Winter’ take a snapshot in the cold

Posted: 11 Feb 2013 02:02 AM PST

The headline actor and actress behind the upcoming SBS drama, ‘Wind Blows in Winter‘, Jo In Sung and Song Hye Gyo, took a brief moment off from their punishing schedules to snap a photo with lead director Kim Kyu Tae.

Despite temperatures going into the negatives, the staff and actors behind ‘Wind Blows in Winter’ are working hard to make the drama as good as possible, according to reports.

“Although everyone is having a hard time in the cold and there’s been more snow than usual, the cast and crew are all working happily. I think it’s hard to come up with a crew that’s so hardworking and bound by teamwork,” said a staff member. “Despite the cold, the atmosphere is warm, so we hope that the viewers will give our drama much love and attention.”

The first episode of the eagerly-anticipated drama will be broadcast at 9:55 this coming Wednesday.

Lee Jun Ki joins fanclub in delivering coal briquettes for charity

Posted: 11 Feb 2013 01:03 AM PST

Actor Lee Jun Ki recently joined his fan club in distributing coal briquettes to heat homes for a number of families.

The actor and 30 members of his fanclub, ‘HaJunSe‘, visited the neighborhood of Seongbuk-gu, Seoul to participate in the ‘Coal Briquettes of Love Delivery Movement‘ charity event. Together, the volunteers delivered 3,000 coal briquettes to a select number of families along with their warm hearts.

According to Lee Jun Ki’s agency, IMX, the actor and his fans began the delivery early in the morning and lasted for approximately three hours, going through narrow streets that were impossible for cars to get through.

A representative stated, “For the Lunar New Year holiday, we wanted to deliver our warm hearts to neighbors, so the charity event took place.”

Source & Image: OSEN via Nate

KARA reveals preview of upcoming anime ‘KARA: The Animation’

Posted: 11 Feb 2013 12:03 AM PST

Back in December, we reported plans for a KARA anime! It looks like those plans panned out as a preview of ‘KARA: The Anime‘ was recently uploaded from the girls’ Tokyo Dome concert.

The show will depict the 5 beautiful ladies of KARA and the characters will be based on the individual personality and image of the members.

An earlier preview of the anime had been circulating for a few months, this new preview shows improved artwork and more of the action-packed story line for the anime. There are also clips of the girls recording the dialogue and posing for scenes.

After 'KARA the Animation' airs in Japan, it is planned to air in Korea at a later date as well.

Check out the latest preview below.


2PM’s Chansung celebrates his birthday on the set of ‘7th Grade Civil Servant‘

Posted: 10 Feb 2013 11:20 PM PST

2PM‘s Chansung celebrated his 24th birthday (Korean age) with the cast and staff members of '7th Grade Civil Servant'.

Thank you to everyone who congratulated me on the set of '7th Grade Civil Servant’ ^^,” he posted to his Twitter. “I wasn’t even thinking about it, but I was moved when everyone celebrated my birthday even amidst the busy schedule. Thank you^^ I’ll do my best!

Accompanied with the post was the group photo above showing Chansung holding a birthday cake while being surrounded by actress Choi Kang Hee, Kim Min Seo, and staff members.

International fans also got into the birthday spirit trending #HappyChananaDay all the way to #1 on the Twitter worldwide trending list.

Image credit @twooneday

Happy birthday, Chansung!

EXID teases fans with sexy photo of Solji from a MV set

Posted: 10 Feb 2013 10:35 PM PST

EXID teased fans with a photo of member Solji from the set of a music video.

Recently, EXID’s official Twitter page shared the photo above along with the post, “Solji from the music video set! Tall Solji!

It’s unclear whether the teaser is for the group’s comeback or for a sub-unit, as there are currently rumors of a sub-unit debut called ‘Dasoni‘ consisting of members Solji and Hani.

Stay tuned to allkpop for more updates!

JYJ’s Jaejoong shares photos of his father via Twitter

Posted: 10 Feb 2013 09:51 PM PST

JYJ‘s Jaejoong recently shared a photo of his father onto his official Twitter page.

On February 10th, the singer uploaded the photos above (left) and wrote, “My father, who’s dream was to become an actor.. If only I resembled at least half of my father.. My father, who got married at the age of 20 in 1965.”

Jaejoong then shared another photo (right) and tweeted, “[My father] must’ve been shy getting married. Ha.”

Netizens who saw the photos immediately took notice of his father’s superior facial features and good looks. They commented, “Good genes do run in the family“, “His father is so handsome“, and “No wonder he’s so good looking.

In related news, Jaejoong will be releasing his repackaged album, ‘Y‘, on the 26th and then embark on his Asia tour.

Child actor Park Ji Bin surprises fans with hidden six pack

Posted: 10 Feb 2013 09:04 PM PST

Child actor Park Ji Bin is becoming a hot topic after photos of his hidden abs were revealed.

Recently, SBS‘s weekend drama ‘Incarnation of Money‘ shared still cuts of a topless Park Ji Bin onto their official homepage.

The pictures were taken from the scene, in which Park Ji Bin’s character stares at his reflection in the mirror and naturally becomes the adult actor, played by Kang Ji Hwan. Park Ji Bin tossed aside his youthful, innocent image to show off his new masculine side.

Upon seeing the two photos, netizens expressed their shock at seeing the child actor, now 17, with a perfectly chiseled abs. They wrote, “This is an unbelievable twist“, “Thank you for growing up well“, and more.

SHINee’s Jonghyun tweets hilarious screenshots + Minho declares war

Posted: 10 Feb 2013 08:24 PM PST

The members of SHINee have all gone home for their Lunar New Year vacation!

Jonghyun tweeted a hilarious screenshot of his text messages with the other members on February 9th, when he wished all four of them a happy new year. He tweeted, “Why won’t you answer my greetings!” along with the screenshots.

He started by texting Key, “Kibum-ah (Key’s Korean name). Are you happy? It’s New Years. Don’t eat too much good food and become ‘fat-Key’. Please answer…” Jonghyun proceeded to send to Minho, “Minho-yah. Did you get to Incheon alright? Have a great holiday and don’t get hurt playing soccer. Tell your mother and your brother that I send my good wishes. Receive lots of luck this year. You answer me too…

To Taemin he sent, “Taemin-ah. Have a great holiday, receive lots of luck. I’ll borrow your jacket. Answer me….” And to Onew he sent, ‘Jinki-ssi (Onew’s real name). Receive lots of fortune this year. Don’t get injured this year. You always get injured! Please answer me… Leader-nim…

After being ignored by all of the members, he then created a group with all of the members and said, “Hey members… Answer me… I’m wishing you a year of fortune.. Why won’t you accept my wishes..

The entire conversation attracted attention from fans and netizens, bringing many laughs to the online community.

Shortly after the conversation, Minho sparked another war between himself and Jonghyun, which fans and netizens are calling “revenge” after Jonghyun held a photoshopping contest for pictures of Minho last year. Minho posted on SHINee’s me2day account, “Do you all remember? The photoshopped pictures of me that Mr. Kim Jonghyun requested last year? It’s finally time for revenge! For the fans who are waiting for ‘Dream Girl‘, please send in many photoshopped pictures of Jonghyun in a hanbok (Korean traditional clothing) to our me2day account!” along with the photo below:

Hopefully Minho will upload more funny pictures soon! What do you think of SHINee’s hilarious texts and photoshop wars? Did you send a photo to Minho?

Running Man’s ‘Hunter’ Choi Min Soo to guest on ‘Healing Camp’

Posted: 10 Feb 2013 07:43 PM PST

Charismatic actor Choi Min Soo – perhaps best known to international fans for his role as the ‘hunter’ on ‘Running Man‘ – will be making an appearance on the upcoming episode of SBS‘s talk show, ‘Healing Camp‘.

He will be talking about his many irregularities and quirks that make him such an outlier among the Korean celebrity community, and especially focusing on his numerous incidents and accidents. “Up until now, the combined settlements for all of my accidents are above 300 million won,” he proclaimed.

The full ‘Healing Camp’ episode will be aired on Monday.

2PM releases 2nd Japanese album ‘Legend of 2PM’ audio previews

Posted: 10 Feb 2013 06:47 PM PST

2PM previously revealed a video teaser for their 2nd Japanese studio album, 'Legend of 2PM', and now have posted audio previews of their songs on their official Japanese website.

The album, which will hit stores on February 13, 2013, contains 13 tracks in all including 9 brand new songs and 4 of their previously released singles including "Masquerade", "Beautiful", "If You are Here", and Forever“. The titles of the other five tracks are: "Beautiful“, "So Bad“, "Only One“, "Missing You“, "Want you back“, "This Is Love“, "I’ll be OK“, "SOS Man“, and "Breakthrough“.

2PM have had a very successful year in Japan, setting a new record at Tower Records for singles sales and winning the Grand Prize for Tower Records Japan's 'K-POP LOVERS! AWARDS 2012′ . 2PM will also have their own concert at the famed Tokyo Dome.

Check out the audio previews below, what song is most appealing to you so far!

12 Min Preview (Thanks Paula)

Tip: Serenity

[Spoiler] ‘K-Pop Star 2′ confirms Top 10 contestants…with a hitch?

Posted: 10 Feb 2013 05:57 PM PST

It’s been an arduous road for all involved, but after several rounds of grinding auditions, SBS‘s music audition program ‘K-Pop Star 2‘ has finally selected the list of contestants that will be progressing to the live broadcast stage of the auditions to become the next K-Pop Star!

The ‘Top 10′ contestants – selected for their amazing talent, hard work, and stage presence – are listed below:

  1. Bang Ye Dam
  2. Lee Jin Woo
  3. Sung Soo Jin
  4. Raccoon Boys (Kim Min Suk, McKay Kim, Brian Shin)
  5. Choi Ye Geun
  6. YouU (Jeon Min Joo, Song Ha Yae, Park So Yeon, Lee Mi Rim, Son Yoo Ji)
  7. Andrew Choi
  8. 2000 Won (Kim Il Do, Kim Hyo Bin)
  9. Akdong Musician
  10. Kim Do Yeon(*)

*Although it seemed like the Top 10 was decided, an unforeseen problem occurred when contestant Kim Do Yeon decided to leave her spot on the program, leaving one coveted position open for the live broadcasts.

Congratulations to all the remaining contestants, and make sure to tune in next week to see what will happen to Kim Do Yeon’s empty slot as the competition winds down to its grand finale.

You can check out the full episode below:

SHINee releases Onew’s teaser photos for “Dream Girl”!

Posted: 10 Feb 2013 05:15 PM PST

SHINee has released the teaser images for Onew! This follows the news of their anticipated return with their 3rd full length album.

Key's teasers were released first, and hinted at the concept of this new album. SM Entertainmentrevealed the  concept of the photos were 'dream' when they released Taemin's, Jonghyun's, and Minho‘s photos. Today, the 'dreamy' concept continues with the new photos of Onew.

The album will be revealed through iTunes as well as domestic music sites on the 19th and the title track will be called, "Dream Girl". SM Entertainment promises that this new release will be another comeback that showcases the unique charms of the group.

Stay tuned to allkpop for more information on their comeback, and check out the photos below!

20130210_onew_dreamgirl 20130210_onew_dreamgirl1 20130210_onew_dreamgirl2 20130210_onew_dreamgirl3

Performances from the 2013 ‘StarHub TVB Golden Viva Spectacular’

Posted: 10 Feb 2013 05:08 PM PST

Several popular idols treated their Hong Kong fans to a great Lunar New Year treat.

On February 9th, the 2013 ‘StarHub TVB Golden Viva Spectacular‘ was broadcast simultaneously in Korea, Singapore, and Hong Kong. The show was filmed on January 31st at the Seoul Student Jamsil Gymnasium.

The ‘StarHub TVB Golden Viva Spectacular’ is a star-studded show featuring top TVB comedian Wong Cho Lam as the host. Together with many famous Chinese celebrities as well as K-pop stars; SISTAR, U-KISS, Park Jung Min, Jewelry, ZE:A, and Nine Muses, the show celebrates the Lunar Chinese New Year with great live performances!

Watch the performances below and let us know what you think in the comments below.

ZE:A’s Greeting MC Cut






Park Jung Min

New Years Greeting

Thanks to TripleS for the additional videos tip