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"TVXQ's Yunho talks about physical contact with Kim Sung Ryeong" plus 24 more

"TVXQ's Yunho talks about physical contact with Kim Sung Ryeong" plus 24 more

TVXQ's Yunho talks about physical contact with Kim Sung Ryeong

Posted: 07 Feb 2013 07:55 AM PST

TVXQ's Jung Yunho recently talked about his physical contact with actress Kim Sung Ryeong
During the episode of SBS' 'Good Morning' that aired on the 5th, a segment following the cast of SBS' Monday-Tuesday drama 'Queen of Ambition' during their filming schedule was aired.

On this day, Jung Yunho was asked, "There seems to be a lot of physical contact between you and Kim Sung Ryeong," by the staff, to which Jung Yunho replied, "At first, I was embarrassed by it. But I've gotten used to it and I feel empty when there's no physical contact between us. I feel like I'm addicted to it."
When asked, "Aren't you scared of Jung Yunho's fans?" Kim Sung Ryeong said, "(The fans) enjoy it and they're envious of me. I'm doing this for the fans."

Kim Sung Ryeong was then asked about her friendship with Jung Yunho and replied, "At first, we exchanged text messages to get to know each other, but now, we've become so close that we don't feel the need to text each other." Jung Yunho said, "At first, I was nervous because she's such an experienced senior, but she takes such good care of me like an older sister or my mom."

Source: [star news mt]
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Kim Sung Ryeong Says, “TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho Is A Human Being Too”

Posted: 07 Feb 2013 07:30 AM PST

Kim Sung Ryeong confessed that it was difficult for her to get along with Jung Yunho (U-Know Yunho) at first.

The episode of SBS' 'Good Morning' that aired on the 4th showed a special segment of the Monday-Tuesday drama 'Queen of Ambition'.

On this day, Kim Sung Ryeong talked about the first time she met TVXQ's Jung Yunho, who appears as the actress' younger brother in the drama.

She said, "He's a famous idol star, and though he's my junior, he and I didn't walk down the same path to become an actor, so I put up a wall between us. But then I realized that doing that wouldn't help. I opened up to Yunho, and he warmly accepted me, and I'm very grateful for that."

She continued to add, "He has a lot of passion and he's such a nice guy. I used to think he was a young star I could never relate to, but I realized that he's a human being too, just like the rest of us. I'd like him to shine brighter as an actor. Like how there are different levels in the path of a singer, actors get better by gaining experience through the projects they work on. I'd love to see him work his way up the different levels of being an actor and work on good projects."

Kim Sung Ryeong and Jung Yunho play the role of the daughter and son of BaekHak Group's Chairman Baek Chang Hak.

Source: [xports news]
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Two X releases Ring Ma Bell MV teaser

Posted: 07 Feb 2013 07:29 AM PST

Rookie group Two X releases the MV teaser of their new song titled "Ring Ma Bell",check out the MV teaser below

Happy Birthday to INFINITE's Woohyun #Happytwentytreeday

Posted: 07 Feb 2013 07:00 AM PST

Birth Name: Nam Woo Hyun
Stage Name: Woohyun
Nickname: Namu, Namstar, Namgrease, Bolmae
Date of Birth: February 8, 1991
Height: 176 cm
Position: Main Vocalist
Blood Type: B

4MINUTE's Gayoon clarifies love rumors with BEAST members

Posted: 07 Feb 2013 06:40 AM PST

Girl group 4minute's unit project '2YOON's Heo Gayoon has clarified love rumors between them and company colleagues, BEAST.

On the broadcast of 'Beatles Code 2′ on the 4th, 2YOON, Baek JiYoung and Brown Eyed Girls' Jea made their appearance following last week's episode.

On this day, towards MC's statement that, "Yoon Doojoon said he wants you (Heo Gayoon) to be his idol girlfriend", Gayoon responded, "He was told to choose an idol. He chose me because we were close". Previously, Yoon Doojoon expressed his thoughts after being chosen as the number one boyfriend-dol on a variety program. When asked which female idol he would want to have as his girlfriend, he answered Gayoon without hesitation, which has then gained spotlight.

MCs then asked, "Have you ever felt Yoon Doojoon as a man?" and Heo Gayoon replied, "I don't think of him as a man. I have seen lots of things that I don't like during our trainee days," emphasizing that she didn't feel any different feelings for him. Regarding another love scandal with BEAST Yang Yoseob, Gayoon explained, "There's nothing at all. I'm (just) close with Yoseob-oppa".

Meanwhile, on this day, Gayoon revealed her break-up story with her soldier boyfriend during her trainee days.

Source: enews24

Psy becomes most followed Korean celebrity on Weibo

Posted: 07 Feb 2013 06:30 AM PST

Psy has become the most-followed Korean celebrity on Weibo.

According to Psy's agency, Psy has managed to gather 7.97 million followers as of February 6. His Weibo account was set up on November 8, 2012, and in just three months, his numbers have broken the previous record held by Jang Geun Suk.

On February 1, Psy had his first Chinese performance for the "Eastern Satellite Chunjie Wanhui" recording and taught Lin Chiling how to do the horse dance for "Gangnam Style". His appearance gave him an explosive number of followers, pushing him to become the #1 Korean star on Weibo.

GNA had a 'basketball team captain' Boyfriend!

Posted: 07 Feb 2013 06:03 AM PST

Soloist G.NA revealed that she was a cheerleader and had a boyfriend during those days.
On the February 6th broadcast of 'Radio Star', G.NA was guest and talked about her school days. G.NA stated, "When I was in America, I was known as a charismatic and cute girl". Then the MC said "I think you're quite popular among basketball players back then" to which GNA replied "My boyfriend was a basketball player, he was the captain of the team while I was the representative of the cheerleaders team. We last for 5 years"

It is not surprising that she had a popular boyfriend in her school because GNA is a pretty, sexy and popular girl even before her debut.

Source: Star News
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YG adds more dates for G-Dragon’s Dome tour in Japan

Posted: 07 Feb 2013 06:00 AM PST

YG Entertainment has added more concert dates for G-Dragon's upcoming solo Dome tour in Japan.

On February 7th, YG Entertainment announced that G-Dragon, who will embarking on his first world concert tour, has decided to add three additional shows to his Dome tour in Japan due to local fans' explosive reactions.

G-Dragon originally planned to start '3 Dome Tour' in Japan as part of his upcoming 'GD 1st World Tour'. However, as the competition for ticket purchase got more intense than expected, he decided to add one more show in Osaka, and two more shows in Nagoya.

G-Dragon will kick off his 'GD 1st World Tour' at the Olympic Gymnastic Hall in South Korea on March 30th and 31st and will be followed by a Dome tour in Japan by April.

2YOON reveals dissatisfaction

Posted: 07 Feb 2013 05:27 AM PST

Girl group 2YOON has revealed their dissatisfaction towards their company president.

During 'Hello Counselor', INFINITE H's Hoya revealed that they can't go home during festivals. 2YOON immediately revealed, "Our president-nim is totally the opposite", which led to curiosity among the audience.

2YOON expressed, "He would send us off during festivals and only speaks to us through phone, but there's one thing that's really strange. He would asked us not to get hurt when reading comments online, but he himself would then scold us with all those comments".

MC Jung ChanWoo then caused laughter by saying, "Perhaps those comments are written by president-nim himself?"

Source: Asia KyungJae

Jay Park and Park Eun Ji to join ‘SNL Korea’

Posted: 07 Feb 2013 05:00 AM PST

The comedy show 'Saturday Night Live Korea' (SNL Korea) will be adding new members to their fixed lineup.

According to reports, Jay Park, Park Eun Ji, Ahn Young Mi, and Lee Byung Jin will be joining the SNL lineup. With the four new add-ons, the show will also be seeing losses: Go Kyung Pyo will be leaving the show to focus on acting, in addition to Oh Cho Hee.

Both Jay Park and Park Eun Ji have been guests on SNL Korea before, both having drawn in high ratings. As for Ahn Young Mi, she was a part of the fixed crew until season 2, when she left because of conflicting schedulings. She has decided to return though starting from the February 23rd episode.

Fans of the show can expect to see SNL Korea back up and running after its one month break. The original members, Shin Dong Yup, Kim Seul Gi, Kim Min Ki, Kim Won Hae, Lee Sang Hoon, and Jung Myung Ok will be back as well.

Source: KBS

Girls' Generation's Taeyeon bought her parents a 3 bathrooms house

Posted: 07 Feb 2013 04:29 AM PST

Girls' Generation Taeyeon revealed that she recently bought a house for her parents.

In the broadcast of SBS's "Strong Heart" on February 5th, Girls Generation made a special guest appearance on the show. Both Taeyeon and Hyoyeon said that they recently bought houses for their families.

MC Shin Dong Yup said,"Taeyeon I heard that you recently bought a house", then Lee Dong Wook asked,"Does the house have several bathrooms?". Taeyeon replied,"The house has 3 bathrooms, I bought it for my parents".

Girls' Generation Hyoyeon also said that she recently bought a small house for her parents. No doubt, the girls are good daughters!

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SISTAR19 tops Billboard’s K-Pop 100 chart

Posted: 07 Feb 2013 04:00 AM PST

After achieving an explosive 'perfect all-kill' on the Korean music charts, SISTAR′s unit group SISTAR19 has now topped the Billboard's K-Pop chart with its new single.

According to Billboard's latest rankings, the unit's new hit single "Gone Not Around Any Longer" dominated the K-Pop 100 chart for the first week of February, beating out BaeChiGi's "Tear Shower" and CNBLUE's "I'm Sorry."

SISTAR19's label, Starship Entertainment stated, "It's been a long time since the unit has been active with 'Ma Boy', but we're thankful the new single is drawing explosive response."

"Gone Not Around Any Longer" is a sad hip-hop number about love which was composed by hit maker Brave Brothers. It describes feelings of a girl who becomes a real woman after experiencing break-up.

SISTAR19 won 1st place with "Gone Not Around Any Longer" + celebration with Dasom & Soyu

Posted: 07 Feb 2013 03:30 AM PST

SISTAR19 won first place on M! Countdown aired earlier today.

The girls just made their comeback last week with their latest hit song "Gone Not Around Any Longer" and they were announced as the winner on M! Countdown today, proving their enormous popularity.

Besides, members Dasom and Soyu were the special MCs of today's show, they shared their happiness with them on the show.

Check out their performance and winning speech below, congratulations to SISTAR19 again!

T-ara’s Hyomin cast in Japanese movie ‘Jinx’

Posted: 07 Feb 2013 03:00 AM PST

T-ara's Hyomin has been cast in the upcoming Japanese movie, 'Jinx'!

According to reports on February 7th, Hyomin has been cast for a lead role for Japanese movie 'Jinx', which will be directed by director Naoto Kumazawa. This will be the first time a female singer from Korea takes the lead role in a movie.

'Jinx' is about the stories of college students and their various feelings. In the film, Hyomin will be playing a Korean student named Ji Ho, who will act as the cupid to the main leads.

Hyomin said about her casting, "I think I will be able to relate to the viewers of my generation in various ways with the story line, so I hope of people to see it."

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MR.MR releases dance practice video for “Highway”

Posted: 07 Feb 2013 02:32 AM PST

Rookie group MR.MR released a dance practice video for their latest single "Highway"!

"Highway" is produced by top notch producers Brian Kierulf & Joshua Michael Schwartz who are known for their collaborations with Britney Spears and Lady Gaga, and the same producers who created the group's debut track "Who's That Girl".

Check out the video below:

2PM Junho’s self-composed song places #1 on Japan’s ringtone chart

Posted: 07 Feb 2013 02:00 AM PST

While 2PM heats up Japan passionately with ARENA TOUR, the group also took 1st place on the daily chart of Japan's largest ringtone chart 'Chaku-Uta,' and flaunted their enduring popularity.

2PM pre-revealed "This Is Love," a song contained in Japan's 2nd full-length album that will be revealed on February 13th. The song presented an outstanding performance by placing #1 on the daily chart immediately after the reveal on the 4th.

Since "This Is Love" is a self-composed song of the member Junho, its record of the 1st place is more significant. Furthermore, 2PM's new album 'LEGEND OF 2PM' is said to be most promising album in Oricon, reinsuring 2PM's heated popularity in Japan.

G-Dragon reveals BTS photos for The Saem

Posted: 07 Feb 2013 01:30 AM PST

BIG BANG GDragon's behind the scenes photos for Global Eco the Saem have been revealed to the public. 

The Saem cosmetics has chosen GDragon to be their latest model. The photo shoot was held on the 4th of February and the BTS footage is expected to be released in March.

Check out the BTS photos below.

IU garners attention with her "goddess-like figure"

Posted: 07 Feb 2013 12:30 AM PST

IU's perfect figure has become a hot topic.

Recently on an online community, a few photos of IU were uploaded with the title,"IU's body is like a student?She has goddess-like figure". Those photos were taken when IU attended K-Pop festival in Songdo,Incheon.

In the photo, IU is seen wearing a black sleeveless mini dress,boasting her slim body. Her long black hair plus her milky white skin, she totally looks like a living doll. She garnered much attention with her slender and slim legs, she wears a pair of high-heeled shoes to boast her confidence.

Netizens commented ,"IU's more and more beautiful","She needs to gain more weights, she's a little skinny now","I envy with her body"

Written by Clover @ DKPOPNEWS.NET

G.NA didn't receive breast surgery

Posted: 07 Feb 2013 12:00 AM PST

G.NA explained that she didn't receive breast surgery.

On the February 6th broadcast of Radio Star, GNA appeared as guest and clarified the rumors that she underwent surgery.

GNA responded, "The truth is I did a little on the eye", and followed with "President-nim, I'm sorry" while saying it cutely.

She then discussed about rumors that she underwent breast surgeries "I always get hurt whenever I hear it. I dont like hearing comments such as 'I wonder which clinic she had it done'." Then GNA revealed that it is a family history, from her maternal mother to the present generation. 

Source: Star News
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No doubt, she is one of the hottest KPop girls!

Yoona flaunts her slim figure during "Eider" photoshoot session

Posted: 06 Feb 2013 11:30 PM PST

 Girls' Generation's Yoona has left netizens surprised with the BTS photos for "Eider".

Yoona is modelling alongside Lee Minho for "Eider". Fans were impressed with her slim figure and slender legs.

They commented upon seeing the photos,"She does not need photoshop","She is too gorgeous","Yoona is the prettiest Korean idol".

What do you think?

Suzy, Sulli, Krystal, Sohyun and more graduate from high school

Posted: 06 Feb 2013 11:00 PM PST

Along with high school seniors, several idol group members graduated from their respective high schools on February 7th.

Despite the freezing cold temperature, many idol stars attended their high school graduation ceremonies including f(x)'s Krystal, 4minute's Sohyun, T-ara's Areum, B.A.P's Jongup, Dal Shabet's Subin, SPEED's Sejun, BTOB's IlHoon, and C-Clown's Ray, Juniel, Girl's Day's Hyeri, EXO-K's Sehun and more.

f(x)'s Sulli, miss A's Suzy, U-KISS' Dongho, A Pink's Na Eun and Yookyung also graduated, but not able to attend their respective school's graduation ceremony because of conflicting schedules.

SHINee shares Lunar New Year greeting in hanboks

Posted: 06 Feb 2013 10:30 PM PST

The boys of SHINee all dressed up in their colorful hanboks to wish fans a Happy Lunar New Year!

On February 7, SM Entertainment revealed photos of the members wearing hanboks. In the photos, all of SHINee members are smiling warmly while posing for the camera.

The group shared, "Happy Lunar New Year, we hope that this year may be filled with only good things." SHINee also announced their impending comeback saying, "We will be making a comeback with our 3rd full-length album so we ask for your love and support."

MBLAQ and Two X greet fans in hanbok for Lunar New Year

Posted: 06 Feb 2013 10:00 PM PST

Idol groups MBLAQ and Two X flaunted in their colorful hanboks to welcome in the Lunar New Year!

On February 6th, J.Tune Camp revealed photos of the two groups dressed in hanboks to greet fans before the Lunar New Year. Along with the photos, the members have also offered their special greetings to the public.

MBLAQ's leader Seungho said, "The New Year is imminent, the most important is good health, and the next most important is also good health! I wish everyone good health. Happy New Year!"

G.O. wrote, "I really miss all our fans, we will start doing activities in Korea and see you all again as soon as possible." Mir added, "I hope the year of 2013 becomes a great year for MBLAQ, A+, and Mir. Happy New Year!"

Two X's leader Jiyoo also said, "We will take two more steps to you. Give us a lot of support" while Minjoo added, "2013 Lunar New Year! Two X will give you double the luck. Please give us a lot of love."

JYJ’s Jaejoong to release repackaged version of solo album

Posted: 06 Feb 2013 09:38 PM PST

After enjoying much success with his solo debut, JYJ's Kim Jaejoong will be releasing a repackaged version of his first solo album!

CJeS Entertainment announced on February 7th that Jaejoong will release the repackaged of his first solo album 'I', which will be titled 'Y'. The new version will contain the original five tracks and two additional tracks, including the dance track "Only Love" which he performed in his concert last month in Kintex Ilsan.

Jaejoong's first solo album has been receiving positive reviews for emphasizing his vocal talent through an intense rock sound. The album ranked #1 on various real time chart, daily chart and weekly chart, beating off fierce competitors.

'Y' repackaged album is scheduled to be released on February 26. Online and offline reservations will start on February 13.

2AM’s Jinwoon and Go Jun Hee to join ‘We Got Married’

Posted: 06 Feb 2013 09:02 PM PST

It has been announced that 2AM's Jinwoon and actress Go Jun Hee will be the newest couple on MBC's 'We Got Married'. The couple will have the biggest age gap in the history of the show with six years between them.

Go Jun Hee's agency J-wide Company stated, "They finished their first filming on February 3. Only a few staff members were allowed to participate in the filming so we don't know the specific details."

A production staff for 'We Got Married' revealed, "We have chosen the latest hot actress Go Jun Hee and witty Jinwoon as the new couple to follow after Lee Joon and Oh Yeon Seo."

The first episode will air on February 9.