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"YoonA expresses frustration at rumors of her income" plus 19 more

"YoonA expresses frustration at rumors of her income" plus 19 more

YoonA expresses frustration at rumors of her income

Posted: 05 Feb 2013 09:14 AM PST

Girls’ Generation‘s YoonA expressed frustration on rumors about her income.

All nine Girls’ Generation members were present for the final episode of ‘Strong Heart‘ that aired on February 5th. To celebrate, Boom prepared a segment called ‘Everything About Girls’ Generation‘. The first matter he tackled were rumors on the girls’ income. He said, “I saw an article listing your income, and I was shocked. In the article, it said that YoonA’s yearly income was 4 billion KRW (current exchange rates, approximately 3.66 million USD)“.

YoonA complained that the rumors were completely false and explained, “I saw that particular article as well. But it’s not true. It said that I made 4 billion KRW in the first half of the year, which would mean I’d make 8 billion KRW (approximately 7.32 million USD) for an entire year. It makes absolutely no sense. But I just let it go and things just sort of ballooned from there.

Fans celebrate Yunho’s birthday on Twitter + donate rice

Posted: 05 Feb 2013 08:42 AM PST

Fans of Yunho have utilized Twitter to celebrate his birthday.

The leader of TVXQ celebrated his 27th birthday on February 6 (KST). Fans all over the world gathered to trend the tag #Happy28thYunho, as he turned 28 in Korea.

But that’s not all. Yunho’s fans have a famous history of donating incredible amounts to charity, and they didn’t pass up the chance to donate on his birthday. Yunho’s fans donated 2.6 tons (approximately 5,700 lbs) of rice and 2,820,000 KRW (approximately $2,600 USD) with a total value of 10 million KRW ($9,200 USD) to charity.

Happy bithday to Yunho!

Girls’ Generation’s YoonA experiences deja vu as the first and final guest on ‘Strong Heart’

Posted: 05 Feb 2013 08:07 AM PST

As mentioned previously, all nine members of Girls’ Generation featured as the guests in a Girls’ Generation special for the final episode of SBS‘ ‘Strong Heart‘ that aired on the 5th.

Girls’ Generation were guests as well as actors Gong Hyung Jin, Choi Song Hyun, and Noh Hyun Hee. TV personalities Jun Hyun Moo and Kim Young Chul were also featured on the final episode.

YoonA in particular stated she experienced a bit of deja vu as she was the first guest on the premiere of ‘Strong Heart’ back in October 6th, 2009 and she once again appeared as one of the final guests on the very last show.

Will you miss Strong Heart?

Song Ji Hyo spotted bungee jumping in Macau

Posted: 05 Feb 2013 07:29 AM PST

Running Man‘ ace Song Ji Hyo was spotted bungee jumping from a 233 meter (~764.5 feet) tower in Macau.

Video footage of the actress making her jump during a filming of the reality show was uploaded online. Fans noted that despite hanging from dangerous heights, she still made sure to wave to the crowd below.

Netizens commented, “It’s not a small jump. Her bravery must be the best”, “I’m scared just watching”, “As expected of the ace Song Ji Hyo!”, and more.

‘Running Man’ recently filmed in Macau with guests Lee Dong Wook and Han Hye Jin.

Check out a clip of her jump below!

Clazziquai’s Horan reveals details of proposal

Posted: 05 Feb 2013 07:05 AM PST

Clazziquai‘s Horan revealed the details behind her soon-to-be husband‘s romantic proposal.

She featured as a guest on the latest episode of MBC‘s ‘Blind Test Show 180 Degrees‘ alongside SISTAR‘s Bora and Brian.

The hosts asked Horan about how her fiance proposed to her, and she answered, “The person I’m in a relationship with now, we broke up and decided to date again. He proposed to me at [a Gaudi church] in Spain. I got a wedding ring with my engagement ring, and we promised to visit the church when it was finished being built.”

Congratulations to Horan and her fiance!

In other news, Clazziquai recently releasedLove Recipe“.

Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun chosen as ‘most motherly idol’ on ‘Weekly Idol’

Posted: 05 Feb 2013 06:40 AM PST

Girls’ Generation‘s Seohyun was voted as the ‘most motherly idol’ on the latest filming of MBC Every1‘s ‘Weekly Idol‘.

Idols chose among their peers to find “the best 7 idols who look after their members like a mom.” L was voted as the member of INFINITE who takes care of his fellow members the most regardless of age, Dojoon was picked out of B2ST, and SHINee‘s Key is said to watch over the maknaes of his group.

However, Seohyun of Girls’ Generation topped the list as the maknae who complains to and look after her older members, earning her the image of “motherly” idol.

This episode broadcasts on the 6th at 6PM KST.

What do you think? Do you agree with the idols who’ve been mentioned so far?

Juniel updates fans with photo from France

Posted: 05 Feb 2013 06:15 AM PST

Singer Juniel updated fans with a photo from her stay in France.

Juniel tweeted, “[A photo] I took when I was invited to perform at the ‘MIDEM Festival’ in Cannes, France! It was a really happy and good time. I want to go again!”

She was recently invited to perform during the ‘MIDEM Happy Hour‘ at the Cannes Film Festival, where she received praise from international producers.

Fans commented, “So pretty”, “It’s good to see you smile you brightly”, and more.

In other news, Juniel is preparing to release her first Japanese album, ‘Juni‘, in March.

DMTN’s Inati to star in upcoming KBS drama

Posted: 05 Feb 2013 05:50 AM PST

DMTN‘s Inati has been cast in the upcoming KBS drama ‘A Bit of Love‘ (‘Remaining Love‘).

Inati will be trying out a comic role for the first time by playing a high school physical education teacher. It’s said that his unique gym uniform and unusual character have already been receiving attention.

Big Star‘s FeelDog will be making his acting debut in the series, which premieres on February 18th KST. Meanwhile, catch Inati and the rest of DMTN performing “Safety Zone” on ‘M! Countdown‘ tomorrow night.

Actress Lee Si Young talks about her ‘Running Man’ experience

Posted: 05 Feb 2013 05:25 AM PST

Actress Lee Si Young talked about her experience as a guest on SBS‘ ‘Running Man‘.

The actress as well as MMA fighter Chu Sung Hoon appeared on the February 3rd ‘fighter special’ of the show. Lee Si Young was praised for jumping into the action of the competitive reality program without hesitating.

She stated, “I’m thankful for the compliments from everyone. I know that the whole concept of ‘Running Man’ is to compete for the win. The director must’ve looked forward to some aspect of my appearance on the show when he invited me. That’s why I worked even harder.”

Lee Si Young went on, “In Yoo Jae Suk‘s case, he’s someone who tries to make the guests and those around him shine. Even before filming, he gave me advice about what I should do. It’s been a while since I’ve been on a variety show, and I think I may have wrestled too competitively.” She also added that she has no intention of becoming a fixed member on a variety show.

In other news, Lee Si Young is starring in the film ‘Man Manual‘, which premieres on February 14th.

Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon reveals she almost fought with Tiffany over Boom?

Posted: 05 Feb 2013 05:00 AM PST

Girls’ Generation‘s Hyoyeon revealed that she almost got into a fight with fellow member Tiffany over well-known TV personality Boom.

During the latest filming of SBS‘ ‘Strong Heart‘, Hyoyeon happened to sit next to Boom on stage. She revealed, “The competition among the Girls’ Generation members over who got to sit next to Boom oppa was fierce,” shocking the entire studio with her unexpected statement.

No one believed the Girls’ Generation member as she continued, “At the end, I almost fought with Tiffany.”

Check out the broadcast of ‘Strong Heart’ featuring Girls’ Generation as well as Gong Hyung Jin, Jung Hyun Moo, Kim Young Chul, No Hyun Hee, Choi Song Hyun, and more on the 5th at 11:15PM KST.

Do you have any guesses about why the members of Girls’ Generation wanted to sit next to Boom?

Rising stars Kim Yoo Jung, Kim So Hyun, and Seo Shin Ae wear ‘hanboks’ for Lunar New Year

Posted: 05 Feb 2013 04:35 AM PST

Rising young actresses Kim Yoo Jung, Kim So Hyun, and Seo Shin Ae each wore a ‘hanbok‘ (traditional Korean clothing) in celebration of the coming Lunar New Year. sidusHQ released the photo spread featuring the girls on February 5th.

Kim So Hyun starred in the dramas ‘The Moon That Embraces The Sun‘, ‘I Miss You‘, and ‘Rooftop Prince‘ in 2012, making her the hot new rising star of last year. Her ‘hanbok‘ showcases her young beauty as well as her well-earned title of “National Princess”, which references her role in ‘The Moon That Embraces The Sun’.

Kim Yoo Jung also starred in ‘The Moon That Embraces The Sun’ as well as in ‘May Queen‘. She looks innocent and adorable, smiling with her “Happy new year!” greeting card.

Seo Shin Ae made a name for herself in the weekend drama ‘Incarnation of Money‘, where she plays the role of Bok Jae In.

Are you looking forward to their future projects?

‘You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin’ cast holds first script reading session

Posted: 05 Feb 2013 04:09 AM PST

The cast of the upcoming KBS 2TV drama ‘You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin‘ gathered together for the first script reading session on the 4th.

Co-stars IU, Jo Jung Suk, Yoo In Na, Go Joo Won, Son Tae Young, Go Doo Shim, Lee Mi Sook, and Kim Young Chul arrived on set to preview the script. The stars are reported to have brightened up the atmosphere with their concentration and zeal for the story and their characters.

IU and Jo Jung Suk also acted out their first meeting in the drama and impressed everyone on set with their acting ability and instant chemistry.

KBS drama director Lee Kang Hyun stated, “We anticipate that following ‘You Who Rolled In Unexpectedly‘ and ‘My Daughter Seoyoung‘, 2013 KBS weekend dramas will continue to be a driving force. Writer Jung Yoo Kyung… will make the weekends of 2013 happy ones. We will do our best to help, so work with fun and enthusiasm.”

‘You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin’ will premiere on March 9th.

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Hangeng thanks fans for his early birthday cake

Posted: 05 Feb 2013 03:45 AM PST

Former Super Junior member Hangeng (Hankyung) thanked his fans for the cake he received for his upcoming birthday.

Hangeng shared on his Weibo on the 3rd, “Birthday cake, I ate it beforehand. Thank you,” along with the photo above. Hangeng can be seen taking a bite out of a birthday cake from his fans. Many noticed his new hairstyle, charismatic stare, and fresh style.

Netizens commented, “I was curious about how Hangeng was doing. He seems to have changed a lot”, “He’s getting more handsome”, “It looks like he’s doing well in China”, and more.

Hangeng will be celebrating his 29th birthday on February 9th.

ZE:A’s Kwanghee gets better looking every spring break?

Posted: 05 Feb 2013 03:21 AM PST

ZE:A‘s Kwanghee revealed that he gets better looking every spring break.

While Kwanghee, IU, and Lee Hyun Woo were hosting for the latest ‘Inkigayo‘, IU asked the other two MCs, “What do you do during spring break?” Kwanghee answered, “I get prettier during spring break.” When the other two MCs expressed their surprise, Kwanghee quickly explained, “Don’t you go on diets during break?

Kwanghee is one of the rare idols who is upfront about cosmetic surgery, so it didn’t surprise fans when he makes references to procedures.

‘Inkigayo’ will air a Lunar New Year special for its upcoming broadcast.

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After School’s UEE shines on her way to work

Posted: 05 Feb 2013 02:55 AM PST

Photos of After School‘s UEE on the way to filming have made waves online.

The untouched photos confirm the actress and singer’s beauty – even without any retouching whatsoever.

Captured on her way to KBS‘ ‘Music Bank‘, even the drizzling rain couldn’t cloud her beautiful face and figure as she waved cheerily toward her fans.

Netizens commented, “Very pretty”, “I want to see her in person once”, “It’s like a scene from a movie”, and more.

Lee Dong Wook receives cakes and plaque in honor of his final day on ‘Strong Heart’

Posted: 05 Feb 2013 02:31 AM PST

Actor Lee Dong Wook received congratulatory gifts from fans and staff for his successful one-year run as the co-host of SBS‘ ‘Strong Heart‘.

King Kong Entertainment released photos of the farewell cakes and cupcakes featuring the faces of the ‘Strong Heart’ MCs and panel as well as an honorary plaque given to him by the staff. The plaque of appreciation reads, “A flower boy MC never to appear again in broadcast history, [variety star] Lee Dong Wook! We send our message of thanks to you who brought in the nation’s female demographic. Who is the king of the 2013 TV screen? It’s you,” showing the staff’s gratitude for the actor-turned-MC’s hard work.

Lee Dong Wook celebrated his final filming of ‘Strong Heart’ last month, and viewers were sad to see the beloved MC leave the show. Meanwhile, SBS will follow up with ‘Strong Heart 2‘ featuring MCs Kim Hee Sun, Yoon Jong Shin, and Shin Dong Yup.

SISTAR19′s Bora levitates during music video filming?

Posted: 05 Feb 2013 02:10 AM PST

After unveiling part 1 of Hyorin‘s behind-the-scenes cuts, a BTS photo featuring Bora has been released.

Bora tweeted on the 5th, “Surprise~!! I’m levitating~!! Oom hahahaha. Are you jealous? kekekeke,” along with the photo above from the set of SISTAR19‘s music video for “Gone Not Around Any Longer“. .

The photo shows Bora having some fun during filming for the MV by lying down on the optical illusion table and spreading her arms out, making it seem like she’s floating in mid-air.

Netizens commented, “Bora looks like she’s really levitating”, “She’s using the optical illusion table”, “‘Gone Not Around Any Longer’ is daebak”, and more.

The ladies have been enjoying an incredible amount of popularity with their new song "Gone, Not Around Any Longer", sweeping music charts as soon as their song was released.

Kim Bum recovers from norovirus

Posted: 05 Feb 2013 01:41 AM PST

Kim Bum‘s agency King Kong Entertainment belatedly revealed that the actor suffered from norovirus.

His label said, “Kim Bum suffered from norovirus, which has been going around lately, so he had a hard time filming ‘Wind Blows in Winter‘. However, there is nothing to worry about because he has now completely recovered.

Norovirus patients suffer from nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, weakness, headaches, coughs, and sometimes low fevers. However, the virus rarely causes any severe sickness. Despite Kim Bum’s illness, he did his best during the filming for his new drama and was fully recovered for the press conference as well.

‘Wind Blows in Winter’ will start airing on February 13th.

Source: Newsen
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Actress Han Hye Jin and her sisters leave netizens in awe

Posted: 05 Feb 2013 01:16 AM PST

A past photo of actress Han Hye Jin and her two sisters have been receiving attention.

The family portrait was previously revealed on a cable network, and netizens who saw the photo are responding that they’re impressed by the sisters’ natural beauty. The photo includes the oldest sister Han Mu Young, who is currently married to actor Kim Kang Woo, the second oldest Han Ga Young, and the youngest Han Hye Jin.

Netizens commented, “Han Hye Jin and her sisters are gorgeous”, “A family of natural beauties”, “I’m jealous”, and more.

2PM’s Chansung opens up about his role on ’7th Grade Civil Servant’

Posted: 05 Feb 2013 12:53 AM PST

2PM‘s Chansung recently opened up about his role on the MBC mini-series ‘7th Grade Civil Servant‘.

When asked why he chose to play his character, Chansung shared, “I thought he was a cool character. I enjoyed imagining myself playing the role of Gong Do Ha. I know that I’m lacking [in skills] to perfectly portray Do Ha, but I will show viewers how I develop and do my best.”

“I was incredibly happy after receiving many compliments following my first appearance during the 2nd episode, but I still feel like [I have a lot to learn]. [I take criticism as advice to] work harder, and since this is the beginning, I want to focus more and work harder to show my development.”

Chansung also thanked co-stars Joo Won and Choi Kang Hee for their help, stating, “They really [treat me well] and give me a lot of detailed advice about the tone of my voice and articulation. These are things that could be looked over, but I am really thankful that they worried about me.”

Catch ’7th Grade Civil Servant’ every Wednesday and Thursday.